NieR Automata gets Review Bombed on Steam in 2021

Cool steam vent tamersteam games mac os NIER:AUTOMATA™ game Music it is absolutely no secret that near automata is one of my favorite games of all time and just recently gamers have been review bombing the game on steam but not for the games content story or gameplay no no no but for something else entirely and while ill let you guys decide if steam review bombing is the correct way to approach that i do actually empathize with why these users are frustrated and i almost wholeheartedly believe that square enix should address their frustrations but first and foremost let us address what those concerns exactly are if you havent played your automata you absolutely should however if you have a choice of platform id recommend playing it on a playstation 4. dont get me wrong the game is still playable on pc although its highly recommended that you mod it first good thing i did a video on that exact thing link in the description below however theres really something to be said about games that require unofficial mods in order to be as free from issues as their console equivalents and honestly i dont believe its the job of modders to fix port issues with the game that should be entirely the developers job pc master race but only when the port is good right recently however it was announced that near automata was coming to pc via game pass and trust me thats awesome game pass just continues to become a better deal every time i look up however its become quickly apparent that the xbox game pass version of the game is honestly superior to the original pc port this port was handled by developer qlok and has enhancements such as borderless window setting fidelity fx options hdr and user interface textures upscaled to 4k all these features are lacking in the vanilla version of near automata which even now still has a number of performance issues on pc for example if youre walking into a brand new area expect the game to stutter while it loads something that just does not happen on the ps4 or game pass version of the game these additions on top of the games increased performance were made on special requests by platinum games meaning that the developer is aware of these issues but hasnt really done anything to change much for steam users and many of the games performance issues that are seen on the steam version are still there and now you might be beginning to understand why people are so mad now im really not here to debate the ethics of review bombing a game its not something that i ever would personally do though i do understand thats one way in which you can get a developers attention many steam fans have paid for the game and do deserve the game in its most functional state without having to seek unofficial mods in order for the game to run the way that it was supposed to on the first day so square platinum whoever is the one that calls these decisions if you see this video you should know that nier automata is one of my favorite games of all time and i want every human being on earth to play this game and i do want them to have the best time possible while playing it and not be hindered by any technical hiccups though in either case microsoft is making some serious moves with game pass a port of persona 5 to pc and nintendo switch has been long demanded though it seems as though the next place youll be seeing the phantom thieves is actually going to be on xbox hardware now currently this is on rumor status sorry i have to say it like that but some of you clearly dont pay attention to that word and comes via two reliable microsoft insiders with sega just recently bringing the yakuza series to xbox game pass considering that they own atlas and therefore persona it doesnt seem quite out of reach for them and with atlas being more open to ports now more than ever with recent ports of catherine and persona 4 golden it honestly does not seem impossible at all the real question is from my perspective is atlas ready to deal with the inevitable backlash when this game comes to xbox and not nintendo switch like its fanbase has been demanding since the game basically came out i do not want to be on twitter the day that this thing is announced people are going to go buckwild thats of course assuming that that happens and for the time being file that one under the rumor bin with all of that said ultima leave me a comment below tag me if youd like to see persona 5 on game pass shout out to darko raktonski hope i didnt butcher that and the rest of the ultima community Music you groundhog day game steam NieR Automata gets review bombed on Steam in 2021 for its vastly superior Gamepass port, and Persona 5 is rumored to come to Xbox Gamepass by Microsoft insiders.Modding NieR Automata: Twitch: Patreon: Twitter: Join our Facebook group, ULTIMA: Square Enix + JRPGs: ULTIMA Discord: Profile Picture: @Emdy Ultima-Chan Artist IG: @Casas #NieRAutomata #NieRReplicant #Persona5Royal how to download steam steam captcha not working 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