Fruit Tester - #4 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden FULL GAME Lets Play Gameplay

Steam games for partiesvietnamese steamed rice cake MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN everyone and welcome back uh the game was nice enough to actually create an auto save for me right here at this point which is fantastic is this where we had already put on the new no we hadnt put the new vest on yet so well do that uh well give the other vest to ducks just like we did fantastic and Music were gonna try something different this time lets call everyone call everyone to follow us yeah or at least call her to follow us great were going to try to execute um the horn blower and i think thats not quite what i wanted with ducks like right here so actually more yeah there we go okay bonerman come over here all right good this is a really difficult fight for our situation but if we can get that hornblower what was that oh a bird if we can get that horn blower out of here looks like we might be able to hide at the front of that car yes thats where we want to be we want to be right at the front of that car with a boarman shoot the shaman for like a ton of damage were not gonna be able to execute him because hes got 16 hit points were gonna have to just go loud sorry were not gonna be able to execute him from silence thats what i was trying to get at there awesome and you know what actually selma does considerably less damage because we have a shotgun over here on ducts so well do this and shes a little bit better over here that was close all right lets just try to rip that shaman completely dead and then maybe well throw out like a smoke assuming we can even survive which im not sure of actually well we got six hit points and one armor on ducks we should be able to take a shot at least i had one more silencer wed have a lot more options but obviously we dont so all right hey buddy hows it going see what we got activate the borman with the gapper 100 for seven okay back to ducks activate him not with the crossbow but the shotgun bloody hell not enough so sevens gonna bring him down to nine then wed hit him for four we actually have to hit him for this five and and wed have to hit him over here as well a little bit unfortunate because thats 275s we got a bank on all right well lets fire the ancient one over here and see what happens beautiful oh i have an idea actually well not really because hes down to 12 hit points we could shoot him for four more bringing him down to eight actually yes i do have an idea because we have the chance to light him on fire we got a 50 50 for this to work so heres what we do 100 please for the love of god burn friend burn we are going to use the crossbow and be silent no we didnt get it i had a good plan though and the plan was to do that and then have the gapper um boardman on overwatch because this guys going to start moving and then i think i think they wont all get to go lets see if it works the way that i think this guy makes a move what get that annoying freak what the heck Music okay that would have killed him if he was burning he toots his horn bloody hell the whole thing i wanted to do was have that not happen however they actually grouped up into a nice place for us these guys did get to go so that whoa oh ducks youre so close i the whole reason i did that was the oh no ducks no wow vector calculated well that didnt work out much better lets go for the resurrects um in the tile that were at this might sting a little youre the best yeah thanks guys borman you can actually take a hit here but were gonna have to throw out maybe the grenade oh yeah we can hit them all just like that thats just the molotov though we throw the grenade out we do tons of damage then we can bind them in place lets go for that i love it hand grenade boom boorman awesome all right now we have to do our tree can i reload actually yes it doesnt end the turn okay we can reload but before i do can i use the tree because this this also doesnt end the turn i thought that it did is there no trees over here huh okay let me see if i can do this again back to tree hugger there it is for you i wasnt showing me the icon i dont know why we can lob all these guys into place and just take them out with another grenade uh or or ducks do you have a grenade actually right now a smoke grenade we kind of need to throw that out with him it does end the turn though yeah so i think we do need to stick them where they are so were gonna do that with the tree hugger yeah for whatever reason sometimes it doesnt work yeah there we go okay well whatever its working now boom did i forget to reload oh that actually didnt in the turn okay great so lets try this 50 50 50. how about grenades molotov or explosive lets throw the explosive one actually up here oh theres the med bot hes down below i think this is still worth doing though hit the med bot hit the hunter maybe blow up his cover lets see its a nice turn yep there goes the hunters cover now ducks my thinking is we reload and then we throw out a smoke because this is too dangerous for us knowing that i can reload with the end of the turn would have been like super helpful but lets throw this like right on us no one will be able to see us all right hunters got no shots so hes straight up toodles other hunter having lost his elevator uh cover from elevation who is that guy resurrecting why is there even a guy over there what is that that hes resurrecting is that like a zombie heres a question can i move here and shoot this guy well its not going to be a step out anyway because were not flanking him um he on the other hand cant see us heres the more important thing though i could molotov these guys and then they basically all die so it seems like a smart idea we have a