The TRAGIC History Of Paladins

How to play rocket league on steam with epic gamesfps steam games PALADINS® hello class today we will be talking about how to solve bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs I have the horse bug no how does jumping out of being held into the air cause a speed boost bug the problem lies in where if you do not have an extra letter to send it crashes your game because its trying to censor a letter that doesnt exist which there are a lot more maps so Im pretty sure there are a lot more bugs you can find this bug close game and dont reopen it I dont want to fix it now Im going to play cant shoot an impact now oh no I am mad cancer impact brings me peace paladins brings me anger is paladins dying a lot of people have asked me the same question throughout the years theyve asked why even still make content for paladins its definitely not a shock that the game hasnt been doing too well recently and by that I mean in the state of stagnation so I thought Id address these people who ask such frequent questions and the people that are curious as to what I truly think of paladins its definitely a long story so grab yourself a snack and get a drink and prepare for one bizarre Paladins Adventure Music foreign started off with a young naive Raven looking for a new game to play I had just gotten burnt out on TF2 and had my fill with rust Music while making the most saturated montages youve ever seen yeah those got mixed results so I needed something similar something that could fill my craving for FPS based games and team-based ones as well all while holding up that casual demeanor that TF2 so graciously provided it had to be a masterpiece made by the best company you can imagine it had to be grand but with a reasonable price tag of course and so was settled paladins champions of the realm would be my very next game but what was paladins well according to its Wiki its a sci-fi fantasy dungeon Punk world seems about right paladins was a never-before-seen first-person hero shooter with a catch free on launch a project born from tired Mercy one tricks who decided you know what well make our own OverWatch with cards and horses and not McCree now before you throw that can of Chef Boyardee branded SpaghettiOs raised in righteous anger I do not believe that paladins is a full-on clone of OverWatch and then you have Alfonso now I know youre thinking Reinhardt right no he has a flamethrow okay and he can charge and whats really cool about this guy is that he gets this fiction foreign so I installed it with haste honestly not expecting that much once I was in I went through the tutorial head to the objective now objective 156. and left a lot to be desired and was immediately met with the games Loadout system which basically boiled down to a tf2 item card game Yami would be very disappointed calm down Kaiba its just a game uh the phrase its just a game is such a weak mindset you are okay with what happened losing imperfection of a craft when you stop getting angry after losing youve lost twice I play my momentum face down and end my turn my grandpas deck has no pathetic cards Kaiba but it does contain but the more I played with it the more I realized it was actually far more in depth than I thought at first glance in fact you could completely change a Champions playstyle their entire identity really and all that with a few simple clicks you can imagine how Overjoyed my team was when I proudly announced that Id be playing damage pip as our only support a few moments later apologies theyre like every other people Ive seen worthless you dont even know how to build your damaged tree and with that all figured out I was on dominating the Realms laying everyone in sight foreign Music I could not believe how good I was at this game but I dont even know which Esports organization I actually want to join I naively thought to myself oh hell misguided I was like so many others I didnt realize I was playing against bots walk my words AI is far more dangerous Rock Paper Scissors Shoot I won this is a good beginning of my plan to dominate the human race Music last one stand and win you see the game decides youre not good enough to play against Reno players and pits you against their very own AI again it left a lot more to be designed but I still had to pick a Mane combo edgy hats a raven nice I was certain that I had found my main however I was about to find out how unstable paladins actually was the champion I had chosen probably due to them making it floor as they go and having a future boat release Champion had a complete visual rework time to limber up your focus determines your direction or something like that herbo was scrapped and replaced with a terrible model of a crossbow that pretty much filled up half of your screen this wasnt what I signed up for and so I had to find a new Mane fast thats when my gaze fell on a rather unique Dwarven little man is unique never before seen play style in appearance you just aint doing it right convinced me to actually give him a try Blunderbuss loaded I sent out to be the best Barrick main there ever was this heres my where did I go wrong but then I got bored honestly at this point I was actually running out of options and thats when I saw him Majestic and bulky a machine of mass destruction buck Music I had found my main and with everything ready for my paladins journey I set off to battle in the realm once more and even though he got nerfed right as I was approaching Masters what a coincidence hmm it felt right I was happy with my new Mane and pretty contempt with the overall state of the game going as far as even uploading my own paladins gameplay paladins was experiencing phenomenal growth and the game seemed to be at its peak with millions of players actually being registered to the game and with patch ob-42 right around the corner hi-res was looking for ways to retain that player growth all of this led them to experiment with something theyve never tried before PVE now at first I was overjoyed to hear such a thing would be added to paladins I immediately started having flashbacks to the good old days of TF2 Man vs machine but then it actually came out and Im gonna be honest with you it was not exactly what we were expecting it boiled down to players fighting existing high-res Ai and we all know how good that is set bruh what the did you try to hold but with some special gimmick or buff that was set to five of the same Champions now I admit it was rather fun sure it felt rushed and they could have actually worked on it some more added some special skins for the AI or some weird effects maybe even cinematics were the actual modes some lore you know just to spice it up but all that aside it was a good change of pace besides it was their first time attempting pde and they gave us a pretty Majestic gift like the beautiful Buck leap mode Music one of the main problems of this new pde mode was it being a co-op experience meaning new players would join this mode expecting to test out a champion or just learn how to play the game and the absolutely obliterated by the steroid using Bots this would in turn ruin the experience of new players and existing players just because they were trying to complete this game mode and earn some free root the name itself was very misleading they probably should have called it PVE challenge or something and when people found out that you only get the reward for your first completion they all completely lost any interest as the game mode itself was just not replayable but probably funniest of all is the fact that most Maps used for these game modes could actually be abused you could sit on some places and the AI would just not be able to see you know that I can see you at the end of the day this game mode would be scrapped in ob-49 and the players would be left with this one singular message challenge case being temporarily retired a big thank you to all our players of tester beta Q we are really pleased with the early results and development we look forward to bringing you even more ambitious and Polished Encounters in the future but with all of that still in the future I was just having fun enjoying the new game mode frequent updates and what more can you even ask for but then I noticed it something out of the corner of my eye it looked like a bug oh well one harmless bug cant hurt anyone right right Music you gotta be kidding me youve got to be kidding me bugs and bugs bugs bugs everywhere every update adding more and more of them before they were even able to fix the old ones shoot through walls all right please reinstall get way too high or far too low youre too slow punch through walls dont like the ground no problem you can fly around is aiming too hard no more hitboxes no more hair ultimates who needs them oh cool now I dont get to use my old until I die I sure do lack me some fishing failure thank you Music Oblivion are you a bad player off to the practice range Minds with you Im stuck in training grounds now itll just keep doing it over and over see through walls its permanent wall hack assert dominance on well you can leave you want a specific Champion okay nicer what am I picking uh lets pick a buck my Speck block my spect Im gonna regret this foreign well too bad infinite ammo Music infinite Q 10 seconds remaining seconds remaining 10 seconds remaining and probably worst of all this abomination Music now a guy named helvin has a lot more documented on his YouTube channel and theres a Reddit post created for the specific purpose of cataloging paladins bugs one that you can check out for yourself through the link in the description below like what is that Im I cant move I cant shoot but as an additional note theres something that just never sat right with me man its the fact that hyrus did make this whole hunt which was basically a cry for help by high-risk to its player base they were asking players to submit bugs to find these bugs and teach them how to replicate the bugs in order to try and fix all the problems but before this even started the same player helven and a full Discord of people were already doing that very thing however when hyrus saw that helven was replicating bugs and showing it on stream instead of hiring the man and giving him a salary because he clearly knew what he was doing get this they banned him did I just crash no I disconnected I dis yup they straight up decided to ban users that were showing the bugs live and sure you can claim that they were teaching other people how to replicate these bugs but these were people in context who were so frustrated that Jairus completely ignored all their bug reports that they resorted to publicly showing the bugs which kind of worked because whenever they showed a public bug it was fixed within weeks think about that bugs that existed for years were fixed in weeks when helvin actually showed them so in my opinion even though he doesnt care himself because hes a chill guy I believe hiras owes him an apology along with every single player they banned or silenced for doing their job for them all right all right all that aside every game has bugs its not like you can actually exploit them as I dont know means to win you the game the problem lies in where if you do not have an extra letter to censor like Im about to do it crashes your game because its trying to censor a letter that doesnt exist ass no no Crush my whole crash dialogue no crash dialogue take a potato chip but now for a word from todays video sponsor outplayed have you ever made an epic play I just thought to yourself man Im good at this game or possibly just saw something on screen that youd like to save well without Blades video recording software its no longer a concern outplayed is completely free to download today and allows you to capture your best moments in gaming or just everyday life the benefits of outplayed are a built-in video editor which is very simple to use and has the option to clip and ship any 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game-breaking bugs right and with that bug patched paladins was finally free of game breaking bugs right Music I feel like anything that you set your mind to your mind was you know your mind can create that Force because your mind is just this powerful machine and I believe I can be a Super Saiyan Music man with bad bug patched paladins what and with Music but what what do you mean and Iris hi res what the was that I found one for the hunt my point is paladins had a lot of game breaking bugs but I dont believe that hyrus just didnt care I do believe they genuinely tried to fix as many of these bugs as they could but eventually they ended up getting overwhelmed because the sheer number of them was just astonishing three two one welcome to bugadon Music youre wrong youre coming but as they still had the beta tag on their game this was not unusual and so some people just simply forgave them we are deeply sorry were sorry were sorry now the game was still surprisingly fun and still had that special alert I was not just ready to put it down besides I was still hoping for all of this to be sorted out in a timely manner oh how wrong I was enter ob44 the essence update Music it hit Swift and it hit hard the games entire Loadout system changed for the worse a new currency was released to level up the effects of your skills ultimately making the game a complete grind Fest for new players but of course you could always use Moms credit card to just catch up cards you used for loadouts would also drop from loot boxes yeah paladins became a gotcha game only for talents and cards if you were feeling lucky who knows maybe you could even get a legendary now do keep in mind this was a first person shooter not a card game yet the Buffs you got from the cards could easily win you a fight against someone that was far out of your skill range just by simply having a higher set of cards this update obviously brought a wave of outrage on social media and the community forms but surely high-res of all people would have an answer to calm these outraged masses hi-res its time to stop oh no but not all was lost high-res did end up lowering the cost of cards after extremely large amounts of backlash thus reducing the time it would actually take to grind out these cards and so the update was passed with the high-res stamp of approval meme approved quite a large portion of players actually just straight up left as soon as this hit live servers with the player base remaining feeling slightly annoyed this is the point where most people like 99 of people would do this but some men arent looking for anything logical like money they cant be bull worried reasoned or negotiated with some men just want to watch the world but I myself was not ready to just give up on the game and I guess you could say most of us including me just felt invested as a veteran player I had all the cards and just felt contempt with the game so we continued to play adjusting to the New Frontier and I suppose learning ways to just cope that I personally consider knitting time went on as everything stayed the same with minor balance changes along the way and the occasional new map or Champion then hyrus decided to add memberships Music thats right for a low price of 200 crystals you too could be a very important person VIP for short this system would introduce a fourth currency to paladins okay but why though and give members access to exclusive EIP skins which were later just sold for crystals how exclusive indeed all in all this was a pretty good system and a decent concept and gave non-vip users a chance to get free skins simply for playing the game and slowly earning up those points but it also helped anyone willing to buy skins as they could now earn any missing currency they had in game high-res also provided a pretty cool system of earning extra VIP points by guessing which team would win in the upcoming paladins these fourth tournaments so basically gambling but its okay its okay I promise you see its crystals its not real money its an in-game currency so that makes it okay right oh and of course the VIP also gave you a shiny name with a special title youre very special indeed just like my my mom always told me yeah I just know obviously it had a lot of room for improvement and maybe they could have turned down the glorified players aspect of it but at the time it was a welcome addition happy with all the recent changes I started actually watching and following the patch notes one day as I was sitting ready to see what my favorite game had in store for me I saw an unusual update clicking on the update brought me to a smiling Martini at the time lead developer of paladins and he was ready to share some exciting news hey everyone my name is jaurez Martini here for the paladins team and in ob64 we have some very large and exciting new car changes coming to the realm but why why would you do that why would you do any of that all right Im out on November 30th 2017 the official announcement for cards Unbound was born isnt it beautiful and boy did the community hate it Music Applause Music yeah this is open beta64. its a very hmm situation a lot of the cards are well broken broken and well this is sort of the extent of like the balance so badge 64. and I was forewarned this patch is going to contain more content than any patch of paladins has ever contained I was excited and I watched the patch preview just like anyone else I was skeptical wasnt outraged I saw a lot of posts on Forum saying are you breaking paladins paladins is gonna be dead and its like well welcome to every single patch after seeing the drama and Fallout of Battlefront 2 pay to win Loot boxes losing 8.5 percent of share prices and a real loss of around 3.1 billion dollars according to Forbes hyrus have said Buckle invoice this sounds like a great idea were gonna do it too Jokes Aside Im gonna be as brutally honest as possible Im a Paladins content creator love the game and being a part of the community but this is a step too far worth mentioning and often after thought in other news is that its only on the public test server currently but the concept of a tape regression packaged in loot boxes with pay-to-win elements and keys I wholeheartedly disagree with also the damage to the game and high-res has already started with IGN running a front page article kotakutsu along with other games news sites and even a top R game subreddit post with almost 6 000 points as it stands the cards now have power levels that can only be unlocked by opening loot chests and getting duplicates of the same card in short