The New Players Essentials GUIDE To Noita (Final Full Game Version)

Free games on steam#8083can you play steam games on mobile without pc NOITA game hey there big thank you to shaes channel there going to make ian shellington corrupted mac excel blaine but to get still seven kingston chokashie by co-coalition of seekers and twister from the culture for clicking the join button down below and contributing to the channel financially if you do enjoy the content please consider clicking that like button subscribing and ringing that bell to help support the content grow even further weve also got a new merch store at go live forward slash lets suffer together with some great threads and other merchandise theyll help support the channel enjoy the show my friends hey there welcome back tonight im supper ive let stuff together back in the mountains my friends and today now its been a hell of a long time its been a hell of a long journey we have literally almost come up on three thousand dollars in the game i think its like two thousand nine hundred and seventy five or 79 by now so hey since early access and since i did the first one of these ive done a kind of basic guide to noita before but its so out of date and so terrible it was not my best effort considering a lot of the information was either out of date or incorrect um i figured well do a brand new one because theres still a lot of people coming towards the game i know a lot of people have been following the channel already know a lot of this but a lot of people dont so were going to start at the very basics and this is going to be a freeform run theres no editing just you know as it comes up because it allows me to react to certain things that happen on screen you get a bit more of a organic approach of course you have any questions or comments always feel free to ask in the comment section down below all right so the very basics you are a little noted when you first open up the game and first start a run youll get a cut scene that you wont get again so pay attention to it its not its in semi important to the lore of the game because this is based on finnish mythology and alchemy the two ideas synergized together in its own original package in this wonderful world that you will adventure in right so beginning at the very top youve got your health but you start with 100 that can be increased it can also be decreased but um generally youll start with 100 enemies hit really really hard so youll be wanting to work on both your movement and killing enemies fast your orange bar is levitation energy you have a base of 100 as you can see when you levitate it goes down now youll want to do your own button bindings and stuff like that i play on controller which is very possible again weve got a lot of experience you can use use whatever tools you want it will work just get comfortable understand what youre doing levitation is really important for getting out the way of enemies for traversing through this entire place and youll get a good feel for how much levitation you have left but dont worry we all make mistakes and youll run out of levitation you wont be able to get away from enemies but hey get used to it most definitely learn how to you know dodging enemy bullets is probably one of the most important things you were doing with your levitation as well as you know climbing up places but you know to save your life youll need to really work with levitation now a wand manner each individual wand has its own statistics right and well start with the basic shuffle no and yes right lets pretend these two ones have more slots the non-shuffle theyre basically well say this can be shuffle and not a shuffle because its got two slots this one is really hard to explain if its got once its got no slots but with two all right and non shuffle wand well shoot that one first it will go from left to right if you have more slots it will continue go you know left all the way from left to right if its a shuffle wand say you have like five slots it will take from them randomly take from each slot randomly but each slot is right think of it like a clip in a gun if it shuffle it needs to get through that entire clip but with shuffle it will take randomly you know this is a shuffle one if it had more slots it would take from say the right one then the left one then the middle one it has no order as a shuffle and thats really important because the magic on your wand is how youre going to kill enemies but non-shuffles are the best you want to be hunting them out because then you know the order you will be able to edit these at some point spell cast its not too much to concern yourself with ones and twos are the best um but any number is good it can mess you up say youve got a shuffle one that fires six and youve got a random one with a load of stuff on it youll fire six things out you know all at once from the random clip and if theres any explosives on that it can get really messy so just understand how is it on a basic spell cast you will fire one shot say its a spell cast two youll fire both shots you know so thats really basic cast delay recharge time going into the whole gun thing again imagine its a gun so youve got your shuffle going from left to right like non-shuffle sorry going from left to right shuffle is taking randomly from the clip cast delay is the amount of time it takes for each individual shot from the clip to fire recharge time is the amount of time it takes for you to reload the clip max manner is the amount of money you have on the one each individual spell has its own manner five mana drain