Круши, ломай, колдуй, изучай! Обзор Noita

Essex steam train connecticutepic games launcher vs steam NOITA hello, you can regret it, it’s worth loving for, but this is a question the answer to which is not so easy to find, not I suggest looking for it together, let’s start with the usual things, you are in the open spaces of, my name is ivan loev I’m sorry, I can’t resist in general, yes, but it’s like it’s fashionable now to say hands light, which means the game is about how the main character, hugging with a magic wand, descends into some dungeons, exterminating monsters and breaking through other obstacles, sinks deeper and deeper and where then at the end a certain evil boss is waiting for her and controlled to the heroine, well, firstly, because the name of the game itself is translated from Finnish as a witch, and secondly, you look at how nicely she holds the mantle so that he does not get confused in the legs when running, but the main difference is from everything is okay not everything but from the majority of 99 percent of the games that we are used to this is a simulation underlying the environment procedurally generated and, you know, it’s easier to see it once than to listen to my mumbling about how it works in short for half an hour yes, there are solid substances in the game there are very solid substances in that you can interact with them as basic methods, such as pouring liquid out of a bottle, even if it looks a little strange and picking up another liquid there or kicking it with advanced ones, that is, witchcraft, and you already know that a whole carriage of effects for magic in the game is generally responsible for a separate system because the spell in the wands is randomly generated, they are made up of predetermined basic magical effects of various effects that can still be additionally applied to them, and well, from the characteristics of the wand itself, how many slots for these effects and spells, how long it takes to recharge, and so on, as a result, we have a relatively spread simple and boring these are things before, but I drank mines, respectively, I think it’s already slowly becoming clear from the footage that but this is a game not about a point and verified balance, it’s much more about returning to the roots when the ball is a rule of chance this is such a bagel not about passing but about generation of stories in the process, and if not stories, then at least gifs of coloring deaths, this is a game about how a player thinks that he has a plan, but it turns out that reality is far unpredictable of any forecasts, and you know that the most amazing thing is that even after 30 hours it does not bother and then they combine on in fact, two factors, firstly, it is in itself the randomness and unpredictability of what is happening, the spell always has some kind of scatter, ricochets and other factors complicating accurate planning of a shot, most enemy attacks somehow affect the surrounding reality, set fire, pour acid, or at least blood to that but they themselves are also not too tags and therefore could thrash very unfortunate to hurt something or something like that, and here the second moment comes into play, the abundance of interactive elements of the environment and this constantly gives rise to some kind of chain reactions, it would seem that just setting fire to a piece of wood and after a few seconds you are drowning in acid and after a few more seconds you are drowning in it enemies and after a few more you collect gold from their corpses because they were dissolved by acid and this fun is in but its just over the roof however the main trick of the game is that it is much more than it might seem at first glance during the first 10 hours you get used to the mechanics, learn to deal with opponents and more or less get used to the starting locations, while not being bored because the generation constantly throws up some interesting events of different opponents new spells and then you get the idea because you can fill the lava with water and so get over this lake lava and there you find something and then you accidentally find or live you pass to the surface on the right and go along it and there is a really big desert with a pyramid and you would also find something there and then you decide to go to the left and there is a hefty tall tree that you just can’t jump over a new one figure out how to climb it and how to get through to climb over it and this is also not the end of the world, and I beg your pardon, these were now micro spoilers, but believe me, this is really a micro spoiler, and because it contains just a cosmic amount of content, because liquids can be poured out for a reason and with spells there are many different jokes and locations, thanks to the very interactivity, you can study for a very long time the non-inventiveness of the authors can hardly be reproached, I’ll just say that one of the developers of the game is the creator of the woman is you one of the best puzzles of recent years, yes, it looks clumsy, but it’s just from the point of view of the puzzle it’s easy gold is shorter as a result, albeit peculiar, but the pole I’ll find pleasure 2 1 it’s a literal chaos in its beauty that it generates on the screen it’s spectacular it’s fun it’s unpredictable it’s doubly diverse if you connect the broadcast on twitch, start the game with your channel and so that the audience directly influences what is happening in the game, __ yourself the second pole this is a rich cunningly hidden and cleverly disguised content that is really interesting to hunt in everything else, but this is perhaps a little less outstanding, many will probably be scared off by the tiger’s too much imbalance and because it relies more on a random factor than on the player’s skin and will arrange this far from all the visual style personally seems cool to me and I personally love this kind of pixel art but I heard a lot of opinions of the opposite sense the music is cool but it plays as if also randomly without creating a fuzzy mood hidden in o in general, this is the fork here, I am subjectively delighted with it, but I spent 30 hours in the game and will spend another 30 with pleasure, but I look at the magnificent heights in the neighborhood and understand that the adventures of witches will go glasses in the world of the chaotic sim of healing magic, far from everyone because but this game with a character is very authors very conceptual and this concept may even pull the blanket of friendliness over itself, but if you like this, urgently grab and cling to the game with your teeth until all the secrets on YouTube have been scattered to the rest, but I can just recommend it because, listen, it has at least a unique gameplay of direct analogues, which has practically no analogues, and that’s all I have for today, I don’t know if I need a video about parsing the lore and these secrets of the game, and if you are interested, write in the comments and read I thought, well, subscribe to the channel and ring the bell so as not to miss the rest of the goodness and remember believe that chaos is like gravity, you just need to push and see you soon at the stop game as a result, we have a scatter of that reality where the unpredictable view of them Opel interactive 1 is 1 floor koikatsu party steam • Комментарии и обсуждения — • Ещё больше обзоров — Noita захватила внимание инди-общественности с первого трейлера, где нам продемонстрировали полностью разрушаемое окружение. 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