Need for Speed Unbound : Widebody Mercedes 190E Customization!! (NFS Gameplay)

Steam users per gameit takes two steam and xbox game pass NEED FOR SPEED™ gameplay welcome back to Need for Speed Unbound today is the day we are building our first custom car over the past couple of days youve probably seen me in my lets play series trying to save as much money as possible well over the past couple of days I was able to get 61k Im basically bankrupt why dont we build ourselves an A-Class car that I could do some of these events in there is one car that I think is arguably cooler than all of the others the Mercedes-Benz 190e 53 000 for this thing it is a beautiful looking car its in b-class bone stock and I think with the right upgrades we can definitely make it fast enough so lets buy this thing Im still definitely gonna need to sell a car and immediately Im gonna need to sell something I love the fox body I have such a special place in my heart for the fox body but I need the cash so I think we gotta start with performance because we need this thing to be like a class so right after gate engines what do we have weve got our stock Engine with just less than 200 horsepower we can toss in a Wankel flat for another flat four another straight six engine a 6.2 liter V8 a 2.9 liter V8 I have no idea what thats from and then a 6.1 5.2 liter regardless I cannot afford any of these engine swaps so I think I need to go best bang for buck which is probably going to be something like this an ECU for 10K and then an exhaust and exhaust for 8K bra Im barely gonna get up to a class 7 000 bucks it uses up more of my money I think thats worth it were not even halfway through a class weve got 315 horsepower this is not fast I said we were gonna start doing some races on Sunday and that is what we are doing are there any free races for me there are I need to basically drive this thing around get enough money with it in the day so I could upgrade it the rest of the way I already know theres some super cool visual customization for this thing my only worry is that this thing isnt going to be fast enough to escape from the cops dont let me down car dont let me down Mercedes I hyped you up all right so this is also a top speed race so I might actually be able to get lucky just by drafting off everybody just sitting in peoples slip streams kind of like this this actually might work out there we go now we can boost now we just go up to the next guy were looking good boys I told you I wasnt worried with my 190e but its not bad out here oh my God over the train that was a little sketchy if I didnt have a draft right now I would be miles behind 190 hes good in the corners decent in the corners gaining I cant even believe that Im competing for the top three right now coming through were looking good no sketchy Landing please game no sketchy Landing why I swear every time Mercedes is not good in the corners I got no grip theres no tires on this thing it just slides no if the jump physics in this game werent so broken that would have been first place easily that sucks considering I was basically all the way at the bottom of a class P2 is a pretty good result not good not good not good at all okay pause pause right away I gotta figure out a plan I think I might have to buy in all the way up here a 2 000 buy-in I put all of my cash on the line for a potential 7K I guess were going up there jumping onto the highway please nope that didnt jump high enough oh hello Lads we made it escape the cops just like that okay rev It Up go go go go go go go go go go go go go go nailed it nailed it boost off the line I really wish money was a little bit easier to come by in this game slipstream off of everybody 190e with the slide oh whered that cop come why did that cup okay sorry cut the corner cut the corner beautiful move I dont know why the AI is not cutting Corners like that thats just how you gotta play Need for Speed bro cut the corners everywhere he won in the 190e are you kidding me were already 33 of the way through this race this race isnt actually that long Mr bosuzoku Man I I think I got a pit maneuver this guy no Im on the wrong side Im on the wrong side to pit maneuver nice little corner cut though very nice little corner cut Apex to Apex okay I didnt try to drift the car just stepped out like that that was weird okay get ready break break break in go go go beautiful this bit of highway is clearly under construction fits us whoa thats a sketchy jump whoa another sketchy jump whoa this is a sick race whoa thats such a sick race straight through the billboard thank you I think thats actually going to be more money another 5 500 bucks I wasnt in a cough Chase all right time to uh build another plan hold up you know what I think well hit up this event and then well hit up this event well do two more events come on cuppers youll never take me alive were looking good baby bro the 190e I love this car and with that weve arrived at armida Im gonna be a little bit more aggressive on my bet I think I could take down this guy were just gonna pit maneuver him damn it I missed my launch oh and theres my guy thats my rival this is not a long race this one so Ive really got to make up positions ASAP uh go for a little corner Cuts where I can whoa whoa what the what is that handling I was in the middle of a slide and then my car suddenly grips up like that were looking good P5 for right now in front of my rival flat through there no breaking probably should have breaked oh traffic okay were in P2 were at P3 this is literally the most chaotic race Ive ever done in this game all of the AI has crashed oh no thats my rival okay I gotta spin him I gotta spin him I gotta spin him nope okay uh the way this car handles right now is a little weird Im literally going so try hard draft no Im not gonna get the guy in first but I will get my rival Ill take that one we have one more race in this thing before were gonna do some upgrades rev It Up Good Start Good Start Good Start we got to do well wheres my rival my rival starting all the way up at the front oh no Im usually pretty good at these quartering races there we go there we go oh my God we are zooming we are a rocket ship Unstoppable I think this things better than my than my Mitsubishi Eclipse I just killed people Im sorry you know youre driving a good car when your race is genuinely boring because the car is so fast that things awesome easy P1 6 