NEBULOUS: Fleet Command - Acerson v M1 Abrams

Hunt showdown steam charthow to sync game files on steam NEBULOUS: FLEET COMMAND game all right weve got round six essence versus m1 abrams playing on silent citadel all right weve got aces in that teamwork one in the blue m1 abrams in the orange corner over on the right final citadel uh five points two up top one in the middle two down the bottom a fairly blocky terrain so well see what they have looks like two three plus or all right we wont do maths all right here we are lets check out uh team one whereas asus and he is over here so uh starting off with i think destroyers here beam destroyers with 250s up and uh defenders so the 20 millimeter slugs hes got some offensive missiles on both of those so it looks like on each side likely just having uh four of these all playing together uh four beams same loadouts check out his fleet down the bottom Music that is uh interruption jammer blanket jammer locking and a small uh 120 millimeter uh guns a bit of offensive capability looks like another carbon copy there but it looks like they will be spotting ships maybe a bit of iwa that is a Music torpedo on that front mount there and then missiles and 250s so designed to capture and supported with a beam with more torpedoes and are locking ewa to support that interesting hes got 120 millimeter guns on either side one two three four five okay thats his thats his full fleet so it looks like uh these three beams four beams these four beams will be running through keeping it quite tight theyve got um the close range support long-range support in terms of missiles and then these two support ships down the bottom with the light cruiser supported by a beam we have a quick look at gamma hes firing off some exploratory thunder heads hes got his uh smoke weve seen before a dual 120 mils and some point defense so a capping ship effectively theres sting which has a pinard and missiles the pinard should actually be facing upwards so that ship should roll but going uh being quick moving to point c starting to capture point e over here with jalapeno which is a very much another capping ship probably nice and cheap in terms of defender with a bit of point defense those stray missiles 120s for a bit of offensive capability you know encounter frigate counter counter uh corvettes and a vls23 uh the thunder heads firing in the middle havent found any marks yet but one two three weve got spigot weve seen spigot uh before again um bls 23 uh vr 16 with offensive missiles being thunder heads maybe a few hurricanes with a pinard and the bulk of his fleet um know explained again ghost shade and abbott on this formation are usually doing pretty well actually uh so all the guns and locking capabilities with some missiles in the rear and the ewa support vessel which has three blankets do all the jamming that he needs and an interruption jammer to counter the missiles so lets have a look uh theres one two one point already to uh one point already to abrams some missiles coming out from asus and hitting a jalapeno or missing jalapeno i should say uh going into point a so point a uh is being captured uncontested but the beams are coming and the jalapeno at that range is likely i wish we could see how far that that distance is but if i was to guess like four kilometers that front line should be able to see it um so this this flotilla here is going to be seen by the jalapeno which is just poking its head just up oh gonna see it weve got smoke on the other side of the battlefield which is going to no doubt see this uh light cruiser if youve seen our tutorial on this and you will see that um light cruisers get spotted fairly easy uh some hcr rpf radio proximity fuses would be good for this uh quick moving target likely going you know around 40 40 plus meters per second but a couple he strikes hitting with the 250s and the supporting ship with the 120s is also good weve got a big missile dump here firing with a mix of thunderheads all thunderheads by looks of it and some ripostes coming out so uh the weaker ship here will be this one but weve got auroras it doesnt look like we have any flak and thats the downside of a light cruiser is that these supporting modules dont actually provide a lot of um extra point defense chaff doing what it needs to do missing uh or sorry causing it to divert and miss the replace being fired out a bit wasted there unfortunately but thats just how the game is operating unless uh hed set that to point but no doubt um has his point defense missiles set to zone now with all of these theyre running uh roll offs no vls 16 so once these are done theres no reload time they can just keep dumping so now with the thunderheads missing im gonna try for a hurricane and squall mix but the benefit here of firing both of these at the same time is that squalls are super cheap and the hurricanes are fairly expensive though the squalls will target the ghast if there is any jamming that is uh directed if they dont have the intelligence to see that to identify that these are missiles sorry the types of missiles whereas uh the hurricanes wont be affected by chaff at all now it looks like where are they going going the wrong way uh looks like the squalls are missing the interruption jammer here will affect a few of the hurricanes i think all squalls went wide and so did some of the hurricanes and we didnt see where the rest of them went but i think the interruption jammer has