Steam disable auto update for all gamesis sea of thieves cross platform steam and xbox PALADINS® game Music welcome back everybody it is time for our grand finals here the whole weekend has culminated to sanguin vs. team project the two North American teams and Kresnik sanguine hasnt lost yet but they have been pushed close a couple times yeah and we know that project has the capability to do it theyre the only team other than the amateur team Yeezy pogchamp and some of the tier 2 tournaments that have taken down sanguine in the past earlier in the season but sanguine have really evolved since then I think project have to wit from how they looked earlier in this tournament 6o in both Brazilian teams both combined and project theyre gonna be coming into this matchup angry for sure against sanguine does it concern you at all that in the last set project lost against five healers and five flanks do you think that that is a knock on them coming into this set they lost against district 69 I think that thats what it is more than anything it was crazy comps but it was a team thats been been playing them and if crazy comes what knocks them down then maybe sang when playing this similar thing most of the time with a triple DPS why do you liking con on solo tank they have kind of very similar styles maybe now that they thought they lose to though is maybe they can beat these consistent cops yeah could be sanguine is a team that might not surprise you necessarily with what theyre picking all the time but well just straight-up out play you the mature at a time once they load in with that style of composition I mean it is that a disadvantage for them here you think uh possibly but I think theyre flexible enough within their boundaries that it doesnt hurt too much I know we were talking before the games today about how yesterday project were trying to ban out go Girton you cant do that really hes flexible enough across what he wants to do were being locked wont hurt them as long as theyre still flexible in the roles of what they like to do understandable and so now that we found the way to get go-gurt on comfort picks even when hes being targeted feel like sanguine or going up against sanguine is going to be at a little bit of a different look here for team project and theyve gotten one shot at it and they got close three two is where they lost but now its time to see if they get revenge no actual advantage here for saying one either theyre just straight-up five on or best of five in this set so theyve got to win three if they want to be the summer finals champion take a look at those maps here pretty soon because I want to see exactly what were gonna be playing on first its stone keep to lead us off sanguine xb and bright marsh and frog Isle whereas Jaguar falls in fish market band my project to the first map that jumps out at me your kresnik that has not been banned his bizarre yeah I hope we get to see it because I really do love that map but I think it actually can lend itself to sanguine if they want to pick it later I know this is for sure their pick because they do love stone keep but this are open they can run their snipers the back lines they like and it also is good for the flanks to buck can jump over the walls and chip people with no midair inaccuracy it could be great for them but for now were honest dont keep imap sanguine like its very comfortable for them they can play on either side of the map with their composition and their Nora and Evie bands are gonna be just as good here as anywhere else feel like IO is not performed as well as we might have expected we saw cuss play her a couple times in that last set and it didnt really do as much as I was really expecting that could really change the whole dynamic of picks and bans cuz IO has felt like a permabanned up until this point and I wouldnt be shocked to see them still ban it with how good sanguine have been with it but if any team can let it through right now I think its project because theyre the only team willing to play dredge dredge is this hard counter to IO by a level a bulldozer one shoot broadside OnPoint Luna literally has no survival instincts and will just sit there and take that 3.5 thousand three point five K damage excuse me if they can do that one shot will take her down and if thats what theyre relying on to let the rest of the team get aggressive you just cut that immediately it could be a great counter pick for them well io will still be the first pick here for sanguine theyre not going to be too worried about that dredge at least at the very beginning here team project I I imagine well go to that pick but do they feel like they need to do it now is there any threat that sanguine will end up taking it away from them later on in the draft I think is the real question mark but no jenos are Corvis two of the weve seen a lot of with Grover band cuss going to that yang selection which seems to have picked up some steam though might not because on the yang instead because project has drafted two supports already in the furia two supports is definitely getting more popular as this tournament goes on and this is a double global up composition as long as they have players that wants you are at Kok champions excuse me that wants to get aggressive with that with the illusory rift with the inflame that can really take advantage of it its a great core no matter what side of the map you play on you can cover ground and get healed in doesnt matter who you have thats never gonna be bad and drocks us therefore sanguine might be able to get into that backline and cause these healers some trouble though and now Bob King whos been played an awful lot but maybe not quite as much success as we might have expected locked in here for sanguine as well so both teams a little bit light on frontline though as we saw in the last send that doesnt mean a whole lot of anything because its been that consistently in fact here we go team project and through three picks have picked three healers and remember they just played against district 69 who beat them with a very similar composition but the willow ban I think was