MUTANT YEAR ZERO: Road to Eden ➤ Прохождение #1 ➤ ПЛАНЕТА ЗВЕРЕЙ

Adding xbox game pass games to steamhow to play torrented games on steam MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN hello everyone dear friends with you gi dong and i greet you walkthrough mutant ep zero road weedon which translates as mutants year 0 road to home this is our turn-based game i immediately warn xcom style game if you dont know what exkom is basically an hour you will find out in general the view we will have a half light on the floor from the side sometimes with close-ups the actions will be performed step by step in general this is not a standard action, that is, we don’t run anywhere from a third person we don’t shoot anyone constantly dynamic and we don’t blow everything up but the game should be interesting because 2 x cam I went through I liked it I came here an interesting setting the game we had was released by the publisher of funk who developed it to be honest I don’t remember at all actually recently funk got off very hard because for some reason some games came out with them failed, that is, the last thing I played was online multiplayer and secret world, and he also failed in general, unfortunately, although hopes would they were very high in general funk, such a very famous studio, but lately it has been releasing some projects, not really at all with all the failures, lets hope that this game will be good that it will not get off and everything will be a super game and we are already in the full version games despite the fact that I played dry on the 4th now already without any reviews without any ratings you can play the full version and watch the game in full the game everything comes out on the 4th in steam it is available well friends lets start a new game settings I set it to high I hope everything will be fine for me and the plays despite the video card 970 from four years ago lets start a new game then choose the difficulty usually difficult severe i.e. by default it is difficult you are familiar with tactical games enemies cause more damage stalker restores 50 percent of health after the battle cooldown of skills is not reset after the battle iron mutant can still put this bud no permanent death well, in short, they really did like you soon without the possibility of manual saves and autosave after each turn of the battle, okay, the usual, that is, you can put an iron mutant under any difficulty, these checkboxes you haven’t played tactical games, enemies will take less damage stalkers completely country health after the battle, the reload is reset one, lets start on hard, in principle, if I just reboot and somehow change my tactics, well, lets see, lets see, lets see, lets take it difficult in different ways by default, its difficult to start well, let them drive colossally, well, of course, I will be very -Im very glad for your likes guys put them under this video or stream checks depending on when you watch this video interesting loader cube is somewhere east of the ark once again risking our lives for the sake of the ark its time for me and I ask myself why do you need this you know why the circuit water pump broke in the ark but we need details to fix it, it would be better to send us to where there are actually some details why are you so boring, give it up, who needs to return before closing the shop for the night, well, actually, here we started playing, I must say that it’s very -very good graphics I really like how everything is done here really beautiful really beautiful guys super lets just go into the graphics settings and set the shadows to medium, it seems to me fps will increase dramatically because shadows usually devour the most resources I got it’s better yes it’s become much better at the same time you don’t notice that in the shade there is usually a very small difference between high and medium 4k only the view that there is no announcement without an announcement I made it yesterday before going to bed at night so that’s how I want to go to the all-rounder this is unexpected really why for a boar how to change the target split on f3 and regroup shut up already almost without becoming annoying so I will become for than you start later in the zone, you need to look both ways and don’t talk too much, but the bartender already buzzed all my ears about it, hold down the cue to watch the zone, okay rdr will be no, this is already a full version, this is not a beta along, it will meet in Moscow as I said mushrooms yesterday hide calella and now I can run behind the duck to return the ark how to pick it up then 1231 how to make it get out now undress order well, why the hell is he now left behind a tree damn it I don’t know how to pick mines we found good scrap metal in the ark for this you can have a pizza friend those. rare it doesn’t really look like so far on xcom there was no free running and no free movement at all no mutants not just mutants stalkers you stage into strong meat tasty who is the chuk where the stalkers are there the ark and where the ark is then we will either kill not quite close close close here go brothers found something else there will be a marauder turn off the lantern for stealth if bio knew how to turn off the lantern if I knew how to switch between them at all don’t care I don’t I don’t know what will happen now that the boar remains there the battle is fought step by step each stalker gets 2 points action per turn dont