Module Missile Update | Game Update | NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

Steam custom game artworkhow to merge steam accounts NEBULOUS: FLEET COMMAND game hello and welcome Im JD and this is the update video for the modular missile update of the first major update for nebulas Fleet command so were going to go through all the changes in the change log that apply to you break down a few different things there are a lot of changes both to a new content updates to mechanics balancing changes changes to existing components and quite a few quality of life enhancements so stick around to the end otherwise there are timestamps in the description below to jump to various elements of this video so before we get started into the actual content updates your fleets will be updated when you update the game first of all they will automatically rebalance to the new points costs for components check your power resource on each of the ships as some of the components have gone up and down in power costs so what you previously were able to do if you were near a near the power threshold you may be over you may need to tweak that and also as the mls2 and the mls3 launchers have now been removed from the game if your ship contained an mls2 launcher thats going to be replaced with an empty VLS too if you had an mls3 launcher on your ship thats going to be replaced with a cls-3 decanted launch system which will also be empty so youll just have to go back through re-add the missiles to those readjust for that 3000 Point limit and then jump into your first games and so thats a perfect segue to jump into the modular missile update new content features all right so this is the missile designer UI you would have seen it from a few things such as the devlog as well as a few other uh pieces that have been posted today all your previous missiles are from the previous version of the game have been recreated so you can immediately use these or you can use them as a starting point in order to upgrade instead of having to build immediately from scratch if there are if thats the way that you want to go it is broken up into a few different things missiles that are in your Fleet will be located up here and these are all your templates that are saved so I can add so I can add a repost up to the top by loading that template in then Ill have access to modify this which if I then make any edits I will then be able to revert changes update the template which will update this template here I can duplicate it if I want to add something different between these two if this was for one function and this was for another if you want to remove this kind of missile from all of your ships you can press remove missile and thatll remove that you can create new missiles so there are five new missile types in the game if you come in to create new we have our size one missile being at the balustra which is your a plus size missile from the previous game you have the Tempest which was your main type of missile before so your hurricanes your Gales are all based off The Temper size 2 missile the pylum is your size 3 torpedo so think of it as your mace and then you have the other two being the being the hybrid missiles so the size 2 hybrid missile has a size one missile on the front and a and a size two bus that will launch it and then likewise for the size three thats a size 2 missile with a size 3 bus so here we are were just going to create a size 2 missile youll then be presented with the the template youre able to rename it redesignate it change the color so when you select the engine component youll be able to have control over speed maneuverability and range by moving around the slider by selecting the middle part youll be able to add in the explosive charge so the he impact which is your generic high explosive your high explosive kinetic penetrator which is designed for piercing heavy armor and doing extensive damage So the faster it goes the more damage itll do blast fragmentation which is your anti-missile type explosive then the blast fragmentation enhanced lethality which is going to increase the damage for a couple more points you can set the either direct or waypointable type avionics package you must have one as you saw previously with the warning and if you choose either one of these you have the ability to select offensive and defensive hot or cold launch whether its self-destructs once the target is lost or if it continues its search does it have a terminal maneuver being either a weave or a corkscrew pattern and does it approach from minimum angle does the missile continue to track in a straight line towards it or do you allow the missile to continue to head forward and then make a turn noting that if you select Cruise you wont have that final option there if we have a look at the avionics configuration under the defensive role youre able to change a number of different configurations for it so you can set either size 1 2 or 3 missiles to be engaged by changing it to green and then whether the missile Target its in an ascending order or a descending order so for example if you only want to engage threat sizes of the size 3 and the size 2 missile and you want to Target the size three missiles first you can do size three then size two putting it to descend so it Targets this way or Ascend so that it targets that way youll also be able to change how our Point defense operates so by selecting the different Salvo sizes a lucky would do for the pdmsl youre also able to set these other size is it going to fire one missile two missiles or three missiles per incoming threat and if you want to Target missiles that are closer and then further or if you want to Target the far away missiles and then the nearest ones depending on how you want to engage so here all these settings determine how you want to use defensive missiles in combination with your point defense Hornets so there is a change now also for this that supplements is really well so when youre in a battle the pdmsl option that is on the screen at the moment when it has the fire mode Doctrine and the Salvo size Doctrine these are new features so when you set these defensive settings under the avionics configuration thats now considered a Doctrine for the missiles so if you change the pdmsl functions in game that will override whatever youve set in the missile editor if you have the doctrine set for fire mode and Salvo size youre going to use what youve set in the missile editor noting you can also now change all of the pdmsl settings at the same time by holding shift to give a group order and then simply selecting the pdmsl options that you want and then like you would normally do for a formation order there are a number of varying different um Seeker Warheads that have been added we have the command receiver which was previously in the game we have the fixed Active Radar Seeker again same as what youd be used to with the Thunderhead but we also now have a steerable Active Radar Seeker it has the same uh vision and Cone that that a normal fixed Active Radar Seeker would have itll rotate trying to find Targets and therefore allowing you to cover a