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Simply steamed sandbridgehow do steam trading cards work NEED FOR SPEED™ game Music now bad caller but youre still gonna lose I already won you just dont know it yet Music think about rose Ill waive you guys to the Gary I know this was supposed to be a friendly rave this is us being friendly car washes rap calm and serious mended I have to be magnetic sighted face the Veneto job for you biggest job weve ever done you bet I am time to kick this up a notch Applause Music jump lets make you fly Applause Applause you might even be a tandem yarn such as so long youve done the impossible yet shut up back Im shaking my head think your wedding dried vomit I dont see you vanishes where it counts Music Applause Music nice moves dont expect that to work next time always one step ahead buddy its dumb Morgan youll be driving the prize you and your crew better pull this off see what did I say Lina Navarre was the best damn fixer in silver yeah Im liking how she sounds raff you built us all yourself given enough time and attention an artist can turn any pile of scrap into a supercar okay guys you know what we do now potty practice lets roll this thing is out of this world better learn to handle it if youre gonna pull off this job the drive car has doubled that most part traps right lets make sure you register the height you got trying to rape tomorrow your pardon what are you gonna do when we make that one thing at a time focusing on the job theyve busted my office I here for three years oh Im gonna fly my dad 65 Mustang in Applause Applause serious death theyll find me get rid of my pheromone job whats left get the perfect where I expected as high as itll go and get myself into Applause barrio my point exactly you know is why you Greeks the job Applause practically jumping hell drop again bad truck pull up that jump on the job and will be go my crown youve got a nice road ahead a part of you cat every gang in town with their hands on the footage taking that car thank you but theyre not getting the gun till I take a peek under that hood might test I used up every favorite option fail theres nothing to worry about this poo right here the citys ever seen Music we got these guys fortune Valley a gamblers paradise in the desert you can buy anything here even luck let the rich play with cards and dice those of us born in the shadow of the casinos we take our chances at a hundred miles an hour everyone in position Jess standing by outside the circuit Mack Mack attack is ready to roll you need your truck the Mac attack she named herself math just get the car to bean and Ill take care of the rest time to make us all rich Tyler I got eyes on the mark the gamblers here Ive got you add four to one odds of taking first place now I know this prototype wont let me down the question is can you handle those electric motors in twin-turbo v8 will give you a combined 1500 horsepower yeah I can handle good boy youve done your homework listen second place doesnt get me Jack you got it you seem like a hot hand dont screw this up all right hotshot you suspect anything not a thing oh the power and torque on this thing rap souped-up Mustang doesnt even come close tied up youre like a brother to me laughing but right now Calgon Id get ready youve got to hit the rendezvous point at high speed weve only got one shot at them once you hit that jump theyll be no turning back Im coming up on the rendezvous better be in position theres a bit guys dont mess it up committing hot one launchpad coming up we jump a two-million-dollar hypercar check can I mention again how much I hate you get that car to wrap vehicle is extremely high-value control workers in the stolen carrot country all units and pursued b5 due to the rigorous high value you are to arrest the subject with minimal damage just got cops on my six Ill be right there what the hell are you doing whats it look like stop whatever kindig enough stop youre bringing the car back to me right so he man Applause where are you Music price around Music Oh bro Ill keep it taut busy guy nice driving Morgan Lana took a chance on you crew Tyler Morgan 23 years old mother Sylvia Morgan father unknown that dick wants to turn out breakfast drug Im the best racer in town hes one of the fastest cars in the world good luck catchy you dont want to roll that day Applause Music whats going on the street races a year I saw them take that car Thank You us what have you done didnt rep tell you whats under that hood my buyers are paying a fortune for it youll never get away with this Navarro Mack get him help draw the cops Music Applause Music Applause drawing the cops away I brought Navarro on board this is on me Music tracker and lead let me help you head toward this Billy but gotta hurry down the sector Applause doesnt matter you may Applause approaching silver walk away Applause Music down cops are off my back work Jess theyre putting the party on lockdown more cars on me what where do they come from Applause Music wheres the car Nina Navarro she played us both and took it for the house did she youre useless to music enjoy prison although youll want revenge so will I yeah thisll work youll be the ace but Im the one who holds the cards what are you talking about youre that cops are almost here go to jail or work for me eat sleep drive when I say and when the time is right you get what you want do I have a choice theres always a choice get in say pull up next to a real sweet ride what do you think how much does it cost how fast can I hit a hundred I tell you what I think I see potential I see the knifes edge of control that split second where I put everything on the line I see myself winning it all Morgan the boss would like his car now yeah Ill be right there lets have a little fun the bottom is meeting some big player from the house today theyre taking over the city block by block my car better be the one at Dover are you kidding I got some speed trap towns up an itch in the post thats what the bus get for hiring racers I dont race anymore member thats the deal no more racing on my ass go straight to jail hows me big money producer throw great movie a day anymore whats the point if they tell you who wins and who loses I can give you that that number not interested when I race I race to win but you dont need to be winning multi-day you know what screw this Tyler where my car dont worry were Im not stealing this one is that how you treat your friends huh Wow no wonder your crew deserted you huh thats not I bet they cant wait to hear from you huh your perfect height fell apart your whole crew to keep the most wanted little gang and all of fortunes down Millers that is allowed driving petty criminals I even heard a little rumor the McCallisters driving for the house you think theyll ever take your call you know Tyler caught Blitzen Im the only friend you got Rick you will get revenge on Navarro and I will get my car back are just about to fall into place okay Ill take that as a yes now get back to your before I fire round clocks ticking where so the casino or will take it from you great Jeff enjoy the ride Tyler look nows not the time kid I say when the cards get played its been six months get out if you so much as dinged my car Im knocking you down the garbage truck duty okay just a quick drive home that I can finally get out Tyler hey bad news bro busted sucking your pain you found a scratch on the f-type e12 yet today what I did not send that jack look man you gotta help me out deal with it cant keep going one person should be out there taking on the bar Im wasting my time with you jack its time about those street races give me the number so I hear we got to want to be contender to race for the house huh yeah just give me a time in a place whoa slow down just anybody youll have to prove yourself first show me what youve got in some races around town and youll get your shot okay big shot time for your first test win and youll move on Music lets do this Music and thats how its done okay okay not bad maybe the house can use someone like you the better the racer the more convincing it is to take the fall you know Im good enough for the house maybe maybe not you had one good race might have been a fluke Ive got you signed up for one more race for some serious contenders do well there and itll need some consider it done this is it win here and youll get your chance to race for the boss Music Music what did I tell you I win again setting you up with a new ride so you look the part Navaro was building a new water on the street but the house is a business dont you forget good welcome to the house enjoy the new ride Morgan make sure you get a feel for it before you put it to work the big race is gonna go down in Boonville Ill tell you more when you get there all right I got this Im coming for you Music hope you enjoyed being on top Lena your race reading business ends tonight this is it welcome to the big hope you like your new ride your code name is Sidewinder stay on this channel and do what the boss tells you shell make it worth your while Sidewinder got it out racers the fix is in tonights winner will be king snakes let him lead after the halfway point feels good to be back time to crush Navarro Music wonder which one of these pings oh well guess Ill have to be dolly hey hey you thought I wasnt watching you I know what youre doing and it is not our deal I say when the card I got tired of waiting Im taking care of business Kingsley halfway point coming up show us what youve got and take the lead come cant let kingsnake twins Music Applause you know what fine Diglett win and enjoy lets get the hell out after youre my eat the hole thats the plan I dont know who you are Sidewinder but youre gonna regret it Eureka races are done Navarro you betrayed my crew now Im coming for me morgen Music Applause raise it were okay enjoy the wind but remember I need to alive gigs up Lena your little stunt cost a lot of people a lot of money Tyler you just messed with a house we run this city streets included every race every Midnight Run every off-road rally and the house always wins not tonight it didnt was Navarro we cant do this here Ill see you around make sure he never gets home Frank Morgan do not let him get away oh you make Kevin an idiot the