musk become really like some actions like shooting methane or running when done ends your turn so if you use this character he will go into battle if you dont touch him the characters will hide stay in place during the battle the enemy may notice hidden characters if it gets too close, you can still get out of the battle, lets probably activate it better now I’m here damn it oh yes it’s useless here in the shelter I’ve become okay now wait until he runs oyster yes it was a bad idea let’s ignore it will show so the cover of low shelters gives a bonus of defenses 25 full 75 that is not 100 but cool bypassing the side of the enemy in the shelter you will deprive its defense bonus is unknown to everyone so here we have music what other boar I didn’t get into watching a pig and this is a duck well damn cool character I like let’s ignore again duck you didn’t notice let’s drag the boar closer the target is out of reach himself if the target is out of reach I’m now down like me now instead of going down and humor i can’t go there oh you like yo-ma-yo okay burn come up from the side so well let’s activate activated he may notice maybe not notice let’s attack probably shoot such someone as targets change press tab to switching targets chris 20 too far too far it seems not so far okay lets shoot and you can also shoot silently cool oneshot yet silent oneshot chic so good and i can move see how they don’t set me on fire cool that is, during the battle I can use the movement wow and music dash and so on shift and shift between them switch the level lower you try to air top but whats the matter duck duck duck noticed duck noticed so there are shooting past what lets wet it all freedom abai single for the first time I see a couple so far in the south bottom every day closer antons ark is filled with Armenians something is brewing music not for me very much like it will show alex hi thanks a lot yes its early access full game received weapon modification broiler 51 bonus crit damage and chance to set enemies on fire damage module an ancient flamethrower that can be attached to any weapon get the ability to shoot burning ammo effective against flesh enemies and music okay follow this its funny because you already found such a thing remember took entry was p a lot of dogs and a zone, that’s the thing, as far as the ancients build such hulks, they don’t even know anything about people, in principle, as you understand it, of course, the post-apocalypse, saying you can somehow run now to speed up such a duck, he always has a silent crossbow, yes, types if he got burned yes, yes, it’s already good to soak everything that is in the breakdown of old technology muddily chatting so much well, damn it, this is such a character, you understand, yes, it hung from the ghouls in immediately and such as if other ghouls for breakfast rides given to hide on turn on the lantern of them, we will pass along the water, they won’t us notice the red skull enemies are too strong for your squad you cant handle them avoid the red skull enemies and follow the area looking for skirmishes with peers with equal strength click to toggle stealth opan ok i get it coward stalker we tiny hands will slap them in the face until the grandmothers have fun too they are ugly and even to drink all the stalker scare man lets get the stalkers empty here they come, but where do they even in the ark of stalkers don’t like well, something like former people now such toilets jazz goats only on the 3rd of the day there will be guys until you can’t show the game further study the map zone to find the missed sections metal bird pancake how cool it’s done well well so far so good as the ark says, very close to the lift I will kiss when I am next to it I will go upstairs to help have a drink with the guys then I got out again with the guys then another mass went how good it would be the whole family here she died nothing soothes as a pile of skeletons treatment you you can open the window at any time equipment heal the stalker with a first aid kit treatment out of combat always fully sets health i huts black gives that it has been inhabited stabbing that you are afraid with guns drawn too dangerous if we act quietly we can take good positions good positions will help us survive keys flashlight stealth if not to catch the eye, you can reconnoiter the positions of anti ivnik and kill separated weak enemies with silent weapons tags stealth allows you to thin out enemies tip the scales in your direction but still kill the flashlight eat I want to eat the game we will capture the cramps and delicious mutants soul the assembly of mutants the mage will crush hearts we will hear the wives we will hear come to life the cold kill and split up I will go one duck playground music cant you zoom in on the camera even though damn it would be very useful of course music when Im hiding it automatically switches to another character damn how inconvenient it all because I was moving away now to hide and quickly attack him but when I just took it and switched everything, let’s ambush activate it so cupcake yes yes layla lvl up icon in general by the way even somehow it seems to me that this inscription does not stick to the atmosphere of the game when your squad of stalkers increases the level each mutant receives mutation points for mutation points you can unlock powerful combat mutations improve the characteristics of stalkers such as health or range of movement, and