caused it to uh peel around you just go a little bit wider abrams has lost smoke um yeah abrams has lost smoke but a small trade off to keep these busy hes got four points hes now engaging uh hes got sting down here with these missiles but the nabal has got the 120s you can see the burning right there and thats uh those 120s whilst theyre not massive and well take out the sting so stings down so two corvettes thats freeing up a large portion of this map to now be captured and we can see that you can see that the naval is now taking over point c point a uh weve seen abrams now pull back with this main flotilla here of abaddon shading gas additional hurricanes going out and not anywhere in particular which is an interesting one but uh the jalapeno now i reckon well go towards b it is open there is nothing there the main threats from it would be these missiles but theyve already expended a fair amount and weve got the 250 over here for the uh and a few missiles from this light cruiser its not really going to be able to do other much other than fire on here but i think the jalapeno would be right i think that would be a smart move spigot barring some thunderheads gonna wait point these around now he does have some blanket jammies has taken some frontal damage in terms of maneuvering here come the thunderheads is he going to react a couple good hits no jamming there its three good hits on the nabal but point b captured for asus in and hes falling as well as is a but the jalapeno will move into b with no uh counter measures down here abrams is going to wisely use spigot fire off a couple more thunder heads be good to take that one out um because i think the point defense here is probably going to be strong enough yeah see with the thunder heads youve got the point defenders youve got uh blanket jammers oh but he got a hit got a strike thats pretty good you got two actually but that defender didnt do too much that thunderhead under head missed that thunderhead missed weve got a outer missiles are being fired here jalapeno is still taking b the beam destroyer fleet taking a ripos being launched from the spigot as is chaff standard missile counter play there we missed this one of course how can we forget the steampunk uh steampunk the staple um of the uh m1 abrams fleet hes basically played the same fleet largely from what i can see and its working for him so with here thunderheads and 450s being hit uh into the or kith card i dont know if im saying that right but these ships are largely not doing anything and now im just getting pummeled so this missile strike is largely going to be strong enough to take out the light like both of these ships here you can see its basins trying to move out of the back but the frigates taken one shot two shots three shots or uh and is now suffering from the 250s 120s as the light cruisers here coming to support thats going to quickly shred there and the kit kahad has been taking out those missiles and 450s are doing that job really really nicely so now freeing up the ability to capture point e take that back separating his main fleet here from the destroyer so if we talk about tactics for a second these beams four beams is quite powerful particularly with the composition of the various different pieces of uh the various different missiles that they have by moving all his main fleet over to the other side of the map hes put a fair amount of distance so thats what five nine kilometers but hes put nine kilometers between basically the main issue and what he needs to capture hes got the lead hes got two points he has the ability to take two points as well as destroy another ship down here and you can see that the light cruisers will now start to rest around and be able to dive down here to capture point c whilst they are still uh finishing off this ship up here which is still alive but the light cruiser is done now this forces the beams here to move all the way across the map whilst he still has the freedom and movement ability he still has the freedom of mobility with the spigot and the jalapeno to recapture these points so as we can see that these destroyers move off point a and start to move through the middle of the map jalapeno just takes that back and you cant spit you cant split this fleet up because their main power is actually staying together the fact that they can fire in this formation is is the strength what weve got here however is all of these ships now being able to provide the standoff distance to engage so if you were abrams you would want to start to be able to engage with your 450s and 250s each engaging either a separate or a combined target either one getting getting as far as you can and knocking out as many as as those frontal beams as humans as humanly possible uh all right spigots we get here could be under the pump were looking for the thunder head theres the thunder head so chaff coming out he recognizes it needs to start moving however no it doesnt ah chaffs good enough thats okay so were within the six kilometers here but at the very end you can see that theyve largely missed all right hes spigot is safe missed all those points got b still captured firmly in the center c uncontested for uh acerson m1 abrams going for e and a simultaneously and now the heads coming out beams here focusing the steam punk and look weve got some he rpf so 250s watch that explode there we go start to destroy those frontal beams but this ship here can take