The Best Spell In Noita?

Rowenta ultra steamerhow to download steam games on iphone NOITA gameplay hey everyone hows it going uh todays video is another tutorial video um i know a lot of my videos i tend to title it stuff thats pretty clickbaity thats like hey the the best flask and noita the coolest looking spell in noita but i try to be accurate i try to make sure that whenever i post it i i truly believe that uh those things are true and um and i hope you guys would agree that uh i usually i usually try to be you know deliver with what i say and in this video i try to you know im trying to stick consistent with that i think this may be one of the greatest spells in noita if not the greatest so ill let you guys decide if its clickbait uh lets get into it lets discuss the ad trigger and well also discuss add timer and add expiration trigger so uh what im about to discuss well well well start with on like the new new player level and then well get a little more advanced and then well get to the like super in depth so that way you have a foundation to go on so if youre an experienced player you may have something to learn from this but it may take a moment before we get to the more complex stuff this is to teach you the mechanic but that doesnt mean ill be showing everything there is to know about this spell because there are tons of stuff that i dont know but with that said this will give you a place for you to create your own combinations and maybe invent some kind of spell combo ive never seen before so lets get into it oh yeah one last thing one last thing before we before we get into it lets uh look at this real quick this this guy right here is the master of masters it is a boss that spawns in like the bottom right of the map that is where you unlock these spells if you have never killed this guy before these spells will not be unlocked with that said if youre ever going into a run you dont just say oh im gonna build this this ad trigger wand and just assume youll find it usually it means if youre gonna build an ad trigger wand and youre planning to do it in this specific run you need to go kill that boss to get them to drop that spell is usually how you would approach it so um that you know you can you can come across in a random run i dont want to kill your hopes but at the same time i dont want to give you false expectations that once you have killed this boss you oh youll see them in every run you know when thats thats definitely not the case its still very rare that i see it uh youll see youll see one of these every once in a while but its definitely not every run and its still pretty damn rare that youll youll see it so you usually if you see me building an ad trigger wand its because i went and i killed the master of masters so lets get into the uh the build here so uh for the new players were starting off with this uh this bubble sparked trigger and uh it has a penta after it so that means that whenever we shoot this bubble itll fire off this pinta which is five spells so one two three four five so if you fire this it fires off the uh the five chainsaws that are in it nothing too special there nothing too crazy so uh just know that whenever this bubble spark does hit something these chainsaws will actually hit for some pretty significant damage so i shoot at the statue there youll see it actually you know it does over a hundred damage it is nice though if you add a couple modifiers onto the bubble spark to really to really amp up its damage uh well give it homing so that its more accurate so its not so floaty so when we shoot it itll just pull it onto enemies gives us a ton of damage and then well add piercing now this this is huge doesnt matter it doesnt matter the order that you put them but uh this piercing is a big deal because normally whenever you fire off a single uh bubble like this and it hits an enemy when it hits the enemy the bubble dies and it delivers the payload right delivers the spells in it piercing however makes it so that whenever the bubble makes contact with an enemy it will continue to fire off the payload over and over so an example of this would be lets say that you had a bubble uh a bubble spark would trigger and you put a nuke a nuke in the payload right well a nuke only has one charge so whenever you fired it off um you would you would expect it to only fire off one nuke but if you have piercing on it the bubble spark will hit the enemy and it will continue to fire off nukes that that single bubble spark has your only charge of nuke but because it has piercing that one charge of nuke could end up firing off 20 30 nukes just because as the bubbles piercing into the enemy its firing the payload off over and over and over which could you know even though it had only had one charge the charge is used at the moment of the bubbles creation not on the bubble making contact so thats how thats how you can get a lot of use out of something that has charges if you put it inside of a payload that has piercing on it so let me just go ahead and real quickly show you what a piercing homing can do to an enemy just so the players will see like this this is a good combination right here its a little mana expensive but whenever we shoot it at bad guys okay in that case it didnt quite get to him there it goes sometimes it gets real close but it doesnt hit the hitbox and youre just like no it was weak but now in that case it was just a a funky hitbox in fact you could even use something like projectile area teleport so that it just jumps onto the enemies and now you dont have to worry about the hitbox getting all funky