yes, and guna for now, but it’s __ like on consoles, there’s also indifference yet a collage mat senator hello thanks as soon as it’s right away buddy as soon as it’s so soon so this weapon that runs on compressed gas got its comic name for clumsily clobbering enemies shaggy lacks accuracy with shells, but he is not deprived of strength, he can knock down almost any enemy, destroys enemies, pushes into his hand, own plot, cover, repels his hand. music they have ip and will remain, but if I throw a grenade music it is smoke so for a weapon it will be more powerful maybe krita not from luck lets try in principle you can take cover or attack straight away too far clearly the bartender sneaks but he catches the eye hoover watch has become okay loshara how do I get up lets also be like charging overwatch it when you become in observation If the enemy appears in front of you, then the character will automatically attack why they can hit him, the target is out of reach, the executioner, if everything is a very good thing level of the cure, so the details of the weapon are broken and the weapon bite transitions in the cells filled the group of trenches, but it all went still probably it all came from x-com I don’t know what the first game was where they came up with this transition into there two stages, basically there is shooting that’s all __ we fly I don’t know but 1 personally I noticed it saw it I recognized it in x-com and before that I was not familiar with this type of game boombox artifact a strange talking box that, after being turned on, hisses at you like a snake, depending on where you put it, it will talk to you with intermittent sand whistling or even distant voices behind the door in front it is very convenient to store small things behind the door of the spiridon you know how to saddle it to deliver excellent look just ancient there are a lot of ugly flm left but sometimes it comes across from so interesting than these buttons not seriously 100 buttons at rest wound up to this bomb clearly they were even called a boombox and you make a red button and God will boom don’t pretend I will know that this is junk we will return the ark we will show the thing straight we will find out if it is worth a little on the black market excellent excellent so far the game has been made just fine in terms of atmosphere, that is, mutants don’t know anything about people, practically everything is known like aliens, damn it, I like their character and are spelled out, well, cool listen to the report, how do I like me, how do I like my skill and increase and how cool can you stick like that sting you can change it to a collage mat helmet put on armor backpack change items add a hand grenade I got a mutation different so mutations choose mutations are serious small and passive in equipment you can add one mutation of each type of bonus characteristics constants always work regardless of the equipment you use you can change the use wearable equipment in the equipment window at any time it already has stats and a skull mutation stake with an increased critical hit chance you decapitate enemies as easily as crushing pimples on the back of a bartender such dashing badly affects accuracy 100% crit chance minus 25% accuracy Effort health boosters you can raise the physical functions of the body forever, well, let me think this is what you need, one more point left they have gal mutating right wow x so and he also has two points each has his own parameters let’s skulls turned out these animals mutated after which I don’t know after the apocalypse, people didn’t become all that was left of people and these are artifacts, and moreover, when animals mutated, they don’t know anything about people in short, it’s cool to run and shoot allows you to perform an action after running using the second Judas, you can find yourself a hidden reserve of strength and perform an additional action very cool thing so you can get it Xia to the enemies that are far from the team, please note that the ability to already turn on before using the wallpaper qd the pig mutates yes, such details really make the game beautiful so the equipment it doesn’t have anything cool here we collect broken machine guns if, by the way, you can somehow run the character in this mode you tell me, that is, I don’t find the button at all shift doesn’t work right away I’ll tell you in corel y-yes the world is the end of you it’s your fault when the ice was on you didn’t say anything when the epidemic started you didn’t do anything when the bombs fell you turned into something at least so says elder but nothing you would be glad to know that life survived even after your mistakes and did not poke your head high above a stormy river there is a small hello and a settlement we call it the ark music the ark the last stronghold of mankind a lonely island in the ocean of chaos in which we help each other create a new civilization on the ruins of the old led by our leader lg senior i senior says that as long as we do not go outside, nothing threatens us because behind the walls begins a zone of endless wasteland the whole planet has turned into a mass grave I put hanging monuments to your arrogance and ignorance senior hides from us a supply of food and water is coming to an end therefore he needs stalker daredevils who leave the ark bypasses the zone in search of valuable resources stalker strong enough not to be afraid of the book they are