Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Part 3 Full Release Gameplay

Steam change game resolutiona game of thrones genesis steam MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN gameplay hi Aaron and welcome back to some more dogs come so I cleared in the zone adjust the left picked up some scrub that was still left I went back to the arc I bought dome and kids and I upgraded Selmas silent pistol and I also bought hog rush for Boorman so now he can incapacitate an enemy for one turn that will be quite useful and we are back at the high road we need to go west now and through the tunnel so lets go then shall we once we level up one more time well be able to get running a gun for its Selma and Ill probably pick that up she only needs one more point right now alright then so lets move on shall we we need to go in the other direction now and there should be a ladder just fro here and there will be a fight on the high ground I remember that one because Ive done that in the preview demo so well go up and there will be a fight up here a pretty nasty one actually there was a shaman there was a hunter on the high ground yeah theres the shaman so if only we could kill him but he has 16 health we can definitely kill the butcher or at least that should be pretty easy words Bar mean come on bar mean lazy bastard lets wait for that the poacher to come back shall we and well take him out first we should be able to take him out pretty easily I dont think that will be a problem yeah hes coming let him come a little bit closer okay now we can do it yeah we can take him out and no problem lets make sure everyone will have 100 yeah everyone will have 100 just need to switch the weapon to the actual silent weapon obviously might as well move into cover not that it matters because nobody will see us but just in case unfortunately does the easiest target around here the rest might be a little bit harder to deal with well have to get the shaman anyway hes down lets pick up the load and lets check whats that on the left side or rather on the right side whats this theres the Med board Oh armoire nice I will take that for sure I think Ill actually give that to barman instead of his Korean are more and then give his current armor to Selma sounds good hes our tank basically so there it is now I would love to kill that med boat but I dont think we can only do it reliably we definitely cannot I cant do 16 damage especially for all our more so I think we will take care of this shaman but well just have to begin the engagement because I dont think I can kill the shaman without alerting anyone else well maybe I can there might be a way Im just not sure how reliable is going to be it might not be super reliable but I do have an idea so one thing we could though is knock him out problem is we will be spotted I think see its not entirely clear which enemies exactly will spot you if I charge here well I get spotted or not because that will knock him out but Im not entirely clear on whether well get spotted or not well lets give it a shot here okay we did not get spotted order done by the shaman obviously so hopefully well be able to take out this shaman without alerting anyone else does the idea okay Borman is already here so lets move closer does some damage hes incapacitated for one turn and then Salma and well have enough damage on the next turn that should work I dont see why it wouldnt yeah it works just fine lets finish the job we let the barman take that shot because he has more ammunition in his silent weapon and move away slightly in that world oh and one more shot nice I wonder if we could do that with the med bot that would be amazing well we can try lets be careful here no lot okay lets go and see if we can do that with the med bot Oh hold on I think we can do it with the other hunter we just need to sneak up on him from the left while the other hunter is on the other side yeah I think we can do it actually it looks doable theres the med bot lets take out the hunter I think it will be fine it looks like it will be fine oh actually now I need more kills to unlock hog rush so I think the best we can do is attack the med board because the med boat is the most dangerous enemy we have to take out the Med bot otherwise he might resurrect the shaman and that would be a disaster we cant let that happen lets go get the medibot then shall we the unfortunate part is his armor we will definitely need more than one turn to take it out but oh well thing is we can wrote the Med body so thats probably what well do I dont think we can attack it safely there is no way no I mean if I dont kill it it will alert other enemies it doesnt matter what kind of weapons I use but we need to prevent it from running away which is what the road is for so honestly I think we might as well yours are loud weapons because it wont really make a difference well it will make a difference actually sort of yeah it will make a difference so hold on lets move in and shoot it with a crossbow yeah a little damage because of his armor that part really sucks not yet then we lose the needle pistol I need 100 but I dont want to alert the hunter this should be far enough so shoot it again and then we can wrote it thats the general idea again I dont understand too close but my options for a cover are kind of limited I can either stand here or here of the range on this okay the range is good we dont have to worry about that lets move into cover Selma has the best range out of anyone here so now we will wrote them at both so now he will alert other enemies which is fine I guess I mean that was going to happen regardless for damage okay and now we have to kill the medibot I am not entirely convinced that we can do it on this turn maybe maybe not I guess well find out I cant just leave it there I have to kill it we can use nice shot actually but it has minus 25% it will disable its movement for two terms lets try nice one okay so now it will be disabled for two turns that did work right I saw no indication but okay back to our primary weapon we need the damage I can almost kill it we need four more damage