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Stanley steamer carpetsteam refunding gifts NIER:AUTOMATA™ gameplay hi lets just have taras honest go right into the demo hi hasta chino anova Anand ESCA a no demo motojima sanity see him in a sauna gonna eat a decrepit oh my mas so were sexually in development but we brought a demo to you to show everyone what the game is like today I have to know theyre free to vote America mussina mussina sabura Heba erotic Amy the meeting us so since Im with stolen development on the gameplay may freeze but if that does happen or anything like that happens please just be supportive of us because it is still in development hi yah yah so cosmetic item and esta todo mazda your host on the whole Cara quantumatic negara ratio ah Thomas come on opportunist is noble to stare oh just all so terrible so much to do and so were just gonna start right off were going to have your clothes on Ill explain at this place and Im this place is a resist called the resistance camp scripted Albania akshay theyll supercharge the oils and convert estate on this table kitchen or appendix on page there are present in order to fix image no expense or any perspective article second order to position cannot and since on we have been partnering with the Platinum Games this time we have been showcasing the battle features of this game are more prominently in all of our promotional materials until now but we have been getting a lot of questions asking us if there will be RPG elements in this game and so we decided to bring ill show you this area today to show you that there there are RPG elements in this game no parity too precise too close I Tara I other oculus item after item la caja where a big titties up to sequester a vessel Christines Ecuadorian a on a system better tell fantasy type of entities is a girl or some people come to Japan sodahype today you can people and easy and we actually have been raining a lot of questions at e3 from our media interviews on all this time but the three main questions that we do get is or will there be items and that the answer is yes you will be able to buy and sell items here theyre also be sub quests as well as youll be able to upgrade weapons and so all these RPG elements that work that were in the previous installment will be in this game as well alright so were just going to go a little bit deeper into the cap that are available in the clinician which is female attendants and so just as you saw the unique camera angle the house the way that the perspective changes it that was in the previous game are is still in this game as well personal environment before them through positive emotions and I will definitely be able to battle in here as well physical ability that we didnt know so and the younger creators of younger generation of creators of platinum games has a really high respect towards our previous title so they tried really hard so that on this game would still have that same feeling as the previous installment no Santa Clara Desmond approaches articles liquid oxidizer cooked if you order the communication this collection which is nothing seems to point to good mythical and so a lot of people have been wondering because it is platinum games mrs. game skew towards more of an action game but please be a rest assured that of there are there will be RPG elements in this game as well and they have been working really hard to get that in there thats good to know panasonic we can all avoid but also go towards admin asst so were just gonna step out of this resistance camp almond terrace on will be explaining more about the battle high resistance Campo para so tony m estoy con ana can stare por esta segunda hello ademas and as you are run out of the resistance camp as you can see theres this area called the city ruins and this is the map that will be outside no bus will go on the walls inside hitting in yellow sake like no name that it so this is like the planes in the last installment and this will be the main of area that you will be in for this title the communion allspice a minute a tectonic stress a metal alloy wheels you dont know college must know they also fought over and there are mushroom my phone so huge Im just roaming around this area and youre in front of battles here shooting for diva k on yahoo Lukyanova Volturi my stick pony vamos ahora Dora Scavo tantos angeboten you aria take a combo for da Spota for the battle on the protagonist of the federal TV is wielding two weapons you could actually work with two weapons and you could assign weapons truly to the triangle button and the square button matakana new phone number give amor 1 settle on photocell photo/rebecca mistake its Temujin kittycat automotive things and you could actually have one more set of weapons and you could freely Im interchange between those two were on set whenever youre like even in battle look like fist weapons I put a madea no poor era todo jesus rios data mija no bro gaetano october hospital and until now weve only been showing the short-sword as well as a great sword but we do have one another type of weapon i miss the gauntlet or the love type of weapon for had to hand combat get up download when you put put to you another welcome character data wed even this stuff when we can opt out stuff did you get your knowledge theres also a robotic character and floating around their head its called a pod but they do long-range attacks Judith neuronal montecito yo me la serda won this dog sweet ricotta 100 posted on the floor multiple neuroanatomy hot teenie teens I skate educate you and for those fans of RPG games they might not feel too comfortable with shooting games and so we do have this walk on mechanic where if you just with a press of a button on the clock on your character and the card will fire in that way dangling talk show taking a dose of the smash there are the bottom wall store on all right oh cuyahoga family epics and another distinguishing feature of the battle mechanics is that with the r2 button youll have education movement the funnel cake you ought to to the Madonna Musashi holistic phone you look super potent you update you dont learn economics you could also evade in the air as well as with the directional the stick and the lipstick you could move in whatever direction you were like while youre evading a tunnel taking a break your timing with occasional justify chemo hostilities and if youve a door dodge on anyway the cats at a great