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Play ps5 games on steam deckrice cooker with steamer basket NEED FOR SPEED™ game lovers of open world driving video games you are in luck if a few days ago we told you about the benefits of forza horizon now another video game arrives with the intention of overtaking it on the track we are referring to need for speed most wanted title developed by the british the criterion games responsible for series so beloved as partner and that on this occasion they invite us to enjoy the sandbox driving style that many of us already experienced in 2005. Indeed, most wanted is planned as a reboot of the game designed by black box 7 years ago, one that arrives with its same industrial setting and amount of police chases but of course everything adapted to the new times dispensing with cocky characters and cute girls just you and your car well that and the new city of fair heaven that stands out for its great variety of landscapes with highways of all kinds of secondary roads tunnels alleys and even parks where pe losing our main objective in it for speed most wanted is to defeat the ten most wanted drivers in the place, although it is not our only task, much less apart from that, we will be able to compete in a number of events as well as ride in the more than 30 models of cars, all included Available from the moment we find them, breaking billboards, speeding through speed cameras, repairing our vehicle and achieving milestones such as skidding or driving in the wrong direction are some of the many actions to complete in fair game in a true paradise for lovers of driving more arcade no half measures criterion has opted for a handling made by and for the enjoyment of all types of players of course it will not be the same to drive a supercar an SUV or a car there are also enough models from this amazing ariel atom 500 v8 even a lamborghini countach to delight us with the pleasure of driving one that p Pay special attention to physics, impacts and of course the art of skidding. In fact, in my For Speed ​​ Most Wanted it is not only important to be the fastest but also to be the most aggressive behind the wheel. The tests contain policemen who will make our lives miserable, but also pilots willing to throw us off the track, whether we are in a race or in a pursuit test, we will be aware of the extraordinary work done in terms of artificial intelligence and if you do not believe it, wait until you compete against the ten most wanted pilots then you will know what it is the ruthless term a very varied city number of cars many events to complete policemen thirsty for fines that lacks the work of the British because probably greater customization possibilities tuning has been ruled out within the set but we do not have much depth in what it refers to to the modification of racing cars beyond a few options p To change tires, chassis, bodywork and, of course, to enable the use of nitro, which will get us out of trouble, a small detail that does not tarnish the final result, the most wanted online multiplayer can easily become your downfall. It contains even more variety than the modality for a player with absolutely crazy tests and best of all, nothing like that, we like it and the online facet does not stop there, we can also compare test marks, radar records and a long etcetera through the auto love tool, without a doubt, great options for a video game that in this way can go beyond 20 hours at a visual level the guys from criterion have achieved some more than remarkable results the city of fer hey come is alive at any time of the day with a distance drawn far and above all a great sensation of speed, certain textures may slightly cloud the final result but the world ab Certainly offered is frankly powerful thanks to a powerful graphics engine and extraordinary physics, yes, the violence of the blows does not correspond to the effects on the bodywork, although at least we have a number of damages, the video game is not exempt from jerks and some programming errors but they are isolated problems that we will ignore not so much as the musical themes with a fairly careful repertoire that includes songs by muse or mikel brothers a perfect companion for an open world of competition and persecution it is frankly addictive now all that remains is for you to put on the belt and invent is a good excuse for when the police stop you in what surely ends up becoming one of the most sought-after driving titles of this 2002 steam borrow Need for Speed Most Wanted - A Criterion Game:Más vídeos: sobre el juego: Te contamos cómo de satisfactorio es derrotar a los mejores pilotos y burlar a las fuerzas del orden en el nuevo Most Wanted. ------- Facebook - Twitter - Google - Need for Speed Most Wanted - A Criterion Game - Vídeo Análisis 3DJuegos daily free steam games can you trade in games on steam how to play vr games without steam vr steam game update keeps pausing tabletop simulator steam