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Steam football manager 2023how to connect oculus to steam MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN gameplay Very good everyone, people, welcome to the channel, welcome to Bhutan, year zero road, you can start a new series on the channel here, and we do it with this game that doesnt come from the hands of the bird & ladies, a small video game development studio, its theme. It is from turn-based combat to turn-based strategy. In fact, it is very similar to Alex Com as far as combat is concerned, but it adds an additional exploration mechanic so that our characters will be able to move freely around the map to be able to explore power. position where you want to be able to pick up objects from the ground, which is quite interesting since we do not stick only to the movement of cells that the ex com saga has, my intention with this devious mutant was to have brought it to the channel when the tlc had officially come out What was planned for this game, however, two things have happened that have made me change my mind to start the df and it will come out go on June 30 and it has been delayed for a month, it will officially come out on July 30 at the end, but that is not what has really changed my mind, but rather the other thing, and that is that the developers have said that the content of the dlc is going to be for him in game, in fact they have recommended themselves to play the base game first so as not to get spoilers regarding playing the one with the f, that is, the base game first and when you have completed which one with the effect I understand that that way of saying it is that The one with the f will be a kind of continuation of the main story and then for that, of course, obviously you have to have missed a little first, I thought or had the hope that the one with the f was going to introduce things into the base game as the dlc of the former does with jazz adding enemy characters, plots, new weapons and things like that, but it doesnt seem that totally for him in the game, so well, lets make the case because they know more about the game than everyone else we are developing the end out and we are going to play so first this game will be if when July 30 arrives I see that I am liking the game and I see that the tlc content is interesting then I will buy it and add its gameplay to This gameplay of the base game that I am doing is okay, but that has already been rolled up sleeveless and black and the rest we are going to give this boot a shot in third grade. I just wanted to explain a little about this legal issue because more than anything because I have already commented on it a 4 video that I wanted to bring this game with tlc when it came out okay okay lets start a new game we can say normal difficulty difficult or extreme okay you are an experienced player in strategy games well I dont know if you consider me experienced by this game some others the enemies inflict much more damage the marauders do not regenerate health after combat or eye with this the recharge of abilities would not be and if after combat bar and d hard what a difference as the hard has some experience in games and organisms free gen more damage but not much more damage the marauders regenerate 50 percent their health this may be ok actually a pretty good lead has been created over the hard to extreme and the profitability is the same ok I dont know I m going to start in extremes to see if things go well to see if I hope Im not wrong and we also have the option of putting the iron stud if its worth the ironman as it says here its strong permanent it cant be saved manually and auto saved after each turn to the musician combat I am not going to put the iron mutant because since they close a series for youtube I would not like it to start playing I dont know when it would lead to 345 chapters they would kill me stupidly as you have one stupidity or something and having to start all over again okay I prefer to start the series from the beginning and try to complete the game already had to be loaded whatever but I dont want to, it doesnt seem a bit ugly to do that for a series for YouTube, okay, Samur, when I was there when I was on my own, I dont know if I would put it up either, because also the theme of permanent death, something that I dont like very much either, so well, I think Already with extreme we have enough difficulty to make our first game to this depends hole assigned what I said people lets start game Music we go there somewhere to the east of the ark i pixel white as light ok says we have to pick up scrap ok with him mouse turning the mouse we move the camera this movement seems a bit strange and we move with ws of ok breaking the keys a little ok more side of characters click click on aragón central internal and you put the axis separate aesthetics separate that ok that stays the pig stays still it is not regular it turns with me ok perfect ok he is looking at the controls a bit like that with the truth per hundred on the 02 of keep to see an overview of what is okay okay it will be our objective I understand its not okay we have to go to cibeles that there are no maps in this game that is, its something like that basically not the established music and maps ah okay but its a map this map we are here I dont understand and we have to get here but it is not a map of the area but the only thing we have is that compass that is up there it doesnt seem to be unless later some forms enabled their maps and those little dots that are there I understand that it tells me when we have to go right that Im up wenger just looking for the center because I understand that this will be our destination just to go there percent I like the graphics a lot the