bit more of a wider area even though its got the same field of vision you also have the steerable extended Active Radar Seeker so the same as the above but it has a much larger range so 5000 as opposed to 2000 meters and it comes with the points cost associated so weve got the fixed semi-active radar Seeker exactly the same as the Gale the fixed anti-radiation Seeker which now will allow you to Target all radar or simply jamming so if you want to use it like a Squall its going to be set as jamming however you can set it as all radar so youll actually be able to home in things such as a search Radars Fire Control Radars and jamming single signals at the same time we also have the electro Optical Seeker this is an intelligence based Seeker once you get past identifying the type of Warship using the intelligence mechanic then this Seeker is going to lock into that so this missile will Target the engines of a ship and finally for component options not only can you add a validator so a validator once you add it in so validator once you add it in you just click it across the validation with this CK the Seeker here will check that this Seeker here has the correct Target based on what it is and then if it is so it will Target one thing to note when using um creating repos type missiles if you turn on detect small targets thatll allow you to take out other missiles if you dont this missile will only target ships you also have the cold gas bottle which will enable your cold launch missiles to operate a little bit faster as well as your hot launch you have the decoy launcher which as it gets closer will throw out decoys ahead of it to tie the ships Point defense and engaging it allowing your allowing enough time for that missile to then get in and hit the target you have the cluster decoy launcher its the same as the decoy launcher but this one will fire three decoys and this one will fire six it also costs more points youve got the fast startup module so the programming time will be decreased but the if there is a failure rate where they may explode uh once they get out of this ship you have hardens giving your missiles a more hit points radar coding will reduce signature size bonus so ship so Point defense wont be able to lock on immediately when detecting it youve got the self-screening Jammer which will provide a little bit of jamming just in front just in front of that missile and then the same deal with a boosted self-screen screening Jammer which will do the same but at a at a stronger jamming strength finally everything is then summarized down here so it tells you what type of avionics you have your primary and your validation Seekers so how fast it goes so this ones zooming at 215 meters per second for just over under 10 000 for just under 10 000 meters with its top speed being reached in 1.1 seconds it has no terminal Maneuvers itll give you all your how much armor itll penetrate how much how much component damage itll do and then its blast radius and then finally all the other points around the missile so its Missile hit points how long it takes to program so smaller missiles will take less time to program whereas larger missiles will take longer its signatures how long it takes to how long it takes to uh boost strafe and then turn and so just one other point on this that the HG connect penetrator will always do 40 of its damage regardless of its speed so even if you launch it at close range and it cant get up to its full velocity it will still do some damage but not as much as it would normally do so we will do a more in-depth tutorial on this how each of these Seeker heads can be used the ins and outs of them Ill even do some testing on which are the better support modules to use or whats no you could potentially use a certain missile combinations for but that is a very quick down and dirty how to use the missile designer um build your first missiles have fun with it and then well well do another tutorial all right so now that weve gone through all the different missiles one of the other big mechanic changes related to missiles is the programming channels now this has been discussed uh both through formal channels however it is good to cover here programming channels will determine how many missiles a single ship can fire at one time before the mount then has to go through a recycle time in which the next batch of missiles are programmed ready for launch so this is for both hot and cold launch type missiles and the main purpose of this was to eliminate missile spam so instead of continually firing hundreds of missiles in a very long line from a vertical launch system or by mounting a lot of the old MLS systems and rolling off 40 or 50 at a time your ships will effectively use programming channels to limit that noting that you can still build a missile ship if you want to go heavy into what we are going to go through shortly however you do have to actually invest in that as a result vertical launch systems no longer have a compounding cost here you can see a vls2 launcher is 10 points if I add another vls2 launcher it is still 10 points if I add a third it is still 10 points so the compounding cost has been removed because of the programming Channel introduction into the game programming channels can be found for a ship under the weapons category when you look for missile programming bus youll see how many channels that ship has with the uh with the organic number plus however many modifiers there are as well as a programming speed for that Hull and then youll see the vls2 or other missile types or the other missile launchers down below each hole will have one programming Channel as a base so the Sprinter will have one the reins will have one plus it has a bonus a bonus of one so the green represents a bonus so thats two the Keystone will have two the voxel will have three the Oxford will have three and the Solomon will have one whilst were talking about whilst were talking about missiles missile channels its time to have a look at the missile launches so the VLS 23 which used to contain your chaff and your posts has now been split into the vls-1-23 and the dash 146 so they cost the same amount of points you can hold a double in this launcher however you notice the dimensions are different theyre two by two by two can fit in basically any Mount whereas the three by two by three can only fit in select Mount so if we come across to the Corvette I can only put a vls-23 on the side here however I can put a vls-46 or a vls-23 on the front mount of a Corvette still youll be able to fill them with all decoys chaff layers active decoys as well as the size one missiles whether they be offensive or defensive the vls2 now replaces the vls-16 these do auto scale so if I come across to a larger ship here just to give you a demonstration if I put a vls2 on the side thats going to give me a 16 thats going to give me a missile capacity of 16. if I put a vls2 on the front mount here thats going to give me 80 and on the rear mount thats going to give me 64. so the larger the mount size the more missiles that youll be able to put on there denoting that just because it has 80 missiles that