Nebulous Fleet Command - OSP Update Stream

Gta 4 games for windows live steamcost for steam shower NEBULOUS: FLEET COMMAND game foreign alrighty then lets get some nebulous going lets see if anyone just wants to play Im gonna be jumping into a voice Channel and Discord so therell be some chat here and on that channel and it wont get confusing at all right lets just get everything set up Im really looking forward to this immensely right everythings done lets have a look at the fleet Im planning on playing for now to start with until people show up um I dont actually know if anyones gonna come around because the timing is a bit awkward to actually play games but this is what I normally do my weak stream so I thought Ill just do them now see if anyone comes along if they dont oh good um Ill play against the AI or something but I should be a few people lets load up so Ive got a few fleets Ive been looking at uh three that Ive built um all of them heavily featured tugboats and cargo monitors because I really like took whats in cargo monitors uh one of them is a little bit overpriced though I need to do something about that before we can go live with it excuse me I was having some tea uh yeah lets have a look at the high Fleet so this Fleet is Im not gonna say its my magnum opus because Im terrible at this game but its definitely what I want to play a lot of tonight and theres no big ships in it its all cargo monitors and tugs um which is kind of where things are gonna go I really like the plasma 100 millimeter combo and I want to see if I can make it work in a big multiplayer game because I havent actually had a chance to play Big multiplayer games with the Early Access Ive had so well see if I get absolutely wrecked or not um so weve got three theyre the control group but theres three cargo monitors here um The Audacity which is a plasma cannon and a T30 theres the Skylark which has two t30s and an R400 theres the nope thats the wrong one the rooster which is a copy of the um audacity with a plasma cannon in two three thirties then weve got the spent casing and the Admiral diode which are two tugboats running with a C30 uh missile launchers mine launchers and so see whiz um weve also got its at the end here oops Ive also got the screamer which is just a little Corvette that well not a Corvette shuttle I always call them Corvettes that will hang out with the rest of the fleet until its needed to do something else its got um I put I put a grazer on it just to give a little bit of of an amolest PD in this little group and it has a pinpoint as well as an rl18 launcher and then we also have the Lost in Space which is my secret not seriously secret deck its a rail um cargo monitor with uh some containers that Im not going to show and stream because I dont want people to know what my containers contain all right lets give it a couple of minutes um doesnt look like anyone has shown up yet but thats all good thats not a problem um yeah Im just really chill Ive started a little bit early so as well people might not be actually ready for the stream yet and there was also that cool bug where I found that the stream has been private the whole day even though I thought I had it scheduled so nobody knows the stream is happening which is you know absolutely perfect Im really happy thats happened um so yeah uh Hey Wild Card hows it going welcome to the stream we just literally started us or something with some ships well wait for some people to show up um Im hoping people come I was just saying I didnt realize that the stream has been set as private all day so people might not even know that its happening well see what happens hows it going have you been playing much of the USB update have you got the the game or are you just interested in it do Im just going to have a quick look at this other Fleet while were waiting um because I need to drop the price down on it because its ridiculously overpriced oh is this actually a fleet or have I just been messing around um what have we got here two mine layers yeah that weve got a c53 ship got the game yesterday nice are you find it incredibly overwhelming this ship here it has nothing whats missing no ammo for the guns hows it going youve youve actually youve seen it but you have no idea what its like its really cool um think uh its actually its very overwhelming but its its a very faithful I would say space real-time strategy game hey slums nice to see you um well just see if anyone to jump on and actually play Im sitting in Discord on my Discord Channel um ready in case anyone wants to show up that hopefully the idea is to play with some of the community thats what Im hoping for if not Ill just jump into random games with randoms well see what happens thats cool I understand its very overwhelming Im a little bit nervous about going live with it today um so yeah if you know nothing about it down under um literally what has just happened this week is an update has come out for the game and theres now two factions there is the original um the shelter Alliance uh well have a look at like one of their fleets um theyre very much a traditional space military they have ships designed from the the ground up to be military combat ships and um this is one of their heavy Cruisers uh these are light Corvettes and then we now have added to the game the all um Elders outer systems protectorate which is a civilian or not really a civilian Navy more of a resistance that have brought together what they um have to combat that uh that that Navy so their ships are all mostly modified civilian vessels so for instance we have um cargo tugs here with so with the loading arms and if I wanted to I could add things like container ships to my fleets and fill them full of cargo containers that are actually Torpedoes which is pretty crazy um cool um hope youre having fun drawing um Im not going to do that though because my fleet is already at Max size my fleet is lots of Little Ships its a bit of a swarm but thats all good um lets give it a couple of minutes if nobody shows up I might jump into a skirmish just to make sure that I still know how to play and then if that goes well Ill just jump into some multiplayer games on my own um I hate CRM hows it going trm Im pretty sure Mazer is an X not only the easy X US Navy but Im pretty sure his role in the Navy was as either electronic warfare officer or a radar operator which is why the e-war and radar setup in the game is so detailed because I think youre struggling with real life experience that maybe that may not be true but thats what I thought um yeah a bit of a militia yeah but they have they have access to real um combat ships as well they have this oscilla command Cruiser which is a retired naval ship and theyve managed to turn their um their ships into pretty successful military not quite the Congo Toyota toner in a brawl but in terms of an ambush style uh its its an interesting Dynamic Im very keen to see how to see how it goes in 4v4 games um Ill tell you what Ill do Ill jump into a quick Skirmish just where we give people a chance to show up if theyre going to show up and then if nobody comes well go online yeah exactly so Im just going to jump into a skirmish to start with the the AI might not actually play ball Ive had a few problems with it up until now um what do we go up against lets go up against um hemlocks Hamlets gonna be pretty hard for me to deal with Birch could be quite scary lets go up against Birch and see what happens Im probably gonna lose to this if the AI does what its supposed to do Ill probably lose this thats okay um CRM noise I want to do a stream this weekend as well and uh hopefully well get some people in on that lets just jump into a skirmish to start with and see how badly I do if the game loads Im now very concerned its not going to loader there we go that was concerning yeah I love the way the civilian ships look as well theyre really cool okay so heres our battle space control points to capture for those whove not seen the game before um lets bring the audacity Fleet in theyre gonna start by um theyre probably gonna move forward and capture point a at the start of the the engagement in fact theyre probably gonna land in point a and begin capturing it straight away the sped casing in the Admiral Dowd are designed to um Range out a little bit and and do some sneaky stuff so were gonna bring them in probably bring the dowdin I want to bring the down in somewhere like this to do some stickiness and then well get the Lost in Space to come over here and Cat Point d uh because it is a stay back ship yeah thats thats what I seem to find as well trm but were going up against a a cannon Fleet so hopefully that wont be too big of an issue here they come the brave civilians well theyre not really civilians but when you think of that way because the hif audacity so this fleets built around um a mechanic that this faction has which is plasma cannons which strip armor from targets meaning theyre light caliber guns can deal damage to their internals thats the hope of them anyway right what were going to do is were gonna give team one a turnaround order were gonna give the spent casing um an order just to come around to around here for now were gonna give the doubt an order to drive to around about here and the Lost in Space its just gonna cruise on over to take Point D just sit here all right so were just waiting for everyone to kind of turn around and get orientated because they have to decelerate burn to get in um so this is kind of a quite a big control group that will split up as the battle gets moving but to start with Ive got them all set up to link to each other just to make life a little bit simpler for me um and theyre my main source of damage in this in fact before I forget the Lost in Space has some work to do so what were going to do is were going to select it were going to go into its mine containers and were gonna launch a mine its actually a bit easier to do in this View Im going to launch some mines just here and were also going to launch some mines just here so if the enemy come up and around theyre going to run straight into metal that actually wasnt a great launch but thats okay the combat music starts because Ive launched my minds and for those that dont know my minds are contained inside carbon containers so in a second this ship is going to launch a cargo Container full of Mines over to the other side of the battle space weve captured a lets get the main component of the high Fleet moving forwards Im going to bring them just in snug here and lets get the doubt to move a little bit further along as well and down I want to bring it down to about here and theres our first container this is a cargo container um from aerodynus Industries and in a second its going to pop open so that should pop up in a second there you go and its now deploying mine sales of mines there its pretty cool I hope Im rehoming to get a mine kill in this game um lets just check on the spent casing spent casing is going to deploy a Minefield here and then its going to come into the cat point and just cap it so weve got another Minefield going out here and these mines take 90 seconds before they go active um so we have to just be aware of that and then the doubt when it gets down to here is going to launch a Minefield as well um so far the enemy havent captured any points nor have they started capturing any points which is interesting um what Im going to do is Im going to get the screamer here to actually just kick out of the formation and head down to this capture Point here it has an aftermarket Racing Engine so its going to absolutely power down um to point C uh okay weve got oh here we go theyre capping theyre capping Echo now so theyve just made it into Echo they might see this mine if they come over the rise which is unfortunate I wanted the mines to kind of be under the asteroid here but the getting them in place is quite difficult this ship is now capturing Bravo yep