Paladins World Championship - BR Finals: Parallax Gaming vs Carnage Gaming

Games not compatible with steam decksteam cant install game PALADINS® game well hey there champions and welcome back to the crystals a paladins themed award show show some recognition to those of you out there in the community and all the hard work that youve done you gave us nominees the evil mojo guys went ahead and picked them up as to who would be the finalists and then you voted for your winners of each category and for this one were looking at the streaming awards those streamers out there and what they have done the clip of the year your international streamer of the year and your streamer of the year are the ones were going to be looking at so first and foremost is clip of the year theres a lot out there that can come through but you had four nominees four clips that rose above the rest unbelievable creepers squixo and carefree avery on that list the winner taking home their second award for the crystals is gonna be creepers thank you so much for voting for me on the clip of the year you guys are awesome all i can say right now is that i will be trying harder and harder next year to make even more awesome clips for you guys and well if you want to join me on that little ride to get the amazing clips by all means just follow my two channels down here and join my streams ill see you guys there again thank you so much for the votes and ill see you in game thats gonna be hard to top there creepers i mean a hexa kill it literally doesnt count higher than that maybe youll just have to give us more next year well see what youre able to provide as it goes forward but speaking of going forward now were going to be moving on to the international streamer of the year again a lot of big names out there across the world that stream paladins alive ttv gloozy ntbs and tarden made it into your top four but only one can win and its the donut queen herself gloozy whos going to be taking home international streamer of the year we got a couple of words from gloozy herself as well look what we want i still cant believe this some amazing kind of creators were on the list with me but when they told me that we won i was like i cant say thank you enough everyone who voted for me under crystal as international streamer of the year thank you so much youre all so amazing im so thankful to have you all and to be able to rely on all your love and support it has been a crazy ride honestly because ive been part of the palms community now for over five years and thanks to that ive also been able to build my own community big shout out to paladins and to my awesome donut family community for those who dont know who i am my name is gloozy im also known as a donut queen because thats kind of my friend im a spanish girl living in belgium and a full-time concrete thanks to all of you so feel free to join our donut squad anytime well congratulations once again gloozy great streams i recommend you go and check them out and maybe join the the donut squad as you do but now were moving forward to streamer of the year again a lot of big names that were out there nominated for this but only four that were able to become finalists i dodge bullets cyber bolts unbelievable in z1 unknown and your winner for streamer of the year is none other than z1 unknown congratulations on z1 for being able to win this i mean above and beyond a lot of streams a great creator who has been doing it for quite a while as well so make sure you check him out but also make sure you check out the other nominees from all of this its been a great awards congratulations once again to everyone who won but thats gonna do it for the crystals here so thank you for tuning in go check out these content creators as always and well see you later Music and just like that we are in the final set of paladins for this competitive year the brazilian finals parallax up against carnage but before we get there let me tell you about our partnership with steel series here for this event if youve got a paladins fan in your life im straight up stealing this from finch because it was very good its that time of year to buy gifts for those in your life and if you got a paladins fan in your life im sure theyll appreciate mouse patterson speaker tags go onto and pick something up for the paladins fan in your life and i know ive got a paladins fan with me here im a powerless man all right youre youre youre a paladins fan youre in my life maybe ill buy you a mouse pad or a speaker tag i need one this things a i had to buy a business one for my desk because i i dont know well get there one another another day well talk about our mouse pads and how bad we need them maybe is where we can go gore we move in to the final set here in brazil and we are moving into game two thats important to remember here carnage gaming massive advantage think about this youre going up against parallax gaming and you only need to win two parallax have to win three thats gotta feel good if youre carnage yeah its one of those things again the winners advantage is getting that map thats what they earned earlier by beating parallax gaming is now having a little bit less work to do in the finals for them and they won two in a row at the beginning of that set so theoretically we might be able to see carnage gaming find themselves a sweet parallax though have lost one set in im gonna add this as a week 16 