Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Part 7 Full Release Gameplay

Face steamer useswarframe steam deck MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN gameplay hi Aaron and welcome back to some more mutant tier 0 or dark scum even though we dont have darksinners code anymore anyway I went back to the arc to get another med kit and move some weapon modes around and we now have 50% chance to burn enemies on the boomstick so lets move on then shall we and see what we can find in this zone well see I think Im going to save 60 weapon parts at this point but well see we have a few options we call the upgrade the silent weapons and I was considering that actually but well see first lets take a look around okay we got the boat interesting and now I dont want to be in combat just yet 24 health at 1 armor well we could probably deal with that but I assume there are other enemies as well I cant quite see them okay I can see something on the far left I cant quite see what it is well we could get rid of the bots I cant do it silently but we cant get rid of it alright lets get rid of it why not can we get 100 from cover probably not 75 wait can we do 24 damage no we cant whats the chance to alright its a mechanical enemy so its immune to mind controller obviously well anyway lets do the damage shall we we cant though 24 this will obviously alert more enemies but thats fine we can handle it famous last words alright next I would prefer to stay in cover with everyone but that might or might not be possible well in theory I came but there is no guarantee we to kill the boss if I do that can I even get 100 okay we can get 100 right lets grunty akela not killing it at this point would be really bad can we actually kill it I think well be like one thumb at Short if Im not mistaken yeah we will actually be one damage short from the looks of it well in that case we might as well take a shot from back here way to know if we take a shot while were hidden and well have a 55% chance to create but that might still not be no okay it was enough nice good job Maggie knows youre the real MVP however we dont have more incoming only one more okay I think its best if we just back up and let it come to us that seems like the best solution right now might want to move Borman however you can hide in here sounds good to me so that will dope and overwatch let it come to us I might switch to ancient pistol because it has better range all right sounds good to me it has to move into our range and here it comes come on we missed everything well thats not so great right so I could use hog rush we should be able to kill it before it gets a chance to react yes we can as long as we hit with the bomb stick I kind of need the damage okay we will have 100 or thrombi no lets go for it that way we can avoid taking damage all together even if we miss with the bomb stick we can still get a kill on the next turn if Im not mistaken but lets take it a shot nice one Oh hold on I think we can get rid of it because we gotta create can we it has what five health yeah we can get rid of it I saw another enemy on the right side around here I saw something for a split second goodbye so anything else coming nope and to get a level up nice thats level 27 lets grab the load and do we want any neo mutations we got nine points on Borman right so Im a little bit torn about this Stoneskin sounds really good but at the same time I like hitting hog rush I really do I think Id rather keep hog rush I might just say be his voice for now we could get +1 health but I dont feel like I really need that right now what about Selma 9 points so we got frog legs thats a pretty good one as far as I know but it would replace tree hugger maybe I might give it a shot okay lets give it a shot why not although it requires three kills to recharge now screw it Im saving the points for now Magnus has four points so I dont think I want anything for him I might save up for silent assassin because thats actually pretty nice we need eleven points for that increases you would stamina permanently giving you an additional +2 of movement range you know what lets grab that because that is actually quite useful so there it is alright lets move on so yeah there are definitely some enemies in this direction wait its not an enemy no thats not an enemy hello there thanks for the help not that I needed help I was just getting my second wind you know but I admire your fighting skills you need skills like that in the zone especially against their control machines that want to quarantine you whatever that means your skills are top-notch surviving out here on your own thats brave whats your name my names Pharaoh dont ask me where I got it from I dont quite know really I was raised in a settlement thought it was the only settlement left on a whole wide world but me you dot makes me feel a bit more well hopeful how are you what you do not hear were stalkers from the arc were headed south to rescue our friend from some lunatics called the Nova sect heard of them youre asking me if Ive heard theyre known of a sect night the Nova set butchered my bleeding Selman they put their mind-control junk into the rest led him away like hell no only wanna go by so yeah another Nova sect Im hunting them Im gonna make them pay you be the perfect addition to our crew if you help us save our friend well help you take down the Novus Act sounds like a fair trade well there we go Faro is now available for recruitment so lets take a look then shall we will swap someone out there any quick what do you have a bomb stick Oh an upgraded bomb stick okay all right dont with an EMP mod 50% chance to disable robotic enemies okay I like that I will grab the weapon for sure and what about mutations what do we have here circuit breaker so disable mechanical enemy for one turn silent assassin snake so doubles critical chance when shooting while hidden shoot multiple targets using one ap reduces accuracy by 25 corpse eater problem with corpse eater is that you have to use it while youre in combat Oh both wings nice frog legs and superintendents well Im going to grab the bomb stick for sure especially since its already upgraded you can grab another weapon for now because they need to have at least one weapon equipped I wont be able to swap out if theres no weapon as you can see thats why I need to have some weapon at all times thats why I didnt salvage some of the weapons I probably will eventually but not yet yeah lets go back to Magnus and now so hold on just checking the weapons yeah I think Im going to use the bomb stick instead of their level one Rambi no because I didnt actually upgrade this one yet its a good trade that way well have to bomb sticks which is fine the range is a