I dont think the system can stay or be tweaked it needs to be dumped Ive held a great disturbance in the force as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in Terror and was suddenly silenced once again the response from high-res did not please their Community with many of the content creators at the time making videos about their distaste for what theyve done at its core cards Unbound made the Casual game mode a Pay to Win nightmare where players could buy their way into insane Buffs in some cases making them straight up Immortal or giving infinite flights AC-130 ready for deployment alone good kill good kill yeah we got a runner here Direct Hit you got him yeah direct hits right there Music the previous system seemed like nothing compared to this the community lost a ton of players just off of the announcement alone and the community that stayed was split into ob64 supporters and haters but by the dislikes on all the official paladins videos you could clearly see which side was bigger I was also disturbed by the news but then I found out they would be adding a new ranked mode that was actually far more balanced and fair than the previous one we had along with a bound casual mode where all players had their cards set to the same level so that disturbance just sort of dropped off I even unironically started to enjoy the new Unbound game mode being a high level player with Max cards dont get me wrong the game mode was without a doubt pay to win but in no way was it actually killing the game if you dont consider the massive drop in player base as soon as it was announced and all the negative media attention well thats another story because of this new game mode paladins was being bombarded from all sides by media and the Articles they were writing were very very negative this time coverage would portray the situation far worse than it actually was high-res made a mistake and one they paid for dearly the risk I took was calculated but man am I bad at math Music from the loss of players came another unfortunate change in the form of content reduction as of ob65 payload would cease to exist later replaced by a budget King of the Hill game mode that went by the name Onslaught was played on the tiniest maps you can imagine nothing like the luxurious longboy maps that payload offered all of this was done on the grounds that payload was not a popular game mode which was questionable to say the least when tons of players would complain about the change now high-res did say there would be rotation in the future and that the game mode would most certainly be brought back switched out for another one but years later and that still hasnt happened a single time after the metaphorical dust had settled and most of the players unhappy with the game simply left paladins pulled an iron curtain devs were forbidden to talk about ob-64 the future of paladins or anything that wasnt related to skin updates ob64 or even became a banned word in Paladins live twitch YouTube and Discord servers people actually got Mass banned for saying ob64. this actually happened thats how bad it was some deaths did voice their concerns but beyond that high-res Studios simply went silent with that ever so morbid message simply looming over the game Hira Studios actually suffered a big loss of developers during this year and even the following year after it whether this was a side effect or more of a coincidence we cant really know but one thing was clear employees were not too happy about this either reviews on Glassdoor for high-res actually paint a specific picture most of them had a common theme whether positive or negative is that theme being a lack of communication and rapid changes I personally feel for the employees that went through this imagine working so hard on a project its your livelihood only for demands to come through to change it rapidly into something completely different than something else and then become hated online with people constantly telling you its over I actually interviewed a couple of the devs from high-res Studios to show you at least a little bit of their perspective so without further Ado welcome feisty and Potter the exodav for paladins so lets start with uh the first question question zero uh or a question one yet sum up paladins in four words four Awards all right I love hate unique and I I dont have a good fourth word so Ill just skip those three all right uh second question uh what was your or is your job at high-res Studios uh how long have you worked on the game on the project of paladins and how did you like the occupation or are liking it to the state so I started I had to go double check on LinkedIn but I started two years ago and two months ago um so just over two years started as an intern just converted to part-time and was converted to full time and Id say overall the experience has been very positive oh and I should yes Im a gameplay programmer which just means I Im a programmer so I do all the coding stuff anything that involves uh coding question three when did you start working on paladins and how did you feel about the project when you first came into it you wont go into Super detail about this but I came into the game because I liked the game so I had already had which Ill answer another question later probably at the time I remember when I submitted my resume I part of take SMA submission to the company was oh Ive got 3 000 hours in the game so I I right Im coming into this game applying knowing how the game works completely from a player perspective right off with uh something positive this time what did you think of uh the biggest successes of paladins what do you think they were in general if paladins had any and uh some strong points things that the game did differently or better even compared to other games on the market of the same genre yes the same genre if we if we scrunch paladins down into hero shooter genre I mean I guess we could give Paladin success that its still like one of the only hero shooters that are still still alive there was I cant I cant name them because I never played them but I know some one or two a couple other Studios tried to make hero Shooters and they just they never caught on they died so you have to give palette some credit because because the hero shooter is still alive question five now with the Positive groundwork uh lets try a riskier question uh during the various times paladins has had backlash for a certain I dont know game changes from the essence update to ob64 uh whichever you might have caught in overall bug complaints as a Dev of seeing all that negativity about the product and often honestly not even fair criticism more like just lashing out from the player base how do you deal with that how have you dealt with that and uh how does that even feel to be in such a position uh so this is yeah long question Ill try to answer different parts of it Ill go ahead and answer this question which I think is a later question I started playing paladins in December of 2016 so Ive been playing the game for a while um so I was there for obi-64 and I think yeah its fair to say that update was like a mistake um yes a lot of people left the game um but that was like it was good that the community obviously right fought back against it to right to kind of get paladins to go back to what it was at the time like I think its good when the commune like when the community behind different games or whatever speaks out against something they think is just not good for a game because like if you have enough people speak out against something then usually hopefully you know developers of some game will revert something whatever it is right major change to the game new character new weapon or something things get buff nerfed so blood Side Story I went in toward high-res Studios shortly after ob6 uh ob64 came out and one of my friends while we were at the studio was like mentioned that while we were having the highest tour which obviously made the tour guide not happy that that was mentioned um just kind of ignored the question which fair enough because its funny um positive criticism I guess or construct stuff is always welcome because thats thats how anything gets better is receiving feedback and stuff blatant complaining all the time gets annoying is annoying especially when you know Im just trying to play the game and enjoy a match and someones like character sucks all the button its like okay when I started as an intern there was a couple bugs that were in the game at the time that werent documented so I literally like wrote up reports myself and then worked on them um which was which was cool question seven what were some of the highlights and things you remember fondly about your job at paladins high-res Studios uh beat the game or even the crew in office hey theres great opportunities for you to work remotely so like I have actually yet never experienced I guess the the cool right gaming culture in the sense of working in office like you know how you see on all those startups its like oh we got free snack bars and all that other stuff Ive never experienced that I will say hiris does actually have that which Ive been to the office when Ive dropped off stuff they do now have that open in the office again so its like oh you want a snack I just go grab one off the shelf which is which is cool but again I dont whats your favorite snack whats my favorite snack uh they have energy drinks so Im Im too cheap to ever buy myself energy drinks but if I see one thats free sitting there Ill be like okay Ill take that so what do you wish paladins would do differently and are there any examples of things it already has done that you wanted to see changed yourself the addition in custom games to have more settings I at some point like months ago its been probably six plus months was like hey can we can we I really think players would appreciate having more settings in custom games um super excited to see that that stuff is finally um getting that stuff is being added to the game and of course whos enjoying those settings yes we will be adding more in the future this is our first iteration of it it might not look like it to some people but is actually a ton of work from a lot of different people to get the custom stuff working with how paladins is set up so Props to a co-worker props to co-workers that guide the custom game stuff set up uh whats the most difficult task job you had to perform on paladins and why we have to for paladins develop UI outside of the game engine because its Unreal Engine 3. so like that makes hooking up anything you see thats UI related its like character abilities icons anything that pops up on your your HUD so Sati Pips things like that all that has to be hooked up externally which makes it UI tasks takes a while because the UI person has to develop it gives you something as the code or coder tries to hook it up doesnt see something show up correctly and its just them back and forth of you trading um stuff back and forth until you finally see something show up on the screen and youre like ah yes I see something now do you still like paladins as a game um not looking at it from a work perspective if not have you ever liked it or is there a reason you stopped enjoying it there are definitely times like playing ranked and paladins that can be enjoyable when you have good matches and then you you lose three matches in a row because you had control on your team or you got just match breaking decided to give you a brand new account on your team and then you want to throw stuff and uninstall the game and not play for a few days so yeah yes how many people still work on the game in total and of course only if you can actually share that kind of information just on the main menu if you hit Escape theres actually one of the options is credits if you click on that most people dont know this exists if you click on that it pops up a little panel which shows you currently its its kept up to date pretty well like everyone who works on the game and like what their occupation is so theyll be like sections like UI programmers list of programmers and then so on like rigging so if people are interested they can look Id say if I have to guess maybe 80 people um I I dont know if thats slightly over slightly less people can look at the in-game credits which is usually up to date pretty well Im on the program team as mentioned theres only seven programmers currently working on the game uh which if you think about it for how how large of a game paladins is thats not thats still not very many were trying our best to make new characters uh you know any UI changes see uh like The Siege Beyond changes like anything that requires programming work theres always seven of us so we can only fixing bugs theres always so much we can do because we are limited in you know how many how many people we have compared to other gaming Studios right that have programming teams you know magnitudes bigger than ours its like oh they might have 50 programmers its like well thats great they can do stuff we have to be very intentional about what everybodys working on thank you for your time feisty for the interview I will stop the recording in one Id like to uh ask you a very simple question sum up paladins in four words oh man four words hey paladins fun shooter strategy characters yeah fun shooter strategy characters all right well second question uh what is your job or was your job at Iris Studios and how long have you worked on the game itself on the project and uh how did you like the occupation okay what did I do at high res I was a gameplay programmer I was lead programmer for a very short time a couple of months I was a senior gameplay programmer for probably the majority of the time that I would say working games now now Ive got a long history of making games you know can I just say I love the uh the cap with the alligator on it uh the Gators Florida Gators uh yeah thats my college football team Im a hat person finally I get a bunch of hats um this one had some controversy recent Paladin strike beanie nice I didnt even know they had that Purge tank so during the various times paladins has had um backlash for certain game changes from the essence update right to ob64 like I remember all of it I played ever since the open Beta myself um uh all the bug complaints as a Dev uh seeing all that and Im sure youve gone through times where that has happened how do you deal with it or how did you deal with it and uh how does that even for you on the receiving end I fell in love with the game of paladins immediately right um like immediately from the first night I sat down level one playing against bots uh we murdered these guys oh theres robots theres the same names again okay well that makes more sense how long do I have to play blocks blah blah blah blah it doesnt matter the team that works on paladins I love I love those guys Im going up to Atlanta over the July 4th weekend Im gonna hang out with some of them like I love that those guys uh theres people theres I love that team so the criticisms on paladins hurt me differently um the other franchise Ive spent most of my time working on is Madden and that one is highly criticized Im not unfamiliar with both sides weirdly right Im the harshest critic of Star Wars that there could possibly be seeing something I love and and the bad decisions that are made for it like they hurt all Im trying to say is that I understand both parts of the fandom and the criticism there as a game developer you cant worry about the criticism that you hear now that if you only react youre just gonna make bad decisions youre youre thinking too short term you have a more holistic view I mean they didnt take my advice either what do you want me to say all right speaking about the topics of bugs and stuff like that and the technical side of the game what was working on paladins like for you in general and your colleagues whats the code like more or less thats uh an interesting part of it because a lot of people seem to speculate that the code is terrible but but is it like thats the question more or less there and is it easy to work with uh compared to maybe some other projects youve had in your past or even in present day finally everything they say about a true and not true at the same time you know its awful to work on sure the reason that its awful to work on is because its so fluid and will let you do whatever you want and theres lots of people have done whatever they want over the years uh left behind right there is no perfect game engine if there was everyone would use them and there wouldnt be a bunch out there you know yeah Id say an inconsistent development team is the largest problem paladins has had right theyve been like four or five different eras back when we were in the office they had a wall of name plates right you know you go you work there you put your name plate on your Cube they had a wall of name plates like a graveyard of people that had worked on the team it was horrifying what is your honest opinion about the future of paladins as a game and will it Thrive stagnate or possibly grow larger I think paladins is what it is at this point its plenty fun but um I dont think its gonna grow its not going to explode right its not like theyre theyre not looking at a new engine upgrade theyre not looking at Major overhauls or improvements right no paladins okay Im like past the time of my non-disclosure agreement we were working on paladins too and it got uh it like not really paladins too in Maine but we were gonna make a spin-off of the Roku Rogue company code base that was going to be paladins too and it got canceled and thats when a bunch of people watched um that team we thought that would be a great idea and we were really excited to work on that once that was no longer an option the number of people left and I included in that number yeah a lot of speculation was made about that Im not sure if its the one that if they still have another one that theyre working on but from high-res Studios they could hey they could at any point heres what I can tell you its that the people that are still working on that game this game the game we love that is paladins I mean thats part of the question you didnt ask it though I still love this game I think its super fun I love playing it uh whatever call me a fanboy whatever you know Im working on a game my Fanboy for again now on the college football game but when I left paladins I didnt think Id ever be working on a game that I Fanboy for again like Im a fanboy for this game and the people