weeks of play if you include all of phase two they have lost an individual set and that was earlier today against carnage its not something you can bet on happening every single time but you do know that it is something that there is on their mind against them that carnage is the team that was able to do it and that has to come up here and the fact that carnage played so well in those games even though they lost two of them and maybe fumbled a little bit with it they were still able to take it home and find exactly what they needed to the win throughout all of that and thats a little frightening theres a lot to ban here but because theyve already played them its kind of like they have that warm-up theyve got five games experience as to how to beat parallax now that they can apply right here giving yourself that free win cannot understate how important that is and we will go to jaguar falls first map overall carnage gaming take away ice mines and frog ill shatter desert waters gate banned out by parallax gaming unsure as to whose map pick this is i would raise my eyebrows if this was cartage gaming because of just how flawless parallax gaming just looked on this map so if youre parallax i mean you pick this for yourself for good reason or if its picked against you it is a parallax pick weve just gotten confirmation so parallax pick jaguar falls and i think for good reason gore lets lets lets get our momentum flowing here already in game one yeah i think thats the thing that comes through you get that map advantage yes but first pick four maps at least well go over to parallax and then i believe because itll hit map three wed go into losers pick right after this so parallax get that advantage and like you said we just got to watch it i mean it was a very fast game very well controlled game and theres a few things that you can ban here it was bomb king and willow is what and control had decided to get rid of but i think parallax showcased that they dont necessarily need those to make it work bomb king gonna be taken off the board again but im thinking of the rom im thinking of that zin those two really help drive at home mid-towers cassie as well fit perfectly with them i think theyre flexible enough here that theyre not gonna sweat it i wouldnt be surprised for a rom first pick look at the the kind of adaptation from carnage gaming here think back to what in control band on this map it was the bomb king and the willow as well parallax gaming wasnt really concerned about either of those i suppose well see if the willow was a warranted ban by in control of parallax maybe go to that later on but obviously the eevee for a specie just carries so much weight carnage dont want to deal with it rom though first pick overall here and then gore now is not so much just dipping into a specksys champion pool its also giving yourself something on carnage with this mave something you know you have players can perform on and its good especially when you ban out the eevee because you control what is the one on one-on-one conversion like the other flank that keeps up but its bad because its jack falls this is not necessarily one of the best maps for maeve shes not the worst on this map and weve seen her work today even where it can be game changing for you but zinn your kogas your taluses all of which come out i think a little bit stronger here so i dont know that it hurts parallax as much as you would like to it does however like you say give a big boon to carnage gaming its a very big pickup for aries if thats the route he wants to go but its a pickup for their team that fits really well and will do well against the ramen ash honestly i think we might have seen it earlier but going for something like an execute against them wouldnt be the worst idea just because of how oppressive these tanks are io falls down to a later on ban here gore interesting to say the least and i i suppose thats sort of what we started to see over here in brazil where we want to either we want to get our tanks and our damage dealers we we those are the most important and then whichever healer were able to get later on well be happy with it and it tends to be io or jenos for one team or the other and maybe these teams are just confident in what theyre building around one support or the other but iogenos fall down to later on picks in parallax gaming theyre going to look at standard as far as tank damage dealer healer numbers but aggression might be the name of the game with what theyve drafted and i really like it so the way i see vivian in this is if you wanted to run triple front line then that ruckus that parallax gaming band would fit in perfectly right there but because ruckus is gone and you get the genos i think vivian is the perfect slot in to have a similar style similar good damage that comes through maybe nothing as crazy as a hexafire but the sentinels are still really good for the sustain plus with genos shes good against flanks maeves pounce does go through shields but vivian is really solid at dealing with the damage that comes into her and kind of shrugging it off if youre going for daggers shes not really worried too much about that damage and pounce as good of an ability as it is isnt the end-all be-all when it comes to killing vivian so i think shes really happy this is a good map for zen plus with genos being able to boost everybody and synergizing incredibly well with the entire lineup