My First Day of Noita!

Steam games lagginghow to see game code on steam NOITA Music Applause okay so now we can test stuff out heal up um get this and were going to be able to buy something for it too oh  __  this is going to be its going to be a nice costco costco dude this game is freaking awesome this game is freaking awesome if you enjoy roguelikes its hard its hard koska but um dude its fun it is fun i angered the gods what did i anger the gods what i do or did you anger the gods so costco look at this  __  im about to show you so lets see if i go over here can i start swapping stuff now okay so in the game in the game you find wands and stuff right koska if you hover over me see stats about them all this  __  and then you can grab off they happen each one when you find it will have unique modifiers like they just i guess theyre randomly put on it and you can like mix and match stuff so watch this watch this so right now i have a i have the swans like boom boom its like a spread and then i can i can like grab other modifiers and slap it onto this bad boy like lets slap this freeze on to this i dont know how this works exactly lets see something like that that lets see what this looks like oh my god dude nunny are you seeing this  __  everything becomes frozen or something holy its like binding of isaac times terraria yeah its nuts like look at this place honestly holy crap only the orbs are freezing okay lets see thats a good point thats a good point so um heres what we can do we test stuff oh we can actually move stuff up here why am i doing that okay so lets try just that lets see what happens when i do just that its not doing its not its not doing a multi shot is it well even if it was doing a multi-shot we wouldnt be able to see because theyd be layered perfectly on top of each other right so thats yeah that doesnt really teach me a lot um move that there we take this out and then lets see what happens we do that wait before last time we had it was it was doing multiple shots so thats why you have to have three because when you put three on it now itll do two right itll do two yeah okay and then lets say we took so it freezes both of them freeze lets say we slid this to the front we shot it seems like they both they do the same wait actually wait is there more now three four two three three oh we have to learn about that ordering correctly let me see what you guys are saying you guys are probably noticing way more than me poggers yeah this do triple spells to the purple so Music the triple spell thing though it looks like we moved these out we had put this in that you cant tell if its triple right because if even if it is triple it would be theyd be layered on top of each other im not saying that it is triple but even if it was itd be three shots hidden at once right so i dont know i i dont know if it is working but it may be we just cant see it exactly but because my accuracy is so hot garbage you know maybe something like this is the way to go just wait did you see that there was no freeze in that shot stop that one did not freeze in it so thats why you dont want to overlay your random  __  because it seems like you wont get the effect on everything so lets see that one got it that one had it that one had it it seems like they always have it now okay this is i did i just killed myself did i just kill myself did i just kill myself oh let me out let me out switch guns switch guns im dying let me out oh my god Music the ice was stacking up around my feet in the eye slowly built around my character so oh my gosh i froze myself to death oh my gosh that was such a  __  god tear i guess thats thats what you thats what you live in you learn look at the  __  mountains of ice oh i  __  that one up so bad damn it that was the run ice is the  __  though dont get thats illegal how dare you Music best games for mac on steam This happened on September 24th 2019 which was the very first day of Noita Early Access on steam. This was my first day ever playing Noita and shows that I was new once too and that we all got wrecked in our early days. Enjoy!Twitch: Twitter: #Noita root board game steam how to connect steam deck to tv how to transfer a game on steam to another account most positive rated game on steam steam games to learn japanese