This Game Is Just Way Too Good Though - Noita #1

Alpha hole prison steamsteam shower tile NOITA game Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music hello everythings so quiet maybe its because its the menu im gonna crank it well see what happens maybe well be blind blabby rose what the heck labyrinth you changed your name welcome in hello edward its gonna end up getting grossly over over over how loud are you that aint that bad we got some otter bamboos and a wait here we got a two slot spark bolt ive returned to noida ive returned annoyed and it was a mistake my my steam hours do not represent how much time i have in this game because i did not actually play this on the steam version i played the flick the the the it was then i it was the gog version or the windows version im not sure i like 40 or 50 hours into it but ive put seven into it over the last day and a half its just and im im slowly remembering the things about the game so fully fully letting everybody know no major spoilers same as pretty much everything else but if you see me doing something stupid or if you see me doing something that is uh potentially not optimal or if you just want to see me blow up tell me to do things im all for the backseating in a game like this im all for chat being like hey penta did you know that that box over there if you shoot it you get a hidden item and then i shoot it and then i blow up and then its just a funny moment for chad the furthest ive made it in the game in my original play so non-steam version in like i think it was like 45 hours that was like 45 hours i played um the furthest i made it was i believe the jungle so like the fifth biome or fourth biome or something and when i got there i got eaten by a spider i uninstalled the game and i started playing spelunky Laughter i was like nope were not going back there this was creepy dude thing it was like an octopus spider it came out of a cave with like 75 arms and like because every pixel in this game is has physics and is simulated the thing was so for having only like for having a sprite that probably was like one kilobyte to save on your computer the looked so real i dont know how to explain it it was extraordinarily scary toxic sludge potion thats definitely not something i want in my life i remember toxic sludge invisalium uh this is oil so what were going to do with the oil here is were going to go poink oops excuse me dont get get off of me im going to go blink and im going to point i point i only saw like three stages in this game and i hardly know anything bro okay so we all know how much i love spawn we all know how much i love spelunky and i love derek hugh and i love everything that he makes and how impressive spelunky is like secrets are nothing nothing that oh god nothing spelunky has ever done can compare to noida when it comes to like secrets and i genuinely mean that i genuinely mean that because i dont know everything but i know enough this game has so much going on in it i made the mistake when i first started playing it of looking up the map because i wanted to see like just how many biomes there were i made the mistake of looking up the map and im not gonna tell anybody here to go look up the map if youre not wanting to be like you know aware of things that exist beyond your comprehension also its worth noting i looked up the map before 1.0 so im sure even more stuff has been added but when i looked it up on 1.0 the there was like a thing up in the top left corner 75 light years away from where you spawn its like yeah theres an item up here im like how did somebody find that out theres not a map traditionally fell there also welcome in builder theres not a map traditionally because it is a random seed every time but there are certain conditions its procedurally generated so there are certain conditions that are always going to be met you start in the mines below you is the coal mines i believe to the left is the collapsed mines if you go down to the coal mines and then go right you can end up at an orb if you go further and its also a shortcut to the the snow fields theres a theres a lot of no no the shortcut to the snow fields is in the first area i think on the far right side im im trying to remember these things man dynamite dudes not my favorite not my favorite i will catch up with chad a moment im panicking im about to start on fire hold on im kicking the lantern hold on oh no bad things are happening all have too much health give it give it give it damn it i stepped in the poison still 12 poison all i did was dip my toesies elizabeth a secret stage which one a word just out of curiosity how long do you think im gonna be on tonight probably a couple of hours more than probably just depends on how annoyed it treats me honestly lab well im going to have myself a little nap the only thing to do really after the game reminds me of trusty eyebrows are your eyebrows all uh simulated and yes im assuming your eyebrows are uh rusty because youre bringing up i dont know if its really a secret i get ready to do my thing ill catch you later bye bye well be on probably when you get back if so swing back in hello dragon freaking gifted sub the pelvis ridiculous i think its on the third stage its the one where theres mushrooms oh the fungus place okay so i actually know what youre talking about the fungus biome itself is not a secret stage thats just an alternate biome that you can go through because its all like its kind of like again im going to compare to spunky say this mouse button okay let me actually you know what lets go with the classic lets go with the classic you know the penta hybrid classic you guys ready for this i dont think youre ready for this are you ready for this its the penta hybrid classic everybodys favorite thing well hasnt it been all too long its good to see you and then d given 56 months penta pain he knew it all right this is not size 30 brush excuse me this i have size 30 is my default dont judge me okay so say this is spawn oops say this is your spawn spawn here you go down into the mines big old big old freaking mountain right here big old big old gigantic ass tree over here with a little branch that has a worm on it and theres a cave over here that kills you and theres a water cave over here sometimes that kills you but you go you go to get to the go down and then youre in the mine and then if you go left you end up in the the collapsed mines but if you go down you end up in the coal mines but then if you go like if you go down from here you dont end up here you end up like over here but then if you go over here from here you technically end up like here but then you can go over here you can go over here but then you can go back over here and then you can go back over here and then over here some snow level and then like heres heres the craziness about this game if we like say we we multiply this by like you know 600 percent thats not what i meant to do i meant to canvas size image canvas size by 600 percent now this image is so goddamn big i cant even draw anymore but then people are like oh thats a cool game but then you realize that like down here its like a little egg that you can pick up and over here is the thing that you can pick up and then up heres the thing you can pick up and then heres the thing you can pick up and then like if you go like we we we we we we we we we we theres over here you can pick up the night is freaking ridiculous man all right thats all im trying to say thats all im trying to like i dont know where the fungus leads to i know i remember seeing a thing there theres like an altar or some that i couldnt do anything with so im sure theres something i missed but blink i will burn all of this wood because wood is burnable also wink burn the gunpowder and then blow that up and blow that up why because i can dont judge me ill show you the egg if i die and by if i die i mean the moment that i will die oh this is a lot of water we need to get this water hold on we need to get this bread so what do we got we got toxic sludge we need to get rid of this immediately so whats the best place to get rid of toxic sludge probably next to more toxic sludge lets just like stand up on this donker and then just go thats not what i meant to do i pushed the wrong button didnt i invisbleum just spray this spray yourself a little honestly for yourself even more yeah get invisible this is consecrate we cant actually get rid of that thats good concentrated mana concentrated mana i believe im going off of like years old knowledge at this point but doesnt concentrated mana melt steel i think you sumbitch oh youre still alive bro just came up out of nowhere but all right now we fill up the water bottle but we dont drown okay hello izu also meow were not a wizard uh hashtag lorecheck were actually a witch so check yourself actual lore whats up duhex progressive concentrated man to dissolve steel toxic sludge is turned into water if you mix it with more water yeah you can make a swamp out of water and sludge i just hate sludge im that guy so im that guy i know theres some like nonsense you can do with sludge and whatever theres also like one of the craziest things about this game is theres an actual alchemy system that no one ever pays attention to so you can you can quite literally combine isnt it based on your seed isnt it based on your seed like your seed determines what liquids you need to combine to do certain things and then theres like a special thing that happens if you manage to make the the correct properties or whatever this its goofy yeah heres the collapse mines somethings exploding over there oh no no no no no okay hold on hold on ah you nope i hate these imps i hate these freaking imps man they have too much health get roasted sir its not satan close to though we respect satan here i will kick this lantern and then i will kick this barrel that barrel will probably explode all right theres our exit dude theres never any freaking health ups on the first floor im convinced theres never health ups on the first floor i always get so boned on the first level i dont want to go to the holy mountain i know i have no health but theres too many things that i havent done i havent even really found i havent even found a one bro i havent even found a wand a single one this seed sucks giant balls oh karma karma karma well well hasnt it been all too long its good to see you hi bucks what are you appreciate you oil and bloom oh no ah no bro absolutely ruthless dude that seed sucked there was not a single one what do we got oh dual cast lets go oh egg lets just show the egg this is probably going to lead to us dying was that what sorry we got mud potion no acceleration yeah this is oh thats not the cables im gonna you probably get in there though this entire freaking map connects what is this thats the tree roots theres just 40 gold chilling okay im not going in the cave you cant make me egg no well not touch Music up youre breaking my trees hey but what if hold on spooky where that where the worm go oh no oh what sure does it explode it doesnt okay get your shotgun have an ass out of world one dude whats this oh worm fair box what could possibly go wrong smack it smack it ah oh health up Music im so confused hey frog oh my god does this man just throw molotov cocktails at me Music hey Music he oops wait hes so angry oh no no no help up in the first level do they if you think this is the first level what are you talking about right zooming that Music uh i guess that makes sense you burn the sludge it makes a gas you die from gas that makes sense deserved uh you know science was done what do we got oh we got firebolt is this wand really good this wand has terrible mana dude they give you shitty wands sometimes man joint ball on me bro oh well bro bro Music oh hit hit itll get through itll get through itll get through itll get through kick it oh hey what my mind car broke my potion son of a i was gonna get that potion probably ah why are you here Music oh im going to burn the gas was that was that gold ive had you going give it to me give it to me yeah holds okay go down here too i see two wands we havent seen a wand in 17 years this wand sucks im going to be the first to tell you this wand is dude but hey Music everyone no no no no no no piss on yourself its all good just a little did he actually throw one he didnt okay you almost got me sir off minecart almost said minecraft that would have been terrible you imagine there we go another womb oh well thats going to make things difficult isnt it oh god go go i believe what do we got bambus another pretty bad one i need to know how to wands work thats what i need to do thats like one thing that even in 40 hours of playing i still never understood how it worked no d i know theres like wand combos that affect your stats but i never Music