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Steam game padsteamed hams but every scene is a different animation style NEBULOUS: FLEET COMMAND game hello and welcome Im JD and in this game we are going to play the OSP Ive got a fleet here that is designed for both close engagements with one line ship supported by mass drivers for top cover and then um were playing on pillars 4v4 3000 Points each uh this game doesnt run to completion because I do drop out at the end however I think it is a good learning opportunity both for me and for anyone else who wants to watch it so with that said lets get into the game going to get one of the Clippers straight into Point e and the other ones Im just centering around the left hand side of the map with the fizzy foil being my spotting ship just sitting in the middle weve also got the OSP ospn Secrets uh best the left no secrets best left known I should say off to the left and then weve also got some Mass drivers in the center with the fd-sz capping on B all right thank you all right so you can see on the top left hand side here weve got one brawling ship so Ive basically loaded this one out with uh plasma and t30s just designed to sort of get in there nice and close and then Ive also got one which is just Mass drivers on one side I did have a little issues when designing this trying to figure out the power because I wasnt really sure how to do that so my my thinking was Id have each of the mass drivers in their own weapons group and that was a bad idea and will overtax the my ability to micromanage during this game so Im sending a Clipper straight into E I want to get that nice and early for the team and because the mass drivers are on the left hand side of my my line recruit my bulk liner I want to rotate that early with the roll command now we are going to start to move to the left hand side so uh upon spawning in you can see that my mate also had when I say my mate I just mean teammate um has two cargo has two monitors and it also has another line ship as well which will have a number of t30s and Plasma in the center weve got two of these bulk liners with mass drivers theyll basically just provide OverWatch and hes got an early warning radar so he can sweep the battlefield and then between him and myself or Tam myself weve got two LRT bloodhounds for those uh more targeted um quiet command for the more targeted searching off to the right hand side weve got to see the task force Ash or a similar task force Ash played by uh Kelly Papa now thats like his one of his first games he does really well um hes got off to cap point B and hes just gonna sit there for this game and defend that point with his life now one of the issues that Ive found with the bulk liners is just the fact that Im not used to how slow they turn and you will probably see that throughout this game just trying to get them onto Target can sometimes be a little bit of an issue for me and I probably overestimate how quickly they turn so Im not positioning them as well as I should be in terms of having them um rolling and hitting Im also probably not doing the best of my target selection so I keep looking at one side of the map and the other side of the map instead of just concentrating on the left hand side theres no point I should either commit to supporting the left hand side with the mass drivers and my spotting ship or supporting my own ship as intended within this Fleet build that the mass drivers provide OverWatch for the brawler ship which is the lion ship with the t30s and the plasma course laid in with a capped Im going to move the Clipper out just in case there were any Fallout missiles it did have its own sort of Point defense its also got some Rockets which I I dont think I really get to use on that ship but get it out that way um move it around later I could have also gone straight into a as well which could have been a better play there something for next time reverse thrust heres what I was talking about is bringing the mouse driver back around trying to provide assistance to the right hand side and if I so wanted to then I should have been also looking at the range of my tug and the Bloodhound radar just so that I would have been actually in range in terms of providing the the best track quality possible through the Bloodhound TA in the middle hes been throwing off a number of mass drivers towards D because we saw something there and weve captured B over with Khalid see the mouse drivers in the middle thats three light Cruisers uh sitting on point B 250 millimeters equipped on those the OSP so the uh so here Force late in on the clip as I also put pinpoint Radars so the idea is to offset the um the Clippers with the pinpoints just so that I could get in nice and close and provided that better track bounce back to the plasma and to the t30s I I sort of severely underestimated how close 6.5 kilometers can be and that I think will also get me into a little trouble later on you can see that the eyes or the I think thats the early warning radar from ta just got taken out which is a bit of a unfortunate if you are playing Alliance then you can use a mix of missiles and canards to try and find out where those ships are and you can see that Ive got on the mass driver ship Ive put each of those railguns within their own battery so what I was thinking and I didnt think this through or