Noita - Finnish Arson Simulator

Enable the steam overlay while in-gamethe steaming bean NOITA whered he go did he die Music im not gonna pretend like i know what it is its a roguelike of sorts where its pixel graphics its it uh appeals to my boomer brain Music you pronounce that sometimes yeah i plan on a lot of things in life i plan on having an education i plan on having a family but this doesnt seem to ever happen so dont care its me oh there we go gaming i have a jet pack oh  __  okay im dead its a dog i killed it and i dropped gold yeah gold nuggets am i dying youre dead anyways is there anything to find here lets try to burn this maybe theres something below its going to burn like a path theres some gold nuggets in the in the rocks there i think which is this is wood this bronzer here is wood i think and thats why its like burning fast and this is dirt theyre kind of hard to distinguish but this is like chemistry of the game actually someone made a mod that replaces all textures with minecraft x great does minecraft even have enough textures to replace all the you know chemicals in this game oh hes on fire fire doesnt seem to do much damage hes like taking one one one like the guy is  __  burning two three and its dead rest in peace so basically with this one i have the ability to such a fire and that seems to be pretty good in this game because like everything burns what is this whats this then oh its an item want oh god i gotta am i covered in oil how do i take it you want lets oh im slippery lets try to detect the tips to like move fast to get on slippery you just move around and you lose a slipperiness im all lubed up oh what is im that no move it does damage its its like better in my my one gun in every way its longer range it sets fire or like it increases fire dude im broken oh where did he come from what the hell oh hell a black hole holy  __  oh stop this is the most flammable air ive seen in my entire life holy  __  lets jump into the black hole what could possibly go wrong Music oh  __  Music pog oh its a store spark ball seems pog i can afford all of this there we go money perk reroll lets get this no more real shock damage again gun oh it doesnt set it on fire hold up oh wait is this one oh hello stop stop stop it ow what is everything okay everything hurts in this game everything hurts everything oh my god going to piss  __  brett didnt like that did he oh hes mad oh hes shooting babies on me i said finally but theres more he didnt die he just got knocked back oh no its oh its full of purple dog  __  whats this slimy no  __  off theres so many ah okay in the game what do we have over here and to the left try going left and right yeah im going left water secret hermetis oh its a maggot its terraria worm  __  the hell is that  __  off uh oh  __  wait what the  __  what im at school what the  __  is this game man whats this game ah i made it out lets get some water in here oh my god holy  __  dude theyre drowning everything just burns man even this guy goodbye oh my god the  __  you want to die water oh my god this is  __  everything up isnt it hooks of gas oh theyre showering me and  __  he dropped a bunch of stuff down here lets get it whered the gold go didnt have gold where the  __  did my gold go goddammit okay i got killed by satan thank you  __  it  __  you get out of here oh god  __  damn it dude this game that was  __  clutch that was  __  dont tell me that wasnt  __  oh that was dude im getting good at this game man everything is boring oh my god oh my god nice i i cant progress the firebomb is not gonna do much polymorphian potion can i go down i have a kick yeah what are we going to kick the lava this is the result of some finnish guys hes got a degree in chemistry and told himself like im going to make the worst game ever oh fish god  __  damn i dont like fish oh the gold is going into the water oh my god  __  its a thing focus your oil what the hell is this this is so big oh my god whats this whats this Music oh my god oh my god what an eventful surface its  __  destroyed were good were good were good oh my god how far down this oh my god help  __  that was a big boy okay okay okay can you ever get good at this game like i i just feel like i get destroyed on every run but i guess with with with  __  twitch integration im never gonna leave this game i should probably have beaten the game before enabling that because now theres no  __  hope bombs nice so the way a one looks doesnt matter at all its more like what spells are in it thats thats like what you should look for nice nice nice chat thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you michaels  __  is just cursed now acid portion Music nice oh oh it blows up instantly oh that kid doesnt but its a very short fuse ow im basically dead 297 gold were getting a good amount of gold now this one just the fact that im basically dead oh yeah okay okay okay okay what the  __  man its a big-ass worm giant maggot whered he go did he die its just its just when i see oil i want i want to light it on fire its just satisfying i i get where where the finished people are coming from with this oh this is a trap isnt it this is a  __  trap i swear to god theres going to be a electric its teleporting liquid got  __  dirt okay i got scammed saw blades thank you thank you oh my  __  god i just wow thats great thank you hell yeah oh theres a bridge here now whats up oh not anymore bring it  __   __  where are you at where are you at Music i lost them  __  its over its over for oh my god oh my  __  god Music Music so you add external game to steam My first time playing noita, fantastic game, really difficult though.🎥Twitch ⟶ 🕊️Twitter ⟶ 📸Instagram ⟶ 🗨️Discord ⟶ 💸Patreon ⟶ insufficient privileges steam gift steam restart required loop start steam games on second monitor sea of thieves steam key steam free horror games