little bit of time here as well lets go for it boom yep 333 and we hit them all for a 1-1-1 so they will burn now its a matter of getting over here through the smoke out of range okay what about the pistol actually thats not out of range is it nope it actually is out of range interesting we have a molotov here but thats not gonna super help us very much we could a run gun actually around the corner and shoot that guy for a ton im gonna do that in fact lets pop the running gun here zoomy zoomy i wonder if this hunter is going to be able to shoot us well find out yup hits for four too wow really surprising now we are getting like a step out thats weird we werent doing that before have fun buddy get on the ground okay now this is some interesting conundrums because hes kind of standing there we can jump up in the air like we just dont care i would prefer if we come back here 50 if i move over there im worried about that guy getting up i come over here im gonna hope he runs away lets do that hope he runs away and runs into our overwatch because we dont want we dont want to take a 50 on him but we do want to shoot him lets see how it works as good as dead okay hunters just toodling this guys like hey im running it you got it worked it worked Music stuck her down if you can call that working free thanks thanks for your little trixie scammer overwatch okay so ducks europes were obviously coming over here to resurrect get into the cover while were at it run through the smoke so were safe let these guys burn as they come towards us now with your second action ducks if you wouldnt mind right over here weve got a hunter that needs exterminating 100 percent on the ground friend love it yeah so does he too and we get that hunter back there on overwatch which is unfortunate med bots relatively close um and that hunter no ammo an equipped weapon out of range i dont know what his range is with that gun im hoping its not so much that he can come over here and shoot us now ive done this before and there was no step out but according to this its telling me im gonna have 100 like there is a step out all right whoa he does get a shot really long range on those guys yeah we are getting step ups now thats strange anyway whatever get on the ground friend right now head sweet takedown yeah indeed okay bornman interesting i dont think that guy can kill you i think he hits for three i really want you to come over here though and wreck that med bot however you need to reload so lets do that first okay now 50 could always run and gun over there and shoot we need to take him down like this this has to happen whoa the marauder was on overwatch that is bad hundred percent with the gapper cornerman come on put a gap in that med bot please beautiful im really worried bormans gonna die here again i didnt realize this guy was on overwatch super day we want it we need it oh that guy the butcher ran through the smoke which put his fire out running through smoke no nice that one that one took a shot hes going to burn to death next turn this one however is not as a result of that so were going to need to do some more trixies here theres a lot of trixies to do first and foremost we got to resurrect vormin again and we cant do it from the corner there which is where i want to be so maybe from this side nope well we can resurrect them nope wed be standing in the open no matter where we resurrect them from that just means were gonna die next turn you always move away i suppose sure thatll work its selma out here im okay im okay uh and then selma run back over here very important now 100 on this guy we actually have to do this get him out bye-bye blamed that he ran through that i could just ignore him and let him burn to death meanwhile borman second times a charm lets get over here to the high cover now and put some big deeps on the med bot please i love it oh i love it just knock that guy around oh the watch now what if oh so then the knockback actually prevents him now thats a good thing to know lets pop the reload here on borman 13th times a try friends get out of here now were talking one of us now we are talking so we killed the shaman there were let me think there was a shaman a hunter hunter we only killed one hunter so wheres the other one i dont know lets reload over here on docks and then overwatch for now overwatch selma i think is actually like she can get shot right now so well reload on her overwatch on her too now things we get some time perfect oh bloody hell selma ducks wow what a spruce goose that guy is huh that its gonna matter too much lets pop the reload over here on borman 390 second time is a try say fred you made a mistake he knocked him into the rock he just falls down and gets back up like it was nothing all right ducks we got nine hit points we can take him down we can absolutely take him down lets switch to the shotgun oh no see now hes getting low cover so you can step out from high cover but you cant step out from low cover i think thats how it works okay its getting fun luckily we hit and this guys gonna have to die and i think here no heres the only place i can get a flank on him the guarantee is 100 shot but we are standing in the open which worries me greatly bye bye got that brian nice oh were done okay well that wasnt so bad that was a pretty fun fight now i understand a bunch of micro mechanics that i didnt get before get over here call everyone over turn a light on so number one im pretty sure you can only step out from high cover i was under the impression you couldnt step out at all in this game but im pretty sure you can only do it from high cover versus you cant like right there at the low cover we couldnt shoot here but at the trees when we were over here with selma and there was a guy right here we could step around