thats good um lets get the Lost in Space to move off the point I just realized Ive left it there which is not what I intended to do it needs to come back this way um well thats a good question alien if you like multiplayer then theres a really good thriving multiplayer Community if youre looking for PVE at the moment thats not really in place um unless you want to play skirmishes like I am just now but this is really just me doing this until hopefully some people show up oh hey Weeble I didnt realize youre in the channel Im just chatting away hows it going hey I just went ahead and joined here because I saw your announcement cool Im just playing a quick Skirmish on stream and then Ill get some games going how you doing I just had a long night of just beating the dirt out of people I am scared if youre gonna be showing up okay yeah its uh a bit of a love-hate relationship with a lot of the feedback that people are getting people are kind of so stuck on that ANS first A and S way and theyre taking a little bit of time to adapt over to the new yeah I actually think its going to be a lot harder for people who are used to playing the Navy to Adaptive will do fleets to flight to fight the OSP oh yeah for example like my biggest example is I you know me and beam Battleship I was really good at them and being battleship is still a great ship but youll just dont bring it against OSP theres no point in it yeah I remember you saying in the channel I mean yeah if youre if you know youre fighting ANS ships and you can get a good gank and just straight Milton a in that ship perfectly fine to bring one the thing is all OSP ships are so fragile and uh you know low armor that a beam DD could do the same job for a fraction of the price yeah exactly its its that could be its gonna be so hard just to change the whole headspace for that so the guy shining in Discord right now is we will Knievel hes um the one thing that really I think is enjoyable about this new update is that youre starting to see a lot more spread out small skirmishes with smaller ships thats exactly what I want to see more of this kind of gameplay that Im really excited for yeah because with the way shuttles can just appear out of nowhere and change the title battle and uh with the importance of how many ships the OSP just naturally bring onto the field the number one thing that I think would be the biggest advice I could give to any ANS player is to match their numbers bring as many ships on the field as the OSP wants to bring just because holes matter okay weve got an engagement starting here I wasnt paying attention I almost lost my Skylark if you could afford to have a streamer more escort ships lightly armed escort ships go ahead if you can um I have more of a map presence with more Scouts go ahead so Im hoping that these voxels are about to run into the mines Ive laid and well get to show that off on stream oh might have been tearing people apart people are struggling on them right now uh ANS players take notes should be building uh Minesweeper ships too if they cant uh both cerissas and uh the 250 RPF are both great as my sweeper tools excellent advice yeah um also too if Anna starts to feel a bit oppressed by how many missiles uh OSP likes to throw on especially with the container missiles quad cerissa Reigns are cheap and they cover a lot of land and uh they protect the whole Fleet and can thin out those volleys pretty well Im seeing uh cyrissa frigates right now averaging about a hundred to uh 180 missile kills a match okay were getting things very tangly right now but Im also trying to listen to Weeble sorry we will its gotten a little bit hectic in the skirmish its all good enjoy your match it shouldnt be too much longer I think Im gonna lose because Ive got to engage in a gun battle with voxels in the open are you streaming live now to Twitch or were you streaming at I always trip to YouTube all right so the rooster here is under heavy fire its backing off The Audacity Of The Skylark are going to take the hit gotta be a lot of sense I dont know why theyre using RPF that they are theyre using uh frangible rounds hey nice guys hey hold on hows it going um thank you very much for the good nice comments we need to make sure that the think we can get a lock with the Admiral doubt actually no we cant its lost its scanner hey check crafts hows it going not sure which icon youre referring to um hey crash test hey crash test hows it going yeah hows it going crash test good to see you yeah its going well um I dont know exactly have like a good Fleet ready because again I said last time but the update sort of bricked all of my fleets so theyre now under 3 000 points I think uh you just missed Weeble talking about how a lot of stuffs changed like he cant run the beam battleships that he wanted to run and stuff is as well so theres a lot of things people having to relearn oh funny you should say being battleships I cant remember beam DDS which was the only sort of fleets I ran you can run bmdd theyre actually really good against OSP yeah well I can I cant I cant because I can because uh I imagine they are still good I cant because my fleeks are all forked because the points have changed and theyre all now notably under two uh 3 000 points so I need to changed some stuff that means you get more goodies yeah yeah Im not sure what I want to put on there though especially since um it seems for OSP missiles Defenders are the best thing for them nah um its a bit more varied than that youre going to be bringing the Defenders yes youre going to be bringing so just while theyre chatting away there this the entire enemy fleets is these three ships that are shooting at me right now um and I Im getting massively outgunned by them for example a quad sarissa range as a eight and a half kilometer sphere of Fleet Protection One thing Ive got going for me though is Im out of capping yeah Dory nights guys um everyone joined the channel while I was playing so whats happening right now is Im winning the cat point Im engaged in quite a long range battle with a group of very Rapid Fire Light Cannon light Cruisers and they are currently causing my ships quite a lot of problems what Im trying to do is reposition to the other side of this asteroid so that I can fire them through 30 containers I dont know if you guys can hear discords can you hear Discord I just realized you might be able to hear the people chatting on Discord can you hear them on the stream program them pretty quickly and um program them 10 at a time yep thats pretty common and uh Defenders will be great for defending the law we just lost sight of them there is a single player the single player mode is going to be a while away um alien gaming unfortunately theyre gonna add Conquest mode first and then I think theres a plan for campaign after that if you just want to do a bit of team play and uh the reason why I say that is usually play Four before weve been bringing Charissa Reigns I think one okay cool you cant hear them what I think Im gonna do is Im gonna end this Skirmish well see if we can get a game going with uh Weeble and crash um because its not that exciting to see me find my own definitely worth the investment okay lets jump back out amms which was sort of my auntie um uh hybrid strategy there sort of down the drain okay thats excellent you could hear the but not too loud thats thats perfect okay I jumped out of the Skirmish if if we want to see if we can maybe get a game going um I think itd be more interesting with me just doing a 1v1 against the AI sure about again I still need to just quickly think with my fleet oh actually I think I might have one ready I need to check if you theres also theyve also added a bunch of OSP starter fleets um if you want to have a look at them and if you want you can borrow any of my fleets theyre all pretty easy to get to learn or if you want to play alliance crashes up to you hang on I think this one might be okay which one are you looking at Ive got an old um awesome dad under thats good to know so this is way back but um I made a fleet where it had one expert at the center of a bunch of tickets to support it against um uh attacks against light vessels uh sort of like Sprinter swarms that was the main worry back then but I guess Ill probably do great against um theres been a huge update in how the game controls and the smoothness of the game hopefully well see that all right let me get a Lobby up actually Im in Australia it might be better for one of you to host yeah Im just gonna change up some of these missiles to get all the way up to the points all right were gonna jump into some multiplayer we will stream game is 3K uh yeah physical is good Im just waiting for the game to shut yeah got it shine now uh just to warn you crash test if weebles name is showing up we may get some pretty nasty opponents appearing oh lovely uh is team two which teams witch faction team choose OSP cool all right so wish me Lucks um chat I can talk to you and I can talk to Discord uh Team one is a shelter Alliance uh there we go do we know who case is uh no idea applications can you are you able to jump down crash well I can but I just dont have any OSP fleas I only have OSP fleets at the moment unfortunately are you okay playing against us is that are you okay with that yeah whatever sure Ill play against you cool well you should have to worry about getting jammed I dont know Mario Ive got something for that as well back in the day yeah so information war for those those in stream chat who dont know the game too well information Warfare is a really big part of the game and the Team One faction are going to be incredibly good at that compared to the team two faction which dont have the modules and the equipment to do that were gonna play hopefully a 4v4 I love the secret out the bag again and show people the uh silliness of the builds that I pull up and Ill try and keep an eye on what Weebles bring into the battlefield because Weeble is a commodore and they are very good at the game and what well well probably just shall we all just stay in the same chat channel for the game or do we want to split I feel bad leaving crash on their own lets just stick together lets stay here Im not exactly gonna this is gonna be the good commentary and Trash Talk Channel that sounds good to me okay weve got four weve got four on one side this is even perfect all right lets uh lets go good luck everybody its all ready up I want Fs in chat when I lose all my ships quickly smooth as a sea urchin nice TM just FYI Ill be churning in stream chat a lot so if I dont answer you straight away itll I will answer you in a second oh we lost somebody who didnt have any yeah oh dear dang it its like I actually think its a really exciting time to be an ANS player but I understand the pressure of playing OSP I should have made fleets for both actions seriously Ill play the other faction when yeah he probably did would no inteller comes Im down for that Ive got some I have Intel I might just die to missiles thats my biggest weakness oh my biggest weakness is missiles too its actually pretty much all OSP no Terence I Im tying away to you guys its all good youre having a bad thats surprisingly not what I found in my testing um I tried to use um size two hybrid missiles to get some extra spam off of them and uh yeah the laser defenses on all of the um starter fleets seem to really deal with these um deal with those missiles very well especially when I shot all of them at a time or is that enough you got to be like me Im firing 10 thats two inches at a time yeah you wouldnt see much missile play for me um well see how we go here this is gonna be pretty pretty hectic uh 44 games are pretty intense if youre only spamming four bring s3hs I think were good to go well make the Run uh yeah were ready everyones ready all right stream all right chat you guys are Chad okay uh if Im saying chat Im referring to you Im gonna keep an eye on the chat I want to talk to you