a fair beating but four beams still quite powerful he needs to keep as much distance between his ships and that sort of death ball i guess you call it if he can do that he can win the game try to grab those missiles thunderheads will move around i think there is more than enough a defensive uh point defense here that will survive i dont see the abaddon firing weve got shade still going probably he needs to battle short turn just a little bit more uh oh just just survived we actually have any point defense on this ship cant see so its raining here i dont know if you can hear that in the background but is destroying uh the ship here on point e needs to get rid of that spigot now coming under the 120 millimeter fire 120s no 250s thatll make a short work the spigot could actually move away i get out into cover he has taken point a back we and has destroyed the gift i dont know where these ships are coming from i gotta ask him but his capacity has been destroyed so thats now allowing our point e to be captured steampunk looks like its got away at the moment but its not moving engines arent dead because it still has its lights on so thats a good visual indicator the beams are still coming out and something needs to be done about those beams or he needs to start to fire on that and its a bit of a trade though for a heavy cruiser for a a rig it he is rolling we just do a quick damage assessment at bottom terrance destroyed that top turrets destroyed you can see by the smoke hes still got the ability to lock but he and he is bringing the 450 around these ones can now probably reposition go elsewhere yeah see thats dead and hes got to recognize that but probably not focusing on that because of the point uh because of the beams and look thats fair enough i would be a little bit stressed under this situation as well there we go steampunk has been destroyed something some beams have hit something in that in that ship causing it to go critical and always a cool animation and one that will blind you if you are not sitting uh in a well-lit room playing at night you will go visually blind for a short period of time as the light takes out your retinas maybe not a biologist so smart moves getting these ships here out and around the capture point a jalapeno here has the ability now to dive down if it has any offensive capability left now is probably the time uh before the 120s here start to engage doesnt have any uh guns does so it does have guns uh so almost an even match but the frigate will have a higher damage resistance higher armor so in a long prolonged battle between these two here without the use of missiles i would expect a frigate to win uh spigot is taking uh some more damage from the beams yep its destroyed off it goes the kith nabal is uh continuing to survive and the 250s here should be firing i wonder if theyve got any locks look i think hes got the beam on that one defenders being fired so we know some missiles are coming out hes got some hurricanes coming in mix of uh defenders and auroras pretty good mix there looks like theyll easily be able to take out all the various different missiles yep no issues there jalapeno taking some damage but also trading some damage uh rhymes are looking a little bit uh worse for wear here but i think this the jalapeno is probably suffering more damage like we spoke about before that one um the frigate will have higher armor itll have higher damage resistance itll just be a bit but itll still be enough but its diving down for d so its going to try and capture that point back get another one hes almost at 500. uh where else have we got keith nabal looks like itll move towards b smart move so uh c he says its captured for orange but its captured for blue and we know that it could also come up and capture there the abaddon now putting some distance between itself and the um the destroyers the fact that these here have uh one two three four weve got eight turrets here versus one two three its probably about even in terms of firepower theres just more holes excuse me now the beams are in range and thats the thatll be the deciding factor here as well so they can bring the same amount of guns to bear like that the beams here will be the ones that will decide this battle the enemy secured its own dagger so uh looks like maybe the front beams gone for that one still functioning oh potentially gone i think theyre all still functional as being now captured so jalapeno taking point d um but doing a lot quicker than uh the keth karan on point a uh so just a trade there still with a three to two the nebal definitely going up to point e uh the jalapeno needs to take something out potentially over there or swing back around and take that one out that would also work uh smoke is destroyed but like its being fired on so good use of terrain here you can see that these ships here have now moved behind this asteroid and will now pop back around the thing here is will this be predicted um its going to take a lot longer for this team here to turn and move yes theyll be able to use their 250s with their he but um yeah theyre all missing the strength of this beam fleet is obviously in the beams and the beams here are not being focused um towards their primary target theyve also only exposed one light cruiser so theres something wrong with the shade no shades fine oh they look like theyre starting to suffer a fair amount of damage you can see ones starting to break from that