All NEW OSP Faction Ships and Weapons! Containers,Tugboats, Mines and more!

How long do you steam frozen crab legsco op steam deck games NEBULOUS: FLEET COMMAND hello everybody and welcome to the ship preview of the OSP update where we will have a deep in-depth look on all the new six ship models and all their cool modifications and new weapons that they will bring around but before we go in into all the new cool stuff one shout out to the next nebulous 2v2 tournament that we will hold on the 5th of March and that will be obviously live casted on Twitch as always but especially it will be fun to participate in as it is a sister format so no matter how you fare in the first couple of rounds you will have four games to play so we will have a good fun day off uh games four games for each team participating uh in this Swiss style format and yep fleets also are relatively loose you can mix OSP and ASN chips if you want to you can go follow HP you can go full with ASN um its just yeah get whatever flick you want with the new patch that comes out on next Monday the 27th of February and get yourself some cool stuff together and then join the tournament on the weekend and have some fun um all the informations on our website you can find all of this link Down Below in the description and in the comments and yeah thats it lets jump back in here and lets have a look on all of these lovely lovely chip models and start with the smallest one which is the shuttle class clipper and the Clipper is a fast ship that doesnt have too many weapon slots that also doesnt have too much energy usually as you also cant really fit much in there you dont you only have one three by three slot for a reactor that is already filled you cant put put another one in here as the rest is only two by two slots and the weapon slots are relatively standard as well um you can put mines on it though and you cant put the new rocket launch on it the rocket launcher doesnt fire normal missiles it really fires um like a World War II katusha rocket launcher unguided rockets that will fly in the direction you fire them upon they have a relatively limited range and you really off 7000 meters if you have a look here on the Rockets themselves in this slot they have a range of 7000 meters they fly relatively fast though and they have decent damage they can penetrate Heavy Cruiser armor and so on as well so they are capable of dealing with any size of ship you just have to get close enough even at seven thousand meters I wouldnt recommend firing them as first of all if the enemy flies away they might slow down before they reach and then they will just fade and also if the enemy evades your Rockets cant follow them so they will miss so get a bit closer and really shoot them up I had great success in multiplayer games with a lead of just these kind of ships just rushing down the enemy and taking out heavy cruises they are pretty useful at that and its a cool new weapon system and then you also cant put mines on this ship the issue is mines dont get into the mine launcher like if you put a mine launcher on you still will need a book magazine and the bulk magazine of this ship obviously aint too big so you cant really fit too many uh mines into this like into one of these you can only fit up to four mines and thats obviously not enough to really do Insane amount of damage but they can still be annoying and if this is just a ship that is supposed to capture and then can set a Minefield in the uh but its captured it can still have some use you can choose all three different types of mines mines are currently not um designable neither is our other Rockets but the container new missiles we will get to those you can design in the missile design as well the net mine for example works together in combination with the other mines you put out in the same Salvo Sprint mines a bit faster and hunt down enemy ships and the S3 minds are just the normal ones um that dont have any specific power but they also uh cheaper than the Sprint lines and yep mindly in another kind of warfare here other than that the weapon systems that you can put on these are rather Limited um yeah you can put some launchers in here you can put some point defenses on this you can put the 100 millimeter autoloader T20 turret Auto loaders firing really quick in succession with their capacity this one has four shots that come out really quickly then they have a pretty long reload time before they can fire again but the auto loader really really helpful there and yeah the point defenses also pretty standard the flux and then their laser point defense which is weaker a lot weaker than the Aurora but it can still be quite capable of shooting down expensive missiles it doesnt quite have the rate of fire to take too many down but if theres a couple of enemy big missiles coming in these can be still pretty helpful against long-range missiles these laser point defenses can be pretty helpful but they are rather energy expensive and as you can see you dont have too much power in this ship so using them here is not that easy so it will be um yeah you will have to just use this then if you land no other expensive things if you want to do use this up I like these things as a rocket pod chip but yeah a couple of other options are absolutely viable then the others are the attack boat Clipper class ships and these stack boats are a bit slower they with the normal uh technology only go 30 meters per second and whats the is uh shuttles go 35 meters per second so the attack boats are not quite as quick but they have a good amount of thrusters and they can really maneuver well tugboats also have a bit more energy that they can receive and they also so that they can use this really energy expensive things like an early radar the warning radar a lot more efficiently they also can help out as a pit with Fire Control Radars this pinpoint radar not quite as good as the ASM version The Fire Control radar an older version of it but still somewhat helpful it doesnt quite have the range so you have to get a bit closer but its still helpful to get Fire Control for your Fleet gun wise this ship is limited to 100 millimeters as well can have the turret or in its frontal um but it can have these gun mounts as well where it also can get a 250 millimeter it can get quadruple one millimeters there as well or if rapid firing 250 millimeter this one actually fine pretty fast its quite capable as it has a 15 capacity autoloader it has a really