faculty throws a fit because of you good no no no no not good dad I need you alive Tyler and now that you cruft me you cross us move our oh Im just getting started the MIDI spec racer theres a reading you with the project market Music you have nowhere to run we own this city the states would you hide believe anything he has anymore Racings never about chance thats what you have to break it you dont have the skills to win fair and square what the hell are you doing I definitely used to be sorry Im busy touching a bunch of pissed-off tubs dont apologize get rid of them I lost him good good good good Im getting you my location Applause Music yeah another time youve got a lot to do I took care of no bookies gonna trust Navarro action youre inseparable football phones the ball - she doesnt Ill find a way yep there is a way Music Applause imagine a city where risk is an illusion in every bet is rigged thats what the house wants and theyll stop at nothing until they get it Im a street racer is theres nothing to do with me but no no no this this has everything to do with you everything their leader is called the collector and hes got one addiction cars you ever heard of The Outlaws rush make your street race in the country yeah it is and the house is gonna rig it high rollers putting millions on there man and he takes a cut from it all tonight was just a test run and your little stunt gave me an idea oh look Ive seen you drive youre the best racer this city has all we have to do is get you in win the outlaws rush and the house and Navarro come crashing down bring down the house yeah not my fight save your casino yourself these are your streets right then this is your fight what do you think theyll come for next Music come on Tyler time to go home and sing this over Music Tyler you bastard they know I gave you the number I thought for you as a personal buddy Navarro had to be stopped they should be Music pleased the gamblers money and people the only thing the gambler cares about is himself of what I do I do for the streets your street got your back you led me to expect great things at your race tonight tomorrow instead you disappointed a lot of people mind explaining this its already taken care of Music were lets do this good good good good youre gonna need a crew five star right me see ya focus Mack gotta get through this find your smile hey us puppy big fan of your channel its hash tiger yeah tiger selfie no get over rise come on big roar rah rah epics get in the car here live from the hash mobile with the drift Meister Mac McCallister give us the four one one hundred DMACC right shes get to high speeds but still hot check it out Applause and there you have it go again but like really go hard look I dont wanna customers always right fine you know what well go to my favorite drift run great job on the set up by the way lighting up those tires piece of cake set up let me guess this haul was already set up the drifting when you Music deduce the cost when I was done with stupid I lent strip Corliss to speed and look damn good in here thats straight up OG fam please dont say that is that why you came to America to escape your criminal past these muscle cars local roads make perfect links for a fresh start sounds like you made it Im about to make you instafamous some of us overlooked any advance drifting tips for the tiger cubs listening do you have like a drift button or something yep thats it just press the drift button Music are you kidding I play lots of racing games Wow this is intense Im just getting started Applause this just keeps getting sweeter this was a bad idea you said go hard Applause Music tiny thank you bro a madcap its been a while its been a rough six months without the old crew you telling me Mac I uh I have a job in mind you off the lease you know Im always down just like that youre bored arent you so bored mate its just one it - Im working on it do you get a shot at be puking work faster Music Music okay Jimmy cover me watch regards you guys are late I hate waiting Music just to repair your pain for two stretches Music damnit okay I know a guy hold on were not gonna make it oh come on this is just a bit of fun Applause twenty-five possible robbery in the casino district sending units to investigate Music I swear to God hey ty really not a great time sorry wait I got a plan six months later in the first time I hear from you you need something from me alright seriously Im a bit busy right now Music robbery Chino district vehicle in the black Audi one-shot justice possible GSW last seen heading north on Coolidge Street control off of a girl Music damn it Tyler I told you this isnt a good time yeah what the hell Tyler let me talk to her hey Jess Mack tie must be really desperate hes fully Jewish we Tylers plan no way wouldnt do if I were you Lena shes with the house now Jesus Christ bTW no way my mouth Applause for cut the waterworks for almost dad youre really hard to skate barks what you pay me for Applause tell the guy Jess thank you hell patch you up suspect last seen in black Audi radio in with location 35 a possible match on north car Bobby not sending additional units Music not gone look yes this plan is full all we needed your tie Mina and the house put back on Applause god help yourself Kenya and youre interested the plan how insane is it oh man its mad cop chases stop creepy hi nothing up you already Lina alone spirit of six months ago now you want to take her on with the house look what happened arrived itll be different this time the three of us theyll grow back together come back tell him Ill think about it just like our last seen heading northbound to Liberty desert what out of 30 no Ralph Music after to control my located blackout copy that sending additional units your way I built this ride just for you boys lets dance Josh hi so about this stupid plan of yours its not yeah lets meet where are you this is the dumbest plan Ive ever heard I left the game because of crap like this the best crew in town always gets a racer in the rush so all we have to do is beat all the silver ox Street leads and Im in Mac will handle the off-road and drift Ill do the rest what about the house they control every dirty deal in town well thats where you come in theyll have a bulletproof setup talk to your underworld contacts figure out what it is then we take it out so win the race watch the house burn while we count our piles of cash simple fame fortune julio navarro getting what she deserves you idiots are gonna get yourselves killed without me guess Im in yes wrath you know we can pull this off without our master engineer youre so maybe that desperate Im in as well and you can use my garage but there are a few conditions first what the crews back together babies we know either of you fools even have a car oh is they sort of lost behind its it was long seriously there are gods in the back guys who never paid Im surrounded by good choice nothing compared to my rise but itll do I thought all you did was tune them up alright you just earned yourself an ass-kicking howd you like that favorite it deeply not bad lets see if its enough to keep you in the lead come on Tyler raping with a valet parking Applause six month Dinah what were you doing out this now is the deal work for the gambler go to jail what David now he had plans for me but I convinced him mine were better so here we are either you know Ive done with that life we had a good run but Im a mechanic I got a good thing going out she double cross the slab now shes twisting the old streets to you know miss you stomped man hell give anything to see whats under the hood of that burning things but Im done being angry I found might be Im happy for you man I guess you realize this boat engine tomorrow right nope but you got pretend I know where shes from same streets as me she may have started to spit Im gonna finish it no one had ever gone up against the house and what do you know that first time for everything guess its back to the garage with you hey Mac where did you disappear to rap didnt have what I needed were off to the dealership to find me some off-road wheels whirred oh yeah you good for this I can lend you some money nah sis Im good I pulled out my savings looks like I can walk faster than that thing oh its okay baby she didnt mean it now I have to kick your ass races to the airfield what do you mean I know you straight told Jess after they split I had nothing doing or jumps to catch sometimes just be one big wager besides its no gambling if you know youre gonna win someones gotta watch out for Thai taking on the street needs to get into it and pop Cory hes angry and fixated on Navarro so you people go chugs after it all went down we didnt hear from him for pig-nuts maybe back and Im not letting a brother go to war alone look Matt Ill support you guys as long as youre not idiot Im gonna free you do not throw your beards help yourself Ill admit I didnt think you could pull it off you dont win anything by playing safe point taken but Ill stick to the roads thank you very much hey Rob whats up nice ride you got them back why dont you bring her around to the garage be right there what do you got Ralph I know of two leagues worth your time out here in the desert this one is a racing league called the graveyard shift led by la catrina a bunch of kids with a death wish and a taste for the dramatic mack second leox for you league 73 an off-road crew led by some bastard named udo lately theyve taken to racing around the airfield and smashing up my prototypes okay Mac first we take on some League races then we challenge the bosses one on one should start earning us the rep we need to enter the Outlaws rush Music miles outside the city its just sky as far as the eye can see late 73 freedom happens at 100 miles an hour and ten feet in the air what do we have here fresh meat Yahoo door off names Matt I know who you are your hash Tigers drifting buddy you here to take a tiger selfie Mac screw that Im an off-road racer same as you no better prove it beat my racers then we talk I hope youre ready for this odo oh yeah were gonna have some fun lets go fresh meat when I learned you wanted to raise this I would here hed be a pump and a step back youre a pump it is alright but you can ride what deferred like either doing in America