smart and armed well enough to fight back stupidly reason stalker need to be more than there are such master more than human I am a mutant I seem strange to you but you know you also seem strange to me on that we will decide until the stalkers return from the zone with live captchas continues to exist and if someday the stalker they return the legacy of people died forever music there is at least on the rear the elder says so music mutants year 0 the road to the house well experience in my opinion very even very worthy despite the fact that on the screensaver, as always, they are made in the form of pictures of the boiler, you start to get used to the native lift very close perfectly the surroundings of the ark the new place to the ship chokes alt f4 you can put your fishing rod deep into yourself tex wait a minute, two ghouls are hiding there, they seem to want to ride on our lifts, we will bypass them and check if there is anyone else and where the loot is from here if we hang out here all the time to take saying their ark is part of the bridge only I don’t know any New York a bit of some other bush a very familiar bridge but on the other hand I can’t say for sure that it’s the Brooklyn bridge for me no maybe it’s san francisco and or even somewhere in australia somewhere I saw this bridge I can say so where is Clara’s stalker note that’s crap, if we brought this thing to the delta, we would definitely get the promised discount from it, but the point is that the working mechanism is sparkling lying in crowbars th steering wheel and others west of the iron kite it seems this thing was intended for welding fun like if there is no spoon of honey without a hefty bosch barrel of tar a ruin favored by filthy ghouls who kicked us out before we could pick up the mechanism for the terrace, it does n’t seem like a Crimean well, yes whats in the box whats cool visor 25 percent to weapon range tactical military grade visor used in covert poker operations this elegant device protects against dazzle that allows you to shoot further once such simple objects they give persistent meaning its good when developing marc lines thank you buddy no she still didn’t go out on the 3rd, now we’re on top and stupidly don’t eat hard and from above the review is better than the piglet, let’s get down and he won’t be able to notice me already from below, let’s ambush and finish off, well, so far I don’t see anyone defending themselves anymore, but with windows and leave here or vice versa dont i teach go kai fan i hope them more than once fought it will pass day after day, went out day and night, theoretically, I can already lay out the ending now if I have completed the game, that is, I already have permission for this, I have so many players the box will open we will go into the box the box will go into the ark we will pick them up and yes we we’ll take their weapons from the seagull tanks too many tanto weak volume part quickly we’ll kill part slowly to drive everything in the box fits but the volume of all seems to be no one else there is no one to the jsc it’s not enough in my opinion 7 gigs, that is, while it was incomplete 4 something and then another 20 hectares everything was downloaded to the full version, the brand was really surprised now that you can’t download the game 50 gigs there 40 38 the game is cool the same jazz cost 4 I downloaded damn fifty gigs of the other side of this mesh open world is real if I just go up to him from behind as he saw me but stood with his back to me this one I don’t really like this one I didn’t like he stood with his back to me, I just went into his zone, while I noticed, okay, I’ll know, I still thought that if you come up from the back, he doesn’t see you that it was that we were funny that they don’t know that there are duck nipples it’s impossible to get there, well, let’s do this music it’s good to hide here, of course, you can activate the ability there, run and shoot, come in here and finish him off, but there’s another guy, not the only ones like it, I suggest here and get up in the overwatch match normal, he won’t run anywhere, probably so himself come in here and the selected weapon has no ammunition, it doesn’t need reloading music reloading this one action the second action will have to hide, okay, then what if we leave here, it’s a pity for them it was possible to gain a very good chance on stealth, in principle, I can activate this ability to approach and land lets shoot it well lets do it like this kind of shoot some mutations are blocked when used and require a certain number of kills to unlock it, okay, it’s interesting here, two kilos will be needed later, so in the end there aren’t enough kills to use, you look, well, okay, in this case, it’s impossible to get to throw a grenade, let’s see what happens, let’s throw a grenade oh, this is not a smoke grenade, this funny grenade and get up in overwatch hell run away from here Id like to get out he didnt dump him personally __ null so we repent here instead of left a little bit after time so its impossible to hit him at home no I can of course switch to manual finish him off for two now well finish him off with a grenade smart catch catch the fascist grenade moreover, the town is straight German, you all fill up everyone perfectly sven ap the ancient husband went to the ancient front sight 20 percent to the range of the weapon the mechanical sight that was used during the war I finish for the old one