can be loaded into it it doesnt mean you necessarily need to take 80 missiles we also have the vls3 which replaces the mls3 as we said at the beginning of the video again this one will resize so 16 missiles on the largest Mount we have uh 16 so we have 16 on the largest Mount And if I was to put a vls3 on the side youre only going to take four Additionally you can also take the cls3 which is a new canted Mount which you would have seen so this will fire in a forward-facing Arc you just need to be aware that in some of them they will actually face backwards depending on what type of ship you are mounting these on so rear mounts such as the rear mounts of battleships or as the light Cruisers are going to have the rear facing cls-3s there is no penalty in terms of size if you take a cos3 or a vls3 it really just depends if you want something to do a hot launch then maybe a cls3 is the better option for you also one note uh for the VLS systems ships will now have a check before they fire us so either whether so whether youre firing cold launch or hot launch the ship will check um to make sure thats not going to fire a missile straight into an asteroid so when youre cold so when youre doing a cold launch theres going to be a much smaller area that is checked above the mount as the missiles come out rotate and fire their engines so the ships going to check a much larger area around it if youre conducting a hot launch to make sure that it is firing the missiles in the correct area so if your missiles arent firing and you are up and you are right up against a rock its potentially this reason so weve talked about programming channels weve talked about the new mounts that you can fire missiles from lets go down and actually have a look at all the different components that you can use to buff programming channels so under compartment and you need a six by one by eight we have the stripe Planning Center its 70 points so it is fairly expensive however it is going to increase your programming speed quite a bit by 60 so only your large ships are really going to be able to take this I think potentially like Cruisers and up uh lets just check across uh yep so really your destroy is not because you can get a six by one by eight um on a destroyer so if you come down to modules youll be able to add things in under the weapon support option so youre going to have the ability for the missile parallel interface which so its sort of like a straight planning setup but itll only do a 35 increase to your programming speed at 40 points you have the missile programming bus which will add another channel so this uh if I add a so if I add a missile programming Channel we previously had three and were now going to go to four and we also have a much larger missile programming bus array which will add a plus two so if I replace the one we previously had we went from plus three were now at plus five now you these are quite expensive so thats 30 points thats 50 points uh so so what Ive gone ahead and done Ive added in the larger missile programming bus array weve added in the smaller bus arrays as well and weve added a strike Planning Center so we can have on an Oxford a total of 13 missiles at 160 speed and thats effectively where youre going to top out noting that by doing that Im not able to take any additional engines no additional power we become quite constrained based on the limitations of the hull so you may be able to do a few things maybe better with the light Cruiser but I think the Heavy Cruiser under this quick test that I just did will have the most so there have been some Hull changes if we have a look at the Corvette to start with its frontal mount mount 2 has been reduced in size so it used to be from about there downwards which allowed you to take a vertical launch system that has been reduced now so you will still be able to take our small things such as the vls-23 you can still take all your Jammers uh your Bullseye your pinards Etc as well as a few of the different types of weapons however you wont get the vls2 anymore which is the large amount for the offensive size 2 missiles so the Reigns has had a few changes as well so mounts three and four are now larger you can now mount a mark 64 cannon on the top and bottom of a reins it also opens up a few more Point defense options as well as the ability to take uh more missiles as well so this is a good change for the frigate it opens up a few more possibilities both in terms of offensive capability defensive capability and it really solidifies itself as a missile platformer as it now has more missile cells than it previously did so it used to have 16 it now has 24 youre going to get more missiles uh per module here now so if we have a look at the Keystone its Hull modifier has changed it now has a more power plant efficiency by 25 so youre going to have more power on a uh Destroyer straight off the bat before you need to start adding in additional micro reactors or power plant options and one that you may all be very happy about if youve ever launched a torpedo into your bridge on the frontal Mount of the battleship this has been changed the developers have gone in theyve changed the ship model you can see the VLS here how it is not centered on the white dotted lines like everything else usually is thats because theyve dragged it forward so that all missiles now being fired from a vertical launch system will clear the bridge whether youre doing a cold launch or a hot launch this has been fixed this is a mount that is now viable to put a vertical launch system on and not having to worry about torpedoing yourself there have been some changes to how the missile widget functions when firing on a track by selecting a track and then onto the Thunderhead which I have queued up youll now see straight off the bat up next to confirm itll say how many weapons and how many salvos so as I queue up additional missiles by holding alt youll see the weapon count goes up this is referring to how many missiles Im firing and then it will work out how many salvos so I have two programming channels on this frigate as I add three itll go two salvos four is two salvos two salvos of two missiles so on and so on as I go up again whilst firing on a track I can also add a full Salvo at once now I use the caps lock key but I think the default is holding left shift and left old at the same time check your keybinds in your settings to add a full Salvo so by holding the caps lock key you can see that the confirm you can see that the confirm has now changed to plus one Salvo and it tells you plus two which again is how many programming channels I have on this ship so by holding caps lock and selecting one click youll see that I now have uh I now have a full Salvo now two salvos are four three salvos force uh Force elbows five salvos six salvos seven salvos Etc now this is probably not as important when firing uh with only two programming channels but if youre really going for a missile heavy build and you for example have an Oxford that has up to I think 13 programming channels is its maximum well by holding uh by adding a full Salvo that will add 13 missiles per click so