Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden - 20 Minutes Of Gameplay Trailer

How to delete a game on steam librarylaunch options on steam MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN gameplay Music hi Im mark from the mid ladies hi Im Lea and wed like to show you a bit more gameplay of mutant Year Zero Road to Eden and this is the sea Titans its a map that we demoed to the press and games cant we had them come and play this at our booth yeah we thought wed just show you a little bit of an update so you see where we are and play the demo level through ourselves so this is wanted across a big body of there before I was released yeah get the crash site is near there three or four hours into the game were on our way to rescue our a friend whos been kidnapped and we need to get across the water so were looking for a working boat that were various across its really good to walk around looking for stuff in the zone theres always lots of interesting things to find useful things mainly as well yeah thanks a hat already got this hat with it its already got the ball band which will give him a bit of a movement boost hes got the snazzy visor and shes got the Aristo hat you might seen that before in one of our earlier demos of course it gives you the high ground advantage Im gonna look around hes got something interesting between his legs oh yes its a grenade youll understand why I found out was there as well but its right near the am business I dont know waterfalls and have something diagnosable yeah wed have a hidden cave of course it wouldnt be so hidden cuz everybody walks into the wall behind the waterfall and every game nothing I think without without question so lets see me the fighters keep looking for dead duck bodies but I never see what we the only mutants in his own size this I can interesting spot lets have a little look no were not gonna go in there any turkey unsurprisingly and weapons broken once we can use those to upgrade our current weapons in the ark which is where the moon survey step you wont go there today so we just pick them up this is nice to pick stuff up so okay lets you our first enemy Marauder hes got a pistol trying to sneak around and take him down silently I think see where he goes you are children of the Ancients lets get into going now hes on his own on this dock silenced pistol there with Selma oh theres a guy out there but be very careful dont get spotted by him just put him here put it here I think shell be all right just fine 50% Im just gonna put him here I know its not going to miss still my 25% chance good the other guy has inspired us yet see his attention sir moves in and we put the flashlight on and off good and we burnt him as well thats just add insult to injury hes thoroughly dead yeah so I think what we need to do is we need to stick around these guys dont look like nice guy especially Perry were a little bit concerned about brother Bonin had like infected mushroom I think hes leaving the gauze wait a minute thats the guy who attacked me in Hammond I think Hammond recognized him but that was the last thing I remember hes one of the Nova sect oh my god stories about them all his own was big heads its just snaps myself a bullet though Ive got the additional move range because of the Borg band so you know what its gonna go up to point-blank in its no way I can miss that and hes got a chance hes got an attachment on his crossbow that gives them a chance to set fire enemies and thats really useful because if an enemy doesnt die from the initial shot they will continue burning and taking one damage per round so a couple of guys there a few guys here so I think its really good policy to get nice and high grounds that rightly yeah high ground gives you an quite a lot of bonuses are specific to your crit chance look up here seems pretty desert but of course its gonna have yeah some guys so its just the team a little bit I skipped ducks even higher ground take him up on top here seems like a nice little platform up here Im out there to get him there somehow shes put him here yeah moving into position when we start so why do me I will use a Molotov on them the Molotov yeah yeah just to get the damage over time going as it early as possible lets get Selma and then and whos got Molotov Dave are silenced weapons hes got a loud weapon does he ever Molotov instead I like this yes he does yeah lets get both of those guys 75% chance Im going to take it so look at the other guy though 50 we do you guys know fingers Ill give it a 75 just to get him out the picture man you were the  __  okay flower weapon here yes 25 percent do you know what I dont want this guy call it for health I dont want this happening so Im gonna take warming I might go get burnt a little bit but I want to use the hog rush oh you have to knock him down nobody got no conservatives yeah lets do that I dont want to bring any party yeah Im kind of on fire now a bit or a risky move but - lets do that thats sir well go through the fire identity  __  go lets get warming somewhere nice and fire free and then were just gonna wail on this guy get rid of it yeah a little bit unsportsmanlike to shoot a man when hes down but you know what in the zone you have to take what you can take play dirty theyre gonna do the same and thats one guy anyway so weve cleared this little just little