16 DETALLES de NIER:AUTOMATA The End of YoRHa Edition, un JUEGO ÚNICO, ahora en SWITCH

Export steam game listkentucky steam heritage corporation NIER:AUTOMATA™ game a warning to players with a sensitive heart be very careful with niel automata watching York Edition I have rarely had such a bad time with a video game the creation of yokotaro and platinum knows how to make you love their characters from the first minute to the sweet nainese to Hey you and the hard one on the outside but tender on the inside tuby but then tear your heart out and simply trample it against the ground Music And you, why cant you be happy because I cant be happy by your side but without tears The truth is that for How the adventure develops because of the friends we make along the way because of its fighting and its crazy endings, it was not even an automaton, it is an essential game that can be enjoyed in luxury on switch, today we bring you the 16 reasons why you have to replay it or enjoy it with its history now that it has just arrived on the Nintendo hybrid console Music the first thing that enters through the fingers when playing nier automatadiendo yorkshion is the com bat is very varied acrobatic and adapts very well to each player it is like bayonet gameplay but it does not require as much technique plays a lot with the camera so that one battle is in 2D another in 3D and it even has sequences of its theme that later become in sword fights it is very addictive and surprising And by the way the control scheme is well adapted to switch both to play it on desktop and on a laptop do not fear for the health of your thumbs the style of the entire saga nor are you fabulous its world has as a haze that gives everything a nostalgic point and combines the places we travel to so that its universe seems broken, sad but very beautiful in some way, its amusement park, the desert city or its castle are places that will stay with you forever. always in the memory and also that Mysterious city the same thing I say about its settings I say it about its characters they are designed with great elegance they are captivating but or at the same time very enigmatic, you spend the entire video game wondering why they wear black because they have sales in their eyes and what it means for them to be androids after a couple of hours of play Youve already fallen in love with them and when youve been around 20 Oh the tears are back Why dont you give naimes a hug Music but neither the design of its characters nor its world would be so powerful without its soundtrack the music of the games in the nier saga is already its own musical genre one of Choral Voices with sad children mixed with an orchestra from the end of the world it sounds strange explained like that I know but it sticks in your heart from the first note koichi okabe its author knows How to fill this video game with Soul with his compositions goosebumps nor was it automaton is not a story to follow in a straight line without further ado, you can always leave the main campaign aside and take a tour of its settings, when doing so you will find secondary missions and the best One of these is that they are led by robots and other strange creatures that always have something to tell. These tasks are not only limited to fulfilling an order in exchange for experience points, but by doing so you will delve deeper into the Lore. of the game and it is one that is very worthwhile more than once I had to put the switch in rest mode to reflect on what just happened to me it is a very very deep game in terms of its universe the gameplay came was automaton the end of George Edition is very varied and not only because the combat is very free and you can configure it depending on the weapon you carry as we progress through the adventure we will be able to control other characters and also get on our robots in addition to all those perspective changes and of playable concept that gives a lot of freshness to each situation. In addition, Tubidy can be equipped with different chips that give him new passive abilities, talents and also You can also switch to your companion power to face the toughest battles in different ways. We arrive at the most particular part of this game. You are used to the fact that when the credits of a title roll, the story is over, but that does not happen here as in every complex plot there are many perspectives and points of view about what has actually happened and it was not even automatic seeing is recreated in them the first of the endings will lead you to start a new adventure and another one at the end of this one and then it is as if We were a Lewis Carroll Alice who never stops falling and falling down the rabbit hole while ending without ever being able to reach Wonderland, that is to say, it is not that it was not an automaton, it is replayable, it is much more than that, it is a title that sometimes it seems infinite due to all the layers of history that it has, I have been attentive to the end, eh, rarely have you felt anything like it in a video game, nor was it an automaton, it is what it is thanks to its direction tor yokotaro this eccentric creator is an absolute fan of some of the most influential anime in history and also of other video game developers whom he reveres, this has led him to create a very powerful audiovisual piece with clear reminiscences of what his touch is passionate about It shows in the suffering and happiness that he has printed on his characters in how he continuously deceives the player in the way he has to break the fourth wall without stopping in his humor in the relationships he builds between This drakengard title and the first nier if you like them In video games you have to know the work of Yoko taro as the work of other great video game geniuses is known that touch of yokotaro It is also appreciated in their common enemies all the attack robots we annihilate in Our way they look like the typical bugs that we crush in any game but it will discover that there is much more and that every time we play again it was not an automaton seeing us We will give more and more account of this at the end when we complete all the puzzle, well, discovering this is your turn. They will tell us their own story, that will help you not only feel emotionally linked to the characters in the game or their enemies, but also to their weapons. If I already told you, this game wants to make you feel more intense emotions than Coffee with the aroma of a woman, the author of nor was an automaton also reveals his passions and favorite games in the way he presents the online functions of the game, it is not that another player can invade you in nor was an automaton the end of George Edition, but sometimes you will find the corpses of others and you will be able to pick up their remains save them and even get their bodies to join the fight how is this possible to find out you will have to enjoy the game on switch The icing on the cake in terms of the playable experience of the title is taken by the final bosses for various reasons. The first is because of the way in which the game combines different mechanics and even genres so that no two fights are the same. The reason is because every time we replay the title we will discover a little more of the importance of that boss in the story and finally, due to its design and presentation, they all maximize that idea so typical of not being an automaton of living a strange sad nightmare and that Everything is not going to end well, nor was it automatic. The end of George Edition takes place fundamentally in two places: the planet where we battled and a station in its orbit. This place, the bunker, is disturbing. Our companions are there . black and white actually the planets of our superiors are to save the world Every time you visit it talk to everyone maybe you will discover something that you didnt know our trips between the base and the battle area are fun because of the great rhythm of the game that the end of George Edition has nor was it automaton here conversations are mixed exploration some equipment management and a lot of battle if something knows the title is How to get on your nerves with unbridled action and then treat yourself to a few minutes of tense peace to digest everything hes telling you is one of those games that you cant stop playing when you put your switch in rest mode You will take the plot with you head promise but not everything in nor was it an automaton is Light fire and destruction tears and loss did you know that yokotaro has declared that he wrote many of the scenes in the game while drunk that shows more than once because it was not even an automaton it has a crazy absurd humor something black sometimes and that involves characters from old games by the author, but be careful because every time the game manages to make you relax with a joke then there is always an emotional smack that disarms you and we come to the last detail that makes the automaton come well Dodge Edition a game to remember and that is that the Port has turned out well it moves at 30 stable frames it looks and plays luxuriously on a laptop and On the desktop, touch controls have been included and it comes with a dlc of outfits, skins as a gift, the quality of the Port makes it an excellent way to replay it wherever you want or to discover it for the first time, as Enriquito Iglesias would say, it is a religious experience and now its your turn. Its up to you to share with me your experiences with Nier Automata the End of War Edition. We have highlighted these 16 incredible details of the game, but surely you remember many more, you have the comments to do it, but without spoilers, we have to get more people to know the work of Yokotaro Glory. to mannequin Music how long for steam refund ▶️Suscríbete, así nos ayudas ;) Con el paso de los años el fantástico NieR: Automata ha ido ganando el aprecio de más y más jugadores en PC y consolas Xbox y PlayStation, así que el lanzamiento de esta aventura de acción RPG en Nintendo Switch es gran motivo de alegría. 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