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How to install games from steammason llp steam settlement NOITA review Music foreign hey whats up guys its Fury todays video comes to us courtesy of Discord user Rodney thank you very much Rodney for reminding me how amazing the item possession or item telekinesis glitch is which were gonna do over here actually not in the middle of that altar because I dont want my tablet to immediately turn to gold or summon lava spewing demons from hell uh first off let me show you guys my keybinds here because people were asking about this and also its important for this video I guess you can have anything bound to anything you want it doesnt matter but in my case just for the sake of this video my explanation I throw with mouse left and then for item slot number one or just slot number five I use Q to switch to that and then I use R to switch to the first wand so I use that all the time I switch back and forth between q and R it just you know usually I have a water flask or something unless I get fire immunity there and then I have my main attack wand there so I can just you know put out fires or neutralize the toxic sludge quickly and easily and then switch back to my first wand anyway so for this you want to have your item selected it could be in any slot it doesnt matter you want to have it selected and then you want to throw that item all right right its kind of difficult to explain the timing of this but right after you throw it you want to push the hotkey for that item slot again um you dont even have to spam it but its like right after you throw it and its going to take me a little bit of time to get the timing down probably there we go got it on the second try so yeah just have the item selected throw it and then right afterwards press in my case Q or five for that first item slot and youll see immediately if you get it correct if you see the text in the middle of your screen like this because basically the game thinks that Im still holding the item so I can just throw it around infinitely like this I recently have been making videos about these more these Advanced Techniques or just alternate techniques and thats where were going to be kind of working with today now in order to illustrate something let me go over to the tree right now thank you Okay so cool thing number one you can use this method of item possession in order to more easily tablet surf like so just keep the cursor above your head to continuously throw the tablet underneath you you could you could do this with other items besides the tablet you dont need to use the tablet you can use runestones you can perform the surfing technique all you do is basically throw a physics object and then land on it in midair to regain your levitation juice power so there you go you can very easily get above the tree with this and you can use this technique to get across the lava lake with a little bit of practice just try to practice above the ground first so that you dont end up just taking a dunk like an Oreo cookie right in the hot sauce thats gross Oreo cookies and hot sauce dont try that its probably not good anyway yeah right across the lava lake with this and it doesnt even matter if you drop the tablet in the lava because you just throw it back out or it doesnt matter because no matter how far off screen it is like this as long as its not in an unloaded chunk you just press e to pick it back up again and then you could be on your Merry way over to the Pit Boss or the bridge boss to go and cheese it but were not gonna do that right now were gonna head back this way and Im gonna show you something else all right I already made a video about how to steal spells using this but Ill just show it again real quick so as soon as you get the tablet you perform the glitch of course item possession get the tablet underneath one of these spells you can eat you can even use it on the bottom spells if you have a way to dig brickwork now you might be saying Fury if I have a way to dig brickwork I can just drop all the spells out of the Holy mouth like just dig through the holy mouth and drop all the spells out and then get them all for free but if you dont want to anger the gods and you want to steal spells with a tablet you can still do this you can still if if you have a way to cut these away you can just cut those away and then perform it on all these spells if you want it just depends on what you want to do now as soon as you have your tablet centered underneath the spell just Center your cursor above your head like a little bit above your head and just gently as gently as possible that was a little bit not so gently you want to just throw the tablet up a tiny bit see if we can get this a little higher just to push the spell as high as you possibly can there we go thatll be good now let me put the tablet in the center again and then you dont want to put your cursor way up here because again youre going to throw it throw the tablet really hard if you do that you want to you want a few gentle throws so uh maybe like right here and then Im just gonna throw the tablet a few times up and as soon as the spell hits the top of the Holy Mountain right there whoops we get that spell for free and then all right the thing that I really wanted to show you here if I can hopefully get this uh here well just take this I can hopefully get this again on the first try that would be amazing I did not okay there we go I just wanted to put the statue I kind of glitched the statue out too now this is huge I think tablet digging with the item possession glitch so much easier than normal tablet digging and you dont run the risk of the tablet up warping and getting stuck up there forcing you to collapse the Holy Mountain so all you do perform the item possession glitch hat with a tablet or any other physical object maybe maybe a runestone will work with this too possibly or it could just blow you up who knows I havent tried it with a runestone but maybe give that a try anyway then just throw the tablet so that it super so that it is on top of you like that and then all I do you dont even have to spam anything I press AWD so right now hang on just throw this out of AWD keep doing it as soon as you see the tablet on top of you just AWD AWD and then importantly also if I didnt have the statue here uh the tablet also functions as a shield so if little Steven did find my location here and try shoot he was shooting at me even the big explosive attack gets blocked by the tablet which is another thing the tablet does really well is it blocks explosions its very nice so anyway yeah just throw the tablet on yourself and then press AWD and hey look were out already are you gonna come this way gonna show the people how to how to kill you with a tablet like this oh whoops Im just gonna whatever Im gonna kill myself trying this but its funny come on get him get him tablet anyway so there you go very easy and quick tablet digging and you dont have to worry about Im gonna kill him out or hes gonna kill me first because Im just messing around here you dont have to worry about the uh tablet up warping like this I just wish you can tablet dig using the item possession or not tablet dig tablet kick using the tablet possession glitch but uh it seems as if you cannot did I oh no here you go I I thought I got him anyway whatever of course this killing enemies with it takes a lot of practice there we go we got him I only have 49 HP left thats fine 49 HP is fine I do wanna practice this a bunch more killing enemies with it and then I want to do like a tablet only run just uh tablet only Sun seed Quest no no tablet digging to parallel worlds oh man please no anyway all right enjoy happy nighting guys and hey look theres a meditation Cube Ive got some other cool stuff planned real soon I just wanted to show that off tablet surfing with the item possession glitch and uh tablet digging mostly with the item possession glitch cool thanks thanks for 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