Noita Gameplay Demo | The MIX at GDC 2019

Most active steam gameshow to gift someone money on steam NOITA gameplay hi hello welcome to GameSpots livestream of the indie mix we have a bunch of great independent games because its GDC weekend Game Developers Conference is happening in our backyard and thankfully we have access to a lot of developers who want to show off their games now the any mix is sort of this event that is held for developers who are currently working on independent games of course and then we also got in contact with people running the indie mix so we can have them come in and actually play their games for us live here on GameSpot so yeah first off were gonna kick off with one that we had last year called moita and Im joined by Petri who is working on the game how you doing man Im good yeah Im doing good myself were just starting with GDC weekend theres a lot going on so yeah this is a hell of a way to kick off the week though because Im very excited about a lot of things that are being shown off on the indie mix including noise uh so were gonna cut to that and were gonna have Petri play his own game and well see how good he does in his own game over time but just before we went live I was talking about how like you cant judge him for how he plays because he made this or he is making this yeah so um I mean while youre kind of playing the game here kind of run us through what Noida is so know its a rope light so its procedurally generated game and and the thing is that every pixel in this game is sort of simulated they have like physical properties so like you see water is sort of like ghost goes down in drains so all of these assets kind of react yeah like sit in the simulated way so like theres some liquids here Im just gonna throw this bomb here its gonna explode and bad were gonna see you know see this I see liquid draining down went up this is kind of nasty liquids I dont really want to touch it this is like the one thing you can kind of see is above my head here theres like this water drop and that tells me what Im covered in so right now Im a bit wet so what that means is fire is not gonna ignite as me okay so your your interactions with the environment also effects like your own properties and like buffs and debuffs yeah okay so like here yours the oil lamp less if I shoot this its gonna drop down and oils gonna spill in us this wood here on fire okay so now like because Im wet I can kind of go through these flames but I dont really want to do that that much because Im really getting on fire and heres all this nasty green liquid that I do not want to touch because Im gonna get poisoned if I touch it oh heres some more poison and heres someone who was oh no now Im poisoned okay maybe we can all rise this could be good heres some oil so now if I jump into the oil its gonna cover me so now Im covered in oil which is much better than poison Zebs that the negate your poison effects yeah cool yeah but now Im slippery so you can see Im sliding down okay oh wow this yeah theres a little theres a lot going on in terms of yeah at least in the early game we could see a lot of the different things that are a lot of different properties are going on into this world so I got I got a ass like as someone whos like designing this how do you keep balance of the different types of things that are actually going on so like you dont generate a level thats too difficult for someone but is there a way to make sure that theres always a way out or yeah weve done it so that there should be always Pat okay so here was a bunch of oil here that got set on fire uh-huh also because Im covered in oil Ill try to avoid this fire oh yeah so yeah we weve made it so that dirt oh my god thirst okay and you know their their bodies are also stimulated so like thats right its like having their yeah everythings like live physics it yeah very much within the pixel art yeah yes okay yeah thats thats it genuinely impressive what see you so from last year you showed this game off with us oh yeah what has changed since since then so theres been a bunch of bigger changes that have been down but theyre kind of like very well hidden in places I dont know if I should be telling you about them all right but sort of the visible things that have changed we have now new sound effects finally proper and drop the music from grottoes yeah its a dynamic soundtrack thats happening oh cool so Ive done a bit of updating so this is one of the things that has changed so the way the structure of the game works is theres sort of these levels and and once you make it down enough you get to this place and here what you get is I get here and heres good health so here i get my health back up and this is one of the things thats new so i had when i started this game at like three balls and one more and no more of them so this thing will give me my bombs essentially facts oh okay refresh my my stuff and then I get to use the shop camera oh no we were lacking lacking six dollars oh you spent too much money man got a and this is one of the things as you as well we have now sort of perks so once you make it here you get these abilities and get to pick one of these three so one of the things you get to do here which is a big part of this game is you get to modify your wands and make your own spells okay and you attach those to your weapons to give them different things yeah so like like now this this blue wand your treats these purple things right so I can put this purple thing into my mom wand and well choose a little bit more oh sweet but the drawback of this is its not got as much mana so like as soon as its kind of like ran out of mana its gonna be like this okay alright so I you playing with a lot of different variables here in terms of like not just like in the level generation but also well yeah the equipment you got yeah theres a lot of modification do so like this thing here as a trigger so what thats gonna do is its gonna shoot the next thing when its gonna ricochet yeah you use this to ricochet but you all kind of use it to do all kinds of