formation and do its own thing but hurricanes being launched um i think this is a bit of a misplay here shade is um firing directly into uh that asteroid and probably just due to the fact that its in a formation hes firing it but uh the team here is still fine still good to go jalapeno down here uh looks like its a little worse for where can it see its frigate counterpart not yet but its coming down so itll soon be able to see jalapeno asus and finally getting nabal into the middle of point b point being being captured so this will swing for the first time at three points asus and two to abrams and it looks like these light cruisers are going to move across here this is probably a good opportunity if you can to actually shoot this frigate however the main target as always is these beams um so in terms of you know what should you focus on yeah probably the main one main threat and this is the main threat you can get uh enough of these beams destroyed then its just a bit of a gun fleet which you know the light cruisers should do okay on it always amazes me that no one sort of goes for the supporting chip uh it is damaged its lost gamma but otherwise its fine um this will stop all the jamming and missiles going you know awry um we always look i do it too i focus on the the bigger light cruisers as opposed to um anything else did i no i should probably take my own advice and get the support ships but or at least injure them but you know i hate some he uh radio proximity fuses rpf being fired uh fairly cheap in points i think theyre like you know 100 units for like one point so its probably its worth taking you know uh because you can see the damage here with the change in the 250s ability to pierce damage reduction it actually starts to destroy components now coming overcoming the damage threshold for components so components will have a damage threshold you know different to like the whole integrity for putting in all the various different pieces of components so once you get a you need to not only pierce the armor but you then have to overcome in one damage attack effectively a component and from there you can destroy that component and thats what weve got here its taken out the drives its taking out the interruption jammer its taken out all these different pieces here thats still alive rpf will just keep firing but a couple hc rounds will probably fix that now and what thats going to do is allow jalapeno once again to move back up and lets take point a i wouldnt uh hes going for point b thats fine i think thats thats a good play this frigate here isnt doing much either um jalapeno is fast enough that it can take that and then you could get this fleet here over two point remembering this is an objective based game so um fighting your enemy especially when youre facing uh four beams is a good way to do it thats actually four beams that are still functioning at least two that are still functioning oh hes got some direct hits there mix of hc and rpf and thatll take care of that beam im not sure what its damage threshold is for the front but you know team lansing out there getting it looks like its catching it around in the drives but without some sort of lock its not um without some sort of lock its actually not hitting too much its just dancing around a lot jalapeno are now dueling at the kids um hes gonna try and pull that away nope actually lets get back to the jalapeno and stop dancing around so much so if we have a look uh the jalapeno is definitely in the zone the question is will the nabal also be considered in the zone once it enters doesnt have any offensive capability left whilst that plays out weve got uh shade and abaddon now moving into point a it looks like the ship here has either taken some damage and is slowing down or is purposely being left behind uh and it looks like i would say that uh the jalapeno still has offensive capability but the nabal doesnt sorry going back we want to see this here yes so its definitely in the zone right being captured to be so because it has offensive capability and this one looks like it doesnt so maybe its magazines being here maybe its weapons being hit its pretty this weapons been hit thats why now uh the nabal jalapeno capturing that can just shoot the nabal beans still working uh none of these are really destroyed at the moment and that went straight through were getting a few in the front here trying to destroy some of these 250s uh it looks like its still functioning to be honest the functioning still functioning order one though jalapeno uh getting the nabal there you can see uh nebal uh having enough being a grayed out on our screen uh jalapeno i wonder if hes got any damage control on here because hes got some fires hes taken some damage but maybe hes fine so now hes got hes free to move uh jalapeno to go capture c which is down here showing as orange but it is still under blues command uh the quran aaron iran uh dead in the water those rpf rounds really doing you can see the various bits of damage thats where all that rpf would have hit really weve got um this jewel between the 250s on both sides and a few beams okay hes finally got the some tau so three destroyers versus two light cruisers only looking uh in abrams favor largely because hes got four capture points uh hes not doing anything with the jalapeno hes probably just content to leave it there with four points to one uh thats probably more than enough captured point a