game looks very nice we remember that what the duty of law said is a fairly small development studio quite indie and __ us in the water for example about very cool to look at the footprints of the pact on the water and apart from the people this me It seems quite interesting and this is also what I am saying about this movement, what I was saying before the free movement, that this, for example, if it were ex com, we have to be moving one by one real squares plan and in this way, well, it was also more functionalities or exploration of the terrain of the one that has its own ex with a thousand works that I dont know seems interesting to me I have to get used to moving the mouse a bit with the camera I dont know if I just liked it a lot and since they speak themselves surely when they speak I will do as in the dark edwin and I will remain silent Paraguay this is hiding so that they themselves speak and apart from not having subtitles below you can also read it its okay so that my voice does not spoil a bit the voice of the games of the people who have made the game I can hide hide a fight in principle I dont have to hide from me we are going to follow a junk that is not us and installing there is a note and sure they are following going and I dont understand that we are the ones who have smelled us they have seen us okay we will go to one this will be our best combat I understand it will be the tutorial for the combat see how it works careful careful careful careful that in the detection aura I understand okay okay know we really get a stealth mode ambush tactical combat the combats are turn-based here we enter the part that I say to the ex-convent fixed dark the water the brightness of the water I love it is sincerely the graphics I really like the comets are turn-based face to face each prowler gets two points Turn-based action is worth some actions such as shooting, throwing grenades or running will make your turn end as soon as they are done by ssa consumed actions per action okay, Ill keep going pro rotate the camera okay now arval of the camera it shows with the q here okay well lets see how we do it to the other look look at what the percentage of impact tells us we have quality and impact 70% I dont eat as can cello with the right button with the right cancellation okay I would like to do one hundred percent what happens clearly I dont know what damage my weapon does to ball down I have a crossbow equipped that does four critical damage five and the X that does changes weapons now I also have another scope of the year 444 and critical 7 at a time makes you silent I understand that if it is silent in I can charge this one without the other leaving me or something like that and ricard I am going to put seven here here 100% I understand that this is an action only movement of the word that I have been seen Music okay now Im 75 I dont have one hundred percent because he has seen me then we tried 85 since the physics are very cool and the other one who annoys me is great the other does not listen to me to see an irregular moment he has been mailed the pig has no weapons on a Thursday the pigs weapons inventory cannon of expression 5 and 8 of cryptic and 4 and 7 but they cannot do anything silent and this is in grenada moloto v a bottle of extremely powerful grow contains a toxic substance than usual with a rag the upper part if it turns it on and scales that it is not a great flare that remains in the affected area it is a chronicler seventh damage one is worth well I understand that these things have not yet have I wont have anything no no weapons I have more I dont have a hand either its okay and the duck is okay the duck then it has a more silent it seems there this that is a smoke grenade blocks the line of sight put out the fire say okay yes we have to put out the fire and what has come missionary this will be defensive I understand okay well for now we only have the crossbow so she almost was hospitalized with the duck not if I can get her not to see me this is loot what they have left scrap team team 2 if I put myself here on the edge quoted from the ambush could shoot coverage the low coverage of a defensive organization of 25% while the total coverage this I already say is also Very similar to the former background of a man, a defensive bonus of 75%, that is to say, it is an additional 50%, it is a different thing in the export, I do not know if I really have such a difference between medium and high, if flanking a position in cover his defensive bonus will be canceled variably if the clan that flanked him equal to 75 percent of impact because he is getting us used to the escape md to the right button ok if I get closer I understand that a year in addition true I have not seen also if a little even more close even if she sees me have 100% or I dont have 100% perfect is what shes looking for ok so theres more pulse to regroup from here grid 53 or weapon mod found for her 50 plus 1 additional critical year plus 50 percent of chance to burn hostile enemies damage module a torch of the ancients that when attached to any weapon gives it a chance to fire fiery projectiles ideal against carn friends e and bone chronicler elvis improve your weapons in the delta workshop ok I understand that then I cant do it now it means delta sales Ill have to look for the delta that bone ok nothing first combat overcome and this is to investigate m also took a look here for If there was something around the sight here, something in fact is okay, we have to investigate the terrain a bit, its through those directions to see, to look for the little things that come from the stands, were going to see the right, were going to continue here, it will be better with the flashlight seems the same a little from another