from parallax i dont think they have a lot of weak points for for carnage to come in and break them apart those weak points are picked apart by maeve if she can get something for the tanks and or to the zen and buy this tyra and the io being able to combine for an insane amount of point control between the fire as well as luna and im glad you brought up the tyra because i in a weird way i think thats kind of the curveball here towards the end of the draft a million ways that carnage gaming could have gone here im looking theres still a cassie potentially available but carnage gaming i think for all of the reasons you just listed maybe and then some more gore feel comfortable with this tyra pick yeah and its one of those things again so tyra when her fire spreads you throughout the firebomb whatever talent she goes it has rng spread but when youre in a narrow corridor theres only one way to go dave so you can control it a little bit more on jag falls and thatll be helpful for carnage here carnage gaming one game in hand over parallax its the rematch its the finals fun and craz its all yours great job on the desk as always you too fond of the legend and kresnic right here come bring you guys the very first match of what is the final set of the brazilian bracket earlier you might have the conversation of parallax oh this is a free 3-0 it might be close even though its first second c but come on theyre undefeated now i feel like the conversation but about these two teams is different especially coming into this match yeah and i i think normally you would say that parallax would have advantage like you mentioned and i might still think that looking at their composition i i do like how carnage have kind of responded to it though i like how they see the double aggressive off tank that parallax have brought to the table so they just bring a bunch of dps that have a ton of dr they have they have ira who can back that up with mercy kill maybe they have maeve who has a lot at face and outside anybody but and theyre all on top of each other already the first kill available to carnage gaming is going to be in the form of cool and ares the next one to be burnt on point is the monster rom as he gets killed soon after that 24 to 9 already things are becoming a bit more dire the percentage is building and with luna on the point it makes it even more dangerous than beforehand 60 for carnage gaming still climbing and rom wants to be the first one to see if he can sort of force this engagement on the objective get the overtime touch needed yeah theyre just trying to find it again it seems like for right now dentig already finds itself with a double kill rachael manages to get one but dintick pulls out the triple the rom is on point without tyra you cant burn the monster down but scooter tries to make himself more relevant pushes himself in and manages to at least get mid-tower but dentic with the delayed quadra kill might make it a little bit more relevant for parallax gaming theyre down a point in the set because of the lead that carnage gaming were already able to make with 66 already available to him might make it a little bit more dangerous for carnage gaming and it seems like for right now while everything ends up getting fixed for the moment and being it seems like theres already two kills in the form of tyra thats a double kill io manages to at least get one thats a good amount of last hits available to them as theyve managed to just make the point captured very first port for carnage gaming not too good of a look for parallax it seemed like they were able to make things work for them every now and again but with a kill on outlander carnage might be in a little bit more trouble i mean parallax excuse me might be in a little bit more trouble than they were hoping i mean this is a moment here uh where you know if youre parallax you really have to start sweating i mean you lost to this team earlier you are in danger of things going wrong for you and this payloads moving really fast its two more kills now foreign and they dont really have the alts right now to defend themselves theyre slowly charging them up but its going all carnage all day three kills already available to carnage gaming rolling cart right on through parallax they might be coming off of a bad mental state they lost to carnage earlier theyre down on a point now the games last last set were a little bit closer even though it was a 3-0 so it makes a little bit more dangerous hook goes out drags him right on in deflector shield burn void grip goes out man just look at makoa for a little bit longer ares didnt manage to find the kill onto midtown but they trade things out one for one commanders grab theyre chasing the ring around the rosie the good old scooby-doo treatment as genos is trying to find a way to escape outlander manages to live for long enough but not too long still going to get brought down the assert dominance was what was forced here over power who knows how rom tossed right off the side shoulder bash on the way in trying to force things into the back line trying to make it even two for two trades so far suspects he finds himself with a nice double kill theyre still holding on to the objective as much as they can shots go out from cool and from crimson theyre trying to burn down targets one after the next so thats a 2-0 for carnage gaming to start things off on jack as much as they can the phrase