i never learned them i just made an overpowered multicast wand that was kind of my gimmick thats what got me far and by far i mean probably nowhere but hey theres another womb over here i saw it i seen it kick it Music what the are you double scatter acid trail or triplicate bolts this thing is 750 mana Music this thing has 750 mana but it has 750 mana with no mana recharge so its kind of bad i will replace you whats the floaty liquid this is levitation which makes you do a zoomy makes you go zoom up into the air bruh wow all right well thats thats dangerous but in like fun ways that oil it is come on sneak through yes oh oh lord she coming yo star mix games welcome in welcome in bro you did not hit me i will do oh my god i hate this game sometimes that bullet did not hit me just a wide amount of debating right now thats a bomb we need to oh boy hes hes wet nope nope right Music uh uh Music you know what you know what sir hey and then start that on fire no no no no no what is this its a god one its good in every single way except it doesnt have a bomb i dont really care about the bomb lets be real i just want a good one its a non-shuffle only got three capacities thats rough right now weve got two really good wands for shuffle non-shuffle we can put a this doesnt really matter that its shovel because its only got one slot on it so its kind of redundant but this wand is going to end up becoming our energy bolt how far have i gotten on stream i think we made it to the second biome just today weve only been live for like 40 minutes but all time i made it to the jungle before but that was years ago the last time i actually played consistently was before 1.0 even hit it is it just me or is this one crap like yeah its its fine but like three slots Music that well take i wish i had the trait where every time i pick up a wand i heal that would be lovely all right were not leaving yet though Music yes nope you know we have 623 buckaroonies and four wands we should just leave we also got an hp off didnt we lets get out of here Music all right another triplicate bolt gun powder trail no thats just fire trail knock on powder trail fireball with trigger glitter bomb another bomb saws i do like spitter bolts they dont have any range but theyre really really good for those that dont understand what noida is and are like what the hell am i watching every time you progress to a holy mountain which is the bottom floor of the current biome youre on on the main path of the game later on in like new game plus and like other playthroughs you can go so far off the map that there is no like rest or respite im fully aware of that i dont know how it works or what they look like or what they do and i intend to find that out at some point but the main path your quote unquote world one through and victory condition you progress through stages going deeper and deeper every biome you go through you fight through you find ones you find potions you find loot you find gold you kill enemies you upgrade hopefully finding health upgrades which we did fortunately and then you make it to the holy mountain which are the portals along the bottom of that biome you go into this area which it has typically a shop of some sort whether its an a spell shop or a wand shop this ones a spell shop which is actually good because we dont want wands right now we have four wands were just going to reassort our spells figure out what were doing going forward to the next biome possibly pick up a spell or two and then after the spell shop once we get on that ramp to the right theres a trait shop where you can pick up perks that are basically your artifacts your trinkets your passive benefits for the remainder of the run stuff like faster charge or faster fire rate uh immunity to explosions you name it you pers personal freaking bubble shield around you uh all the way to like crazy thats like bullets that shoot from your rear end sometimes dont do damage like theyre just wacky nonsense right its a roguelite so you can probably imagine so first and foremost lets disassemble all of our wands this is what i do if this is not the correct way to play feel free to teach me thats just what i do every time i take everything off of my current wands after level one i reassess what my wands can do their stats and what i want those stats on because you basically build your weapons in this game its one of the greatest parts about this game not only is the graphic not only other graphics amazing and not only does every pixel have its own physics and weight and destructibility and all of that stuff in the game uh and its also got like some of the most deep secrets and nonsense that go on rivaling that of like even i mean its above spelunky as far as im concerned and like secret nonsense because spelunkys static this one is like you dig to it and you theres in this game that people may have still not even seen who knows um but you build your wants every wand has stats so its got shuffle which shows if it goes in order left to right shuffle me if it says no it goes left to right depending on what spells are there so itll go energy bolt heel double bolt heal energy bolt energy bolt and then itll circle back down to the left uh cast delay as you can probably ima shuffle by the way is just like it just does shuffle it goes through all of them in a random order and then it resets back to one cast delay is the time between each brick each spell recharge time is how long it takes to recharge your wand back to zero so recharge rate is really good on wands that have few slots which is why this one which is originally our bomb slot or our fire bolt slot is going to end up becoming our energy bolts our spark bolt wand and ill show you why here because its got such a low recharge and cast delay and energy bolt doesnt take any mana so basically we turn our bomb wand which we started into into like a machine gun which is way better than having it on this wand as you can see so you swap that around you move that to your one this is now my offensive one now we assemble our next one so we look at our wands this wand doesnt have a shuffle has pretty decent cast delay decent recharge time what i consider decent recharge time is under a half second especially on a two two thing wand so im thinking maybe we do like this and this and we just see what happens how does it look what are those even are those like exp pretty fast bolts thats not bad its like a little shotgun bunny big blade on the first one its only thirty dollars yeah but doesnt the blade hold on lets buy it doesnt the blade cost a ton of mana to use yeah it costs 20 mana so we wouldnt be able to machine gun it this only takes five mana this is four times as much im all down with a saw blade like we could do saw blade on this and be goofy right we could do that we could definitely do that because this has more mana actually has less mana but lets not talk about that this this one actually has a lot of mana and its not shuffle maybe we turn this into that one hold on let me put this on here and this on here its got such a long delay though thats the problem nearly a half second delay this one Music thats a little better what do we do like we do some just completely absolutely wacky nonsense well just do this whats up nader uh what what all right acidic trail needs to not be a thing i think weve figured out that acidic trail cannot exist uh this wand needs to go i do love im buying this what is this whos this guy oh oh no who hes so angry Music Music out of here dude all right well later man oh jesus get him are you coming oh he coming you ever kill a god before no Music no well look Music lets see if we can learn whos this guy hes not even on here what hes just hes just a god Music those gamer voices though what i probably do need to kill him i would imagine even know what you mean by gamers this is clearly your first time here i dont make gamer noises i make penta noises oh no that was interesting Music dude that acid wand just obliterated every single thing in that entire area never knew that could happen but i made the gods mad got it got dynamite on this one i almost want to restart i hate the bouncing bolt it does no damage man it just does no damage thats my biggest problem with it you can get pretty strong with it if you do the right combinations but then again that could be said for every single thing in this game if you do the right combinations with it you can be pretty damn powerful know what i mean Music excuse me my gunpowder didnt blow up im upset oh done wait oh yeah dont wait for it burn alive see a potion no wands though levitation theres just no want Music where are my wands at oh god thats it Music no no no no no no no no no you dont understand nope nope hold on just mud yourself its okay why why are you so scary dude yay i cant be good theres theres this cant be good okay why would i do that why was that a thing i did right there oh my god nerd yo nadja welcome in thats hilarious star makes thats hilarious to be honest i didnt even know rito played this game this does not strike me as a rito game whatever oh hes acid no no aint no acid no acid no acid Applause egg become mine i have a baby thats a giant frog i will kill you no no what is this what have you become what are you its a sheep it is a sheep why were you a sheep oh no im a sheep im a flying sheep though lipstick on my valentino bag oh Music why do i keep coming over here please eat the frog meat i dont know what anybodys saying you cant just shout directions backseat properly i dont know what you mean what do you mean eat how do i eat wait for it okay hes still alive wait you press down to eat and drink what are you oh no no oh gp i only have one dynamite left mark kanans projectile is that a skarsgard i got killed by a skarsgard brother no no bye freaking bouncy bolt hold on catch catch catch i refuse i refuse to start with bouncy bolts man theyre so bad oh yo we got magic missile lets go whats up here something spooky Music oh Music okay wait shiny orb do have a shiny orb wait looking for a one looking for all oh no wait for it she we dont have mana there we go Music whiskey you hold out a drink in water like liquids oh im so drunk where my wands at man double mighty rock that glows seems legit Music nope seems pretty bad seems pretty bad what do not have enough it costs a hundred man of the manner does it does one doesnt even have the mana to use it how dare Music i got my shiny work though were good this so shiny you know what yes now flee flee oh Music ugh Laughter Music the took my wand god damn cthulhu squid took my wand restart due to mod changes i dont know why it does this they wouldnt know why it does that why not i got to do that sometimes literally a non its a its a its an unmodded game nothings installed on it but sometimes it just restarts when you try and do a new run last time i saw someone do this lavalier rock or room you have a room no the orb room is to just unlock stuff you unlock spells by going there the first time and theyre like unlocked globally on your account and then i believe if you go back there if you return to the same orb room on your current account so like like your current not your current run but your current like playthrough or whatever you get a health upgrade i believe oh spitter bolt its actually we need to survive we need to survive the only way to survive is to take the minecart with you also getting a one would be just lovely i know it sounds sounds weird but like in my wizard game actually which game penta you just made fun of me out earlier for making the same mistake in my spellcasty sorcery game i would love it so much i could get a wand i doubt that very much dynamite i dont want dino bro i know that my my little my cape gets caught in it sometimes its the its the downsides of fashion i get it but sometimes man now stay away from the fire dude down here nerd okay what is brine potion is this pickle juice how do i drink the pickle juice minimally satiated how do i drink the pickle juice im holding down dude im so satiated i drank all the pickle juice man i see a womb wait dinamite how did that happen what just happened how did that happen i need it i need an explanation on how that dynamite ended up in the wall dang old pixels no Music dont hurt me i heard you you go over there sir bruh excuse me give me my dynamite give me my i need amanda for my dynamite thank you what is this wand this wand is so good 210 mana tenth of a second cast and recharge with five slots okay we have a machine gun in the works we need to survive what do you have on you right now slimeball cant possibly go wrong well we must test it yeah you never seen a fear like me hold on i want this gold its a lot of legendary dude hes freaking losing his mind okay so offensive spell is still our spitter bolt its very good