timing itll become like a perfect aaj well just go back here huh tada stuck in the boy what a mess that up st. you all know a lotta hot salsa doing nothing and if you are successful to deal with perfect dodge as with the press of a button and attack button youll get a special attack that the characters will have a special attack associated to it dr. Yudhoyonos SMS assaulted italian or cousin Amir to commercially 9 Jessica combo sort of positive ana que hace una wazza dah anoka Coco Dario in natomas mode a direct assault each item Oaxaca devyani Joe Sestak knee and as since we just rushed through all the controls right now and they might seem a little bit complicated at first are the glance but its actually pretty simple and and its designed so that anyone will be able to really attack and have something cool showing on this for you are Topo Gigio wanna tear potent angus wrap ho ekiga an emo couch Odette schematic octopus Arenado knock Sean OConnell nakamo and the spot that weve been using to do our long-range attacks you actually hold on to them and glide in the air nokia no koi suru koto mo con una notte Samos Tyga Tyga a no-action hanukkah military is ridiculous you can of course um attack while youre holding on to these as well so that really increases the amount of movements or actions you can do in this game hi dacoit actions guy must a stage Iraqis coup detat reservation attacks ademas lo de semana pasado transaction Agra a no mr. Ruto quiroga take a be on again Mooney naughty keemas and this are the map is designed so theres a lot of areas they could climb or jump on to and you really want to use these kind of new movements and maneuvers to try to explore the world hi dr. bachlin Ammiano Blaney Navarre son of a cigar Donato no pero soy tattoo promos later nobody really knows for example just like the ledge you saw right now and might if it seems like its unclimbed bold then its more your most likely be able to climb hi Im not a disconnect we conclude what we cant show today mimosa cara cara oh no skin dakedo de Vaca models got the top dog sorry to steal so since we have a little bit more time it might be a little bit dangerous to do it but um lets just try using a debug mode what are the shuttle and so on if the game freezes there then thats the end of it but lets try doing that well III gotta go all out thats right my anaconda Yeah right things Id this one day soon hold its name I ya know when you let me go so the activity you very much we do have bad memories or doing it but um lets just try it out yeah today log is named pitarrio cosas que no la pena pony tata tata chemo photo stuff so there will be armed enemy like this who are hold shields no puedo te anau jus get you got can easily notice and laundry just have two bullets actually Im they deflect them so it more copies at all see ya maserati insects boy hahaha I caught a fish sticks for nothing so on these animals need for tactic is that you want to break their shields first and then I many other attacks could be able to go through I like the robotics done so theres actually a level of difficulty to these enemies picking me Tiki niyati khanna endo gotcha KOCO Ariana nice visual so this mean i know that terracotta pie catacutan re la señal de malo the game utah state articles a genigan indicate to aikido and I to Jana balancing atoms so the difficulty level will definitely change as well as the way that you want to move around them will change and so the strategy would the the gameplay would be that you would want to find that kind of strategy to defeat these enemies depending on what the type of the enemy they are definitely at openly on you Luke llamo de todos 30 nautical sunrise man there also are enemies at first i wield weapons of their own title treo motifs ET un disco egan most amazon de todos misil day sorry no te mata battery and so the enemy that we just popped up in this world are holding the spear but there will be other enemies with different offensive weapons and you really want to figure out what they have in their movement will be different so your movement will dumb luck alone Im not having any massage shoots at you a little kid not pleasure right now took the throat on this cuts damico to the grave good this an enemy that flies in the air while shooting at you an old school a Disney else we can stick it actually geez its poison seven discs are actually cant shoot are you from four different angles but it also does these kind of violent acts that just really gangs that right at you Oh to go there you go there we go neon yellow party game weeks in Tokyo hollow for a round horny so by first eagle eyes on this earth boy Adama calls digger its more fun testing we actually showcase this a little bit after James week but we do have enemies like this that will shoot bullets at you Dodgers enrolled yeah you guys like this right click yeah Carly got the demo Arnold swagger consumers amo solo mata naka de Zayas Rena vamos vamos a morir de tus 1000 JA como esta una corbata naka de Bahia so so Dinah are there any other bigger enemies online I know that we might not be able to show bosses but are there any big enemies like regular enemies the total okie mano Tiki oh boy did I dont women so um i would like to show you a big enemy then okay yeah thats big its an old man whoa and every mon lets turn it off yeah something didnt you know I have improv tonight on a toasted I started with my psychic power I forgot okie had better be no this is the big enemy monetize lokiita kettle so oh god CEO so for access opening authority must know their shuttle so poor hogwash negara and that means over these bigger enemies are protected by these top outer shells and so youd want to break those first before trying to really basta on aquatic edina popova yoshio Saudi students master sees your licensing fee not even tonight not over so these animals arent our bosses but we do have these kind of big enemies at different areas and then game player in the map just to give you a really like an accent respite until um when youre wrong there Im going trying to explore the world hi do you can today suzama Horatio visits alguna so mark up to tonight mr. commercial I think you do you want steam awards nominations 2022 E3 2016 Gameplay of Nier: Automata.More E3 2016 trailers and gameplay: Genre(s): Action Platform(s): PlayStation 4 Publisher(s): Square Enix Developer(s): PlatinumGames Release Date (NA): 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