per shot this has 25 the charge speed 28 you know 13 thats not really that high youll be looking as you go down youll see ones with 50 100 200 mana recharge the higher it is you know the better you know because youre recharging the amount of mana and while you see the blue bar moving this isnt running out because this is a really cheap spell but its recharging at the same time as youre firing even before youve emptied the clip the amount of capacity you know two capacity one capacity i think thats self-explanatory spread minus is good plus is bad like 0.0 is complete like straight you know completely straight minus is like super accuracy you dont really need it apart from certain things but if it goes into like one two three four five youre gonna have an inaccurate one now each spell has their own you know things about them like it has a speed this this shot increases casterly so plus 0.05 so imagine youve got 0.25 cast delay per shot each time you shoot its going to add another 0.5 so in fact this one each time it shoots because it shoots two of them the overall time it takes to shoot the wand 0.25 times 2 because theres two slots plus the 0.05 it takes from the spell itself it actually the spread on this it makes it more accurate to shoot these minus one degree and then youve got a five percent crit chance so youve got your items as well you start with a random potion luckily weve got water so lets get into it a nice quick tutorial on the very basics again you are a squishy individual you can kick you can fly i click with the b button you want to get used to kicking there are certain types of kills in the game that youll really want to achieve because enemies drop gold you want that gold its good for you because youll need it youll really need it really uh quite badly but again enemies move really quick they jump and they are ferocious hence why and do not worry if you die the entire point of this game is that you will die a lot how to get successful is to anticipate and to pre-judge how enemies will come at you and how they shoot at you some enemies will hit you in the face because theyve got melee some enemies will throw tnt try and shoot youll set yourself on fire luckily weve got an inventory item that we can pull out we cant have a wand out and an inventory arm at the same time so if we get set on fire you know you can change around what youre holding you see the little flash open the top left i can pour acid i can pull water then i can have my wand out but you cant have them all out at the same time so again what youre looking to do is to anticipate how enemies will attack you and that will be learned over a period of time like you can dodge a shotgun just jump over it like that you know and thatll take time to really understand the timing of that you know because it gives you audio clues about when to react this game can be a little bit i want your money doesnt matter i play better and lower hp because then i start paying attention you know but again you cant know how to this is why dying is good right you need the experience about how you are dying to enemies water so youll get things like terrain destruction that will completely change the way the world is working around you because youll get you know stuff will fall every pixel is simulated so every pixel can be destroyed in the game every pixel can kill you you kind of its kind of true because you can drown you can get wedged if you teleport you cant you can get wedged into terrain and theres certain other things as well like certain liquids that can have an effect on you like polymorphian that could turn you into another enemy that could get stuck in a wall so technically every pixel that is actually a thing could kill you but again a lot of the time distance is your friend if youve got good range on your one but generally you know you will want to kill things the best piece of advice i can give for a new nighter player once youve got a few of the bit the basics down when you are you know building up to head downwards and this is really important as well but well get into that a little that when you are pla learning how to play the game what you want to do you want to be greedy in the first floors you know if you die early its easier to start up again if youve died early you know but if youve got down to the third floor and you die it takes a bit more time to get there right so what you want to do you want to spend more time trying to get good in the first floors and have more hp more ones more resources more money to head to the holy mountain to help you then survive in the later floors and you want to keep on doing that just try and stay as long as possible that your health will let you another really important aspect of this game you see the red above me right now thats blood thats a stain you have a little cape mines gold because ive installed a mod that allows me to have a gold cape its great but its got a bit of blood on blood gives me an extra increased chance of attaining critical hits what say i was on fire before and he saw me splash myself with water you know i say i set myself on fire i splash myself with water theres oil as well thatll get yourself on fire you lose damage you lose hp if you get set on fire so you want to pull your water out and make sure you douse yourself a ball not everything will put fire out water blood will um but a lot of the magical liquids wont but you can stain yourself with multiple things and a lot of the stains have a lot of unique effects but you definitely want to get used to what each one does as you go through again im not