anyway I like the weather come on this is the birthplace of desolation and the trophy truck good answer that was the very anyway realities Anila message ever Music but you handled it like a champ the location of the derelict 240z is yours you lick it off wrote in my book Thanks youre not so bad yourself well stay off the airfield from now on you earned that much better yet stop by the shop sometime maybe rap can set you up with an engine worth the damp Ill think about it see you around fresh meat will be here if you want a challenge Music when you slide on the highway at a hundred miles an hour every decision is life and death i am la catrina and this is the graveyard shift Music youre the gringo who wants to join our midnight run join the same difference names Tyler Morgan Morgan huh never heard of you try to keep up with us Ill do way more than that ready to dance with death Morgan Im not gonna go easy on you good I dont do easy Applause Applause what debate by a song wrong about you amigo something hot yeah yeah house enjoy the Mustang Morgan well done with this desert league kid yeah smooth things go when you do is I think thanks Clifton I got something for your crew called an early Christmas what is it an opportunity to strike in the house lets meet Alf then you be its uh youre here good listen the house is running convoys in the town and the next ones my Koenigsegg with some extra tech attached you and your friends are gonna grab it back for me okay why would we do that one you owe me two Ill let your buddy rat peek under that hood before you hand it over dont need a third reason were in yes so heres what you do theyre transporting the koenigsegg across city limits in two hours we intercept then grab the cargo itll be part of a convoy what are you thinking quick hit and run get me close to the truck and Ill take care of the rest wrap you turn that Mustang into a runner yet yep followed your specs the platings all in itll take a punch and dish it right back great Mack you and Raph got that drone ready to fly Ill be your eyes in the sky all right time to show the house were back Music lets go grab ourselves a hypercar drones online that are looking for the convoy you guys better hurry to the rendezvous point Im not sure what rap did to the Mustang but it feels tight and heavy like its tensed up for a punch all right I remember the house will happen force whos protecting the convoy well have to get rid of them first get me on the truck before it reaches the amber valley tunnel and where the arrows failed to be blinded by the time perfect time for he had run bulletproof plan what Caitlyn REO we have the blood right that will be necessary Matt how long have you known Jess she always has plenty oh and a plan B and Plan B oh and play its good to have you back this bringing a race so much hell together Im not here for thrills Matt Im here for the job yeah well have fun doing it Im here to help you get into the rush but thats it who dead serious here we go Music get me close to that truck before it hits a tunnel Music the house wont let us anywhere near the truck weve got to take out those with pleasure knife inside one down one to go thats what Im talking about lets give that truck anything else headed our way between just you ready get me in position Music break checked hard well get him what does Wow this guys out of his mind theres something much bigger going on here they window Jessica whats the play new plan forget the tunnel we get him before he reaches the city oh you guys really back up they go back up I see them Applause the thing we lost the muscle knack yes that rocks or no you know the collections gonna go meant to inspire give me joy hey man baby admit it you missed this my life for riches in glory fabulous no way you can make it on the back whats the plan Jess I dont know yet get me closer Jess Ive got a really bad idea batter on the side get up on this right shut Music Music good job lets take this baby home come up next to hot Ill ditch it and catch up later jet thats the hell of a lot of cops on your tail in this car oh how sweet you know when you step on the gas we add you browse to life for a second Oh like that off with the airfield already I like this song wait patrasche sorry Mac the Tony connects going straight to the gambler soon as perhaps had a pika damn it why dont I ever get rice cool cause you say we cant drive it around this thing is on fire bring it into the garage time I took a peek under the hood figure out whats so special about this thing before we ship it back to ease so you lost the car this kind of failure will not become a pattern Ill find whoever did this you can be sure of that my investors are becoming anxious I pulled you out of the barrio because I thought you could handle this I can I hope so whats under that hood was worth more than your life this better not be you Morgan Music Tyler my guys just picked up the rig era Miller messed up the alignment and the brake pads but I decided I wont bill her how generous I know right listen we gotta meet yeah now maybe downtown my place around the back Music Music Applause no idea but keep your eyes peeled hey I was gonna catch Tyler good job with the convoy by the way do you know how hard it is to impress me I its impossible Im so impressed Im goddamn inspired I put down good money on you says your crew can own the citys drift and drag races their ship flock for drift and riot club for drag beat their bosses get one step closer to entering the brush think you kids can do that for me oh and tell your friend Jessica Miller guy I know got a job for VIP pick up and drop off Ill send the details over sound good well its not a boy good talk alright guys time to tackle riot club and shift lock which means Im in the market for a drag car let me know once you get yourself one Im gonna shake it down how about you Mac Ill buy it set up my own dress right Thanks time to throw some skids again no Jess the gamblers got a job contact for you shed already have the info he does rath please you act like Ive never raced before not like this Ive seen some of the best races burnout is a multiple hit subtract if youre so concerned why not come out and give me some pointers at the race even if you dont hit that perfect start as long as you focus on tight shipping you can still capture Johnny or than anything else drag is about the car it will be the best driver in the world but if the hardware isnt there youre not gonna win spot time to upgrade thats why I got you man I know well make this baby pearl lets see if any of its stuck when you race in silver rock every quarter mile is a battle from burnout to finish we put it all on the line I am big sister and this is riot club Music youre driving the drag car but youre not about of mine who are you you could be a house by trying to take down my crew from within James Morgan youre a Tyler Moore again you can call me big sister and what does the house want with you youre asking some dangerous questions Morgan prove youve got what it takes to race with the riot club then well talk we have no rules with draggled you break oh I beg you yeah yeah I know what to do so big-sister huh cool callsign reminds this crew with family and Im the one calling the shots besides keep up the house youre not gonna want to use your real name in the house yeah the house were headed to the casino district to show them the bride club bouncer nobody UN now youre talking my language Im there the deal is a deal tighter heres what went down the house comes to me one day asked if my crew was to help Briggs operate this sounds familiar Im sure I saw you at the Peugeot races as well your fighting spirit inspired me I told the house it get lost yeah because that worked out so well for me yeah hasnt been great for us either things have gotten can go on maybe after the next race see ya cant always be about drag lets see how you do in a sprint around the city I got this Ill get you back in the nicotine so last time you were telling me about things getting tense every time we make a move against the house the police are there youre saying the house is buying off the cops you think this is my city anymore theres no one less strong enough to stand up to them my fights with Navarro thats not my problem fine Ill see you at the next race then thats all you care about lets go next spot no next spot my crews taking too much heat we gotta lay low for a bit you cant just leave me hanging to your big sister fine we might not be able to come out but I still have a challenge for you your next race is gonna be against the clock dont suck on that whole revenge thing me and my crew have our own site the house is turning all of us races into shiny toys for rich men to bet on if you really were a fighter you take the fight right to them Im after Navarro only Im not doing this to save the city Im not crazy you are and Ill prove it none of my crew would not need a sexpot to Ricky but I bet you will rape me Music uneven incline in a residential district these guys are crazy Im not letting you take this please what did I tell you youre different crazy as we are hate to admit it big sister but you got me thinking you got fans tighter what youve been doing man it could really change things around here I hear you maybe this fight is bigger than Navarro my crew whether I like it or not the city needs you do what the rest of us dont have the guts to do and youll see well all rise as one lets get our city back tighter where will you be when the revolution comes we are the last stand against corporate tyranny we are the drift of freedom fighters of the misinformation age we are shift lock Music good news recruit youve been accepted to a shift lock test show me you can drift them well talk youre that drifting anarchistic up whats your name again I am everyone I am no one I am the underground soldier Applause Music so time Music those were some decent angles reprove McAllister this told me Mac okay so be it Mac hashtag of vouches for you you get one shot guess he does more than Tiger selfies after all Im sure what you got in ever battle if you have the heart of a soldier welcome to the proving grounds beat our score you may join the revolution what are you gonna do trip them to death Applause Applause thatll do Applause not bad