Nebulous Fleet Command - ELINT Update

Steam nftsaunas steam NEBULOUS: FLEET COMMAND game okay ive just got a quick video for you today theres been a big change in lewis patch to how elant works elan being the ability to detect enemy radar pings or radar sweeps without giving yourself away at long distance its an electronic warfare system and what im going to do is im going to just very quickly set up a scenario where im going to be able to let this railgun battleship fire on the enemy without a radar track so im going to turn the radar off on all of my ships and im also going to turn electronic support off on all of them just very quickly give me a second to do that so ive deployed into the battleship with a battle sorry deployed to the battle space the battleship equipped with railguns and three corvettes all with the uh pinard electronic support much on thats all theyve got now very quickly i want to order my corvettes to just drive forward a little bit i dont want to go too far im going to get them to for me detect the enemy now im having a bit of a problem there we go sometimes when i double tap on a ships reading it doesnt actually activate for me one of the advantages of elent is it has a much longer range than radar you can pick up somebody sweeping out look im not going to go into a lot of detail in this video because radar and eland is its own thing and i will need to go into in a lot more detail but for now just assume that eland can detect a radar emission from further away than the radar can pick your ship up so when youve got your radar turned on your ship is essentially screaming im here im here im here over and over again while it tries to find the enemy and if youve got the right modules equipped on your ship you can detect those im here shouts from much further away than they can pick you up thats probably a really basic explanation of it you do need these uh pinot electronic support modules to pick them up now if you only have one im just going to turn this one on this ones at the top of the battle sphere weve already picked up an enemy track so im not so this isnt a track this is something out here is giving off an elan signal now if i go to one of my other ships the ion and flute which ill need to turn over uh because its actually no it looks like we no ill need to turn this over so give it a heading command to turn over so that the modules on the right side will do this with this ship as well just make sure theyre both waiting in the right direction and i will turn on their electronic support modules so now their pins are active and what will happen is youll see that these purple lines represent the picked up radar emissions from something in this direction i dont know where it is i just know something in this direction is is pinging out radar towards me once these other two ships rotate and point their pinards towards this beam they will also detect the radar and they will be able to give me a location of whoever is pinging this radar out so if you just just to give you a demonstration youll see that this ship should be turning over it is not so lets just give that a heading uh a roll command i want it to roll this way just make sure this one is doing the same thing hes rolled the wrong direction which is excellent i want him to roll this way no i want him to roll this way i want the bottom of the ship to face into the battle space i think thats the right way to do it yeah and what will happen oh there we go weve also got weve already got a basic trace so this isnt a great fix this is a very basic fix once you get more pinard electronic support modules pointing at the enemy youll get a better bearing to to click on now this is a 10 this is 10 000 kilometers away and its now gone red meaning ive got a good fix i can actually with my battleship which is 14 000 kilometers away right click on this and find my rail guns at it so ive got a pretty good idea where the enemy is because ive got im triangulating their position using three ships with elend uh so ive got a pretty good idea where they are im actually gonna tell my guys to just back up a little bit and im able to fire them well before they know where i am im gonna turn the radar on on my battleship just to make sure theres no missiles coming in but you can see theres the radar range on my battleship and heres where the enemy are and im able to shoot them from here and just to prove that youll see the battleship will start firing at them once its got a firing solution so here is a new way of engaging your enemy if youre clever with it you can really punish your enemy for being lazy and keeping their radar on this is a concept that im really familiar with from playing a lot of high fleets where you dont want to give your position away because doing so by flying out radar you make yourself a target for missiles you make yourself a target for railguns what i could also have done here is had missiles on each of these corvettes and launched them at the these detected spots to to pick them up now because my ships are moving ive lost the elent theyve probably turned around so if we just check here the iron fluke is probably facing the wrong direction now we have to wait for it to flip itself back over so that the module is facing the right way so you have to be very aware of where these modules are and what they are doing because if you dont have them set up correctly you will have a problem where they wont detect the enemy but im hoping that this demonstration is working really well for you my problem here is i uh i stupidly um move them if i just give this guy a heading command of straight up he should be able to point his electronic support module back at the enemy and we should get a better track well do the same thing with this one there we go instantly got the track back once we got the electronic support module pointing at them and im able to open fire again with the battleship so not a long video here i dont want to spend too long on it he was actually trying to turn to fire the other the other uh detection which is not great here is a great way as well to make the most use out of your railguns ive set this battleship up just for as much rapid fire as possible its got no other modules on it so its a bit of a one-shot like i wouldnt bring this into a proper game but im probably going to do a ton of damage to these even if not every shot hits just with the rate of fire ive got the accuracy of the rail guns and the fact that ive got three elect modules you see that the track is bouncing its not a perfect way of detecting them but some of this will hit the other reason im probably not getting it is because this guy here is not lending his support to the fight so if i just give him a heading command of straight up so that he gets his module in and if actually once his module is added into detecting where these are well get a better fix on them um but yeah theres not much more i want to show off in this video i leave it to people who are probably better at the game than me to come up with a good way of making use of it maybe firing missiles at these tracks really far away is a better way of doing it but here is how you can detect the enemy with elim it just requires the pin out electronic support module any ship can mount it and then you can start building up a good track probably to get a better picture of where these are i need a ship on the other side of them and that would give me a better triangulation now ive got missiles incoming the enemy of close to range is where you start a normal battle but i hope this was useful and i will do a longer video on radar and ellen coming soon but i just wanted to show this off because it just got changed in the most recent patch thanks for watching steam gabe The latest patch made a significant change to ELINT mechanics. This short video demonstrates how to fire on detected enemies using the Pinard Electronic Support Module at extreme ranges.Let me know if you would like more! steam ark survival dead space remake steam achievements launch origin games from steam how to steam clean car interior steam games wont open