pile of junk and I try it but no internal ones illuminate better we have to continue around look a little so that I dont know if it leaves me behind I have gone too far to the edge many I hug you of stone I dont remember like that Of course, if past the break there is flavio net like this to the enemies and in this area he did not see anything, right, we saw it, we looked at it before, around here, remember us before the fight, its worth nothing, we can enter through ci erto because I am a yard too much because the truth is liking aesthetically it seems quite interesting and I also like the second detail the excellent condition we will talk about stealth red caravels the enemies with a red skull is too high a level for your team and a kill ostia pity they have already put a guy here and super strong over avoid the boils with red skulls and explore the area to find confrontations at the height of your team press ok to deactivate demanded in fact look I just saw something that has not seen look closely at the cost with this month you can see it but because of the interest it is much more with all this there are for six well nothing lets go surely I will be leaving things or I will leave things later down the road because okay I want to see what level these people have I can see it and at level 55 that it is telling me and I am level 1 above they have left I understand that it is surely the level what a bad vibes it is worth I understand that this is that to explain about this to explain how to evade combat of course it is not protecting hosts and if it has a lot of life a broken gun but winning swear it has been pieces of weapons that it is protecting there is something behind it looks like a trunk or a chest not interesting the level is okay ok now lets go through those people we have to continue here no yes in fact here is the end of the kill at the end ok the metal bird we have to remember the metal bird because we have left level 55 and a chest that we will talk about later no I dont know if they will leave there, maybe it will be the enemies, we are going to continue looking, king, this eastern band returns to the ark, I have to go to the ark, basically where it is large, where it looks that there is something, since the lion duck is standing with its wings Around here I always like to go on the side that you really shouldnt go to investigate a bit in case there is something we have come to see around here it seems that it is closed it is a straight and straight road We are a little bit understand the tutorial there is no longer a little cabin there we cant go there right we cant go through here no I dont know if there will be a way to get there here a camp I dont know if it enters from the right before but Im going to check it the camp ah 3 are born here someone has lived here has died says I understand that this is this game that takes place as in a few years it is not supposed to because spend weapon parts to improve your weapons in repair tasks back in the ark ok we have that songs to the ark to do little things was it was the same place of what the delta workshop told me regarding the weapon improvement that we have been saying that this takes place in the future it is assumed that something has happened and humanity well that has died it has mutated that first aid kit look healing use at any time a first aid kit from the inventory to heal your number of dollars it is worth healing health or healing out of combat it is always through all It gives interesting health I am taking into account when we are at the extreme and that we do not heal after each fight as I said this detail of healing ourselves outside of combat may be interesting I understand that within combat we will not heal completely because they would not have told us that is worth it seems to be restrained that we have to except because we cant go and hes going to say that we have to go this way thats why here on the wrong path then the only way at the moment is this okay here it seems that I could see something but not in the box its you have to see to see it reflected the path in cannes well stop nicki billie the vision of light for internal and famous stealth if you move stealthily have them much sooner you will be able to recognize enemy positions and kill isolated weak enemies with your silent weapons avalen o antón han explained how to dodge enemies and now they explain how to do the theme of killing with stealth silent weapon that I dont have the crossbow can i Tilt the scales to your form a combat to reduce the amount of all the enemy of course very logical by the way how to save the game like this the game is okay Im going to save I dont have to put nominal great its okay just in case its worth to be careful and machine to avoid having to repeat what we have done well, it is worth it in a big way but we are far away we can raise the integral at least here lets check here it is something in principle I am not going to turn off the tasty mutants they do not want to eat they are cannibals young and noise to __ scared I said hey hey development thought to listen to me but if I am in if I want they are seeing me I understand that for that reason they should be able to see me I can skirt them around here you can try maybe maybe loading the other one there is another one there okay everyone is alone and this group that seems to be Just true, lets see, I m going to look around here a little more, maybe thats what they mean, what they meant by, of course, that they kill isolated enemies p Or, by the way, look around here, since Im on something else, theres something there at the bottom, if Im going to take it, well, there has to be something of our own, then were going to try, then, look first if its really isolated, thats