for corker eating I dont see any of you protesting the sweet corporal rights youre drifting with we are using the weapon to the boys widely again whatever lets you sleep at night che guevara bring your mind back that your plan for the matrix that means I give up Music Applause Music Applause we had the gambler all you battle your am winning - all I do dont think  __  whats gonna like that Applause keep training back beat our scores in time youre rolling ship-lock will be with me you keep saying that but all I see is a bunch of kids fooling about Applause come on Applause so whats next this was the last time we talked goodbye whoa hey wait up whats wrong youre working for the gambler hes one of the corporate masters were taken down are you mad hes working with us to bring down the house to find out how yeah you know that Im kicking your asses up and down for some value I think perhaps we shall meet again the little looping your story checks out half is testable clock all the bases are belong to me Music occupies didnt find any dirt beside a sealed juvie record at a short stay in jail Im clearing you access to ship lock you hacked my files and to make sure youre not add your provocateur agent bro make you really need to chill absolutely but now time to return to the city next time we go hey those files my browser history Music welcome to operation golden apple soldier today well be dealing a major blow to the house the house is setting up new surveillance equipment around the city your mission destroy it before it comes online this will require speed and extreme precision good you want me to drift and smash stuff thats your assignment remember hit him hard to get the hell out good luck soldier lets go Music and I take your meal Oh struck think smash clocks and stakeholders she figures have an access transition well thats Music Music we struck a major blow to the enemy today Mac well fought yeah that was pretty cool you proved yourself to  __  like today youll fight is our fight when the time comes we will have you back got to hear it they walk back yeah you too thank you have on that help Technic I got your cut what do you think I am a dirty capitalist fine if you dont want it just kidding lets go who the hell are you Im your ride names Miller Ramirez nice to meet you Ramirez now that thats out of the way did you can lose those cops for me I got paid for a pickup and drop off cop chase Watson part of the deal Im sure we can settle this just drive trip through the road door because nothing like this thrill of the chase were enjoying this I thought you were professional you want to drive didnt think so theyre gone oh thank god can you drive me to the safe house or is that also extra Ill throw that one in for free how long you been doing this since my 19th birthday hell of a birthday dont I know it what are those cops want with you anyway the house blew my cover sold me out you were undercover inside the house you really ought to talk to my boss not a girl like you become a runner anyway to the police cruiser for a joyride the dad turned nineteen oh is that all ended up with 20 cop cars on my tail hell of a way to watch that - the Academy you were police yeah my rebellious phase Music no wonder youre nuts says the guy who double-cross the house thats totally different and thats your stop good that was fun premier has a lot to say about you not all of it bad so youre my mysterious benefactor I have a chance for you to prove yourself interested I figured Marcus weird had a good reason for putting us in touch sending you the info you got the wrong Karmas no I dont Jessica Miller and step on it were on the clock here arent we always dont take a direct route weve got to throw them off the scent you got it Applause while in a Raj whats the threat my girlfriends I think Im powdering my nose in the bathroom but I snuck out with one of their lieutenants theyre everywhere these days something bigs coming everyones been on actually that cowboy got hijacked Music Ill be there in a moment here with that god no I cant stand that bimbo one good thing about blowing this cover Music there you go rock on babe so guess that convoy job you did for were wasnt a fluke Ill have another job for you soon the job I need even cloak-and-dagger crap I wish I knew what it was all about wow really oh maybe you should put out dangerous now beats driving bank robbers around Im sticking with that besides the moneys great Miller I need you on courier assignment today got a few things I need you to pick up for me check her GPS I better not be picking up your groceries whats this some sort of audio recording lets see whats on it made Bank on last nights race should calm down the people got nervous and Tyler Morgan mess with us good its Lena Navarre as your company at 1 percent level istic over 6 feet torch theyre bought this car dont come around Navarro is fixing more and more races and shes expanding outside the city too nice weather today huh next up I do nothing officer sir hey hey what the hell thousands of eternity non-silver six if youre not happy youre damn right Im not happy deal with this Ill go back to Rockport Navarros two Hawks on your payroll thats not good sorry sir cut the crap all right the collector is expecting me is that Ramirez what hasnt changed hes with someone important someone who a VIP moseys Music hello Ramirez here are the recordings how many cop cars did you have to take out to get those none its terribly disappointing see you around Miller Miller nice work on the courier job ready for more work not until you answer some questions only question that matters is do you want to bring down the house one more job sending you B info take me to oh no were doing this again cant stay away can you where are we headed the rift VIP terminal and I know step on it expecting trouble she called you Music I was looking into the origins of that car from the looks of it I hit a major nerve Im on my way to the airport good got your passport and flight pack Miller Ramirezs life within your hand dont disappoint your best shot you can Music still dont have you in hand so Im impressed how about you tell me that in person yeah if time Music Ramirez blew his cover so he could get you in a list now its time we made use of it hang on I dont even know your name call me the broker not much to go by do one more job for me then you decide if you trust me if you make it out alive Music theres a disguise in your glove compartment put it on before you reach the location theres no way they wont see through this come on Ramirez set you up with a bulletproof identity people dont see what theyre not looking for Miller trust me using the driver right Im almost there look whatever you do stay quiet and dont do anything reckless got it reckless to me Navaro yeah car just got here Hey I dont have time to waste step on it which one you want to hit first I dont care this better be all of it you still only four last time done next Navaro where are we important you focus on the casinos Ill handle the streets Ill focus about what I need dont presume to give me orders of course apologies sir dont worry about the streets give the order sky hammers go I dont have all day step on it got you an early Christmas bonus officer make sure it gets to your boss thats all of them and hey nice time boys Navarros up to something of course I dont know what it is but the cops are in on it and she mentions something called sky hammer drove her around town while she bribed over lackeys you know girls stuff what no just keep your eyes open all right well talk later oh I need your help Jimmy nows really not a good time besides you cant afford me anymore quí fine send me the location youre making me soft I Music Jess tie what are you guys doing I was checking up on Jimmy an old client of mine uh Katrina wanted a rematch just go from week 73 called me set up Navarro we can handle these guys divide and conquer you know the drill hi whats going on wait okay Im good but the police chopper got mud on me and I start this controller first ha yeah doctor knows apart look like that structure careful guys whats that spotlight Applause whatever coming from the chopper home away from it just sorry Im okay make your a barricade except to control I got a bead on one of the subject you go god damn it the choppers on me now roundabouts by the Construction Yard Ill catch you there hurry up slide thats always gonna shut you down Ive been rushing yards I got you anytime Music this much longer gotta get to Jess Music Applause Music did you offer cant follow you there even the camber wouldnt bet on that Applause you boys ready for some fun more light you doing now are the crew if we go down we go down together no way getting out of here turtles coming out little break line of sight with the chopper then we make it right for the desert not the word your head get on the other side up body okay lets get out of here glad to see you made it in one piece died barely and add some sort of helicopter device skyhammer can kill a car engine dead in its tracks Navarro gave it to them skyhammer you say you know about this maybe I need to see the device to be sure steel prototype tech from the house while every cop is looking for his downtown is that all Applause Tyler cant come downtown I got too much heat with the cops right now you think I dont know that Im sending you an out-of-town location youre on your way right well look at this if it isnt public enemy number one I bet some city cop is down to the precinct right now throwing darts at your mug shot Im sure he is whats up bookies are giving you a hundred one youll make it into the Outlawz rush its still a long shot I say we even the odds you know I cant race downtown right now hey plenty of street leads outside the city kid its noise bomb remember militia silver six they might even help with the house if you ask nicely with the house gunning for us were gonna need all the Allies we can get good youre my ace hi kid Im not letting you out of my sight until the cards come down Music what on the street is were shaping up for a nice little David and Goliath story for this years outlaws rush a small band of up stock drivers are racing their ways and trust me the collective all the top of the house as it stands hi screw has defeated