tested enough I should say is that I would have each one of them fire and sequence and then um as they were reloading I would get the next one to fire which would enable me to get around the power issue I forgot that the power requires um that the power draw also includes the fact that it was sorry I forgot the fact that the power is also required to reload and recycle the weapon so effectively it wasnt as good as I thought in terms of just an overall build on it awaiting your orders Commander almost outpace my teammate on the left hand side here I probably should have been more closer with them being that individual ship and hes got three then we would have combined Point defense networks and we would have also been able to put out a lot more damage I think once we all all turn a corner uh here you can see Im moving my Kappa ship down I realize that I do need to take a because it is two for two and we are slightly behind Im going to use the terrain piece there to try and get down um hopefully I can get close to it and then avoid any missiles that may be thrown my way white Cruisers and ocellos on the right hand side so thats effectively two players worth all coming up against are these beam ships back Khalid could have probably moved what behind and stayed a little bit further back around that terrain piece um just to make them come to him it would have been better for the Ambush but um you know it was one of his first games and honestly he does pretty well the interesting thing about watching a lot of these videos back and then doing a voice over later is that you can really um combine that game knowledge with the fact that sometimes you you know what happens later on you can see if something works I was trying to get line of sight there for all the mass drivers but I couldnt because train was blocking the way we see something up the top track 1906 on 1906. and so were going to start to rotate all our mounts drivers so my mouse drivers Tas Mouse drivers Khalid in the background hes just fighting all those missiles theres a rail ship up there so um a rail Battleship actually now thats not something thats in the current favor now that the mark 82 has been removed from the game but I Im sorry man I forget your name the bulk ship thats on the left hand side hes throwing a lot of plasma up there thats going to help our Mass drivers Im trying to turn my ship around and weve both brought our LRT Bloodhound Radars on to 1906 with all of the mass drivers focusing there so with a 30 minute 30 meter penetration distance if we can strip some of the armor off then we can penetrate a little bit further into that battleship again Im outstripping my friends on the left with my battleship however Khalid on the right hand side by getting those beans now onto Target Stone to destroy some of the enemy ships and hes up against two players by himself holding out over there you can see as well in regards to my positioning the Kappa ship which is meant to provide the Central the locks isnt far enough ahead to provide that vision for the more vulnerable and slower bulk ship and the mass driver isnt in a position or doesnt have an angle to get behind where that attack here position a is so even though Im rotating around and firing the battleship if I if my brawling Line ship at the moment becomes under attack or if there was something else that was there I have basically thrown my line ship away and into the jaws of danger because that has nothing to support it a lot of mass drivers being fired and you can see just the amount that comes out from a couple different ships you see that my power issue um I have to keep canceling orders and then refiring orders its not very efficient here so this this ship basically well I think this Fleet basically needs to go back to the drawing board and determine is it long range is it close range what is its purpose when Im actually building that ship Line ship getting in uh some shots now onto the light cruises I am being jammed and I dont have a wide enough angle to cut through the jamming and providing that offset Scout with the um the funky man so I do keep sending the brawler forward but I will eventually pull it back because I want to use there I go I want to use cover make sure that Im getting the fire onto the enemy but limiting their fire arcs as well were also taking some hits so I dont want to get too um I dont want to get too damaged and not being able to knock them out repair heres my funky firing solution its not efficient do not do this back to the drawing board for me at this point I should have noticed that the two monitors and the bulk and the bulk wine ship or the bulk Cruiser I will Ive forgotten the name is going towards the battleship and Ive gone off to fight the light Cruisers by myself I need to basically just pick a Target and I should have gone at this point here right up and continued with the best Secrets best left unknown Secrets best left known we did move into cap a at this point Im pretty comfortable to know that most of the um where most of the ships on the map are theres light cruises around D theres a battleship up high theres two players off to the right hand side and I can get that um that Clipper into a to cap it yeah Im not that far behind so if we get that point well definitely LeapFrog into the um the front of course laid in we hear you command