Noita tutorial: Early game infinite speed and applications

Steam train game grumps introhow to be invisible on steam NOITA game Music hello everybody and welcome to noita im alias and im going to show you a really cool trick at the very start of the game if you manage to land about a 1 in 15 chance of starting with an acceleration potion theres a couple of really cool early game advantages that you can get the first thing were going to do is going to climb up on top of this mount sometimes we can get some little side structures on the left here that we can jump on or you can use the liquid flight technique but since we want to save this liquid as much as we can because its quite precious to us were going to go ahead and fly up here once our levitation is out we hit escape were going to be going and doing a mod restart so the mod restart basically just allows you to completely refresh that levitation bar and let you fly all the way up so now the next step is were going to get up to the very top here and you might be noticing that im moving very quickly so long as we have this acceleration stain on us every time we restart the game were actually going to be picking up more and more speed and that effect will stack with itself so what were going to do is were going to mod restart over and over and over again until were fast enough to go and gather some materials that would normally take an awfully long time so what i like to do is uh go and grab the pyramid or go go to the pyramid and were going to go and grab the early game orb as well as the tablet so that that should help us out a bit so you can see that weve run out of uh speed just around the same time weve made it here and i would say about two to three or perhaps three to four um mod restarts will be enough to get you here in a much more convenient amount of time rather than actually having to actively walk all the way over here um so each time you restart it will stack up that speed even further which is really really handy obviously from here we could go and gather even more goodies over to the right in the form of the earth essence but we are on a mission now that weve got this tablet im actually going to teleport to the other side of the world and were going to go and gather the experimental wand experimental wand is a wand with some pretty decent stats but i personally wouldnt go out of my way for it in most cases just because its its not that good its okay but um if it only takes me a couple minutes because im using this technique then of course im gonna go for it its just an extra little advantage to start the run so you can see here were just going to do a couple more restarts and then we will be able to fly over to the other side im going to do one more on top of this and this should be plenty so this little technique itll only work for a little while and then itll wear off even if you keep the stain on you um but it is incredible the amount of speed that you can gather is amazing as you can see i bumped into uh this thing here and weve actually run out of our speed but thats fine well well go ahead and do a couple more mod restarts and uh there is a diminishing effect to this if you do it too many times you will eventually hit a speed cap and youll actually kind of start to get stuck in the air so you want to avoid that as much as possible um there are a couple of other potions that you can apply a similar effect with like for example if you mod restart while youre stained with ambrosia you can actually gain um about a two minute timer of ambrosia regardless of whether youre stained or not which is obviously quite impressive but um personally i think that this is one of the more convenient uses so were just going to go ahead and jump down here and since weve got this tablet im going to grab this thing instead and were going to be using this to break in here and then do a quick little throw on this guy hes a melee attacker so you dont have to be too afraid of him but if you kick the tablet into him thats an easy kill ive got a full tutorial on that as well and now you can see we have the experimental wand and with that i can use the exact same technique to teleport or essentially teleport speed walk back to the very start of the game and its incredibly easy and quick i hope this guide helps you and i hope you have a wonderful day thank you for watching subscribe and ill see you later Music you steam wallet gift card scam Heres a quick Noita tutorial on how to save yourself a bunch of time at the start of the run while acquiring a bunch of free advantages all from spawning with an accelleratium flask.Twitch: (Live 5 Days @ 2pmPST // 9pmUTC) Twitter: Discord: steam gift card email delivery walmart apex on steam steam error e502 l3 steam deals tracker trains steam