Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Part 12 Full Release Gameplay

Best vr games steam 2019steam football games free MUTANT YEAR ZERO: ROAD TO EDEN gameplay hi Aaron and welcome back to some more me a 1000 so its time to kill that big-ass robot this could be interesting in before its immune to EMP well I guess well find out we have to kill it I cant go past it so this should be interesting I cant even go into cover well I mean I can but then I wont have the benefit of extra Creed enough to mention it can flank us anyway so I guess were just doing it yeah sure alright lets move a little bit closer at least 75 I could use the wings to get 100 oh no nevermind I cant use the wings all right 25% world oh this should be interesting I carry dont really need EMP did it work I dont think it did well then that could make things interesting all right lets take a few more shots there isnt even any point getting cover I dont think so I caught yours an EMP grenade who has it equipped not Magnus apparently well I mean I guess we can take it out not on this thing obviously but even if it kills someone we can take it out unless it has some kind of a away which I hope it doesnt or maybe it will stomp us to death what is it doing okay its preparing some sort of attack we should maybe move out of the way that sounds like a really good idea right about now I need to be really damn close to get 100% on it but okay its basically going down now so in the end it was less dangerous than it looked bye-bye well it drop out great seriously now well I mean they will be up immediately that was pretty funny 12 weapon parts nice thats what I like to see so is there anything else in here lets take a look nothing obvious at least well I mean Im sure theres something yeah more weapon parts we got 62 weapon parts now and we got that chest give me something good oh great another helm that makes us immune to critical hits I got like three of those now but alright some scrub ok so wheres the entrance to that area we are trying to reach should be somewhere around here more scrub thats 180 scrub we got a lot of scrub so hold on where the heck is the entrance is there nothing back here just a robot ok but I thought the entrance is going to be this way but apparently it is not still we got a lot of weapon parts out of that yeah theres nothing else in here apparently that is a little bit weird huh so how do we reach that area I have no idea lets take a look around there has to be some sort of bug entrance I mean thats kind of the whole point oh nice more weapon parts well its obviously not this way maybe we are not in the right zone I dont know more weapon parts more scrap 188 scrap now well I dont know about this maybe we are in the wrong price but then I have no idea how were supposed to reach that back yard or whatever it is you know the area in the castle of light zone for the quest I thought were supposed to reach it from here but apparently not yeah I dont know I see no possible way to reach that area anymore maybe for the scrapland I dont think so though because Im trying to get the quest done oh wait maybe we can just use the front gate now because we got the king yeah I thought theres a back entrance in that other zone but it sounds like we can just use the front gate alright then lets find out somethings going to work where is he again over here in the front ok Im a little bit lost now where the heck is he yeah this weight on the metal fields way told the heck Im a little bit confused now where the heck is he I have no idea where Im going now we are in the right zone castle of light okay this way I think it looks a little bit different well we got some scrub Ill take that and then make it nice yeah I have no idea where Im going at this point maybe we should just follow the light yeah we were supposed to get in here so can we open the gate now no wait no we can just go in literally okay this is a bit awkward hello dont shoot me please I cant talk with them but they are also not attacking us so I have no clothes going on in here lets go upstairs okay something is happening ah this stalkers returned and returned the key to my sank my machines will once again the hum with energy and the lights will shine so bright they will be seen by the ancients in space I guess that means we know nice guy thats our reward I assume are more oh nice free are more free health and the warrior is immune to electrical damage I like that I like that a lot thats our first armor with free armor value ok is there anything guns are on here yep a little bit of scrub ok I think we are basically done here we can move on so now we can go rescue harm on and that seems reasonable lets just jump down its fine is there anything else I can pick up no I think were done but first we should go back to the arc and upgrade one of their weapons Im a little bit torn about what exactly to upgrade because we have a few options here its more scrap and Lord scrap in the corner yep no artifact unfortunately I really need one more artifact can we find on in here this zone is huge like seriously its massive that looks a little bit weird requires locks key ok I guess we dont have done that sounds like his personal key or something like that alright well more scrub we got over 200 scrub now anything else in here yes even more scrub and even more scrub but still no artifact Im afraid all right well I think we are really done here there is nothing else we can pick up so lets go back to the ark really quick because we need some upgrades and yes that robot fight was a little bit disappointing it didnt even do any damage all theyre done by exploding right so we got 82 weapon fragments Im really torn about what exactly to upgrade at