going to be going into too many spoilers and stuff like that im going to be talking about you know big concepts because its the most important thing again i dont want to ruin your adventure and finding new things but again using your levitation to get the high ground exploring the area as much as possible youre going to eventually run out of hp and you probably be forced downward sometimes you want to be greedy because you want to learn how to survive at low hp as well you want to see how far you can push things because the game will kill you dont worry about it the games got you covered anyway and we pick up a brand new wand right so well assess this its a shuffle one so from these four shots even though theyre all the same pretend theyre all different it will take say this one first then that one then that one then that one its not going to go in a straight line luckily theyre all the same so it makes no difference really good 0.03 and 0.23 pretty fast you know itll reload within half a second each shot pretty quick however these shots will increase cast delay by 0.17 so overall youre looking at about a 0.2 cast delay between each shot because this will increase 0.17 not 0.03 so overall hold on no but not no yeah 0.2 seconds per shot so youll be able to fire five of these shots a second and the reload time the recharge time pretty much works out at the overall cast delay so its basically naught point two castellate and recharge meaning every action on the one is about a fifth of a second you see that right you see that orange bar right you got money as well but you see that orange bar that pops up below the blue very quickly thats your recharge timer if you see it going really slowly youve got a really slow wand so i forgot to mention money as well you want to make sure youre getting as much as possible again youll find your own limits in floors about what you can get some flaws are better than others you have gold in the walls as well which is really nice but its not really worth going for too much we we found a tablet you saw before on the right hand side of this biome now there is a specific way of killing in this game called trick killing it is killing that is not your fault you did not shoot the enemy the game does not consider it your problem and thus you get a bonus these normally give out one money and this guys gonna fire me oh but they dropped two gold one and two beautiful so thats trick killing like tablets can do it well and various other methods can get that done now this dude you can use certain things to do environmental kills as well you can do physical damage say you drop a rock on somebody theres a way to detach terrain to kill people again youll find a lot of different tools dude wow yes you will find a lot of different tools in this game to do ow you definitely will that is a true statement but youll also get a lot you see it killed him with water hes a fire dude you know use your imagination but were getting the kicks out of us however we continue to explore and theres another thing i want to show you just in general because its really important learning the game you need to be aware of this but well need to go there first ah im not actually gonna get it im just gonna show you and then you you know its a nice little present from it but as i was saying what was i saying maybe but outside you know youre kind of enticed into the cave arent you but there is other ways oh thats beautiful so what i did that i landed on the throne tablet i literally landed on it because you need to land on solid ground to regain levitation normally you couldnt fly up here youd run out of levitation before you even made it and you run out and you cant you can fly again you re sorry you regain a very little bit of your levitation while falling not that much though not enough to keep on limiting you can slow down your fall and descent a little bit but not too much but i landed on a solid object in midair to regain levitation hence how i was able to get up here theres another thing you can do if you want to get up higher a little bit you can throw water up like that consistently its really kind of tricky to do but you need to fire it straight up and you can slow down your rate of levitation loss youll come in handy now and again especially to get up here now you hear that sound very quiet in the distance that my friend is an orb now if you are playing this game and trying to learn i highly advise one you collect those mainly because it is an unlock there are 11 of these throughout the world and theres other theres again this game its not just about this world and thats all im gonna say there is a lot elsewhere were talking big things elsewhere the exploration in this game hey thousands of hours my friend however you can get in here you see me destroying the terrain with this now since ive picked up no hearts in the first floor im gonna give myself some extra hp when you first pick this up it will be an item and you will unlock that item every other time you pick it up it will be a health so its a familiar orb of true knowledge you are rewarded with additional health we got 150. oh we did find a hp in the first floor ah my memory is so terrible but acid terrible thatll kill me but again kicking is another way of getting trick kill you know i threw the tablet before kick rocks boxes that kind of thing and we got our tablet back you can also you know kicker the tablet hey but once again if you have any questions and want any further you know advice or just want to chill and chat and enjoy some good gaming we stream live at forward slash