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Good fps steam gamessteam games player base PALADINS® game foreign honestly we had a solo tank torvald and I was just like what do I want to make uh you know get pocketed I thought about going BK but I played BK recently and honestly I think window of opportunity is going to be fine because a lot of these people a couple of these people are going to want to be getting their faces anyway so blast back will do it for us but this just says maybe question mark yeah okay I dont think its very good Im so good at the game right I just pick loadouts I need to go through and like redo all my loadouts just hard hard man oh this skin though by the way oh which Ill show off in a second geez dude you do so much damage dude wait a minute is it time its time Get Wrecked Get Wrecked they ran from the coin listen I know the coin is very scary but you know next time I die next time we get back headshots okay you win thank you for the heal youre probably not going to work out very well all right all right were winning kind of ow quit hurting me thank you for the shield gonna reload maybe get close enough to be able to set back someone and actually use our talent imagine we steal those all day she hunges oh bro were just pushing you cant escape by coin am I going cant even hit that far this game is stupid we run now we run now as if weve never wanted to run so much in our life Im really good at shooting the coin the coin is just wasted product for me you know what I mean because Im never gonna take advantage of it oh thats not good thats not good at all is it no its not all right so just because I wanted to where did that go wheres he gonna land you still have a chance we still have a chance Music you know what Ill just kill this person well were not I really gotta test the limits of the the setback like when I do do my I have its unfortunate oh hopefully he saw kill cam on that right like killcam just magically exists couldnt make it happen oh the McCoy was coming too if I knew it was gonna be that kind of party I would have done that thing we dont talk about that thing though not on YouTube I watched waiting recently hey now bah humbug indeed lets go flank asati oh by the way the skin look at me Im like a Poseidon warrior princess but also I have Jeff orangeblum Im Gonna Get You BK with my talent I got him brain bees I think I have enough Health to with the shield oh the coin is it hitting oh it sounds so loud in my eardrum I think its working I dont know is it the sound effects of this game or the skin oh no no it was a common oath all day we all knew it was coming 10 seconds left was it worth it no you know what I prefer not to have my Ulta with my lady my lady Satie its just a waste of time my bullets are better observed wait for it I think hell come this way oh no mistake mistake not enough for resilience too but we are charging right flank together which is good hopefully we dont get cant really get hooked out of this but we cant get blasted get out of that oh my goobers I thought that that Willow was ulting because I heard gays and I thought Willow was like gaze and Im like thats fine she cant do anything right now and shes just pouting it to me uh observing cameos weve got ourselves resilience too we might be able to avenge the grover or save them were just trying to get him off the point a little bit here that was perfect I wanted to say what I wanted to do but like Im not going to multitask but we all know how that is look at that damage Im dealing damage he said damages so much dude oh my God these shields are nuts excuse me I have a coin would you like a coin no no no no no excuse me where are you going I have a coin anyone would see a coin I could throw it farther I think there we go yeah Im just gonna keep shooting that coin so listen Im invisible if he comes this one would be so sad you try to hit the Eevee that can ice block thats a hot play friend thats a hot hot play or the willow go got one oh you gotta be pooping me shes in the air that time she said Reach for the Stars its the Skins bro you know what I mean you gotta look upcoming and pretend its infernal right I will say this were getting a lot of damage a lot of Shields and a lot of like stuff going on you know its a lot of people I hit none of them cool I thought I had another one that actually the damage kind of piled on theres another layer cauterize to get on there Im gonna go invisible get through here might be able to get that kill gotta line up them shots silence embarrassing is there a willow behind us I think there is I see her I got her we did it team look at us go were gonna try to get here without them seeing us and then try to kill this saris without them killing us stop it oh that BK is super oh I cant hurt him dont worry Ill throw the coin inside and then it didnt work spring is coming shes just hacking away at that homie I was telling people a story its fine its fine oh we barely avoided that Sarah do not heal that guy whatever you two dont heal that guy is but you get whats behind me just stacking up 800 bombs what are we gonna do here its just gonna happen I mean I guess I should start running towards him I guess I can get kill the hill three or Nimble three what do you think chat let me know down in the polls text 313 here at commie studio and let me know for one yes and two no I dont remember the question also I dont know if you just include that into the number that you text no you just text the number it could be the number it could be the it could be the letters right in case anyone was worried I wouldnt make the right decision I did go with number three no not the doorbell everything is going wrong dude so heres the thing as he was going down he said oh no oh above me oh almost got one shot off as he was dying he gives me a shield what a gentleman I dont remember I was talking about before here at commys Studio dont think we can get to the oh my goobers they look like they were there you know like I was like it was like almost VR okay just gotta hit those shots oh he hit a midair that was sweet should you get one more shot on him maybe one more if he tries to go to the right naisu we tell them no we tell them stop it dont worry I have coins I dont worry I have coins do not deny my coins 300 damage and my Eevees dead this is what happens oh it was worth it for the Reddit Montage here at commys Studio we go for the highest octane Frags I honestly am just thinking depth hands oh got him on the way out look at you oh my goobers oh thank you for the shield but I gotta wait for these to blow up Music until it is hitbox girlfriend oops you got Paladins hitbox for free and then we just get out for free right were just invisible boys I have barely been using like you get out of that imagine see how close we can get to Old oh no why did I get sucked in I said back the other way you silly goose monster no that was weird I dont know why that happened what are we at right now 21 well get there on a bright I know we can get Deft hands one oh I almost fell off I almost thought about going that would have been done just hope we dont get blasted before you know oh no shes got ice blocks she got out Hook is down gotta make sure to put as much pressure I think were at the point where oh no we take those we take those oh we take those people just think to yourself like man I should have said like here at County Industries we take those but I didnt you know but 74 of our old 75 of all thats a lot man oh wait what killed me I feel like I got killed by a DOT I got a little bit too cocky I got two of them down to like one hell but they were able to get back and get their cot healed up so we went a bit too hard I think we were able to for the most part negate things are they on point they are okay oh I shot that instead of that youre stupid thank you well thank you I dont know if I could hit another shot my wrist was in a weird angle oh hes juking bro hes Juke and Timber is on nibble three Nimble one oh right of course with the level five maxed out where you get the move to speed no dude he doesnt have that at all what Chris listen oh this time I didnt buy Deftones this is how is that big old chunkster move so you know its the low gravity BK still coming yep you got to be pooping me oh he went across what a play yeah oh no resilience three cool we cant miss those saris will be coming back out in a second did she die thats really good oh Music oh its getting intense up in here Dismount some you dont get many games like that all right GG well played uh Timber says Tommy we go again but Im literally playing any other Champion it always happens right it always happens that way I swear 192 000 shielding from torvald thats a lot of shielding and I dont know Im pretty sure just people shooting into a shield counts as at is shielding and I know his recharge and his max Shield I think got buffed or something even reduce the cooldown yeah torbolds got a lot of Buffs 138 000 damage all right we got a decent amount barely got above the dredge which I think is okay we were hitting a decent amount of shots I went a little too cocky sometimes we should have negated about two deaths out of that but you know we take those its not t really good thats skin pretty cool where is it at pretty cool man look at the fins dude and like the the little flappy boy back there anyway let me think about salty down in the comments and let me know down in the comments if you want me to play a certain Champion right uh uh do Champion suggestion in the comments and then just put whatever you want Talent Champion should I stand on my head while doing it dont do that one I probably wont do that but I may do the rest of the you know Quest you dont want to see anyway its enough talking for me I hope you enjoyed it Ill see you next time hey thanks for watching Im not gonna be one of those people who asks you to like And subscribe so not gonna ask steam search for installed games Cheap 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