you dont have to just hold alt and spam a bunch of clicks now one other thing when youre firing directly on a track is the amount of clicks that you have queued up is how many missiles you will fire if I select say four missiles to fire what would previously occur is that would be four and when I pressed the next click in order to execute the order it would add another one being five that if I queue up this missile now so if I queue up that order you can see that Im now firing all missiles when youre firing directly on a track you will always fire the amount of missiles shown on the sphere widget tooltip six weapons six shots a quick bug fix Ill interject here whilst Ive got it displayed on the screen is a successive missile orders which use the same missile pool or launcher group used to cancel the order and override it this will now queue up so as you can see a five four and then a five six this would have previously canceled the first order and then only fired at six missiles instead of firing the full 10. so a good fix there one thing that I certainly hope is incorporated into a quality of life update in the near future the same updates applied to firing a missile on a track are now fired for firing a positional missile so if I fire up four weapons here it will still add the plus one here you can see that were now firing five missiles I think thats just a little bit confusing between the two but hopefully that gets fixed um hopefully get that so hopefully that gets fee still updated soon if I just jump back slightly if you are adding a full Salvo to a direct fired track and you only have a salvo site and you only have one programming channel that will just queue up five missiles instead missiles will now remember which direction they were flying in when a Target is lost instead of returning to their original course so this means if I was to fire a missile and it was to travel along this path and that the secret required to track previously what would have occurred if I had lost the track 7467 well this this missile would have reorientated back onto its original path and just kept going what itll do now is that if that track is lost whether youre direct firing or positional firing and that the Seeker has been able to acquire that Target I lose that track 7467 well this missile is just going to continue to go and follow down the path that it was already going on this is good for a couple reasons if you lose the track one because uh 7467 has gone behind cover then you do have the opportunity for this Seeker to engage something there is another ship that it can Target that is behind it it also means that if you are being jammed and then that jamming is lost instead of having the missile return to its path and then the jamming end and youre able to actually be back on target your missile wall could be in a good position to then re-engage at seeker and destroy that Target hopefully so I fix that has also been being implemented is that if Im firing on a track and the missile loses its and the missile loses the track between the start of the launch animation and the missile taking control will now fly to the last location of the track instead of just simply going a haywire and missing so again if we are waiting to fire this missile and we lose this track then the missile will still continue to fire however it will now just travel along the path that was originally set even if this light Cruiser has gone somewhere else or that track is lost again hoping that by the time it gets to that point it has the ability to reacquire the track so with these two fixes ideally we are no longer wasting missiles uh simply because we are losing tracks in game or because the tracks are being lost we dont were not having the missile in the right position ready to reacquire its one of the cool new features that has been implemented is that you can actually understand what your missiles are doing a little bit better now on the Tactical map here I have two missiles in Flight if I select one of the missiles itll now demonstrate where that field of vision is as well as what that missile is doing so we can see here that the yellow line represents a Seeker that has not acquired a Target and you can see the field of vision fairly well if this was steerable for example you will see it rotate youll be able to understand what that missile is actually looking for and if I come down to this thunder head down here as it gets closer to the Target now that you can see that the secret cone has actually snapped to Green because its been able to acquire these targets here and now its going to orientate itself in and move onto the track so now thats actually going to be able to steer itself and engage these light Cruisers and so this is also taken one step a little bit further if you have a missile and you have cued it up you can see its Waypoint prior to it being fired if you now click on a missile and have a waypoint set youll be able to see what that Waypoint is and where its going to follow so here we can see this a Thunderhead missile actually following its Waypoint when it gets to its last Waypoint it should activate its Seeker there we go the intelligence mechanic receives a new Module come down to modules under sensors you can now add the es32 scra which is a missile identification system so the sky missile identification system will tell you what type of missile is coming at you so this is for local tracks only so whatever the ship that youve mounted it on whatever it can see regardless of whether its receiving the best track or not is what missiles will be able to be identified so to put it into perspective if you put this on your battleship with a Frontline Raider up the very back you will not see anything as it wont go across the comms Network realistically need to put this on something that has one of the larger sensor coverages ideally something like your Scouts with a spyglass which will be able to see things at the maximum distances I have that better detection capabilities youll have a greater chance of using the system to identify what missiles are being fired at you and or putting it on the ships that are most likely going to need to identify what the missile coming at them is um it it may be worth actually taking it on a battleship uh so that you know what countermeasures to utilize or if youve got a pack of say light Cruisers youve got three light Cruisers you may want to take a scryer on one or more of them so that missiles targeting the group that is designed to stay together at least something will be able to see that and so just a few things uh its got a intelligence accuracy of zero so always be 100 and you dont need to worry about that so here and ignore the battle over at 20 seconds just because either ship has nothing on it Im launching two missiles off from one of these frigates and if I just pause it here you can see that the ship with the scryer module has been able to identify this as an sgm 206 Thunderhead and then with the intelligence you can see that it is an active radar type missile so youll be able to see this depending on what type of missiles are thrown at you youll be able