Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden - Part 4 PC Gameplay

Can i transfer ubisoft games to steamempyrion steam workshop MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN gameplay welcome back guys for another episode of mutant so last episode we cleared out the spot right here now were trying to go to the ship I think it was the ship and I think theres no one here cool lets loop we might have to go back to Molotov tell you you might have to go back to to the ark before we push through but maybe just maybe you got a note here and Allah yes can you could guess could posit if you want to read it basically a good way out lets go lets keep going good thing well Im pretty sure I dont want to test the theory but Im pretty sure if you fall from a really high place I dont know if its gonna damage my character if were not fighting is it damaged it where am I going I see Hammond told me he wanted across the big body of water to get to a place sounds already like a bad places go lets see whats inside please be good give you something good for Atilla tea crown okay well take it were not gonna use it I think were gonna see this one is weapon range from high ground and then immune to critical hits okay stop Anton lets eat here crap what else gonna be fine here I keep looking for dead duck bodies but I never see one it are we the only mutants in the zone youre right there are no mutants in the zone Ive been checking bodies ever since you mentioned it ambition quick lets go splitter I did that huh sure I am area Grogg that was amazing lets split up Oh get your asses over here theyre all popping up everywhere I almost seen had like an infected mushroom I think hes leading the ghouls wait a minute thats the guy who attacked me in Hammond I think Hammond recognized him but that was the last thing I remember where does this go some smuggest thick in this area and has yet to clear and theyre real and secrets where to look if you want death or glory hes one of the Nova sect what theres no tire I heard stories about them bogeyman with big heads didnt think they were real but hes really enough to take a bullet though okay yes people were packing for a trip guess they didnt make it making my head spin oh the same voices when me and havent got ambushed okay see okay Im not seeing him anymore cool you thank you hopefully hes hit hell yeah all right Nick hit oh dang its critical this whoa brick me okay I just saw some no are you serious right now damn overwise you watch see where I can bite you youre gonna get it easily I dont know I put you here hopefully hit nope yes I dont know why Im crying were all gonna have to come here and do some overwatch overwatch yes miss fire heart donut and that should be it there we go hell yeah haha yeah nailed it lets split up hey over here yeah hand grenades right here aint you die okay in here alright ima do a quick save real quick guys dont worry its just a ball an incredible piece of junk look at each ones right Im gonna try and fight those things well probably I might have to fight them from here Music thats I dont know if you can reach nope cant see him Music hmm lets see lets put duck right here lets see if we cant see him nope nope lets go back to the arc real quick lets go back to the arc were gonna go back to the seat silence after this but were gonna update some stuff and hopefully that will help us in this fight ghouls are one thing but the novus sector on a whole other level theres some strange cult that promises the ghouls eternal whatever as long as they work as their slaves they say they hear the voices of the ancients yeah well maybe they do years of breathing that zone air gave the nova sect telepathic powers at least thats what I heard ok which one should I upgrade which one oh my oh so we can okay see ya let me let me change some weapons for ok because duck is already using a silent one might as well give him our rifle as a second then for Borman yeah Im gonna use the game welcome to the fix pit my name is Delta can we take off upgrades on some of the guns yeah Music because I want to put that too here and were gonna put scope on that thing were gonna replace oh crap okay range or hit chance I never mind Ill put it here well what is this two additional critical damage and a chance to knock back enemies I let me actually give it to so cool okay which one should be upright I say the gaper okay pricks cuz we got some artifacts that we can actually sell okay were gonna put were gonna do this yeah okay thats she have anything good way north of here I mean way north there is a place that was once the grub Hall of the ancients ancients came from far and wide to eat their special God grub at this place grub gave them their powers want to know what they call this place pizzeria a pizzeria is disables for body enemies Music okay thats good lets go back that should be good now hopefully we can actually kill them were gonna set up on a good vantage point though were gonna go in the top it feels like we got more advantage if we set up on top I like this RPG style of the game actually we can just roam around Music or we can set up here on this side now the best spot is actually on the top gather on the ship my children your destiny