nearly half Fortune Valley Street I would the effort but theres still a while the streets are cheering you on ride free ride proud still want to stop with Navarro better step up your game Applause Music we were six warring leagues exiled from the city by the house but out here we found our common cause we are the silver six and one day you will hear about us Music Tyler little Tyler Morgan its really going down knows me oh I cant believe it whats the joke here guy oh that youre gunning for the house I heard but I thought hes crazy but hes not that crazy dead serious Lenas gonna pay for what she did damn boy little ty got some bark are you trying so hard out on I got something that would be a lot easier for you well talk after the race first get over stillbirth dance now making this easy are you hey youve gotta protect ourselves Applause I wont say the left location over ring its where you and I grab that mob thing back in height to always blame me stat that was all dude I already Pavarotti Music Applause Music Applause fine Im a man of my word - thank you the location who is that supposed to be a challenge do you think thats impressive the outlaws rush shes gonna crush you if you could even get past me oh ill get past you and ill be ready for Leena - oh I didnt say Leena I said the ruddy same difference take it from me Im evil its not God huh Rick you were behind the wheel Capitol come on drop this crazy fight bring your crew and come run with us we found the nice foothold feelings that really need people with guilt like you are you kidding me dial dont tell me youre still running the same crap that got our old men busted its different this time sure this time is gonna get you busted totally different just show up for the next race will show you how good it is Applause the guys got some jobs man I told the guy you where its good except you guys all the kids from the barrio big streets back man if you join them itll be like old times everyones running together again oh yeah yeah I need that youll even make it those killer upon that time were coming home up maam riding with you guys really brings me back field ride next races at the airfields glad to see you back muchacho you ready - ray always Applause Music Applause Applause Applause Applause Music Applause Music daya what happened why are you getting involved in all that shady crap again you dont get how close the house came they get everything they even own the car that doesnt scare us Im giving you one maybe back then but not this time you keep saying that but I dont leave you with no hardware to stop right next races after day I know their race me no way oh you scared big bad guy oh you cant even take on Lilly Morgan I know what youre trying to do man but the house has everything unlock the allah russian yo then ill put on one hell of a show silver rock doesnt belong to the house it belongs to us you really believe that dont you bet your ass we do youre gonna get yourself killed we ready but were taking the scenic route Gai oh just like old times huh almost make you miss some of the stuff we got up to huh man some of the stuff we did god we were such pumps Applause Applause we in first you and second just like old times huh Applause okay I have raped like that not long come on just say you think I can do it dont you if youre really gonna do this I need you at your best we need you at your best yell bring out the best in me dumb people of rooting for you Tyler some people think youll get this city back are you some people by me right now see you later oh yeah I did a new king for the house it was a mistake look at Rena you should have known better I know Im gonna make it up to you Applause they say its a mans world I say shove it survive a day in the desert with us if you think youre so tough we are the free amber militia Music been a while since someone had the guts to approach my crew you must have heard about me then my guts infamous my pancreas is the toast of Paris I heard about you that flashy show man sorry darlin no way you can handle this crew we go hard we got scars names faith you want to come for me and survive our gauntlet first up is the River Run great day for racing girls taking bets on how long this show man will last Applause lets go lets go touch the Sun for me on these jumps girls look but you cant even get half their vertical on these jump lets do this Applause I wasnt expecting that much buying from somebody got chased out of silver Rock looking forward to someone knocking the house down a peg notified of the house theyre keen white New Taipei  __  to show freedom with every breath they take Ill take that as a milk mark boy next challenge one of my girls wiped out on a massive jump near silver casino so we all goes right now obviously prove to me youre more than a loudmouth and a lucky street sounds like you think Im just oh yeah sound like Music you can race Ill give you that but dont expect me to be impressed just because you can catch some air this is the guy gonna do to impress you around here they probably start with not trying to impress me my girls havent had a good brawl in a while if you can stand the scraping some pain up your eyes try taking them on next a track tied enough for a fight we wont be running the whole crew on this you want to prove youre not old show show up and get beat up whether you gonna stop calling me Sheldon Im creaming you guys out here youre missing the point darlin we could race anywhere why the hell do you think were out here think about it but for now the gauntlet continues youre holding up but lets see how much more you have in the tank meet at the plateau be there yes Applause if you win this race maybe Ill take you on that sounds like a challenge youve got them right it is baccala Music Im taking this race I got it while youre all the way out here youre insane youre crazy absolutely mad you do this because anything else would be boring there you go man youre bored whats the point of racism you dont get battleguard well I can think of one or two things okay warned final challenge you at the airfield yeah back before the counting SEC John said you wanted to fly your - Mustang today Music drive with cherry red Ford Mustang 65 even at the silver work that freshmen sidemen from the rearview mirror you have to pull it off to keep us fed off to the factory closed from the same distance on the other side of the mountain youd better not waste my time great view huh now the real fun race to the canyons 101 you and me get ready to lose to this flashy show man Applause its been a while since I met someone who tipped off the house so much they go no Greta town look we never do anything wrong dont get used to it oh yeah and over the hell of the rain I feel a nice I feel unstoppable this is off-roading thats the spirit thats why I like to really market oh well good luck then well be watching maybe even go in a few stunts ourselves happy driving Joe man and remember if youre not gripping your wheel for dear life then youre not reap see mess you runnin with the maliciousness just these days fresh meat youre crazier than I thought you know whats up Ive been watching you and your crew youre really gonna for the house darkus its gonna be huge food oh theyre not gonna know what hit them yeah hey if youre ever in trouble sleek 73 down here back Music we exist in curves and motion we skirt the knifes edge between life and death traction and freefall I am Aki Kimura the drift King welcome to noise Bob Music Sean McAllister been some chatter about you here worried youre gunning for my crown Im not off to your crown kimura by Im here to beat your score a crushing records across the country you think you can stop us from taking fortune valleys top spot living the American Dream a I dig it but fortune valleys records are mine this Drive called the whip snake loose lets see what you can do watch on Music Applause there goes the noise bomb wreck well do it give it up Mac theres no way youre touching my score on the silver Cheney golf cart well see about that Music heres the top spot cut right ribcage Applause you know Im figured you out Mac you know flashy personality is a smoke show Applause Applause you did it Mac you took my crown fair and square just keep practicing a key maybe one day you can beat my school you should join knowing father through the country with him make it to Mars be amazing mate but I already go crew respect I heard about your fight noise mom will be there when you need you bastard youre racking up the hit attack tiger how did you beat my subscriber count I did all three night daebak and one day Ill beat you down cant wait to see you try hushpuppy Applause Miller got a job for you not until you give me something I can use Im after the houses boss the collector hes bringing in more tech like they had on the Koenigsegg Im listening you made Navarros list its your chance to go undercover and find what youre looking for just keep your eyes peeled and your mouth shut congratulations Miller you work for the house now youre todays payroll driver mm-hmm Navarro said you didnt talk much heres the payoffs and locations dont they you can run away with the money Im tracking you by GPS wheres the trust these days Music you got the payout on my way good keep your eyes peeled and make it quick hey where you at on that house jack working on it you got a hurry now moving these things take time were going to have to trust me here time I knew Jeff is the house I dont trust Music how you doing since youre asking I could go for a burger right now with the payout dropped off a load of money to a mechanic looking guy Music thatll be silver rush top black market engineer specializes in bleeding-edge party near the head of anything three linkle whatever tech theyre bringing in the house racers is sure to have it soon making good time so far that was myth Kovac Philip high-ranking dignitary by day three rape turbine night whats a foreign official doing taking bribes from the house he runs the drag racing league called the diamond block Beaufort kickbacks for ring and rape dude thats what youre after Im after his mom Music Im here to bribed some rich  __  that you wheres the money girl dont girl me  __  who is that fine gentlemen I feel you men hope hes a contractor on the collectors big Tower