okay fill the water so safe sheet come here Music the bottle is full im 106 satiated im feeling extremely full im feeling extremely full my movement speed is completely tanked from overeating too real man no no no oh dude spitterbolt is excuse me broken wand and i hate this thing and it does dangerous things in the day all right well thats what about what i expected i dont want to go into the holy mountain yet wait for it Music you know what lets go to the holy mountain Music we have no money man but we got a god one we have a god wand ooh saws saws are good more energy bolts could be fine saws are really good though okay so we have a god wand we need to put this on the god wand this is now our new main wand yeah thats gonna be good thats gonna be good stuff um im actually tempted to just get the energy bolts for our main wand then even though this is i love spitter bolt so much its range is going to be very hard to deal with and we need to just get rid of this you cost 50 mana youre a problem dynamite youre a problem what a bomb we get two chainsaws and a light modifier with split this wand is also not half bad Music just a better version of this one also not shuffle which is nice oh i did this is this goofy is this weird i dont like that at all im not a fan of that i dont really like this lineball its just not its not my jam uh chainsaws are really good though i havent used them since i started playing again so i dont know if theyve gotten nerfed but i know they were busted because you just like dig forever like more effectively than drills but they also were melee so it was like if things got close to you you could stand a chance but like range here would be nice i dont know if we need two offensive wands though its half the damage thats the problem is the energy bolts are less than half the damage of our splitters the spitter is so nice unless you need to be a little bit further away to the knights of katarina fight by yourself shut up and take my money thank you welcome in 10 months also bear good to see you bud ooh im actually at a loss here i dont know were basically arguing range or chainsaws when you ask the question range versus chainsaws you normally come up with chainsaw and well put that on there this wand is also not great this one is really good actually im now realizing this is 12 12. let me just chainsaw this be i cant chainsaw here because god will get mad at me uh this wand can have this set the chainsaw to the side for now this one can go this one is more mana thats my only problem this one is actually like not bad this wand is not also not bad hold on science did you be glowing you can chainsaw here you just cant break anything uh okay dude it drains the mana so fast this thing has no mana what if i put the chainsaw on this one oh but its got its a freaking one second recharge timer sure sure well do what sure uh no more shuffles most of the wands will be non-shuffling the ones you carry with you turn into non-shufflers as well thats really good kills to mana every time youre near an enemy then they dies they their release mana spells boomerang back to you does chainsaw reduce recharge speed how im gonna need an explanation on that one also has some magical property oh minus .17 recharge time oh straight up holy crap see i knew they all had like modifiers like that like this is an increase in cast delay on it i didnt know chainsaw was that i didnt think it was minus one minus like almost a fifth of a second like i could just go on here to give this i mean thats not that great lets be honest oh thats why this thing takes choose through mana things its a zero recharge timer its not bad i think its actually better without it though weird enough am i crazy that its better without it oh its because its shuffle hold on no its its still bad yeah so where should i put the chip to keep a chainsaw so that i can lower something else delay i do i do i dont mind shuffle ones im not a big fan of them typically though so thats not a bad upgrade to get dude double wandies oh my god a .02 second delay bouncy boy i mean oh my god put yourself out boy is it true i mean what the now that bears here bear can probably actually give me some like insight into this is it true that the look of the wand is actually its stats this is the 10-7 one right this is the god one that everybody talks about im assuming thats because its 10-7 im assuming thats where it got its name so you can just like understand what type of wand youre looking at before you even go over to it and just kind of walk away from it if bad is the max mana and all that stuff random and then shuffle and stuff like that and the slots random but the cast and recharge are all the same its not really related okay so the visuals is not related okay the mines wands are all pre-generated so youre saying like late game you get into some like some nonsense i cant do acid trail man ive seen it ive seen the other side of acid trail especially acid trail with firebolt that just seems like its waiting to just kill everything acid is the worst stuff in the entire game im sorry get out of here welcome to the coal mines ladies and gentlemen where everything sucks but only slightly oof you you if you were to ask me how i didnt get hit there i would not have an answer for you come here you all right glitter bomb man glitter bomb man number two didnt expect the second glitterman you never expect the second glitter mans dude nope not alone not allowed what is this chainsaw thats right were gonna chainsaw into there devon sauer Music was picking up a heart up he actually heal you drink a drink like i will not drink he refuses to drink he refuses to drink because hes minimally satiated i dont understand what does this wand even do it just shoots four why does it shoot all four of them shuffle just means the order why is it shooting all four of them it doesnt have a four boy on there it doesnt unless its the hp up from the holy mountains uh well the hp the hp from the holy mountains isnt an hp up right the hp from holy mountains is just a health a full heal large firebolt with freeze charge i dont even understand so here Music out of curiosity you know what i will take that over my dynamite wand sure because thats yeah thats thats thats 80 explosions versus 16 dynamites im not wrong in doing the math there thats basically just having a like a free magic missile water do not be putting out anything thats okay are you a mimic the belder is playing tarkov what the heck freezing liquid potion curious okay doesnt do anything but wobber will dissolve all of this and turn it into whopper and then you know what i can do Music i was gonna say i can get rid of the freezing liquid and fill it up with more water freezing liquid can suck my whole balls what that at the acid ball with floating arc no cast delay 900 mana drink the pink juice dx im gonna give you one more chance my dude i love you to death backseat properly yall on the internet need to learn how to actually backseat just saying do this is not backseating thats just telling me what to do if you want me to do something youre gonna have to explain why i should do it kindly drink the pink juice is it funny say drink the pink juice its funny or drink the pink juice its silly bring to pink juice its bad you can convince me youre feeling sick nothing stays inside so am i just vomiting everywhere that seems likely yep im gonna vomit everywhere hey im vomiting out the actual vomit honestly good to know give me that gold a deuces i thought that was gold as gunpowder holy balls wait a second i can make it why did that scare me so much jesus christ his guards his guards gourds his guards rarely messed me up with an mp5 why are you playing tarakop bell there i think the pink stuff is potentially funny i am poop puking everywhere so that is pretty good bungle caverns yeah this is the boy i couldnt is that oil bro i was slip sliding i couldnt move Music i was slips no streamer mode apply and return how do you new game stop restarting due to mod changes why does anybody know why it does that is anybody in this chat like just a freaking noida expert and can help me on why the hell that happens like why is it restarting due to mod changes double spinner bolts Music and dynamite maybe it wants to yourself meow i want actual answers so that it wont inconvenience me and everybody else watching i will not respect joke answers to a serious question not today i want it to stop apparently daily runs daily practice and nightmare counts as mods im not doing any of those what i just have the game open am i already gonna die bleed bleed nope thats berserkium why not break steel with dino dynamite three ones two ones oh this cant possibly go wrong huh yeah it seems about right im not doing any of those thats my thing its like im not doing any of those uh any of those runs oh is that because im near death my screens flashing okay that does make sense i did nearly die immediately man why why why is every wand gotta suck right now thats actually rude we have some good ones we probably should just leave we have no gold thats my problem like gold is pretty important hold on lets take a quick red piss then were gonna take a little quick what color is that like mucus i know you can drink the potions thats not white oh thats definitely not white thats got some green to it its got some like thats got some like pith color you know what im saying thats a pith color Music Music no were fine were fine dont panic okay okay thats uh no were fine were fine were fine were fine were fine were fine were fine were fine were fine were fine were fine we are not fine whos this guy Music hi cole paul little hissy Music mans mint theyre giving us three oh he grabbed a wand that bastard chaotic polymorph potion Music ah ah is it coming what is that hold on hp upgrade what is this bro why is it scaring me touch it its like a gravity well and this is like a repulsion well yo its a repulsive field it sends away and this this tables dancing hes losing his mind look at him even got a little bit of like a pet rock smile on his face kick him hes losing his mind oh my god hes getting sucked off by the universe what is this oh yeah yukovskvy of course a small rock makes me feel charged i have to jump in water with that i have to see what happens thats sludge but wait no theres repulsion fields everywhere bruh Music what what is this seed i cant hit enemies when im repulsed and then pulled and then sucked well theyre shooting each other aint no wands man hold on these things theyre not good for my my heart they do zap it wait oh yo bro my immune to electricity god damn it a unicorn on me hold on well figure this out okay all right he hit me oh no im confused i am confusion yo an in in in raid shop in map shop energy orb pollen oil cloud delayed spell cast damage plus im not gonna lie i kind of want energy orb oh this imp not you im sorry did i make you mad im sorry egg friend i will become back my slime champion to wambus im on fire hit damn my freaking slime dude he just wiggled a little bit to the right and he was just like im gonna get you its like im your friend but youre throwing rocks at me dude hes trying his best did you see how many hearts he had above his head hes trying his best off bouncy bullets all right lets try and do some lets try and do some goofy stuff with the bouncy bullets i think we can i believe we got bombs actual bombs okay first and foremost we need to get wands and we need to get quality ones and kill boys which is gonna be tough because this wand sucks balls or this spell is ass now im sure theres some people out there bear probably being one of them whos like the bouncy bulls are the freaking best item in the game you just dont understand how to use them what is even happening down here pete wait what the is pete Music cannot drink the peat what about if i do this im a sheep im a sheep again wait no the day is not the day good day Music wait for it here you no no no no no no im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry no no no come here wait get him get him kick were so close i just wanted to make him a sheep we could be sheep friends phoenix looking for the ray welcome in thats okay we started with bouncy bullets i dont like them what we got is that energy bolt thats a good one and they started me with an actual water potion and by water potion i mean a bottle of water energy bowl is my favorite early spell wait Music classic i want that gold well i got it worth whats this unstable teleport potion uh what could possibly go wrong honestly send me Music its just like just freaking do it man this is coal burning holy its a goddamn massacre okay okay oh theres a imp down there too son of a set him on fire didnt work im upset im panicking that coal is just going nuts right now what do we got we got oil cloud or raincog