guys more than Im talking to the guys in the Stream in the Discord chat but I do want to keep them on my side wish me luck I will probably get overwhelmed very quickly this will be good fun just keep thats not a good show Keep Your Head on a swivel from mines crash test I will warn you that I have mines in my fleet uh oh thank you very much whoever just subscribed I cant actually see my sub alerts right now advice I could give to ANS players facing OSP right now is slow down thanks Joshua pace yourself OSP has kind of a timer on them and they Peter out a lot faster than the ANS Chad Chad thanks for hanging around all right its this map uh okay I know exactly where I want to go Im probably gonna hover around the back of point B to start with with my fleet I will come around this way Im gonna send a tug down to mine over here if I can get them and Im going to send another tug to try and mine behind here again theyre probably going to die on the way um and then the Lost in Space is gonna just sit back here to pop out later in the battle and do its thing thats the plan hey Lord hows it going thanks for joining thanks for the uh the um benefit look how many ships weve got coming in here we go all right Im gonna do my best hopefully I wont be too terrible side you cant hang around JD but I understand if people suck I can carry go for it Liam yeah this is what this is for take this kind of stuff see how bad my designs are and build off those if needed I can carry some extra weight what are you guys worrying about you gotta Superstar Weaver can evil but over there Ive just got um uh me Sky magelli and uh the rocks and brothers foreign just moving these two ships here and here in an attempt to lay mines there theyre going to move as fast as they can Lawsons basically stay here for now the the big move Im going for is I want to get some Minds down um as early as possible um and therefore the enemy wont be ready for them if I get some Minds behind this asteroid theyre gonna come around it later in the battle the mines are hopefully going to hit them in fact lets get the doubt to laser Minds as well I keep forgetting so I lost in space can also lay mine so just get it out into the open to do the Mind Lang its very tough jaycraft you it I highly advise getting onto the official Discord for the game Id get into some into some group games there theres loads of people playing pretty much all the time and theres loads of events as well um and thats the best way to learn the game is get in the game with people um rather than playing on your own if youre getting into multiplayer because if you play on your own youre gonna get caught out and its just not as fun as an experience all right so what we got lets have a look at what our allies are running weve got um weve got some uh thats a rail uh line Cruiser weve got a cargo no this is a two so weve got a double rail line Cruiser here um up here weve got millions of shuttles just going everywhere to cap uh the snark three is a cargo monitor I need like enemy teams gonna have momentum on us thats cool I I I will cat B once Ive done something I like a crash test all right Im gonna lay some Minds with the doubt and then Im going to move them back to cat Bravo and then the spent casing is going to do the same thing over here and Im gonna back it up try and get it out of there before it gets caught so weve got some enemy contacts over here weve actually got um people already picking them up lets talk oh look at this weve got an early warning radar on this tug uh my ships may be high Fleet uh High Fleet inspired oh cool Joker thats good to know uh the early class are definitely not too slow but you need to be you need to build around them and plan your strategy around them thats the most important thing these ships are taking a long time to get into the fight but I want to bring them around here just so that thats a lot of up there around uh they got that point I think its a no its c yeah our high natural is uh C point theres so much stuff on C thats terrifying to see all right what do we got here we expect a group and a battleship so weve got enemy ships here we dont have um a lot of information on them yet we dont know what they are theyre going so this is a Solomon theres a Solomon on the battlefield and an extra damn so the Solomon is a battleship its pretty expensive seeing it is pretty rare the problem that weve got is the enemy Ive outcapped us to start with so were now in a bad position where we need to do some wise idea um track number four three seven four what do they do rock rockers op Nerf Rock Im gonna try unlucky bro no this is the this is what you guys call um best positioning I believe understood were on route okay so theres this stuff up here Im going to try and get an angle on it with these guys around here um the spent casing is is gonna just kind of hide here for now theres not much you can do but later on in the battle it could hop out and just Ambush with them with a missile strike so thats kind of the hope with it were just going to Snug it in against the asteroid for now and hope that the enemy doesnt get an angle on it at the moment they can see it smoked Oh thats oh God yeah these are missile Clippers missile Scouts and they are getting wrecked oh look at it dodging those shots yeah there was once uh those line ships are are taking a sniper roll carbonated and thats what theyre setting for Rogan sniping at the moment the battle hasnt really joined weve got a couple of skirmishes happening at the top of the map we are just kind of positioning each other theyre a little bit ahead in cap points we really need to get Alpha but theyre probably gonna shoot anyone who goes for Alpha what I want to do is bring my little combat group around behind this rock here and then try and maybe sneak them up into a position where they can engage these guys from an angle theyre not expecting my plasma cannons have a range of 12 000 kilometers sorry 12 000 meters so Im actually almost in engagement range for my fleet the spent casing is in cover the animal doubt is in cover lets actually get the Lost in Space into position where I can maybe start doing some some combat pretty soon theres so much stuff to keep track of were losing weve lost a couple of Ive actually only lost one Sprinter so far this is a oh this is pretty cool this is a container containing Rockets um it is being fired upon the Lost in Space is actually carrying mines which I havent applied yet but um so far so good what I want to do is actually fire immediately get ganked no no wrong ship the thing is you also deploy a higher side and higher side has actually better sight lines and vision lines cant go that far can we go 12 000 meters I didnt go um Underground low side of pillars is a lot more complicated a lot more blind spots and we just put some Minds behind this asteroid so if they come around the asteroids theyre gonna have to theyre gonna run into the minefields basically um Ill show you what the container of my launcher looks like weve got some stuff happening over here my fleets coming around uh lets get them in behind this rock here were getting ready to make a move actually make something happen theres our first container so this is a container full of mines a cargo container for the mines this one is from Deckard Technologies delivering Minds to you from us uh the line ships are getting into position as well theyre getting ready for the enemy Fleet to come out from around sea Im going to try and get the Admiral doubt um to Cape were going to see what happens if I try and do that its probably gonna die to be completely honest well just move it to here to start with and then well just get it to poke its head out into the point and then come back it might not even tab it tag it there and I think thats ship curl we just lost another Corvette theyre just killing shuttles this is an annoying one to lose because this is a long range radar yeah my containers I believe oh I hope they have a range of 12. so so mean to it Im really upset with that poor little tug it was just just doing its job what was its job exactly talking about well you are talking Rogan Charles funny chats these are all in these are all Interceptor missiles yeah yeah so theres theres one of my minefields it didnt quite make it as far as I wanted to but its in position in 90 seconds that mine will be active same day shipping yeah here comes the second mine container so the hope is when they come around the asteroid these mines are going to pop out and get them and might be okay I think they might all be in position there lets make sure the diode is actually going to make it into the point audacity and Co are coming around we dont quite have line of sight on them theres a little bit of jamming happening over here as well but weve got lots of of e war going on we can actually come around here I could actually try its gonna take a little while time to get into position was the best ship ever the bad World out yeah dont shoot on the Admiral Tower the animal diode is capping a h Im gonna hopefully Dodge their shots you know what sure lets have a duel for us since I know since youve just basically said that to you okay theyre coming out of cover lets see if we can get the Lost in Space to engage with its rails hasnt quite got line of sight but I can come over here and up Ill stop work running away cow would fight me like a man these are railgun shots from the Land Cruiser see how its just positioned itself on the asteroid to fire its railguns its a really nice positioning its got an R400 radar there as well Ive almost capped a which will give give us the momentum and then my fleets coming around here hoping to get around behind the enemy Fleet and do some damage to it thats the idea Lost in Space will just sit back and ping away with its um with its mass driver Im not too worried if it doesnt get a lot of shots its gonna its gonna align itself the mass drivers on your front of the ship here dont need to defeat you sounds like crash test is shooting at me oh yeah the doubt is taking some fire I know its not taking fire actually did I get out of a no yeah I have fun of those um uh those like cruises there for us oops I shouldnt have said that where are the light Cruisers I dont see them you must be like sorry about it you must be lying you must be lying yep thats all thats me lying uh line crash test I might get a shot here from the mass Drive in a second yeah its just fired player here comes the last drive around oh that was a Miss unfortunately more mass drive around is coming in its a whole bundle of stuff back here Im worried about this Solomon this Solomons gonna be a problem okay weve got missiles incoming looks like theyre firing off a barrage theyve got some stuff coming in on the doubt the Dow does not have particularly good um C Whiz Its firing off its Defenders yeah its taking its taking a hit or two I dont think its actually lost its engine and I dont have a damage control team that can restore the engine so its going to die but we kind of I kind of knew that was a risk its at least forced these Cruisers out of position um in fact whats the range we could actually start heading these with um some plasma my HQ shells are over penetrating lets see what we can do about these light Cruisers um what well do is well keep moving in and just snug up against this asteroid I will give a heading command sorry Emerald out no dear can you hear the the Admiral dad going down I like your voxels what on Earth is that Im doing heading commands just so my ships face this direction Music oh whats happened whats happened crash test oh nothing bad has happened so this is this is a scary Line ship everybody this is what weebles running plasma cannons and and 100 millimeter thats exactly what I want to run but this thing is going to tear these ships to Pieces oh the puppy wants out brilliant timing lets see what we can do Im engaging with my plasma as well Im going to move this Fleet in