Indie Gaming This Week: 07 - 13 November 2022

Steam deck tokyo game showchoo choo charles steam MUNCHKIN DIGITAL game hello Whitney gamefen its an interesting week of releases since God of War Ragnarok comes out this week which means that some developers will try to avoid releasing their game but they will always be Indie Games beginning with lunesters a 3D platformer that has the PS1 or Sega Saturn inspired visuals looking light-hearted and fun although releasing on the same week as Sonic Frontiers could prove disastrous Music Ive had my eye on Nadia a grim duck deck builder for quite a while since I believe this launched to a poor reception and got taken down where the developer then released and have been actively working on their prolonged demo releasing The Early Access version this week the Arts is a standard feature as is the Grim Dark theme were descending into the underworld slaying demons so hopefully the time in between launchers has served as purpose Music Music the very cozy puzzle game a little to the left also comes out this week where you are organizing and tidying up household items with a wonderful hand-drawn lock it might be described as the OCD puzzle game since you have to sort and arrange things according to shape size color and so on with multiple solutions to each puzzle as well and looks like a fairly pleasant experience Music I want Music if you love city builders land of the Vikings might be of interest a Norse themed entry where Im curious to see how this Compares through Frozen Heim you must learn how to live up the land out something from from nothing and expand your village for the grow Music we will grant you wisdom from egg Brazil the victory of knowledge but your fellow settlers are your greatest asset Music this land has dangerous Authority challenges to withstand you have what it takes to survive Music Im not usually one for horror games but English fish certainly got my attention being a horror Adventure game that only saves when you die and by something in the game changes every time you do foreign Music for more interesting narrative and storytelling where developer professional villains also made the ER patient typhoon people seem to like Music foreign Music Music Music foreign Applause Music it was the thing that made video games a worldwide phenomenon that changed the world literally changed the world bigger games begin with Atari 50 an interactive walk through the history of one of Gamings most iconic companies where its being made by a digital Eclipse so it should be good even if the games might not age that well Music its the most fun Ive ever had making a game Adventure really broke the mold for the 2600 was capable of in the beginning there was only Atari and the Children looked upon it and saw that it was good I would literally spend the entire weekend playing Star Raiders thats already created the video game industry and everybody thats come since then is building on what Atari created Music Music I cant wait wait we also have the steam release of Munchkin digital the digital translation of a popular card game where frankly Im surprised that it has took that long for them to do this but it looks fairly faithful to its inspiration Music foreign Music this game is definitely not indeed so dont go posting in the comments down below but Tactics Ogre reborn is a long anticipated remaster of the srpg classic bringing it to PC and is up there with Final Fantasy Tactics as the best in the genre Music while we walk the earth there will ever be conflict a man will kill another over a husk of bread if not restrained this conflict is larger than us now I only want to see an end Messiah for justice step forward and meet your faith dont be too gladly let our steel do I wait to hear how you would deliver they ask for a Stern hand to rule them what could a Kinsmen who wont lift arms for our cause theyre as good as dead too many died today future of our people depends on it there is blood on my hands how long till it lies on my heart Music smaller games well not that small begins with Among Us VR the VR adaptation of the popular social deduction game which shifts it into first person so who knows this might just be the killer app that gets people to buy headsets Music thank you foreign Music thank you we also have the release of Chess survivors one that while kind of inspired by vampire survivors is a 10 days look like where swarms of enemy pieces move in to attack you being a clever Twist on the genre Music Music thank you Music an interesting looking first person title is common Hood said in some sort of post-apocalypse where you take over an abandoned Factory and ship it to suit your purposes with online co-op support and NPC settlers to manage where I dont believe theres combat in this and it looks kind of chill Music foreign Music thank you Music foreign Music deity and have to give Humanity a taste of your wrath looking kind of simple visually but might have interesting strategy foreign Music Ty is a pixel art puzzle platformer from a Japanese developer where inverting gravity is the main Hulk and while it has been done before the handstand element in this is different and will be for puzzle game fans Music foreign Music Music Music up detailed Music in Albany we are cleaning up the aftermath of something gone horribly wrong with the environmental storytelling from the cruise thats left behind is the fun part and will also stretch that OCD parts of your brain Music foreign Music Music foreign Music based action with light reminding me of the great slide super Creek box so it gets a mention Music Music foreign Music Music the developer of Titan station also did reach out having described this as a fire watch like walking Sim but set on board a space station looking to have the same kind of mystery and intrigue Music thank you Music foreign Music Music foreign itll be detected lets kick off the top five with Xeno command a Sci-Fi RTS that sure looks to be inspired by Starcraft and comes to us from the developer of the action group light brawler Otherworld Legends which I just covered in my previous video kind of neat and I could use an RTS but do note that as a port from a mobile game but it appears that the micro transactions have been stripped out so hopefully the call game is balanced and fun enough foreign Music perhaps the most anticipated game of the week is Soul Stone survivors yet another vampire Survivor style bullet Heaven group light but one that has previewed extremely well in demos which led to the esteem wishlist number absolutely exploding like the developer of vampire survivors this developer has managed to distill down the essence of what makes games feel good to play with powerful abilities almost broken builds constant progression but with a matching sense of Challenge from the enemies making this one to watch in the pursuit of immortality I evoked a ritual of a section however Church of solar lay in wait theyre mentally trapped me ant years later and more powerful than ever I have returned their living was also delayed from Halloween to this week where the Rook lights action strategy title where you play as a necromancer raising an army of the undead in search of Revenge I like the pixel art here and the gameplay does remind me of sea salt Music having impressive pixel arts as well the delay was to add a new feature which the developers wanted to have for launch so fingers crossed is good but they do have Early Access to work through issues if any way to their treachery oh death will not stop me Music foreign Music on the torch of the Indie jrpg with their latest being this way Madness lies a magical girl RPG framed as a Shakespearean play looking to be quite the Curiosity Music Applause Music it does however retain their signature elements from party and combo base turn base action wonderful pixel art and great writing foreign Music to make more bite-sized jrpgs so four to five hours instead of 50 hour titles that you will never find the time to complete so she is wishing them all the best for lunch Music another long in development title makes it to launch with fabula Once upon the space time a roguelite title where youre piloting spaceships modeled after medieval knights with interesting weapons and combats as a result but Im curious about the overall structure and progression in this where you can see more of my favorites in this video best co op steam games reddit Awesome (as always) new indie game releases to check out for the week!Patreon► Next BIG Project: Indie Developers reach out: 00:00 ► #10 Lunistice : 00:21 ► #9 Nadir: A Grimdark Deckbuilder : 01:09 ► #8 A Little to the Left : 01:48 ► #7 Land of the Vikings : 02:49 ► #6 Anglerfish : Bigger Games 04:33 ► Atari 50* : 05:52 ► Munchkin Digital* : 06:15 ► Tactics Ogre: Reborn* : Smaller Games 07:48 ► Among Us VR : 09:08 ► Chess Survivors : 09:45 ► Commonhood : 11:17 ► Godless : 11:53 ► Invercity : 12:39 ► Mess Quest : 13:41 ► PUTRID SHOT ULTRA : 14:35 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