000 bucks lets head back to the shop and cash this money time to do some more upgrades if Ive only got 15K I think again I need to drop it all on some big parts and by big parts I mean a big part I could get a supercharger and we are literally one Pi off of Max class for a class that only leaves us with 3K and I think I want some style Parts no way we have a Pat and M body kit that makes this thing look like a GTR almost thats only 7K as well this kit for Mercedes is only 6K thats so nice looking thats like the full race car kit and thats only 14k okay I think we gotta buy like a front bumper or something I could run no front bumper no front bumper stock front bumper a slightly more aggressive one chat really wants no front bumper Im super Limited in what Im able to do right now edit my headlights so I could actually black out my headlight thatd be kind of cool maybe Id make it like a race car make my head lights yellow lets do that and its free so I might as well can I not mess around with my front grill wait I cant change up my front grille so Ive always got like that old man front grill are you kidding me I mean I could make it wide body yo that wide body is so nice or do I go patent them all the chat ones pandem all right thats the place wide body 190e we are doing it I also dont know why but Im not actually able to swap the hood on this thing we will black out our tail lights that is a mean mean looking car maybe I can get an exhaust nope cant get an exhaust maybe I get a rear bumper I could get no rear bumper I can afford that so I mean I can go no rear bumper stock rear bumper that ones so nice looking are we really about to run no rear bumper or do we save our money for right now chat says we should save up some money I like that idea weve actually got a big money event for b class so we might need to temporarily jump into our Plymouth the only problem I see you with this strategy is I currently have heat level four and this is gonna become extremely sketchy extremely quickly here we go we have we have nearly arrived at the Meetup for our race we are going only with the largest of bets now rev It Up damn it okay here we go whoa whoa whoa AI what yall doing why yall stopping in the middle of the road like that okay catch up to the pizza man all the way up here gaining gaining gaining gaining gaining gone thank you gaining gaining gaining gaining gaining gaining gaining up the inside beautiful and gating gaining gaining gaining gaining gaining gaining oh tried to go up the inside bad move bad move keep it on the road I really need my NOS to pay off now here we go Airborne beautiful draft yes we are good wow this is such a short race in this thing look at us go though I I dont know if you can tell but I definitely had a slight money problem if I could have upgraded the suspension I think it would have been a little easier to drive I wonder after this race are the cops gonna be coming after me am I going to be in a cop chase that was an easy dub by the way this thing is a monster fully upgraded to the top of a class that supercharger makes all the difference whats actually nice about this car is for the most part Ive already got all of like the customization parts that I want so I dont need to worry about any of that I just need like more Style part spoiler we definitely need a rear wing what are we going for so we could go no rear wing that is an option we could go drag racing rear wing massive rear Wings speed Hunters rear wing thats like Alpha Subaru STI thats so cool actually I love that one not so much that one also not so much chassis mounted rear wing is cool are we really about to go chassis mounted rear wing I think we got it well save like the proper Mercedes stuff eventually for whenever we get ASAP Rockys card I think I want to run no rear bumper I just want to be like a hood rat in this thing no rear bumper and then I need a ridiculous exhaust so lets see what our options are we can go fat Titanium boy also nice looking boy very nice looking one stock ones gross speed unders one not so much not so much thats the stock one uh the exhausts are kind of kind of weak on this honestly I kind of like this one the best I must say it does feel nice to finally be customizing in a car oh I need my rear fenders my bad we were only half a wide body for a while yo theres some stuff on the roof look at those roof bits for a thousand two fifty yeah I guess we should change up our rims the whole thing with Need for Speed Unbound is there are a bunch of rims in this that are like those crazy turbo fans you see what I mean those are 6 000 bucks I cant call a video a customization video if I have not customized said car properly I am doing it properly this is costing me an arm and a leg thats 6K for only the front for only the rears now I need the fronts oh Im so broke Im just saying what if yall better figure out a fast way to make money because I need it like now I think Im happy with this thing I think all I need is a flashy paint job now thats a nice looking color honestly the red honestly looks pretty good I like that black roof on the 190e all right what a sick looking car so Ive actually got a feeling with this Mercedes 190e were a vet eventually going to turn it into an A Plus Class of car because we dont have one of those just yet I think the 190e is gonna be the car that we use for a plus event oh and theres actually another one or oh no thats a BMW next to us yo thats cool like I said the only thing that I wish I kind of got for this thing it was just some suspension and some tires so I could have fine-tune the car a little bit better but overall we looking good here we go off the inside this is where were gonna get the overtaken I dont even need tires I dont even need suspension this things unreal I love this car this is a hundred percent gonna be our A Plus Class Car yo this is that really sick race that boosts you through these tunnels that like mock speed there you go 130 keep it going the guys behind cannot gain on me look at us go jeez this thing ah ah troll its getting out of control go for a loop go for a loop go for a loop oh  __  uh mistakes were made no no um if youre trying to test the performance of your car dont go for a barrel roll because thatll happen Music Applause Music foreign Applause steam games for free limited time Need for Speed Unbound Customization is here! 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