like that but yeah so there you go you can see its a pretty pretty strong combination but again our problem here is the uh the mana that i have here when i fire it if you look it actually burns through the mana very quickly and this leaves you vulnerable um whenever youre firing at lots of enemies if you fire over here at tons of enemies and then you have to wait for it to recharge and another enemy comes from the other side it could get you killed so this is where the ad trigger comes in handy uh so lets lets real quickly lets show you a comparison here so the bubble spark with trigger and the add trigger bubble these are like the same spell essentially this is a bubble sparkle trigger and this is a bubble that we added the trigger onto they do the same thing you could put a single spell after them these these are pretty much identical combos now the difference between these two combos would be that um the bubble with trigger costs 16 mana while the ad trigger costs 10 and the bubble spark whatever projectile you put here it doesnt matter the mono cost the add trigger will override whatever mono cost uh is attached to uh whatever whatever projectile its attached to it overrides its mono cost so for example if this ad trigger was attached to a spell that cost a hundred mana it doesnt matter the hundred mana becomes zero mana its all about what does the ad trigger cost same idea for the ad timer and the ad expiration all that matters is the cost of the of the ad timer i guess in this scenario which would be 20 moda thats what another reason that the ad trigger is the best of the the group of three because add trigger not only is it its mechanics are better but its the cheapest of the three these cost 20 this cost 10. now what were gonna do is uh before like i said we were running uh were running this combo right here nothing nothing too crazy oops you see the board back here youll see that uh it fires off just like this nothing no no surprises so were gonna swap it out with this combo pretty much same same identical build that we have here nothing no surprises nothing crazy now look at the mono cost here this is the were in the same mono cost as we were before but what were going to do is were actually going to move this add trigger over two spots this is something i showed in one of my previous videos and i really didnt go into detail about and a lot of people message me you know how does that work how do you use this blah ball so i figured you know what lets make a video on it lets lets rant on it for a bit so now these spells that are in between the add trigger and the bubble spark these are free watch when i fire it so again if we scoot this over and put them on the outside tons of monocots put them in between we like sandwich them in between the the add trigger and whatever projectile im adding it to they all become part of the projectile you actually can see it on the board right here it only shows the add trigger what happens is it creates pretty much a bubble spark trigger that naturally has homing that naturally has piercing these become part of the brand new projectile in fact you can scoot this over oh i dont know why i moved them so slowly um you could scoot this over like so so heres the projectile heres the add trigger you could fill this with as many modifiers as you would like you know heavy shot acceleration uh put this on there it doesnt matter as many home as many modifiers as you like the mana cost remains the same uh you will get the side effects of whatever uh like for example the cast delay that the the heavy shot adds that still gets added um the cast delay from that one as well you still have to deal with that stuff but the mono cost becomes the is the identical there is no difference so okay now youre getting the idea i think youre getting the idea of how you put modifiers in between it so were gonna take this uh even further this is where you get to the more advanced stuff uh hopefully you can see some some cool ideas though with what ive shown so far um in between the add trigger in the bubble spark it is nice to put stuff like the reduce recharge that is a really good place to put reduced recharges because those are kind of expensive they speed up your wand but they cost 12 mana well just slide it in between the add trigger and the projectile and it speeds up the wand naturally without having to uh cost any extra mana which is which is crazy so lets get into uh the the more in-depth mechanic here so the bouncing burst acceleration build ive talked about this in the past like i said i had a video on it and um i i covered a bit on it but im gonna im gonna re-go over this and im gonna show the advanced mechanic off of it so the the bouncing burst has a natural modifier that makes it where uh depending on the momentum gained in its lifetime it actually has a multiplier to do more damage because on the the bouncing bursts on its own does three damage and then if you put an acceleration on it it goes from doing three to that case five it really depends on how much speed like if you had it bouncing around for a long time it gets going really fast and if it hits it at the fastest speed it will do even more damage so youre wanting to make this bouncing burst start as slow as possible and hit going as fast as possible so something like a heavy shot is perfect for this it will take this bouncing burst from uh it was doing what was it like five or six damage with the acceleration so now the heavy shot which adds 44 damage well now were gonna shoot it at the statue and uh were gonna try to shoot at the statue its kind of hard to