raincloud wait a second save it save it i suppose you cant really put out a coal fire with uh water huh but what about this what if you just did that huh what have you just did that what have you just heated that right on down there huh give me this health up please its surrounded by no its not never mind dont blow up the you blew up the lantern you coward why are there so many nerds theres so many nerds man hold on no no nope still just give it a second not another one it disappeared im upset wow fill me up does the water the bottle of water fill up as youre just in the water im realizing that actually that would have been good to know the fight me i saw you finally played it and im not gonna lie hearing you talk about jumping into it blind or relatively blind i should say i think youve played it before but you didnt dive into it a full amount hearing you talk about it was what inspired me to go back to it also noida has or not annoyed uh ravita has been making me a very very unhappy man and i havent played it since 1.0 so i i wanted to get back in and see like what i remembered and im im remembering a little bit i remember a little bit oh no martian come on come on oh youve never played it ah you only have one more bomb try and avoid the oil ah i guess that makes sense Music its a lot of gold in that chest there right dude they have such vertical leap they have such a vertical up here on their kobe bryant-ish cant have cant have it he didnt die yet he dropped something else dropped gold thats okay we have a lot of gold we dont have a good wand though we need to find we need to find a wand theres been no wands what is that whiskey their work i had a feeling ah wait i hate oil yo thats real good circle of vigor isnt that just like dont i just put a thing around me and it heals me passively ball lightning dude all of these are so good dude transmogrify i could turn into sheep circle with vigor is only two uses but doesnt it just passively heal you for like 40 or 50 hp i need a fact check on that one obviously you buy giga black hole like thats just a given and then you buy ball lightning and then you buy hp spore is really good but spore has a tendency to kill me im not gonna lie im not even a joke about it im sure everybody here has seen me play for the last 17 seconds and can probably be understanding at the fact that its going to end up killing me i just need to turn all this sludge into water because i would like to still have mana and by mana i mean money for the actual shop theres boys up there we can kill two yeah you get back at the holy mountain oh my god i saw him too imp man i swear to jesus he doesnt go away fans has no chill did you come from are they spawning out of the damp rock am i not understanding how these critters spawn please please please please please please please thank you jesus christ all right fill me up ten percent hp per second and seems to heal you for two and a half seconds so yeah 25 hp 50 hp for a full use thats actually not bad thats actually not bad is that pheromones sure Music uh i was really hoping for a wand shop this is the time i didnt want to see a spell shop our wands are kind of booty man i use the john this is 20. thats the only problem here is because if i swap it to this which is what i would normally do yeah wed fire really fast four times and then id have to watch mana whereas this wand this one has less mana this one okay let me check thats just thats unusable im sorry thats just unusable i buy chainsaw and put it on this maybe now that bears opened up my mind to how chainsaw works cast delay increase recharge time decrease what if i just do spark bolt i mean spinner bolt would be good too honestly im thinking about a lot of this stuff too we need to get this going shuffle is not where i want it so we need to we need to just have this wand probably just be you for our main attack since you dont shuffle oh this is rough the cast delay um because with this spell on there it goes to 0.4 seconds and then its a 0.4 second with a point whatever recharge so like yeah its recharging really fast but its only a one spell thing thats where its really shitty is if i had a second spell on here that would utilize the recharge time a little bit better from the chainsaw it would be better but since im only using one spell on there its recharging doesnt even mean anything because its only using one spoon that one spell takes a half second to cast which is where the math of this game comes in i do like rain cloud id like to keep rain cloud and you but the fact that this is shuffle sucks so like and i cant cast giga black hole on any of my wands because we havent found any wands dude this is this is rough this is a rough rough go of it we havent found anything id like to keep bomb out here as well ball lightning is really good but i just dont see it being effective right now so thats there just go offense heal check perks yeah another thing is like the other argument would be this thats not bad thats a lot of damage output but i mean compared to this i mean it might actually be more damage honestly well well hasnt it been all too long its good to see you 45 months gamer off thank you the issue were running into right now is i cant i cant use the heel and i cant use giga and i cant use ball lightning and i have a water bottle so im going to leave rain cloud off and we just have to use this gigantic ass freaking wand what if we shuffle this what if what if we do this is this stupid it has terrible stats but what if we did this thats garbage man thats so bad uh we have no wand space we dont have a fourth wand this is a shuffle so i cant really put any of my utility stuff on there because like lord knows if i put bomb heel rain cloud and void on here and i mean to cast a bomb and i throw a void into the wall or i mean to cast a rain cloud and i bomb myself like you just cant do that with a shuffle wand so lets go check i will buy the second bomb though we didnt have enough to re-roll so freeze field liquids freezing your presence doesnt seem very good homing seems awful gain an artifact that allows you to call celestial rage sure i dont understand what this means but everything else sucked and i couldnt reroll anyway ill buy the bouncy bolt and well buy the well buy the blade what about this does this change my mind thats not bad this might even be better got the mana the mana on this wand is so bad though 88 mana Music lower crit chance on this versus this obviously you love to see the minus on cast delay here because it puts it at point it puts it basically makes this a 10-7 wand that makes that a 10-7 wand and then this i just hate having two utility or two offensive ones and no utility wand lets you know ah we cant cast it it costs freaking 240. oh i would love to use the gigavoid man i would love to use the gigavoy but i dont have a wand that has the mana for it i would love to just swap out bomb for the void dude god i mean do we get rid of do we sacrifice digging skip a biome and just go like heal on this one what does this do that is going to kill me so well swap that back what about what i expected what about this stuff that could be hilarious but no all so bad what about this significantly worse because it has no damage also the timer really helps because the timer if im if im confident on what the timers do timers are always better on non-shuffle ones right you still dig from the chainsaw that is true its still its pretty bad lets be honest so do we heal or do we water i mean ball lighting is so goddamn tempting though if we just had any mana recharge like this things mana recharge is so good like just just for science just for science that mana recharges almost in a in in a a second and a half so ball lightning on this wand is actually not that bad as it takes its its its cast delay is like 1 1.1 seconds which is about the time it takes for its mana to recharge its its not the worst and i think this this is bad right we tested this this is a this is actually not that bad i thought it was bad because of mana use but its not that bad this never runs on a mana though this never can you this will never run out of mana thats the plus right damage or mana regen i hate the choices this is our dps one we dont need dps on this one lets keep it with keep it with its mana well go with the heel for now uh were gonna put this over here put this over here projectiles bombs and freaking diggy nonsense can go in the middle i guess technically your projectile and your projectile this is utility well just sort that like that uh do we buy a fire bolt its an odd fire bolt never mind do we buy a tnt for 40. Music no because we have we have gigavoid we dont we dont care about anything else gigavoid is going to save us assuming we can get a wand that has more than 300 mana we get a one that has 300 mana were sitting pretty we have no mana thats okay foreign what its planned tara its plantera poison excuse me plantara oh no no no uh no cease oh that chainsaws real bad though its reminding you of terraria its honestly a fair comparison terraria is often times brought up in the conversation with noida the most common like comparison people bring to with noida is if spelunky and terraria had a baby bruh theres some terrible happening man theres some terrible terrible happening right now i remember uh heal me i i couldnt get out i didnt want to leave but i couldnt get out i was trapped forever Music that sucks i did not want to leave that level is that icon on the screen from the perk thats our summon boy again not a wand shop dude and not really good things like earthquake shot is fine double spell is fine but what are we gonna do with double spell we cant do anything im gonna buy it because its 50 off im gonna buy light glass cannon five times is powerful but your max hp becomes 50. sorry cant do it i will just take extra hp im gonna be weird im gonna be the guy no one wants you to be man joy the snowy depths my favorite biome arguably depending on who you ask the worst biome in the entire game again depending on who you ask everybodys got their opinions please little level is holy please stop being poisoned sir im already going to cast my healing that heals way more than i was into thinking that did not heal me 25 im just going to say that right now that did not heal me 25 what the give it to me like jungle sucks obviously ive never beaten the jungle before so jungle i can say assuredly sucks but this biome from just the off-screen damage you take to the ridiculous and relentless amounts of enemies you run into here its nutty oh wand like im being shot off screen right now two ones this guy has my wand he had my wand im upset its a magic bolt wand with really good stats oh no its time for the boldest play youve ever seen are you guys ready panic panic panic panic panic panic why does it never work out in my favor one time jesus one time three damn icicles oh no no two three ah nope nope kill me where did i you know what send me why why why are you like this you just could have been you could have been nice nope nope nope nope now Music Music bro the off-screen dude what did i just give it to me shoot it what ah you know what its giving me some ravita flashbacks man its giving me some rita flashbacks the reason i stopped playing ravita all respect to my boy ben and his game but jesus christ does that game become a horribly and all of its design flaws show itself once you get to later ascensions off-screen damage being the most notable one of them and its like that biome in this game is just the off-screen damage biome enemies you cant see bullets here that come from seemingly nowhere no one no gamer has ever liked off-screen damage but all good we got spitter bolts again oh Music what up dude i got no wands yeah we made we made a pretty decent bed out of their run out of that garbage zero wands for like the first two biomes man thats rough uh i will never argue with the 320 arunas you know might argue with this guy being here nope im poisoned of course i am i will always be poisoned did i still get meleed i dont understand thats an egg i dont honestly think i care i care too much about the egg i dont even know what just happened there some terrible is going on here some next level is happening here sure theres so much freaking flux oh god please give me back my controls just a bunch of freaking concentrated mana just chilling up here you know what give it to me fill me ill take that and i will take it to the grave i will melt everything and thats whoa i see what happened i understand there was an alchemy shot i understand i now know what transpired exploded and the potion shop oh my god no whoa thats a pheromone what is this red velvet cake polymorphine regular polymorphine bluebee wobber more pheromone concentrated you cant shoot me im your friend i will take another