awaits you believe we believe them hear my voice within your heads the ark calls you ghouls but you are beautiful you are children of the Ancients smite the unbelievers destroy the ark Music Music were gonna ambush bad exit you saved it real quick I know I know Im trying to be safe all right I dont wanna pass Music I dont think oh it hit hit bees hit Im going alone yeah yeah that was awesome set up shop here youre gonna be wait can we ambush him yes yes yeah well try an ambush actually that dude and then after that were just gonna keep attacking Music can brother bought in just move please mine oh hes back that was quick its actually loot around while waiting for him to know Oh oh that was close oh no got caught by that butcher Hey lets see what we can do here Ryder bot cant Laden is looking here start moving we win please maybe I might I might not be able to avoid that actually maybe I just have to like actually fight them Id save it I know Im a compulsive say I save a lot all right mostly for games like this you wanted to Im one of those people who just keeps saving here and there even they even though its like either go ambush me now hes hit hes hit up to one understand thats about to say missus I was like this is annoying if it actually missed all right were gonna ambush him this one we cant do like silent killing were gonna have to like just barrage and would like were gonna have to garage and would different stay back yeah stay back there Dougs gonna set up camp right here and come on move Selma a little camp right here oh come on move Im like Im literally waiting for this guy to move it has armor thats gonna be annoying can we this mr. need this were out okay will destroy covers not armors damn give you some okay do both good guns okay come on fire button Luba this is a literally just a waiting game right now Im trying to do like a perfect chance of just ambushed him its so so weird that he didnt like your buddy is just laying down next to you and you didnt get suspicious about that this game actually is making me want to play XCOM again I played it before I have played it before okay now were just waiting for him to come back fix pot hits it hits hell yeah okay listen too much so were just gonna were gonna bog him down can we stun him wait cant do anything yeah no they heard me hes hit hell yeah knock back my children tear these Devils apart your bye stalker oh that is a lot fire hell yeah hell yeah just keep keep it at him oh its a critical hell yeah there we go your dad come on closer theres like perfect spot to shoot fire oh you load that one as well boy go here nice oh shoot yeah yeah here name is special its not gonna come were gonna just gonna shoot it missed what the okay I guess were just gonna yeah yeah let me ask you something out of all the dead bodies youve seen in the zone any of them ever look like us like you know and Ive been looking no skulls like mine no skulls like bormans I dont think Ive seen any with little horns on their head thats kind of weird right Borman kind of makes you want to talk about it right there are no Newtons outside the ark except us the elder told us a bunch of times no matter how deep into the zone Hammond traveled he never saw a trace of us with mutants guess we should feel special or something some okay youre tough enough to resist the rock and smart enough to keep the ghouls at bay youre pretty special now everybody shut the  __  up okay Borman calm down I should get Mormon okay he already has it mmm well take this table do a running gun lets get some stuff oh crap control key ooh so Im sorry if you just heard that that kind of didnt burp all right scatter more some scraps you know a lot of scraps actually in flares I almost missed that one also we actually ride a boat or a ferry this travel besa gave the crash site what crash site I think this is the house of bones yeah yep I think thats what you were saying back there sis where were going where was having going the house of bones were almost there and why pray tell do they call it the house of bones its a big house full of dead people Oh fantastic woman dont lie to me you do not want to be doing this right now what I want what I need her two different things we need to find Hammond so shut up and get your head in the game yeah get your head in the game and I reminds me of music video I cant remember oh hey some scrap right there lets see what else theres no red plague warning they shot on sight Wow thats gonna get here you know actually before I go further in this game actually and this episode back to my my leave you guys in a cliffhanger yeah thats what Im trying to do not trying but thats what Im gonna do all right Im gonna leave it here so that uh and then the next episode where youre just gonna go to the house of bones but were close but I think its see it from here well yeah so this is gonna be the important this episode guys subscribe like share stay safe out there keep washing your hands and Ill see you guys in the next episode peace steam cyberpunk game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden its set in a post apocalyptic game that has kinda like XCOM with some RPG gameplay mixed in. 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