closer well bring them to about here and then bring them over this way and then down oh look at the missiles coming in on the extra theres voxels as well Im just bringing everyone over a little bit and well just bring the screamer forward as well because I want to get it into locking range I need to bring it closer a little bit she isnt she is an alliance agent isnt she shes picked some great timing lets see if we can get some shots on crash test Fleet with the um the Lost in Space so what plasma does is itll strip after all these uh things out here itll strip the armor are you talking about the gifts no Im talking about all of these weird ass shits just like out in the center were getting into range for the 100 millimeter now you know Im gonna give you a gift in a second well someone a gift I dont know hes pushing point a someones gonna have that day utterly ruined I think oh she really wants out give me one second lets let her out all right that was the worst timing but shes outside just now I need to run back out and help her in a second um Lets Help engage on these as soon as we get into place uh hows Weeble ship doing I really want to keep more of a look on this because this is insane look at the rate of fire on this thing oh this poor ship none of those are penetrating like overpaying I should say okay how are things looking for us T30 cannons are still not in range but were coming in from above plasma cannons are firing Skylark lets pick this as our Target well get the Bloodhound radar on that to get a good track were still not in range we need 7200 meter range in order to fire um but it looks like hes running a little bit so lets push forward wheres our where is the Skylark no wheres the screamer Screamers gonna go and try and cap a while this is all happening and what well do is if we get a shot were gonna hit his ships with missiles um with the screamer theres missiles in the battle space has the Lost in Space got a Target who me uh-huh maybe maybe that ships terrifying uh Wibble yeah this is what Im known for Ill take a look at it for sure carbonated them all right lets pick this is our new Target oh no we caught this one back skylarks getting blocked a little bit Im just gonna move it to the side lets give everyone New Movement orders to here the equipment fast these voxels your voxels are very maneuverable well thats what they are boxels dont know why you still like got grape loaded you change the ammutation type in all these guns I didnt realize they still had great blooded right t30s are reloading with um a hehc lets actually go for this voxel here were just in range 28 30 kill all right Im bringing some rain the roosters leading the charge oh thats it down its a shame that I didnt actually get to fight you um but I wonder where you are I have actually been firing on your voxels the whole time just from a different direction ah well thats pretty interesting perhaps Ill pay you a visit okay lets back up a little bit weebles got another Fleet around the back here coming in behind the uh the enemy Fleet doing what I wanted to do earlier with a huge flanking to see this is another plasma um Line ship its a bit nuts lets bring marfleet back um have I what happened to the screamer the script is just sitting on the point doing nothing because Im dumb is it actually on the point no its not lets get off flank speed as well because the engines getting damaged okay thats the spent casing up too spent casing is just sitting here right now its its about the enemy Fleet is actually theyve run into my first set of Mines theyve probably dealt with them what I can do with the spent casing is bring it around here because weve got enemies up here and theyre actually running straight towards these mines but well come up behind them and well get the audacity and Co to see if they can get some shots on them which they cant right now but what well do is well get them to go straight up on the way Commander were being jammed the rooster and Skylark straight up please and then we can get the Lost in Space to reposition to over here where I can get a bit of a shot on these ships on the top okay Im gonna get the puppy Ill be right back all right the alliance agents been put to bet um so lets keep going does Lost in Space have a firing solution you cant really see any of these ships kind it can potentially fire this one uh one thing I want to do is clear the heading commands for these ships uh clear all move clear move clear thatll help them move up faster casing is still just in hiding behind this point theyre getting so close to the mines um the spent casing has a rocket launcher so lets actually just lets lets unveil the the the ship were just gonna pop up and as soon as Ive got a firing Solution on the ship were gonna fire Rockets uh what number is it again it is specific casing is two lets go for a flank speed as well so this is a a hey Steve hows it going this is a dumpfire rocket launcher that actually does a lot of damage lets give it a heading command in the direction of the enemy Fleet were gonna fire on this Reigns now is there something we actually couldnt hit the app I think Im gonna try and hit the Solomon honestly uh shift Alt lets go hello Hello friends hey check the Solomon out where oh Jesus what the is oh its a tugboat with a bunch of rockets isnt it Forest its not doing that well admittedly no it didnt get through but it was fun to do yeah its all right theres something behind the Solomon thats even worse than that oh yeah Ive Ive been watching that coming and talking to about it with my stream chat well done sped casing now heres a question whos on E ffort certainly not you guys I want to try and cap C after that I might just clean up a because Ive seen no one on a traffic copy that its moving quiet commands on the line just give heading commands to face towards the enemy Fleet oop that was a big ship exploding so that when they they can see the enemy Fleet they will be um they actually got shots now this is gonna be nuts were about to um start shooting at a Solomon but whatever see if the plasma can actually do something here hows the screamer doing the screamer has actually capped a amazingly lets get you um on your way to D just in case you can do something about it uh not that I think youll be able to uh whats the Lost in Space doing Im gonna fire off a couple of decoys as well weve got weve got decoys on this ship Im just going to send them across to the other side of the battle space oh describe not want to play taking internal damage set traffic okay at the moment were not being punished too badly so were hitting this Battleship with plasma which is degrading its armor this thing has all 450 millimeter cannons and were just oh I hear lots of trace of theres uh the Zeus has got a firing solution with its rail cannons theres a Solomon there thats my decoys launched rail hits hes firing on my ships but hes firing on the spent casing which is definitely a mistake the spent casing is a tug with no weapons left um hes ignoring the rest of the fleet thats shooting at him Lets uh actually clear the heading commands from my ships and let them orientate themselves um automatically because I want them to shoot but uh lets get them to switch to this Axford actually the Admiral diode is down can I get a moment silence for the emerald out no not yet uh Im actually finishing it off with my 120s that was cool okay were opening fire on this um this ax for this uh Oxford now its dead as well yes yeah screamer screamer died off camera so theres a this is this is a Heavy Cruiser right here um is someone shooting at it with grape shot are you using grape shot you are using grape shot oh my goodness please use HC is everyone else no what ever all my ships are firing grave shot thats so embarrassing that theyre all using the wrong ammo type oh yeah that ships cooked which one uh the Admiral doubt I actually see it in Im in visual range now the um the Solomon gave it a full a full uh a full broadside it was pretty mean yeah and Im just Im just like kicking it while its down Im gonna stop now I think this uh I think this Oxford might be dead in the water okay which one good 7705 its the uh the Baxter I think everything in this area is dead okay lets move around this rock to here and well get some shots on the Solomon its super in micro tense of Terence especially if youre playing OSP Rey but uh its been surprisingly chill its been its been a pretty straight up fight which is not really a good thing for OSP Im gonna get my ships to ceasefire I also didnt realize all of my ships were fine grape shot for a good half of that battle streamer handicapped look at this guy up his grip shot I blame the dog because I had to let her out and then let her back in during the fight yeah we want to get we want to get a I want to get eyes on this um Solomon and we want to engage it okay oh thats unfortunate yeah your decoy containers arent as good as they uh say yeah yeah I can clearly see its a decoy container or not actually a Clipper if someones got if someone has a good intelligence or theyll figure it out so yeah whoever is playing whoever is playing with this Solomon only really has this one ship to deal with uh theyll have had just the ship because its that expensive because yeah you seem to be about spam lets make sure the Skylark is uh using its uh bloodhound the amount of fire the ship is still fighting um although I dont think its got long to live its being peppered to death I would not like to be on that Solomon right now well battle group element uh did pretty well I think oh we need to cap D or something Ive already found it yeah the ships able to hit the Solomon from how far away is it 9000 meters away which is pretty cool still its still the bridge lights are on its still fighting why are you shooting at that ship Im also just missing a ship uh the wrist is all the way over here I see oh this uh this Oxford uh the axes just come back to life thats limping yeah Capital ships are the nasty habit of doing that dont they I actually love a zombie capital ship theyre so much fun so my my fleet is mostly made up of armored cargo ships and Im having so much fun with it Okay so weve were gonna just take this Oxford out this is a uh its a Heavy Cruiser that has uh managed to to re okay I think its good to power plant back online uh that was very audacious of you what did I do I dont know check the audacity it seems fine okay well Im shooting in it with 450 so well thats what I was trying to get at oh you you must be eight one two one I see you down there no mercy for the battleship more DACA oh you pelting me oh onto maneuverable one nice things that one nice thing about this faction is having repurposed cargo vessels means theyre actually quite fast because theyre used to carrying a lot of a lot more stuff Im coming for your crash test this is not a good option I hope I can kill you before you can kill me thats my hope it depends on whether my plasma can actually cleave your armor in time or if those shots are theyre just okay that was a lot of damage yeah nothing beats 450. lets get some lateral movement on the audacity where the other chips to move down towards him but that gun is still not dead I can tell oh look at him just dodging those shots hes taking a few hits the audacity is doing some uh some dodging looks like your task group is still pretty intact actually Im also doing some dodging as well quiet commands on the line solution locked in were a little banged up Commander okay weve got it weve got a an angle on him with the railgun as well hes broken this this one off these are these are both frigates uh and this is his his main ship lets do most of the damage do you really want to go down in history as the person that killed the audacity yeah absolutely I want to be audacious the audacity is not in a good time oh Im getting smacked by line ships now this might be it yeah I think weevils moved in on the uh on the attack I have one option full