teleport potion i dont really care about pheromones water i will absolutely grab invisible no flummox no no no no no i will dump this though im not drinking the red velvet cake theres theres a plan here all right Music no Music cause of death damage from water while polymorphed into eliccio you telling me that little dash dash of water was enough i was gonna make all of this go in one bottle i was trying my best to fill up a bottle with just a ton of nonsense and see what i could do with it so foggy oh god were back to normal energy spark everyones favorite starting starting bolt hey okay so we were popping off right at the start hold on im on fire oh that could have been terrible dynamite oh Music what a whiskey beautiful crit dude im zooming dude youve got yourself in a pickle there bud pickle established thank you for the gold dude listen to the jams though when the music kicks in this is this freaking bucket head inspired riff oh my god theres a theres a wand give it to me dont you dare fall on me you wouldnt fall in a man in glasses ball left all left i made it Laughter yes the time has come what do i know about the black or the the black emeralds the emerald tablets i know theyre lore and i know they lead you to orbs thats the all i know i know theres more tablets than there are orbs so i dont know what the rest of the tablets do but for instance this tablet which is the simulacrum also known as tabulous maradina this one tells you some kind of nonsense i have no idea i usually just do this oh yeah oh thats right you can whip them at dudes and they if you whip those at guys dont they drop more gold or something if you use tablets on them dont they give you more gold oh my god i killed the imp we have no gold is our our wands are our wands like decent theyre decent theyre both every wand is no we have we dont have we have a non shuffle on here with a bunch of man fortunately its exactly enough so we could probably put black hole on this and then use this ditty for something else because its got pretty decent stats and really good mana recharge holy balls 13 recharge speed why you gotta be so bad dude bruh arent the tablets also one of the few things in the game you can sell you dont think so i might be misremembering id like to get to 300 gold thats gold thats goals 300 gold or like a better a significantly better wand like a significantly better one like were looking for a were looking for a glorious ah you know what honestly on a day like we Music on a day like today why not why wouldnt i do it jesus christ oh eldritch portal oh we never used the egg chat electric charge explosions on slimy enemies bubble spark i dont like bubble spark foreign little came out of nowhere oh that is drowning whiskey hold the phone what do i got i do have dynamite yeah i probably should have seen that that was gonna happen dont burn my chest no no save it hey there they cant burn the items right i will wait my drunk ass will be happy and wait close you cant really put out a whiskey fire with uh with water but hey there we go no youre on just large no duty sir Music yeah what could go wrong with an eldritch portal Music dude no wands man what is with these runs i mean these arent terrible oh lets go lets go thats huge this this we have to figure some out now we have too many things oh baby yeah the egg where the green demon lord that we apparently got as a perk that we could summon we never used them okay you there actually you there because this thing is decent in hannah right thats our main our main boy take this off take this hot tape okay thats our main thats our main digit Music 180 you are black hole welcome aboard youre a black hole oh teleport bolts pretty nice too im not gonna lie i hate acid ball id actually just like to get rid of it im not gonna lie get out of here uh okay utility one welcome aboard because i cant use you on this thats awkward because now we have we really need to get this thing we need to get a wand that has more capacity while also having decent castellan recharge like i could i could argue that this would be decent but neither of our secondary ones could use this im also the kind of guy who doesnt like to bring in a fourth wand correct me if im wrong like maybe thats the wrong play maybe bringing in four wands is the smart play i like to have a spare slot to pick up another wand to then steal spells off of it at worst case i like to have an offensive wand a utility wand and a diggy wand i know thats probably not the optimal way to play but i havent learned the optimal way to play yet so this would also be pretty good i dont want to use eldritch portal though what the heck does it summons a one-way portal to a sinister realm you know what you go on there hey you know what you go on there i dropped that spell vx so if we end up using all 10 all-seeing eyes thats our reward as we can use the uh the eldritch boy i wonder if that even works if electric charge even works on them extra knockback on spells a permanent shield or gases ignite near you permanently no thank you ill take a shield already were starting out spicy already like theres enemies everywhere immediately this cash and fire as you would do you know what doesnt work okay so bouncy really good stats though not sure what we do with that gold oh no cast delay 340 mana no shuffle it recharges per second or whatever the hell that is what does it have over this one it has recharge time worse and charge speed worse i also dont really like the arrow spell im not gonna lie i think the arrow spell is real bad i could be wrong it has a huge cast delay increase it also uses a ton of mana but it does less damage than other stuff i think the arrow is kind of like your middle ground between like the bouncy and like the energy ones decent wand not not not feeling in it bruh so foreign oh no i know leaving is probably the smart choice considering we have decent money and also health is an issue right now but i dont like leaving so early man i got theres too many things to do and see if the if the goal of the game was just to like make it to the bottom i could just like run past everything right w nope definitely not things are exploding im unhappy about it oh the air feels humid ill talk about my air my spells aint doing man oh no its that guy always that hes so mad hes okay all right decision made Music oh wandis just give me a god wand none of these are god wands this one looks pretty good though that one looks pretty bad always casts excuse me always casts what poison arc no thank you this thing is like a scatter shot fire bomb nonsense Music i think i actually want you on you unfortunately and then this wand can just go even though its a decent wand it can just go probably for this one Music why does that do what it does i dont understand how these things work does i thought i thought the modifiers had to be at the front oh maybe modifiers had to be at the front but the multicast had to be at the end hmm i havent even been using the all-seeing eye i feel like a fool fire trail or fire explodey uh scatter shot triple shot no thank you i also think this thing cant run out of mana either homing sucks oil blood you bleed flammable oil but are immune to fire you sense nero by enemies you know gimme gimme oil blood i bleed flammable oil but im immune to fire im starting to get the hang of wand stats hard to find a good medium i have my like preferences for what i think is okay but i im so out of practice and now were now were here so everythings gone to immediately now we got one of the egg dudes too thats gonna be fun were already damaged shield being mvp yes shield will not help me against eggman Music where is he hes below me oh hes like way below me what the off-screen god dammit Music so bruh i know that egg dudes are on here somewhere and thats pissing me off i know hes just chilling triple spell its like not a bad wand either just not this is not what we need unfortunately right now excuse me all right sniper already come in excuse me im on the wrong wand 78 hp were fine were fine yo whats up banner hes just down there shooting their rats thats fine honestly switch these around thats my leading one now theres lava classic 402 on the on the money meter not not good enough come here then broke the avoided the potion but found a potentially pathway well theres no way this is gonna go right being immune to fire is really nice not being immune to explosions though kind of sucks i wish i had them in tandem Music dont void the wand oh spark ball with a timer though i cant like getting rid of this wand i think its time i hate getting rid of spitter bolt though putting spitter bolt on here would actually be beneficial i think im over valuing this wand lets give it a test thats not bad oh man i wish i had the freaking perk where i could edit my wands on the fly that would be beautiful here pop it give me fuel give me fire give me that which i desire and by that i mean let me see im immune to fire give me the gold theres a giant worm you know what on this day on this day i patiently wait little curiosity blood over here and one of these boys another wand bruh bruh Music the electric boy summon egg Music summon large explosive box no i think you know what get get him get him boys the no i didnt anger the gods he angered the gods Music what do you mean you worm im back here you your moms a hoe your moms a whole Music wait wait you thought you were smarter than me turns out youre just a dummy Music come hither and die Music ah hes so big my word hes large all right lets go back to the shop or you know what whats even funnier lets go up lets go back to snow land no no no im sorry jesus i didnt mean to betray you oh my god excuse me sir you seem to be hanging out where my perks are all right i have a plan first part of the plan are there two of you you know what worked on the chubby man Music hey oh god hes hes oh god oh no no no kill him Music kill him get as ass run run theres still time duplicate my projectile sometimes what could possibly go wrong shoot it all seeing eye i have an idea oh the my frames look Music look the worm angered the gods i was just an innocent bystander i was just over here playing in my house with my wands trying to become the worlds greatest witch all of a sudden freaking cthulhu worm had to come over here eatero worlds and chew on gods taint wasnt my fault how could i have angered the worms i mean to be fair i did call them Music we call their their potential followers little and their mothers hoes while in their temple but lets be honest here ive done that in real life in church and guys never smoked me all right i just got shot right in the mouth oh whiskey get drunk and go shoot extraordinarily wasted and food poisoning oh Music i got him Music cant be defeated cant be defeated hold on cant defeat me ive drunk man strength become my friend i died in fire Music lets try one more time oh bouncies all right i know what to do with bouncies torture Music look its simple we just played we just played do not touch the ground the floor is lava oh god im on fire oh chainsaw give it to me oh no oh no oh all right its fine Music 69. every time Music uh i try my freaking best okay lets be honest i wasnt trying those last couple but the hes base or whatever the heck its called is so brutal like i dont think you can just dig down like you can probably skip through you could probably if you if you didnt care about like power right if you didnt care about power you could probably skip through the mines the coal mines and the snow area just by just going down right theyre all like relatively open theyre not claustrophobic you can just like drop through and be fine the moment you hit the fourth biome it is just less smack in the face everything is so tight the quarter like tight quarters just like tiny narrow pathways full of explosives and just like demons so theres not really uh theres not really a just you know just go down theres no really no digging your way out of that one right so you need to like you need to power yourself up in biomes one through three to prep yourself for that like you probably dont need any strength at all in biome one and two world three i would say you probably want some kind of help whether its range or just like a high high power like crit or whatever but good lords you need so much help you need so much help in the in the in the freaking in zones five and up ive only been to the jungle two or three times in my time playing this game i have died within well actually no ive only been there twice in my time playing this game and these are way back before the back in the long long ago and i died immediately like i said the first time i got there i got i got it by a giant demon spider and then i went and played spelunky and i remember making it there another time but maybe im not thinking of