and the box of an off-road racing Miko hazard company Jamie that means now you know what your crew is up against having second thought hell no thats what I like to hear Music good day officer Bradley lose the smart mouth lady wheres the money for the customs agent care has some donuts on the house Music Applause nice wheels do your talking a little gratitude would be nice get out of my face Music 31 in relegation problem dont know anybody get me out of here Music I said they only wanted to talk Applause Music Music were clear Ill drop you off thanks Miller just so were clear Jimmy this is the last time were doing this I understand if you come again Im not picking up even if youre dying and you want me to tell your wife you loved her but Im not married were through got it what were you doing in that casino why you asking me Im debriefing you Jimmy but the casino isnt selling to the house so they this Indian to crash their uh market value steal some cash raise few alarms scare some customers softening them up for a hostile takeover Music be a dear and step on it would you why whats the rush I say so and you want to please me so go Music yes yes I am to throw me off balance play right yeah yeah of course I do I know all about Tylers little trio of street racers trying to save your city you know Im surprised youre not doing donuts in a parking lot of the easy to fight world hunger Music do Tyler and McCallisters know how much working good back in like this year the exhaustion what do you want from me I want your help sibling that you wont make this right Ill tell you something you want Applause what makes you think hes got anything I wanted I know where one of the collectors cars is going to be on porches yeah down here what have I told you it has tech de Ravin your crew even if thats true well never be able to get close foot ah Jess Jess Jess always the collectors a compulsive show hes gonna put it on public display for home thumbing his nose at his enemys name fine Ill bite where Music be my wager first Music how do you figure that please its easier than counting cards you know the house wants me to spy on you right tell them I spoke on the phone about selling my casino tell you think theyll believe it yeah of course its what they want to get Applause so tell me broker Music as infuriating as it is look at that I got something on the not as for this pilot Marcus if you ever double-cross really and how do you propose to do that dunno but when I do you run Feeny coming to get word Applause look at that youre making tell me about the collectors you let wheel still spinning dear lets just see where that ball man Music Applause Music you owe me yes gold-plated g-wagen carnival casino Jess had a night in chat with a friend Marcus how do you always know what Im doing did we say anything about me just that he doesnt know who you are and its pissing him off good I think I found where the house is taking the prototype tag interested maybe what collectors doing a dog and pony show at the casino and fortune Valley day its a one-day only special Miller the houses meeting of VIP from overseas were gonna make sure they pick you for chauffeur duty how do we do that first we have to find out what the plan is here was this short-range receiver visit these House meeting points tap-in then move on got it should I hit first doesnt matter just get them as fast as you can then move on to the next one you sure Navarros people are gonna be there theyre there right now okay lets see if this works hell laugh at the risk VIP terminal make sure he gets picked up on time of course driving them you pick better get out of here before it gets spotted I know where theyre picking them up is that all you need its a start but no she didnt know surveillance point lets see if I can learn something useful the cars are on their way theres no way were losing the pipe this time understood we still have the Koenigsegg if it would let me install a remote switch like I said we should all right lets tap in that girl from the Faro last time available I think so he brought backup okay plan a doesnt work out right times it wasnt in hibari-sama is in flight make sure everything is set up for him of course treat him like royalty you understand that Linas boss the collector better move before I get spotted Music does the name Kobashi ring a bell hibachi interesting well hes our house VIP lets see what we got here how do I dress you dont go bossy like this drive is quiet and you say hes bringing this big up green and  __  good day mr. Kobashi youre not Holtzman was Holtzman family emergency Im the backup hmm fine take me to this address and make it quick how fast you want it improve me first time in America mr. cabassa have I given you the impression Im interested in conversation Im just making small talk sir driverless come soon its a kielbasa Im on my way we bring in the car its not yet not cause my life is worse right now just tell it when I bet you know when Im Applause youve gone quiet its an improvement I aim to please Applause youre not with the house the house prefers his facts to be towel in obediently what enemy of the collector-car nerves I dont work for anyone believe you were here and in good title Music Music say hello to your real masters for me tell them I shall see them soon lets go check out that warehouse Music I drop down to VIP hi by the way what about me he knows Im working against the house my covers about to be blown damn it we cant risk you in health jobs anymore Music what did you find out that second car theyre taking it to the warehouse I dont care about that I do Im headed there right now break it my covers still good for one last play Im gonna find out where that car is gonna be order yeah not a fan of orders who were you kibosh she gave us the go-ahead to move the car to the warehouse why the collector one set on display at the rift VIP terminal for fortune validate heap yeah but you sure problem so tell me about the warehouse damn it those asses call the cops on me were fortunate at 4:11 one out of 13 robbery I cover the cops on me I told you not to risk it Music that where combustion cars gonna be so you dont mind if my crew snatches it so bright ahead Music ditch the cops were all dead your house covers blown and we dont have no idea the bashing will work for thats not what Id call good would you want to do next lay low for a while Ill be in touch once I figure out Music its over the house controls the best leaks we own the cops youll never get into the rush leave while you can youre afraid all that money and power and youre terrified it wont be enough to stop me I will finish this war Morgan you understand no matter the cost see you on the starting line jess has identified two of the collectors cars likely to have killed switch 10 will have to decide which one we want to boost theyre both gold-plated monstrosities first one is a Mercedes g63 hes moved into a house casino downtown for fortune valide but getting it down is not gonna be easy and the second target the collectors flying the second one out to Japan tomorrow itll be on display near the rift VIP terminal hes gonna have that place sewn up so which one do we grab we want to piss off the collector right I say we grab them both all right Mac lets give it a shot Music the fireworks we have to get there for fun with that thing thats right yes I reverse engineer the gun exact easy you code into an unlock for Kosta thatll work for any car with a compatible modification theres an answer that Jess why what started already Mack you said thered be plenty of time its the last time I let you plan a job drop your chest now step on it youre on Applause Im breaking you out girl the car and she is wild ready ready ready and waiting the hurry that things gonna attract a lot of attention I am taking the plane Ill take this over the ruggero any day Im gonna to play the Mac attack doesnt like garage your nothing brother classy joy Matt Im with Jess were headed to the riff VIP tournament now guys something just started beating under my car all kind of fishy collector might have a tracker on it Ill see if I can shake it off dont be reckless Mac just get to me Ill pick it up Ill go time one more try that were on your schedule remember your ass over here well figure it out accommodate hook Morgans crew is taking the bait ended Ty and I are at the second car Music hello beautiful Music sit down I told you Oh Music I got bored Mac and its out of town Tyler and I would handle the ball Music are you running into turn wraps Music Music jumping across 20 things why did I come why cover that itll be fun Ill take on as many cards as I can they are trouble content driving away from a truck full of bombers guys for me Ill be right there Music pleasure Music Applause oh good news bad news I got the table to bomb but I can remove you know hey man you might feel a little tailwind so Ralph now those Killswitch is looking the g-wagen has a kill switch alright the Lambo has something else a self-driving system Im talking artificial intelligence or the next closest thing the parts shared design elements with the Koenigsegg tech as well havent seen anything like it outside the old defense lab what about the kill switch you do anything with it thats the good news I should be able to build a countermeasure great oh we can get it in time for the rush Jeff not kidding about the Robo cause nah dont care what they throw at us thats not how this crew plays it Tyler Tyler your odds have improved dramatically good thing I locked in my bed a while Tyler you really kick the hornets nest the house is scrambling like mad theyre so riled up they wont see my next move coming and you know what you did when your opponent starts to show a towel right you raise them until they fold time to take on the house leagues got that right only three left standing in your way 1% Club diamond block hazard company expect a tough fight though Navarros got them wrapped around her little finger nothing we cant handle hope so almost at the Outlaws rush Tyler keep it up what side are you on theres no room for sidewalks that is here on the streets were on in three two ladies and gentlemen you know her you love her name is Natalia Nova joining her as always his best the 1% Club Oh God its you Nova have we