also something, a little flower, okay, lets zoom in a little while with light I really like the mechanics of stealth lets see if he understood it correctly that license was a butcher he was alone I do nt remember anymore I havent fixed the name I think yes he is there lets see lets see lets see look around here well ambush I want a 100% alerted new unit says lets see but if the alert and I have an antenna forever careful that there I get a line you see that I get a line is increasing the other do not have to get so close then here it will be enough lets see lets talk little things 100% silent soul uruguay they havent listened great hey I really like your level level up when you team of deserving ones level up each mutant earns points divulges Very interesting cation use occupation points to unlock combat mutations or improve attributes like health or movement range did not like the project press does to see the mutation menu ok lets do it mutations can be serious mild or passive you can only choose a decade in your team common serious light or passive only worth I can only have a light one serious and a passive but for the whole team or for whatever per character it does not make sense that there is 4 a serious one if you cannot have the other i dont know how to use it to continue ok the attribute bonuses are permanent and apply regardless of your gear oh ok you havent read computation and which attribute as far as this is concerned you can change your food gear anytime outside of combat ok dax un point available to me mild mutation puts it on the top right mild mutation severe mutation mild mutation passive mutation can I have a decade, right, okay, the simple ones have symbols, this is square, there is a kind of hexagon, the serious one, the mild one, and the circular one in the pass, its perfect to identify them, well, 30 a decade ago, lets see, I could buy this, always critical priority, I also use it 90% of precision the first increased crit will make it as easy to pop enemy heads as popping the grains of morning sauce from the pigs vein, right? percent penalizing the shot no if I like it a lot and I entered with the non-organic micro safe for two turns also without knee the problems are over you are able to destroy the sign an enemy with a single shot forgetting that it moves for two turns it only affects on organic friends or we can increase the permanent area solution at a point look, its not bad either, its worth this, its worth a lot time that allows you to fly seriously can fly like a duck in a capacity that creates wings on your back the car allows you to move vertically and stay in the air this gives a tactical advantage they will have friends who are on the ground allows you to reach positions high ones that are normally also accessible very interesting okay Im going to put these skull crackers worth one point basically I dont know Ill have to buy both to unlock in the police room at least lets see if its lost it seems that dax duck has hurt for type of ducks semar acz I think so I will have to unlock the ornament because it is here like this a book I dont know if you want to wear it and I slept in the cdt we have a run and shoot I like this a lot the same as he exposes novelty allow me to choose one action after running or indeed I will use it second action point your body can resort to a salvo of strength that allows you to perform a subsequent action or is useful to reach enemies far from the team it should not be activated before spending the two action points because I like these I dont know if saving points for this is worth only two neither too many jokers to the real pay attention to me during a turn its okay this is for so for bases issues maybe well not the tank a little and this will also increase the salt by 1% that the duck had things saying no if they are different for health or aim environment the movement health movement and health and this health health only which is indeed the tank for ants, you put on the tank but I like to run and shoot I dont know if Im going to wait so I havent spent it yet true ok ok ok interesting also the issue of mutations we are in a row and true if we continue to upload here a chest ostias they say a lot of life I will continue life gabriel by team it is a weapon k organ a weapon fell a bottle and a frying pan we can but they all lie arman I understand that only brother leaky oil damage political damage 7 percent crit chance ammo range ok can destroy cover push back is less this gas cannon so named because of the type of damage it tends to deal critical and huge shots Lack of subtlety starts it with power it can rival most of the elite chronicler friends ok lets take an object lets see lets see lets see inventory moment here its worth 6 damage obviously a year ago the pig when he was 5 ok he can do one thing to him I can put the fat weapon this 6 of damage and I put secondary to this is for example Music we already have range actually it is but I understand that if I am going to get into melee almost what so I prefer to do more damage I have here to donate more kilos to the silent one and with born and I have a weapon with more damage basically okay I see it well lets see lets save game again about writing perfect, well carry a game and were going to try to worry about my mind with me but not about the ones that are going to be heard damn valentino okay how many there are gracefully devised true there are two will be separated moment moment the weapon was may finally that the posts were damaged truth I know what damage ok I could kill them even if they are not stealth I mean if I do it with the dax he shot the link cursor and according to the hunter if I give it in fact to separate the strip take to separate it can be done perfect is what