the jungle because now that im there now when im really like putting my mind to i dont know if i actually made it to the jungle a second time i think i might be thinking of the fungus area because i also made it there and got roasted im trying to remember what enemy killed me the second time i made it to what im thinking of but i cant remember but jesus christ welcome back to you as well bruh mm-hmm have you ever played rogue legacy too no i have i still have not played it yet and i am constantly being made fun of for it still have not played it yet its on that list okay let me take that back i havent played 1.0 i take that back i havent played 1.0 i havent played it since the 1.0 launch let me let me let me catch myself there i have played the game but i have not played its 1.0 oh did did maymay come through im assuming she probably came through since meow was saying doggo and she doesnt i dont know its meow she could just be randomly saying she could just have a dictionary and just say a random word you never know you never can tell may did bark but with meow i cant tell i heard lemay there you go rogue legacy one was so painful for you to finish i apologize for like the down time here but were just gonna chat for a little bit because im thinking about what i want to make for food because im desperately hungry im hungry and the depressed because of the bucks getting eliminated from the finals but theyre not the finals but the playoffs woof what is what is your hardest biome in the game is im assuming the hardest is probably something i havent seen yet bear what is your experience give me give me give me the rundown whats your experience with noida because like i can never tell with you whether youre just like an absolute maestro and have hundred percent of something or if its something that youre just passionate about but have put little time beat it once or twice well i mean beating it quote unquote is just making it to the last traditional area right how far am i through the game bear today since youve been watching not considering ive been to the jungle where is hy where is high c dc biome five im guessing theres like eight to ten main biomes in the in the past thats my guess i could be wrong maybe jungles the end and i just im just terrible i dont know easy base is like midway thats kind of what i was figuring kind of what i was thinking lets make a pizza if i go do i go full full lazy and just make a pizza is it is it just pizza time chad theres goose honk i dont feel like making pasta i really dont i know its the laziest thing in the world its not im not hand making pasta i could but im not hand making pasta but im just so lazy i dont even want to boil pasta right now and if you really think about it this is how terrible it is if you really think about it making a frozen pizza is more effort than boiling pasta and making pasta do you want how many steps there are to making a pizza yeah open the pizza remove the film from the pizza got preheat the oven put the pizza in the oven youre gonna take the pizza out make sure you have your knife prepped and ready and then you gotta cut freaking six times pasta you just boil water throw pasta in stare at it put pasta in bowl throw cheese throw sauce thats it imagine not having a pizza wheel i do i just prefer knives is there something wrong with this is there something wrong with having a preference to knifes there is oh well my counter argument is a knife is easier to clean a knife is sharper a knife isnt as awkward to use if somebody rolls up on me while im cutting my pizza i can defend myself much better with a knife than i can with a goddamn pizza cutter what am i gonna do give them some score their freaking forehead congratulations son you have a plus sign no someone rolls up in my kitchen while im coming with a freaking chefs knife i turn around and i gut him pull their heart out like a freaking tribesman eat it spit it onto the pizza and then continue eating the pizza sans with heart you can cut the webbing in their fingers with the pizza you can do that with a knife too also theres no webbing its just thats just tendons and skin tension humans do not have webbed digits well okay the normal regular human does not have web digits there are some people who have web digits and theres nothing against that but the average human species person has has no webbed digits but its way more threatening with the pizza its not sharp bro people need to realize that the pizza cutter is not okay um heres heres the thing im glad yall are calling it a pizza wheel because its not the traditional name in wisconsin is pizza cutter is not a pizza cutter its not sharp enough to cut anything you are simply putting pressure onto the dough so that it splits youre using youre using force and pinch physics to separate the pieces from each other theres no cutting happening youre just perforating the thats all youre doing if someones in the way of my pizza im throwing the steaming hot pizza at the guys face well if somebodys in the way of you and your pizza you cant access the pizza to then throw it at them you still have to fight them to get to the pizza to throw it at the mail where thats a i found a flaw in your logic if theyre between you and the pizza you cant be getting to the pizza i got you get got it butch is there for a bread knife no its just a chefs knife just a chefs knife the most utilitarian knife in the kitchen the best knife the knife that everybody should have you call it a butchers knife where youre from that makes sense also no need to apologize bear its a naming conventions are not universal naming conventions are far from universal yeah youre youre like cartoon your your cartoon knife the knife that you see in like cartoons and games and so thats thats just a chefs knife so like moms knife in isaac is a is a chefs knife wide at the base of the blade for anchoring and then it tapers down into the tip what do you guys call the what we call the butchers knife the square knife thing as you call it what do you guys call that where youre from out of curiosity as long as you dont call it like the flint the fillet knife or something theyve just called the choppa thats the choppa me me me im aware what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing quite hello okay youre a psychopath youre a cycle pain im not showing dog slam hacker knife the square one is the butcher is a butchers cleaver yeah cleaver butchers knife both of the same thing my internet is die from download game vx what did you download did you download noida are you gonna try and like are you gonna are we gonna compete in this one too am i forcing everybody to download this game now are we competing do we just become best friends and such does this annoy the competition now id lose you dont own ah well son of a i thought i had you yeah i was currently downloading noida you think your computer could handle it like in like a non-mean way i dont know if it could considering that last run on my computer it was like trying to die it was like very much trying to die it did its best when i was using the black hole in the heisen area it was trying its best i love divinity i mean youre standing or youre just youre just gonna sit on my headphones okay thats fine i mean you are a puppy i guess i cant really say that thats not something you do it is definitely something you do why are you so freaking weird why are you so weird is there an end to this game yes there are probably multiple endings but yes there are im gonna sit back all right ive decided im going to make chicken i think lets give it a shot you know you can just lay up there i said youre just gonna freaking goober what an absolute lunatic of a dog okay let me look at something quick let me see if i can show this okay oh my god all right so i i ive opened up the the noida wiki map this might have been a mistake but hey what is it lets do it uh all right so as i explained you go in you go into the thing this is you is you spawn it you go in you go down and this is the mines the mines lead over to the volcano boy volcano boy goes to ordman as i expected and i told you guys that the orbit actually shortcuts you down into snow land its actually a shortcut you can take this is the this is the coal mines this is the in between area where we got attacked by multiple danger boys then up here is egg and then heres the the curse of greed you can take heres another one of those tablets youve seen that i dont even understand how the you get over the tree but apparently you go over the tree so i want to see what i remember here okay so when you go through this area this is this is the mines the area you go to the mines and to the right is the orb but then to the left apparently is this cave that ive never seen before um but then down here theres nothing to the right but to the left is fungus land fungus land do be spooky and then if you go down to the snow area to the right is your shortcut place but to the left is this area which ive also been in here before i dont remember what this place is called i believe if i remember correctly i believe this area is just called question mark question mark question mark but ive been in here before ive done the holy bomb thing before unlocked that ive been up in this and i have no idea what the its for but i went in there and i looted a thing and then uh swiftly didnt realize what it did im pretty sure the item you pick up there just plays music when you hold it which is cool its pretty cool uh but there was a there was a book in there that i have no idea what the it was about but then you go down to this and then youre in area uh one two three four area four which is the easy base this place do be spooky its actually okay so theyre all relatively the same height except for snow land but snow land is more open which explains why its not as high or explain why its not as narrow so this is pretty pretty short to get through you can probably just drop through and be fine as you could just drop through go through the corridors and drop through and be fine this one you just jump in and you could probably just drop through and you know get out but then you come into this place and just look at this this is obviously a randomly generated seed look at this explain to me hey you get over the debt tree from the i with an item from the desert essence areas bear essence areas talk to me about it is that what this thing is do you mean explain that to me while we discuss the chaos that is this area also worth noting that i dont know if this is here every time but theres a shop off map on the right and then whatever the hell this thing is our glass room no clue thats the question mark question mark question mark thing this its a special item thing thats pre-spawn in every seed yeah still have no idea i did it but i dont know what it did this place man and then yeah jungle is after this which jungle is as you could probably imagine if you follow the theme of the game jungle is just the ice biome but worse oh there he is its the spider guy that killed me this dude has some of the wackiest grossest unsettling animations ive ever seen in a video game just because of how every pixel in this game is animated and has its own physics and stuff his legs i dont have any fear in my life of multi-legged things i dont have a fear of spiders or centipedes or octopodes i dont have a fear of any of that bugs they dont bother me at all in fact i love spiders but this was unsettling i dont know what it was im fairly certain this is another one and this is another one except they havent spawned their legs yet look at this guy theyre just everywhere man theyre everywhere dude bruh and then whatever the these flowers are theres a giant egg here i have no clue what that is well figure that out at some point probably maybe i dont know the center of this area is all corrupted no idea over here is just i dont even know what the this is but it just goes over here okay yeah thats thats noida its just it just goes over here now and then you end up over in this you go back to snow land what the so when people are like noida isnt on the level of some of the roguelikes in the genre this is what i was talking about how noida is just the king of secrets because im not even fully zoomed out you dont want to see me fully zoom out but you want to see me fully zoom out like bro and also worth noting its procedurally generated so all of that stuff is still going to be there quote unquote but it isnt guaranteed to be there if you know what im saying all right what do we got we got electrical and honestly a pretty good one actually its a really bad one six mana charge bro and theres secrets that people havent found yeah well theres also like new game plus and everything too right isnt there like 50 billion new game pluses i remember reading an article