settlement up here whatever we would call it hmm now hes bet back again we are currently finishing the game off right now so you didnt get the odd issue coming up and you have to excuse that it will be fixed okay this is perfect actually so I need to everyones down in this sort of barrel of fish kind of erases chunk so we need to works right Im calling I need to figure this out Selma here I was actually to bomb and down there take him down you disappear yeah I think we split up anyway so wheres ducks hes over here is just waiting to see what we doing those guys on the boat and how far to the tree because if I know something about boarding that you dont hes ugly all right thats a lets get ducks up every sniper so were ready and so are here all right so a little bit far away from the enemy still Foremans got plenty of help all right lets go call him and get him a bit closer lets go okay weve got be careful some guys on the boat as well can only be bad news thats gonna ambush from but rocks be behind Pyros bad news yes brother bowed in yeah you say hes bad news he looks ugly enough all right on the top again that is hype done be nice dont it these pyro guys can be a real headache you dont get rid of them soon so ducks can get good shine as well nice put off wings bring in here get that pyro sin bringing them closer together you said not to do that Im just gonna do that now I just want to get rid of pyro he is surprisingly annoying 75% $0.55 chances Estrella dont really need the critic or him its just good to get rid of and receive drop sees these drops is a Molotov as well so thats also kind of going to block the path for those enemies they wont want to come up clankers nice shot all right the hunt of their brother bowed in 50% yeah pretty decent lets give him a try oh and knocked him back in like that maybe a hundred percent now because Ive knocked him back hes out of his cover which is given a bombing a great shot him Christmas snow a crit on that again meanness to the enemy all right maybe we can just add the  __  certain moth wings here lets get a new secretary increase the hit but we already got hundred percent there we go still quite tough guy whats he doing hes doing the books to move so that sectors last night for its gonna say still a crummy shot but he got me that time but it means that if you can kill anyone whos currently boosting will also die at the same time so we get two for one yeah special offer all right hows our health look its a pretty good set performing today yeah I dont want to go to him then I really want to go to him I got bad its not its not an over watch other thing just go around here so I got the Borg band which gives me a good but Ive just remembered us some guys on the boat well see thats a good shot lets get in hes chicken away em its take a lot of damage maybe you should yeah I think we should just try it anyway two of you down so yeah thats brilliant so weve got rid of him already which is good its really good for Cisco some really nasty attacks theres some more guys out there I saw on the on the ferry all right lets just make our way down I think Alistairs yep so good spot good all right lets get Selma round shes got the vines we can get them held in position they flank this part of its regular grenade do some damage yeah yeah just use nothing Im gonna heal him now anything thats thats a given all right ducks could be the hero of the day here so I can I can get them from this distance hundred percent lets give it a try there are a little tiny bit higher level than these guys so we have got a little bit of an advantage Ill be honest ah even though Im still getting killed Im gonna keep him up in Selma is the so was the ground so Im gonna do two things who Selma and what if I was a heel just going to shes now left now open so Im gonna really good chance there it sir thats just some points see me like that yeah our teacher hes not going anywhere now now bomb has been revived mummy youve got normal are you right absolutely I thought von anka now I could knock him over with hot wash have youve only a pending down with whites oh youre absolutely right yeah that gives me an additional action basically so I can just go along here flank him and shoot him probably a bit risky to bring him up here but it feels like hes the last guy here lets do this you can turn a chute because hes not able to run but hes held in spot all right so as usual well mop up after the battle see what kind of stuff is to be found its probably quite a lot of stuff something interesting behind that locked gate Im pretty sure but Ill let you guys figure out how to get in there and they want to give away all of the secrets you might be able to find a key somewhere around the map yeah lets go up there they always put a lot of red carpet around these bad guys are nervous all right and then we can go to the house of bones and thats it okay well thanks for playing or watching us play Music all my steam games are lagging Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game combining the turn-based combat of XCOM with story, exploration, stealth, and strategy. Take control of a team of Mutants navigating a post-human Earth. Created by a team including former HITMAN leads and the designer of PAYDAY. steam the band steam on a mac planet steam board game nreal air steam deck v-steam benefits