met oh no I wouldnt be caught dead near that car accident youre driving theres a nice way to say that I dont have to be nice to nobodies who are trying to ruin my fun but Ive been expecting you you and your annoying crew and its super nova to you hippie 3007 nobody hes threat copra Racings better than her handle four and a half million followers would say otherwise Applause I wasnt even watching ok whats your problem my problem is Im getting tired of every two-bit crew with a hero complex around here thinking theyre somehow special or whatever youre all old news and that bothers you thats all it is you know you need to get through me to get to the outlet rush I promise you with what we have you wont even get near that race house clean Italia treating you thats super nova to you commoner but seriously its weird Im not sure whats going on these kids arent complicated ty theyre bored trust fund babies thats the point where their racing is really strong like no joke it feels like theyre professional drivers and some of the things that Talia said I dont know Im probably overthinking this youre not the types over same time keep a lookout now youve got me curious get a good view of the city while you can nobody lets do this Applause congrat you want a car rate sounds like youre not too happy it get it working the way it was supposed to do lien whatever looks like we cant get ready to you this time next rain starts up a solar project show up dont get it up spit on the way I dont care hey ty okay something is definitely up I just be Natalyas crew again and afterwards I caught her saying it didnt work the way it was supposed to like it I dont know and then she also said that house is some sort of state interests just what the hell is going on Applause Music and nobodys here to save us all thanks God we wouldnt have started without you anyway the whole point is to grind you into death the only dust that matters is the tiny cool Applause youre about to race the winner of the outlaws rush I love when you trash talk its just talk and the trash comes with you track what the hell you live streaming this grab some snacks and grab some friends for tonights main event there goes silver up great pathetic ho secondly close dark for nobody lets see if he can move his speed fast enough to get that Flintstone mobile moving Applause Music you might all remember Tyler brilliant horrible came out a few months ago let me reassure you hes disabled right now that he was dead they filling with a crowd nobody keep watching Im gonna crush you superstar no way this is ridiculous Applause Music Applause I bet youre goddamn leaving yourself you know I am at least I use my own skill to win you know what I mean stop you from getting into the rush but you can bet your saggy ass that Ill do everything I can to stop you during it Im not alone in this Natalia the house wants a fight well be ready for it Patton cockroaches are still only cockroaches nobody they have fun with your pipe dream you have no clue what you just stepped in you struggle through life while we toilet nothing is ever exciting enough dangerous enough worthy enough for us we are diamond block never half of us Wow you must not be a millionaire then you what quiet gotta get set Music Music hey man do you think you could at least try to find a place with less people in the way that will either get out of the way or they wont there are easier ways to bet your life my name is Nico the feeling youre going to prove yourself before youre a diamond again a time trial Music Music Music just that  __  called the goddamn cops on me that guy right you got lucky at the top Tony Im lucky after I get out of here lose them near the city you got this time he when youre clear Tyler yes this guys going on my place okay if Im not wrong your list now has to borrow for portraying Jesus Neela for betraying you and Max was doing your favorite branch that one time he betrayed me fine fine he betrayed you too Im sensing a theme here Music wont even answer the phone big man howd it all turn out well were definitely not gonna be grabbing lunch anytime soon leprosy labs done you wont stand between us in the rush makes me worried Kai son from a guy like that is never good Ill let you do the worrying for us Im just glad those races are over one less thing between us in the rush I prefer to think of it as one less thing between us the house couldnt agree more Music its to the core but I can guarantee we look better than new cash in our hands dirt and our toes and nothing but the sky in front of us we are Hazzard company Music wondered when I see you around these parts expecting me course was looking forward to meeting the fabled off-road maniac Sean McAllister yeah okay look Im just here to race yeah yeah but I cant take on every racer with a reputation you know got to make sure you can even keep up how about make it to the airfield in a jiffy thatll be the test show me all those stories back to work just tall tales Oh watch your left you got fire kid that might be the best spent time Ive seen of this run Im so you just saying that I dont blow smoke I can see why the other crews had trouble youre gonna have the time of your life though you never had races like the ones youre about to have off the free end the militia Ive seen more crazy that is possible great were meeting my solar array next race yes sir I heard of that there its gonna be a rough one stay wild out there crew just the way I like it lets do this Music that was insane damn right it was cant believe you keep my true though Im gonna keep riding with us I hope yeah sure great we can use down like yours around these parts better make sure your slalom skills are up to par before the next race see there we had the city dump some junk along our rate track for kicks try to survive you just tell the city to do something I dont do it you can tell whoever the hell you want to do whatever the hell you want thats the dream right Music Music no clue is really slashed up out there yeah hard to believe there were some of the worst drivers just a bit ago will stop me we gotta thank the house for it really gave us an engines you know what I mean no what do you dont worry youll see you are keen to keep race right Music hi-yah somethings up with Old MacDonald where do you find out nothing yet but theres something going on with these  __  Im giving you everything out there been keeping up all right keep digging but Mac be careful I always am Im not even gonna comment on that just to race around the lake isnt your clue called hazard company we wanted a knife to clean its spots do some testing youll see so let me get this straight youre telling me the household meant in your class do you think these rednecks are really that good at driving Rob thats so screwed up gotta do what you got to do to get that dream you know just what I mean right what yeah anything for the dream huh good I got a good idea next race is gonna be a one of my construction yards you win sure okay cooling it out Im driving into a trap and well going arent you gonna do what we got to do besides isnt it kind of exciting thats the reason Ive ever heard of a track I aint in two years the house can say they got the greatest tower in the western United States but for now enjoy the race one out of three Bibles it forever whats the matter cant catch me what whoa hey hey hey folks who are you just someone from the crew look when I do biggest fans so what halts looks over the house it just doesnt sit right whats up I got some info for you to sign a goodwill pulse was hanging around the biggest storm drains working on a new course there you want a challenge of head there hey thanks do not do this I dont mention but seriously dont mention it then kick you off doesnt matter your crew isnt into your dirty tricks well you want to see dirty tricks Ill show you dirty tricks your mom take you out myself your old friends your parties Flanigan gets out this course by trounce again broke right to be either you and your crew have no clue what youre signing up for Oh someone a sore loser youre about to walk into a lion damn I hope you and your friends are ready to lose everything again were taking our city back the house is going down dont scare us your big mistake is thinking this is just about the house but it turns your little game no other off-roaders left between yall and the rush better check your blind spots will be watch they get ready for a hell of a show I have your next assignment youd best be ready my covers blown remember no need for cover anymore time to move against the collector I dont care about the collector were after Lena Navarro take out Navarro and the collector Falls we both get what we want Im sending help youll know who it is when you get there hey you the guy yeah not so loud you never know who could be listening yeah youre definitely the guy we had house servers that need to extract data from all of your past wouldnt be here if I wasnt names Jess by the way underground soldier ship life greetings thats a drifting leap right you know Mac then Mac yeah you can be such a warrior for the cause good sort and you sure you can I dont know how can these things or whatever you do please any script Kitty can crack a firewall this is a full-on digital infiltration all I need you to do is keep the cost back okay Music Applause were still really can I get a hit Im seeing a deluge of tracking data for different types of cards why Ribisi a Nissan GTR Chevy c10 any of these ring a Bentley I know Ive seen those cars around but I cant remember where Music okay do your you know stuff whyd you Roger date of retreat lets go see the same encryption to Winnipeg right for the security you act into a private secure Music you know provider Music for captain Music hey its finished we couldnt get to all the locations so I heard standby once underground soldier finds anything useful Ill contact you youre welcome yes their underground soldier whats going on tried using the data we got to plant a bug at a house casino punched through the firewall but they caught on Im on the run you gotta come get me damn it hold tight Im on my way yeah hurry sorry broker put away fear call whats going on underground soldier tried to go to loan and got Cod that boy always playing the soldier okay get him