Munchkin Dungeon Extras Review - with Tom Vasel

When to buy steam gamesplay wow on steam deck MUNCHKIN DIGITAL game Music Music and now its time for another dice tower review with tom vassell hey everybody im tom vassell and this week i reviewed munchkin dungeon which i enjoyed a fun better version of munchkin in my opinion theres a lot of extra stuff i backed the kickstarter i got an extra board extra boxes extra expansions all kinds of extra stuff so thats what this video is im just showing off the extra stuff so you can see what it looks like i will put some of it in my base game of the you know to keep it some of the monsters and such and lets take a look at that okay the first thing were looking at is this new board this is huge this new board that you can add and then youll see that youre gonna have three bosses which means you need at least one expansion because only two bosses come in the normal game and a ton more monsters are still only three levels that youre going to be going through um and theres even like some weird portal that you can go through and come out over here okay thats interesting uh the monster graveyard has room for three monsters it says if you want a bigger batter longer game i think of all the things im showing off today this is the last thing i would get not bad but i think munchkin the board game is a fine length i dont think it needs to be bigger and longer but hey if you cant agree what monsters use this is the board to get all right now lets take a look at the munchkin dungeon box of holding extra stuff here for the game this is unnecessary stuff so well take a look here at the miniatures because thats probably what you want to see what i always want to see uh we got a couple new bosses here the gazebo if youve never read the story of dnd in the gazebo thats a great thing another dragon a pterodactyl here we got good old santy claus got some creepy clowns ooh so creepy so theres a lot of cool miniatures here and a lot more heroes so what they did here is they added in theres a ton of hero cards here they added in the alternate genders of the ones that are in the base game so you can see those here and then they added in a few new ones like the elf and then way more several new super duns munchkins this is something i dont really care about i mean how many super munchkins do you want to have and then theres also the bookmark here which i dont care about but these i like these keep track of the points theyre nice addition to the game and then a pile more cards these show more weapons the backstabbing knife improvised more rooms including of course the wandering monsters theres the gazebo so its neat to have this stuff but this is not anything i would consider that important then we have the munchkin dungeon board silly so this first includes the shelves this is this is the part i dont care about in this particular one uh you add these shelves and you can display items on your shelf so i can put armor on my shelf instead and it will give me more points at the end of the game an extra two points and plus one for every armor but you cant use these and if you start filling one of your two shelves each spot you dont fill on it will lose you points at the end of the game thats okay right its a way to display stuff but we also have more monsters in here we have the gigantic the meeple we have the net troll and so we have a bunch of little guys in here lets take a look and see whats included here a bunch more uh treasure some more meeples cyan maples and brown meeples for those of you like collecting the meeples in the game uh the boss is here we have the or heres a the orc board game reviewer what what is this guy smashing the box with a hammer this feels very very pointed we also have the shrieking geek and also feels point yeah but do you really know about board games the comment troll the loaded die i like the loaded die i want to see this one get painted that would be fun and then theres the meeple boss who actually will do extra damage to you for each meeple you own so thats a nice thing for the meeples involved and then the crawling hand who doesnt want a hand in a game and then we have more stuff richard the kittenheart cultist of the new all sorts of stuff in here more things so i like all that this is a little this is a little expansion id gladly add the stuff from and finally we have the munchkin dungeon side quest here so in this you have these side quest expansions there are four new adventures theres side quest tokens that you can have here and you will give you a task and a reward for completing it thats it there are some new heroes included in here we have the rangers they start the game with six threat cards but they dont refill okay and the halflings who start the game with four potions so thats kind of neat to get those extra potions and then a bunch of side quests and a bunch of new monsters now the monsters in here and the side quests and stuff yeah theres well look more meatballs uh so theres all different color meeples in here a metric ton of gold i like that more empty rooms the cat girl the chauvinist pig you cannot speak in its room every time you do take one damage per word sphinx or im sorry yeah the sphinx the platycor medusa mr bones i do like the the miniature for mr bones a lot i dont know what it is um hello my baby hello my darling so theres a bit of that going on in there then all the different little side quests of all the things to get this might be the one i get the last um i think i like the the board silly better than this one but theres extra stuff here and here if you want it there you go theres no way that any of this stuff will mean anything to you if you havent played much conduction so go watch my review of that i do like the silliness the monsters like i said i think that board silly is my favorite one um even if they do are swiping to board game reviewers but still a lot of fun and im glad to add that the fact is i now have a huge deck of cards for the game and i think i like that best of all a nice diverse loot set so thats all the extra stuff for munchkin dungeon im tom vassell well see you next time Music Music you steam game badges Tom Vasel takes a look at some of the extras for Munchkin Dungeon!Intro 0:00 Overview 0:47 Final Thoughts 6:24 Check out the friendliest conventions on Earth! 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