that ended before the creation of the ark, the old one to a reliable greatness firing range from any weapon lets take a look that we have this time here already since you can improve them somehow equip remove music put I would like to fly just like that ml 1 new level there is one point ax why are you so sure that this is definitely not America 7 points on the wings put in the knee where ksk to become also have one more damn point in keep a real it’s like ice like the weight of the clothes everything is displayed perfectly excellent rustam hello thanks buddy from tatarstan we’re watching you with a girl and thank you beam with a girl why then it’s interesting this word closed well probably from a girl I don’t know for sure the stalker vest of such vests in the zone is full of them, they are usually found on the bodies of stalkers hence the name lives light and flexible it is convenient to move in it although it does not give much protection well so maybe we equip the pig a little bit I don’t like vodka I have a biased attitude towards duck I even played monopoly when I played I have had . like a turbine badge, return part of the feet, how did you organize all this badly, that I can enter this lift from the side without problems, okay, lets go inside and the goose is not a friend to the pig, as you can see, the comrade still the elder meets us at the lift says that procrastination is like death because that the job is too important but concerns one person a person named ma. everyone in the ark knows homs respects him he our main piece of iron goes into the zone further to anyone he brings mechanisms from there that help us he knows how to make these mechanisms continue to work knows how to repair them if it suddenly broke due to what but the very heart of the ark beats the elder say that three nights ago hammond with his squad of stalkers went north and didnt tell anyone why the squad didnt come back i see for the first time that the elder was so excited its me a land mine he says that the shaman has a house for a series maybe there are some traces of the hosts stay there Duck himself never went that far but the elder says they believe in us of course we agree we go to the jamon house we will find some clues then we will find the jamon we will return him alive the fate of the ark depends on us music the ark search the jamon hut so what us here, but how everything is here, well, like a menu, as if it were simple, that is, we don’t walk on the ark, but just switch we’re building a building, we’re looking for what the shops are ready and the bora zone when we hover block awnings you want to know what I’m doing for the right price I’ll fix your junk equipment better questions over the years so remove the nozzle disassemble improve sights music cool 23 weapon parts available damage module weapon range bonus to crit a chance to set you on fire set fire improvements for 30 parts you can make the second level years how much I like this game the whole is inaccessible and to stalker means after a coal day in the y zone you can always go to a bar when you knock out a great grog if you want to get drunk order a glass of no butane or bleach only natural ingredients then I dance a little with antiquities so if you find the wasteland what a cool artifact and bring them it’s impossible I’ll give you something in return for comp renda but I have a boombox for example that is, I can buy something for 1 for one artifact you can buy something from this from here means the strong man will increase the bleeding time on the income the mule gives for each comrade one wound there is no reason comrades one additional cell for grenades the price in the ready store becomes lower among many tie me it seems that this thing should be taken in my life they taught the dust just by squeezing it, I dirk, nuclear vigorous mia are good, let me share with you my secrets of a strong man, you will give out lyuli and not receive stars, I’m telling you exactly to exchange, you’ve got a strong man open, you can further improve the combustible mixture perfectly there, according to the full reptiles of the river, you yourself are all you know, in order to survive as a stalker, you need equipment for food, and I’m selling it, let me know if you like to cook something, the only rule is never, never, pull my chain if you pull the chain from zero, your personal belongings to the Volga zone, clearly, it’s great to hide purchases for which chain do not hold which chain I want to see the hook for which you cannot pull I need to know what about to graze where there is nothing on the neck, but what kind of chain are we talking about prado 150 details for the pipe arrows on the subway I immediately remember when I see all these guns and primitive weapons from a corpse of scraps iron has an average store decent accuracy stalker are often armed with just such guns ancient fly by the way are expensive I must say okay, la and others, maybe there’s a chain above it, but still a discount on it, but then it’s better to first improve yourself in battle or what kind of bridge are you looking at these arches here they are, as it were, and why isn’t it there interesting just if we find out what kind of bridge this is we will find out which side it is brave stalkers you can always take refuge rest in my house after a long journey come to me for guidance and stories i will help you become wise and strong cufflinks 6 help you become from like o