who work on it they Fanboys for it so I suspect they I mean when I left they were still asking hey let us work on a new game its gonna be like this one but different um I mean if they make a paladins too I dont think its going to have great willow is not going to be in the game oh no right right dredge is not going to be in the game like um Were not gonna have one-to-one Recreations of these characters right its not going to be Street Fighter to where you know certain characters get carried forward thats thats not going to be what happens you know whats gonna happen is theyre going to carry the idea forward the 5v5 capture and objective when its important Sienna the team of paladins is very small so you have to wear a lot of hats doing a character involves at high res is so big it would be itd be like 12 peoples job at another company and three people need to do it at high-res it takes a lot of people to make a game especially a game of this scale yeah but as far as Studios go so the defense or the claim that I saw around a lot um especially when people wanted to like deflect any criticism with paladins there there is that side of the user base or was at least back then they would say that oh its the high-res studios theyre theyre small Studio its a small Studio its it really isnt it really isnt a small studio if you actually look into the numbers and the amount of workers that uh go through high-res its its not its just not its not Id call that a systemic problem with high-res but I whatever I have no problem telling you this I told them this like the first day I walked in their building I was like your Dev team is the same size as the Madden Dev team like you are not a small Studio youre basically a triple a studio you just dont think you guys are so that leads to you making decisions that make sure that you know whichever I was Iris has that problem and the last question actually weve already arrived to it what would you like to say to the players of the game uh in general that are still playing and if you have anything in mind in terms of that Ive got a hot take here which shouldnt be a hot take go for it be less toxic right just say GG next if youre mad say it the same way doesnt matter you say GG go next end of story all right you sure you can say like hahaha you were really good right I mean imagine were on the baseball you see Gigi like hey you hated them do you think they played trash and they won anyways fine GG we we bumped this straight we slap hands GG you say GG go on yeah I mean its not its not a Paladins uh problem its an online gaming problem but you asked so you got my answer I did my answer is cgg play the next game well that was the final question anyways so thank you cool yeah all right thatll be it for the interview awesome well we can rap yeah all right love to see you thanks for taking the time I love to talk to you and talk about paladins I still love this game thank you for taking the time I appreciate it all right bye-bye yeah have a good one all right all right today we got to talk a little bit to the devs this went on for months and I continued to play throughout the period even making some content along the way but at this point I was actually starting to play other games to just keep my mind off of paladins because the atmosphere was rather depressing paladins sunk and deep Into Obscurity seemingly having no future to speak of but then something happened what was left of the paladins community banded together under one flag with one idea and one purpose delete ob64 it was truly inspiring I had never seen such masterpieces in my life everyone chipped in to do their parts dont know how to draw thats fine the less artistic skill the better this game campaign of Fine Art went on for days the battlefield soaked in ink Music official media Outlets caught on to this a while ago we talked about paladins and how it was controversially adding loot boxes to its free-to-play formula the so-called cards Unbound update where you could buy your way to success hasnt exactly been going over well and it sparked perhaps one of my favorite protests Ive ever seen the basic idea is to flood the Paladin subreddit with shitty fan art Ill have links to every post that Im showing in the description but Im right now just looking at this one that youre now looking at sorging with Powell laughs players dissatisfied with the idea that paladins is inching closer to a pay-to-win system have taken to Ms paint or their crayons and just drawn the characters really I do so love an artistic expression of ones dissatisfaction especially an artistic expression where you dont need any artistic talent in fact having none is a plus now Ive never heard of a community doing this before maybe its quite common on Reddit I dont know I normally just stick to me on Echo chamber like every other good Reddit user but Im prepared to fall in romantic love with whoever came up with this form of protest whether or not this will have any effect is debatable especially because high-res like any company likes its money and these sorts of practices are great money makers right now nonetheless Im enjoying the sense of camaraderie and just the quality posting like I said and soon our champions of the realm would get their desired outcome on February 22 2018 patch ob67 hi-res conceded news got dropped today at 12 23 PM February 22nd 2018. mark it down in your pal Odins calendars as one of the biggest moments in Paladins history ob64 is being reverted no more cards Unbound no more cards Unbound whats going on everyone Kami here and weve got good news I havent been able to make a paladins video that I thought to myself this is good news but here I am cars Unbound were no more the paladins community would manage to do something that seemed impossible in gaming history they managed to change a companys mind and in the moment Paladins players rejoiced taking the time to celebrate at least one Victory I even bought a new hat with that the darkest chapter in Paladins history was over whats going on not everybody how you doing hello Im high-res Juju Im here with the one and only hi-res Chris yeah Ive seen the memes that have been on the on the Reddit so theyre beautiful yeah they are theyre quite beautiful I saw you I saw you hung one up I dont I didnt hang that up someone else did yeah I wonder who did that so uh yeah this is our Dev inside guys sorry we werent able to do it yesterday we had some some developments I guess you could say yeah I mean we there was a system that I guess the community didnt like uh cards Unbound or whatever it was called um I didnt know much about it to be honest sure but um yeah we uh decided to change that up a little bit obviously we had the reason that it was put in was obviously metrics that we wanted to improve like um player engagement new user conversion all the boring like Financial stuff and all the boring like Financial stuff I guess uh we should we should close this out I I know that uh our our friend uh gets mad when we mess up I know I know dude I was like its just sitting in the back of my mind like should we do the outro Im counting on should we do the other dont let us down um I think Ill Ill just kind of cut it sweet and short and Ill just uh see you guys later in the realm foreign Music there were a few controversies before ob64 and after it like almost being sold to China foreign Music yes paladins almost sold out to China and worst of all it was accompanied notorious for ruining games named tencent by beating the law of sabotaging the competition abusing human rights and working with the CCP tencent has risen to the top and shows no signs of stopping because tencent isnt just a company they are a weapon of the Chinese government and now that tencents position at the top has been set in stone the Chinese Communists are now eager to exploit it to the fullest using tencents centralized structure the CCP has massively increased its Global surveillance censorship and control and right now governments around the world are doing everything they can to destroy tencent because tencent is one of the most dangerous companies in the world well I say almost they actually did or well at least they tried because tencent ended up dropping paladins due to their personal reasons some theories say it simply didnt earn enough or there might have been low interest in the game altogether whatever the reason might have been they were ready to commit another atrocity and if we take a look at patch notes it seems they were ready to meet Chinese demands to actually make the game pay to win which 10 cent is again notorious for doing with every game they buy so who knows they might have just realized hey thats just not good for our own personal business or maybe China just ended up dropping them at the end of the day only Paladin CEOs can tell you that rental skins which never made it past BTS for obvious reasons imagine wanting people to rent skins in a game are you joking the cover-up Fury of thighs movements where people on either side were upset over the lack of or existence of leggings on a recent champion in the game but nothing came even close to the controversy ob-64 had caused high-res Studios even went as far as to promise that pay to win content would never enter the game again they promised that they have kept to this day but what was the motivation for ob64 well heres my current theory do keep in mind that this is based off of events prior to ob64 along with Snippets of info that I could restore and evil Mojo official posts Music paladins as a game was suffering financially due to the loss of players from the essence update with this initial failed attempt to monetize paladins a little bit more high-res would be forced to sit down and brainstorm ideas on how to get the revenue flowing again in their defense they would be short on time and could never possibly make a fair system in the first place its still a huge mistake but I see them trying to protect their livelihood a necessary evil if you will now what this says about hi-res is completely up to you but unlike some other stories at the end of it they did end up siding with their Community something that not many companies actually do the added Crystal monetization for voice packs further proves my theory with lead devs themselves talking about the revenue loss during live streams Palvin actually was not monetizing at all it was actually losing money every month um and as a company thats just not something that we can continue to pour resources into so a lot of our changes were because we wanted to save the game so the 200 crystals for a voice pack think of that as thats your little entry fee to keep the game going um so usually were not this you know up front about why we do things but in this example Chris even caught me by surprise I was like oh yeah I know Garretts like what are you talking about dont say that um but no I mean paladins was um going to have to downsize the team um potentially go into a whole different way to monetize um obviously they tried before I got here to do the cards monetization the community hated that now the system might have failed but it did earn them quite a bit of money during the time combined with a future mixer deal paladins was set to live on but what did it cost so how was the transition from cards Unbound handle you may ask well hyrus announced they would be compensating anybody that took part in the Unbound mode with the in-game Skins hooray only turned out to be loot boxes and the oldest ones at that the diamond chest as a new player you would be happy but as a veteran player like me you would have already had all of these skins through supporting your favorite game this compensation was mediocre at best I brushed it off at the time thinking they would just cycling more skins or add newer skins to the chest sadly this wasnt the case and even two years later when they actually added more skins to that chest they were for the most part old skins and for two years I couldnt even open the chest hiris I just want to open the box please besides the compensation barely any media coverage was given to the removal of cars Unbound and a lot of people still think its part of the game that just shows you how much media likes to Hate Everything But when someone does something good media never applauds it because good things are not as story for media they only prey on pain and thats my personal opinion a lack of trust was seen throughout the remaining Community the course surprisingly continued to remain paladins finally stopped dropping Into Obscurity and simply went stagnant which was better I guess and thats when high-res Studios had an innovational idea lets make a battle royale Music you shut up when Im talking to you you shut your mouth with this began the deconstruction of paladins to fit a more battle royale-ish style paladins Battle Royale ah what an exciting time to be a paladins player with high-res Expo already in full swing the crowd at hrx was hyped I was hyped foreign event itself where the community was coming together meeting online friends cosplay contests and even the crown Esports event we all heard rumors of a special project a project that was about to be revealed now weve got one final announcement because theres a very special project our team has been working on this is yet another brand new game mode and it has its roots in one of Paladins older game modes called survival you know when we turned off the survival mode we said we were investigating how we could bring this back even better than before and I think our team ended up putting together something pretty incredible thank you foreign Music foreign s Battleground the first ever hero shooter Battle Royale now in joining these two genres together weve come up with something that we think feels completely new imagine a battle royale game thats designed really from the ground up to be played within teams you have supports struggling to keep their front line alive damaged Champions or letting the bullets fly and flanks are looking for any possible assassination this game mode would have 300 times the size of a normal Siege map this thing is more than 300 times the size of our biggest Siege map today never before seen Mount features next you hop on your Mount and you start exploring and a hundred players in each match but thats not easy with 100 players all fighting to win so look out you Gamers it wouldnt be easy to win not easy at all but most important of all it would be free this new Battlegrounds mode will be completely free for all current and future paladins users take my money now who wants to play this thing you guys are going to be able to go Hands-On with an alpha build of Paladins Battleground all weekend long next door in the expo hall foreign it was originally planned to be a part of paladins replacing one of the existing game modes but due to unexpected technical problems will gravity to some pubg or Paladins Battlegrounds as it is better known so this was shown off at hrx 2018 and I was there to play it and this is actually gameplay thats probably never seen before as this is me playing Groove actually its a church of Grover as we have four clovers on our team were split from the game entirely and renamed realm Royale foreign Music Music Music Music thank you Music Music unfortunately not unlike paladins realm Royale would drastically change before launch but in this case it was a smashing success over a hundred thousand players on Steam alone and this was on day one some calling it The fortnite Killer the Slayer of pubg with popular YouTubers and streamers alike actually picking up the game and enjoying it are you guys fighting one another theyre fighting each other theyre fighting I know lets go push got one dude I had six eliminations ninja your team placed number one dude ladies and gentlemen I am here to explain to you the realm Royal 100K rules after 10 Rounds the team with the most lowest score with I think my Postmates coffees here I gotta go keemstar gnome chicken are you serious dude Im chicken Im taking a chicken Im gonna yeah Music Music scooters they made it all legendary got him dude and last kill oh Music whoo lets go dude lets go dude but wait theres more a minute thats kind of new for hi-res the future for realm Royale looked great could it be an actual hit IRS doesnt really know why their game is or was fun to people theres a reason why it hit 104 000 concurrent players and unfortunately theres also a reason why 80 000 of those concurrents are no longer playing well that didnt end well it had to be some sort of record that player numbers for realm Royale dropped harder than my YouTube analytics and thats saying something apparently in high-res fashion Jairus decided to change everything fun about the game and refused to roll it back when even the most popular streamers that were playing the game started to complain on their social media I understand they never expected to gain so many players at once and may have been overwhelmed but I honestly have no idea why they didnt just change the game as players requested and when they actually got around to doing that and even made the game slightly better everyone had already forgotten bands simply moved on Music best part about it is when youre playing paladins and you want to change up the game mode you dont have to change the game now youre staying the same client and you end up playing Battlegrounds which is awesome yeah Im actually just recently a pro player in pubg fun game I think this game is going to rival out itll be up there on my list for games to stream I would definitely recommend this game if anyones looking to try it because its completely Amazing by the time you probably gotta see this its getting better condition than now so highly recommend it foreign Music this would not be very helpful to the reputation of paladins either even if it was being handled by a different Dev team it was around this time that jairas would announce a split into smaller Studios evil Mojo being the one responsible for paladins as a whole oh my M for short because saying em every single time just feels wrong even though they already knew what was up the player base played along occasionally poking fun at the needless change but then something unexpected happened one of the key figures at hi-res Studios taught Howard the CEO one of the actual CEOs of high-res Studios would be seen leaving a goodbye message on Twitter and even be made a touching video by Eva Mojo Studios wishing him farewell Music well hello viewers Im Todd Harris I was writing games