uh a while ago actually it was like a long while ago i think but i remember reading an article that a guy you know what can i magic missile through all this is there a way i dont think im gonna make it with the ones i have oh hes done it hes done it secrets secrets what but i remember reading an article a while ago that didnt a guy doesnt he have an easter egg in the game is there a twist streamer that has an easter egg is there a twist streamer in the game that has uh are any strike in the game hidden somewhere that is like impossible to find because its randomly generated or whatever procedure generated but uh my dude apparently beat new game plus like a trillion times in one run and uh the final boss or what i assume is the final boss on his run had like a quintillion hp or something like that bruh oh come on oh theres got to be a way right the snow keeps falling though were losing height how do you do the what like is there a wand thatll i have an idea oh i know theres a i know i can do this so i know i can do this oh i know i could do this i just got to get that nipple out of there but im afraid of shooting my lip no i shot the lip out the accuracy of screwed me i have an idea stop shooting the bottom of it you pile a jack i i swear to god every time i shoot the bottom of the thing where im not aiming its sending me to the its sending me to the stratosphere okay theres no chance right there is a chance actually oh ugh Music just how long does it be all it takes is a little bit of tenacity thank you marty for the 12 months and the raid will come in raiders all it takes is a little bit of gumption oh baby lets go lets get it i said it couldnt be done scholars have written about this since the days of yore christopher columbus sailed the great sea to make this jump and he failed and then he died to call over or something i dont know im not a history buff all i know is i got the damn thing all right one tis true without lying certain and most true that which is below like that which is above and with that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of only one thing and as all things have been arose from one by the meditation the mediation of one so all things have their birth in this one thing by adaptation i am i am god i have become mewtwo all right now we diggy so philosophical ill go to morty hes playing some elden ring i i honestly like i knew it was gonna happen but the moment i knocked out like this pixel i started panicking i was panicking i was like theres theres no shot we dont have the height anymore but then we had the height ah okay well bruh theres a chance wait a second of course theres a chance what are you talking about just use your freaking brain dude touch it bomb it nope place it oh what what that wasnt supposed to work give me my tablet back you son of a you son of a you took my lore how much gold zip wasnt worth you gave me money in a bush oh come on we go up maybe water it with what my pheromones touch it become my friend god oh it killed the bush okay well that didnt work infinite flying im going over were going to realms never seen hello mushroom i hear splooting wheres the sploosh can i dig can i grenade hold on i can science is there something in the boob hill i heard splooting oh redneck fishing terrible things are gonna happen in this water what the what is that i dont know broke it when all else fails throw dynamite at it Music wait a second what b no what b oh why is it so dark over here Music strong bad guys very strong bad guys ah enter the desert oh that sounds just splendid the air feels hot thorough im sorry not that can i shoot the sand bro i can shoot the sand should i go back down in the hole thats further to the left that ive naded open or should we just keep going right also shout outs to shadow of the colossus bridge in the background crossover of the century well i think the music queue has told me that i need to go right does this music do be bopping Music those are like them those are like the most concerning marimbas ive ever heard in my life Music like the person whos playing them feels like they are about to die like theres just so much sadness in them excuse me what is this gigantic you dont say its bone oh yeah yeah i figured i was i was wondering what this was of course its bone what do you mean can i bomb it i can bear said not to use all my dynamites excuse me brickwork ah its the ziggurat of dust oh my god its actually the ziggurat of dust wait no you were lit up you were lit up dont hide me or hide you im not hidden youre hidden bill donker hours what the its a three-headed scorpion pigeon what tim burton wouldnt dream of such creatures oh urban knowledge the secrets of the earth have been unlocked to me the necessity the emerald tablet of thoth the necessity of concealing the art is one of the chief anxieties of alchemists we are sworn to secrecy by heaven and earth and hell by the four elements by the height and the depth by hermes by anubis and by the howlings and of course pin oath no an oath i can read has been required of us to reveal i can read i swear nothing clearly to any unknown issue okay i cant read lets lets stop pretending uninitiated being okay shoot it nope hes gotten bigger he drank his he drank his protein powder entered pyramid clearly i have not entered the pyramid you are incorrect sir the air is still hot you are 50 youre hit youre batting to 50 right now can assure you not enter the pyramid look at the tower meanest tirith gondor calls for aid the beacons are lit what am i doing am i bombing into the pyramid should i bomb into the pyramid or should i just keep going right i feel like nothing could go wrong in this cave ive never seen anything go wrong in a cave of this nature oh thats granite i dont think i can i cant shoot grind it with this this wand no you cant bomb brickwork thats true dont shoot the essence eater in case you find it what is this language youre speaking yo shadow the colossuss back is this what im shooting or not shooting touch it what do do i leave it am i just walking away am i just going am i going right can i can i pour pheromones on it ive become my own friend drink pog ive drank love thats one of the things that does secret seven things is there any pot heres the question is there any possible chance that i would ever see what this does can i throw the tablet at it will throwing the green tablet at it be bad yes no i dont know which of those is to which do not throw a tablet okay i wont throw the tablet for you bear i will not throw the tablet at it as the scales of justice clearly working as intended ill just keep going right man the last time you threw your lord of god you got needing eaten yeah its true 69 love Music thats about as good as you can get in a game its not even just 69 nice its 69 heart 69 what do you do Music thats funky Music dude hes zooming Music does it fade out please fade out please fade back in Music all right one more thing Music oh theyre going nuts Music Music what this is the same song it is okay so im assuming the thing that i blew up in the pond would have done a music track a different music track had i actually not thrown dynamite at it probably excuse me well we have one but one goal on this run to see the things to go where no man has gone before but possibly a lady i wont disguise or die just close or my brains dying very hungry what what could possibly go wrong oh break it break it break it break it break it break it break it break it break it break it break it break it break it break it oh my being releases a damaging light but it hurts me is there an even further up i wonder theres got to be an even further bet theres even theres got to be an even further up youre not fooling anybody game theres actually a ceiling no dude im im way up in the air this is gonna kill me man did i tell you what to do with this theres something im supposed to do with this specific item what sure let me know i knocked over a cactus trying to knock over the other cactus lets go screw you cactus i cant stand still or i get hurt if you stand close to the matter eater you gain a thingamajig the matter eater what the heck is the matter the essence eater is this thing not gonna break it didnt you tell me not to shoot it i dont know if youre realizing this but im shooting a billion bullets out of myself right now no no dont break the music box is this thing always there is this one of the things thats static or is this one of the things that can just be anywhere on the seed and you have to find it its static its there every time okay about to be careful here the air trembles im no longer shooting things but i have Music it looks like you could stand the test of aions what the im turning into soil im going to the pyramid baby im going to the pyramid baby yo zinstein welcome in how you doing bud dude i wish i knew any of the stuff youre saying i do have the tanner kivy do i know what it does no you should try kicking the soil for gigs okay lets see if this works first and foremost does this work it absolutely works wait a second it totally just like oh what is it why is everything breaking why is everything turning into Music what what excuse me the i will become back my earthquake im stuck kick the music box again okay i will kick the music box again is it er does i just have earthquake kicks i actually just have earthquake kicks what the can you just like can i just go to the end now can i just like go down like all jokes aside can i just literally kick my way to the final portal and win because i did this is that a thing assuming that i dont just like die on the way of course but like in theory in theory yes thats what i was thinking yeah absolutely i see no reason why i couldnt like the cactuses oh and its just like it just doesnt matter where i am i just i just kick shock waves at things lets go not ruined Music i mean Music i i would be stupid if i didnt try right i dont think its gonna work but i have to try and im gonna not look at chat because i think chat knows what im gonna try it does work and i died but but you can kick the world border Music does that guy does that just go on forever then do you just like go through red for the ev for it forever then what the Music i didnt think youd stand that close listen of course i would stand close its me i know youre new here but thats thats just what i do thats my thing thats just what i do see the thing is is like doggo ill go do doggo i want to keep playing but its like 9 30 its been four hours i do want to eat Music and im gonna end up actually continuing to play this do i eat and then just come back on stream do i just like do i take a lunch break do i do do i do the thing that ive done before in the past where i log off eat chill for a little bit and then come back later tonight and stream more because i do want to play i want to keep playing man this freaking got me man its got me after this run its completely got me now that im its not changes now that i know i can just like kick the world im down it does rely on a lot of luck though this might be enough theres actually a really stacked start to holy this one it seems like very luck based you always start with an explosive but youre not guaranteed to get an easy pathway in right i just shot his grenade away from him his dynamite ezekiel yes and no its a rugby but if you understand what youre doing i dont know what youre responding to thats my bad i have a scatterbrained so i dont remember half of the stuff that people are responding to most times but i agree it is definitely a roguelike that everyone can win oh no to being luck based no i mean getting to what i just did being luck based not specifically winning definitely winning is still skill but like the fact that i just like spawned with a magic missile that had 10 uses and also had a wall that i could dig through within those 10 uses to then get outside of the other thing because like im sure now that ive seen the true signs and im sure that like levitate levitt levitation or whatever the hell it is is probably also a really good way to just like grab no no no no to just like grab a go down in the caves grab a potion then go back up and then fly over the mountain im sure theres people who do that but i mean just what id like just like finding a pathway like this specifically that not the whole deal because i already know i know this game doesnt like obey traditional roguelike stuff this this you you technically go to the next floor but you dont right well aware of that like when you quote unquote go to the next floor in noida you just teleport to a new area its all one world you know what just drink it become very angry i dont know look ive freaking i dont know you guys are you guys are the masters im just im just saying am i the the potential for me to be wrong compared to yall is way higher