you use there as much as they can parallax hold on as much as they can and its not a whole lot they do not have anything really to fight back i mean kronz is zero and five he just had one of the best performances on frontline that we got to see and he has zero in five here now uses the assert dominance the specsy as well uses that spike and yet they dont have too much to show for theyre still down zero and two now benefits they have the comeback mechanic in their favor against a team like carnage this is something you have to use if outlander can hit a sick alt then thats the greatest way to start this off but cool is nine one and four you know where your target is right now that tyra i kind of on the desk looked over it i didnt think it was gonna be this insane but shes the problem someone has to deal with her and once theyre gone i think carnage gaming will have to fall back and that gives a good opportunity for parallax to jump forward jumps over the wall for just a little bit longer to try and see if he can force an engagement on the maze but he already ate so much damage on the way in pulls indented gets the kill and its committed now 21 on the objective for carnage gaming theyre waiting and buying time for luna to come back so they may not be able to be as aggressive as they might like to iowa will take the new spot on the objective as theyre trying to force things into the makoa on the left-hand side here secret is where theyre fighting things are getting a little bit more dire the percentage is still gaining on the side of carnage gaming one of them goes down crons is killed and meanwhile vivians the one trying to see if they can put any damage on the board they do manage to find some the touch is there overtime was started thanks to the im on the right hand side though vivian wants to keep moving in seeing if they can bring down aries and they do midtown still alive for a little bit longer spite it in the back line thats gonna be another member gone on the side carnage gaming beautiful battle shot to block out the cataclysm doesnt want to get stunned but they managed to take out another one outlander with a double kill last hits for the support mean that they will now put the shoe on the other foot and get the zone and you gotta look at that 99 for carnage here theyve got a b-gone thats a great ult to get someone off of this point quite literally be gone get out of here and let us move back in along with the crossfire this is a dangerous game for parallax still but that 74 is nice they already managed to make things work out for them i should say cool lets manage to get some kills available midtown is going to be the first one that goes down hook goes out stops didnt take him rolls right on through him gives himself a little bit of extra burst wasnt quite able to build it up thanks to the shell shoe thatll be gone pushes one of them off of the objective here outlander trying to run away specse is on cart same thing for crons theyre trying to stop them from capturing it but carnage already make this a 3-0 against parallax gaming not the type of look that you would expect to see from the number one seated team i cant remember the last time parallax has been down this much i mean the fact that they lost a set earlier still kind of boggling me to the fact that i dont know if i believe what im seeing with my eyes here fond they already have that one game advantage on the side of carnage and overpower available for him as well its not guaranteed done here just yet but jag falls is one where momentum rides true if rachael gets a good kill onto a front line here whether he uses his overpower or not that is a great way to keep things going what a beautiful hook to keep the kills going in their favor oh overpower next thing to be used here identic does manage to find the kill on the cool the next one next the next one left is aries and i are excuse me speccy aries is the one that secured the kill here outlander gets hooked right on in and pulled to the objective makes it easier for them to get the kill on him krons dismounted karts still rolling forward has to find some way to stall assert dominance is the best way that he can do that manages to pop the ultimate ancient rage is available to them theyre trying to move in as best as they can vivian trying to fire shots into the oppo opposition as midtown is going to be talked bro down cool next one in line didnt tick the other one that follows suit the kills are starting the checkerboard but mostly it goes towards the favor of carnage gaming commanders grab goes out outlander cant stall and carnage gaming make this a 4-0 against paralyzed this has been a team that has worked so hard for this moment in both sides but parallax right now backs against the wall they were down 2-0 earlier and they pushed us to five thats what i want to see out of them now i know they can rally up behind themselves i know they can push forward but you can feel it in the air the electricity that is the hunger of carnage right now theyre just one game away fawn from being able to get themselves a championship here in brazil and i dont know if theres a lot in the world that can stop them parallax are gonna have to figure that out soon yeah im not too sure what theyll have to do either they are down 2-0 they could be on set point they could lose the world championship but lets give it back to the deaths to break down the game well were