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Closet steamerupcoming pc games steam NOITA gameplay hey guys its night list here and today were going to be checking out a game called Noida it is an interesting physics-based platformer and without further Ado were just going to jump right into it here so Ive played a couple rounds of this already died many times trying to get just to this point here and we have our basic controls wasd to move as the tablets were telling us weve got left click which shoots spells out something thats kind of interesting about this game is every time we load into it everything our starting inventory is going to be a little bit different so the these attacking spells that we have theyll theyll change next time and we wont get the same exact things um the environment interacts with one another in very interesting ways as you can see there the waters turned to steam and the carts on fire were just gonna keep plugging right on through it entered mines here we go we could see something shiny up here and we are gonna try and get that but I dont really have oh yes I do all right so were gonna try and get up that way now bye what Ive never Ive never seen that before I dont I dont know what that does thats a man with dynamite oh that was a crit nice blow that up nope oh yeah we cant blow it up all right we took Mr zombie out lets see how do we do this how do we do this how do we get up here by flying clearly um oh its a polymorphine potion so polymorphines cool we throw some out we turn into things and its kind of random every time it seems uh theres not much consistency behind it and I dont really understand what this does so were just gonna keep going itll wear off right now okay guys so were gonna go get this wand here its surrounded in oil and were just gonna pick it up and lets see what it does all right its a worse one than what we started out with which I didnt even know was possible this is a good starting wand though I guess so the whole point is to try and get down were looking for a giant purple portal somewhere and hopefully we can find that here shortly because Im really not trying to stay out here too long this game is very dangerous ah so did it not explode because it was in water did it not explode because of the type of spell it is lets see okay it must be because it was in water that is highly destructive all right this one I have no idea what that means what does that do oh I can only use it 10 times oh so everywhere or like uh I I know it literally says not everywhere but is this permanent is this not permanent whats can I just kind of see everything now oh theres the end perfect okay so this oh all right we only get three uses with it but Im gonna go yeah its electric its an electric wand theres another theres another portal I didnt know that two portals spawned I dont oh I dont have to Mana to cast it see its its blinking up here that must mean I dont have enough Mana to cast that spell how do I get more Mana all right okay okay cool I dont I dont know what you do man oh do you guide me oh I think that guys supposed to guide me to the next portal thats cool so thats thats a cool thing to have and then all right lots of fire but lets get this treasure chest and then lets go ahead and progress oh yeah awesome okay and here we are easy day so here we can regain our health uh spell refresher all of our spells are refreshed so anything that that used to cost man and no longer does here we can see I dont know what that is I dont know what those spells are can I not see that just casts Dynamite thats awesome um and that does the same thing as the Im for them so I guess Im just gonna hope and pick up this one see what do you do okay so it just looks like its the same spell what smell is this spark bolt that casts another spell upon Collision what spell does it have fish oh meat of an innocent creature thats so wrong alright so here we have our passive abilities so we can pick up slime blood which means I bleed slime but slime no longer slows down and I get higher projectile resistance um greed double the gold and oh we can make exploding gold I I mean I guess double the goal thats just the Easy Choice uh lets go ahead and try to uh lets see where this goes lets see how far we get oh not far not far not far okay okay all right weve got another wand here lets check this guy out this is spitterbolt with timer a short-lived magical bolt that casts another spell after a timer runs out what yeah um were gonna ignore that I dont oh no I need to see what it does I need to see what its like go ahead give me an app okay yeah its the same I dont yeah I dont see a point in that one I cant even cast this black hole so I dont know why Ive got it maybe later well come into something that lets us hopefully oh let me just oh that was such a bad idea why why stay away oh my God one Health one Health and a dream one Health and a dream okay thats all toxic so if we touch that we die we have one out of a hundred and den help right now its not looking good but I really want that one can I even get to it so careful right now luckily theres no fall damage but who cares about falling yep all right all right guys were gonna wrap it up here for now but this is Noida dont forget it uh leave a like if you like this game we want to see more of it if you want to see more of me dont forget to subscribe and we will keep playing games just like this one for the love of Gaming so I hope you guys have a good day and please enjoy the rest of your week Ill see you guys next time have a good one bye how to make a steam game not full screen Today we dive deep underground into the world of Noita! 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