long reload time between the shots but I have seen fleets of these guitar builds where you just come around the corner shoot 15 shots get behind cover again and reload and then these can put a surprising amount of fire down range in short succession and for their size so yeah these 250 millimeter in the front can be really helpful the other gun mounts a bit more limited but you can put Point defenses on these over here yeah the top one can get another gun uh the bottom one is a bit bigger as well where you can also fit a T20 turret or rocket launchers or mine launchers or missile launchers missiles for the ospp are limited to single stage results though you dont get the double the dual stage massage so you wont have any long range missiles with the normal capacity for that you have to use the containers and those dont fit on the tack bolts yet pack bolts cant quite take these um but yeah gun turrets uh fluctuates and the laser point defense is the standard stuff and then in the front you cant put any kind of evil Warfare stuff the Illuminator for missiles the Jammer versions that they have like the spherical Jammer or the cone Jammers uh the laser dazzlers which also are really helpful as Point defense against read the guided missiles and so on and so on so a relatively versatile ship for its size um and yeah it can the gun in the front can give them quite a decent amount of Firepower you can also put a radar there which can be helpful to give the they have this as a detection ship around as well it has the electronic X4 it doesnt quite have the speed of the the other small ship and now we come to the mid-size chip of this and that is the a cargo feeder class which has a good bit more energy and also its one of the few ships of this that actually of the OS P that actually has decent amount of armwork this one has 40 centimeters of armor well its two here for example only have five centimeters of armor so its actually quite heavily armored like even the the heavy ships the big ships in the end only have 20 centimeters of armor uh so only and even the The Heavy Cruiser here only has 30 centimeters so its actually the heaviest armored chip of this faction and it also can get a good amount of Weaponry on board it has in front a really good weapon slot where you can fit in those kind of cannons that we just saw or even the 450 millimeter cannon which has a smaller capacity thats outer loader but obviously shoots way better bigger shots or you can even get the mass driver of the OSP which um it is a like a railgun but the shots that it fires are not quite as deeply penetrating but have a bigger impact on hit so its dealing a lot of damage on hit but only if it gets through the enemy armored they are the penetration value of these shots are not fantastic if we have a look on these and they well they have a decent penetration but theyre not quite as they only have a penetration depth of 30 meters like thats thats the thing like they do good damage on impact they dont go through the whole ship like the well guns of the ASN so thats the difference there he also this is the first ship where you have the room for containers you only have you can only put the container stack launcher on right which only fits two containers so yeah you have the potential of carrying two container results up there you could potentially put two more down here and so yeah up to four containers on the ship I believe as I dont believe you can put one back there no so up to four containers on these slots on these four by six by six by four by six plots which can be pretty helpful then two more smaller slots where you can put Point defenses you can put mine launchers you can still put the missile launchers if you want to make this a missile ship and its a pretty standard Loadout there like not too many weapon slots and like Point defenses you really are a bit limited with only two slots for a mid-size trip as its also relatively slow this chip only going 20 meters per second with its normal drive if you get bigger faster Drive obviously that can go up a bit or if you put a more agile one in then you can go down a bit but it is as I said heavily armored and maybe something that you want to set up for short range missiles to really go in there and fight or maybe even a big cannon in front um yeah Im currently using it with the mass driver and early radar system not sure if thats really the best loadout inside you also have a decent amount of room have signs for big reactor you have this slots for some smaller reactors if you want to put them in here as well to really give this a lot of energy like currently up to 12 400 here so that is fine um yeah it is a decent sized chip you can pretty good versatile this and then we go to the first bigger ship here with the Othello class command Cruiser slash Heavy Cruiser which as we have seen not as heavily armored as in counterpart but still decent so HD shells most of them wont do too much against you and it is the ship that also is the has the most options of how you build it in the fleet because it has access to most of the OSP weapon tools and this has access to a lot of the ASN tools as well as it is obviously like a mothballed ASN ship so it has not just access to the laser point defense but it also has the potential of the Aurora of the rebound of the defender but also has the the three turrets of the OSP so Point defense wise you can go quite wild here with the evil Warfare you can go wild as well you have the two the three different illuminators the two of the ASN the one of the OSP the Jammers you also have different options including the new laser dazzler The Radars you the Fire Control razors you also have the two different ones the bullseye just being Superior though but its a bit more expensive no like its quite a bit more expensive so if you want to go cheap you can use the pinpoint on this one as well um if you maybe want to go with two heavy Cruisers and then weapon wise you are really able to go him the only thing that you dont have compared to the heavy cruises of DSN is beam turrets none of these trips have beams but what you have instead is plasma cannons and plasma cannons are really cool new feature that is kind of key to a lot of play styles with the OSP as they the the guns with their shots melt enemy armor they blow away enemy armor and then where they hit the enemy armor is weaker so that he rounds off smaller caliber guns can actually dual damage or AP Shields of really