happy to be back here in the middle of the paladins world championship thank you fawn and gore also kresnik well see he can get you back in here for bringing us the call right now though dulsin dont carnage seem unstoppable right theyre on the warpap and parallax already fell to them once and now here they are on the precipice of falling to them again what do they need to change if they want to stop this carnage team look man i mean theres just something something in the air right now with this carnage squad i i think i im thinking parallax are brilliant theyre theyre mega brains for taking us to jaguar falls in game number one and literally nothing seemed to be working here i mean at any facet of the game i think you could look at anyone on carnage gaming and this is normally what we say about this disgusting hook by the way there from scooter we normally say this about parallax where like you can look at one of anyone on on parallax and they are probably helping out in every facet of the game carnage gaming put together the complete performance this time around scooter wins my mvp right now for game one i should say you know the the five three and 20 on the the makoa obviously 12 3 and 12 very attractive kda 11 4 and 13 of course is there i think the front line of carnage gaming had a standout performance eight three and 18 for rashad as well so much of the setup rolls through those guys and then the follow-up absolutely needs to be there from carnage gaming this is a full team win i mean at the end of the day i dont think parallaxs draft was necessarily bad were just seeing such value out of this makoa recently the con with the overpower and the lockdown there as well i i think this is just kind of a team outplay i think carnage gaming have this momentum and finch were one game in and thanks to beating parallax earlier carnage gaming only need one more only need one more win to join the likes of snappin right from from these other agents to make it up there and be that first place team here in brazil its been all parallax hasnt they had not lost a set so far obviously they stumbled earlier now here they are on the precipice of having to accept a silver medal fish market could potentially be their final battleground if they were to lose this next map and so we know fish market this big wide open mid with a bit of a difficult push where youre pushing uphill for a bit then you get the downhill push there towards the tail end this could be the map that parallax needed to finally get their feet dug in yeah absolutely could be and and this is a map maybe unlike no other im sure there are others but were picks and what a statement there for me im really firing on all cylinders right now but but that comes to mind fish market i i think so heavily dictated by by picks and bands is really the point im trying to make here it just took me yeah to really get around to it you can get out drafted very heavily on fish markets so i start to look towards the the snipers the the strix not really so much canesa here as of late io very important on this map if theres just a distinct long range advantage the ability to to lock down big damage numbers and not put yourself in harms way not only important on the mid important on the push those are the sorts of things where you can really find yourself falling behind so if youre going to give us strix away or youre going to let the other team pick it you need to have an answer to it so the fish market more so than others i think has that potential to kind of get out of control in the pic band phase well so far the bands are evie and rom parallax banning away the rom after it didnt exactly pan out for them back on i guess we got to call a map too right with the one map advantage there for carnage so here we are going into fish market map three and just as you mentioned the strix has already been taken away carnage clearly dont want to deal with all that long-range damage here on a map where especially in the middle strix can find a spot and post up sometimes man it can be hard to get to them so thats why i think the flankers are going to be important too or whoever it is that you have is your job to push out and try and deal with that in in in the long range category you can fall behind in the mobility category on fish market you can really fall behind so maeve i think comes at a premium here in this game wouldnt have to see one of these two teams reach for the mave early thats a good point there finch torvald often gets banned out itd be an interesting pick here for this map we do see him on this map so it wouldnt necessarily blow me away but weve seen this torvald composition attempted and its its fallen short i think carnage won on it on ascension peak in the previous set that these two guys guys played but it was like they sort of limped through the finish line and theyre 0.7 midfield i mean it it just hadnt really been quickened for some of these teams here in this region not at all surprised to see maeve in in this set more so than others when you have people on both teams that can play maeve at that highest level it just makes too much sense so uh so i like the way carnage just started here yeah especially on a map like this it can already feel like i cant see all the direction youre coming from now you factor in a midnight and i actually cant right so difficult uh to try and deal with this mave on the other side but now youve