lets suffer together but explosives you know you wanna be using those thats a dangerous pool i mean theres a chest inside now it might you need to make good decisions as well you know at 24 hp i could go in here if i drop a bomb here open this up they will immediately start coming to attack me i could drop another bomb in but im not going to kill everybody however i know ive got this ones that is actually really good at knocking them out information my friends this game and use the high ground and the dodge work another thing right this green toxic is percentage based damage when you get it on your cape its a liquid itll go in your cape and itll stick if you dont move it will stay on your cake forever to remove liquids off your cape you move around or you put another liquid on your cape to wash it off now this toxic this little green stuff sticks on your cape and does percentage based damage much like fire does you can neutralize it and you check this a little bit neutralize it all right see you later let me get this out of the way let me mix it up there we go so its become water now we can get a bit more water and neutralize all of the little bits of toxic we have and you want to refill your water potion by the way when you use it so all this toxic now will turn to water hey that chest had a load of different spells in very nice thatll help me in the future right then but watch out for him small environmental things like lanterns which will set on fire but one of the ways you will die is being chipped away over time and fire is one of the biggest offenders in that as well as toxic um but fire is just worse explosions as well although theyll kill you quicker but again barrels everywhere do you want to explore but again you dont want to die exploring but you want to explore enough that you get the maximum potential that you can with your skill set which is a difficult balance youre gonna have to you know learn how to do that again a lot of times so again toxic into water make it safe to traverse keep pouring out and you can refill water by having your potion out and standing in the water even if its not even submerging you you can still pick it up like that wont fill because the potion is above my head but if im looking down itll fill up more so you always want to be looking down if you can safely do so there is all im gonna this isnt really a beginners thing but you know what im at 24 hp i oh dear i could legitimately just say im going now but i didnt and we find another hp up there oh that dude oiled up right its a bit of an advanced move but im going to show you anyway right if he falls i need him to do something yep right you see that thats boxed in isnt it thats fully boxed in theres no way of me getting liquid in there get a nice hp well for one that dude needs to die so oh hes gone hes fine but i cant get in there right with my water its fully boxed in lies Music i can and i will but up up warping i can do it on any terrain as long as im shooting up like that you can kind of do it to the side as well you see it coming down from the top there you want to experiment with that because it can be really handy but we explode to get the wood easily destroyed to rain again youre going to have to learn what terrain is destructible with what method and we find a new black hole wand black holes are great very expensive on the manor again 180 mana drain we only have three of them some spells like the giant fireball giant magic missile costs a lot of mana and you only have a certain amount of them because they are highly damaging spells dont worry about that requirement its uh yeah you know 90 mana drain but the damage is really high it will also damage you if it explodes in front of your face so again you want to be careful on that ah i want to see what that potion is i also want to go back and see that fire dude because he if i drop water on him oh thats a utko stone thats an electricity stone maybe well see ucos in a little while but this dude heres my ticket so you knew i threw tablets at someone before for a trick kill oh he died in that water he died by himself it wasnt my fault he drops double money he usually drops 30 money he gave me 60 for that so another way you can expedite resources but if youre really low on hp and youre struggling and youre dying a lot but you want to explore more one of the best things you can do is to work your way across the bottom of a biome stay near the portal you know but work your way across like this clearing it but staying close and close to a point of safe retreat watch your back as well always know whats behind you because its so easy to get flanked in this place like enemies move real fast um like faster than you realize because obviously you can see how fast they move on screen you see them and youre like you will be very surprised a lot about how fast enemies will appear off screen to on-screen even youll think its impossible you will literally start thinking the enemies spawn into the game when they dont enemies are always where they are but well go down because the holy mountain through this portal thats progression down here and we find a full hp right i only have three of these bombs on this one you know this this gave me three at the very start of the game we now have zero i cant use this anymore but one we get a full hp beautiful and it refills this is a test dummy to see your damage per second i can get six damage per second great great stuff how about this hey about 25 depends where you stand if you charge and this is the great thing about charging right if i charge hey get up to 42 