this point I carried the one to upgrade the bomb stick bar means bomb stick for example or we can upgrade the RAM Beano its a tough one we could also upgrade their needle pistol to maximize our damage with silenced weapons I could cut a few weapons we should really disassemble some of them what do we even get out of leather lets say we can dismantle a scattergun theres no way I will be using that shortly gun is figley superior oh we got weapon parts out of that I mean obviously that makes sense okay how many port stingers right I cant dismantle those because they are equipped I dont think Ill be using the gaper I mean the shotguns are strictly superior of dimension we got two more unused RAM binos yeah I will not be using this the only positive is that it can destroy covers but thats not enough to justify using it over it superior weapons 19 weapon fragments yeah lets go for it okay if we get to ten more upon fragments then we can upgrade lets get rid of one of the stingers shall we so ducks I just need to switch the squad real quick and well give ducks a different weapon we can give him the slinger or whatever or the pipe gun or the RAM be no I mean really doesnt matter all that much just give him something here enjoy now we can swap him out again I think Ill be keeping this squad it works really well now we can dismantle the pistol we wont be needing it anymore so this one thats 11 and so now we can get to tear free upgrades Im actually thinking the bomb sticks that will make them though 10 base damage and this one will do 15 critical oh theres one more thing we need hold on replace this weapon mod does 20% chance to disable robotic enemies but we got a better version now so thats what well use and then we can still use the Tony person version in the crossbow here nice and maybe you should buy a scope we have lots of scrap so yeah I think Ill upgrade the bomb sticks that will make it a really damn good we could also upgrade the RAM Beno Music lets upgrade Pharaohs boomstick because she will have a really good chance to create also hold on speaking of Pharaoh I might try a slightly different setup and itll test it first the artist ohad I need to check my chance to create with this while he diamond so alright lets use that for now but this would work really nicely with upgraded bow mistake alright lets upgrade there we go thats a tear-free boomstick 15 critical damage and we can do one more upgrade we dont have more than one option but Im thinking bar means bomb stick or as an alternative Magnus has Rubino thatll make it door 9 base damage that might be a little bit better not that it makes a huge difference we will upgrade them both eventually okay lets upgrade their own Beano here there it is and I think were done for the most part I still need one more artifact because I need two artifacts to pick up the ability that I want this one we need to talk and we got one that will be really nice anyway lets check a radius shop we could buy a scope for the crossbow or something we can also buy more med kits I dont feel like I need them but I mean theres no reason not to buy them when we have this much scrub here so thats still 56 what can we buy we could buy a hand grenade actually we dont have a lot of hand grenades that might not be a bad idea yeah lets grab a hand grenade here and now were done so lets go 12 med kits and now we are going to probably courtlands I mean we dont have to clear the courtlands I can go directly to spear of heaven but I want the experience and there is one more zone the court lands connect stone so this should be fun first lets equip the hand grenade yeah we only got two hand grenades Im glad I bought one as four-bar mean maybe the flare we got for flirts we got three molotovs five smoke grenades and a lot of EMPs lets equip EMP here so we got 200 and AIDS to EMPs and talk em flirts I quit sounds good to me so lets move on Im looking forward to testing our upgraded weapons under some willing or unwilling targets first lets take a look around we still need that one artifact as soon as I get one artifact I will be going back to the ark to get our weapon upgrade thats going to be so good thats like adding a fault here to every weapon anyway this way I guess there will be some enemies in this direction I didnt actually kill anything in this zone because I was too low level when I first visited it come on where are you hiding clearly they are scared I would be too seriously okay this looks a little bit empty but fine this is a little bit weird okay lets check what this zone is why not lets check it out the grog then drinking seems to have been an important part of life also that the ancients they collected their drinks in small flasks sometimes made of glass once in a while its possible to find one that is still unopened okay well lets check it out surely there will be some enemies here maybe well find an artifact so anyone home hello we came with a friendly neighborhood visit and the shotguns there we go and medibot right and some other dogs a pyro lets wait for them at about the move and then we attack them medibot its coming sort of okay thats okay I dont think itll move any further we got a pretty damn good chance to land an EMP because he got 50% then another 50% and Jenna 20 hopefully at least one of them will land so whats our chance to create we still got 100 nice okay so Im keeping this hard definitely and we just need to not get revealed yeah I need to stay where I am basically so thatll be 75% okay fire nice one and EMP work thought we basically got it now at least Im pretty sure we do all right lets move in take another shot Im double checking we got the right weapon and the bar mean itll go down on turning stern I think okay