los -angeles dont pick up there los angeles the other day and thank you and run no its not beta manhattan los angeles was like u know over oh you have to google pictures and I’m playing min before that sidorovich generally thanks you for your service all the best and what’s next than my task guys like I went everywhere not the return zone return types everything looked around you can bring down okay the ark is inhabited by mutants their leader oh well this is a description of the ark the cross of nastya of the ark this is generally a level 25 unknown place here huts and a monad go on the body expedition to cope instead of huts and a monad follow a mulatto go there forcing some kind of look or something like this there is nothing like a screensaver there was already nightfox listen after all, after a nuclear explosion and the apocalypse, everything could change, grow a plant, change the climate, because the bottom line is that he loves and grows, or I remember what he said at the very beginning, that is, global warming, all things shift there, maybe the poles happened or what some kind of black ass is possible the climate has changed because therefore and not necessarily it can really be los angeles and san franc cisco it was just a desert became a forest thank you dragged me into the dregs a crazy boar then mister older send us well a suicidal task ester work experience where ghouls are flax if someone kills so I close I move affectionately armen remember my word in this end happy no end no matter the stalker of the part is unknown if you don’t know a little bit she’s there without a level 10 zone, it’s not known if he’s alone there or not, he’s not level five, he’s got 10 x n just music yes, the abandoned flocks sang on end, they don’t stand up here let him see one hundred in front of me, but the car of wow yo mode is bad, this is damage and singing here, of course, damn the car in front of me was, I thought that well, to hell with it, lets go, although it will still be nicer to beat, well, I ll move away more and more hard probably have to reboot they have too much k.p. it was necessary to put it down for the day music in principle, the gambler finished off this did not finish off my Kalash with obscenities 1 msi come on, he didn’t run at me praise the Lord music skulls count activate skulls stake starex guarantees inflicts critical damage, the probability of hitting is reduced, okay, okay if I’ll take it away but I can’t but I can’t 7550 let’s take a chance to __ point-blank point-blank miss without virgin xcom I remember damn xcom where you can miss point-blank but I would probably kill plus most likely devour okay music he also anointed not a duck of someone else’s dress Lord come on again, come on, damn it, there are no cartridges, but here there is a creed five percent no, you have to go somewhere, try it, and damn it, and I’m like Vanya, then maybe here, reload the question or heal, let’s just heal, but I can’t do it myself, but here’s how it is I don’t swear I could cure two people in principle that it doesn’t matter music you just don’t piss off the duck, but he also has it so let’s run and with lets do it it will work no it wont work lets go wherever they dont criticize at all everyone die already got it e natusya started the kama so caught pancake x buttermilk not installed two points available but always increases the range of movement by 2 its worth taking I dont think its vladivostok it ca n’t be like this music husband will be preserved during storage I’ll definitely need a short game I don’t know I hope that not a very short pig is generally naked and what’s nothing I swear the next one that I will find addams blame everything I made a promise not well __ them their names are damn hammond dax some may be water east actually up to 99 percent probability of hitting a boom right but you just need to look in and the spirit of the monster senior asked us to take a look then go to the floor of that what is that mother and that’s such a __ mimir robot for the price he sees it crashed with Maria in it, he’s a strange sign like a star, it’s cool, there’s probably an artifact, how it will be or is it still a flying parade there should be a flying one back there, the juice is broken and the electronics for two people at once outside the battle cures more how how can I take and heal, maybe here, that is, the whole I-I don’t understand how not to use the first-aid kit, just just take it and use the first-aid kit outside the battle, that is and band-aid what you look wow i didnt know about so good thanks let and give i go to control settings see skills character selection ambush next character lantern equipment i.e. there is no running here you cant run here its very strange just logical it would be right now don’t go on foot, but still somehow run a bike tent, yes, it’s true now I don’t have any more first-aid kits, but don’t care, we’ll find it later, it lies a little ahead, see my son is very slow, so let’s keep walking along music I’ll go around here it is in the riot police huts let me guess internal to them, he’s like ghouls, we’ll create thanks, it’s good to collect everything here there are no secrets where the secrets are if I catch the north by whom they are given secrets from not it’s out of my head to tell me why this junk is our junk all of ours yes you are mocking me or something is it on purpose yes it’s really on purpose it starts to increase when I approach was