power someone is shooting with RPF I think one of your frigates is its got RPF loaded Music hang on its okay youre just youre just um role playing out some high Fleet its uh proxies shooting at the rooster I see theyre lost in space and theres not much I can really do about it the Lost in Space is pretty much out of weapons all it has left is a single railgun I just this is a sprinter right next to Lost in Space lets see what happens when it gets shot by a railgun all right I gave up oh I see another one theres so many of these bastards the referee whats like Vietnam theyre coming out of the Rocks theyre coming out of the trees uh uh this aint nothing I can do with these I should throw on hang on no way no Ive only got these damn it uh hello hey hows it going uh we might win this though its getting tight on cap I have to say you guys doing 4v4 uh yeah were taking 44 right now yeah we can pick you up after this yeah Im I still got a lot of work to do so maybe some will be fine okay cool but you want to hang out Im also streaming yeah Ill Ill just have this uh the Discord open in the background and Ill just you know open a stream from time to time but I gotta do some work right now right now oh good Im loving how this railgun is over overpending this Sprinter yeah it is funny well take one more shot at it and well switch targets can you hit the other Reigns thats the plan Im gonna do that a second also you got the container stack launcher you might want to launch it then its its its out of ammo the stock launcher oh sorry so good so I think yeah I think my Im pretty sure its dead now uh youve killed it it put up one hell of a fight it died for as soon as I went into the middle thats it I should have just stayed on the outside and instead of going to air should have gone to C instead or B rather but um I think youve lost this game bench uh its gonna be neck and neck but I think were gonna eat out of wind since I dont see you guys capping any points anytime soon Im trying what were you saying about the cabinet is that Sprinter still alive yeah its still alive over petting the reins as well with the railcat as well yeah Rogans suck Im actually gonna try and do that slums you know it doesnt suck 11 guns on one ship yeah Ive got Ive got Ive also got um hehc shooting at the Sprinter um wait I think its 30 seconds nope um yeah weve lost I think we lost this one good guy yeah victory I won against the Commodore or we won against the Commodore that was fun that was really close that yeah that was really fun that was a really close game red team wins I think that was rough that was that was intense I know I didnt join the battle until later on okay um lets have a look at the Battle report so um where are my ships case froze okay the damage I did this round so the Admiral dance in-house game or is this no were just were just playing against whoever we can really it was a close game uh no damage for the mines from this ship the audacity did only 2 000 damage it didnt actually do that much the Lost in Space 5 000 damage mines did nothing rooster rooster did a lot of damage thats good to see damage 5000 damage on its HD 450. very much Skylark didnt do very five thousand damage thats okay uh but the spent casing doesnt look like any of my Minds did anything which is very sad and I didnt see any I had mines you know when the fleet was all clustered up around sea I had mines on the other side of the asteroid from them hoping to catch them as they came around it oh I was going to um I went uh D to e then a and then I sent my frigates into Corvettes and elastic effort to take um B I think you know what you know what Im really liking to see is the damage that um My Little cargo feeders did is actually not that far off the damage I mean you did double the damage with your HD but its still not that far off and I also shot a creep shot for most of the fight thats right West Republic of thetas uh the audacity the Lost in Space and the rooster theyre the ones that were doing the the most of the damage I mean you did a appreciable damage but I will put this the audacity didnt do very much and what I really should have been using was um 250s but I just didnt have the time to alter the ship because it wants to get it going in a approachable amount of time I think yeah this one this one was nice I cant find they mustnt be my mines regulars I cant find any triggering for them so the sped casing laid mines Music oh no Beam on the bottom I did 5000 damage with mines 5 000 damage than mines means usually you got one good hit yeah one to two Good Hits yeah no hits on this one and the the the Lost in Space fired mines as well and it got no hits with its mind so it only got one mind hit by the looks of it all right I really like the look of those Im gonna just checking what my line ship Fleet looks like I want to take a lion shift Fleet out next I think let me just check that its actually playable yeah Ive got tug Fleet here pretty much the same food I just played but its got a line ship so were gonna go with that now awesome down under blender oh sorry I just realized I was talking to Discord but I was talking to this chat um okay Im good to go oh actually no give me a second I just remembered I need to increase the amount of um ammo I have for my C whiz in this Fleet just okay two seconds you could join and modify it in the lobby if youd like oh kind of cool yeah I only took five thousand rounds of PD on this in this Fleet so uh I I did have time to make a couple of fleets of my own and I made a proper Fleet and a couple of joke speeds well more than happy with Joe fleets or real fleets yeah the the one of the joke one of the joke for you is basically like contain afraid with all containers like as possible rocket containers mines whatever so the ship Im going to be checking in for this engagement is a four um MLS twos um nothing but LMS MLS yes and it has 32 cell phone size essentially and I think I think that might be the best yep nub Fleet I have a lot of Chef Ive ever seen okay thats true enough ammo what a mysterious thing you are okay we need more ammo 144 size two missiles were just gonna go for it I dont want to mess with it both magazines Ive got super super steep learning curve but when you can do night skies is play fleets based around people could calculate how much larger ships um that require less less micro like if if the person running the Solomon in the last battle they would have probably had that Solomon and maybe a couple of Corvettes and the most of their time would have spent microwave just that one ship so also I have Weeble Knievel on the other team oh no hes moved over I was just about to say youre on the other team Weeble but youve moved over no I was gonna play ANS for a bit but cool since they asked for most teams will play mixed teams are we playing mixed teams okay um is crash crash didnt make it into the lobby no Im still modifying my feet just go on without me are you sure okay yeah whatever is anyone else on Discord need to join are you good them so okay something else so were doing were doing mixed teams for this game which is going to be chaos because then its the game is not balanced for mixed teams um so and were also on a different map yeah I wanted to mix it up a bit I had all the maps floated so might as well use them yeah I also love how easy it is to download a map now so the idea behind my main ship in this Fleet is one big broadsider that Im Gonna Keep in cover pop out fire off a barrage of 450 millimeter um and then once the salvos done give it back yeah I can see I can see what youre bringing Im quite excited actually its not gonna be fun for me caliber meme the problem is is the fleet that Im bringing is not designed to flight OSP at all missiles are very hard to use Bill youll do this Im not really using them theyre both on our side and everyone else is OSP I should have just picked up one of the stuff I should have just picked up one of the starter please someone wants to play uh Alliance sad face Ill happily play a Solomon Fleet or maybe even Axford Fleet at some point I just only have extra is a lot more solid Oxford with uh the mark 65 is that any good uh all Oxford setups right now are good you just cant um let them get caught out so you have to have just good border patrol with them Id recommend um you know the uh two slots on the two slots on either side of the expert that usually gets Point defense there but Mach 62 cannons there with its RPF I do that yeah I do that with RPF I do exactly that so the the whats your back and the Run hotter die the rhodod these are both um basically tentacles they are incredibly fast shuttles with missiles I want to group them together um I want to try and get my ship behind this asteroid if I can it might be too slow to do that though it is a very very slow ship um lets see how we go this is gonna be a very different type of fight because its all about this ship here look at those guns somebody has the stream running oh yeah sorry watch watch the hot mic I have headphones or first talk the nurse and the doctor are are just there to um I forgot that this map doesnt have the uh elevation overlay which will be a little bit of a pain but oh well well work with it on the move Im gonna get these guys up on top of the map as quickly as I can and they have aftermarket Racing Engine drives so they can flag speed so the Lineback is all about these four 50 millimeter cannons um they have a Reload time of 45 seconds but they each have an auto loader capacity of eight um and then the nurse and the doctor are mostly just here to give additional radar if we need it and um they also have more seawas on them because missiles will kill me very very quickly but were up against OSP so theres not really any big ships to Jewel with so Im not sure whats going to happen but well see look how fast these boys are zoom in this is what I love about this faction is these little little fast ships I should have turned off their flank engines they dont normally be going this fast right now okay lets get them sort of maybe to about here Ill get the other one out to about somewhere like this and theyre going to come around later on in the battle and hopefully stop someone else you should really reload guns with explosives thats I dont think Ive even got anything that can handle it no I mean the line said dont have a pretty little bit high explosive it thats thats what its got loaded its only carrying how explosive okay I didnt bother putting armor piercing on it because its 450 millimeter 450 AP does have its marriage just uh very situational okay so theyre moving up these coming around we could actually maybe put a lot of pressure on C from here 50 AP is my Solomon cruncher around this is a um a beam Destroyer a beam Heavy Cruiser uh these are all beam lasers youll get hopefully get to see them firing unfortunately the beam liters are not great against the OSP but well see what we can do the Cossack here is using a a spotlight I think but unfortunately Im just looking at the Cossack and its blocking its blocked from view of C even though its uh highlighting it which is a shame what kills me is that I got a spyglass down here and I dont see anyone really oh thats concerning were gonna peek over the top of this asteroid essentially a little bit too much I want to fire off a crew Im gonna fire off a line ship decoy down towards C and see if they do anything make them think Im trying to cap it with a with a big ship really early on so awkward to fire these sometimes try that again weapon decoy container just see if they think Im doing that Im actually going to launch some mines as well Ill launch it fire off of mine to about I want to get it to behind this rock well see about here oh weve got a track and Ill fire off the other mine about here okay weve got some tracks theres some missiles I think I want to give this a heading command to face this direction just so that its already pre-aligning just come this way a little