Ghosts – | Part 5 | – Noita gameplay

Best workshop games on steamhow to convert epic games to steam NOITA gameplay hello and welcome to ultimate channel i continue playing noita lets see what we have here energy spheres and magic missiles with slime potion lets see whats on the surface first a few holes here and the water channel on the side lets see if there is an egg in the nest yes and thats hope it contains a giant worm that could make tunnels for us its only the smaller lets change the slime potion to water we could travel through at water channel easier and slime potion is not useful for us i think its it only makes us move around difficult oh yeah water is better lets see if we can get here here unfortunately not Music but now we should it is hard but possible and here we have only the tablet maybe lets fill the ball to the water again and it looks like smoke disappear during some time youll have two minutes of increased vision so lets try to use it to explore the caves in the dark but i will not have enough missiles for this half i would need to go through all that mine and i think it we will not make it in time maybe lets just explore the cave Music here we have two dead ends and and something there Music and here we have magic missiles as well Music water and its a warm roof spiral bolts it would be good for cracking down the lamps without destroying them or for longer range fights Music theres also something on this side and its a circle of hunter a build of electric electrifying magic i change it to this wind then we move it to the first place Applause lets see how it works put something like a shield one but on the crystal i suppose so we also have something on the side and by all up oh as well as oil here the file should start to burn soon here we go i want to check whats on the other side of this tunnel and it looks like its empty unless youre simply hidden in your compiler but it is clear as well we might get double gold and kill them with this tablet and a lot of creatures down here Music so the side field can protect us from some zombies also start fires so so and i think he just killed himself thats fine for us and the one here with firebox we could change it instead of this one Music Music so and a dead end here Applause and we have something going on there hmm okay and our second potion here Music around that one oh this time were going to clear and roll this map we still have 33 health points so that might be possible Music and at that end here youll need to go back to it wooden wall is now destroyed maybe lets put this pressing it we have a teleporter here and there should be a link here maybe lets fill the second hole with water and then go to explore that temple but first we need to find that pound of water oil here going more fine i think it was on the cycle or maybe for the left there we go that should be enough lets see if we can electrify the lava yes it works one water is used and only a small part of ever getting that would not be a problem we defeat enemies that protect our accent and here he has Music additional health which will be useful for us only if we get out of the saliva and we havent done it yet Music i dont like them very much they almost get better off so and they are not affected by fire no electricity so lets try to go around them they really take a lot of damage maybe lets just try to run from and we might make it out of the salive lets see if we continue following us yes i will lose teleporter but try to kill them but it looks like they decided not to chase after us Music Music i just try to survive now and maybe find a few more Music or weapons and items Music and here we have acceleration portion and another template and we draw it in the teleporter it looks like we cannot yeah value destroyer Music that will work as well and another kind of parker there should be at least one more to the left side so and there we have out points in creation as well Music by 25 health points so if you make it out alive here well have at least 160. because 10 additional in them temple by itself okay theres something repair but i dont find any way to get here lets see if our fireball can make some terrain damage it looks like it come out maybe you can find a barrel or something like that maybe from even further away that looks empty as well here we have a barrel lets try to move to that side and of course he dropped it the bottom and because of that we just died from explosion but at least we managed to come back from the temple behind the lava lake alive so it will be worth a try in the next episode so see you next one Music why is my game on steam not downloading Noita gameplay series. 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