so again now we can move a little bit closer forty-five percent chance to create so I could these wings for another twenty percent its just that wing sub cool down but forty five percent is good there we got the Crete is going down easily reload and lets take it out wait we dont have enough damage right well I mean we got one extra turn so its not like it matters yeah its down okay lets pick up the Medicaid thats thirteen match we got more Medicaid than we know what to do with was that the guy on that sherry what oh thats like a corpse okay you wont be needing dad so there was some guy over here the pyro I can see him do not have any friends doesnt seem like it now he has some chief Pyrrha can we get over there somehow yeah I guess we can this way so lets not be do that and see if we can take out the hunter and then are talking it chief okay theres one more hunter in the back should be doable we might need that order hunter to be slightly further away we dont have home rush or variable okay this should be fine and yes I can see the pyro is moving lets move in with hog rush sounds good we could also use mind control because if it fails we will not get revealed so you know what this seems like the best option maybe although if we are going to the dot we should move into cover in case it actually succeeds okay lets give it a shot I think thats the best option we got here it worked nice one okay so what do we do now Im thinking maybe should that pyro we cant get 100 we can also show these guys we might be able to take out the pyro if we can get a crate or something whats our chance to hit with the boomstick oh yeah well have extra chance to create we got 100% chance to create from the high ground here the only problem is that we will be in a flunk about position but Pyros only throw molotovs yeah lets try to take out the pyro this will be 15 critical damage yep heres the breakdown we are still hidden for him so we got the silent assassin bonus alright lets do it here 15 critical oh nice obviously we will trigger all of them but thats fine okay now now we can take a shot with a barman from here with the bomb stick preferably because he will die as long as we hit no pressure for a minute but you have to hit with the boomstick specifically here we got him it nice one down now the hunter so lets just move in over here or whatever I want 100 we could also show the other pyro it sounds reasonable come on we heard right now aside for a moment what okay I totally hard line of sight from somewhere oh yeah from here I mean thats fine work for me lets do that then yeah Im going to hit the pyro come on shoot him already what are you waiting for what the heck this was a very weird delay no idea what that was all about now hopefully they will all target the hunter okay theres some really weird delays no idea what oh is that the shaman type boss yeah looks like it so I think hes going to summon some reinforcements yeah I mean sure why not theres the pyro and hes Molotov okay we got the hunter for one more turn we should probably take out the pyro thats what I would like to do 100 okay lets do that dinner hes already at 17 this looks like it might be an artifact right here I hope so I really wanted to upgrade it yeah this is a little bit buggy now hes up 10 which means Pharaoh called grantee Aquila right now right so how do we know this we need to be in cover this would maybe be a good moment serious wings if we can actually do that properly yeah I would need to move a little bit closer first so yeah I dont know about this what about Magnus and theyre on V no I cant take a 100 shot from here yep sounds good to me lets do it having said that it might not be a kill because he will in a crate it has 50% chance to kill the pyro there we go we got him nice house next not much a kindle here I can overwatch thats probably it yep thats about it I think so over watch it is then maybe way to the other weapon it has better range yep and that way well save the ammunition on the shotgun as for Faro can we still use wings against someone we might be able to if Im old but then I need to be in cover and I cant be in cover apparently yeah I think Im just going to stand over here and do not do anything fancy how about a grenade yeah thats not useful fine lets just spread a little bit closer that will do it was a good turn overall so the chief hopefully they will kill the hunter because we wont have any more turns of mind control okay he actually missed we got another a pyro okay two more Pyros and the hunter we need to take cant achieve before heels of that ability again I dont know what they call down on it is so Im actually considering a hand grenade here that would be a really good hand grenade on the left that is worth considering for sure hold on yeah we got the hand grenade on bar mean this would be so good I think we should do it not to mention we would destroy their cover definitely worth it how about Magnus he also has one and he has better throwing ranged so he can do it we just need to move a tiny little bit closer its probably fine if we stand here or we can stand where Borman is I just need to move Borman first so how about we go here one guy is on overwatch but I suppose thats fine if he hits us we will drop some smoke which might or might not be helpful okay its fine so now well move Magnus then we want to move Faro first yeah probably okay yeah definitely and our mightiest wings well see about that so now Magnus can go here or maybe full copper even full cover will be fine and then from the grenade that will be so good might be the best grenade we used so far okay lets go for it I need a mortgage thats probably what Ill use my scraps for we have enough medicals for a long time