when I was you know 12 whatever and uh the other kids in the block would say you know Im going to play quarterback for the Cowboys and Id be like Im gonna make video games and everyones gonna play them like you dork go back to the chess club Whos Laughing Now yes I was in the chess club Music coincidence I think not hey this was really fun we hope you liked it too its time to go but hey I say well thats okay cause well see you very soon I know however touching this maybe it provided a peek into what was actually happening behind the iris curtain and even revealed the biggest problem of paladins today and thats change of leadership in developers imagine youre a construction worker that was given a project by his boss that was almost complete youve been given rough schematics of the building and with that you set off to Finish the build as you head up the stairs you notice some brooms launched in between them thats strange you think to yourself and decide to pull them out they look ugly of course then you continue going further up on the walls of the second floor you see vents placed randomly along the walls well clearly its not aesthetic so you remove those as well and patch up the holes now at the very top you see a hot air balloon tied to a pole at this stage youre seriously confused about what you even walked into after you deflate the balloon for safety measures you decide to finish up the work required on the building and then proceed to turn on the power everything seems to work at first but suddenly its becoming really hot you go down the stairs to get outside but the stairs crumble beneath you as you get the first step you desperately call management and they connect you to the previous construction crew the ones that actually worked on the project before you they tell you to turn on the vents as the building has a bad airflow and thats where all the heat is coming from now at this point you clearly cant do that as youve removed those vents then they tell you to go down the stairs and be very careful as theyre unstable in the brooms that they set up should hold them together when you let them know that you cant do that either they tell you that a hot air balloon is installed on the roof for just such an occasion an occasion where youre trapped on a second floor so that you may safely escape the impending doom faster foreign paladins has seen more hands than a copy of Twilight at your local library these constant changes of developers create a completely chaotic situation where no one knows what exactly it is theyve done its a confusing process and bugs are just inevitable although not the only reason it does carry some weight as Im writing this the current paladins lead Martini actually stepped down making this point even more relevant so we now have another new lead adenis I I suppose look I dont even know anymore 2019 is gonna be the best year ever now these few past years evil Mojo has made a lot of promises to the player base and they even described what they had planned for 2019 and honestly almost all of it was achieved yeah I know Im just as surprised as you so lets take a look at some of these promises major updates every month well it depends on your definition of an update or major but we do get patch changes every month six new Champions well almost they managed to get four out by the end of 2019 but theyve since definitely increased that flow dumping truckloads of Champions right in our laps six new Champions with our coolest kits yes best designs ever this is absolutely true the design game for paladins has had a huge step up from Atlas to Tiberius they all have something quite unique to bring to the table epic story I dont know I dont know if Id use the word epic but we did get a little bit more lore but its kind of bland its like having instant Ramen without the spice pack sure its still good and edible but so is a bath sponge questions why does Terminus exist foreign Ill put that as an almost I still have way too many questions that theyve simply not answered six new maps plus three Siege now this one they did complete but after that they just stopped making Maps so Id say Its a win-lose situation more Community involvement if you count the AOC thats true but most of the communication is still dumped on the community manager making their job a stressful nightmare high-res could definitely benefit from more Community managers BTS Cycles longer pts Cycles longer pts Cycles longer pts Cycles the length of pts Cycles really doesnt matter since most of the controversial changes still go through anyways as for minor issues like balance changes well yeah they do get addressed and sometimes they dont honestly its a 50 50. fixing bugs despite popular belief they do actually release patch information where you can learn about all the bug fixes theyve done for the patch theres simply way too large a number to fix them all I woke up there are too many of them what are we going to do Music the land Wars yeah that didnt happen clear your accommodations what is that Id buy one cross play this one was achieved and cross-play is now a thing but any feeling of progression was killed off and Ill explain a little bit later finally an end to the burst Meadow Rain day you cant kill the burst meta its not some concept its paladins or so I would want to say but they actually did they completely removed the burst meta and they simply added a double support double tank one hey thats better right nothing ever dies all in all it was really a positive year for paladins well certainly better than the early 64 days yet the problem with guns still remained and a lot of people would start claiming paladins was a dying game although not having much proof besides the steady decline of players now this opinion was widespread and I understand why you see a game slowly losing players you think that hey its dying in reality thats not really how you calculate a dying game to me a dying game means a game where I cannot find a q in less than five minutes but hey to each their own I suppose however paladins did not want to die was not ready to just lose the remaining player base that it had and so they pushed a campaign far and wide to try and regain the Lost players this was done by implementing one of the biggest brain moves in history a never before seen battle pass mechanic wow with the new battle pass also came skin packs just separate packs of skins that you could buy for crystals and more skins even more skin skins everywhere buckets of them furries adults edgy teens even the weaves absolutely everybody was catered to every reference you can think of on the internet was thrown into the mix I mean at some point a game can become so relatable you start to feel a little sick foreign oh man whatever this is but you know what skin will definitely make you be both a better gamer and feel all snug and warm during these cold winter nights thats right raventric festive merch youre looking to support me and the channel in style you can pick up a limited edition custom designed hoodie t-shirt sweater You Name It We got mugs metallic prints and even socks so come on down to raventrix store for both festive and non-festive merch through the link in the description below or somewhere in the pinned comment well the game did not improve but at least you had a cool new Top Hat I can offer to get this hot right here that hat is a piece of personally I was very disappointed when my championship belt didnt actually make me a better player what a rip-off foreign s is a free-to-play game you all know that their only way of earning any profit is by you buying skins or any monetizable feature in the game will be 64 left paladins with half of their usual player base this leaves high-res in a terrible position where they can barely justify maintaining the game at all yes they made a mistake but in order to keep developing paladins they needed to do some heavy monetization the truth is without income developers dont get paid who would have thought and without developers theres no game I personally dont think the Skins are slowing the game development down in really any way and a game as a whole benefits from this monetization what I do disagree with is aggressively shelving monetization down a new players throat even game critics playing paladins for the first time and actually enjoying it have their experiences ruined and soured by this Factor alone I mean they had Jim Sterling make a video on them one of the more notable adopters of the idea is paladins which is all already an avalanche of unlocks and premium purchases that pretty much overwhelms the player when they attempt to see what rewards are out there well the base game is rather good and fun beware all who want to give it some money and find themselves facing a Founders Pack of digital Deluxe pack a Champions pack premium unlocks for skins weapons emotes MVP poses sprays Mountain announcers at least three different types of loot boxes at any given time each containing its own unique stuff that you cant buy directly and 19 other loot boxes currently out of rotation but with their contents presented on each characters customization screen unobtainable just to further confuse the out here this type of aggressive marketing can give new paladins players the impression of oh its just another freemium game losing their interest before even playing a match this can easily be avoided by simply removing a few of the monetization by me tips or even replacing them with I dont know maybe actually good tips for playing the game instead of the garbage ones they have now oh wow Cassie does a lot of damage thank you hi-res very cool maybe use the extra space to put a loadouts option as one of the first things the player sees instead of hiding it in the profile category I mean this is the first thing we are greeted with when we launch paladins Music all right visual marketing is a good way to sell but do we really need even more reminders the game utilizes every monetization tactic Under the Sun and you cant help but feel as if somebodys reaching into that pocket for that sweet sweet green which to be fair Id be willing to give for the increase in quality that theyve recently done at least in the department of skins hello hello uh hi were the paladins art team thats right uh Im Steve Im in character on top of that calling his skin exclusive when it comes back around pretty often just sounds like another scummy way to get people to buy just remove that tag completely you already have one for limited items tone it down a bit let the players wallets breathe but monetization aside out of nowhere just like that came the greatest update Ive ever seen OB 68 Siege of Ascension Peak Music thank you it seems evil mocha Was preparing to have something positive replace the sour disgusting Taste Of Cards and bound from the player base Mouse tastes kind of rusty this update featured new maps a cinematic intro for the said map and environmental elements in the form of fireballs raining down on the battlefield as you fight for your light and the control of Ascension Peak it was based on the games lore and you could either play for the magistrate boo they suck or the Chad resistance that had Buck I was seriously impressed with what Evo Mojo managed to pull off and was excited for future content this was all new for paladins but it was really fun to play I was actually enjoying the game again for the first time in years and then out of nowhere even Mojo RKOs had new progress they made straight into the ground they took a loyal Soldier a veteran who fought for them countless years and suffered through terrible defeats was the butt of every single joke in their cinematics yet didnt complain a champion that was around since the beginning of time he suffered through every single buggy update but no never did he complain thats too bad always looking forward for the future with a shine in his eyes and a happy grin on his chiseled physique the go-to guy for new and veteran players alike a champion the player-based voodoo love make memes Music a staple in the Paladins history and they made him into an e-boy Music you can already guess that not too many players were actually happy with this change you dont just change a champion people love for absolutely no reason aside from you thinking hes not aesthetically pleasing excuse me are you just assuming what people enjoy aesthetically that is a terrible decision by the art team sure there were times when evil Mojo actually made positive visual changes to Champions such as grok or Evie with Gronk for example he went from pudgy Shrek to an absolute unit Music but with Victor they made him worse he didnt even resemble the veteran he once was with all the scars that reminded you of all the hardships that Victor went through now he just looked like he was ready to burst into song like just another generic Disney prince ready to sing a song about his life or I dont know Music you would think this wasnt a big deal but the media actually ran with it and this whole situation just gave them more ammunition to La bat paladins for those sweet sweet clicks the Paladins player base once again divided as Victor gets a visual rework I see what she did there this change to Victor was never reverted and his smiling mug will forever remain in our hearts ob-70 would also introduce a replacement for the VIP system the battle pass I already talked a little bit about this and monetization as a whole but we clearly see its inspired by some other games such as well fortnite this system was actually a far better one to reward active players both free to play ones and actually ones that paid for the battle pass they even generously compensated anyone who bought into the VIP system most notably the diamond chest foreign yeah I know I needed way more of those at this point the poor thing became a scapegoat for all the mistakes that hyrus makes again the compensation was just good for new players existing players pretty much got nothing Applause Music nothing absolutely nothing stop it youre so stupid the new battle pass offered far better rewards for free to play players least compared to the VIP system which just became a grind Fest but that would not be the most important change to come from ob7d no that spot would be reserved for the end of Paladins beta baby thats what Ive been waiting for thats what its all about Music thats right paladins was now a big boy and it was time for its debut but why now it couldnt be related to the Nintendo switch policy of not allowing beta games after 70 beta patches we finally launched paladins then we welcome to New platform to The Realm by launching on Nintendo switch to an incredible reception oh okay so theres a lot of speculation that this drop of the beta tag which basically served as protection for high-res was to allow paladins access to the swish market and it honestly really does seem like it the game on release didnt really change at all well thats not fair one thing did change the company could no longer use the tag oh its just a beta to defend from criticism when they actually made mistakes so how did they announce this major transition to another console you may ask well foreign Music I mean that just speaks for itself I really dont know what to add to that on Nintendos official channel the trailer was received pretty well Alan has had a decently smooth launch and actually ran at 60 FPS which at the time was pretty good well close enough but thats the only real negative eventually this is here where here we go again and just like that paladins gained a larger player base certainly something it needed but you know whats great people communities although I can see why some would disagree Music dont let your kids watch it and even though this was just a business decision evil Mojo achieved just that creating a larger community and even binding them together with the soon-to-be release of cross play a fantastic display of camaraderie finally we would have faster cues oh whats that youre worried about the advantage PC players would have over console players dont worry paladins would get an option to toggle on Cross play oh thats it you could just say no to all those dirty console peasants and game with your Chad PC Brothers if youre that type news join me in PC gaming and Ascend for you are weak and I am mighty oh dear as usual new features would be a little bit buggy so console players and PC players alike had to bond for a little while longer youre going nowhere I got you for three minutes Music Applause yes this problem was looked into but when it was ironed out it served as a fantastic Community boost and we even started to see console players join our Discord Link in the description by the way Shameless plug the paladins devs definitely got a win for this one good job now coming out of beta is an event worthy occasion one thats worthy of a celebration and what better way to celebrate than shooting any Champion that moves slightly faster straight into the kneecaps multiple times through the next several patches evil Mojo would Nerf anything related to Mobility from cards to Champions to even base kits and sometimes fully reworking a champion to the point of unrecognizability its like they had a thing against fun obviously a lot of people complained about this but as usual the complaints were fallen on deaf ears this was mainly done to help the console players actually land their shots but for some reason they did balance changes both for PC and console at the same time so there were no separate changes for PC and console they just had one singular balance chain and that was a huge mistake now with these slight bumps in the road behind them Paladins patch 1.1 released titled the rise of furious another new map another new Champion another new cinematic Music Ally and even a new mechanic bringing a much needed change to the Paladins gameplay which at this point was a stale as a weak old baguette the gameplay was platforming yes a hero shooter platformer FPS game all right Mario its about time you learn how to use a gun guns are cool wow you would Traverse a shattered realm jumping from platform to platform in a desperate attempt to reach the top first meanwhile the abyss would rise below you making the gameplay pretty fast paced and actually exciting once you reach the top you would be put into a death match against the opposing team on top of all of that you could actually earn shards which were exchanged for Cosmetics at the end of the game it was a fantastic system and an actually unique mechanic in the genre I dont actually