bit oh thats a cool map The Roosters being locked lets bring it back thats a long range spray Im not interested in getting involved in that fight just yet what is this a bonk missile whats a bunk missile I hit a rock Im not ready to engage at this range really you know what Im gonna give them a little bit of their own medicine its getting pretty killed with these uh services anyways that bunk missiles looks like an amm uh the box if Im correct our size one um offense missiles thats cool okay one eight one eight X Series okay weve got something down here looks like its pretty fast at least thats the last time I saw a box missile thats what they were uh it looks like theyre setting up some mines behind some of these rocks to stay alert I should be using this for you its so much easier to plan a move okay how are these guys doing taking quite heavy fire Got The Walking Dead range on the pinpoint is much less than I thought it was looking at the cluster I think this is a line ship I think 8528 is a line ship added 9910 as well just looking at the amount of fire Im getting from them yeah those are 450 lines if the audacity is getting wrecked no 450 lines okay I think were gonna get out of out of the danger zone let them repair they will let the damage control team do their work if theyre line ships then shouldnt 100 millimeter AP shred them at least since theyve only got 20 centimeters of armor kinda does theyre at a range right now which is the problem cant get the audacity out of their I cant get their Destiny out of their firing solution destroyed Ill cover DACA nurse you can set it into Charlie and uh skeleton cover it okay moving them in youve got missiles I want to know why did you just like give up the um uh points uh Point eating because there was no one there when I like rolled up with my ex that it was just there was nothing uh because I was mowing them through everyone else I was a guy at Point a I dont know the audacity is down yeah were getting missiled theres lots of missiles coming in Im gonna lose the rooster as well yeah the roost is about to go down I dont have PD loaded these ships use grape and I was shooting yeah both ships are down fire just got locked missile isnt coming on the Excalibur okay though you know what theyre doing I think theyre shooting at my my decoy its good to put the decoy ahead because they will just waste missiles on it oh this is you dont have any missiles to waste the doctor the nurse the doctor the nurse do not have a lot of PD um and theyre burning through it quite quickly all right uh I can move the Excalibur it has a PD cover if you have too much missile the Lineback can do it too you may also move rooster out because uh audacity is about to go critical uh the rooster is not responding to commands well theyre going to get a nuclear Sun bath Im gonna order an evacuation 450 lines are firing on uh Hellfire wheres Hellfire more missiles coming in as well on Nurse the doctor theyve almost theyve almost kept theyve almost kept the point though the dog just heard something she just zoomed off yeah I think I think theyre now out of ammo no they still got some ammo yeah the guns have to reload sometimes so therell be a break in the fire theyve capped the point Im moving them off that was the uh audacity just went up all right weve got them off the point and there is a Minefield there so something might happen its gonna be its its down to them really to make a move now this is gonna be a bit more of a cat and Max I think the damage on the container freighter is kind of disappointing actually and the container missiles uh they hit like a truck but you gotta get them to hit which is the really hard part about it yeah Ive got a fire Ive got a shot on track 9910 which I think is a container theyre like um uh pylons they can do shitloads of damage and theyre really tanky but theyre slow as Sin so a certain kinds of PD weapons just have so much time to chip away at their health assassinating 98-96 1423 is definitely a car a line crater Im going to take a try and take it out okay Ive got a solution oh I just lost it damn it so what Im doing is waiting for all my guns to go green which means that all of these broadside weapons have a firing solution and thats what Im gonna kill all right uh were just waiting for these two guns to go green okay go oh we didnt quite have the solution I thought we had there damn Kia one of our ships just got absolutely obliterated by the Land Cruisers how do they have a track at that long range their Bullseye doesnt have that have that bullseyeon That Fire Control rate of a pinpoint but yeah thats 9000 meters out they shouldnt be able to get a track at that range at least not from them it could be in a cello the cellos can have the uh the bullseyes only got 9k um lock range and theyre beyond nine thousand uh meters I dont know Im trying to get a solution on this uh on 2030 but it said bad its done already oh now you should be me at cool cool I think its gonna survive my hits Ill just keep cutting down these missiles then how dare he shoot plasma at me ah theres something coming over the top of the Rock uh three two five three five two eight its a container liner I have a its its clear of the rock Ive got a shot on it hes launching on you yep okay Im engaging it the audacity just blew up it blew up a long time ago okay Im getting hits with my 450 on the uh container liner okay Im reloading Im gonna go back to cover I wonder how effective those 450s are I wonder if they just over penetrate yeah its not really I never really thought Id be fighting against other OSP ships because I know that my um 450 HG in the last game did surprisingly little damage look at this rocket spam thats how you kill a container liner I think thats container spam not rocket span no these These are these are piranha Rockets um oh is that right yeah alarm on 35 28 its dead thank you hows 2030 doing struggling Im just chewing them apart slowly no need to rush someone is locking my freighter I think its 20 30. yeah I I kind of think the container line or kind of sucks because the keep the Speedy option the defender and the police is actually the best against the container because of their size and and those dudes yeah but most people fit the Aurora because its the dog itll break up the habits you dont know eight eight five two eights is uh firing at me with uh 450 but yeah I think youre right um container missiles uh suck okay I got I got out of position no uh the problem here is uh people in the module in this like you have to pick at least four hours on your ship like if you have an expert or even just a foxhole you usually get four auroras because people spam hybrids all the time but this with the defender Improvement where you can actually stop a hybrid if it doesnt have terminal maneuvers and with the spam of other missiles we OSP like container missiles I think the defender people started using defender war like maybe two defender or two Defender to Aurora eight nine nine eight nine six seems to come back to life I wonder if flat guns will make a bit of a breakfast surgeon since foreign its the only good uh the factors are only good against size 2 missiles bam like thats pretty much the only um thats some good use too if youre bringing stone walls yeah so this is this is a much slower fight youll notice because were not using um such light ships like containers containers just have to mine too many too much HP because it has 150 HP per Im waiting so Im gonna get a firing Solution on this probably not sure theyre not optimal to it but if you combine it with other PD it helps yeah thats why not just take a Defender because its deeper oh you are going to bring a Defender but its always good to have yeah Im not gonna get a solution lets just kill this thing yeah that is true but yeah no I do get the point um I probably will just switch to uh Defenders and swap out what hasnt been capped yet where is Bravo Bravos in the middle there something else I know Ive got cirrhosis for hybrids and long range support what else are people getting married oh Lord were gonna get oh you got this mine uh Defenders good for area defense or they still kind of suck for that of course what have I forgotten about okay theyre a little bit short range for area defense lets do something with them shall we watch your back in the Reinhardt or die right on top of the enemy Fleet I think its time they uh did some work I think its time I deployed my uh sprinters my Corvette my shuttles you know aside from losing um The Audacity and the rooster you havent actually done too bad there hasnt been really much of a fight thats the problem yeah theres been a bit of opposition over on their little contain site over there but Im about to come in behind it with a bunch of rockets hopefully I can do something oh theyve got mines all over a mine cleared if you really want no I cant get this business launch there we go oh thats why they in their own Minefield thats thats stupid if only we had some sway to jam them but we dont did they not watch your excellent um video about the danger thank you Reinhardt is dead but he got off a full barrage before it died both ships got off their barrages before they died and they did a lot of damage but theyve got two acelos and a um 450 freighter there oh Lord Im about to lose Hellfire take a missile I gotta repair teams theyre gonna learn today if thats the case and were gonna do it like this I wonder if flat guns would be good against uh Rockets since theyre very small yep again brackets oh yeah its like five guys are very good against rockets oh I didnt realize what your back was still alive I just assumed it died I mean its useless at this point except for Captain points but you seem to be struggling with that since theyre camping points points it does have a radar it does have a Target look but yeah it doesnt do much else can do well keep it in reserve until later moving out I was just going to finish off the fish of Alameda oh this was dead do we know what 899-8977 is yeah I did forget the strips the whole time slopes so easy to do oh wait its small whatever it is its very small yeah its really small its coming in on C ID those uh TQ things in the square brackets track quality the higher the number of the better the track youve got um so um how do you tell what size something is because Ive been a dick in a round of masquerades again and Im wondering um oh its its an Escape pod Im oh my God oh my God no no no no Im engaging an escape pod with 450 millimeter well at least youre not gonna hit it with 450. that was nearly a war crime I did I canceled it I canceled it its cruising right towards uh Charlie and you cant find a skatepod you cant even command them theyre moving their 9910-8528 are now coming out of cover I see you within range Im trying to get a good angle on them Im already firing though Im going for the freighter me too its a single broadside freighter Im getting some hits not many oh its trying to fire on me they got lucky are they firing on one nine oh no theyre not are they going back into cover now theyre very far behind me theyre very far behind the cap game yeah I think you might just win this dude to just they need to they need they need to engage and they need to get out of this mindset as well because OSP doesnt win by doing what theyre doing this is how ANS win right like they cant afford to sit on a point and we wont if we wont fight them on that point oh yeah the thing is you have to be willing to use the Ambush abilities of OSP if you try to do the slow grind tactic of ANS youre gonna die a painful soy bass no 13 dead ghosts we will not be just shooting at any any um any skateboards theres a container liner still up there I thought it was dead its dead right thats an escape pod leaving it yeah now you nailed that container liner with your rockets and your took it out of the game but that wasnt me that was um uh Cuba boot away whats one theres an acello in the open 1928 what attract 