small guns can actually do damage uh against the enemy ship so these plasma gun cannons they dont deal little most damage themselves but they really enable other ships to do the damage so having some plasma cannons on these ships then allows your other ships or maybe your other turrets on this Cruiser like you could do two plus mechanics on top and uh quadruple mount gun turret for example on the bottom with like the T30 one millimeter gun turret with its Auto loader firing from the bottom or you can do more smaller guns here it still can use the railguns on these three mounts that it has so one of the only ship that can use these um ESN style railguns as well and you have the up to the 250 millimeter gun turret c as well with the Mach 62 up to the Mac 64 turrets here of the ASN but he also can use these 250 millimeter gunpots and then the one millimeters or you even have the Mac 66 actually the 450 dual barrel but not the triple barrel and the other 100 millimeters of the outer loaders are potential there as well so really a lot of variety launchers you kind of have everything as well you have the up to six field launchers for the uh size 3 missiles which only are the short range Torpedoes in this faction you have these MSL MLS launchers which are basically the Torito launches from your magazine you can have to have you can have up to the 36 Rockets rocket launches here if you want to justify Rockets with these heavy Cruisers I would say thats a bit of waste of a good ship but yeah you even can have the pin art which you dont have on any other ship either next to the radar on these slots so really really versatile the counter measure small missile launchers the size one missile launcher is the size two missile launcher stacks uh yeah its it has an insane amount of variety of these and building the right Heavy Cruiser for the job will be a tough thing to do but also you really can do it like it there will be so much variety when you run into these heavy Cruisers you never know what is on them which is kind of exciting Im not gonna lie really looking forward to what people will be able to achieve with them in tournaments you also have like a lot of these extra systems um that you can have in the weapon support like the missile programming bus the mount Gyros and so on and all the different Radars you have The Parallax Frontline and Spyglass that you know from the ASM but you also have the huntress or the bridge Master uh that are the basic radar sets of the OSP with the the huntress being a relatively cheap long range radar its not quite as good at the spot as the Spy class but its also cheaper than the Spy class a bit and I believe it also costs you a lot less energy here so its a relatively cost efficient long-range radar as the Spyglass is still the king in the house for long range Radars but its also a lot more energy costly so if you want to have a bit more Energy Efficiency the boulevard Huntress is your way to go there a lot of options here you can have also up here all the standard stuff bulk magazines workshops land control centers if we go to the slightly bigger stacks Intelligence Center is Strike planning centers and all the stuff you know so yeah really all around good ship with a lot of cool features and now we come to the unique big boys like the really unique big boys of the OSP with the bulk Trader classes uh both had a class of the line ships this is the first line chip this back there is the second line ship and this lineup here is just around to go ham and either go ham on both sides or go ham on just one side as it has these side mounts which can be filled with some interesting stuff and really make you feel like a you can feel like an 18th century ship of the line or you can just feel like a one-sided Bandit a one-armed Bandit just firing out to one side and then maybe put some counter meter Launches on the other side or so or just leave it completely free and get backstep all the time um and what you have here is up to dual Mount 450 kilometer uh 550 millimeter guns which is a lot of Firepower that you can have on one side like eight of these guns on one side is quite powerful and these also function with an auto loader so the output that you can have is quite immense but the reload time is insanely long so and these chips are relatively mobile for a ship of this size but as we saw uh so earlier they have low armor you can counteract damage with a good amount of damage control I guess but if you receive a lot of damage at in a short amount of time you still will struggle with these ships so they will be really interesting to play as they feel a bit class Kenny and they obviously also are really like positioning with these ships will be really really important as you just dont have the turrets that allow you to fire in a good Arc you really have to get your ship aligned with the Enemy to get a good fire like the these mounts still have some room to turn but its really kind of like a uh stuck or a su-76 or so from World War II and how you can maneuver the turrets so quite interesting quite interesting in these loadouts and yeah the guns are the big thing that you can put there you can also put turrets there and up to the 100 millimeter turrets but that also obviously is not ideal placement for these turrets as they still have it somewhat limited Arc and I mean you cant potentially fly just turn 90 degrees around or so and try to go around that way its possible but its would feel a bit weird um also be aware these ships here dont always look the same but they will always have the same amount they have a bit of a modularity when you create one of these for example if we create another one of these now uh it might look different in its Loadout yeah as you can see like yeah this looks different it has the exact same bounds and should be functionally pretty much similar its not 100 identical as the angles are slightly different obviously and the hitbox of the ship is also slightly different but the gun mounts and the location is pretty much identical which is a quite cool feature to make this really really give this the look of um a wrecktek fleet about still making designing them somewhat possible if you really want to have the optimal one you can obviously just delete and recreate delete and recreate but I like it Id like to go with what the one they go as I said the impact on gameplay is relatively natural negligible and yeah you can put mines on this you can put all the new stuff on this