continuing off to the left should continue to ride a little bit more straight a little bit more but thats okay khalids still firing now hes I think hes lost one hes fighting a Heavy Cruiser with some 450s and a beam and hes got light Cruisers over here as well I think hes lost a one of each uh destroyers and looks like hes still got two going as well so still fighting the good fight over on B you can also see that he was making good use of covering Stone to pull back AP ammunition being fired from the t30s you might hear cockatoos outside or the Noise Gate may actually block that out for once and were now into a Im just going to start to position to get back out should I need to there before you know Im gonna peek around the top of D I could have also just gone around the right hand side so if I knew they were on the left I could have gone around the right would have been a little bit slower but I could have probably taken D and then forced the light Cruisers to come around either one side or the other if they had come around both sides at the same time Ive actually set up my weapon groups so that I had plasma and 100 millimeters or I had four weapons grips I had a left plasma right plasma right 100s 100 millimeter and I left 100 millimeter its a effectively engage in two different directions I could have gone around the right the top of D around the right slid into cap it and then sat there and waited for the 250s to Peak at that point the traversal limits of the um the plasma out and the t30s would have done their job and thats how that should have played but I kept pushing the light Cruisers and that wasnt really a good idea in order to get um basically the objective so I lost sight of the objectives more for doing damage repositioning the mouse drivers were still getting the no can do shots up to the battleship we dont have eyes on it so we dont know is it almost dead is it dead we just know that the tracks still there so were going to start firing at it were gonna bring the Clipper up maybe well cap C maybe well just see something up there I also started to considerable because the Clippers have there you go you can see it Ill start to really strip the armor weve knocked out most of the turrets um to bring my Clipper up with the rocket ship which had rockets on it just so that I could fire the Rockets almost Point Blank at that battleship and at like 60 meters per second its gonna be fine Im sure I should have got there in a fair amount of time okay power is back now whilst we capped a we did lose B we were pushed off that unfortunately but with two players over there that was uh sort of inevitable we did hold it for a very long time and we did manage to get slightly in front which in the next tick the um the alliance will actually get Take the Lead once again but it caps there for me still caps and as I struggle to type a message that doesnt have caps all right uh scores are even were taking D so we managed to get the Elder Hall as a Clipper in there thank you my friend I did what I should have done but the light Cruisers start to Peak and now the mass drivers are in position so you can see my weapon groups there I wanted to fire across two or three different ships I I think I here I got the actual um the left side and the right side of the ship the wrong way as I think Id rolled so I partly wanted to do this just to scare me I could have focused fire on one ship but I think by I had enough Firepower at that range to spread the fire whilst I also um then you that the mass drivers were going to come in as well either to get the third ship or just to Simply put some extra damage into the two that I had um splitting the mass driver far across the three I believe Ive got hits on target I didnt actually provide any um visual confirmation for myself but considering theyre looking fairly static I think we would have been okay knock knock sgm hybrid looks like it misses and Im also thinking okay well Ill whilst Ive got that um the light cruises is distracted by the mass drivers in the brawler ship then Ill bring the Kappa ship with the rockets in as well and see if I can get some Rockets On Target to take out the light cruises weve taken back D so uh Four Points behind but we are coming back a couple ticks well take the lead again I think were pulling away from the battleship up on track in 1906 sorry if you heard my chair just squeak it looks fairly done so were going to get out of that now I went turrets okay we took a lot of 255 there unfortunately Clipper isnt going anywhere now I went turrets on the the brawler I am not super comfortable yet using the case mates just because Im not Im not used to the line ships I will eventually I think transition over to the casemates but I just I havent been able to um feel comfortable got some purple Bloom so it looks like a reactor overload potentially up on the battleship There Goes My clipper okay even from the fire Ive been taking Im okay give it a pause at this point um whilst its easy to say now that yeah Khalid was probably firing to fighting two players I didnt know this at the time so you know props to him his fleets are dead now but he did hold me Im trying to get some of my mass drivers onto Target with the Reigns thank you avoiding your orders beside to keep pushing around the left hand side here with the brawler mild comb I dont know if that was a