Top 5 Best Frontlines In Paladins! (Season 6)

Fanatical steam gamessteam red dead redemption PALADINS® game hey guys whats up so in this video I will be giving you guys the top 5 best phone lines in paladins now Ive done my research I researched for the absolute best four lines right now Ive also asked some Pro players who they think are the best four lines so Im basically mixing my experience and other peoples opinions in this video oh I just want to say this is going to be a PC top 5 as well I dont know how the meta is in console or like on switch because I dont really play on Console anymore I used to but I started playing on PC and I dont know how the meta is on Console it might be the same but I just want to say it might be a little different and this is also not gonna be in particular order so here we go number five in the list is gonna be Fernando now Fernando dispatch he actually got Nerf a little bit he should got Nerf but hes still gonna be very strong especially if youre on this island over here the Asian sign for Fernando is definitely the best time for him the other talents are you know theyre not bad but I would kind of just use them for like kind of for fun hes just very hard to deal with I mean even if you buy records sometimes he should can still last for so long thats why they just kept nerfing him his damage is okay he doesnt have like a burst damage but can still be very annoying because of the fire effect or you know the burn effect his Escape is also not bad I love the way you can also Dash while your Shield is up and you ultimately sell pretty good as well but it kind of depends at the same time sometimes its very useful sometimes its not for example they have a Juggle so your ultimate is going to be very nice or for example a series ultimate you can basically save everyone in your team overall his kit is just very good thats why hes still gonna be in the meta number four in the list is gonna be barricade now Berk actually got both dispatch as well but only with one of his talents I think Im pretty sure this island over here got both I feel like all of his talents are not bad as well you can literally use any of these lines I feel like and youll still be and youre not really throwing the game he should is also pretty good Im pretty sure it has like 4 000 health and his shield is pretty massive I would say his shirts are also very annoying especially if you have like this card over here its like some people might think its a meme but its actually kind of fun to use it lets be honest not a lot of people are actually buying bulldozers so having that card can actually be very annoying you dont have to Max it to up to five you can literally have it on like two or three levels and whenever I play Barracks sometimes I can do the most damage in the team it doesnt look like you do that much damage but managed to do so much damage because of the turrets and his ultimate is very good if you like for example trying to capture the points or if you need to stay on the payload its gonna be very annoying to deal with the Barrack number three in the list is gonna be Ruckus now I dont actually see a lot of ruckus players in casuals but they use him a lot in high ranks I would definitely say hes one of if not the best offline currently he deals a lot of damage his Mobility is pretty good hes also very tanky you need to buy a record for this guy so you can actually kill him and even if you have record he can still run away from me and if you want even more damage well you have your ultimate overall all of his talents are also not really that bad you can literally go for any of the story but I would definitely say aerial assault is the best song for him if the enemy team is a really good records in GG like your support will always die hes just gonna be very annoying to deal with number two in the list is gonna be 12 volt I know I know turbo has been off the metal for so long but the grandpa daddy is finally getting some love he got a lot of buff dispatcher hes just more tankier all of his signs are also not really that bad but I would still recommend thanks grandpa I feel like its just the best time for him I already find Travolta very annoying before and now hes just even more annoying first of all you basically need to buy two items because of this guy you need to buy a record and resilience because they literally buffed him to have more Shield I think he got like a 1000 extra shield which is crazy by the way and you need resilience because he can silence you imagine you are flank for example youre playing Maeve and he just silence you you cannot Dash away he can actually counter most of the flankers in this current meta you dont even have to be a flank imagine being like a support you cannot go in this with Terrace you cannot go you cannot jump away with IO Im gonna call it already hes probably gonna get Nerf next match Im just saying right now so while hes still really good you should probably abuse him now before I say the number one I want to give some honorable mentions now I was gonna give this to Azan because lets be honest Azan is just always really good lets be honest hes just very tanky here he basically has everything hes very tanky his damage is not bad he has a Mobility hes a very solid tank but he got a lot of Nerf dispatcher thats why Im kind of afraid to put him in honorable Mansion even because I havent really used him that much for me to know if its actually so viable if this is last batch Azan will definitely be in the top five but he just gotten nerfed so much so Im not really sure if its still good so instead of putting Azan I want to put Atlas in The Honorable Mansion now Alice he actually got both dispatch and if you know how to play this guy youre just gonna ruin everyone in the anime team you can even use any of his talent I feel like I feel like theyre not bad you can use him as a main tank if you want to but I personally think hes better as an off tank hes just really good at harassing you he should you cannot break his shield even if you buy a wrecker it doesnt matter he can go long range or short range he can basically get all of his health back and his ultimate can be kind of hard to use but its very useful if you know how to use it properly I dont even know how to properly use him so the gameplay youre watching right now is probably not even that good but you definitely need to put some time on this guy but hes definitely very very worth it to learn now for number one you guys might be surprised for this one its gonna be inara now inara got buffer dispatcher you know the way when youre shooting with an arrow youre like getting slow down well not anymore you can literally shoot with anara so fast now you used to be slower like I think 50 Im pretty sure but look at this look how fast Im working while Im shooting and Im not gonna lie this is actually a big difference because all of her kids relies on kind of like close range shes just a very solid tanker in this current meta its crazy how one simple fixer from One champion can boost her up like so much Im not saying shes bad in the last batch but it definitely made her so much better now because of that buffer her times are also pretty pretty good if you want more sustain I would go for Mothers Grace if you want to kind of have fun I would go for Tremors and if they have like I dont know a lot of flankers maybe or like Champions that can escape very easily then I would use this hand over here so it kind of depends on the scenario what kind of challenge youre gonna use shes very hard to kill she has a lot of like slow she can even stun you shes just definitely a very solid Fern Line This Messer no I just want to say before the video ends if your favorite tank is not here then do not be discouraged this top 5 is only based from the higher ranks so just because your favorite Champion is not like in the metal and doesnt entirely mean its a bad Champion it all based off if you like playing the champion if you enjoy playing the champion then thats all good so for example I like playing makawa and Mako is not really like in the top five in the scary metal but I still enjoy playing him because hes just too fun to use Im basically just showing you guys who are the strongest anchor in this current matter so guys do you guys agree with my top 5 comment down below if you guys agree with me or not sir and let me know down in the comments below who do you guys think is the best Frontline in this current matter but of course just a reminder this is only my opinion so do not take it personally well thats it for today guys enjoyed it and I will see you guys next time see ya thank you Music steam deck sales numbers The new patch notes is here for season 6! 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