um down below you only have access to the OSP Radars obviously so yeah you are down to the OSP kinda tools with the guns you can also put the plasma cannon in the turret or in a plasma cannon gun mount here on these ships as well and I believe you also can put the yeah you can also put the mass driver on the side of these so you can have up to four Mass drivers on one side and it can also freely mix it like one plasma cannon and two gun turrets and one one of these uh the uh the railgun launches to maybe burn away the enemy armor of the plasma cannon and then fight with the others in there so yeah the options are quite numerous uh and how you can put these up but its a pretty interesting and I would say a really hardship to play uh correctly because of its class Kenny setup and all of this so yeah you have a decent amount of Fire Control and point defense turret spots like these spots are all around um one a couple back in the rear couple up top so Point defense advice you can set it up relatively nicely but but because its so long the angle is not always perfect for all turrets as well uh yeah that is that part and then you have the container liner the second line ship of this and this one is also quite interesting it has two massive um massive massive 20 by 5 by 30 stacks and really the only thing that really uses up wallet space are the container bulk launchers which allow you up to 24 by 3 containers in these slots issue is you cant like each of these stacks of 24 containers has to be used up by one type of container so you are limited to three different kind of container results in each of these launchers and you cant just mix them completely freely if you want to use up 24 in each stack you can also have two 24 stack launches up here and with the container stack launcher up here um and then you can put in the containers theres two really unique containers here as well theres a mine container and then theres two decoy containers which decoy as line chips and Clippers that you can just send away and the enemy will see them as line chips and Clippers on their radar systems unstable uh to really confuse the enemy so that could be a cool thing to just really decoy the enemy um you cant change the what these ships decoy as or like modify these in the missile designer the rest here these are all like the damage dealing with uh missile containers you can all modify which is pretty cool and yeah the mine containers are also given but like the up those these up here you can go to a missile designer and you can create a new one can create a container obviously this is still work in progress and then you can give them the different penetrators the different configurations for Speed and range and these guys can go really long range as you can see here so this is the long range missile of this Fleet you can give them direct guidance and cruise with all the standard setup uh two different slots like the one in front for The Seekers type second one one can have an additional Seeker or can have also a lot of the classics things like decoys pasta setup uh radar absorbent coding and all of that stuff so a relatively classic in that kind of sense and get the long range really being the big part of it but the long range only one stage thing so it doesnt have a terminal fast speed Warhead so these things will be slower all the way they are not that fast so Point defenses will take them out relatively quickly but if they hit if the enemy Point defenses get overwhelmed or are just not around in that number and then these missiles usually hit pretty hard like they are big big things to hit the enemy ship and they really hit them like a brick so containers can be absolutely deadly these shops are really expensive though like even the even the basic cost here if you have to break down the holiday costs you 1 000 points so its not a cheap ship to go around you cant have more than one or two of these in a normal size Fleet for multiplayer so be careful like even you cant even build them up above 3000 with one chip like you easily can spend a lot of points on these ships with the amount of containers that can come around and so on you can put mines on these chips as well you have a lot of extra slots like down here you have that mines good for that to potentially put a mine slot um and you cant put guns on these slots here on the side as well as you can see here obviously feels a bit of like a waste of space though like if you want to have a ship with gun turrets on the side why not just go for the Johnson which costs you only 350 points for the hull why go for the container if you dont want to use it for the containers General balance we will see if this is really worth 1000 point or if other costs there have to be found but like yeah this chip currently feels a bit one-dimensional as everything outside of containers it really feels like its a too much of an entrance entry it cost to really make mobile as outside of that its not that different in the amount of stuff like has a couple more slots that can fit in here in the compartments modules actually I believe identical in the yeah or even one less than like maybe a bit different in size but yeah its pretty identical there to the bulk Traders so its really the containers that make the difference and the containers are cool but just make sure that you use the containers if you play the strip like the rest is pretty similar here as well and yeah I hope you enjoyed this video as this is the last class and yeah its a cool one and Im really excited to see all these things coming around really looking forward to the tournament and see what people designed with these fleets and how they engagements between the different kind of ships and factions will go yes I really had a lot of fun on my latest twitch stream with this new uh patch and I cant wait for it to release and see all the people out there testing this out and yeah if you liked the video leave a like down below leave a comment of what which ship class you like the most to see and which one you want to build a fleet around and I hope to see you next one bye bye and have a great day last of us part 1 steam 5th Nebulous 2v2 Tournament: Twitch: Our website: Our Discord: Twitter: If you have any ideas of how we could improve our Steel Division or WARNO content contact us on Discord or via email: If you want to support the Channel Directly you can do here: h20 x5 steamer how to 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