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My singing monsters hacks steamstart steam offline mode PALADINS® foreign here and I just like leaned into my mic and I was like oh Im sorry for that I very much apologize for that were gonna play some Dom today why because I want to play some damba and also somebody was like yo uh should I play crack shot strikes and everyone was like yo comedys videos viewers and comments were just like yeah do it and I was like this videos not out yeah how would you know that but they know it so were gonna go ahead and just go speedy and then go Kronos and then leave this and then when we get up closer we will move ourselves back down like about him Alice made it back thats good we missed were professionals we are so good at the game were so good at the game were healing were healing look at us were healing so we move back down we did we did okay theres your heels buddy oh what a poll I know I think that was a cool poll I dont know I couldnt really see because Im hiding because Im a little healer boy okay okay were gonna just pop a little heel wait hold on a minute youre a v oh I gotta aim uh I think its about time for me to back off yep yep yep so he knows where Im at he might try to jump on me unfortunate he didnt give me an angle I dont know if hes like CC immune nose nose might need to run if this BK tries to push me what uh is my stuff just getting sucked up right now like we cant get on point oh that almost hit him dude did you shoot first going over to the right buddy yep you sure are else we should be going on there we go real Element no no this is not what we were looking for this is not the the droids you are looking for okay yeah that felt like it was the longest Point capture in history like easily I dont even know what happened man Im not having Toronto sucks when you hit your heels or something take that wall foreign grumpy I guess damn we got a good stun we got a hook we got a stun we got a fear off can we at least trade one we sure can would you look at them whatever if we can get that V out thatd be amazing oh my God Music were gonna be aware of the people up on top yeah we see that buddy good job grouping together keeping the shield up for the gourd like these uh I mean we have Samer Cam and and uh Alex on the other team so like obviously we have some gamers weve got some gamers thread that right around there thats a fast should have let him go through I think this is one of those games where those those little small things like missing a couple of shots here when we shouldnt have like if we would have let that person get away that would have been really bad I think these guys are theyre gonna pick up on a little a little hole theyre gonna bust through it and Im like damn bro calm down Im just trying to dab a chill and theyre like hmm thats it then they kill me like its real weird I dont like if they made a TV show about it I wouldnt necessarily watch it like I dont know why you would all right whos shiny whos Moon and whos rice is where is okay 15 seconds oh we got two for one but it just wasnt enough thats a cop free heal ing thats a cop for a heel another cop for a heal get some Gores on the point lets go buddy were cooking now with or were cooking now with nothing were cooking now with nothing yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah McCoys pissed though spinning through kicking and screaming all the way to the end respect respect off but one one we got a good game Chronos three all right I would just like to note that the only person on my team I guess V kind of incorporates or like wants resilience and thats usually what happens when you teleport out really early um but theres a decent amount of resilience coming out the other team and the main person that theyre doing it for is um its me this is stun immunity isnt up but like it doesnt really seem to matter oh yeah what oh what angle with that little live hold on a minute that an R is one nice can we get a turnaround hook on that homie and then just like thatll do it thatll do 78 and Ticking uh honestly I dont think any of them can get to the point and even if I rode my Mount completely there not gonna be able to get to it lets try to make this person eat get punished in words and stuff you know what I mean okay whats up gamer run back blow up all the bombs you know how to be let me Farm my my healing per second oh she put it up right at the last minute can we thread that needle I dont think it was actually possible hes staying alive bro is that it yeah who has resilience Ruckus TK can I get him off I couldnt get him off I couldnt get him off I screwed up the old its life because thats a pretty big stagger good hook oh so you just really gotta shut down that Ruckus no ones pushing this right stay stay Sorry probably go heal now pretend she doesnt exist that works were down got about 50 of our old pack not terrible lets probably fall back to my team got the heel on him nice stuff Music copper heel nice nice there might be a Ruckus coming in behind us not sure sneakity snake look at that what a poll Im not ready to capitalize on that thats unfortunate I died for that I didnt know he could get out thats a kill on rap thats you just huge we have obviously you know were right outside our spine you know just take a peek out there give it the old poop we goodies we goodies I dont know what else I want though he does need to get on point though someone does need a unicorn Point hopefully he has a shield yeah I guess its not enough bro that sucks the talus is going for another early teleport and does get out but gets the dismount the real question is how much of that matter all right still got it bro all right fair enough they dont have a Healer who cares healer couldnt heal anything anyway hey Im the Healer hold on unfortunate dude like we all watched it happen we knew it was gonna happen not that he would screw it up but we knew he was about to hold he had a decent amount of time I dont know man that feels wrong you know its on