I wanted that house than the table for me and now with the duck and I think I couldnt try it not if he killed this one with the crossbow I played the wet one directly well see my idea is to kill this one with the crossbow with the duck 100% Im going to Put it here and I hope its good I dont know if youll give me and if you try one before the other, no, well, lets put it, I just recorded it, it doesnt stop. In principle, Im finishing with one hundred percent, valech, stealthy, but of course, I understand that the sight because it is next to it is logical it is not the range of vision that has been pressed to change the target enemy by ear it cannot act for me it does not see like this active this unit enters into combat ignoring it will allow you to keep the hidden the same location to kill the units hidden can be detected by him in combat if he gets too close we are not going to activate it activate but tell me I have skeleton turns we have a great scanner 100 I think it is I think the idea works actually mount here more at point blank still this is going to make noise but it should kill great boombox of that of a box of candles level scales of level 3 Im going to take the patio to worry booty now Ill put the levels a box artifact found boombox a radio a strange talking box that is with one I know like a snake defending itself sometimes depends on where it is located it speaks to you with whistling beeps and even with soft voices a very useful space is included in the part front to store chronic things their respective led this is a radio of course but I understand that the duck does not know how it works in this a radio was declared as from the past I understand for this do not complain it has a very useful thing in the front to store things but what is the part of the cassette ok they have given us use an artifact point to buy improvements in the coffers plus one this is true a cool one from hispania box Music its worth more little things than around here today combat is art I cant take the noaa in serious about something but of course lace together the frying pan I want to take with me man I m going to eat that I have a point with dax of course true but we are not even bruno we went up to the teacher no point and now we have gone up again they give us two points I am going to use the mail to shoot If you buy it, go down to recharge two fingers here, the cylinder with the right hand. Well, well see it there, come on now. and Im going to put a point of life this, although they dont jump, its worth one point, it can only come in handy here come mutations young man it seems that it hurts in the mutation its worth nothing no one we have to continue towards here today I really liked how it has developed I do nt know how they suppose this combat to have been left a weapon of the same year, six pieces, it is worth stepping wrong or from the top to the right. What the ammunition does to you at the beginning is a piece of a weapon. Wanting to, I say that I have a 6 damage weapon to be able to kill those people, not in stealth because it hasnt been stealth but almost because we havent reacted to them, its fine and I think this map is going to end, it does nt look like it anymore that there is much more around here you will be able to see that it lights up the camera if it ends here mom sweldens right as when nauzet leave when the former nobel laureate death nuclear humanity in lists hot and you want me from javito no free space go online friday the ark we dont have to go as the city can be now the ship the high expose of those who cant get out of another and its that not all the good or dead or not of the city were women and health from industrial the revelations of the white kers arc export the young people for derisory prices although nothing is done valverde 15 they are like a king that is to say that this same sense will be made they are human and the life works on sunday foundation efe ready weight to gods Music very The kinematics is so cool, its already been good to me that its not your game project but they put it up when youve already done it. I understand the tutorial. I dont know if there will still be something else that they have to explain to me, but it got into the game a bit and now they tell you what the issue is about the team that aspired to go without knowing anything is that at level 25 we are in an area and not 25 hours no it is not the one below I understand no I do not think it is level 25 it is long one day what ask to know ok well people Im going to do something after this cinematic I think its a great time to leave the first chapter here we have seen a bit of the introduction I have seen the tutorial they have told us a bit of history and I dont know about me of course at the moment I Im loving the time that I want to continue advancing but I ll do it already in the next chapter that will surely skip it next I think because also in these next few days I dont know if I can record so maybe Ill record two or three in a row now but I tell myself It seems quite interesting I dont know what you think about you there are the comments what you think of this game if youve played it already yes yes its really worth it or not if you also plan to buy the right when it comes out well look tearing my ear off for me Im telling At the moment Im liking it a lot and what always they among thank you very much for being here with me I hope you liked this video and I hope to see you in future episodes of this mutant 0 road to event see you later people steam deck games price Ha llegado el fin del mundo... o eso parece.Encarnamos a una serie de animales mutados en este juego de acción por turnos al más puro estilo XCOM con toques de exploración. 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