know many games that have attempted to do such an event of course it was monetized and for anyone willing to pay you could just skip playing altogether straight up buying the few extra skins now at this point I was blown away at the progress paladins was making they were actually heading in the right direction and I couldnt wait for the next update Im was really excited to see what they think of next it took a little bit longer this time around but in patch 1.4 we would get another major change to the already improving Paladins formula with an entirely new game mode called Dragons call Music it felt like was straight out of Rocket League only instead of cars we would be using the Champions that were in the game and instead of kicking a ball it would be more of a capture the flag type game mode now while this was new and fun it was easily abused he spawned match point your team has the key s Music Music thank you and just like that Rover became meta this setback aside evil Mojo was on a roll they were clearly focused on improving the game and would hopefully learn from these experiences along with building on what they already have with the arrival of patch 1.6 we would be facing the Halloween update with spooky scary skeletons these monstrosities would spawn in the middle of a match and have the audacity to focus me this sudden but welcome return of PBE would show just how much evil Mojo learned from the previous PVE experiments these werent just random Champions with a default skin they were more like raid bosses ones that dropped doubloons which you could trade in for various goodies the AI was equipped into skins related to the event and looked pretty cool with such amazing progress I was actually convinced that evil moja was improving the game but then it all stopped they would continue updating game skins and the occasional balance changes but all the cool new mechanics simply vanished this went on for a while and just as we were nearing a point where our thirst for new content was becoming too great to ignore they did it they gave us Music a desert Applause Music Applause Applause patch 2.02 it introduced a new map and an event where you could pick up items for a very surprisingly Bland Buffs if you actually bothered to pick them up Buffs such as a jump a little bit higher cool this sounds so short compared to all their previous events and when you combine it with the fact it took so long to release it just felt like a step back dont get me wrong it was still fun and I guess it was a new map but it felt like more of the same only without everything that made it unique gone were the platforming mechanics cool cinematics and PVE encounters no more would Grover rule Supreme all of it just gone but that wasnt the end of it after patch 2.02 we would stop seeing unique events altogether and sadly evil Mojo themselves said they wont be making any new ones my assumption is its because of lack of resources but why remove the existing ones all that hard work that developers made was simply swept under the rug you could bring them back during holiday seasons or something I dont know just something extra to look forward to overall this leaves a feeling of wasted potential but I guess it was fun while it lasted but while this was all unfolded Kairos was funding something that would turn out to be their bread and butter for a long while to come paladins Esports though we are game Studio you could say that the blood that runs through our veins here at high res is Esports and its time to begin our biggest Esports competition ever over 35 teams from around the world are here but only three will be crowned world champions now I could start the competition and send it to the desk right now but Ive got a special guest here backstage who might be able to do it a little better Music I said are you ready Music day one of the paladins world championship knockout stages here at dreamhack Atlanta high-res Expo and the crowd was out in force for our first semi-final match-up Envy versus the Pittsburgh Knights this one started out as a best of seven quickly became a best of five and then a best of three and then a best of one these two teams were neck and neck trading wins back and forth throughout the entire set and wouldnt you guess it game seven that one goes seven points and the Underdog Story of the Year it continues to Pittsburgh knights in seven games and seven points take the win over Envy our second semi-final of the day ninjas in pajamas versus vertis Pro VP they come into this tournament arguably the hottest team in paladins running the fastest play style but nip they were looking to tap in to some of that split one pacing this one goes six games but right down to the wire in game six both teams through and through trading back and forth nobody able to get really that much momentum but in game six a final Point fight nip theyre able to Edge it out they punch their tickets to the worlds finals thats what we had yesterday two of the closest matches of the season in the paladins world championship Music foreign for this upcoming part lets welcome one of my guests for todays video DJ Farah thank you Raven so where were we ah yes paladins Esports this was the best Paladin set to offer playing at the top of their game the creme de La Creme of our community touch touch touch touch on drugs well then but it truly was entertaining people enjoyed it and the free drops of course oh yeah thats nice unfortunately this happy time would not last either as hiras decided they would stream exclusively on Facebook Live come on guys he had a good thing going well at least they recently moved over to mixer get your skins on mixer oh its music in my ears boys its beginning to look a lot like Christmas bugs are in the air oh come on the mixer deal for as long as it lasts offered an exclusive skin shot where you could only buy stuff for mixer points which you got by you guessed it watching paladins on mixer in case you werent drowning in skins already but hey free skins thats a positive in my book with that the paladins Esports scene continued to thrive until it didnt for whatever reason jairas decided to reduce the main event in total viewers would get three whole sets of pure ungut paladins gameplay wow they also decided that the servers would be EU versus na Only You belong to any other part of the world well thats too bad get a visa and move you filthy casual you did have the option to play from your region but the penguin ticket still the Esports side of paladins was not happy to say the least but budget cuts were already made and business was taken care of apparently at one point console players are trained to compete in one of these events were put up against PC players peasants I bring news yes yes yes yes no no no no no no no no one of these console teams almost made it to the top of the world cup so I see this as an absolute win for them you know aside from the not having an option to face players on an equal ground part well evil Mojo learned from this experience and future events had both options available but as usual paladins would run some more bad luck mixer which funded these sermons in part would decide to no longer invest in balance and so the pros lost their salaries now clearly this was a problem for them and its not surprising that most simply quit but evil Mojo still put up prize pools for a while longer and funded upcoming tournaments in that way which probably resulted in a far more competitive environment during these last few months about z-sports all the previously existing leagues were squished into one mess and professional organizations decided to distance themselves from paladins entirely some going as far as deleting all of the previously uploaded player achievements in turn we saw a lot of talented players leave the scene some still playing the game to this day but just for fun in the end Paladins Esports remained just small but still just as exciting gotta keep the actual Mark Sean there it is oh come on Raquel from Cree from Gerald and he turns the tide of the game slaying creatives Phoenix Mutu and unbelievable its a full team wipe on the side of not a sincere and fnatic might have just won this point nice old Guerra absolute obliteration of not a sincere the world champions do not know what hit them are you kidding me are you kidding me Ive never seen a better through time and space than the one we just witnessed here coming off very early on does not connect with any kills and now but estina with you curse arm looking to follow him able to hit every single shot and that cursed revolver looking for more as hes able to hit on the back end of the road what a flick shot are you kidding me modestina someone put a leash on him hes showing up right when it matters he gets himself two big kills the players still put up with a lot of questionable choices from Evil Mojo such as format changes less games screen time region restrictions and of course salary cuts my respect goes out to those who still bear with it Im also rather surprised that evil Mojo continued to host these events yet it was definitely welcome the organization of their panels might not have been the most professional however they did provide a nice competitive setting but what about present day well Bowden Esports is completely dead with no more prize pools salaries or even tournaments but the community still struggles on they make their own tournaments through Discord service for good old competitive play and even get funded with crystals as price go by evil Mojo so you can still get a taste of this sort of local competitive scene but there definitely isnt any money in it which is Bittersweet you really need the journey that fnatic took to get to this point was incredible was amazing Music foreign Music Music Music but now lets see what an X MVP professional veteran player for paladins Esports has to say about it Simon Simpson Anderson from Sweden Music hey I didnt see you there its me the one and only MVP of 2017 showing around the paladins Pittsburgh Knights gaming crowd come in Music so we got the main lobby of course we got shoes here we have what some people call Magic but honestly I would probably call this room since its mine the depression chamber all around me are familiar pain we got some new stuff we got water pretty good for you so remember drink water its good for you but heres what truly the magic happens where we practice day in day night we got the food making place with king daddy AKA cause cutie can we make our food pretty simple we have some potato and homemade bulgogi bulgogi Im Swedish so Im not gonna try to pronounce that twice VOD review place its a bathroom what are you expect excitement fun its a shower and you brush your teeth and duh cutie room this is probably the biggest room out of Music Providence players around here um thats about it really thats pretty much all we have here in the Pittsburgh Knights house get out of here lets talk get out of here do you want me to have a chem that would be great that would be fantastic I I havent put on my makeup so like I I I I literally just have like thats okay this will work all right since Homer Simpson your name um and sum up paladins in four words four words questionable at best Music thats three Sims thats three questionable at best I mean you need to crush one word do you need a fourth one okay fair enough fair enough you got next question what was your biggest accomplishment in paladins Esports uh what teams did you represent no I remember the top of my head I mean besides the obvious British Pro nip Panda Express nights but like before that its like people not gonna know me for that biggest accomplishment I mean winning MSI getting sick in the worlds with an N A Team you know that that is huge um but patterns are pretty fun um it was interesting it was certainly like you know Rough Around the Edges but with the huge maps how you would uh have more of like a MOBA centered uh hero shooter was a lot more intriguing to me because I came originally from the mobile games like League DOTA originally the uh who was your favorite Champion made the most and also mostly known for Maeve because she had so many like different attacks he could do on her um some a lot more exploited like triple dagger and whatnot that got fixed eventually but um like dagger cancel um desync dagger froze a lot of like texts that might not seem like it matters but it actually does a lot in like serious environments but I would say like I wasnt known for pip and I actually like pip a lot as well but I liked May the most currently Im more of a savannah type of person its been standing for a seven your seven is a very dumb name to halfway Champion yes its incredibly dumb to call it character seven hyrus I like him a lot because of the mobility it reminds me I have Mobility used to be in paladins and how you actually could move around the map uh fourth question right off with uh something positive what do you think are some of the biggest successes that paladins itself had what makes paladins a good game in general well I would say the whole concept of paladins like just the ground base if you dont focus on how the game actually performs and how the game plays if you just dont look at that and you just look at the entire idea of like the item shop how the Champions are made when they work again dont think about like the whole aspect entirely as a whole conceptual idea and execution but thinking more about the general idea of what they were trying to do with the game and I think the ideas behind patterns is by far the best concept of all the hero Shooters to date still probably would make the best here shooter if somebody decides just copy basically everything that paladins try to do attempted to do but selling off the game barely works half of the times which has been the main problem of people mainly getting interested into it and actually sitting around and actually to play it but the idea of the item shop are most characters performs and how they play a um they feel smoother when than in reality they are because the character designs for most characters are generally interesting Evie Maeve most of the flankers and Roxas you know its being so pretty like lame in comparison to like Evie May hes still fun because he has actually like multiple options to himself because of the loadouts Lotus is an amazing concept that basically made it stand up even more I I would say like the maps is depressing in all honesty most of the maps are depressing but the maps are good lets say like certain beat seven beats is pretty interesting to play I would say right Marsh is just a pretty fair map I would say pretty bad map is bizarre because playing competitively and sorry was in one sided map in drafts and still is extremely one-sided in drafts what would she have wanted paladins to have done differently uh it just needs a different company they have the best game on their hands but the game is an absolute mess the game barely works I know why most people know why because the coding is an absolute mess I wish they just made a second paladins just called Palace too just do the order of our special dont do any changes just clean up the code and just make sure that you can do major changes that is necessary like falling for the map you know Im kind of tired of playing Talus and falling through the map its not fun all right next question how did you feel about paladins Esports being dropped so fast in some teams even deleting the official teams channels yes one of the depth was because there was a lot of promises they did not receive but you could also make the same argument that yes they didnt get a lot of things that hires promise at the same time the organization didnt prom they promised to do things for the players and a lot of the times they didnt do it for the players basically think about every organization that let the players live in a hotel they were the worst basically what probably the worst or they pay it enough to justify it but there was never ever going to be like enough to justify people to live in a hotel and also have land when theres not confirmed housing and then you have to show up to land to essentially compete and that was a weekly thing or every other week type of thing European players were supposed not the majority I think at the time which is funny to say makes sense in the situation that we were put into it was just an awful time I was lucky enough to have a living condition that being with knights and having a house like why would you make it a land why would you force land when you dont have housing for the players man and then you also dont have like a reasonable salary for maybe like for American players like getting breaching quotation on my contracts but this is also again this has been leaked so many times basically you cant get paid under 1K but its like 1K dollars who lives over that not everybody got paid that amount obviously I dont know the like exact amounts I have a general constant on a deal would have been told about but we dont need to go into that yeah I can just tell you right now is that I earn more from having part-time jobs that I didnt work at them playing Esports my entire life the core argument is that if I earn more from not working basically Im getting paid basically minimum like very very minimum and thats still higher than what I get from playing paladins and I spend more hours trying to just get good at paladins in comparison to getting good at my part-time job its its very yonics but I was supposed to get a payment from one tournament for multiple years it was like two three years and uh I never got that payment I didnt really completely complain about it it was just a thing that I honestly forgot about but it wasnt like you know in the category of like 2K 40K it was like 900 something dollars I think which is still a lot like 900 is 900 and I earned that set amount of money that I was supposed to get which I never received still havent received but I I wouldnt make that a big deal I could care less about it but um I dont think so personally speaking I never really had a big problem with getting paid from the organizations um when it came to high risk paying from tournament money that was guaranteed like it was just hire us like higher this is the problem of that all the time like it took me most of the times like I finished my MSI took me like three four months to get it uh I forgot what it was called but its a certain program that all these organizations are in which is supposed to like help out like Esports um seats and games