kind of important for that composition to work do you feel like sanguine can still fit a willow in there I think so but it is gonna be someone a little bit off comfort I would assume that would be poison on it but Im sure cool or go-gurt one of them probably go-gurt would be able to make that work and itll help significantly I dont even know if they need having bomb King against crock and Grover if they dont have Grover cuz its banned but having bomb King against crop crock helps a ton via the AoE damage hitting everybody spreading cauterize and destroying the totem all of that combined it I think its more than enough in sanguine agree locking and to comfort picks in the end kanessa for cool and confer water yeah a lot of a lot of just staying at home here for sanguine they dont get baited I think by what team project is doing in project thinking about sticking to the theme at this point you may as well write and go with that jenos which was a linchpin I felt like for district 69 performing well with this composition but they decide to go with Inara maybe a little bit of a last-minute pivot do you feel like the Inara is better than the 5th heeler could have been heros are pretty good in Nara hero with five with four supports its probably gonna be a little bit scarier but thats a terrifying comp on the other side and my biggest concern is who is getting uncool who is pressuring this kanessa this kanessa is going to be doing whatever they want in the backline no Matt no amount of healing I think can get through the burst damage that that cool not missing a head shot will bring and cool looking calm cool and collected in the back of this game I imagine whos gonna get to him is right maybe the grok bounce damage can cause him some problems but as long as cool is pretty isolated I dont really see that happening either team projects looking to take a strap that worked against them and use it against sanguine do you think its enough to win Game one this grok is going to have to make his tempest so good this team is gonna have to be speed boosted pass everybody straight into this kanessa because if theyre not cool is going to have a field day sanguine and team project sanguine looking to complete the sweep and not drop a set here at the summer finals Dave and gore bringing you the final set of the summer funds thank you very much aggro and kresnik it is Dolson and gore miser and gore there is a lot on the line here for both of these teams you know bragging rights maybe up towards the top there but the PPC summer final champion above all else it is sanguine and team project both teams from na doing battle once again and project have brought us something interesting and cool will respond in kind if nobodys gonna check in lets just rotate around the entire team the one thing I think that project have going for them in this one is literally going to be the fact that the Senora should remain unkillable shes already a healing sponge and now shes got four people super able to capitalize on that you lose go-gurt and cool early on here I think this croc I think Brock lanky heres gonna actually cause a lot of trouble for them I think this combination of damage and healing they have its just gonna make the core o2 difficult to break apart right we expect to see this do well somewhat early on here before those cauterizes really start to swing unfortunately though poison plenty good at controlling that space on the backside shadow is sorry the one on the Inara this game worth mentioning not hero as we may be expected in with that sanguine is able to bully out project from contesting on this mid 81% for a blue side a couple members of project group trying to - their way away and its hero on the furia who ends up going down and then Ill be point number one over to tank I think thats gonna be the essence of how they break apart team project right its gonna be very awkward but I mean admittedly they have the stronger team comp as a whole here on sanguine so it should happen more often than not the fact that this game started on what I would argue as a trip for them is going to cause a little bit of difference with advanced into those cauterizes its still gonna be solid healing its only sixty percent at max as they get it towards Tier three but even still its gonna make it more difficult specifically for shadow to be able to withstand a lot of the sandwich there on the Inara and I agree with you know maybe the biggest talking point here and its cool on this kanessa and how hes gonna be dealt with it almost seems like its gonna have to be a miss positioning from him or what were seeing here or project bowls over the rest of sanguine and then really its just cool left alive on the back with the teleporter luckily mobile enough to keep him out and fist up to the high ground is gonna try to kill off who and rock buggy is successful in doing so the seismic crash up to the high ground there as well sanguine trying to force the issue return some damage on this team project defense and bash right back through hero has found the stun reversal back through on a cutie and the final shot is there for the furia poison though through the King bomb its gonna look for the stun down on a shadow in are aplenty healthy enough to get out alive all seems to be equal here at least where we stand and mostly equal there in terms of the voting as well 49 to 51 just very ever so slightly in favor of project and honestly maybe because we saw this work earlier the the biggest thing about this draft and the thing that it has going for it much like what we saw on prime arson the last set is that if all five of them are standing strong on project its gonna be damn near impossible to take them down in a teamfight but the minute you get rid of one its just like dominoes after that they might be able to find some pigs in the in retaliation but they cant stand up as strong they lose too much of the total the image and the total healing that actually keeps everyone alive and it does start to fall apart where poison can really start to hit his mark off around this side this hero in cuts cutie and you can see the sustain