got genos this great pocket pick the luminary buff well see what its boosting up a little bit later on but always trying to have on your side plus this immortal sometimes you just need a little bit more time on a map like fish market and immortal can buy that for you absolutely but now the ash and the mave on the other side two very potent top two picks here for carnage gaming and i like the point you make there about the immortal because really on fish market its very difficult to fight around this point as a tank because its just kind of a bowl and theres just damage pouring into it at any given time yeah you really gotta pick and choose your moments and you never necessarily want to use an immortal just to stay alive on the point but a little extra survivability from the fernando if need be genos sort of a different look here for for parallax gaming where weve seen these healers fall down the draft board a little bit more priority put banners on damage dealers and front liners but saving maybe for some counter picks later on is what parallax is doing here i just im a little concerned about carnages lockdown right now as far as their frontliners go you look at ash and the ability to control space without assert dominance khan on the overpowers effectively a free kill and youre not only getting that for yourself youre taking away a big counter to the ash i think carnage gaming have set themselves up well through their first three picks they really have and so far dave youre proving to be correct you know about your understandings of torvalds value here at least in this set i doubt at this point that well be seeing it over here for carnage yeah theyre gonna go with corvus vivian really not room to put torvald in there we need another damage dealer and a healer and then over here for parallax i dont know thats really an option for them either as they pull in this zen theyve been wanting this triple dps so no torvald here in this one instead it is mobility buck and zinn will be flying around this map is that gonna be enough though for them to overpower the brick wall that is khan and ash up front yeah there theres so much mobility in the top three picks thats carnage gaming so theyll be able to play around what parallax are doing slight concern around this vivian totally dependent on where she plays if shes following around the ash following around the con as she probably should shell be much more safe but if shes even left alone in the back line for a moment expect leon to do big burst damage and then a buck or a zinn to be somewhere in range to take her down i think carnage gaming very positional base and very how theyre gonna play around these front liners that can control that space cant leave this vivian on her own or if shes gonna have a tough time can our top team undefeated in the regular season really fall here on fish market the answer gonna come to us here from goran fawn thank you guys so much beautiful beautiful oh my gosh whoa now im messing up dave you gave it to me now you messed up with you said a few things weird on the desk now im the one flipping up my words come on man ah its whatever man its the finals im excited to see this next match that carnage have proposed to us its already 2-0 as everything is sort of going down right now i i mean i wasnt expecting parallax to be twice behind i thought at least they would have tied it up if anything i mean yeah its insane to think about them now one map fund literally one map away from getting eliminated here in the tournament and for carnage to be able to find themselves a championship this is a big one though i love parallax gaming draft this is a map fish market for triple dps through and through the leon the buck the zen all of them fit really well here with the genos and then i look at the other side khan ash the two best tanks i think there are on this map a lot of work cut out for him but parallax its do or die they already want to be more aggressive scooter makes his way up into the back lines then was going to be just a little bit more passive way in the back see if he could toss out some more of his swings if anything but on the retreat krons gets hit directly into the back projection gets brought out and used corvus and just to heal some people up meanwhile rachael is playing very forward here zoning people out where he can notices that corvus needs help and tries to back up seas if he can make this work for him shoulder bash all the way in manages to dismount fernando as well its going pretty good for carnage so far not really much i can say about this except for the fact that they are holding on pretty efficiently as generals has to find some sort of way out theyre still being stalled on the retake here i mean like wolves hurting sheep right now paralyzed just have no way into the point aries is going to be able to go around on one of his best champions and find himself a kill there this is looking good for carnage it is and the double kill already for cool they just now made it back but vivian shes the one chilling up top right now buck has to do something to stop her but he ate so much damage on the way in the next one being forced down is the krons fernando killed buck gone overtime done and thats the first point on fish market for a carnage game im having trouble fun again i just cant believe what i am seeing with my eyes here i didnt believe it earlier either but its happened once