basically its like a boot kick you could say without me going to what those promises were I think a lot of it you know you can just figure it out about yourself what that could be um and a lot of it just couldnt follow through um you could correlate that to also why Nabi deleted a YouTube channel for paladins you can correlate that into wide organizations didnt didnt seem to care at all about the players because of that how it felt sometimes for people the episode Ive said it put in the video if you like I I dont care but I have some beef with some of the admins and for paladins like the way they handle tournaments oh my God it felt like he made life very difficult to trying to like read anybody and try to get contacts with some some other people werent as bad um the biggest problem in that area for me was that the best way for you to get into people of importance the people that will try to make a change was not the people that we got told to reach you went to the Caster so you went to the boxes people remember him you went to like pretty hair rain day you know thats great that you can reach the casters to get changes its just a problem of why do we have to reach the casters to get changes I know there are two different separate essential companies like skill shot is skill shot and hires desires it just felt weird that we got told to talk with these people we couldnt talk with them we couldnt talk with the people of quotation mark importance the people that would make changes it doesnt matter if I know why I think its because you basically made every European player have to like quit their job education even the people from America Brazil like Oceania like those people that had a life prior to going to land they had to like Drop it that to me is so when the entire scene was against it I dont think there was a single person that was like yeah man lets go baby Ill say thats what Ive been waiting for like oh what do you think about people that to this day still make paladins tournaments in the community itself and even some former pro players that used to play for all these organizations uh take part in them for like non-monetary gain just in-game crystals do you think that highlights their love for the game and actual potential for the game to thrive in a different setting yeah I think a lot of people that did play the game somewhat seriously didnt originally play it well we didnt because um then that attitude had to change when you know money got on the line and you had to take the game a little bit more seriously but I think it may or the people you just want to play it for fun they also just dont have another game to play but also just maybe also use light Palance so much I really love Palance when I think about it its weird for me to say that but when I think about the concept and ideas again going to that whole topic I really like Palace I just hate playing it because the game barely works I think a lot of people go through this in the light mouth the game stuff that just adds up bouncing game bugs Im kind of a big deal you know yes yes I have all these jerseys the floor is so dirty I didnt even notice that whatever hes never gonna be in the videos actually I have one but I never actually wore this on lamb oh Thats a classic this this one is actually my favorite as well which is funny because this one is actually very nice to wear I would say Penta was also pretty clean um I accidentally ordered or asked for a smaller one I was fatter than I actually thought I was yeah the black and red together its awesome were coming to our at least favorite one oh no this is my this is my this is like f tier like Fleet here um because this has a history behind it if nobody knows about it but this is the birdish pro if you notice that its the name right there what is wrong with that name Raven trick I might have two ls yeah so what if I told you that they have three of these the made free of these to me right very nice of them but all of them have two Ls so I was just known as for the lamb fantastic so its super cluster it just has a bunch of things on it I would rate it a g tier theyre paying a g-tier for g2a ah I see I see what you did there so well theyre paying you a whole night well theyre not paying you but theyre paying you the whole nine hundred dollars they gotta you know sponsor you up earn that money back yeah very appropriate me the most Im not gonna go into the exact amounts but they pay me the most out of all the organizations so that was nice Valerian people got pretty low salaries even though people made like a big deal of it its just the names so lets say if youre a big streamer they got paid but that was more due to them being baby streamers but like the the players like the people that are just good but didnt have like you know um 20K viewers you know it kind of sucks they got paid paladins jumps but that makes sense they cut they gotta prove themselves before like some essentially getting paid more than somebody that can bring attention through other ways if you lose threatening to oh that doesnt matter if youre the one performing because youre probably playing for an organization that youre gonna drop from anyways so youre more about proving yourself so the MVP it means a lot actually but if if youre the MVP of the match youre probably gonna get a raise or some other team is gonna try to like buy you to put on tier two or something like that obviously I would say the worst idea is to play for a team with that mindset because you rather just prove yourself in pubs because proving yourself in a team before joining another one what normally happens is that youre enormous that you have shield from your other team is horrendous so youre kind of getting invaded by your own teammates with the knowledge that theyre like perceiving to you and then you use that muscle memory in the other team that is actually really good and then they try to teach you how to undo that which takes like maybe a month to free depending on the player can even take years if youre just really bad at undoing um past mistakes like that because youre sensitive developing different basic fundamental of the game and compared to how you would normally receive it anyways the more you know it seems really when it comes to Esports heres my MVP trophy you know on top of that you know the most valuable balanced Premier League finalist 2017 you know Im kind of a big deal thats great I love it looks fantastic all right and last question uh before we go what would you like to say to the paladins community still playing the game youre all crazy is that it yeah all right Fair thank you thank you yall crazy much toe playing paladins you know let me let me tell you let me just tell you like you have so much in mind theres so much meaning and yet youre still playing Palace probably even a cheater you know like Im not here to judge why are you cheating huh I mean like if youre losing you just want to climb I I cant blame you but boy paladins bro like the games to keep cheating powders whats wrong with you all right thank you Sims thank you all right thats all the questions we have uh thank you for your time and uh yeah well see you around probably if you still play the game Im not sure bear line barely okay thats a fair answer thats a fair answer all right thanks thats it Sims thats uh that was all the questions Im stopping the recording with the game finally smoothing out and a small bump in the player base evil Mojo decided it was time for another innovational update why not take the level system that was meticulously crafted and enjoyed by the entire player Base Sports reward concept of reaching the max level and let players get this bypass grinding altogether via a fast stack of gold baby that way 500 levels later itll be worth billions billions oh I like money it was a bad idea this defeated the whole purpose of leveling up a champion and gave players another reason to be toxic as level boosted became one of the most frequent insults I still dont know why they never rolled back the change giving back the gold and restoring the levels back to their original form I understand it was to give players a gold sink but something like that should feel rewarding have a purpose you could have made some unique skins only obtainable for large amounts of gold some new titles I dont know theres so many any other options and possibilities unique purchasable avatars maybe even stickers what we got was a last second decision to turn all the gold we had into nothing now this is a trend youll notice throughout the entire remaining history of ballads they will have good ideas to improve the game but completely fail on execution I believe this is a primary lack of communication between the studio and their player base a problem evil Mojo would soon address AOC is the Assembly of Champions and they are Paladins player Council basically we are developing the game directly with player elected representatives the Assembly of Champions evil Mojos first major attempt at improving Communications between player base and deaths using the information they gain to improve the overall game these Brave Champions would be chosen by you yes you the people for a classified Mission they would receive access to various forms of communication directly with evil Mojo alongside with some goodies of course you forgot that I got you the perfect gift the Krabby Patty formula but above all they would be allowed to travel into the deepest darkest most abandoned places in all of Jairus game testing pretty much doing what evil Mojo was supposed to do only for free now Ill be honest with you this was a great idea and it could have been huge but they forgot to check the names and descriptions of half of the users the users who submitted their application to be AOC along with their reasons for doing so in turn allowing for some unique contestants to make it past the screening stage and go straight to the polls for the people to vote and then scroll down I clicked the first guy and read it how long have you played paladins one biography playing game and there are several people that either are knowingly taking the legit cannot communicate properly following categories of individuals will not be eligible for these positions current or former employees of high-risk Studios why is Pixie Kitty in the Runnings this is so amateur 8th grade school council president elections go smoother than this and look better you ask comedic as that sounds this really gave players a reason to worry if evil Mojo was taking this whole thing seriously for fortunately enough they were able to pull it all back and form the first ever AOC Council poor Paul never stood a chance this is only day one and Im blown away and Ill probably be blown away for the next couple days so happy to be here with all the Davis there as I said they are so kind so we had our player councils in town for three days they met with devs across the teams they met with tech they met with art they met with Brent it feels really good to know that we are making changes and we are trying to get things through that help the community talking about players concerns what they think about the game how can help improve the game everything gets heard obviously not everything can be done some things are out of scope but they take a lot of what we say and actually do put it into the game assembly had to say it was stuff that we would have never thought of specifically as devs but they were able to bring that feedback from their uh communities sometimes people say oh I dont know how to speak English I dont know how to speak Spanish so having different people from different nationalities in the AUC working together to get something through is really cool thanks to high risk to give us this big opportunity Ive had plenty of people tell me that the updates have gotten better since like the AOC came in and were definitely going to keep that up the 2019 AOC Council actually did a pretty good job and took part in additional changes such as balance Champion kit and even some cards sadly this wouldnt last and evil Mojo would go back to implementing changes against the suggestions of their player base and their AOC for that matter they would also run into some problems when an AOC delegate from the Xbox community and you can already see where this was going who somehow passed the screening turned out to be a less favorable individual for the job how could this happen however to their benefit they did actually remove the guy from AOC and they did it in a pretty timely manner the AOC system remains to this a day and I personally found it quite useful in the past few years however we do see that it has become less effective as time went on yet its better than nothing and they still definitely influence several changes in the game but now lets travel back in time Music Music school bags stand behind me is that food in your beer paladins closed beta beta at first glance this might seem like the paladins you love and know today but once you get deeper into the gameplay you start to realize this is a completely difficult we have now this was a time most veteran players will actually say they enjoyed enjoyed it more than what we have now you see paladins was never meant to be a straight up hero shooter back in closed beta it actually had depth launching on November 17 2015 this version of paladins would have huge Maps a payload that would spawn at one of the three locations the engine itself was destroyable making that the main objective after the enemy team spawns in this big boy you were supposed to stop it from destroying your Gates and entering your base but get this The Siege engine would actually push itself no more spawn camping until the timer ran out no more teammates throwing down their allergic to point notes they got from their local school nurse no you could battle all over the map without having to babysit little Timmy for the entire match the card system at the time was a little bit different from the evolutions we have now but still worked in a similar manner Music at one point they even tried to introduce the beacon from tribes Ascend another one of their IPs as the player spawn point which you could actually destroy these minor changes aside the beta was drastically shaken up with an addition of a mobile Champion that champion was none other than Evie the frost Queen herself Music the champion was bugged beyond belief but being a close beta this was well expected and acceptable high-res was also starting to do patch previews and giving more insight to the player base as to where the game would go along with some minor spoilers and paladins youll have a lot of different options for customizing your character and applying cosmetics in different areas the first and probably the most obvious is going to be your first person experience when youre holding your weapon so youll have different weapon skins available for customizing the visual of your weapon and also your hands anything that you see in first person these previews were well put together and very informative overall but somewhere along the way these previews would become a hectic mess King whats on the docket wheres the scroll do we have this girl peasants peasants wheres the scroll my Barbarian thing is falling peasants where is my squire do it from memory from memory hold on let me use my scepter oh I see a load a giant Lord have you seen the Lord is strong in that realm its a lot there are things in the Lord you push it you push the payload believe me this was entertaining to watch but was also a clear warning sign for everyone trying to take the game seriously I just thought it was Art its art back in 2015 paladins actually started out as a passion project we just wanted to make an awesome competitive game and now 25 million people later we just cant believe what paladins is running we wanted to make a good game man we want to make something that was fun something that was new appealed to a large group of people so the initial goals of paladins was to create a really fun first person hero shooter that had kind of a more Whimsical feel to it and there are a lot of different ideas we wanted to mesh together the cards the mounts plus the first person shooter combat and the objective-based gameplay it kind of felt like the wild west there was a little bit of a different goal I think every day overarching I think they were just trying to find the fun even today its in the top 20 almost every day and were continually just blown away by the supporter Community gives us it was a concept in a Project based around I think a lot of good people with a great idea and and I always trusted the fact that there are a lot of good people here at highrise so I feel confident foreign Music we get hit with a major change to The Siege mode with the gates being removed and our big boy being replaced by a cart but this was just the start once patch 30 came around the map sizes were already being reduced to fit a more classic Siege mode one that was found in another popular game coincidentally being launched around the same time you guessed it OverWatch so imagine this you have a unique IP with a promising future but suddenly seemingly out of nowhere you decide to completely rework the entire game and Patch it into Oblivion making it like something else thats similar on the market why Music obviously people started to complain and say that the game was copying OverWatch and that started up the whole rivalry between OverWatch and paladins players in my eyes this negative press actually did benefit paladins in the long run because when people tried the game they realized it was better than OverWatch in a lot of areas still not OverWatch but it was a different game I believe thats what brought the majority of the OverWatch player base to know that paladins even existed and most of them actually checked it out the devs have since posted many rants on Reddit in official forums about why they cant be compared to OverWatch but that remains only something you can decide for yourself along with these major changes hiras also reworked a few Champions and once again changed the card system this time turning the burn cards into items bundled with a new credit system one that remains to this day all of this completed paladins would proceed into open Beta players still trying to realize what just happened were flooded with new hungry users users who just wanted to add another free game to their list the old paladins was no more butchered and cast aside to remain in just a distant memory a Campfire story