the corner and shoot him so thats super useful intel secondly reloading doesnt end the turn again super useful i dont know why i thought that oh nice we got one medkit and we used two that was a that was awesome just straight up awesome i thought there was still one more let them leave all these machines here yeah i thought there was still one more guy but apparently not and there we go were off to see the wizard friends the wonderful wizard of oz i might want to go back to town actually um no armor here we do have a level i should probably heal as well but i cant afford the med kits we do have 108 scraps so we could buy two more i mean we could use that disable thing which would have been very helpful and lets check on our mutations weve got four points we get moth wings allows you to fly move vertically and hover in position giving you a tactical advantage over enemies beneath you this also allows you to get higher places which can only be out of reach thats cool knee shot disabled organic enemies movement for two turns its kind of cool but i wanna i wanna get the wings that just sounds fun and over here we could get one more hit point on our way to extending throwing range well you throw throw pretty far as it is so im not sure its necessary oh contortionist low cover works the same as high cover im saving for that cave of fear or we could go back to this location which might be easier because this seems like its going towards level 20 and i believe this is yeah thats im going to do that so im going to make an edit here im going to go back to the arc and expedition and return to the arc yes uh then im gonna heal up probably buy a couple of med kits and then well go to that aircraft because i think that happy that you took on this mission to find hammond as you go deeper into the zone questions will arise in your heads youll ask yourselves how this world became a wasteland ill tell you a long time ago a strange disease sprang up in a city not too far from here a vicious disease the eyes of the victims would go red they would bleed from their ears hence its infamous non the bloom the red plague within 40 years the plague destroyed most of the human race a quick rake of death scraping across the face of the planet it was natures revenge revenge against the greed the arrogance the egos of humans who thought they were gods we call these fools the ancients we dont worship the ancients like the madman in the zone do because our salvation doesnt depend on false gods who live in the heavens it doesnt depend on a mirage of paradise beyond its own our salvation depends on us us means humans and mutants together and as two of our resident mutants i bet you wonder who you are where you come from i wonder too we all do when i found you in the sun you were shivering naked memories completely wiped we took you in taught you and now you serve us as our hunters our trackers our warriors we are inducted to you stalkers never turn on each other hear me hmm farewell remember your eldest guidance ah you ran into some pyro ghouls last run watch out for them they got a love affair with firebombs dripping that stuff all over their faces stupid as  __  spark a viral ghoul in the right way and you see him spontaneously combust boom good times i dont remember running into that at all uh okay anyway i can upgrade one gun weve already upgraded the gap over here hmm sure would be nice to hit for more with the crossbow i suppose and it does have the burning nation so i guess thats what well go with sure looking fancy like how the thing here like has a little blow torch thats so cool actually looks legitimate like its a real thing now the disable i think we should put that over here damage modules 30 to disable robotic enemies because someones probably going to be able to move into low cover the most once we get that perk soon and that will enable her to get the widest um amount of shots with high accuracy on those guys pull up the stools thats right we did get another thing right uh adds one fire damage to molotovs per turn very nice bleed out by two turns very nice dont care about the grenades we cant we dont have any more anyway i think i might go for the well did we just use all the molotovs because i cant afford to buy anymore see ya how many did i actually use now i still have one so i still have two um im thinking med kits though youve had some really some really close encounters lets go for tough guy and that that would have opened up if i had gone here it will open up all all of these but regardless i feel like i need that ah these are really something special found these up north in the hull of a ship theyre emp grenades any machine within the blast radius shuts down immediately i dont see many working machines nowadays though all right um i dont know why shes saying that because theres hand grenade molotov smoke i actually want to buy more smoke grenades theyre cheap and theyre really good uh i however can afford two more med kits so im gonna buy exactly that just because i can afford it precisely bye bye now lets go back over here lets throw that molotov or smoke in there beautiful and thats about as good as i can do i suppose i wish i had more stuff i guess i could also heal right now it might make sense on boarman because hes down so much lets use a med kit yeah it did take one med kit it only healed him but rather than healing for forward healed for everything so ducks is just gonna have to not get hit because i dont want to spend another med kit right now and back out here lets go hit this question mark which we can do from the high road and were in okay all new zone hopefully not as difficult as the last one theres nothing here this is called the fallen angel interesting if nothing else we can just collect some more scraps im