to use the system to identify them and then take the appropriate countermeasures this will become important with the decoys later on the intelligence mechanic will now reveal a new piece of information to you regarding the ships once youve identified the condition percentage of the ships in question youll now be shown the percentage of functional PD on an enemy ship so this will be based on how many are working so if you have for example four Defenders on a light Cruiser and two of them are destroyed the intelligence mechag will tell you that the PD would be 50 and then youll have the accuracy modifier applied to that as well depending on what type of component is providing the intelligence but you may have a plus or minus a 15 of their afford offenders two destroyed the actual accuracy is fifty percent however with the modifier you may have anywhere between say 35 and 65. now I believe this is just turrets I havent actually tested it down to that level but certainly will be useful to take an Intelligence Center to understand what the pde status of enemy ships are as it will be able to reveal and update this information the quickest and you only need one per team it isnt vital however its certainly going to be a nice addition so having a look at Point defense there have been a number of new features and changes that come to just how they operate in general so first of all Fire Control Radars on point defense turrets so things such as the Aurora or the defender will now be able to lock onto missiles outside of the normal acquisition cycle so the acquisition cycle occurs every second where tracks can be gained or lost will now be able to acquire a lock outside of that which means the minute a missile enters their range and it is detected theyll be able to then lock onto and start to engage so no longer will you have the situation where a defender or an aurora continues to fire or doesnt fire at something that is coming at it because its waiting for the acquisition lock to move on to the next missile additionally there have been some background changes to the point defense logic so it is now able to Target for prediction a lot better to account for the targets acceleration and the turret aiming logic will also improve so not only is the turret going to be able to sort of predict where the missile is moving to its also going to account for the acceleration of that missile and then move the turret onto onto that Target in order to engage small change but a good change a 20 millimeter slug ammunition has been significantly reduced in size now youre going to be able to pack more of it into a magazine now that the Defenders are a little bit more useful the mark 61 and the mark 62 cannons both 120 millimeter in size can Now operate in a dual mode for Point defense so if you have a one of these cannons on your ship and youve also loaded 120 millimeter he RPF into the magazine if that turret is idle and is not under um command by the player and a missile is detected by the ship the Cannons will automatically load 120 millimeter he RPF and then Engage The missiles however youre going to have to manually go back into these cannons and change them back to Heap in order to use them as normal cannons again to engage a small craft or other craft uh this isnt you can obviously get around dual mode if you dont bring hdrpf you dont need to worry about this um and if you do just something to be aware of before you start to engage a smallish uh smaller craft he RPF itself has had a bit of a bonus uh both across the 120 and the 250 so the fuse proximity is going to work a little bit more so youre going to likely see the RPF getting a few more hits as well as theres an AOE explosion that has been added to the he RPF so that it can reliably destroy missiles and Ill still have those damage rays in order to impact uh Corvettes and frigates uh to compensate for the fact that it can now act in a dual mode role the mark 61 and the mark 62 cannons have both had their Traverse speed increased up so its now 35 degrees instead of 25 degrees you combine this with a mount gyro youre going to be able to get up somewhere I think around 45 maybe even 50 with a single one these turrets will be able to Bear onto the missiles a lot faster than they previously could the auto loaders have both been reduced down to one as opposed to two and four respectively as you can see on the screen however theyve had a Reload speed increase at the same time which is quite significant for the mark 62 and just over 50 for the mark 61. so this is being done so that they continually put out a higher rate of fire in order to reliably put out he RPF instead of putting out a burst and then waiting whilst the missiles still continue to track and you have to wait 15 seconds for the turrets to reload a if you are putting these on frigates or Corvettes just as in more of an offensive role this also should help to make sure youre also adjusting all your ammunition calculator relations are to support this also helps with ammunition switching instead of having to wait 15 seconds to then fire he or AP you now only have to wait four seconds or five seconds respectively again ammunition elevators will be able to decrease the reload speed so you can potentially buff this quite quick uh even getting it down to say uh two seconds for a mark 62 to reload weve had two new Point defense turrets been added into the game you have the sarissa which is a class two this is a class two point defense turret at 65 points it also costs a 1250 kilowatts of power so quite intensive however it can fire out to a 6.25 kilometers it will wait for a Target to be acquired before it does start to fire so youre not going to waste any shots and combined with all the other targeting logic that has been updated this is really going to help the cerissa the main purpose of the service or its use case within the game is to take out the size 2 hybrid and the size 3 hybrid missiles before they enter their Sprint phase where theyre still fairly squishy and slow and consistent on their path it does take a new type of Animation which is the 15 millimeter ballistic magnetic to make sure that you are giving it the proper ammunition type when in the game the other option is that the that has been introduced is the mark 29 Stonewall so this is your barrier flock type Point defense option it has uh 40 points size 2 as mentioned only 40 kilowatts in power so fairly cheap on the draw um it does have a great recycled time at 0.25 seconds with a auto loaded capacity out of 100 and a Reload time of at 0.25 so youre pretty much always going to be firing rounds every 0.25 seconds which is absolutely great ultimately the use case for the Stonewall is to take out the smaller type missile so size ones and size twos that are a little bit easier to hit because they have the reduced Health pool as opposed to things such as the size threes like a mace torpedo which has a much higher HP so the Stonewall will be using the 50 millimeter flak just as the rebound which while were on the rebound its getting a points reduction down to 20 points which was 30 points so this will still be a size one Mount