told only by those who witnessed it a story about the good old days and the games gone make sure you guys buy lots of skins in the battle pass but on a serious note hope you enjoyed this YouTube video and uh make sure you actually like And subscribe and one that many will never experience so here we are its been quite a journey a Bizarre Adventure if you will what are we to take from this whole story well the first and obvious thing is that evil Mojo makes mistakes yes shocking I know headlines human developers make mistakes you have a pts use it making pts into an actual testing ground for changes should be high on that priority list use it to engage with players bring back in-game surveys those would actually be great suggestions but all of this could have been avoided if you just listen to your player base and if you never pass such changes through the gates of pts so Ive seen a lot of people say extreme things regarding evil moja or high-res as a company and even though I agree that such Behavior doesnt help the situation its probably not the best decision to engage these people as a developer of the game and instead of arguing on Twitter with players which yes theyve done many times give your attention to the players who care those who actually want the game fixed and improved those who provide constructive criticism those who play your game and love it those who spend money and keep your game afloat or those who act as a number that allows you to get lucrative contracts and keep your company going because yes theyve made a lot of these contracts such as for epic games and the main reason why our servers suck you also have to accept that a lot of people are talking out of frustration and I guess they have every right to express their opinion even if you dont agree with it on the other hand games these days sometimes forget how lucky they are to have that online connection see player feedback before games would just flop in sales and the devs would not know what went wrong they would be left scratching their heads but you can use this to your advantage make better games improve the ones you already have engage more with your community and make wonderful projects for years to come to be fair evil Mojo hasnt done the worst job of them with previous years seeing the rise of AOC C and multiple posts made by evil Mojo explaining what they want for the actual future title paladins champions of the realm is still not a dead game and that is thanks to high-res Studios but its also thanks to the people who actually play the game but still its not enough because when mistakes happen evil Mojo is more or less silent and Silent up until it reaches live see Jairus Studios paladins team used to be this good friend youd see playing their own game they would stream on Twitch and YouTube being a part of their own Community they had friendly faces people you could actually see watch playing the game converse with talk to you actually saw the people behind the game rain day pretty hair you can just name all of them my name is Randy Paladins team of making changes that you wouldnt believe hey Queen Music foreign Music Music But as time inevitably leaves our frail grasp so did they a lot of those OG memorable faces either quit high-res Studios or moved on to higher posts so many in fact that I barely recognize the current team as a veteran player does that make the current team bad of course not we barely get to see any of them so its understandable if players will just feel unheard for a lack of a better word see I personally enjoy the behind the scenes type of videos that they used to do I really appreciate that type of stuff give me more and theres also the stigma in the paladins community that whatever high-res Studios does will just simply die and theyll move on to the next big thing sure a company needs to make money that tends to be the case and Trends are where its at but rarely does a game chasing a popular Trend get big and even if they do its usually because they add something unique something new to the genre paladins has that it has all the potential to be a great game not that its a bad game right now just please dont let that stigma become a reality you have a great IP here dont just throw it away and you might ask well Raven why not Smite I I dont like smite you have a vibrant driving Community to this day making content art cosplay that love this game and Im sure they would actually want to see it improve reach its full potential whatever that may be the hunt where players could actually submit the bugs they found and later see if they were patched was a great idea yes more of that please same things people had problems with actually fixed it definitely boosted your fans Morale on the bright side the game has been seeing tons of new content beautiful new maps well for the most part overall improvements in Champion creation I mean look at this you told us the seal had evil at Bay we felt prey to a different kind of evil and so I choose a stronger path take myself I am coming for you God crew and your rounds peace no matter what game you played I will sweep the part of your songs go ahead warn them I will not be the darkness will engulf this world yeah and I will be apparel now compared to what we got before yeah the devs are still visibly fighting bugs even if it is a slow process and the community actually started to stabilize as for the current staff of evil Mojo theyre all interesting individuals in their own right with charismatic personalities when they are not announcing ob-64 Martini even followed me on Twitter for a little while and hasnt responded to me ever since I wonder why but seriously they clearly understand an even welcome lighthearted humor I appreciate that its nice knowing that the devs actually look into their own community and thats the goal of this video to not only entertain but also provide evil Mojo with player perspective now you might disagree with me on various topics that I brought up and Ill gladly listen to your opinions in the comments below so definitely dont forget to leave that but what about the lore truly a diverse range of Champions has a beautiful touching backstory well maybe whereas the previous high-risk paladins team outright didnt care to add any official lore besides bad guys good guys fight the evil Mojo is actually trying the world cool little cinematics the Champions mainly the new ones and only the new ones that actually create a real narrative you get a feel for the situation how the resistance desperately claws at the magistrate but then you just have huge plot holes with Champions asking who are you Im kind of torn on the topic some of you may say who cares about the Lauren paladins its an FPS game well I do Im really looking forward to actually better Lord and more lore for all the Champions involved the buck being the first one of course however we can clearly see that Jairus still cares for the game with awesome cinematic trailers that hype up the users which just keep getting better and better if you dont count the FPS loss what about the old dusty maps from the high-res age the current Dev team has also reworked old Maps claiming they were made better this ended up breaking many of the maps giving the ability to see through walls get stuck in some of said walls and even sit in places you should not be able to most of this isnt fixed to this day but the worst part of it all is the fact that they just added a color corrector and in reality it was a removal of all the things that Maps feel more alive have an actual identity it wasnt an upgrade we were lied to it was a downgrade to prevent server chaos now let this clip just show you why Music Music foreign Music s men cried just now and its okay I did too paladins has a unique sweet spot where OverWatch fans TF2 fans MOBA game fans or just first person shooter fans can find something they enjoy the games mechanics give a new Breath of Life to a otherwise repetitive genre its just fun a free game whose devs strive to upgrade the visuals instead of dumbing them down like some other titles do sure it has a lot of issues but from what Ive seen the developers are actually trying even if sometimes it doesnt seem like it thank you so whats left to be fixed invisible walls and even map design collipping in walls although the new reworks actually seem to be getting much better no not you sometimes the reworks still fall flat and it begs the question of why the map was reworked at all the AI is still pretty bad there is no surrender option when youre being spawn camped With the Enemy team dragging out the match some skins have silent sounds making them sort of pay to win and have an advantage sound bugs which were not fixed for several months all this being a result of skins being pushed out way too fast compared to the bug fixes although evil Mojo promises that there will be patches solely focused on fixing bugs the emotes are lacking to say the least ranked is pointless when the queue is longer than your average match sucks Music sure we got a few rewards like the uh borders but its clearly just not enough getting any rank you want is exploitable by just having time zones and servers making this all even more pointless because you can just hop over to a different region when the region is asleep and face off against new players even if your GM the matchmaking is just dead balance even if better needs a lot of work like I see people facing as Grand Master 5 Stacks level 20 players its ridiculous can we just take a moment to talk about how toxic the Paladins High ELO ranked Community is now Im not saying everybody is but a big part of it they pretend to want new players to join the game yet whenever my waifu Amelia Watson thats for you Chad I said the word you owe me a like and a subscribe pretty cool YouTuber she decides to play the game and has an entire Discord coordinate ranked stream sniping lets go hi they call them like sponges I see yeah Paladins High ELO Grand Masters decided to stream sniper on stream to get a little bit of clout that I guess and they did not go easy whatsoever now the problem is Paladins matchmaking is broken and they did it with Smurfs so on to a large audience they gave an example of how your experience in paladins would be terrible a new player playing against Grand Master Smurfs in the case of defran or any other Pro Player they actually stood a chance even if it was still quite unfair we got a game though what did they Bend they banned Koga Music but hell use a system thats very unstable for what a drop of clout its its just disappointing map clipping continues to be a prominent problem personally Im tired of hitting my head on the Skybox and the entire matchmaking system what matchmaking System point is you have a lot of work ahead of you and were all eager to see what you turn paladins into but what really makes the game stick is its Community why did I stop playing well uh its not you paladins its me Im uh Im seeing someone else and very soon theyre gonna have a two next to their name so thats exciting I know its its life life got in the way I am writing new music Ive been writing in general okay so our first discovered ends back in 2016 when it was first announced Id been playing Iris games for quite a long time before that I was super into Smite and super involved in that community and it was actually a good friend of mine Spencer or as you guys probably know in Frost fangs who got me my first um access code I think it was either closed out for a closed beta at that point and we played our first few games together yo whats up Raven long time to speak dude super long time to speak I really want to be part of your community and I think this is really nice of you to to start this project because I dont think any other content creator or anybody try to do anything similar as the thing youre doing so thank you again thank you very much do whatever you want I trust your editing skills so its not a big deal actually I didnt discover balance myself uh it was my girlfriend at that time my future wife shes my wife for now she was playing Smite and we played Smite a little bit together but I didnt have time and I didnt really enjoy the palette the Smite that much sorry um so she got the batting better key invites for the for the palace it was super super early stage of the game it was like something like Kobe 20 maybe 30 something and it was May of 2016. so thats the time my Discover paladins got the keys and start playing my first games hey hey its me Jetta Raven Trek asked me to help him out for one of his projects the story of paladins so how did I discover paladins after my Battlefield career I was looking for a new game personally I wanted to play OverWatch but because I couldnt get in the close beta I had to find another game so I found paladins paladins as was hosting a 100K tournament in Sweden but this was back in the days a home that game was insane so I was like yep gonna try this game and see how it goes I really enjoyed playing the game there were like different card levels different legendaries you could outplay your opponent by like out aiming him out positioning him be smarter than your opponents and you will win the game and thats the part what I really enjoy about being about being a paladins player just be smarter have better position advantage and you just win hello my name is Kevin AKA unbelievable television that Im making this video events this version romantic cast I was randomly closing games one day I dont remember where but I just stumbled Rose para then this was around January 2016. I discovered paladins when I was looking for another shooter game to play after dirty bomb started to wear on me I really appreciated the loadout system much more coming from dirty bomb where loadouts were simply pre-cooked combinations of weapons and skills seeing this kind of a system was a game changer for me also drogos is literally a tribes character a game series that I was fond of time I discovered paladins around three years ago in December of 2016 because I was actually looking for a alternative to OverWatch what first got me playing uh was I think it was the fantasy aspect that appealed to me first so the fantasy definitely played in it was also the card system intrigued me I quite liked being able to play a game however I wanted to play that character and there was there was quite insane levels of customization thats what first got me involved the thing that got me playing paladins was the the game itself it was really fun at that time I didnt really play any hero Shooters before that I love this the community it was really small the game was generally development I really like the complexity of the game the the whole idea about loadouts the cards uh different characters uh different roles and the maps maps were completely different from what we see now and the whole concept of the game changed a couple of times I think it was Heroes having abilities like before the before paladins I played Counter-Strike Source I like that paladins was a shooting game but there was also abilities thats probably the thing that got me into it I have played OverWatch before at friends places and this was pretty much sure yep I won that game but then I played paladins I was like yo this is even more fun its slower paced a little bit the gtk is higher you dont die instantly when you do anything you actually can fight back this is awesome and all the customization dude and that was really just the thing that got me playing the customization the pure feeling of I can select my favorite character and even customize them more to my play style the way I want to play them and that just really really reminded me of Team Fortress because its pretty much the same thing with the loadouts there I just think paladins either did it better for me or it was just a fresh take on something that I already liked what do I still like about paladins okay well I mean theres still some great character design its definitely some Champions who theres just theres no equivalent in any other game and thats kind of what draws me back but I I wouldnt you know I wouldnt cross your fingers for uh for me coming back to the palette and seeing anytime soon the thing that I didnt really enjoy about paladins was and what they should really do was listening more to the pro community and pro players giving them feedback and I think if they did that uh the game would go on the completely different direction we know of course in every game you make some characters especially if its hero based game youll sometimes make this overpowered you nerve this you overpower this and stuff like that so it comes everything in Balance but they should really have listened more to the community the pro community of the game and instead of focusing on just just putting out skins for different characters they should really focus on the on the game itself fixing bugs fixing bugs and make it as playable as possible what I think is wrong with the game well the game is many many different flaws like theres books in the game that have been there since the start and has still not been fixed and that is super annoying as well the landly the land League killed the competitive scene what is really sad to see like I thought it was a bad idea big Investments like they need all teams like to invest and they only could have they only could find four teams who actually wanted to invest in it and I was like simply not enough and at six so what you think is wrong with paladins today and what can be changed well the matchmaking ranked is its pretty bad honestly Ive Ive just Ive been playing Badness the last four years and it its kind of a huge part of my life at least when I still played it competitively in tournaments and stuff its just one of those games that just sticks around with you even if you have really frustrating days with it theres a lot of special people in the rank section I played on a team but the thing that I stopped playing with palness was when I meet my Visa my Visa got denied for the Atlanta um I was playing on a team we qualified for the line event and my Visa got denied denied up unfortunately I basically left for people hanging from my team so they gotta find a sub they got uh all the work all the hard work that we playing for That season just completely was completely gone I was thinking about what if this is not the first the what if this is not the last time that I got denied like this what if I dont want I I would never leave for people hanging like that again so I I would just Im just gonna step back and