continuing to move out thats probably about six kilometers there maybe just a little bit more so Music with that dirt you can see space oil or you know magic smoke uh always a good indicator zoom in but to check for that but you can see it life pods now ejecting uh funny enough that uh the dd so the lifeboats say what um ship it came from you can see it says you know dd for destroyer and then one one nine two which you can match on the side so if you ever actually zoom in you can see who is um who is who and who is what effectively looks like the kitthejet has been taking a fair amount of damage i think that beam is gone on the front 250 is gone on the top it looks like its peeling off now the soban here still has one 250 two 250s um beam is likely gone and still got two 250s here but the point defense is gone as well now if we have a look at the light cruisers which are they just need to be careful that they dont go off the map uh 250s here are all working damage control um obviously doing its part weve got its point defense its still got its um has lost its blr16 but if you dont have any missiles you dont really care um like some of the forward thrusters are gone and one 250 is gone but still has three others all right theres five there yeah theres four there weve still got these eight guns putting a bit of distance now between um the various points it looks like theyre gonna make a run for point b alpino and now backing off uh likely going down for point c the light cruisers are flanking around you know catching on a bit of an envelope here where where are they there they are so the beams here cant do much if they dont have beams doesnt really matter um but basically right where are they that they are you know the the he now hitting from a a different side ive taken a beating you can see the scorch marks on see the scorch marks on abaddon look at that just massive massive hits uh in here we have a look at um shade a little bit in the like a lot of beams hit the rear section the other sides fine so you could roll these around but there you go battles over thousand points uh thats a um thats a window to abrams really good there those beams uh were a little bit scary for a little bit um especially when they got the um the steampunk the heavy cruiser but then the smart positioning of the light cruisers absolutely fine absolutely great gamepl played the objective and took home the win so lets have a look uh you can see here that lets have a look at the beams from asus and yeah it did fair amount of i know i didnt do too much damage took a lot of damage uh where is it theres these other destroyers yeah same deal not too bad yeah not too bad there you can see uh very early on the the power of the drive is all taken out on the light cruiser destroyed very early uh on a game at 10 minutes beams destroyed on basically two of the destroyers largely on the we had three functioning beams but all the destroyer all the um all the drives here look like they were destroyed they lost these missiles there and then yeah he lost i still had this one functioning like his guns were still functioning but he lost power and he lost drives abrams on the other hand uh light cruiser lost one drive functioning the other all these powers good a few of the frontal mounts but the rest was okay a huge amount of damage um gabadon uh gas which is the support ship i dealt no damage but thats okay um thats what its there for alpinio i did 3000 held its own lots of damage to a lot of components uh he no doubt had um birthing and then a magazine he probably had a one of these he would probably damage control and he had something else in here would be interesting to know what this actual build is i wonder at the end of the tournament can we actually get a um a list of all the fleets shade uh lost its rear mount with the vls16 so no more missiles in it drives a little bit slower but largely okay power here was a little bit a little bit damaged but okay and then um again huge amount of damage smoke destroyed but did its job and captured the uh steampunk absorbed a huge amount of damage from all these other beams like all these beam damage that did uh a lot of this was absorbed by the steam punk and if it had survived a little bit later it would have been interesting to know how quickly the destroyers would have been taken out or you know how that would have played out would they have eventually got the steam punk would they have got a light cruiser instead but they caught it out very quickly um high value target and destroyed it uh sting lost its drive and the other parts and died gracefully but again uh all these corvettes they did their jobs they captured what they had to capture and then um when they died it was at an acceptable time so excellent victory to abrams uh well done asus and that was quite close those beams quite scary um hoping that the time zones line up a little bit more so we can get some more of these games to you all right thats all for today take care steam and leaf plot 1v1 Tournament, 6000 points per player.Round 6 Game 8 on Silent Citadel00:00 Deployment 01:00 Fleet introductions 04:00 Battle 34:08 Post game breakdown See the tournament bracket and standings at: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nebulous Fleet Command Discord: Official game music by Lauren Pham v steam steam deck can you mod games best clams for steaming steam deck best game can i play unsupported games on steam deck