so you can use rebounds in order to support are the Stonewall or you could use Defenders are stonewalls and other types in order to have a more layered Point defense the flock rounds going through a few changes as well its velocity is increasing to 650 meters per second which it was from uh from 500 meters so from leaving the point defense turret to engaging the missile its going to reach there faster should be able to detonate closer to the missiles now its damage has increased to 15 from 11. so doing a little bit more damage on each burst and its got a larger radius increased by 10 meters up to 50 meters so so its going to have a much larger area its going to get there faster its going to do more damage so I think flock is going to continue to be one of those things that is still staple within the point defense network a bit of a visual change the flock is also going to remain for five frames on the screen so youll actually see the flux explosions remain a little bit more uh just visually satisfy um and sort of something that you would see in the skies of World War II so finally a few changes to the Aurora its firing time has been decreased uh from 25 seconds down to 1.75 and the cool down time has been reduced from 30 30 seconds down to 3.4 so uh overall I think thats a both a buff and a Nerf depending on which way that you want to look at it changes in the use case now for the Aurora is really to Target the missiles that are sprinted after theyve detached from the hybrids bus to be able to Target a few sprinting missiles before it then goes into a cooldown youre not going to have such a long firing time and such a long cooldown now during testing it did go through quite a few different changes it now has had its overheat probability increase so if you are battle shorting expect to take more damage more frequently and speaking of overheat damage its now increased from 10 to 14. that and I think the biggest change that you will really feel however is the fact that the power has increased its now 1250 kilowatts as opposed to 700 I think thats about like a 40 increase without doing the maths if you have fleets that are Aurora heavy really check the power because theyre going to be drawing a lot more even though its the same points cost and youre really going to feel it when building uh when building your fleets Fire Control lock has been increased to 3.25 kilometers even though the range remains at three so this will mean itll be able to identify 0.25 kilometers out from its maximum range acquire the lock and then as that missile it enters the 3000 meter range to actually engage youll be able to start engaging straight away finally like the cerissa it will wait for an acquired lock before firing it wont just simply detect their missiles there and then start firing before acquiring the lock and then moving the beam onto the missile weve had some changes to decoys and chaff the chaff lifetime has now increased from 15 seconds to 45 seconds so you wont need to necessarily dump as many as it will last a little bit longer and also the TT GI or the time to go intercept is at 30 seconds up from 20 seconds so if you are firing chaff to go intercept a missile thats how long itll take and then the reef timer time is how long itll take to fire Another One automatically without you without the player giving input the flare decoy is a new decoy type which will confuse any missiles that are looking for a weak signature it will last 40 seconds and itll have a 20 second time to go intercept and a refire time of 10. then we have the active decoy which is the best decoy option within the game this costs a little bit more per unit however you can use it on all radar as well as Electro Optical and wake so um a 15 second time to go into intercept which is quite quick and then a refire time of 20. it also will reflect a one percent of the incoming illumination power which means itll effectively appear to missiles as a 400 meter squared signature so we do have a few new outpoint defense decoy options so automatically deploy chaff as per normal you have a manual which will not deploy any chaff or decoys unless the player specifically tells it to you have the ability to set least which means only the lowest capability decoy necessary to defeat a given threat will be deployed so for example on this ship here we have all three decoys if we know that the if we know that so if we know there is a missile with a radar Seeker coming to attack the ship and we have this set to least itll only deploy chaff however if we set it to best then it will deploy the active decoy even though we had something cheaper that could have been used in it instead so a few things to note here that thats all based on understanding that you know what missile type is coming in so if you dont know what missile type is coming at you then you will just deploy all of the various types so theres one more option for using decoys here you can see Ive got a missile being targeted at me I have a scryer on my ship so by right clicking I should be able to select the decoy option and only the relevant decoy will be fired but at the moment I dont necessarily know why this isnt working for me I think this is potentially user error I will figure this out I will show you how it works I just I dont know why its not working at the moment so let me get back to you on that it may not be a bug it may just be me I will figure it out so a few changes to electronic warfare lets start with the floodlight and the spotlight illuminators both are now a flat 15 points each opposed to the floodlight being 30 and the spotlight being 20. so its going to be a lot more manageable to take these points wise noting that the power remains unchanged also the debuff modifier which increased your radar signature has been reduced down to a flat 10 each as it was previously 20 which was quite excessive for these two modules so in addition to the above illuminators now have a falloff value applied to the power at the edge of the cone this means the chaff at the edges of the cone is going to have a less impact and divert less of your missiles so when its reflecting the illumination onto the chaff so this means you may want to use the Illuminator and fire directly at a Target as opposed to positional firing a big change to the blanket Jammers uh first off every time you bring a blanket Jammer that will increase your radar signature by plus 10 so the more blanket Jammers you put on a single Hull the larger the radar signature size is going to increase this may not be as bad for things such as light Cruisers Etc but the smaller ships that were running around with multiple Jammers for example frigates and Corvettes are definitely going to have their signature size Amplified and be a little bit easier to detect now however the major change is the fact that jamming power now has diminishing returns you can see the diminishing returns for each successive Jammer on the screen at the moment starting with the first Jammer down to the seventh Jammer where effectively it becomes a null and void I think this is a good change for gameplay there are a lot of times where it was just