he left music but yes he will immediately be alive the fire caught fire, it’s not all the same, it’s not very clear why activate or ignore hiding, it will remain in place during my opponent, he’s wonderful, but he, as it were, stops hidden, becomes hidden and, in principle, didn’t really notice the telescope tape, activate observation with him, he obviously goes now to run somewhere some burning devil past it’s bad oh well I understood I understood the hint I understood the hint when three people came up behind me it’s gg everything didn’t foretell trouble damn it no well here you need a shaman just just smash him to hell music I’ll certainly try but Im not sure damn because if u dont bang now there are nt u pets maybe maybe a hand grenade in prince ipe she’s not really there, but I can immediately nail a lot of this from how much it inflicts it’s received, in principle, I’ll get burned anyway, so don’t give a __ look let’s bang you quite everything broke the class yes now sven come on svendsen yes the shield itself 100% hit from here will be 75 well 100% what you need it seems to me music all matches all the goat are no good reinforcements screaming grab ah it hurts now a grenade of course I’m negana now so bartender bartender city 50 percent seventy-five in my opinion not bad brownie report 5585 all matches music not in the line of fire when you see what we have 10 25 50 25 and it’s good that these beams are carried out and you can see how the attack will go on such a principle, but you can immediately bang, but the chance of hitting 50 here, the chance of hitting nifiga is not higher than this, I suggest bang into this __ , there is a hit and the village at the same time you get it the creatures won’t kill her, then maybe the bartender just give him parabens, he will shoot and it’s over 75 75 one hundred percent creed 15 die yes great but from unay 30 weapon modification the enclave magnetic block allows the weapon to shoot electric ammo that deals additional damage to mechanical enemies bonus crit damage 30 percent chance to turn off robot enemies good farsighted pipe the item can bring distant objects closer if you are pressed against the wall and it’s possible to crack on the forehead estrus there is a shaman first-aid kit dropped the dog camp of the zone year after year I go into the zone farther and farther it’s getting harder and harder for me to find even the simplest things a couple I bump into hidden corners in those edges that would seem to have been cleaned out a long time ago stalkers, for example, to the west of the fallen mechanism, I came across the ruins of the camp of the ancients, there is even an imported hut living in them during the season, they usually don’t climb on me and even let me pretty close to their lair, they attack stray ghouls don’t touch me, I don’t touch them, this is an unusual symbiosis turned out to be quite beneficial for me Yahoo builds are great and great healthy so there are skill points to become like that. skills but always catch the health reserve of a fat sven here to bannigan you can destroy cover enemies are knocked out for one move o also good for five points don’t let health stay I seem to have found bridges only built in russia from san francisco didn’t look in los angeles it doesn’t look like others and of course san francisco is still different I remember watch dogs 2 pieces there was something else for usb arizona they took the house clean without leaving almost nothing of value paid attention to reward you, too, not great reader and climbed into the diary for answers, eventually finding only a new m, he writes that he found a crashed car next to this house and from a man he is sure that the car was sent with a message from some fabulous place outside the zone there is no one at home and everyone lives in peace and security in the 2nd he noticed another car crashed in the north to her he went to look I close the diary with to I think there is one problem, it was invented such fairy tales mutants tell each other before going to bed to sleep better like if so dashingly he knows something or his mask is spoiled by the binet then many good ones will die we will have to find out al daxter should go further north than when -either came in its dangerous when he thinks that I got off I cant filmed the network music I dont care about this stupid smoke we need to find who he eats he went north i.e. we’ll follow him at the Finnish one went to russia as if confused by his fragments the bartender no one goes there by color this couple of stalkers who coincided they should have known and carried out the order, like us, the ark without whom she can’t, so we must return it, especially since when we went so far to the south, I wonder what they would think were too stupid to have something in mind for the family, someone drives it here, I move years, the class layer of pigs is brutal, the nights on it, I don’t really like it, so far, here are two characters perfectly executed, chic animation, good graphics, texts are good written intrigue there is I like it I’m straight I’m delighted so far I like it I can do more than xcom I’ll tell you honestly for here it’s very easy to walk around you can collect pancake it’s cool it’s cool so there’s some kind of helicopter look where the game is downloaded it comes out on the 3rd you can find it in steam, I don’t know, on consoles it will already be available now, but in the sense that the private