carnage are looking like a team that might just be able to do it even faster the second time around parallax need a little bit of a warm-up squad again this is a map its not over just yet you can take a little bit of a breather you lose the first mid its not the end of the world the defense on this portion its not too difficult you got a nice long line of sight well you do have to stay alive and with intake going down that might cause a little bit of troubles form and overpower coming up guaranteed conversion if you want to use that or guaranteed kill at the beginning of the next round assert dominance available as well with the alts coming in for carnage and still plenty of time to charge them i dont even know if they need to use them this payloads moving so just seamlessly shots are being fired into the zen it does force them out a little bit you know and towel posts up around the corner see if you can find any sort of good shots onto the backline or anyone in particular the immortal gets used and trying to keep everybody alive however that doesnt mean that carnage arent ready to battle theyre throwing up the daggers they managed to get the kill on buck who will be the next one ares sees his next target fernando tries to move in but the shield is broken he goes down and the next one that might follow suit is a spec see thats four members down on parallax gaming side this is a 2-0 so far against the seemingly undefeated team thats the storyline of today parallax are struggling a specsy dentic midtown players that countless times throughout the season have been easy i mean you could make montages countless montages endless montages on what these guys have done out of highlights from all of their sets in phase two and all of them are in a negative slash right now slash line right now one and three there for dintic one and three there for midtown especially a little bit better only two deaths to his name and the one kill but they havent been able to be that consistent youre killing ares hes the one at the most danger hes going to be in there and easy to take care of and with all of the alts available the sentinels still popped there for cool theres not a whole lot of wiggle room for parallax theyre still trying to charge up what they have left or havent charged up and the alts they used are nowhere near here they have no immortal and no alt for this leon its gonna be an uphill battle oh they landed so many headshots on the way down to that leon now theyre in big trouble areas in the back line theyre pincering them where are you gonna run you cant escape from the carnage if anything cool with a triple kill the next one on the on the list is gonna be the fernando full-on team wipe already present for carnage gaming they make this not only a 2-0 but theyre looking good theyre trying to get their third point i didnt look at this just setting up life as a turret doesnt need to go anywhere a triple kill 13 streak for cool its easy right now and 64 already on charging back those signals gonna have it up plenty of time theres an opportunity for a touch from parallax but this is looking like a really difficult shell to break into already it seems like scooter gets lifted up but they already got their third point hes 1v2 now khan has to find some sort of way out he doesnt quite make it but neither do two teammates make that three on the side of parallax gaming this might just be it gore they are still filtering in kills it feels like the snowball hasnt stopped rolling down the hill it keeps building and building and they keep getting picked off i im not sure what parallax can do here they seem so behind all right parallax look pep talk time all of the finals have been two games all of the finals have gone by fast dig your heels in now fight back you have a 15 undefeated streak during the regular season you got 16 sets in a row where you were able to win before carnage gaming took you down we know what kind of team you are this is the opportunity to turn it but aries says no fun he wants to keep going and fort and ash forced him all the way back to spawn ares once a piece in the back line gets the shot but ash is ready for the smoke hes always ready for the fight moves in manages to use the assert dominance through time and space goes wide one kill is followed through a tropic breach on the objective who else will be the next one to fall on the side of the parallax gaming side theres one thats down no more members remaining only two are going to be in this state another one falls soon after that and carnage gaming take the world championship from parallax the undefeated team in brazil easily clapped by carnage gaming i mean like a checklist dude systematic they came in they knew what they wanted to do they knew the map they were going to and they took him down parallax 16 sets in a row without dropping a single one of them they have beat carnage gaming countless times until today twice now in a row for carnage gaming and the last time theyre brushing dust off their shoulder like its nothing that felt great from carnage to see the play they were able to bring they came out to win they were hungry and they got what they wanted yes they did carnage gaming congratulations to you not an easy feat to make lets send it right back to the desk to close out the final set of the day well when these teams made it to the finals they were done playing around carnage run right over