you know if im moving away a bit less you know so charging you can get more damage moving away youre gonna probably get less just a nice little thing to consider in your own mind about how aggressive and defensive you should be in any given situation because the games going to force you to make decisions very rapidly and you come to a shop this can sell ones as well fully fledged ones that youll be able to assess the details it gives you it will give you spells on the ones but this is just a shop and again each of these things this is important a timer is important um a circle of displacement i suppose that is important because its a type of spell yes edit ones everywhere now you come here you will find three perks that you can choose from you can choose one of them there are other perks that allow you to pick more perks and various things but again youll learn those as you get them and you know im not going to spoil too much in that regard however this one will allow me to edit anywhere because the one thing is i havent mentioned yet i can now edit my wand which i couldnt out of the holy mountain previously when i was in the biome above because the holy mack that portal sends you downwards this actual shop is directly below the biome you were in you can literally dig upwards here and within half a screen to a screen youll be back in the biome above you cant edit while in the biome above or the biome below there is a biome directly below me and uh you cant edit in there however we can edit here so we can mix and match we can shoot these here and then it will because its a shuffle once it wont shoot this in a row and then these two it will say shoot a spark bolt then a slime and then a slime then a spark bolt then a slime on this line so its just completely random when it shoots its just anarchy on a one basically we can also make one of them purple say i put a projectile modifier on a shuffle wand it might shoot a spark bolt a slime ball a spark bolt then it hits the projectile modifier which will attach itself as a modifier of a projectile to say a slime ball or whatever it hits next and then a slime ball so youll see one purple shot i know my spark balls are purple its a different shade of purple you know however on a non-shuffle wand if i put the you know purple glimmer down and that this modifier will modify this projectile however its technically wrapping that we wrapping is a whole nother can of worms thats you know quite advanced stuff check the wiki if you want to know why this occurs once purple ones not you know its a bit weird but again a modifier will modify a projectile after it we dont have a really good non-shuffle wand have you noticed the mana on this one 250 maximum 50 charge speed compared to the nearly 200 max and the 50 charge speed on this because the charge speed is around the same if youre not running out of mana it doesnt really matter which one you pick so you might as well pick the fastest one so if this doesnt run out of mana here which it actually does do however it fires enough that you can retreat and the blue bar gets back up again start firing at the enemy again shoot enough retreat let it recharge you know so i could pick the one with more mana but this fires faster overall it recharges faster you know one of its better kind of notable issues with this one 0.23 compared to the 0.42 of this one so youre getting an extra you know two tenths of a second higher rate of fire but you will need to accept it running out of mana you know this one will run actually will that one run out of mana because if you have an extra two tenths recharge speed technically its firing slower but it might you know be a bit more stable over a longer period of time you see it taking a longer time to run out so youve got to make your decisions about do you want slow do you want fast or do you want slow and steady you know certain you know things like this luminous drill with a timer will as you can see look at the bottom reduce cast delay and recharge time so say i slot that there the caster lane will be taken down by about six tenths and the recharge time say i put the recharge on this one itll run out of mana because it costs a lot but thats super fast you know runs out of mana super fast because this particular spell per shot costs 30 mana and because it makes it fire so fast it just runs out immediately however if you get a high mana wand or a one that has a higher charge speed than max mana which you can get you can get say a 400 charge speed wand with 200 max and silly numbers like that the chart a really high charge speed can really work these quite well so youll be looking out for those but the uh thing like a luminous drill can allow you to dig through to rain which is really important we can just leave like that lumi drill right there without the timer because its the timer itself and to talk on timers you notice the actual shot where its better if its actually better if i do it off this one because its the only non-shuffle weve got again they go in order so i want to show you properly if its not going in order its it can be a little bit messy and it wont show you properly a timer even though this luminous drill is only on screen for one frame well shoot this out the end of it you dont get trigger luminous drill but you do get other trigger spells which we can go into in a bit when we find one but the luminous drill the timer because it runs out really quick you know its just one of those that allows something to be fired off the end of it and the spark bolt will come out the luminous drill timer did i pick a new