How and why to drop the Flag | NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

Steam for adultsstanley steamer code NEBULOUS: FLEET COMMAND game hello and welcome Im JD and today were going to talk about how you can drop the flag in Capture the Flag bones sometimes when youve captured a flag you may have used your larger heavier ships to actually muscle your way into the point as sometimes the lighter ships can easily be destroyed but these are really slow so you want to be able to go capture it but at the same time not have your heavy Crews or Battleship wander all the way across the map so you can drop the flag so someone else can pick it up by going to the unit card of the ship that has the flag denoted by the flag icon on the carrier card or by the flag icon above the ship and if you Mouse over the flag itll give you the option to drop the flag so if I click that the flag will now be dropped and it says it up the top you know you necessarily wont see it like this but if you open up the Tactical map youll now see where the flag has dropped the one thing to note about this is this ship here thats dropped the flag wont be able to recapture the flag unless it moves out and then back in so I can demonstrate this by setting a few different waypoints around noting that I have sped up the time a Heavy Cruiser does not move this fast but as long as I move this ship within the flag sphere its not going to be able to be picked up if I move it out and then back in then I will collect that flag so why would you want to drop the flag and hand it over well you dont want this Heavy Cruiser having to go all the way back so by dropping the flag and then moving off you can then have one of your ships come through click that flag and then head off and score the point so so a tactic that you may be able to do instead of actually having to drop it and then move this ship out of the capture Zone and then move this other ship in you can simply move them in proximity of each other and then When selecting the drop flag icon after a brief pause of about one or two seconds itll automatically then move and be picked up by this other ship allowing you to move off you do have to take note of where enemy ships are as if you drop the flag from one ship over to the other due to the brief pause you may end up in a scenario where the enemy ship actually ends up taking back that flag now this is Center flag so theyll be able to take control of the flag and take it to their base if this was um if this was capturing the other teams flag and then having to return it to yours in one of the other Capture the Flag modes it would then reset that flag theres just something to be aware of there so this will open up a number of different tactics that you can potentially use within your games when youre playing Capture the Flag to make sure that you dont always have to worry about the large heavy ships always being the slow slow movers particularly after that first flag capture where a Corvette can get in and then take a flag and move back by that time youve got the heavy ships now being able to sit on the facility or moving over to the capture point to be able to sit on there and wait for that flag to be returned so thats it for this video thanks for watching and take care black mesa steam This video will cover how to drop the Flag in Capture the Flag gamemodes, why you might want to do it and some considerations when doing so. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nebulous Fleet Command Discord: game of thrones winter is coming steam steam police steam hiding games amarillo steam team rent steam machine