through armor that armor is really annoying but it is what it is lets take a shot from back here even if we miss thats not the end of the world we wont kill it anyway and I need my cover here so its at one health bicycling oh it is moving what okay I guess that what you did actually work well its time to use running gun how do we do that though well I dont know Ill just have to run here that is kind of annoying actually its not one health thats all we need one damage but the Boorman is the only parts on whether on any gun we can get up to fifty percent thats it thats the best I can do well I cant get 75 I will need a med kit after this but thats kind of unavoidable probably alright lets just do it you better not miss thats an order here Ill try to break line of fire as much as possible so now they will have to move quite a lot if they want to hit us there we go we got it so thats dealt with now we could use a road we dont have a flare thats not very useful we get a smoke grenade thats not super useful I mean I could throw it maybe we should heres the problem I want to stay where I am right now but at the same time if I stay here I will get flanked it might be better to back up I think it will be better to back up actually but why if I go here the hunter will be able to flank me but then she will be able to Frank Borman regardless if only I could move one tile further then I could take a shot I could also stand over here and take a shot at the hunter I could go to the higher ground thats an option but same problem as before I will get flanked I think its best if we take a shot at this guy as the alternative I could overwatch I dont think that will prevent them from moving but I could do it while also staying in full cover might be the best option and we could maybe sprint with Salma like over here thats what Im thinking all right lets do it like that then well sprint over there and then overwatch might as well reload first okay reload and overwatch lets see whats going to happen now hes moving and we missed of course we did now hes on overwatch himself thats great three damage so now I have to move then we hit him from the high ground or something we can move salmet on the high ground this will probably trigger overwatch will be just one tile inside of his range it might not trigger it its not entirely clear depends on oh okay he will take a shot but he will miss so now we can shoot the guy down here with our other weapon our other weapon has slightly higher chance to create oh yeah but it has lower range nevermind we got 100 so lets go for it nice one what can bar mean though he should probably heal himself thats what Im thinking yeah we can move and then hell I guess so all right lets move first because we definitely need to do that and then heal ourselves sounds good to me we need that hill that much is obvious as for dogs he needs to move that much its also obvious and Im thinking he should probably heal himself well I mean Im really tempted to shoot that hunter because we got 100% chance to hit him he will move into cover on his next turn this is our best chance to hit him right now there we go he also ignited him that will be quite nice but not for him okay free damage we dont have some cover but its only partial cover on the high ground she might get incapacitated yep well I mean we still got med kits lets see we need to take out at least one hunter right now and I guess Ill have to use that Medicaid I can take him out well sort of possibly I think its best if we stay where we are and to just take a shot from here its 25 there we go so he should die from the fire damage and we can help out Salma while moving in to cover ourselves yeah ductile is already taken so I cant end my turn on that style thats the problem but I have to help her I cant just leave her there okay this is a bit awkward I dont have to do it on this turn but I dont really have any better moves I cant add my turn here because thats where shes I dont have hog rush and I dont have run in the garden I got a Molotov which is not really useful right now I mean I dont like it but I need to help her out we dont have to armor and six hell get up just okay so now 25% Ill have to flunk the hunter I can move up but then he will be able to just flag me straight up it might be best if we stay where we are and Heels hide thatll make us 25% harder to hit all right lets do that then so the other guy will probably target the bar mean yes he will oh why did this guy want to actually die I thought hell take four damage from the fire but thats four turns of one damage per turn okay well he will die on his next turn so we can ignore him now but I still have to kill the other one and this is full cover yeah this is full cover basically which might be a problem I will have to take a risk of some sort I dont really have a lot of options I need to flank him thats what I need to know but easier said than done I can almost reach that rock over there alright well we need to flank him so lets just move that will doe and salma maybe all the way back here or over here lets just play it safe or at least about us safe as we can afford to play that guy will die and we got one hunter left so now yeah he sprinted to flank us but now we can flank him this will not actually kill him it might wait no it will kill him seven damage from the gaper wait no it wont now it wont I was looking at his level again well okay that might be a bit of a problem I cant incapacitate him unfortunately I might as well just shot him in the face at this point I dont really have any other option well I dont have other option I can use tree hugger because I cant kill him right now anyway at least we can prevent him from moving so theres done okay till damage now he will die that wasnt the best engagement ever but its done here now he will definitely die no doubt about that bye bye done okay yeah that could have went way better than it did but fortunately were done lets go grab the Lord shall we we got the med kit we certainly need one we still got three medicaids and we can pick up a running gun now for selma definitely we can also