before they do were by Im on my way to say okay okay but I got something good this will be big if I could get out of it when you get out of there the hell are you thinking Music get in lets get out of here Music what I just got us a back door to that secure so I need to get back to HQ before they find it until it how were you thinking soldier I just got us back door to the secure sir I need to get back to HQ before they find so lets say I didnt quite get what you said earlier all of that secret info was in the lock house I swear soldier youve got to be more careful next get away you get paid to stay out of trouble I guess later just picked him up safely sound were completely surrounded by Charlie I dont know what could possibly a minute please dont call me Chuck well that is interesting with all that data for those suckers go tuck its all being transmitted from Chidori whats inside those clock what Oh Music Applause Charlie was already able to use the back door to pinpoint desktop sites throughout the city youre gonna grab those drops before the house can get to them Im sending you the decryption key now youll need it to unzip the data sure okay each site had a specific pickup window miss it and the data wipes itself no pressure right I need your help Ive gotta decrypt some black boxers say no more a friendly neighborhood actual executor great thank you Music lets see if this thing works Im sending you the data now you got it decrypted data now for the rest of the stops Music anything when and where no no dont know also theres a passphrase youll need its not this trust oh great Music no this is different oh wow looks like the next page of the data gathering place make space thats fatter together dated the Cavs leased cars family minivan everything youre kidding me Music last stop okay got it now lets do the location good luck thanks for your help Ill let you know how great flood works out great flood apologies for the runaround weve had numerous security breaches recently you dont say heres the hardware the house is requested keep it safe if this were to fall into the wrong hands well it wouldnt be good for you you know me always careful youll be hearing more from us later us that guy definitely wasnt house who the hell is pulling the strings here hey so I have this looks like an ECU piece with me now easy ups have your engineer take a look Im sure hell know what a port will do and hey the pastor to meet with this guy was great flood is everything gonna be okay I hope so I really do wonderful hey Rob I have me CDs that Id love to get your thoughts on coming by now Music hopefully little more into the divine Im just wrong looks like its transmitting a signal not just you know that while Im getting a GPS port cant make sense of it okay well alright you know what I find it Music Rapp checked out the device and he doesnt know what it is but its dated from somewhere around this solar array I I dont have to tell you to go check it out already on my way contact me with any updates moving Music what how the hell didnt we know Id be here Music what tell me now found I got anything Charlie has called an emergency meeting at his plate I dont know what this is about can you rendezvous and let me know whats going on of course well do Music hey dont get this but the house maybe Im getting out of the state need to disappear what hey no stop stop listen I got something from big its the key to bring it down the entire system you gotta get it to Samantha Samantha broker broker the data should have just finished uploading to your phone everyones coming for it cops and house soldier my duty is the underground soul be on the other side the amount start Music heres the data I have to know whats going on lets see what Charlie had to disappear for you deserve to know that much the collector is just a puppet his house nothing but a pawn everything you need to know is in here the Arkwright files end of message the outlaws rush Morgan is in doesnt matter well beat him then Im coming for you whoa scary whats this the final piece of the puzzle when and the house gets all of silver rock lose and the house will go bankrupt paying me and everybody else back your casino you want to bet all-in I own the outlaws rush you want to be this stupid youre on oh thats a pretty big bed whats your boss gonna say well when I hand him your casino anything I want him to say I hope youre right may the best man win oh she will hello who is this well you dont recognize me theres a good friend of League members and theyre become your Friday stood the voice of the streets youre cruising me out you know I congratulate you but youre on for one hell of a fight just notice our friends across this video to see what you can do Godspeed California were in you guys pulled it up Ill be down we pulled it off just all of us together good job come to the airfield time to figure out us five speed races this is the voice of the streets and today this voice is singing its out of the houses hands now the streets have spoken and they want tyler Morgan and the outlaws rush our favorite crew has dominated every race they venit and now Tylers gonna face the best street races in the country even if the whispers of the house Riggin the outlaws rush are true well lets rub up buzzy dice and hope its not enough to stop Tyler recruit Tyler the streets have spoken bring down them house geez no pressure the house is gonna throw everything they got at us expect Killswitch cars and heavy cop interference Jess we all set theyll never see you coming great Mack all good to go me and the gang will give the cops a night to remember Rev Ive got a little surprise cooked up just in case Im Tyler once you know which cars youre taking into the rush better make sure they set up just the way you want them yeah sure well take one last look this is it then lets bring down the house dont act surprised you always knew I never could be me back in Lena and despite all the money despite the house its like he made it to the starting line after all and Im here to take you down no Tyler every driver here is up to crushing every cop in the city is after your blood youre just another loser standing in my way and youre about to run out of luck you see thats where youre wrong this has never been about luck Jess Mac this is it you got this hi good luck its like I told Navarro luck aint got nothing to do with it Oakland could be left Nova take him out he you gotta be kidding nobodys still trying to save the world are you all ready do we take it now the collector called in a demolition job and appeared to deliver its straight the time Music Music Applause and the winners of like what Im coming in this will not switch to the off road Cod what are you waiting for finish it call another cruise then what do you mean theyre all taken out calling our friends on the force make sure no one gets through except our man the races have switched to the off-road setup things are about to get dirty just the way I acted give me a challenge Music shopkeeper steady through the rough spots growth will be fine thanks mister Music Music we got you back bro graveyard kids taking in we put a policy on the rock for Braxton who knew hey the day coming in hot nice to see we got plenty of friends in the valley oh happy from now Oh win this thing during good time will chair me buddy thanks for the assist Mack Music they got pulled away how many everyone you know what it doesnt matter Ill take him down myself Music Leena Navarro so the sound of you and me youve seen the kind of Pepsi on top of our youve got no head cheat all you want your still wait Tyler Tyler Tyler down to you and tomorrow with everything on the line tell me my god this you know I still remember you back in the barrio racing with Jess and the boys you real skills now you cant win a race without fixing the game was always Rick to get people like you I wasnt gonna let myself become and I choose to fight this is why I had to sell out you will might kick it out of the barrio and youre finally gonna pay for getting into the great flopping president but you never stood a chance you just relax in a lot of areas be buffed on my way to the top well see about that at the finish line youre on a roll kid keep that heart rate going I can see Thanks léna you told me you had here we are no Ill take care of this myself what do you mean congratulations Morgan youre on your way to looks like it Morgan hell be the top racers beyond your while but theres a catch right you cant replace these I gave you this Vinny thanks for the offer name it its yours I want you to give me everything youve done so when you lose Ill know is not over Applause Music Applause Music worlds greatest right here where are you your damn wagers ruinous Navarro its gonna take all I have just to survive this the house is done with the streets and we are done with you you cant Ive worked too hard for this everything you achieved Ive given you now Im taking it away take me down and youll burn with me you know how much Ive got on you on all of you I should never have trusted you I will not make that mistake again we won the rush and took down the house whats the next job I have an idea Wow no way but first races to the airfield really is that a trace of fear I get it your play against the house was both ruthless and elegant mister where Tyler Morgan was uninspired move he might still prove useful in the future I know the collector is finished you won your wager welcome to our great you how to make a steamer pot ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Twitch: ► Facebook: The game takes place in Fortune Valley and follows the three main characters: Tyler Morgan (The Racer), Mac (The Showman) and Jess (The Wheelman) as they attempt to take down The House, a cartel who controls Fortune Valleys underworld. The gameplay for the game is tight and well controlled. The story is pretty bland, but has some standout action moments. As always we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes for a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy! Movies in 4K and 1440P Our Recent Movies A-D Game Movies E-K Game Movies L-R Game Movies S-Z Game Movies where are steam games cheapest battlestate games steam steam engine ebay steam games not working on windows 11 steam vr free games