can i buy any other time i can which is cool because i get to show you properly how a projectile timer works that has actual distance and isnt just alive for one frame so a spitter bolt with timer it will fire out and then after a certain distance look after a certain amount of time it will fire the spot ball so once it gets to a certain time it just fires out the other triggers and timers are really important a trigger will need to hit a target or a wall like a trigger will basically act like that you know if i fire a trigger which youll see with a little kind of star i think its not really a star its more of a ah well try and find one but with the trigger you have to hit a target but you can essentially load up right bear with me and use your imagination right imagine this was a non-shuffle one so say its going from left to right youve got something called multicast in the game where double spell triple spells quadruple spells youll find these kind of like two paper but youll also find something like this you know these triple scatter spells where if you just put it on a one like this youll get a lot youll get a lot of extra scatter it will give you a lot more deg basically youll make it more inaccurate when it actually operates plus 20 deg you see that but it will fire three shots at once if we put it on a non-shuffle wand pretend this is non-shuffled again and we fired this spitter bolt with timer we might as well do it with this because i said that we can do it with this i cant actually because it wont actually show you because its not actually unnoticeable but say i fire the spitter bottle timer when it reaches the time to release that spark bolt as you saw before a double spill will allow you to fire both those two at the same time and hit the target you know if you hit a target guys the great thing about it is if you use something like a timer and hit a target with say 20 plus deg it will fire these two but you wont really experience the inaccuracy you know if the timer hits a target itll kind of explode those two onto it getting some really good damage the triggers are probably the best because when it hits the target you know its guaranteed to do those two a timer can pop in mid-air you know the real problem with a timer it gets released after a certain time so do you really want to be within that distance of the enemy to you know have it pop off timers are a bit the triggers are a bit better because you know it isnt a distance thing its a hit target kind of deal but its generally pretty good again timers and triggers are your keys to victory they really are theyll allow you to stack up say you have it ill show you ill get triggers and hopefully some things i can show you that really really allow some good damage yeah these rats theyre good people theyre not they bite your feet if i can find nah get away but you can literally go through this game all right pretty much pacifist you dont need to kill anyone um you dont need to collect any gold theres a load of individual challenges that actually once you get a lot of experience arent that difficult come on just find me a nice little wand full of goodies to be fair the game is really evil and it wont give you what you want im just gonna fight people you know but one this isnt that bad damage even though it looks bad its not that bad ive lived with worse i just got kind of greedy and thought i could flex on these fools i like the money you know i might need someone later but its knowing your limits what can hit you or what cant hit you heres another thing as well always check the spell because this purple glimmer is reducing hastily you know so theres always something in the background thats like possibly helping you or hindering you when it comes to spells really take the time to understand your spells and what its doing and you will be a bit annoyer for it you see that purple that slime enemies sometimes bleed slime and it slows you down when its on your cape wash it off it however allows you to be a little bit fire retardant you know wheres the ones man its a question you will ask yourself over and over again by the way in this game wheres that once however its not just this biome oh its not just this biome that exists oh a wonderful trick kill again its not just this biome that exists in this area right were gonna head to a place well shocking i want you see this is why we come this way in general thats a pretty dank wand you see the numbers pretty low as long as the numbers arent above half a second on the recharge time especially you you really want a low caste delay um unless youre only if you right if you only fire one shot off the wand delay wont exist because it doesnt need to get to that it doesnt need the cast delay to get to that second shot its instantly reloading if you fire one shot its instantly reloading definitely remember that one you know thatll be important because triggers and timers allow you to trick the wand basically into thinking its only firing one shot um oh no hes back well hes not back let me show you something real quick because its important to actually where is it what happened oh i dropped the yeah always know where your resources are charming but this is a basically nice little firework launcher it has only got a certain amount of shots but you know itll pop people oh dear so were coming to a place of great importance called the fungal in the fungal cave right well put our bomb back in our inventory again you can only normally do this in holy mountains unless youve got the perk ive got edit what i call it edit but tinker ones anywhere all