uh see what happens well I have at least 90 minutes of videos showcasing whats wrong but to summarize the matchmaking is an affront to any kind of friendly user experience throwing new players into games with world champions with such certainty itll do it in under a minute skins have paid a win and pay to lose Elements which shouldnt ever be a thing I need saying nothing more about bugs at this point other game modes are simply after Thoughts with no refinement Im just retreading stuff Ive already said what could be changed just make all that not exist well for me personally the main thing that is really just in each of these days is the balance because a lot of characters are simply much more favored while other characters get completely lost in the dark and sadly most of these favorite characters are just completely unfun to play against but then we have stuff like delay or shots not registering oh yeah thats actually pretty much it thats my absolute biggest complaint thanks for asking me for this project and good luck with your future prolex projects later dude its still fun some days but thats it thanks Ive quit the game for good hopefully from about June till early November the month that I got banned I felt stuck with this game with no Escape so I thought that a flashy and sure-fire way to get me out of this hole was to get banned I started changing localization files abusing more glitches and eventually the second reproduction yes the second reproduction to the fourth Talent glitch still sent our way so you can guess what I did with that and it worked Im free now and I have no urge to play this game ever again besides I dont even need my help anymore for anyones like they understand just how shambolic of a development project they were running for like the last two to three years and if they cant save their game now nothing I could do could help them I met a lot of my todays best friends in paladins theres just no other game to compete with paladins right now yes you could say OverWatch but nah yes TF2 is doing better these days but I personally cant get into the game anymore which kind of sucks paladins is simply incredibly unique the way it is made you know with other the loadouts the customization of the characters its not just you have a character and done Im gonna be dead honest if there was another game out there that worked on the same Principle as paladins with customizable character abilities special effects some kind of a thing that makes a character work different and that game would be more polished and would be more like the older paladins with the higher ttk there isnt really a lot which would take me to swap to that game because I think paladins is super unique and its a amazing game and I still would absolutely recommend it for anyone that is looking for a fun first person hero shooter moba-ish first person game but I gotta be honest the game is probably not gonna last if we continue like this you might say Palace is that game you might say Omega LoL Esports but you know something that they cant take away from us Our Hope and glory for a better day they might have taken away our minimum salaries they might have used every word imaginable we might not have a future but you know what we have we have you guys you have me my ego every team every player is still committing and playing paladins we dont need any sports for our game to thrive I know its been a long journey but a history that we wont forget our history is so deep and pain pactful on the whole entire Community The Underdogs our careers is leading desperately done at dark tunnel leading ourselves into a deeper meaning of life the dream is not over the dream is not over until you guys give up you guys have to stay if you guys leave thats it theres no future and do you want to do that theres still a future to be had theres potential never say no just never say goodbye stay in parlance powers best game and I see you around the realm Applause clap clap shot now on to present present day all the changes like the removal will kill Cameron play of the game just because it seems clunky or feels wrong should be done only through asking the community if they want it removed youre making a game primarily for them not for you youve taken ownership and now we control the destiny of paladins were telling the stories we want to tell and releasing the champions We want to release this is about the future a future thats brighter than ever before Futures brighter than ever before and I think thats the problem with a lot of gaming companies but I guess at least you get death cards that flash your opponent messages and yes the one youre seeing is very real I cant really speak about this too much as its only an early concept but I personally dont like most of the ones theyve added and I think there should be an option to just fully turn that off along with all the recent skins that are so far apart from the fantasy aesthetic that paladins used to have and more just sexualized garbage that even good lore would hardly matter due to the pink rainbow farting unicorns writing past aside from that the art has definitely improved in the Skins they make have gotten much much better the game seems to be less buggy overall but sadly there are too many things that I dont agree with in paladins which is okay I suppose we cant like everything also would you please stop auto Banning players theres clearly an model band system in paladins even though they try to deny it and I actually have Insider information that yes there is so many people I know have been banned over and over again to the point where people like unbelievable have gathered close to 10 bands for nothing Music I cant stand it says instead of the cheater hitting fan I get fans because hes smart foreign Im disappointed in you I have several questions and then I hear about game modes finally rotating in the upcoming updates they said it would be the one we were all asking for they actually promised us that what we would vote for would be in the game finally after so long people all voted for payload the majority and then evil Mojo decided to just not at it why do you ask your player base things you dont plan to do thats just so mean Hello Champions and welcome to the payload game mode tutorial in this mode your goal is to attack with or defend against a payload as it moves from one side of the map to the other each payload game will take place on one-way payload Maps one team will start on defense while the other will start on attack once the timer ends or the payload is fully pushed into the defending teams base the round will conclude and both teams will swap sides whichever team gets the cart furthest along the tracks in their allotted time wins the game if both teams push the cart the exact same distance the tiebreaker will go to whichever team managed to do it in the least amount of time thanks so much for watching and well see you in the realm the high-res servers leave far more to be desired but they did say they wont be changing them anytime soon meaning if you experience lag and paladins theres no way to fix it sometimes the game just feels completely unplayable when I jump my jump sometimes just doesnt go off skills just get delayed shots get delayed and it all feels like walking on broken glass I honestly cant name a single game with so many game breaking bugs yes they get picks but it takes months and months for them to get fixed with the last sound bug where you just could not hear the enemy team at times it took them half a year to fix thats too long shouldnt you be giving players compensation for putting up with your game for half a year when its just broken we all just having fun here arent we foreign you cant die nice nice high-res hi Ray welcome to Paladins champions of the realm evil Mojo here were working hard to fix the bugs were working on it like honestly not to sound greedy but theres no apology theres nothing its like you just dont care I guess thats something I would love to see changed but sadly I suppose most of us have gotten used to this and we just accept it as is continuing to play in this abusive relationship that is paladins we leave it but we end up coming back because theres something we still enjoy about the game and then we leave again because were disappointed by the amount of bugs destroying the game completely hey Alvin it happened again Music Im on a horse dude Music I have a plentiful Community a community thats strong enough to bear with you through all of this turmoil stick by your side through thick and thin they still want to believe their favorite game will improve they have been this way for years the response on a game breaking issue was this we cant do anything about it or the answer will be its being worked on were looking at it you need to provide more frequent updates make people see the progress that goes into fixing these bugs now hearing me complain or what I call constructive criticism you might say Raven you probably never even supported paladins to begin with well this is the sum approximately that Ive put into paladins before I was even a content creator because I enjoyed and still enjoy the game given this is after playing the game for five years on and off of course but still playing I always believed it would get better the entire reason Im making this video is that I still hope that it could get better and I want to shed some light on what happened to this seemingly fantastic game and why its in the state that its currently in I dont have anything against evil Mojo or hi-res in general if anything Im disappointed that all of their hard work is simply cast aside by the looming shadow of the games rather Bleak history when I launched the game I see a unique title with endless potential but for various reasons its being held back evil Mojo has some talented staff on their team we have the programmers programmers the game programmers the game programmers the game Im gonna jump right into this program the game programmers so theres at least one so there is still hope for paladins to spread its wings and rise out of the ashes like a majestic for free to play Phoenix okay Im sorry Im sorry maybe one day you will live up to the potential that we personally see in it but thats a story for another day Paladins dying not really in fact its gained a larger following thanks to switch epic games PC cross play Man seems to be doing much better off than it was but if nothing changes it might as well be for nothing because even those new players they can leave bye they can find something else to spend their money and time on thats the free market only real objection that they have is that they dont trust you guys and why should they trust you I mean look at you youre a bunch of sleazy salesmen right so currently theres plenty of people to enjoy the paladins experience with if you wish but there does come a point where people have enough so that could always change as for me I never left paladins Im just sometimes AFK Music hows it going to do it again Music Music how to make you understand Music foreign Music I got some for the heart boys Music man that ladies and gentlemen was the history of paladins do you expect me to say I feel betrayed by a game I made content for do I feel time for those videos made wasted well no Im glad I could entertain as many of you as I could and I met a lot of cool people throughout these five years as for the rest I know its just business even if the games I play or enjoy shut down tomorrow Id still be making content Id find other projects and Id continue to entertain you guys as well or at least attempt to I really hope you enjoyed my video Dear viewer and thank you for dropping by if youd like to see more videos like this leave a like if you want to support me and my content there are a few ways you can become a channel member just watch my content and on that note Id actually like to shout out my channel members Toby magma flux tried I repeat asriel hodgkron and the rest of these lovely people on screen as well as the description below if you want to see any of my social medias or follow me on Twitter there will be plenty of links in the description below as well I put up random stuff there sometimes and if you like a Friendly Gaming Community to join then worry not sellout Raven here and you know whats great people communities and boy do we have one for you we have a public Discord named ravenholm which you can join today for all your gaming or life Buddy needs and as long as you follow the rules you should have a pretty good time a link to that will again be in the description below oh were also hosting a giveaway on our Discord server so thats just another reason to join it the giveaways for Paladins event passes of the current patch if you want those just hop on over Id also like to take this chance to thank everybody involved in making this video I had some interviews so thank you to everybody who actually participated in those I had a guest who read part of my script thats also appreciated just thank you guys and thank you for being so patient with me my dear viewers I know I dont upload too often but were trying to fix that I know some of you might want to know what got me into paladins in the first place curiosity friend recommendations well sure all of those actually played a role in it but back then it was the challenge getting thrown into a match against one of the world champions at the time and I was just a new player it would be in casuals oh over and over again I couldnt escape him I mean even on Smurf accounts I still saw the name Bugsy but it was actually pretty fun just seeing yourself do better and better each time until you finally understood the game The Mechanics the Champions and you finally get that first win against very difficulty and guess I have the bad matchmaking to thank for that so hey it could just be a feature I even became a fan of the guy and shout out to Bugsy one of the paladins ogs and all the paladins content creators out there you guys literally hold up the game paladins does a lot right with the whole concept of loadouts items game depth in general its not too complex but also gives players who care to mess around with it an adventure and an advantage I still play the game myself from time to time but who can blame me for being a little bit burnt out it also brings me back memories of a rough time in my life along with just not having as much free time now so thats always a thing but Im thankful for all the hard work that the devs actually put into the game Im sure theyve provided hours upon hours of enjoyment to many people including myself thats really all I have to say about it if you guys didnt know I now stream on Twitch I have a schedule pinned in my community post along with the schedule of my YouTube videos yes 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support the channel then click on the link in the description to raventrix store today it supports my content and I can actually make more and more quality videos for all of you its my passion and I want to continue it but I do need some help and I appreciate every single one of you that actually helps out and donates and watches my videos it its really I dont know its hard to describe because this is something that Ive genuinely enjoyed making and doing and the fact that you guys actually support it is absolutely mind-blowing to me so thank you for keeping me humble I appreciate it and um yeah I hope you guys enjoyed the video and Ill see you in the next video steam deck estimated delivery Yea, history is cool and all, but to record it, you need some software yourself, and now you can, thanks to todays sponsor, OUTPLAYED!: For Sponsorship related requests: 🦺MERCH SHOP: (SPECIAL DESIGN SALES LIVE!!!) Video Backstory: HAD TO REUPLOAD DO TO MANUAL COPYRIGHT CLAIMS! This project has caused me a great deal of stress and pain, it is truly my Paladins manifesto I was naïve enough to think my old pc could handle this large of a video and on sonny Vegas 13(pro) of all editors. When I hit the 2 hour mark, things went bad fast, with the project crashing every 10 seconds-few mins, memory errors which I was forced to spend nervous hours of research to try and fix, only to have the re surface, wondering if the render would be corrupted or not, crash hours into it and reset everything, or turn making it impossible to finish the video editing in the way Id like to, filling me with the dreadful emotion of it being incomplete, a project that I put off for 3 + years! And kept adding to as every year went by, feeling guilt for everyone involved that sent in their work, and I simply failed to do what I had set out to/promised them. In a way...a very ironic one, this project truly resembles the VERY topic its about - Paladins. Just like this video, it had and has so much promise, but will forever remain just out of reach. I guess its a burden I now understand and share with the very devs of the game. If not in full. But when you think it cant get worse, once Im about to complete the project, it fails to save and DELETES ITS SAVE FILE!!! Failing to launch the auto saves several times, and causing as you would expect - quite the panic. I was able to restore it eventually, and Im just glad I was able to get it out in this form it is. Just like the Paladins devs, I chose the wrong hardware, I was hasty and rushed, I did not plan it out as well as I thought, and it ended falling short of the grand plan I had in mind. Making me settle for what I could produce in the end. And that was not the end of my troubles, the old pc broke down mid render and I was forced to install sony vegas (software I used to use) to recover as much of the lost project as I could, luckily I was able to salvage most of it and bring it over to my new pc but I forgot how truly unique sony vegas is even on good hardware, and by unique, I mean uniquely bad at not crashing. In the end I could not invest more time into a lot of the parts I would have loved to edit more, But...even so, I look with a faded smile into the future, still filled with hope(and a new pc with better editing software now) That the future project, WILL BE FAR BETTER! As for this one, it took a long time to make, lots of effort and pain that could have been avoided, and I feel humbled having tried to take it on. But still happy that I did. Ive learned a lot from it and will keep on improving my own work for all of you to enjoy! With this also being the new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 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