okay now can we kill at least one of them well yeah we can this is going to be a lot of molotovs we got two Pyros switch to this shotgun 75% chance to hit with this shotgun okay I might have to use the wings here that will give us 25 and 60% chance to create so if we create the hunter well get 15 damage we can actually get 100 right here the only problem is that Im not sure where shes going to land she should land in her original spot lets try to kill the hunter its too tempting so 60% grade dont disappoint me heres the bonus from the heart plus 20% it would have been 40% otherwise nice one so thats a kill we got two more hunters two more Pyros and the chief this might still be a little bit off Im actually considering music in Medicaid right now maybe its tempting to try killing the other hunter because well no 10% chance to create thats probably not going to happen but Im still going to shoot him and we should spread out a little bit do not make it easier for them to hit all of us with molotovs lets do that and then well try to show to the hunter oh wait now I should have you turn in a gun in that case its fine we can always use it on the next turn someone might go down here and Ill probably have to use them etiquette if that happens okay and the hunter right yeah I will have to use the Medicaid most likely I dont think two guys can kill all of them but we could puppeteer again so how about that out of range yeah I need to move closer if I want to use that I dont really want to move from a fire if I dont have to but it looks like I might not have much of a choice yeah I really dont want to move into the fire I could throw a smoke grenade and not with this guy we could throw a smoke grenade right now it was actually far Oh with a smoke grenade well all right then what do we do then we dont have hog rush but I would have to run into cover or something we could maybe hog rush the boss we can hog rush the boss and shot the hunter or something like that maybe but then we will get flanked by the hunter that might not be an amazing idea probably isnt suck that Im too far away to use puppeteer well we could certainty 5% chance to get the chief thats good the chief in before it fails now this is the one time I really needed to work yep it worked so how much damage is this eight damage right we can shoot the hunter and then hog rush the hunter that seems like a good idea to me do you want to move I cant move here because well I mean no I cant because then the hunter will have covered lets move out of cover like so and then we will shoot him in the face that well nope hopefully he will target the chief thats the general idea and now hes also on fire and the boar mean code to try to kill this one but its only ten percent chance to kill him it seems fairly unlikely might even be a better idea to kill ourselves I dont know as an alternative we can you turn in the gun and go here cover doesnt really matter against Pyros because they just throw the Molotov and the hunter can flank us anyway if he wants to lets just hit the hunter in the face is fine Borman has to arm or everyone has to are more at this point here nine damage also I never actually equipped that free armoire armoire I guess well do that after this fight now the hunter will die from the fire damage on the next day so that will drop the smoke which means now hes immune the Pyros will equip a new molotovs and the hunter will shoot the chief yep thats exactly what I wanted him so we got the chief for one more turn lets get the hunter definitely good idea that will do and we should probably help Faro yeah we really should okay fine lets just do it all right lets do it get up Faro works not done yet right because mag knows the hunter will die from the fire damage I would like to finish off this one but I dont think we can well sort of we can try we got 50% chance lets give it a shot while staying in full cover that didnt work unfortunately we still got Faro we can still try 50% lets go for it maybe the pistol all we need is any kind of damage at all and we missed twice in a row oh well it happens and Ill probably heal up Boorman on the next turn as long as he stays alive for damage to the chip good right lets heal up Bar mean maybe after we move out of the fire how do we deal with this now good question now I want to ignore the hunter lets move sweet for the shotgun and shot that chief nice one nine damage I was quietly hoping for a crit but we cant always create right right so now we can move Borman and then hell him up we kind of need that hell I suppose wait what he had to help he should have been fine well thats a bit awkward I thought hes going to be fine apparently I was mistaken lets go finish out that ship then we can definitely do that that will be a kill theyre done we mostly got this I might just kill everyone to follow with all the Medicus we got after this fight we got so many we dont really have to save them that much right so the hunter will die from the fire damage but both pirates are in full cover at this point I dont think we should help out the barman Im going to need him from the looks of it all right fine lets help him out get up lazy bastard did you think you can have a nap I dont think so buddy right well I dont have hog rush so thats a thing that we can do charge the pyro we can also activate the running gun and then use hog - because that actually works its a pretty nice combo actually lets charge the pyro itll also destroy the wall which means well have an easier time hitting him with other people mostly with Magnus because he has the range and we still got far oh I dont have wings oh no I mean usually in the boomstick lets reload the boomstick then how about wings now no out of range