other things so like for it to put this bomb here this way I put this bomb here and now if I shoot somewhere its gonna hopefully do the bomb or drop a bomb and possibly kill me okay so like you can essentially like screw it up for yourself as well as always yeah you theres like there is friendly fire for yourself yeah thats game okay well its firm a dick cant can you ricochet a shot off a wall and then eventually hit yourself on ice I think you can do it okay yeah but we dont have for the Bombers like the explosions killing and sure theres other things to kill you theres a lot of is good so ever you pick one of these okay this is kind of interesting and changes to gaming lots of ways we like now this will allow me to edit once everywhere so I dont have to get on to this place to edit once you get out of here indistinct lapses and you cant get back and then you get to the next level cool and so for example here like heres some materials so this is kind of outer and heres heres a dude whos gonna shoot fireballs at me yeah so if he if he hits that its gonna react also Im gonna try to do this and kill him with the barrel but his their blood is also lava so thats no good alright and youre making this very hard for everyone right off the bat yeah so I was gonna theres a nasty rat there whos gonna try to you try and make the gunpowder reacts so Im just gonna kind of set it on fire okay but like think I want to see that you want to see that yeah lets see yeah with the bombs Ill get sure if thats easier think youre gonna do the with the bombs where we try to get an enemy here do that for us okay put like if we put a bomb there its gonna go you can see okay that didnt like creates a huge divot yeah and now theres all this lava around here okay hanging in there theres a bunch of explosive things here these battles here filled with this nasty radioactive green stuff but the good thing about the that is like it you can neutralize it with water okay and then because theres I think some oil so this is on fire so whats happening is its generating steam thats up here and then the steam is compensating and you can maybe see its like water yeah okay wow theres a lot of this whole level each level I guess the premise is that how reactive it can be is part of the like what makes noise to stand out from other games of this style yes imagine yes its very much like there is a lot of like interactions with like all those physical properties so like all of this like you can see this stuff here is kind of like this coal stuff but theres like difference here its very subtle but you can kind of see here how its explaining it and then theres like gold just cold in here if I can get that I can pick up some coins but so lets see coals to be a chest were gonna have a bit of a bit of a dead end here but maybe we will bomb away and so theres wood I could have to set this on fire if I had - okay well while youre trying to make sure you dont die I wanted to ask like can you like walk us through like how difficult it is to create worlds like this that also makes sense for a play perspective because like I like I mentioned earlier there I imagine there are a lot of ways in which this can go wrong were you oh yeah how challenging is it what are those challenges when you make a game like this well one of the challenges is like its easy to think like when making something just like highly emergent that all the emergent stuff is kind of like good and fun interesting but the truth of the matter is that you can also get like sort of the game breaking emergence stuff happening yeah and and depending on what youd kind of like think is game breaking is its a bit subjective but yeah for example when we start at the stream because like all the enemies dont really have like anything theyre not tied to any area there was an enemy that was gonna come and kill me at the very beginning of the stream right it was like a tutorial section like a very later tutorial section there was already an enemy yeah I just found its way back up there but then what happened is a enemy tried to shoot me but if there was like a lantern that was unsealing and it killed itself yeah fire and killed itself like while were waiting else i oh damn I guess this is how a reactive and unpredictable the world is saw like one of the attractions of noise I suppose the unpredictability and I suppose thats a lot of the the attraction for rogue lights in a broader sense and more so in this game because of all the variables that you are messing with but I also wanted to ask about we we we talked about this a little bit earlier but I you draw a lot of inspiration from spelunky yes faster and since then theres been a lot of rogue lights that have kind of thought about progression a little bit differently rather than straight up shutting you down once you die so I want to ask like what it what is the approach to like a sense of progression is it purely this brogue element where youre just like going run base and hopefully you make it to the end or how are you is there a sense of rewarding players even when they die like early in the run well most of were kind of like going more with the sort of spunky style so theres not that much thats gonna stay from run run through run yeah there are few things and were kind of playing around with how much of that to add I dont know how much I can promise but dont open there are a few things in there that are and but theyre kind of also maybe bit off the endgame hidden are Ill leave that up see if you want to divulge that stuff you know is your game still good were not gonna make it there in time but like okay lets pick not with that attitude so one of the things I modified here is I make my lets see if this is gonna work okay weve now my wand here to the next area so like now its gonna like leave this trail of acid behind and the house gets down and its gonna generate this gas and the gas is kind of flammable so this acid business is actually really sort of dangerous because they can oh my god just can find shoot me lets go get it Oh No all right I think I also