bring more blanket Jammers to our Jam your opponent and you couldnt get any locks you couldnt get any tracks you effectively were just blind for most of the game and when youve got four players on each team basically everyone can bring a lot of Jammers each so it looks like by the time you apply the fourth Jammer to a Target its not going to be as efficient as the first three nice little changes that the interruption gem has been reduced in its cost and its power demand down to 55 points from 75 and its powered down from 600 from 750. we likely see more Interruption Jammers on the battlefield 75 points was a bit expensive you really did have to pay that disco tax it was quite high but now this makes it a little bit more manageable for fleets to take so one of the fixes for electronic warfare is that used to be able to a battle short in order to avoid the cooldown for blanket Jammer you cant do that anymore so here I have the blanket Jammer it hasnt been it has been expended it is now cooling down if I activate the if I activate the battle short its still going to cycle down youre going to need to battle short before the blanket Jammer is fully used so here if I go um let me turn battle Shield off if I fire the blanket again and I could battle short before that is being used but by the time I turn it off its going to remember where it was and once again once it hits its cooldown period it doesnt matter how much battle shorting you do youre not going to be able to uh interrupt that cooldown right so there have been some changes to how offensive weapons operate particularly a change with the over penetration mechanic which will affect railguns and all chemical weapons so previously if you had a railgun depending at what distance its Target was depended on how far its rounds would penetrate into the target so for example you were generally always over pen a Corvette and a frigate unless that Corvette was sitting around that 20 000 meter mark this has all been replaced with internal armor density which equates to a one meter of whole distance equaling 0.5 centimeters of internal armor so what well look at now is when he AP or a rail hits a ship itll calculate how much armor how many centimeters of armor it has to bypass to enter the hull itll then work out the distance it can go based on the internal armor if the distance culminates within the ship then the full damage will be applied if the distance is greater so its able to punch through the other side of the armor of the hull then over penetration damage will be applied so have a look at two examples of this so here we have a Corvette it has a five centimeters of external armor represented with the white lines we are firing 250 millimeter AP shells at it which has an armor penetration characteristic of 60 centimeters and so what were going to do is a hypothetically because I havent measured this were saying the blue dotted line is worth 40 meters of distance which is 20 centimeters of internal density so as the orange block represents the AP shell comes forward its going to enter through the five centimeters of one layer of armor its then going to travel as far as it can and which point is able to continually go through into the internal armor covering the 40 meters of distance now and now as the calculation has reached the other side of the hole itll check to see if it can penetrate through another five centimeters which it can so in total its penetrated 30 centimeters from one side across the internal distance and penetrated the armor through the other side and so this 30 centimeters of armor penetration left which results in an over pin so when ammo over pins a hull it doesnt do the full amount of damage so well come to that on the individual ammo stats later on if we were to look at something a little bit smaller so 120 millimeter he shells it has 30 centimeters of armor penetration with these same stats going to be able to penetrate through five centimeters of Corvette hole itll then still be able to travel the distance and once it gets to the other side of the hole its going to Total 30 centimeters of armor penetration now at this point and because the calculation starts Ive chosen theres zero AP left which is not going to result in an over penetration or also the full damage of that shell of the 120 millimeter he shell is going to be applied to whatever it hits well cover this more in detail and I think in a later tutorial where well go through this in a lot more detail however if basically what you need to take away from this if youre firing a large caliber round at a small ship youve gone up over penetrate pretty much every time and so if youre firing a large carburetor large ship youre not going to over penetrate youre going to be doing the full damage and if you are and if you are firing a smaller caliber at something that is able to pierce a larger ships Hull youre actually not going to be going too far in depth so youre not going to be able to really get into those internals if we have a look at the 450 millimeter family of ammunition first the AP is getting a buff to 110 centimeters of armor penetration to account for this new mechanic also has an increased override search distance to 110 meters from 55 which if memory says me correctly is the distance that the explosion of the shell will actually look to search for internal components to damage has been decreased from the 60 down to 30 so adjusting for the fact that over penetration isnt going to be as deadly uh the 450 millimeter he has gone up in damage which is excellent and the explosion radius uh has also been increased if we come to the railguns railguns have always been in the developers eye seen as a support weapon however they have dominated the battlefield for a long time being able to instantly knock out components so the other penetration mechanics will also impact them so the 300 millimeter rail Sabo armor penetration has been increased to 200 centimeters from 100 centimeters so youre more likely to over penetrate now than you previously did um however its component damage has been reduced to 70 down from 175 so youre not anywhere near as much damage as you originally were um the over penetration multiplier has also been increased to 0.4 as opposed to 0.15 so you will do more damage on the over pin but you have less damage to do so I think overall you have a net loss there the rail Sabo will also have its debuff multiplier increased to 2.5 from 1.5 so a debuff is things such as your atmosphere leaks your fires Etc and thats because the debuffs are getting a little bit of a ink damage increase themselves so fire debuff damage has been increased to 10 from 5 every 30 seconds every 30 seconds youll take 10 damage until you put that fire out and itll spread more often than it used to increasing to 25 up from 15. theres a wonderful chance so that fire debuff will spread and then itll do more damage but if youre bringing things such as a Corvette without any DC a couple rounds is more likely to proc a debuff than it previously did youll eventually just burn out as the fire spreads the main bus short debuff also does 10 damage every 45 seconds it previously