right take that back but i want to show you a concept real quick because its super important for timers and triggers and how to get faster firing ones while delivering a payload whether it concerns timers or triggers right if you have a timer and say i put a luminous drill on the end no no deal so when i fire there you go and because this has good mana 400 and 100 400 max 100 charge speed the luminous drill will come out the end after a certain amount of time however even though i have two projectiles on this wand there is no cast delay the game the one system only thinks there is one spell being fired its always reloading because you know this reduces recharge time by 0.17 its basically you know just firing out super fast so you use in combination the trick on a non-shuffle wand its a lot more exceptional the triggers and timers can remove the idea of casterly right again say this was a non-shuffle wand again if i just end up doing that i have the ability if they say this had more slots as well if i have a double spell and a triple spell i have one two three four places to put stuff right the problem here is right and its probably better this way i have three spells i can cast simultaneously the trouble is if you stack these kind of spells the next one after it you will only get one of them its just the way it works you know so i have overall even though it says double and triple i have five i dont i have four so i could place four spells after this and they would come off the timer itself unfortunately unless i can yeah its just a mess isnt it so thats the general concept so i could trick say this is a non-shuffle one at the moment i would and do this and because its a triple it would accept these three off the timer this would be a one-shot wand it would not have any cast delay it would only have recharge time which is really important to know because again there is some really powerful tools with timers as triggers for the most part because with a trigger if you if youve come across a chainsaw really really cheap mana wise however does 10 well just 13 damage and it just slice damage as well which is really important uh types of damage will be important but thats more advanced stuff um certain enemies have immunities or resistances to certain types of damage but if someones being ineffective try some other type of damage because you can look at the spell and see it has certain types you know youll see slice damage explosion electric you know that kind of thing so one thing fails use some else if you can if you survive the encounter but yeah if you have a trigger and you get the triple scatter spells or double scar spells and you make a trigger wand so say this was a trigger or timer and then you got a triple and then you put three chainsaws after this you start stacking that damage and because chainsaws are really low mana consumption for for the amount of damage they produce and you can modify things you not on the wand itself let me just take this now really nice so i really just need to find a non-chef one give me a sec lets give him a hot minute well survive its fine ive got the good ones its a non-chef and we got chain sauce oh yes right let me just now give me a trigger um let me out let me know what the oh no i can kill it certain things do certain very very high bits of damage but this biome has a biome modifier its humid in here so shots wont really go that far you know humidity will stop the shots in their tracks its a bit its just a bit thick in here you know ah thats an example of a wand with a high charge speed to a low max mana so you can only put spells on this one up to 83 mana you know so say the you know explosive i use before 90 mana drain but its only got what is it im confused this has 83 mana max i wouldnt be able to use that 90 mana spell on this one it would be impossible it can charge but charge wont actually you know help you fire its the max manner on the wand that you cant exceed with these spells youve got on your wand especially if its a one-shot weapon and uh you know youre talking about triggers and timers thats another im gonna take that double again if you have edit ones everywhere take everything and take everything you can but right weve got chainsaws so obvious and the good non-shuffle ones let me just get out of it this is dangerous this is the fungal cave a deadly place with some goodies in however there are biomes at the side of biomes there is a lot of exploration in this game that you want to go into right let me just leave oh mushroom i did so unfortunately i dont have a trigger so im gonna have to do this midair ah no thats perfect that is wonderful right say i have a timer and im using that timer or trigger again triggers you are required to hit the target or hit a wall you know you cant hit you cant have the trigger expel these three mid-air a timer can a timer can also hit you know you see the sparks there thats the chainsaws so i can modify all three of these chainsaws so they do 13 damage each i can modify with one modifier all these three so say i have a damage modifier these are already doing 13 damage say i had a damage modifier that increased 10 damage it would apply to each one of these if i put it before the multicast is the light at the moment as a you know will light up all these three however say i had these three and when it was in mid-air it split apart each three shots would have a light unfortunately this doesnt have enough mammoth so you come across those problems oh it does each one of those has a light attached to it i need to get into some place with darkness to