zone has gone so far, I can bet on a mug of loud the awn is full here the guy is not straight everywhere ting ting berg neb cake but this is probably not a real Herod here it is written lets hang around a little because here there may be some kind of loot here sergey stumbled on a clive we will have the same stalker there are hormone assistants he is now wait for me here I’ll walk from this side the grass under my feet is replaced by the class and you can’t enter the water the bridge over the Daugava river in Latvia is very similar it’s already possibly interesting it’s not from there that the board studio developed the game don’t come closer and who are you and hl3 the goal is my daughter is a mutant how not only with commands to them she owes you money no I killed your brother then yes Im salma so Im dachshunds this is a bar for talent Im not pictures full of upright boar villagers how to put them out of the text it scratches the tongue drake me I need creams to find yet not late its time to wind a gang of cream for some reason not with a steel sense I dont understand we all incomprehensible voices spoke not in the zone but right in our then they rushed at us in the dust with any kind of dust I almost went blind I was twisted I could hardly walk told my pocket that I would catch up with him when I came to my senses 2 days turned me on now let the commune go north from the crash site he still an iron car says it was sent by himself he thinks that he is definitely we can go together yes you are crazy go further to the north the center fell out yes we will put everyone there while trying to kill me everything is holding on well why do you take me your ball or how do we now have a new character huntress new character great lets see what he doesn’t have an ancient pistol in his hands, which he looks more like a Beretta, probably so okay, but now we don’t really like how it stands here, that is, somehow the head of my bones is not too big compared to the legs of the torso or how are you camera so strangely located, in general, I don’t know so for a second music the weapon itself can be given and the sting of the sky will be nothing, let’s see the mutations and there are also mutations seven points in naturally not a hurricane mutant really reading the horns did not notice forever captivate and health reserve you can immediately swing very steep climb to a hill on foot or running in battle your scabbard must have mutated tendons becoming thicker and stronger you can quickly and easily climb a hill without the help of a ladder or the nearest enemies switch to you for one turn you were famous for the ability to infuriate even alive we want similar now this talent is worth trying out on the battlefield you can attract the attention of all enemies nearby they will lag behind your teammates will start attacking you well it seems like a good skill on the one hand on the other hand, it’s definitely at home, it’s a good thing, I’m not going to take agro yet, it doesn’t look like the character that should tank from honestly and my __ needs such a skill, you’ll take this mutation pig so and take a guy, judging by the annals, some ancients could talk with their plants Plants respond to the owners voice somehow you manage to do the same with the trees at your command they entwine enemies with roots and this is cool sven has it mine excellent from fault it will take it right away I will take it because we will invest here but here it will definitely be the first opportunity to take it dachshund dachshund well friends lets stop here we will meet you in the next stream today I will stream for three hours on rdr Im waiting for you all on it I really liked this game and I will definitely play phantom developers and in my opinion did not develop funcom publisher these are different things developers and publishers are different things so friends as soon as we will definitely continue and gran really liked gaetano we have the 3rd of rafa hello thank you thank you very much for this I have all thanks to everyone who was a huge thank you to those who threw the coin waiting for you all again with you was gi dong thanks to everyone and until the next mission music how to borrow a steam game Это Прохождение игры Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden на Русском языке на PC (ПК).⭐ Дешевые Игры: ✅ Скидка 3% по коду: 932B9904EDD443B1🔥 VIP Подписка: ▶ Все Прохождения: 📢 Дискорд: ✌ Группа ВК: 💥 Инста: 🔎 Я в ВК: 🔔 Второй канал: ☕ Твич: ✍ Заказ Рекламы: Конец света, разумеется, наступил. Это был лишь вопрос времени. Необратимые изменения климата, глобальный экономический кризис, эпидемия, унесшая жизни множества людей... и набирающий обороты конфликт между старыми и новыми сверхдержавами. И тогда ядерное оружие пошло в бой, впервые с 1945 года, и вспышки ядерных взрывов озарили каждый уголок Земли. Теперь война закончилась, и планета стихла. В разрушенных городах царствует природа. По превратившимся в кладбища улицам гуляет лишь ветер. Людей здесь больше нет. По останкам цивилизации в поисках спасения (или хотя бы еды) бродят мутанты — не то люди, не то животные, изуродованные до неузнаваемости. Чтобы выжить, вам и вашим товарищам предстоит покинуть свое убежище и отправиться в Зону. Быть может, вам удастся отыскать легендарный Эдем — древний приют, скрытый посреди царящего вокруг ада. Там, как гласят легенды, можно обрести ответы на все вопросы. 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