1928 yeah its a real sellout the Freighters just popped back over again theyre trying to come over the Rock a fire as soon as Ive got a solution setting a role on a heading so that Im facing towards the oh and I need to change that slightly thats not a good roll just so that when they come over the hill I dont have to move too much I want to do something like that Im sorry bulk crater but Excalibur doesnt play like that oh thats dirty thats the beat this is the beam um Heavy Cruiser that um Wheels running it will cut these ships to pieces if you can get shown on them very much a close range murder weapon show me to get my shuttle to give you a lock I can get a lock as soon as I see him Im just scaring the heck out of him right now lets clear all the rubbish I put in thats outside taking fire from the Oslo youre adorable you think thats gonna hurt me okay Im also engaged in the book writer Im gonna have to switch targets to the Acela its pushing me really hard focus on yourself the uh both craters stuck on me and Im just gonna tie it off he just switched targets to my Tugs you stop shooting at my freighter and started shooting at the tugs and thats probably a really bad idea from him oh its a 250 millimeter RSL I see why hes shooting at the Tugs oh you picked it up down under thats so cool dont get too overwhelmed when you pick it up it is very confusing when you start playing lets hold fire until weve got us weve got a sign on him hes doing quite a good job of hiding behind the Rocks no its getting pounded yeah nurse is gonna go down focusing a bit too much on the Lineback and letting nurse go down really they just cant be when its too late I think yeah were losing nurse were losing nurse but rip nurse how much ammo do we have left 600 shells oh thick Masters had an ammo explosion yeah that didnt look nice wheres the cap point back here hey I could just back cap a off them doctors going down now these are our shots hitting I know this is a cargo feeders this is what I really like playing with the Chicago feeders thats it we lost nursing doctor oh no they just killed our shuttle I tried to back up with the shuttle but they didnt let me okay I suppose they did watch their back then do I have a shot here I think Ive got a shot yeah its its its very very much that kind of style of super overwhelming learning curve oh Ive got some great shots on this ocello yeah youre too manual targeting for that kind of thing down under and its very hard to do you kind of just have to work fire on tracks and get this but best sensing as you can on your target this is nice Im getting some really good shots on this guy all right I finally managed to engage with 1423 hes Im not gonna last long in a fight against him but whats offline rapid DC Locker PDT I might be distracted by doctor the big problem Ive got is my really long reload times yeah thats on the Rockets oh those Rockets are nice Im really happy he kept all of those so late yeah missiles are an investment the later you can hold them the bigger their payoff is yeah if I left my shuttles until now to hit with them they would have been huge I use them too early so far Ive only lost a DC locker and a birthing which is pretty great oh here comes the Excalibur sneaking around the bottom of the mountain oh Im thinking rail shots from Below 1928s below me on D how are we doing on damage duck DC Locker birthing okay we still havent lost anything still havent lost anything important the ships doing really well for damage control right now his 450s his 250 millimeters are really inaccurate especially at this range I chunked them pretty good earlier so he probably doesnt have a good luck quality the real its the so lets do me some problems falling okay I just lost the reactor hey scorpion hows it going okay I think I might align the side of the rail ship now uh we need to restore this yeah okay the only thing I need to do a store on is the um Ill probably just restore the plant control center as well yeah this seller stops shooting which is another which is a good sign for us bulk freighter beats um broke freighter beats uh military built warship news at 11. oh thats excellent thats a really good background for this kind of thing system operational powers back on again okay 40 23 is down ceasefire lets okay I cant take on 1928 but what other targets can I focus on um is a book fair still alive yeah he barely managed to limp away from your Rockets the problem Ive got is uh okay 1928 is engaging Excalibur right now with uh railguns Im gonna see if I can get it with a broadside and Chase it away what else is offline right now Ive lost the PD laser theres a rail gun DC Locker then thats a bar thing an ammo elevator Ive lost two M elevators okay and a breaking Thruster I dont need to restore anything else so do my damage control teams can restore components that have been destroyed we only get a certain number depending on what damage control teams youve got on your ship I have two stores left and I want to save them for generators and Main guns Im gonna try and get a shot on this ship and yeah its a good point crash test they dont really have much left 99 10 dead cool Im trying to get a solution on uh 1928 its not moving oh theyve theyve its over oh we capped we kept oh wow that was a that was a weird game yeah OSP sort of uh trying to use Alliance tactics uh that was Aurora it was a a map um from uh the community no I did my job Lineback did almost 10K damage Im happy with that thats excellent no hits with those missiles my missile Warfare wasnt great 2000 damage the nurse and the nurse the doctor didnt do much and the audacity and the rooster did nothing the object Terror wow the object terror is using casement okay interesting look at the intercepts on Hellfire oh damn I quit out thats the object there is actually the OSB spider Fleet so Excalibur had about 41k damage and uh Hellfire shot down uh 41 missiles damn so Slims that one wasnt turning too bad like I had two Drive yards in it to give it tons of linear uh thrust but that problem was it was really slow Im probably up for one more and then Im probably gonna head to bed uh host again cool maybe do one more after that well see all right each coming in Crash yeah Ive got my fleet ready now awesome its time to crush you with 250 millimeter cannons Im looking forward to it Im going back in with the fleet I used in the first game yeah I think it went pretty well as well Cuba um I lost a lot of ships but the main ship the line freighter was firing for the whole game pretty much once it got into position and um we managed to hold the points Im pretty happy with how it all went crash just because you werent in the last game keep a boat away is has a lot of missiles yeah just just so youre aware I didnt want you to go in unknown since we all knew what Cuba had all right are we doing mixed Weeble are we going faction um lets do it faster thats nice one if we can unless somebody planes yeah the other the other ship fleets called tug Fleet oh sorry I didnt mean to put that through oh bill that would be so good tap on a ship with your finger and then just physically move where you want to put it in the battle space a five shift that would be good for me slums it probably would be um Ill need to do some building what did I do Kiba oh youre in the Channel I didnt realize I didnt I got it wrong Im just letting crash test now Im not missile shaming I actually love it I actually love the missiles um I wish Id held mine back longer in that game hey everyone download the map fine yeah I hadnt done it yet because Im terrible oh cicadas good never played on cicada before Ive only played on our pillows I got all the good maps Ive played on Luna once actually that was fun I hate surface thats they all have the same problem thats why I have this map this this Fleet set up with one big control group so that for the early game I could focus on it as just one group theres not much in the way of cover it is Miss Island V scorpion Im loving this update I was gonna say that Im really loving this update its so much fun its just nice to play the game again as well yeah I feel like Im doing um anti-insurgent operations with my big stinky ship Ill definitely get some ANS fleets built for the weekend when I go again see it see you Bill thanks for hanging around its been really nice having you Ill be sure to watch the bar to see how you do with ANS cleats probably badly I think we should napped already up car 101 was just too slow starting the game sorry for outing YouTuber I didnt realize youre in chat I just wanted to give crash test a running chance crisis likes their volunteer I like I like crash tests for you crash test probably running three or two voxels at 250 millimeters yes you can Charles and I have container I have containers on my cargo feeders in this in this Fleet that Im running right now also this is taking a long time to load its that Aussie internet I dont know maybe this isnt oh thats right it has that massive plate at the top I remember thats that plate is bloody huge theres also not a lot of cover um between that like the inside and the outside oh good that means theyll itll be great for my um Long Range Guns and my long range radar this is a little bit of a more tight-knit map though so while you cant get some range its going to be a bit more close quarter all right lets go across youre gonna like my fleet yeah I cant wait to see it Crimson one thats not a project women reference is it nah I should get some Project women references into my fleet as well the high Fleet references nah Im just gonna go all on the elements every shift and element like your research stations yeah yeah we if wed had a hang-up Jammer in that last game that fleet was sitting in the middle of a massive Minefield on b or d yeah but uh OSP doesnt get comms Jammers thank God the do on your cello it seems like that thats a big problem with USB every time you can make a statement about the OSP the answer is but they can on the Othello we both know these accounts for a lot of things all right making some risky moves but lets go heading there now Commander just laying some mines out here were trying to lay some lines it is awkward see how that does sorry I started the the the battle music by launching some mine containers oh theyre gonna hit a rock damn it lets cancel can I cancel yeah cancel oh were gonna lose in my container probably so it said I had a straight shot I see were now opposed to each other uh Weeble Knievel ah our first Catch of the Day awaiting orders Commander youve got a lock what can you hit me you cant have any rocket shuttles I got I havent actually looked yet Ive been doing lots of orders how many rocket shuttles do you have nine yeah thats a lot of Rocket shots that is disgusting I dont care if I tip my hand I just like leaving you paranoid track 1205 oh that was a terrible ignore that something can see me and I can see a bunch of things but I cant lock anything yet thats kind of the big deal the big cheese all right lets have a look at this what are we looking at here theres a lot of jamming going on good jamming Im from C I think um tracks 1205 to 948 and 9542 are rails oh Dads taking fire its RPF interesting no theyre not Oxford frigate frigate Reigns what are you for 966 when you come out to play its probably the Admiral dead oh dear oh thats a good one oh damn you whatever you are Roger that 102.5 oh hes just disappeared thats cooked an odd fight so far oh nice Crimson nice weep look look at these Brave OSP troops just coming in on this Oxford what the is this is that you oh Jesus oh oh no oh you got weaved is that actually okay it doesnt look okay oh you bastards you killed it wow killed it ah my boy my precious baby boy that was pretty disgusting what I just witnessed Music youll pay for this Im gonna make you pay oh foreign ers just it was your shuttles okay down there weep Rook squads Under Fire thats it killing that Sprinter which is try obviously revealing them grape