good choice like I said its the wine ships just a just a little bit slow in tuning and once I get around that corner then my mouse driver which was designed to support that ship isnt going to be able to support that ship so um I think a key takeaway or key learning point is remembering what the fleet was built to do and then executing based on that so we have taken the points ahead about 30 points ahead now some missiles hitting up on tas ships you know I see something up here and I keep trying to find it there it is and then it disappears when I try to um get the Bloodhound back onto it every time I lock onto it it then disappears so I keep trying to position all positionally firing and just sweeping left and right if we had that early warning radar still or a early warning radar probably would have done a lot more I would have done a lot better you can see that I also used a warning signal not only to notify my teammates but also to help me provide a bit of a Target reference point of where I thought the enemy was so that I could then a better guide my um early warning Radars onto it there it is again and then itll disappear I reckon what hes actually doing is toggling the radar off so hes turning it on hes doing what he needs to do and then hes turning it off and thats why I keep losing it um every time and it could just be a really small ship it could be a frigate Im not 100 sure I dont know if Ill ever find out back to seeing the light Cruisers again were playing a game of um you know cat and the Tortoise with me being a tortoise were halfway to winning which is excellent we are losing a which is in the center thats a Heavy Cruiser down there so we do need to switch our attention to it but were also capping C up the top as well see the three light Cruisers have pulled around to the uh rear side of d and we can see that so braking engaging were close enough that we are able to engage 3000 meters I can see them however my Clipper is still not there to support that ship which is problematic and I think what was occurring is I was just getting so tied up with this Mass drivership I was forgetting about the the smaller ships and the spotters as well which not only support me but support the rest of my team you know I realized that I can actually support the team but Im too far away or positioned um Im not within 14 000 meters at 17 so Im too far away to support the mass drivers of ta um and so I just decided to start shooting with my own Mass drivers but Im not going to have the best track quality on them the foreign grape shot there I dont want grape shot were going to switch over to hehc I probably should have used he but I think at this point I was thinking that wed done enough plasma damage on them although if you remember a couple of seconds ago maybe 30 seconds ago we could see that the nose of the back leftmost light Cruiser probably didnt take any damage so he or AP would have been the better option I dont think I brought any AP on this one because I just assumed that plasma would do all the stripping um something to revisit I think and his micro was killing me Im not built for micro its not something that I have practiced um if youre a new player I suggest building ships that are simple to use so that you can focus on the bigger picture just as much as the smaller um actions or interacting your ship whilst also enjoying the the beautiful visuals I I think I missed the mark in developing this Fleet because I I made it too complicated for myself still got five restores so not too bad we havent taken an overwhelming amount of damage from the light cruises and at this point or is it coming up yep okay so that ones dead that was a little cool bit all right at this point um I disconnect so you can see that the no connection is coming up Im wondering whats going on Im still giving orders because I havent noticed yet at this point we are ahead but we will end up losing because Ive disconnected Calis out and I think we I dont know what happens if we everyone disconnects or if everyone we just lose on points but yeah we effectively we look we lose here um I think it was a very value valuable game because I realized I think when I was built when I um when I built this Fleet like I was saying I didnt build it to really and I didnt execute based on what I wanted I wanted to do and I made it too complicated for myself so I think for line ships for me I either need to go range or I need to go sort of mid to close and no one will ever receive that message because theres no internet um and then I think I just need to tweak it from there maybe play with some tugs if I want Mouse drivers sorry not tugs monitors if I want to provide Mass drivers as well I will need to play with them But ultimately I enjoyed this game even though that it disconnected I thought it was still worthwhile as a learning opportunity even though the game didnt run to completion so yeah well see what happens next time thanks for watching and take care steam best two player games Trying out an OSP build centred around 2 line ships, one for close range one to provide overwatch. Game ends up disconnecting on me and the team loses overall. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nebulous Fleet Command Discord: two player co op games steam delete game from steam library buff steams best games steam 2021 steam dungeon crawler games