show you because light will illuminate the darkness do you see the light its illuminating the future path if they spread out more yeah but there you go because these because its got 20 day coming off a timer it can spread out and you get lights attached to all three but thats where damage modifications and chainsaws really come into it um as a simple killing wand it will get you very far i do recommend again the trigger um because time is mid-air and a mid-air chainsaw however one shot 61 damage but yeah if you get a spark ball if you get a spark bolt a timer spark bolts are great they have good distance behind them i mean good range i mean uh these things are really quite short you know you dont have much range so im having to get close to the enemy youll find triggers and timers of various distance i need some more water again watch your resources as well you know even get blood because bloods actually pretty good blood acts like water but you get the crit chance you know but as you come down in biomes obviously it gets more difficult and more difficult hence why i said before you know you want to really you know explore the early areas as much as you can i killed that nest in two shots thats a pretty hefty nest you know with the three chainsaws chewing these guys apart one shot each so with the concept of the multicast on the end so you see that how im stacking multiple disciplines i am getting rid of casterly by making it one shot its shooting out the spitter bolt alone basically its just shooting at the spitter bolt because im attaching the chainsaws to the spitter bolt via the sky spell because its a timer you cant just say do this with a regular shot it wont work it needs to be a timer or a trigger what will happen here ill shoot out the slime ball but you see the sparks on my wand that is a chainsaw coming out of my wand you know it wont come out the end of these you need it to be a timer or a trigger theyre looking bad in the dark yeah theres one polymorphing up there i have to say my friends that pink liquid up there be very very very fearful of that go out your way to avoid it um ill demonstrate i suppose just because you need to recognize the color of it i am now a sheep that will get you killed most definitely that will get you killed watch out certain enemies can shoot that and theres various ways of getting turned into a sheep or other enemies in the game watch out my dear friends i care for you i do not want to see you dead this guy oh lets get teleport he shot me if he hell teleport you three times and theres various ways of getting screwed over in the game absolutely but again explore the early areas as much as you can im sorry there we go thats a bit better dude was waiting but again kicking can be your best friend as well you know or they probably want to shoot them you probably want to shoot as we head down again full health full recharge what one last thing because i dont want to spoil too much i think its been a good tutorial for the very basics of you know trying to get you on a solid footing i really wish i could have found you a trigger however the concepts are pretty much the same just remember timer is in mid-air and when it hits a target trigger only releases the say the chainsaws in this case when it hits the target it wont just release it mid-air well i can get chainsaws in mid-air but it doesnt really do anything you know with this theres no point in releasing chainsaws mid-air however say i put this on it for a timer releasing at mid-air then the shot continues certain shots only exist for one frame like the chainsaw and the luminous drill so you know on a timer a chainsaw in mid-air isnt going to do anything if it doesnt hit a target anyway so thats why triggers are better unless you know with the slime ball you might want to try and get some extra distance with a timer you can even sometimes kind of shoot around corners bend a shot around the corner um but one last thing my friends one last little person you need to be very very careful of now my friends i am not going to get into combat with this dude im just gonna you know leave that with you and um just leave you with the warning dont destroy it holy mountains my friends dont do it you will get into a lot of trouble but i hope and uh wish you the best of luck you know and your nighter adventures i hope this has helped thank you for being a part of this channel enjoying the content always consider dropping a like subscribing and ring that bell weve got more nighter content more roguelike game content you know for your pleasure and uh consideration here at lets suffer together also got the join button down below if you want to support the content also merchandise at the go lab merch store you know go live merch dot com forward slash lets suffer together we also stream at forward slash lets suffer together all the links down in the description thank you guys and again we stream a hell of a lot of note youre on twitch come and join us live my friends were there for you for a good time as well for you know meet like like-minded people who like the same games and you just you know theres cool people from around the world weve got a great community that id love for you to join us you know any dead time of the week schedule on the about page on twitch but again its been a blessed time with you folks i hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are in the world thank you for taking the time to enjoy this im sufferer of lets suffer together ill catch you soon renegades enjoy the rest of your 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