did nothing it was just a debuff that was applied and it had to be fixed and so also just for awareness criticals are a five percent chance inside that debuff chance were more likely to see criticals coming from rails as opposed to other damage characteristics simply because the rail Sabo debuff multiplier has gone up critical chances your reactor explosions your ammo cook-offs Etc so on the railguns mark 550 spinal rail guns reload time has been decreased to 35 seconds as opposed to 45 so a good increase and their spinal weapon aiming has been improved as well by the mark 610 beam turret has had its points reduced to 80 points down from 100 and its powered from 3500 down to three thousand so a bit of a buff there for that I think Weber will be happy there a few quality of life changes as well components with long names will have their text now resized on the damage control board so youll actually be able to understand what that is so ammunition elevators are have been reduced in size you can see that the micro reactor as well uh where else going to have again ammunition elevators uh the DC Locker so DC Locker large so that you can see that this will probably become also very noticeable on things such as the battleship where there is a lot in there and it can be hard to see at a very quick glance what youre looking for as some of it was cut off a magazine reinforced for example so that in itself I think is a really good change its going to make this a little bit easier to read in battle we also now have the ability to order an evacuation from your ship so to activate that into your DC board youre going to select order evacuation then youre going to need to click and hold for three seconds to confirm that order evacuation so lets do that now there you go you can see that that ship is now destroyed and if I unfreeze time what youll start to see is the magic smoke or the space oil whatever you want to call it its now starting to come out youll itll be visible in a second there you go you can confirm that that ship is now dead but why do you want to order an evacuation uh maybe you just dont want to have to deal with a ship that you know that you cant do anything on the map it happens to me a few times where youve got a Corvette for whatever reason it cant move you cant repair it it really doesnt matter if I leave it hanging around um you can leave it on the battlefield or you can now order an evacuation another change as well is uh and I think this is one that Im quite excited for like the missiles that we showed earlier in the piece we can now see whos firing at who by looking at the Tactical map here you can see our five by 250 millimeter cannons and likewise the enemys firing at me this is going to make it really really easy now to see uh who especially in spectator mode whos firing it Who railguns and the chemical weapons will also work I believe this also works for Point defense uh one final thing Im going to leave this Frozen because A lots going on here its previously when you had a ship selected and you came over to a different part of the map when you came out of the Tactical view by pressing spacebar or your def or your keybind what would have occurred is you would have actually snapped back to the shipping question not anymore so now if I want to look at this side of the battlefield and I want to come out a tactical map whilst I have my ship selected Im actually just going to look at the space that Im looking at if we have a look at um chat so one of the issues that has been going on for a while is uh cat readability so if I open the chat if you had org chat and typed it in youre gonna see uh your name chat in all and it would have been white however if you want to just chat to your team that turned it to purple so by opening up the chat by pressing T and tabbing through to your team if I now write a message to my team whats going to occur is you will see that its still the white Tech so a lot easier to read on a number of different backgrounds however itll now say a team being your color and your name will be highlighted when youve been looking for what messages have come from who make sure youre just checking that prefix there to make sure that it is your team color if you are obviously on the orange team thats going to be orange there was a bug in the previous version where the repair speed wasnt being applied to the workshop or to the damage control center that has been fixed all damage control components now provide the modifiers as stated on their unit card so the starter plates have been updated the starter frigate fleet has been removed as it was never really a good start of Fleet weve still got Ash Birch Oak Redwood and Willow as well as Epsilon but now added in is both Sycamore and hemlock so both of these are focusing primarily on a new missiles so if youre a new player definitely check out all these new starter fleets the old ones have been updated as well so again that test them out first and then use them as a starting point for your Fleet modifications if you so wish and dont want to build from scratch straight away so weve had some new tutorials been added if you come into campaign tutorial a nice little Fleet icon update there it doesnt do anything else I just thought Id mention it we do have a lesson seven and lesson eight which is Target reference points and how to defend your ships against missiles uh so play both of those you may learn something from them even if youve played a game for a while all right so thats it for the changes for this update uh there are a lot there um one final thing I will mention is that the AI has been reworked you can have a look at that in the patch notes itself they will Now operate a little bit more efficiently when youre utilizing missiles particularly modular missiles so they want to just dump their missiles like they previously did at the first Target that they saw so the game should now be alive hopefully youve watched this while the game has been updating and enjoy the game Ill see you in a couple of hours for the 1v1 between Mesa and dragon at 12K each alright thanks for watching and take care pixel zombie game steam This video covers the majority of the changes that will come NEBULOUS: Fleet Commands first major update. Timestamps: 00:00 Instruction 00:30 A word on fleets being updated 01:22 The Missile Designer 03:05 Engines and Warheads 04:33 PDMSL/DCTRN Settings 06:23 Missile Seekers 07:38 Validators and support modules 09:16 Closing Missile comments 10:32 Programming Channel Mechanic 12:00 Programming Channels per hull 12:36 New Launchers 15:31 Programming Channel support modules 17:31 Hull Changes 19:30 Missile Widget 22:40 Missile Mechanics 26:00 Intelligence (Scryer Module + PD%) 28:56 Point Defence 37:17 Decoys 39:51 EWAR 42:54 Overpenetration Mechanic 46:05 Ammo 49:17 Other Quality of Life Updates 52:47 Starter Fleets 53:22 Tutorials 53:45 Closing thoughts Patch notes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nebulous Fleet Command Discord: autoright steam machine discover live steam locomotive for sale myth of empires steam can you play your steam games on xbox lego movie 2 game steam