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Diablo steam deckbest steam games for mac free NEBULOUS: FLEET COMMAND hey folks welcome back today were playing a 4v4 um OSP versus Alliance match weve got a couple of couple guys here with us at voice chat uh and I am playing the expanse Fleet for the first time so well see how that goes we got another guy with blind ships with plasmas I believe and I dont know what the other guys are running but well find out in a bit and Im gonna put on um Im gonna turn off push to talk so youll hear me talk less to the twitch chat but if youre hanging out there I appreciate you being here and looking aboard already so Im gonna Im gonna try to fast cap a with my Razorback I will record and I will see what color came out of pointy okay hey lets see its from top of the same size okay look at my line chips I havent this is the first time Ive used this line ship lead so I dont I dont know quite what to do with them but well hopefully figure that out does anybody have a early warning radar like browser have a spy glass uh which one is it uh self-cog I will go for you first and then try to go Center okay Im gonna deploy down low them yeah so I can be near where that guys starting Music see I think my Razorback is number four when I get that guy moving as quickly as possible no take us in standing by reporting and my camper is on the way understood what are our orders Commander aye aye Commander send traffic quiet commands on the line quiet commands on the line performing up Commander standing by Razorback has his radar up to sit bye dipping the flanking because the um were ready when you are Commander my Lane ships are spotted all right curious top left side is a the best player okay got it hey you please support us right now right away reporting send traffic a lot of small ships you can see no take us in dagger all right Im in the zone Music set traffic seems like we dont have very good sensor coverage the the self-cog is the one with the spy glass right audit yeah standing by Im just going to kind of follow you around standing by youre gonna make this way okay you wanted to stay here sorry we got the camp something is detecting my rocket Squad yeah maybe they might uh of course laid in standing by Applause e we hear you command reporting we have secured Zone boxer yeah weve got three points so its their move havent detected anything standing by its something on radar from the Razorback yeah I can see it is Cruiser you got it receiving but we want to try to consolidate a little bit Music hey something so that you see him standing by send traffic Music horse laid in my eye full burn send traffic send traffic of course laid in send traffic foreign Music we cant shoot that far right Ill do that yes commander yeah standing by your missiles coming in on the right near B another missile Squad Music foreign traffic standing by decide whether I should turn this guys radar off I think no I should probably leave it these are pushing on my position uh kite back trying to give us time to get up there aye Commander happening Music foreign Music Rockets nice I think theyre one of the middle is toast yeah we see them guns are coming online shortly my fleet in the middle is spotted Music solution locked in Eyes On Target thank you Get Wrecked okay it was in the front in the wrong location yeah that was not a good move for them Im gonna try to help the guy already I think you guys got that under control there affirmative you heard the orders but hes got multiple no thats chef not what whats the oh you got more Ships coming around do we know what they are because Im gonna get a little fix theres two more on the left I thought its like some kind of reference you cant shoot that part Music commands on the line send traffic my rocket Squad have no rocket left Roger so but I actually started campaign the target paying to the Target foreign Music s on the line what are our orders Commander maybe that was like Cruiser player you need help with those guys in the back there are you good I think youre good right somebody trying to counter cap a H doesnt matter Music oh we got the enemies coming from below looks like a Corvette swarm yeah theres four of them Music uh location oh sorry theyre down below a theyre like underneath us directly there uh let me put in theres four of them theres a fifth one a day Music I have a Content received sorry about that can you see them now oh yeah thats a big problem I guess the guy at B is doing okay there Music you guys okay down there you need help uh the Sprinter is completely fried okay lets watch out for the other sprinters coming from underneath Spiker Detective go Razorback go there were two four three six zero oh my God he dodged it was amazing Music course later standing by reporting so of course they say theres got to be dead right a lot of sprinters Im gonna start Im gonna start turning on those guys solution locked in even take me a minute I could turn around indulge right away Commander Music understood were on route its a lot of missiles Music understood watching missing see what their PD is like reporting so they got another Fleet over in the lower left some more sprinters missile away missiles are almost depleted moving out Commander send traffic okay so the good news is this range managed to waste all its accessory missiles the bad news is well my send traffic my dumbbell is dead that sucks right away standing by sound traffic great great spike your anthem horse played in command our