Ultimate Custom Munchkin Game Board | Six Sided Die Build Also

Is steam rip safesteam mit epic games verknüpfen MUNCHKIN DIGITAL game friday workshop what is friday workshops friday workshops making things building things why are we doing the workshop what are we doing this week this week were gonna make a munchkin board a munchkin board yeah i love this game its such fun man its our favorite game and so rather than using the board that came with the game were going to make a custom board this week so here we go Music so what is munchkin munchkin is a role-playing game so munchkin you mostly just run around dungeon and you have a lot of fun with people that youre playing with and this is what the board that that looks like has levels and then it has like your treasure and it has your discard area along with uh when you open up a dungeon and when you discard that dungeon so this is what their board light looks like now lets make our own i dont care if it fits in this box so im gonna make it huge its gonna be super fun i found this scrap piece of wood and honestly im not gonna cut it down i want it to be this big i kind of sit in the table in front of everybody i think its gonna be awesome this is the basic game weve bought a ton of expansion packs for this thing and so the extra cards when you stack them up really high um get super high so what im gonna do is im gonna make a couple of doors and a couple of treasures instead of the one door and one treasure and that way people across the table can grab from doors and treasures or if you feel youre super unlucky grabbing from one file you can grab from the other pile so thatll make the game super fun and add extra elements to it im excited about that dom theres something special about this video whats special about this video were doing a collaboration with a ton of other channels is that what all these are well yeah look wait theyre also in the description what are they doing there in the description below oh no yeah if you want to look at these other channels look at the description below and then also theres going to be a playlist right below us yeah its very convenient very convenient so check it out so i got some of these oil-based paints that are in pen form and were going to see if we can actually do that lets see how it works well these are the ten numbers one two three four five six seven eight nine ten that match these ten these are the draw piles and a discard pile were gonna let this dry before we stain it um and then well um well see what we do next all right i dont know if you remember but in a previous short i showed these little painter things that i make by throwing some nails into boards um and then this is this one um just made the chests and the doors and uh two things that said discard and then now im gonna throw some pristine on it and uh well see how it goes no i i was beast in the shop got it all right so now were gonna put on a cherry finish i really like the cherry finish a lot of people like a dark walnut or like a black um blacks okay but nice cherry um just makes my well let that dry and then well wipe it off ill put a clear coat on that next and it should be good all right so munchkin you have a die and you know what we dont really feel like using theirs so lets make our own oh man why you guys like to hang out down here its so hard to get down here all right so the reason i came down here is because im using this 4x4 to make a dice so here we go so weve done a d6 before and this process is super easy im going to go over this maybe just a little faster than normal the first thing i do on this is i measure it see how tall that is it should be just as wide and then what were going to do is bring our blade up to the end of it and then cut it right up to that blade then were going to make a square after we make it square were going to make the cut you know what i like to do every word workers favorite thing the entire project this is what they love the most guys by the way you should take notes on this sanding yay then im gonna take it on the drill press with a forstner bit now with the forstner bit my drill press will be locked in so its always the same depth ill just use some sort of a pattern to make sure the dice are right if you go watch our video on white paint we recently went over what were the best white paints to paint on wood that we found and im using the better one we found last part is i paint the pips on the dice on this game the numbers five and six if you roll them on the die you cant actually run away safely so im gonna color the pips on those a different color so its really easy to see that hey you ran away safely friday workshop and this was the collaboration by the way between all these channels and us and uh thank you guys for uh joining the collaboration if youre watching us for the first time and you came to us through the playlist from a different channel click that subscribe button yeah like our video as well right and uh we you really want to click that bell notification yeah because we post every single friday sometimes we post even more than that and if you love similar maker content woodworking content and that sort of thing this is the kind of channel that you want to watch because we put out a lot of content so until next time see ya see ya best games steam This week is a custom made Munchkin Game Board and a Six Sided Die build. We make a badly needed larger game board to handle all of our Munchkin expansion packs. We love this game, and were excited to play it on a much larger board.Also included is a build of a six sided die thats custom made for this game. We go from start to finish on how we build our six sided dice. This build is a collaboration with several other channels. All of the following are included in the collaboration. Check out the playlist as well. --- GAME BUILD COLLABORATION --- @Lumbermill , @MarriedManWoodworking , @TheDadCave , @EverymanBuilds , @CustomCreativeCarvings , @FridayWorkshop , @McMath Woodworks - Hugh McMath 💬 Subscribe to Friday Workshop On Youtube: 🔴 Help support the channel: Thank you! 👑 Check out the Friday Workshop Etsy Store: Video is for entertainment ONLY, we are not professionals, so please be careful with any tool and try at your own risk. 🕘Timestamps: 0:00 - Video Start 0:10 - Introduction 0:22 - What is Munchkin? 0:42 - Size Doesnt Matter! 0:56 - Why We Need a Custom board! 1:23 - Collaboration!!! 1:49 - Painting the Board! 2:23 - Drawing the Numbers! 3:00 - Showing off the Game Board! 3:17 - Applying Pre Stain Conditioner 3:45 - Applying Stain 4:24 - Wiping off Stain 4:52 - Making a Die Too!! 5:21 - Measuring for Square! 5:39 - Cutting the Wood! 5:49 - Sanding... 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