pick up moth wings for Dougs honestly Im not entirely convinced about how useful this is because its not nearly as good as it sounds however we need it to unlock other abilities anyways so we have to pick that up sooner or later regardless just one point so I wont be doing anything with that alright lets see if theres anything else around here and then well move on I have to say early disliked some of these enemies like the shaman and that stupid medibot it wouldnt be nearly as annoying if it didnt have to are more more weapon parts nice one wait what oh okay we already done with that there might have been more load I think we should go back and make sure yeah lets make sure we didnt leave any load behind the next fight is going to be pretty tough we should be able to kill some enemies silently but there is definitely going to be a group that we will not be able to do that with anyway lets make sure we didnt leave anything behind but other than that we are done with this zone I dont think I left anything behind but I just want to make sure thats nothing and just hide what about in the corner over here I dont think I shagged that no I didnt there we go a little bit of scrub not an amazing amount but hey its four more than we had previously and heres even more eight scrub words eat we got 28 we need 44 for one med kid hopefully free med kids will be enough now were done I dont think theres any fingers all right so lets move on to the next zone that one will be interesting and after the next zone we got actual new content Im looking forward to that oh wait now its still one more zone after that loss the tunnel we got a new content after the tunnel right okay well lets move on then please save of fear there are some scrub close to the entrance if I remember right or maybe not each other to be the first one out ancients okay I guess not yeah theres some over there and on the Left I will tell you dont thanks thats nothing just a corpse now there will be some enemies on the right and also on the left I can hear some already heres some blood Medicaid nice we needed that and the more scrap weapon part we need six more weapon parts and then we can upgrade another tier one weapon so tier toe or we can save up sixty but sixty is a little bit much alright so here they are a pyro and a med bot and a hunter yeah no hold on lets not do that just yet there is a weapon into that chest in the middle I remember as much but there were other enemies around here Id like to kill them first there should be a guy here yeah there is vulture we can take him out get over here hey yo there Im talking to you where do you think youre going I dont think so buddy alright well lets take him out then shall we he will go down granted Im actually thinking we should use the bad kids because if we get incapacitated well have to use them anyway except then well be in a worse position right lets kill this guy first goodbye all right one down lets grab his  __  toy upon parts nice we need four more weapon parts more scram now I dont have to kill the group but we saw a moment ago but I wont talk because theres the weapon we can pick up and it was a pretty good one if I remember right I cant say I remember all the details okay heres another vulture we wanna take him out for sure so lets just do that right away no reason to wait yeah just thinking about it doesnt matter and one more shot doesnt really matter whos going to finish it done over here the weapon parts okay we need the two more weapon parts its all right like I said I could just move on right now but I dont want to I want to kill the rope okay and now we have enough weapon parts to upgrade technically I could just go back to the arc to upgrade and then come back to engage is there one more enemy whats that red indicator on the mini-map okay thats a bit weird theres some red indicator on the mini-map what is that all about as in not on the mini-map on top of the screen on the compass almost like theres an enemy over there but theres just a wall oh now its gone no its still there what the heck theres no enemy here what are you talking about theres just a wall unless theres some hidden room or something like that Im not even sure if that exists in here or in this game as a whole well it doesnt matter lets go take care of that group shall we and I think Ill use the med kit definitely for Bormann for dogs maybe well I dont know yeah all right lets use it lets use it for all of them that leaves us with one but we are at full health so now that Grob how are we going to deal with that we dont already have enough scrubs for one more Medicaid we have to kill that medibot does the problem what kinds of grenades do we have I dont have a frag grenade unfortunately no I dont I can incapacitate one of them with her brush so I could incapacitate them medibot for example I could actually kill the pyro I think 7 damage last four dots 11 plus 5 16 we can do exactly 16 damage but then the med boat will attempt to resurrect him and I come to kill the medibot that quickly however if I target the met boat right now I wont be able to do anything about that I said I want to kill it we could also use tree hugger so how about we does some damage to the pyro and then immobilize all of them with tree hugger that sounds like a pretty good idea to me that way they will not be able to move and they will still be in exposed positions on their next turn that sounds like the best plan right now so I could even run in a gun thats truly to be necessary but there is not enough cover for everyone I could move a tiny little bit closer yeah we can move closer its fine here okay dad should do that should be enough so we can stand over here we can also stand here but I need 100% on this guy I would have to be so very close to get 100 okay we can get 100 from here its only partial cover but its better than nothing Ill take it lets just move in so obviously that will alert all of them but that was going to happen regardless they are too close to each other to fight them separately take that shot nice we gotta create its only one extra damage but that is useful and we knocked