drive is offline set traffic oh the Razorback lost this drive its gonna have jamming in this damn thing Music yeah we see them solution locked in opponent to save my resolution locked in Music aye aye not the best equipped to deal with the Sprinter swarm what can we do for you moving out Commander Music Sun traffic solution locked in Music solution locked in theyre getting some hits Music standing by e everybody send traffic not poor they deserve it solution locked in Music weve got them now on it Im just gonna Park both my line trips in a Im actually still winning on caps standing by receiving receiving Music awaiting orders command Eyes On Target Eyes On Target Music receiving says engaging awaiting orders Commander understood engaging the enemy targeted shot from here whos fighting me oh theres another guy theres another actual Fleet up there locked in foreign missile away hes locked on to us what are our orders Commander take in standing by Music playing gonna explode yeah thats that much was he watching minds or something I know that is I think those mines that spinner is toasts initiating attack weve lost our module copy that deploying missile foreign moving out Commander reporting secure its own Atlas Music I guess you got to clean up the Corvette swarm pretty nicely with them Music audit awaiting more orders Commander standing by moving out Commander I want to recommend getting away from the Broadways San traffic low ammunition no ammunition okay because I need to bring a little bit more were ready when you are commandered moving to assist with C freak box Halls are crossing top near sea yeah we see them receiving Music moving out Commander receiving all right great work team enemy sweet Music at the time my little tiny torpedo boat that was shooting at the sprinters did 20 000 damage Im not sure if they even had 20 000 damage yeah we did a lot of damage Music foreign so lets go over our battle report real quick here we got um 18 pounds Im 17 000 from the Panic action which is a launchable plasma past layup which also was on ship of pasm I think theres another 16 000 1200 from the Coney so that would this guy did like this guy did work thats like 34 000 and 35 000 damage um I did it was fun take care I did 20 about 28 29 000 damage most of which was actually my little um Tainan uh class friendship so of course right um the ghost knife um and then uh the Arid knots the Retro shelf of these guys each did I think he did about ten thousand and then the Joker reloaded this was the shuttle person shuttle did about six thousand damage it looks like so oh Music three uh 30. this guy did about 32 33 000 damage so everybody on this team pulled their weight its fantastic its good to see all right um I would I wish my gun Cruisers would have done a little more but you know we werent fighting battleships we were fighting like Cruisers and Corvettes so they did okay uh they didnt get cornered and torpedoed or anything like that um we took a little bit lets look at the damage that we took actually most of the damage was from these guys was from thrusters missile defense was terrible five percent okay did I get hit by missiles oh expended a bunch of a pass without anything thats typical um these guys fired off the chaffs and flares and that did most of the work in the end I think anti-ship Warfare was poor because I was firing with not great sensor data so this ship that this Fleet doesnt have great um sensors its not very accurate so its relies on others for sensors which is kind of a weakness um we did get some really good Intel though from the Razorback the Razorback I was really I didnt think it was going to be much use after the battle started like you know I knew it was gonna get that early cap and then I thought it was not going to be good for much after that but it actually did a good job I soaked up a lot of fire from those printers um and gave him distraction and gave us a lot of sensor data at a critical time when the sprinters would have uh caught us off guard so that was really good um that we had this guy um sensor efficiency value was good 72 of the time it wasnt spotted um no missile defense of course I mean I cant be right I had chaff it was going off expanded for chaff and I definitely dodged some missiles I guess I didnt seduce any missiles but the missiles missed anyway because I was next to the Rock so we looked out there um and then poor engineering because you know we had no damage control so thats expected these guys the light Cruiser who was the unfortunate light Cruiser guy that crossed over at the beginning that was larvous I think you could tell because he has not a single green box left on all of his ships um so he got hey hows it going Music whats that so how can you get like higher rank like to have the I think its just like number of games that you play basically as far as I know so there is no like uh like uh ladder or stuff like that not as far as I could tell I mean if they do they dont post anything about it Music um all right so thats gonna be it for this battle so if youre watching on Twitch stick around if youre watching on YouTube thanks very much for watching hope you enjoyed if you did dont forget to subscribe its free if you enjoyed this uh video and I will see you next time take care folks prison escape games steam Playing Nebulous: Fleet Command in the Outlying Systems Protectorate update!If you like this video, dont forget to subscribe (its free!) and 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