I think overwatch will be best here yeah over what will be best we can shoot this guy but it doesnt really make a difference whatever lets finish him off should have died from the fire damage anyway and we still got Magnus we can shoot the pyro from back here 75% dot weld oh I love the range on ramp II know its so good always know he already moved right thats fine now we can move closer to get 100 maybe get some cover from this direction oh no blocked by smoke oh great we got smoke now because technically Boorman just got hit so thats a thing I just need to move around a little bit that will do now we can kill the pyro that will be a grunt a tequila return we are basically done here but that fire is pretty annoying so yeah I think Im just going to heal bar beam on this point but first we might want to move oh yeah Im out of ammunition lets sprint into full cover and Faro just move a little bit closer we can flank him on the next turn even if I the damage right now he will not die so lets just flank him on the next turn theres not a lot he can though it has to use this turn to equip the Molotov its probably fine to just move in on this point if we get at least one create then we will be able to kill him so 40% chance Tikrit here yeah hes basically dead now yep I would do we have line of sight from here I need to use the other weapon but hes dead regardless and one more damage Borman can finish the job with his pistol that was quite an interesting fight right there hopefully well get an artifact out of this here Donna and they got some level ups so thats what well 43 do we want any mutations nine points are variable we can pick up more health probably worth it I dont need any of these passives so we might also grab the health thats about the Faro seven points I dont really need the frog legs if we get sixteen we can get another hit point and the manga knows yeah one more hit point lets grab the hit point here and Im going to use the Med kids I think we got eleven its fine how many hit points is he missing its kind of hard to say not sure what his total is Oh down here eight plus seven okay well use that one you see its not worth using them autumn a grouse and farro because they are only missing for health it would be a waste of a Medicaid will just keep bombing with full health anyway lets go grab the Lord shall we there should be quite a bit Im mostly interested in the artifact at this point there is a chest give me something good Elysium Wow Tier one weapon with nine based damage and destroy covers thats actually kind of insane a laser weapon fifteen percent chance to create forum initiative fourteen range thats actually insane I will definitely be upgrading that one we probably want to dismantle some of our previous weapons now all nice redeye 15% chance to create perfect mode for our fancy new weapon alright a Molotov Molotov anything else up here before we go down yep and note nothing useful I think thats it inside this particular building right Im going to equip the armoire really quick so probably unbar mean hes basically our tank at this point although no I like that charge attack humiliated so much I assume well be fighting more tanks lets give it to Faro because she is using the bomb stick so she will usually be closer than Magnus unless we want to replace her bomb stick with that laser who is going to use the laser I need to think about that I have to think about that I dont know I might actually use it on Faro but then yeah I need to think about this because oh yeah hold on a Burmese boomstick is only tear at all we could give it to Berman or we could give the laser to Faro the level free bomb stick to Berman and then dismantle delivered to bomb stick that sounds like a good idea the only downside is that well no theres no downside the 15 creed comes from the mods we got him bought with +2 critical damage so I think thats what Ill be doing use Elysium on the Faro is a little free bomb stick on a bar mean and dismantled the level top bomb stick anyway what about the armor does the one lets give that too far oh and Im keeping this one on Magnus oh yeah thats the armor with extra throwing range maybe we should use that on him that would give him +4 health probably good idea yeah Ill take the health we will lost Krita munity so theres always some kind of downside anyway Molotov for you all right lets check if theres an artifact hopefully there is I will go for the zone before I leave between the episodes but first lets check whats down there because theres obviously something there more at home tell me this is an artifact no art if I get down here just a lot of bullet holes well okay maybe there is an artifact somewhere we got some scrub its not ly disappointing weapon parts Ill take those and not much point climbing I dont think so actually hold on here theres something up there looks like scrub and weapon parts okay weapon parts hey dont get me wrong those are nice we got 21 weapon parts now some scrub if we get 44 we could buy another hand grenade because that helped was respite a lot here does 48 I dont think theres an artifact in here sadly which is slightly disappointing but oh well unless its somewhere I didnt check yet thats a possibility but seems unlikely it would have been guarded by the boss and its clearly not here well in any case thatll be the end of this episode thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it leave a like if I did or a dislike if you did it and Ill see you next time bye bye can you steam leather jacket Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game, with gameplay combining turn-based combat of XCOM with story, exploration, stealth, and strategy. 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