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Can ark steam play with xboxswitch roms for steam deck MUNCHKIN DIGITAL gameplay welcome back to my channel today we are going to see a game and we are lovers king dungeon we have to look at the rules of king dungeon I will also do some game examples to see how the very latest title by andrea chiarvesio and eric lang before starting with guess mi remember to subscribe to my channel if you havent done it yet here i did some two player setup you have to choose a board with your class which is this you see i chose the cleric and the mage lets start from level 1 which goes to this tap in the shop and spending money then gradually we will go to level up by paying the money that is in the middle so we have the classes the classes have skills so two skills an arm slot and an armor slot here in fact we have a pile of rewards of objects that we then go to eventually get to equip to better face the descent into the dungeon descents in fact because we start with our figures here at the top q Then at the dungeon entrance and every turn we have to move so at the beginning lets choose to go right or left and then we have to go down into the dungeon so we only go down until we get to the boss which are these cards here I chose the minotaur there there are more than one there are three boss levels so once someone defeats the first one we discard the first card the next player will have to face a more difficult version of that same boss we must try to be as hungry as possible in fact you see here c is the fame indicator in which we go up in the game ends when the first player reaches 20 fame points or when the boss is defeated three times so these are the end game conditions as I told you during the turn we must move first in fact, these are at the stage of knocking down the door to us so we proceed towards a room and solve it after which we will have to decide whether to continue s to go we must stop when we meet a monster wandering monster which are the ones with the miniature above such as for example the manara turtle or if we meet another player so for example this the magician cannot go beyond this room because he arrives where the cleric is then he has to stop if he decides instead to go to the other side he can also do more than one room when we move you have to follow the stairs you see from here you can only go here I have here so we move but we do it one room at a time and when we get to that room we have to solve it how to solve a very simple room we have to go and get the coins it tells us here carry out the ability that is written below and then after add the threat tokens so in doing so we collect zero coins we activate the ability and put two threat tokens in the threat pool that are at the bottom first in a nutshell next to phase the opposing players starting from the player to our left that also the one who controls the dangelo monsters will spend these tokens to play cards from his hand to hinder us in quotes you see these cards have a cost they cost 12340 if he wants only if he wants cell and plays against by spending these tokens after he has played its the player after him and it goes in order until there are no more tokens to spend these cards are either monsters or events so if they are events the money comes immediately if they are monsters, on the other hand, are substantially added to that room after which we will have to go and defeat them so I said to you, enter this room we roll a dice 6 you get a bolt of lightning you get a loot then we take a dice these various faces welcome to zero that is, there is lightning the sword there is the shield and there is the double sword so after the phase of knocking down the doors there is the phase of looking for trouble then the g players as I told you spend from this reserve to the municipality the counters in order can also discuss among themselves how to do it to hinder us in the best possible way when they have done it again instead we move on to the next phase which is the room resolution phase so we have to see if there are monsters if for example we were here from the manara turtle we when we enter it we already know that we have to fight it but our dear opponents could have for example added this hydrant monster card to the manara turtle and then we have to go and defeat them afterwards both monsters roll this number of dice so the turtle throws two dice and a1 of life has a special ability special abilities are generally activated with lightning so if he does lightning he adds two shields being a turtle and thematic the fact that he takes at least give due once we know the monsters we have to fight the cleric in que in this case he has to fight against the manara tortoise the cleric rolls this number of dice then three dice plus one reroll and 4 life as he levels up as he gets added dice attracting rerolls or other life points so for the moment he rolls three dice then roll the dice and he gets shield shield and thunderbolt the thunderbolt we can use it to activate an object or even a skill so for example he can use the river to inflict damage and heal himself damage or to simply use it as a weapon attack armor is not equipped yet so no and parry we said 2 damage the player on our left you have must roll the dice for the manara turtle so he rolls the dice which makes an attack and a shield then the manara turtle parries one damage and inflicts one which is parried by me so essentially we do not inflict damage we can then go and discard potion tokens to roll an additional die in this case two shields were too many or i had to use a retreat to retract 1 before he decides his in fact with two bolts i would be able to activate two abilities so i inflict 2 and heal one with one life of the manara turtle i would kill him suppose we do so we have to go put his figure in the monster cemetery so down here this area has its own purpose which I will now explain to you is once we have defeated him we go and get the reward that is written below and if we have defeated all the monsters in the room we also go to take the reward of that level so here I take a loot and here I take two points ago but its another loot because I also cleared the room if he doesnt defeat him I fly we leave here and I didnt take either of the two rewards if I was against two exhibitions at example a card from a player and the manara turtle in we trust only one I took a treasure of these but I hadnt completely cleared the room so this I didnt take them very simple loot went to choose a card and you take it lets see for example this one and we have dagger of betrayal you get a bolt of lightning when you shoot it redirects damage to another player in the same room in a room connected to the beautiful will also be given a point ago but at the end of the game we keep the bonus of freeing a room even if we havent fought against anyone so if we moved here from here and none of the opposing players intervene with cards we dont fight monsters but we free the room then then we go to get these rewards suppose the unfortunate case instead in which we are left dry we have to take a shame token which is this that will give us a negative point at the end of the game and then after we are sent back from any position where we are at the entrance to the tar if instead we have to go and fight a boss that here at the bottom we do all our descent to we get to the boss we defeat him we discard the card in front of the boss and then whatever the outcome we go back to the top monsters graveyard it is needed because if i send this turtle and the crook 1 lets say in the monsters graveyard these rooms are empty and csc a player enters later he doesnt have to fight him but if I send a third monster from the graveyard the two that are in the graveyard are put back into play in their position so they make the response quotes this is the graveyard system when he adds the third the others come back into play if we have a monster in a room then later we are free to leave it as I told you before when you move you can go on until you meet a monster or another player this means however that you will add many more threat counters with the you can move even a lot you can do this room then solve it then go down here then received it then go down here you solve it but doing tr and rooms in one then add six of threat to the general reserve this means that afterwards the opponents can tire you well or you can move one parsimoniously by one room per turn so we had reached the last phase which is that of the rewards in the phase the rewards as I said take the reward under the monster for our loser and if you have defeated them all the general reward for that level after which we can go and spend the money to level up so with the coins we get if I spend two my marco goes to level 2 then i can spend two more then i can spend three more yes go up you see he will give us he will also give us extra victory points at the end of the game as soon as the boss is defeated for the third time or a player reaches 20 points they do the game ends immediately so it stops immediately and the points are counted points are the number of fame that a We reached the track before we add the whole farm in the corner of the cards and the more fame on our board we go to subtract the shame counters instead which are one for each time we die if there is a tie, whoever has the fewest shame counters wins without a tie yet whoever has the most coins wins and i would say rakesh thats it for mark king dungeon i remind you once again if you havent done it subscribe to my channel and well see you for the next installment homemade shower steamer Munchkin Dungeon è il gioco da tavolo del famoso gioco di carte Munchkin!Prendi il mio codice SCONTO 10% per comprare giochi da tavolo: TIKI3004da usare sul sito Fantasia Store: Link alla pittura di Munchkin dungeon: Iscriviti al canale numero 1 di giochi da tavolo e pittura! 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