the objective remember BK and Ruckus not people we want to hit and everyone else oh this might be bad we were gonna be able to throw the gourd on the ground wait for the BK to cut I killed two people Im carrying Nice kill Sans is popping off we figured out our problem actually what happened was our crack shot strix is carrying too hard I told him to tone it down he said my bad didnt mean to stun on yall so uh hes throwing it back and it seems like we gotta comeback mechanic on our side too so easy peasy lemon squeezy 300 credits in our pocket foreign I guessed wrong oh me just is this like Im in Im out oh you caught me all right you can kill me look you know what I mean like he tries everything but once his dashes are out hes like what are you gonna do yeah you got me Music oh that almost hit that killed Samer cam apparently Music bro I dont know I dont think Im hitting the heel on the mccoa which is weird but were enemies behind us oh what a spicy stun hook combo lets go oh that was nasty that was Dirt Nasty why you gotta do it to him like that dog hold on oh no imagine I actually had that you know fine just kidding bro just kidding thats my bad I dont fully understand how the jet packs work on this on this map and my jet packs I mean the bouncy sometimes I just I dont know I just forget theyre there and uh well you know so we dont really want depth hands because eventually no no resilience no resilience so we could stun the Anar when shes not in mothers Grace shes just gonna eat it up squeaky Wheels also gonna eat it up theyre locked in I think the play right now personally even though you think it should be Haven Im gonna go with Deft hands bro you know all the Dumbo Mains out there are like and also everyone else because like why not f10s too is when you really start to feel it anyway excuse me theres uh theres a detour over here on Don Forge whatever the hell the maps call it dude I dont know nothing I can do about that he was in she just ate all that where is he oh found him mm-hmm hes like not hes trying to dodge my nice stun that Im trying to hit from downtown I appreciate the uh whatever we want to call it the fact that you think I can actually hit that thats what Im trying to say Music were just kind of chilling right now were gonna fly that thing is down so we can go for the deeps get a heel off hit another Hill off kill them all hes not out all right some got some kill to heal nice okay were feeling it now Mr Krabs are we sweating maybe we are three three Talus going in hot uh sadly the Lilith had a bit of you know space where they could alter their build can we just push this oh okay we hit it cool good so she only has resilience one lets see if we can hit this oh that was so close sorry Im going a little bit too hand now that I have Deft hands three you know oh I wasted that kill the hill proc nice I dont know where the BK went um we can solo office because he has no resilience yeah man dude I thought Id be able to dash past both of the bombs but he was just pooping him out like it was Christmas yo uh can we buy anything nope we cant buy anything were not even close so we can just kind of watch and take note were actually in the game a little bit yeah maybe maybe I dont give it my all sometimes because Im too busy focusing on funny things this games just intense and I cant notice anything funny which is Saturday of itself but strikes are going a little bit too hot here man you fully healed all right shout outs to the mccoa for how many hooks he hits Little Hooker oh all right cant beat that yet hes peeking now but like thats unfortunate he is over to the left oh she looks like shes broken Music did I run away from my homie I did a little bit Music hes a mover hes a schmoover is that a w on a game that was actually really close and I feel like we actually contributed to winning the game when it was really close I dont know bro alternate reality you guys have stumbled into thats weird Ive been commentated on skill twice those are two Liars on our team and I was gonna say that like lets lets make jokes here who carried us crack shots tricks the jokes not really there like he did a lot right but so did the bot V the set the why does everything hurt I dont know I dont know what map that is why does everything hurt anyway uh Alice maybe made a few mistakes but like you know stayed with it uh just now realizing that I almost did the same amount of damage as this house not great but whatever look at those assists bro 44 we had total total 58 eliminations thank you account kill sinuses I dont know its pretty sick man and we got 120 000 healing I mean that was a good game thats all I can say and joking aside other than the the crack shot strix carrying us like legit makoa did amazing amount of hooks this homie was super like flying around this homie distracted the crap out of him I healed people until I got death dance too and then just started focusing on stunning people oh yeah I started to slip towards the end Im not gonna lie like I should have had a little bit more aggression but I slipped never one everyone put in their part you know that was that was a really fun game rap was terrifying Iowa NC snugs that much but like if they didnt decide to go a little bit more aggressive I was terrified Sameer cam obviously terrifying but couldnt really find a way to get in because theres so many invisible and people zooming across the map and that might have been pretty rough I didnt love BK on that map when I played it so I get it but anyway thats enough rambling on for me if you guys want to see a certain Champion play let me know down in the comments I kind of just played damba because we needed a Healer and then it turned into Good Times yeah down in the comments put the words Champion suggestion you can give me a talent you can give me a Loadout but mainly you just need to give me a champion and you know a challenge too did I say that already I dont know I think its time for me to head out of 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