excuse me i shot you though i shot you in the face with my wand i debate debate that hit me but you know is what is already nearly dead classic classic oh thats the thats the 10-7 right there with saw blades what could go wrong ill tell you what can go wrong i could die step one what do you do theres no possible way that could go wrong wait a second did i blow up the heart no i didnt honestly send me on this one send me oh thats a diggy laser i know that one thats the diggy laser thats the 10-7 with saw blades yeah all right classic thing that i always do disassemble peruse i cant buy it because i s i didnt save up any money no thats 12 voids man because theyre each a three piece i could buy the chainsaws i cant even buy the dig the dig lasers the lasers are really cool too because they just dig all right lets lets peek disassemble everything assess the wands the 10-7 its a 10-7 with really good mana really good mana recharge and five capacity does this do what i want it to do Music it does out of curiosity though doesnt change anything reasons no clue is it because its shuffle Laughter Music oh theyre just oh because its its yeah its its its basically canceling itself out thats fine uh its got a lot of i mean you on this wouldnt be terrible but you have no mana thats the issue is you just have no mana Music giga is there at the start i dont know what that means oh giga saw blade is not unlockable no im pretty sure good gig on gigablade is like something you have by the start same with the gig of voids those arent unlocked i actually dont fully understand how the unlocks in this work im fairly confident just like every time you find an orb of knowledge you unlock an item or a spell that you can get in the next run a spell or a perk you can get in your next couple runs which makes me wonder how many unlocks there are im imagining its probably not too many because its seated by world and some of them seem to be pretty tricky to get but its probably like 40. theres also already enough spells i dont know if you can check can you check yeah you can so theres yeah see theres 62 of 393 theres already nearly 400 spells yeah theres gigas gigasaw for those that were curious theres gigasaw theres already 400 secret spells and five secrets i found and of the secrets i found i havent found any of them in the next thing one of them is holy bomb i dont remember the other ones ive also found i dont know what ive also found but yeah theres 400 freaking spells 106 perks so like a 393 includes the unlockables if you recall correctly maybe maybe you could be right but either way theres theres even if a hundred of them are unlock unlocked thats still 300 right 400 even including everything yeah like 400 in a game that has 200 unlocks is still 200 spells that are all completely inc completely compatible with each other depending on the one this game is one of the deepest games ive ever seen and thats what scared me away from it when it was in early access and then when i came back to it for like its 0.7 or 0.8 build or whatever i forget what it added at that point i think thats when it did like its perk system when it was like when it re revamped how perks worked in shops and stuff like that it was it was easier to get perks because it was like really hard in the early early stages and so like so many times i would play the game and id be like eight minutes into it and id be like all right well something exploded i died and then i would get to the shop and there would be yeah anyway saw blade i hate saw blades i know how good they are but god i hate im them to take this on this with saw doesnt matter at all actually i dont know why i dont know what im doing i think what im trying to what im saying is like this wand should probably stay but the fact that its a shuffle wand makes me not want to keep it even though its better in almost every every regard over this it makes me not want to keep it cause this is the starting wand thats kind of trash i hate saw blades so we have an offensive wand a 10-7 which is gorgeous i assume this is right i dont think i benefit from doing this correct me if im wrong i dont think anything changes there right because our recharge time is already basically zero so this doesnt do anything on a 107 right its a one second refresh so its kind of m means youre firing it once or twice this one i mean thats why im just putting my bomb on it for now is because i dont intend on spamming the bomb right but i want to keep this wand over this one maybe i dont freaking the recharge does suck ill give you that the recharge sucks but its got a shuffle so sucks im not going to lie to you the shuffle also makes me not want to use it i feel like i have to keep a non-shuffle wand youre right youre right i feel like i have to keep a non-shuffle wand just in case i get support spells like if i get all seeing eye and i have a shuffle i feel like thats going to end up hurting me in the end so lets just lets just throw some saws on here because we can get rid of them because i dont want them i know theres some saw lovers all right i know theyre saw lovers in the in the community but im not doing this i cant do it man i feel so bad for missing out on this missing out on the void sucks explosion immunity phasing phasing seems pretty dope explosion immunity going to go check my oven i heard beep and then explosion is asked here ill be right back this might be the last run but im probably going to be on later but well be well be finishing this one out regardless youre back yeah yeah yeah oh my god oh and you want to know what is good too because im feeling it im feeling it put the chicken in the oven and immediately my stomach was like bro youre hungry im like i freaking know man all right Music lets make it count we have explosion immunity we have some pretty good wands and by some pretty good ones i mean a pretty good wand the explosion immunity but not like fire immunity so well have to be careful on that i think i always fail in this area man i think my issue with this the coal pits is i tend to not as not explore as much as i probably should because this area kind of sucks what do we got we got brazilian you know what honestly just get rid of it give me more water i dont know if i need more water do i put too much stress on water i feel like always having a bottle or two or three of water is better than having nothing but maybe i put too much stress on water unlike in real life where you can never have too much stress on water but watch this didnt expect it a womb im terrible at aiming thats actually glorious gunpowder right there holy crap what the you should totally fill that skulls eye in the desert with water when you can good to know ill try and remember that bear why are we feeling too fast with water i like to have water i dont know to put out fires to i dont know maybe my problem with the water maybe why i go overboard with water is because i actually understand what water does i think thats maybe i have an attachment to the fact that i know what it does i mean it is just a better wand right its way scarier but it is a better wand oh no like i just think nothing nothing against the other potions and liquid types in the game i just dont have an understanding of what a lot of them do yet like what the heck does brazikian even do does that just make you do more crits the is this um this is a bunch of items in the wall here yo thank you for the raid welcome in hope stream was good what the heck is this he oh yeah blood is crits i know what blood does but i never blood in a in a thing ah i know d-hex maybe drink purple juice pink juice oh thank you everybody for the files welcome in well come in all stream was good if we have a modern tracker we get a shout out command otherwise i will do it i feel like i feel like meow has already abandoned us its its bedtime for meow i debate i debate okay that one hit me that 100 hit me i debate everything else though why do you have water everywhere with you precisely that ah jesus you took one extra you taken so many shots why uh get him do it yall lets go edward did it oh might be might be vips might be able to do it Music that would make sense things are getting a little spooky what the hell is this ive killed it i dont necessarily know why but i did somethings gonna bat something bads gonna happen oh god why oh all right i like this wand ive taken ive changed my mind on everything ive said super crate box wand im in on it oof cant set it on fire though but oh do it why is it automatically going off there interesting that seems like a pretty nasty combo im not gonna lie about it that seems like a pretty dirty combo and im im down for it what the heck is this i i debate you this is not rock oh my jesus Music we are a wand oh my god i dont want to get rid of our non-shuffle wand we have no shuffle we have no non-shuffle wands after this then i dont think we need it i think im just excited because its a lot of crystals but i dont think we need it yeah the non-shovel one does only have two slots youre right more crystals this is where having the perk where you heal by taking new ones would be a life changer it really opens up your exploration a lot more it makes you not panic every second its another oh Music you know what send me ah deserved really you honestly have me surprised a bit oh well i know what one that was we need to get the fudge out of here lab you were playing super animal royale its a classic Music oh no oh no this is molotov man was that another coach on send it it sucks but send it i feel like we had to says what i mean is like i never feel like i can explore that area too much oh my god this wand is so good if its stats werent so bad but i want all of the spells on it energy sphere with timers four energy spheres with timers chain lightning i dont even want to think about what the consequences of that saw is that one just sucks uh gimme honestly the wand isnt that bad either 12 62 1743 okay it is pretty bad yeah its pretty bad lets be honest its pretty bad you can have an infinite water wand what do you mean teach me your ways does he have the water spell teach me your ways tell me how to do it bear because you have the water spell its already infinite what the way way way way way thats disgusting okay but then explain to me how crazy it is to do this is that stupid is that dumb on a shuffle nothing could go wrong this is 60 explosives on one wand i think they might be better off on this one though to be fair and then well swap that to that and then this is honestly not a terrible wand path of dark flame infinite acid oh my god does oh does this work the way i think it does can i just mine my way through the entire world with acid because acid melts everything right could i just like skip to the end doing that theoretically all right enough with the theory should we try why is this why is this so bad oh they take 50 mana i did not think about oh thats because theyre so strong i suppose thats fair well unfortunately were gonna only have to have two of them on there i think i actually dont think we can use them that sucks damn i dont care about dark flame im sorry go for it you gotta try now what if i just put this on here and i have a water and uh a water and an acid wand i have an attack wand i have a water wand i have an acid wand im immune to explosions i mean i cant reroll so lets take that i guess bullets behind us sometimes dont do damage Music i mean heres the thing oh god ah Music heres the thing i have food in the oven so like why not give this a shot does the acid keep going holy i got stuck inside of a floating iceberg but progress Music all right i will do oh no i just closed the game i wasnt expecting that god dang it well i am going to its not a pizza its chicken its chicken im gonna stop i will let you know in discord if i come back on obviously but uh i want to keep playing but theres a slight chance that im going to get chicken combat and fall asleep but uh im going to be probably playing more noida tomorrow so if you want to see more catastrophic awful terrible nonsense uh regardless whether its later tonight or tomorrow just uh swing on by without further ado my name is pentahyber thank you for being here thank everybody for hanging out all the follow subs hosts raids anything you guys have done even if youve just been chilling lurking in chat without saying a damn word just know that thats okay i respect my lure because i love you guys im gonna go eat my chicken and uh ill either see you guys in a couple of hours or an hour or so or ill see you tomorrow because noida has grabbed me by the balls and its not letting go catch you guys then gems on steam Streamed live on Twitch!Noita is a magical action roguelite set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated. 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