him back which might not be great actually okay so Salman is the one with a Treehugger she can stay back here and use that we definitely dont like no doubt about it we need it question is what is dogs going to though he can stand here and take a shot with it 75 percent he does have moth wings but honestly thats well it is kind of useful it is kind of useful actually we can get 100 percent chance to heat up or only worth it I guess Im surprised it will be 100 okay one lets use it then works for me that looks quite fancy then well take a shot until the pyro obviously and he will go down on the next turn now none of them can move right now and the Ducks should be quite far away he can float that unfortunately but not much I could have done to prevent it I needed Treehugger and the medibot cannot move so now we can take out the pyro I can still try to immobilize the mad bot with annie shot ass or bar mean well he will just have to stay on fire for two things I can still move closer we also have 20% chance to knock out the med pod with one of the weapons with this one 20% chance of EMP I wouldnt exactly count on that happening but I mean it can happen so its probably worth a shot lets go for 25 I want to stay in cover free damage so it didnt happen alright you tried lets make sure well take out the pyro the question is whether you want to try new shot or not I dont want to move into fire and thats the only good cover position I can use we can try to take a 75% shot from the back and then depending on whether it works or not we can make a decision what to do at a bar me instead that sounds reasonable lets do that then it has to be this weapon there it is hes down and he will blow up nice so what do we do with the bar meter probably just should the hands hurt to be honest or start doing damage to the med board I think we should start doing damage to the medibot we have to burn through all that health and thats a lot of health oh great hes out of range now wasnt it showing us 100% just now it was showing 100 when I was hovering over that tile but okay apparently its out of range now Ill target the hunter that boat is going to be pretty annoying to deal with the problem is that he will attempt to resurrect the pyro we can try to knock him back I think that will interrupt the resurrection attempt or at least Im pretty sure thats what it will do yeah but if I want to use the gaper I have to stay where I am and take another shot in the face from the hunter we cant ride Stern again with its Alma its only 20% but it might happen you never know its 100 well lets try youll never know 20% chance it might just work I dont think it did did it its not kneeling anymore but it wasnt actually obvious whether anything happened or not lets keep up the damage them thats the best I can do just keep up the damage so another shot and I think Ill just shut it with Berman I mean even if he gets incapacitated thats fine we can deal with that technically our can reload and turn run-and-gun I can also hog rush the board problem is I have to rush into a fire which Im not overly excited about as you might imagine still it is an option I can do it honestly I dont want to deal with that pyro so Im just going to hogwash the board here yes well get an extra stack of burning damage but whatever its fine Ill just kill myself like right now first lets make sure well kill the boss shall we there is no way Im living it alive I might have need a shot from all of them yeah looks that way Music okay there we go its down now I can actually heal up lets maybe do that before he gets killed that would be unfortunate well move first into a safe position and then use the med kit here you go so that was my last medic it for now I cant get anyone all right lets when you shove the hunter shall we reload we might not even need that weapon right now I dont need to read out here hold on lets reload this one I think that one has slightly better range 75 lets try here we still hit but we will miss a 75% shot eventually honestly Im surprised it didnt happen yet because I totally expected it though yeah he is basically dead now that was a pretty annoying fight but we will get a weapon out of this which means I can always dismantle one of my existing weapons so load and we also got a level up that was worth it though lets grab all the loot and we got a weapon mod nice two additional critical damage and 30% chance to knock back enemies that is actually quite useful so theres the chest what was this again it was a weapon did that gets changed stage switcher range 20 okay no thats still the same weapon right yeah that is still the same weapon smoke grenade is there anything else I think were done here so whos going to use that which weapon isnt upgraded yet scattergun is not upgraded yeah I think Ill give it to Salma then she can use the ancient pistol and that long-range rifle that seems reasonable and lets just remove the weapon mode maybe hold on oh I cant do it here I have to do it back in town right I guess so which is fine well just do it back in town then not a big deal so 20 range does going to be pretty nice only one ammunition but range is nice its basically a sniper rifle thats what it is it doesnt look like one but does the role that it feels okay and mutations we can pick up tweets shot fired two times using only one AP - 25 % accuracy that sounds like a desperation shot Id rather to save up for corpse itll eat organic corpses to restore health thatll save us a lot of man kids so Im saving up for that and maybe pick up oh wait no I thought thats health nevermind then I might pick up some movement for darks disabled mechanical enemy for 110 oh thats nice and ego I lets save the points however thats going to be the end of this episode so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it leave a like if it did or a dislike if you didnt and Ill see you next time bye bye when do steam games unlock Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game, with gameplay combining turn-based combat of XCOM with story, exploration, stealth, and strategy. 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