talking to aridia and she told me about this ancient machine she had seen out in the zone not too far from here she said it looked like it had fallen from the sky crashed into the ground and it spread more than enough scrap around for us okay we got a baseball bat ghoul got some ghouls straight ahead theyre looting that crash site wait here she can easily handle this theres an artifact too okay when this guy comes back oh no see anyone else hey buddy hows it going beautiful i am a warrior up in this  __  well dont scream it out were supposed to be stealthy oh i appreciate your whoa i appreciate your enthusiasm okay now we need to make sure lets split up i dont need an assist yeah exactly okay what is a good place to hide lots of cool loot over here this is such a good game i really really really enjoy this game i know ive said in every episode pretty much by now but its phenomenal it i just feel so much like i feel so engrossed actually walking through the world even if its linear even if its like non-repeatable oh theres a hound up there oh heres a helicopter look at that huge blades there too i think i see two guys and a hound oh heres another guy coming over i wonder if the hound will hear this she want to hide on this okay were fine no way were gonna kill him without taking this shot so were gonna have to wait till he gets really close take all three shots at the same time actually we might be able to kill him now uh lets come over here how we could maybe kill him with this crossbow if it burns the dog is over there that so are at least two more maybe three more people all right here we go come on ducks nice nice nice nice now heres how we play it we activate over here we keep the pistol 100 bam boom stop screaming selma its not necessary and then you know what ill activate and over overwatch i shouldnt need to though yeah instantaneous burn nice another level up hipster fruit tester Laughter i love it they add the music and everything power brick that has an image of fruit etched on one side and continuously displays a flashing power battery icon on the other this was used to determine the ripeness of fruits chroniclers say that this device has a secondary music playing function which required some inner pieces to be attached amazing okay now then we got here actually okay with running around a little bit more aggressively for a smidgey im gonna check in this area oh i like how its like super dense too oh hello i didnt even see that okay so while were over there and i hope we got to get this stuff back to the knows were gone look at these things we are heroes gray one will love us make us our favorites everyone is our leader not our friend she sees these goodies she takes some kills three one they say huh i made the right decision to come here who can beat me anyone i guess you just screamed this is probably where i should have come before i went to that super harder zone now whats going on over here a pyro chief huss and a zone dog 10 and 16 the pyros got 10 as well and a marauder none of these guys seem to be moving the dogs have 10 10. chief huss has 16 and the pyros got 10. i could see a guy over here and some loot i have an idea this is so oh its a med bot its not a guy its a med bot never mind cant take that out hes gonna probably run over here all right well she can um we could do some levels really quick it does seem like theyre not going to move so lets do this lets go check this loot over here because theyre not looting it Applause there we cant get to that one oh no alpha level clearance only mimer emergency protocol article in the event of a compromise government key holders will be summoned to location theta orders will then be issued depending on the level of emergency in the event of a hostile infringement by foreign or internal parties key holders will be summoned to nova key holders must be accompanied by at least five enforcers extraction choppers are stationed in the following locations oh there we go well that might help us later if i could figure out how to make that work heres a chest ah a sun helmet waiter is immune to critical hits okay doesnt seem to do anything else um 20 critical chance from high ground you know what ducks you get that cool looking hat we already have immunity to critical hits over here so we dont need it over there i suppose we make her immune to critical hits she doesnt really get that high ground very much but at the same time heres what were gonna do as much as i love the howard the duck motif were gonna go combat duck now and just for fun times you know what since were good friends as bonerman will give him our visor doesnt do anything just a style advisor ooh investigators seen a corpse dressed like this before think he piloted this machine okay its not gonna be an easy fight you know what actually episodes been on for a little while i think the fights gonna be for the next episode we did already do one big fight here what we could do maybe ooh we might be able to get up here thats it thats all we can do go from behind im gonna have to think this through and come up with a strategy for the next episode this is a great place to end it though its like the right time and its right before the big fight and im looking forward to it a lot anyways as we returning we take on chief huss somehow and then collect his loots and i cant wait uh also well do some level ups but until then thanks for watching and ill see you soon we dont want we dont want to take a 50 on them but we do want to shoot them lets see how it Music works okay hunters just tootling this guys like hey im running it worked it worked it works if you can call that working coding games steam They modeled my personality as a duck and put it into an xcom game! 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