little bit low but Boorman will be close to his enemies most of the time regardless so yep sounds good to me Ill have to go back to the ORAC to swap some mods around especially the red-eye I want the red-eye that is so good we should probably give redeye to Magnus maybe well I mean he doesnt have silent assassin yet but he will get that eventually one way or the other we have to go back to the arc to swap some of the weapon was around and I see another enemy yep lets check out the chest first and if Im good in here some armor would be nice yep we got our more nice for extra throwing range to armor and for health I like that I like that a lot so whos the last person with only one arm or that would be born in well that means Im giving up fire absorption but in this case I guess its worth it where is immune to charge attacks where is immune to critical hits okay I think Ill give Borman arcs for your armor so lets do it like that that way he will be immune to charge attacks and then we can give Maggie knows the new armor that way he will have extra froing range sounds good to me because hes likely to stay in the back because Ram video has 14 range so yep sounds good to me all right so lets get rid of that but shallow me and that should be easy enough or quarantine key area all right I guess well need that theres still more lot on the left lets go pick that up first its not like the body is going anywhere some scrub okay lets go kill the boss follow me yes lets Oh hold on theres more load on the left and alright hold on there are more enemies around here quite a few more enemies maybe we should go back to the arc to swap their weapon modes around well if I find a more scrap I would be able to buy another med kit lets get rid of this boat we should be able to kill it without alerting more because we are quite far away from basically anything else now question is can we kill it without having it should back no we cant it has fairly health and two armor even with hog rush Im not quite sure if I can kill it it will depend on whether we can get a crit or not but lets use hog rush regardless to knock it out for one turn now we need a crit we got 20% with mag nose and 10% with Sarma yeah thats fairly unlikely to happen but not impossible but lets go for 100 we dont need cover because its knocked out okay six damage good enough so lets maybe move towards cover in this direction I suppose oh the other enforcer might have heard us well I guess well find out wont we Im still going for 100% shot though okay nice 1/7 damage yeah I think it heard us yes it did what are you doing please stop okay five damage right so now we kind of need cover I guess we definitely do this is good cover honest 25% chance to hit but we are going to need cover that much is obvious unfortunately mind control will be useless against these guys oh well we dont have 20% chance to EMP looks like there will be a lot of mechanical enemies so anything that gives us bonuses against mechanical enemies will be really nice anyway can we actually get AK in here maybe well the other about well be able to flank me but I cant really help that Im afraid lets go for 100 over here should be fine yeah we can take it out we need one more shot might be a good idea to heal ourselves up however although well maybe that wont be necessary lets finish off the board we can use the other weapon in order to not waste ammunition because this will be a kill regardless bye bye now the other board hopefully he doesnt have a OE or anything like that it has a bomb stick it seems okay so you know what I could let the barman bleed out oh now hold on we got another enforcer coming okay yeah that was not quite what I wanted I could let him bleed out and then he will come back if we win but thats a pretty big if I dont know about this Sarks that we can t stop right here yeah I kind of need him I guess I know I really do get back here so we got one more med kid I guess we just hit the enforcer from point-blank range I suppose so I probably cant avoid taking damage so lets just try to do as much damage as we can these are quite tough that is a lot of health oh nice EMP actually worked very nice where do we stand to avoid damage I dont think we can avoid the damage entirely and I want 100 so over here is the only real option or just in the open this will only be 75 I dont 175 I want 100 Marga dos can get 100 so this will do I have a feeling this is going to be a problem okay nice one we got a treat I think we can take it out on the next turn but Im not 100% positive I guess well find out all right we only have one more action left fair enough these guys are still quite far away so we should be fine lets reload and then take a shot yeah because we ought to be moving so we might have to reload theres no reason not dope we can definitely take it out right now on this turn so the bomb who stick will do the trick I dont think there are be no well yeah well be one damage short Id rather use overwatch with it so I would say reload and then take a shot so its down now we got two more I think I have an EMP grenade equipped on someone not quite sure about that so Im thinking reload and then overwatch or we could back up into full cover that might be a little bit better yeah actually lets back up into full cover and then we can overwatch sounds good dont miss on me bro we got one more enforcer and a regular boat okay so reload and then overwatch still Selma can move into partial cover because that will be full cover for her that ability is so good the one that allows us to use partial cover as full cover because full cover is worth 75% in this game thats so good while partial is only 25 just overwatch as for bombing well Im actually considering using the med kit I dont know Im hoping itll just save it but that might or might not happen we dont have run any gun available okay hes coming it has high ground now Im just going to wait on overwatch I see no reason to do anything else right now definitely switch to the bomb stick yeah lets just overwatch sounds good to me they will move towards us the only problem is that the enforcer will most likely be able to flunk Magnus right now might be best to back up slightly yeah lets back up slightly just to play it safe here it comes no shots yet there we go come on people hit it at least once say roughly now what the heck what the heck that was really bad yeah okay well then lets take some more shots shall we please dont miss everything there a damage and it looks like its stunned but we want to shoot it regardless yes we dont we most certainly do okay nice one that will leave us with the reinforcer only matters are early load theres no reason not to because we want to be moving here its down nice that had to be