shots actually useful here uh God damn it heliums dead that sucks Im under Fire now Crimson one Crimson to me he he notes he just sprayed his hot load all over my all over my uh Battleship on my Heavy Cruiser and bottom having trouble on the light on the left bottom oh oh thats disgusting thats another another Oxford just got rocketed actually its a double Oxford Fleet I have a taste of my Spears I got on both of them wow Music youre getting closer thats good Im good Im engaging theres another ax for 2310 yes two more and theres 1751 which is escaping but looks like 4138 is down 23 10 and 883a is the two Targets that I have hit yet yeah 23 10 Im trying to push on its been shooting at me Im just gonna go for it yes okay now were firing wait where are you I dont think thats me youre shooting at this is my Vengeance for the loss thats thats Weeble youre shooting at nope thats you I see h-i-f uh which ship which should be shooting at last in space Oh no not the Lost in Space oh no foreign Music did not penetrate Ill fire all of my missiles if need thats I cant believe theyre not penetrating theyre only sized ones if they could be oh okay guys ones arent gonna get through 40 mils of armor move were reading you looking for your orders come over you cant shoot that far its damaged no no thats one Shadow gone firing solution locked in big boom go away all right Im gonna Im in a big fight now I am thank you for the missile support yes hit him charge succeeded yeah its dead well that game sucked uh for me at least yeah Im really sorry that happened crash test uh well at least I got to have a valiant charge of radon Im taking a lot of extra fire here my poor little cargo feeders gonna lose the rooster oh gosh Music I think he may as well be ordinates die already I gotta figure out what to do if they got a fleet whats going on some hot biking yeah Im not sure what that is probably doesnt me Ive got headphones on it doesnt sound like you Im on headphones as well check out 8838 I cant find Ill find it ready for it yeah Im watching and watching The Charge of the Light Brigade was unsuccessful space technicals God thats oppressive how do you defend against that Wars movies but I had stonewalls on um uh Boron and it just did nothing probably never go near asteroids I was in the deepest space oh no sorry I was reading it in that yeah you actually just got leaped on didnt you yeah oh that is a beam two eight three one is I think theres shuttle so I considered that a not really a win no lets be honest here stop desecrating the carcass of radon I can see you firing at it for us being Im getting a bit too emotional is that me am I shooting at it if I am Im sorry I dont know its someones shooting a railgun at raid on oh it is its me but I didnt realize it was dead well thanks for the Intel and then whats the next Target yeah rip the rooster rooster and Skylark are down beam DDS came out of nowhere yeah there are bmds on the field that are gonna be a pain Im running out of ships Im gonna try and hit one of the DDS with rockets its very very cool 92 Edo is that how I say it um oh look at this this is gonna be good I got a good Mr barrage on the bbds foreign has a cooked beam only one you got to worry about is 2831 kooky snow yo these um uh these little shuttles are oppressive the problem is theyre one and done two Im out of this game well you took out my entire fleet with just three of those and I imagine thats not a good point uh trading uh my favor yeah a couple other ships that survived my attacks all Ive already got left is the audacity and Lost in Space you know this uh just this just really does uh say to me that uh radon needs some like anti-40 millimeter capability like just hdkp size one missiles so I can at least um penetrate better thick out across yeah I was really surprised your missiles in pen I can make missiles that pen 40 millimeter its just most of the stuff that uh OSB has is 20 millimeter at best yeah that that the cargo feed is a weird outlier there but I mean if you look at the ship itself it is covered in armor plates yeah oh where did you come from oh weve got it uh 28 31 and 30. 445 both have active beams Im trading fire with 2310 right now you have 80. oh here we go uh there are maps with grounds and stuff on them night skies but there tend to be not that popular yeah beam Keystone seem to be very good against OSP they killed my cargo feeders in seconds am I winning Sun tier material this is a pretty hard one although crash test died very quickly and I feel really sorry for them because that was a really nasty way to die I dont know who the hot Mac is lets see him its Liam theres still a big cluster ships we really need um we need stuff like the this big Line ship weve got here to do a lot of work they beam the screamer they beat the screamer I think this line ships too deep in the battle its um gonna get BD really quickly yeah maps are a priority actually uh congrats on being done with your meetings trm thats always a good feeling ah this this here is a big problem this group of ships these are these are beam destroyers um and they are just just oh my God I see a shuttle flying Alliance cuff uh colors really yeah that is very ghost budget I think thats something the OSP would actually do its its funny Verge its called the funny Verge as well oh this does look like a oh and were way too deep well I just lost the launcher I was about to do something real cheeky to them just asked one I I think this the Andre s bahala is going to get beamed and its gonna die really fast yeah I was about to run in with Cyclops and drop some mines but I only got mines on a do they destroy the launcher yeah they got the launcher on it it was just about to reload up too and it went out kaboom who was that knows I think it was not in love the leader wow they had plenty of emms to clean up my Minefield yeah they did that fast didnt they all right Im engaging uh three four four five because thats quite a massive bmdds though and your audacity is kind of like a knockoff BD s its called screamer because I have a ship in my high Fleet campaign type called screamer screamer but it is a funny coincidence that you are also called screamer um get the plasma going hes trying to get it on target yep there it goes yeah there goes the uh the Line ship died so fast theres a magic good hit you can switch AC yeah yeah Im getting jammed but I dont think it matters at this range theyre both focusing on me now uh cut the corner dive down so youre only gonna fight one at a time foreign ly taking part in the fight it dont seem to be very accurate right now they dont seem to have a lot of accuracy now if you keep cutting closer to them too by the way youll get it to where their ship cant turn fast enough to get the beam on beam only has a higher degree targeting cone so if you start rushing them at around its running a lot better slums as long as you keep dodging I went a bit low there but thats fine it gives me a chance to reload yeah Ive gone a bit low just to get doubt give damage control a chance if cap day though thats fine thats fine what do we have left apart from my two ships please dont tell me a tugboat the Cyclops and theres a couple of car theres a cargo theater theres some stuff over here uh trying to um kill dont shoot me that I dont think its going to work somehow yeah pretty much out of this fight oh thats scary beam scary beams get that beam off me hey prawn hows it going youre firing at audacity that ships dead I got stuck I cant get out of this position my thrusters are down you can go ahead and throw in the flag of some Italian effort theyre not actually theyre actually not doing a lot of damage we won how the did I we win everybody had us to show up your shuttle run yeah I think you baited all of our Rockets out and thats what went in the game what you spent all your rockets on me pretty much thats what it seems like I spent all my rockets on every single ax friend you had on the field the two red oxfords I couldnt kill by the way yeah I mean whats hitting me from over here oh the experts still alive Dont Shoot Me still alive yeah both of his Acts were just so alive wow thats impressive yeah thats ANS damage control for you the thing is my rocket attacks will a ship but I cant kill any ship I need a make sure that I have teammates that are able to deal the killing blow and tip them I know you do this is a cargo theater not a tugboat there was nothing I could do with lead it was dead in the water Im taking some this this ax for this is the death now its all down to the acid thats all thats left if I could take this Keystone that Ill be pretty happy damage control team are doing work on the audacity somehow still alive no its not you dont really Direct Control the ships the same way as well the tanks firemen uh I know my damage is gonna be awful but I want to see um how well spares did those uh small little size one uh offensive missiles yeah Ill surrender all right did we talk caps that oh someone still hasnt surrendered in our team oh wow that was uh yeah its very similar to War Thunder actually its a really good way of putting it to around that was a crazy fight uh it turned into such a brawl the beams did it the beams did work there Ripley audacity rip the spent casing rip the Admiral down rip the Skylark rip the rooster rip the screamer with Lost in Space that was uh that was a fun look just look at the world the dead ships are like we fought everywhere this tugboat its tugging away we should wait for him to surrender right now not sure why Kevin doesnt want to quit out but its not going to take much longer anyway theyve got the cap theyre not going to find his other ship thats running for the edge of the map though there you go yeah there you go well done a s players well done a s place I did terribly all right lets have a look at what we did the nasty did only a thousand damage thats pretty terrible because I got killed um like I didnt even do 800 damage I got I did 800 damage and thats it oh much um screamer did 7 000 damage with its missile barrage Im really happy with that the problem with flanking speed um I probably could use slacking speed there actually but the engine that Ive got on the ships isnt really good for altering Music yeah it might just really didnt do very much there I think Im gonna go back to the other thing Ive got time for one more game if you want to play one more game no go ahead and call it myself personally okay if that if people are heading off our head off then it is getting late it was fun for us thanks no worries thank you very much for coming along I hope you guys learned something oh we definitely did yeah uh put line shoots in the front Florence so I think this Fleet needs uh needs some work I probably need to probably make it a bit more like this Fleet here uh which is the other Fleet I ran tonight which is the tug Fleet this one has this this this line back here actually is a lot of work um this was a surprisingly good ship um with this one-sided broadside uh so I think Im gonna maybe base it more around this maybe even go for two linebacks for something um but thats for this weekend I want to play again this weekend if you want to join in um Ill be doing it a different time so it should be better I hope people can come along thank you all for watching Ive had a really good stream its been a lot of fun um Im actually thats really good games so um yeah have a good one um awesome slums I think Ive still got into like three people to buy maybe this off the stream which is crazy um I hope you all had fun I know it was like a bit weird with a Discord and me chatting but yeah Im glad youll stop by and uh Ill see you all later and uh jump on the Discord if you want to chat about the game or well get some more streams going and well get some steam cüzdan kodu Gonna play some multiplayer, come and hang out! how to steam milk in microwave steam gift cards. family sharing steam games best relaxing games on steam steam vr game sale