parallax despite their strong regular season they didnt care about it at all and got what appeared to be an easy win though we know they worked hard for it i still have with me here on the desk dolson i mean we gotta talk a little bit about how they made it to this point right because aries was popping off the whole squad was parallax seemed like a non-factor to him look i i think i love the way you bring up ares here because i know this this means a lot to aries especially i mean faced a lot of scrutiny in the ppl last year i mean he had some enteis had some off days this entire day aries was on big reason his team had a big win here over parallax gaming i think both damage dealers for for carnage really stepped up and when you consider who youre fighting against on parallax mittal and aspexi those are potential like region mvp candidates in the damage category when youre looking at it so so it was a tall task absolutely for carnage gaming theyre your second seed but they dropped four sets to parallax to zero in the regular season so this this is make no mistake about it an entire team effort from carnage gaming but but i know for aries it definitely means a little bit extra to him uh but but you got to be happy right i mean look its a very fast set but i think always seeing the or seeing the underdog step up i dont know if you consider them under an underdog after their set win earlier on but to finish it off like this i mean thats decimation through and through ares had three deaths to everyone elses one parallax never got anything going the momentum was just too strong for carnage and to talk about what rachael and scooter did rachael showing his versatility today with the different champs he was able to play scooter on the makoa or the calm whatever it was my man was lighting it up this is this is such a team win from these carnage gaming guys sometimes you come to the end of one of these tournaments and youre like man things got hot at the right time did the best team win carnage beat them on even ground did the best of five and then with the one game advantage it wasnt close man theres no doubt in my mind that carnage are the team that deserve to stand up there above everybody else they absolutely earned it in the way they turned around their mid-fight as well the first time carnage and parallax played i was thinking man carnage are just theyre going to defend defend defend theyll turn around to mid-fight in 0.7 this was a 3-0 built on mid-fight wins from carnage gaming they figured out whatever was going wrong kind of halfway through the first time they played parallax drove it home at the end of that set and then continued to build on it here so the ability to make adjustments obviously good for them as well impressive path that carnage took to victory three owing in control finding the 3-2 win over them in the semi-finals never dropping down to the loser bracket never losing to anyone no dirt on the jersey to use a football analogy carnage comfortably make it to the finals with that one map advantage and then win it handily you take a look back at the entire battle that they had to take through here all the way back to the beginning with parallax one against ignite and carnage beat in control a difficult journey the carnage had to take but now they do stand head and shoulders above the rest as your number one team and and you remember parallax were looking clean against everyone else right they were 6-0 against the rest of the field its just that when they met carnage they ended up having some struggle so now theyre able to stand up there at the top not maybe completely alone because remember we saw some other teams managed to come out and find the win here snapping a bit of a surprise over there in north america so its a bit of an upset in europe as well an impressive run here to say the least absolutely and look i mean the the way things ended up taking form for for for the way we had to structure all this awesome to be able to see these teams show up and compete in the way they did you know we had upsets abound the way that some of these regions were during the regular season it seemed like there was just a far and away winner and you know all the other games are just kind of building up to the guy whos just eventually going to win at the end of the day regardless of how the early on matches went and it was anything but i think this weekend for all of the regions north america eu brazil showed that that if you show up at the right time and youre playing your best paladins you can win the world championship well we appreciate all of you for being here so much and i love that youve been showing to all of these players thank you for being so welcoming to me coming into this community in the middle of it as well we really appreciate it that is a bow on the 2020 paladin season i wouldnt have wanted to spend it with anybody else thank you as well dave and we will see you all next time something in the air always something in the air can you feel me can you feel me Music can you feel do you miss me at all do you think about the things we used to do no you couldnt stand tall so why didnt you why didnt you call so many years has gone by but i think about you about you all the time Music something in the air always Music Applause is Music can you feel can you do Music you instal steam Follow us for updates! 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