a crate so that leaves us with reinforcer only that should be doable just fine I could do a grenade but I would rather not lets use this turn for reloads and we love our watch Im actually going to hide with Magnus hes the only one with partial cover come on now okay its jumping again is it going to move towards us or will it just keep jumping back and forth forever I mean Im not in a huge rush I can wait a bit okay thats still full cover Im afraid we got no chance to hit whatsoever I mean lets just wait one more turn I will make him move if I have to okay yep its moving we missed everything okay but at least now it has partial cover only we dont have hog rush of variables so I could use that its also no very much but thats probably fine we got to armor on everyone we could trigger it with Salma but I think Id rather trigger it with Poorman what kinds of grenades do we have we got smoke and hand grenade kempler and Molotov okay I do not have an EMP grenade equipped we do have a smoke grenade lets just hope rush with Borbon we might take five damage but I can live with that okay he missed I mean thats fair after we missed free shots ourselves all right lets do some damage if we get some create we might be bottle kill it before the next turn well find out I suppose that should be the last enemy I hope 25% okay good one we need 21 more damage do we have 21 more damage I think we actually do yeah I think we do yeah we do easy way to do we yeah easily its going down one more shot and were done that was a pretty tough fight yeah these enemies are getting pretty tough but it looks like we will be dealing with a lot of mechanical enemies which makes me really eight anything that gives us bonuses against mechanical enemies definitely and we got another level up thats level 28 now we still got some more lot we can pick up did we just finish clearing this zone oh thats nice 100% chance to knock back enemies Oh Dottie is pretty nice actually all right what else do we have here some scrap some weapon parts more scrubs can we get forty four okay lets unload me the next zone because if I move to the next zone once then Ill be able to fast travel to that zone it is a level 35 zone so we will not be exploring it just yet but again just to unlock it for a fast travel and I mean we can take a look around a little bit maybe well find it some load some scrub dont know anything but the stories like the house-sized war machines dead in the fields other things lets take a look around surely dirt some scrub around here there usually is and Id like to see what enemies there are in here I dont think Ill be engaging anyone but who knows seems quiet so far other than pigeons no scrub really there we go goals second poacher 14 health I mean I could kill that I just want some scrub and maybe some equipment lets just sneak in here scrub I am literally one scrub short to get another Medicaid come on there we go theres some scrub so now we can go back to the arc to get that Medicaid but first Ill be going back to the previous zone to make sure we looked at everything because I dont think we dont have the everything lets see if theres anything interesting here before we leave more scrub Ill take that I was quietly hoping for some equipment and the more scrub so we basically bypassed the goals completely at this point and the more scrub no thats a note okay well the next zone is in this direction we can unlock the next zone yeah might as well do that why the heck not I mean our main objective is in this direction so thats a level 35 zone still spear of heaven okay itll be funny if we could just like a complete the main objective like this we are level 28 lets take a look around a little bit why not its not like we are in a huge rush okay thats pretty nasty what the heck is that supposed to be for our  __  Dada guy well then I dont think Ill be engaging it right now yeah alright I think its time to leave at least for now lets see if we can find more scrap before we leave yeah these are definitely nasty we cant move around it what the heck is this supposed to be some huge mech looks fancy can we use it no probably not if I had to guess I might actually be able to get to the next zone that will be hilarious without an engaging anything that would be pretty funny some scrap in here maybe a chest with some load no okay fine yeah we might actually be able to reach the next zone having said that I expect some kind of balls in that zone or at least some kind of tougher enemy okay anymore scrub whats that smoke supposed to be okay sector hunter oh yeah theres a named enemy in there Cardinal Hansen lets just leave for now back to the metal fields just to make sure we pick it up everything and then I might check out that zone to the west of the our own serpent that looks like it will be our level unlike these but yeah lets make sure we picked up everything and we might as well unlock the next zone as well Im just going this general direction Ill probably just go from this zone one more time between the episodes just to make sure I didnt leave anything behind yeah nothing around here what about inside the Train yep red scrub if we get 88 then we could buy two med kits EMP grenade oh thats nice especially against all the robotic enemies yeah that bot is bugged out or white theres still at least one more bottle burner okay lets go kill it then but first Ill check the trains yep theres some scrub nice one thats 90 free move out of the way come on lets go get that bot any more load no oh hold on there is another one another enforcer yeah this zone is full of robots lets get that police body although hold on can we use oh gosh we cant can we we need one more kill for hogwash so that could be the poly spot oh wait theres a whole group of them in here really what the heck I thought I cleared the zone but apparently I did not not even remotely close well alright lets maybe not engage all of them at once we might be able to take out that patrolling but if we engage it far enough from other enemies although I think I should go back to the Ark first you know pick up the meta kids I see some lot on the other side yes so we got what at least 5 more enemies around here Im not sure how I feel about that you know what Im just going to go back to the Ark become the meta kids and switch some weapon mods around and thats also going to be the end of this episode so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it leave like if you did or a dislike if you didnt and Ill see you next time bye bye steam activate product Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game, with gameplay combining turn-based combat of XCOM with story, exploration, stealth, and strategy. 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