hit because of the acceleration i mean because yeah there it goes what was that number hold on it was going so fast i barely i barely even saw it um 600 i think something it was going really fast though whenever that thing made contact 250 thats more realistic because its not always going to hit the enemy at like peak speed uh in fact we can even attach a rotate towards to it to make it more accurate so we dont have to depend on the rng but yeah there you go 237 so thats pretty good damage especially considering the modifiers are pretty minimal but it is decently monoexpensive because this costs 40 mana just to be accurate um this has got seven seven mana not bad and this costs 20 mana so what were going to do is were going to add put the add trigger now all of these become free because this is an add trigger bouncing burst and youll see that uh without it well fire it and look at our mono pretty pretty mom expensive nothing too terrible but uh with the uh add trigger we fire it like no mono costs at all and youll see here that uh its just showing a picture of the add trigger thats it so all of these naturally become part of the bouncing bursts so what im gonna do is im going to show you how you can double up on the spells that are in between it so we have one acceleration and one heavy shot and one rotate towards now remember i said the slower this goes in the beginning and the faster it goes at the end the more damage so we were shooting it and did like 250 damage if we attach a double spell to it watch what happens its going to cast the acceleration in the heavy shot and the mod the rotate towards which this part doesnt matter so much but mainly the acceleration of the heavy shot is gonna cast them twice this is one of the only examples in noise there arent too many of them where you can actually loop into itself it casts all this stuff and then loops around and casts them again so whenever we shoot into the statue here youre going to see 13 000 damage that thing wasnt even traveling that fast that was just kind of a basic shot uh and in fact well head over to the board now and well look at it so remember we went from like 250 to 13 000. its crazy uh so if you look at the board youll see the modifiers are actually coming back now thats because the first set are naturally part of the bouncing bursts the second set however because of this double spell which is placed on the outside of the add trigger its looping around and grabbing them again and attaching them as regular modifiers onto the bouncing bursts so its a bouncing burst that naturally has acceleration and heavy shot that now has an acceleration heavy shot modifier attached to them on top of the natural ones its crazy i know but you can go nuts with this thing you can do some serious damage uh in fact ill i can run around the level for a little bit so you can see it in action but this thing pops and and there are way im sure theres even crazier combinations that you can come up with but this one doesnt even require that much like we only oh the statues dead there is there isnt even that much on here and this thing is you know one shot and everything so this combo really helps you to build stuff to to kill like bosses and whatever else you need to to kill very quickly feels oh im just standing there tanking shots i almost got myself killed i was having too much fun yeah there you go thats the mechanic i dont want to rant on it for too long i just know i was getting dms about it and stuff and people saying hey you showed it for a moment but can you explain why it does that i mean honestly i cant explain too much in detail why it does that it just works that way but hopefully some people can discover some really cool one combinations that even i have never seen before uh knowing this mechanic because while this mechanic when it was added to the game it really wasnt discovered uh how it worked and how how it could be utilized for many months after it was already added and thats one of the things thats awesome about noita is that even though there hasnt been like a patch uh recently it doesnt mean there isnt things yet to be discovered you know new combinations are discovered all the time new mechanics are discovered all the time so maybe with uh one of the new guys maybe somebody who just joined noita in the last week will use this combination and discover something that uh no one in noit has seen before lets hope and then we can uh just become better annoyed to players because of it well thanks for hanging out you guys thanks for all the positive uh the comments and all the feedback and all the likes i plan to post another video soon a longer video maybe just doing a regular run maybe ill start showing some longer run videos maybe do some sun quest stuff like that well see most of my longer runs i do uh live over on twitch i stream almost every day and uh but i id like to have a couple more to throw up on youtube something where i just hang out with you guys and i talk to you guys on uh you know the youtube community because when im streaming on twitch im distracted with the chat and everything while on youtube i can focus more on ranting whats happening in game which some people may prefer that so anyways thanks for stopping by you guys stay sweaty stay awesome deuces you guys steam summer sale 2022 clues and answers Just expanding on a Noita rant I posted in the past about the Add Trigger spell family =)Twitch: Twitter: #Noita run game without steam how to use an external hard drive for steam games cute games to play on steam steam history prices will a handheld steamer kill bed bugs