picked up a perk where its adds more glide so anytime we kill an enemy doesnt even look like so thats why the blood is blood is also like simulated so now you can see theyre covered in blood oh yeah so it gets like on them yeah across the world and it drips along the environment too yes were apparently making a very violent game yes I mean pixel art can be very expressive as Ive seen in many games that do the style extremely well what even is that else is like melt their bodies which is like you can use me do you really need to do that no but its like what you can do not do that I think that was your honor youre saying your your more yeah they already already already got him so I dont need to add insult to injury this guy this guy will freeze like if his things will hit me itll fees me Bridget yeah thank you Brian so you have for example you here you have a weapon that leaves the gas trail are there nice are theres no no essentially like bills where I shall let you oh its that thing ended up murdering the ended up murdering background kami can you kill those cuz even playing a lot of love damage on I think they dont think that that much damage from the thing from the acid unfortunately theres also imagine its elemental stuff to like certain enemies damaged by these enemies are also fighting each other we possibly really good for me everyone got away six HP Oh perfectly fine cool how do you recover that guys gonna you have to make it to the next area okay were gonna have two HP I dont get this bullet drop - oh my god oh thats all good oh sorry I was like trying to ask a question while you were like in the worst possible yeah I just completely on you and you kill me Im just asking the question this is a question do you want to give it another run we have a couple more minutes for you here so lets do a quick one okay cool but it yeah what what was I saying Oh elemental stuff do different enemies react differently to different types of yes yes so thats a something you have to consider it yes and you can use that to your advantage so for example those Firebug guys that have lava in their blood and shoot fire they they dont like water obviously so like if you managed somehow to get water like maybe get a gun or get so you want that like generates water you can work that yeah you can just like murder them so I also imagine theres an element of like juggling what properties you give each of your weapons depending on the environment and then yeah fighting yes yeah and it can help a lot like a new I I know that its like earlier your wand left like gas trails yeah theyre like certain builds or weapon combinations where like I can leave a gas trail and then shoot it with like like a fire weapon and then a little its like not only does the gas spread but also just turned into fire and just completely obliterate like a bunch of enemies at once yeah I mean you can do like lets say Im just gonna make this homing so you can like for example make makeup oil trail steak before Titus so now every time I take damage Im gonna get teleported into random place so what that means is thats actually Im giving out two good strategies for like speedrunning but unless you can use this to like if you get off Im tired all the time so Im teleporting its teleported you right at the end yes this is the way like you you you wanted to speed Brennan Im giving you a speed run here dude Im so glad we got that on stream that was that was really fun oh this would actually be good like now Im Im also like Im invisible now but as soon as I shoot or it gets this way we can sneak around a bunch and we probably get this is much more boring than doing the teleborian crossfire Lonnie okay lets somebody have picked it up its got different properties will shoot differently Ive got all kinds of whoa already is that already attached to it I dont know lets lets shoot in to see what happens all these times and you still have the teleportation stuff so youre like stacking a bunch of different properties and abilities this neighbor guys keep getting shot hopefully sell for you and again lets try to get set on fire oh yeah theres oh yeah I have these things theyre like holding now so oh yeah thats good and bad also at the same time huh be Wow is there a rut like a like a like a formula to the teleportation or is it random its a bit random episode because some like at the ultimate speedrun tactic is get the teleportation stuff just keep getting but get set yourself on fire yes this is gonna create this mist of wood what does that do this is a lot of slow down enemies or the blood will give you like better chance of creating enemies no theyre covered in blood its theyre like oh snap we do have about like a couple minutes left okay for this oh yes oh no neither guy okay as well yes oh snap you made it again I made it to the end with 1 HP oh man this is man cool yeah so I want to ask also do you have any timetable in terms of release or like whats whats the house development going its going pretty well but were still some ways off were planning on doing early access okay and hopefully thats not its gonna be hopefully at some point alright but I we havent announced anything and we dont want to announce before I kind of know were gonna make it okay cool yeah I understand that but uh yeah Patrick thank you so much for joining us that was Neeta you can check that out on where well how do you are you doing like Kickstarters or we have essentially we have a steam page so you can wishlist it there or yeah follow us on our website and we have a Twitter that we update and put gifts of the game there we go okay so lets n o ITA noids a-- and check that out if youre interested so again thank you for joining me and then well be right back were gonna switch swap out guests for a second and were gonna come back with a black future 88 so stick around for that fresh steamed seasonal veggies outback GDC is kicking off and GameSpot has the first look at the Indie Mix Showcase featuring six developers and six awesome indie games. 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