that they have at least at the moment its hard for a poison to fully knock down even the squishiest targets here euros gonna pop the inflame ten seconds left this might be the fight to decide the round whether sanguine go up 200 or were tied at one going into the next mid fight losing rocked monkey difficult 14 project to swallow but gee bunny and what answer back with the kill of his own this could be a big a curse an arm a lot of damage down on the shadow but seismic crash its a good healing keeps him alive stun down as go-gurt good son there from here oh well - is out are gonna keep go Road alive the big difference maker gore miser would be the response for a project but it might not matter its a tempest by rock monkey off to the side he goes but the reinforcements just on the other side oh and being able to find that kill go-gurt with that final shot almost dead the reversal up in time I think that was just well played by sanguine well calculated and timed for a lot of those abilities even losing wadu and such an unfortunate position to be able to turn that around is incredible for them and they force out a lot of comfort notes there for project Mino illusory rift no inflame from the fury oh those two are typically wind buttons in and of themselves you hit that and it should be able to be the teamfight thats damage and movement speed in healing if theyre used together plus you get the same things coming down from rock monkey healing movement speed if he uses the tempest in line with it theres a lot that stacks up and makes projects team fight something ridiculous and to be feared but right now I mean cools playing it far back gogurts finding a lot of return kills and being able to use his reversal and face of a lot of this damage and so far poisons just kind of chillin its the only way I can describe it on his bomb King I mean hes having a good game has I had anything thats been like the most stellar thing but I expect this king bomb at least this round to make a big difference so Im gonna have some teamfight Ultimates of their own and overpower from Waddy who connects early on a hero cool snags the second kill of the mid fight already its gonna be a full-on domino sweep force Anglin one more punch in the shadow will get it done team project now back at respawning almost as soon as it started and you look at the Ultimates I got use overpower headhunter thats it still be gone in a king bomb waiting for sanguine and I think the way that theyre able to get this aggressive like you said the begun available and theyre playing the right angle not only is this an area where you can get a kill with this ultimate but its also just the easiest way to say get away from the objective you catch them around the corner they have to come around and youre gonna be able to open it up and they didnt even get to touch here if your project a go-gurt misses one shot that hits three and that spells death for heroes is where poison can flourish as well its where youve seen the bomb King and expect to continue to see him and Ive sustained one final shot from go-gurt would have gotten it done over on the Cusk you to you in poison its able to find it a poppy bomb backward is gonna try to buy some space between poison and shadow moon is just gonna keep the payload standing where its at cool still left unchecked its a fifteen streak on the kanessa streak watch poison will shut him down for a double though and a triple kill for the bomb King is the payload continues to roll oh my goodness poison cannot be stopped missile Hail Mary at the very in there just the long range up hell throw for that bomb to connect still has the King bomb but thats gonna be the in flame coming up soon illusory rip just now popped a lot to keep team project in this but poisoned doesnt care poison its looking to win the game here did stunts out on the one its a dread serve into the high grandfather Steve doing his best to sustain the bomb King but its not enough here the reinforcements through from team project but a costs him all of the available Ultimates at the times are no surprise that sang when losing the fight here this project used most of their utility but its a second wind fight gore that I think you have to be worried about theres still a minute and 10 seconds left sanguine close to that overpower be gone not used yet still a fight to win for sanguine and you didnt even get to kill everyone that you could finally taking down wadu getting rid of cool I think these staggers might make the biggest difference you do cause a very big set ladder here for sanguine in terms of respawning although no group doesnt seem to have gotten the memo did cause a little bit of distress on the other side you get the tempest dread serpents almost back up and thats the problem theres so many alts the chargeback aint not only fast on team but because theyre so potent theyre almost at the point where they can once again just say cool were gonna hit a and were gonna win the fight because of it once they get the illusory riffs back online once they get that inflame back online it almost seals the deal for a defense yes opposed to yours charge their Ultimates quickly anyway when you got five of them its gonna be a little bit faster and a curse at arm trying to plug some shots down on a hero but gee bunny is there to peel for this fewer I guess and over power over on the shadows gonna toss C&R off the map this could be it sanguine rolling the forward and theyre gonna take map number one potentially it the begun doesnt connect rock cookie goes down but now youre throwing bodies on the pile and sanguine are happy with that they take map number one I think unfortunately its the opposite of the case you know project brought a standard draft into that kind of composition that district 69 played in the first map for bright Marsh and they got rolled by what district 69 were able to bring unfortunately for them sing one its not an easy team to roll they are very solid and I think Triple D psi again ton of comfort pics that come into this as well it was just solid for them from the beginning and I think what were gonna end up seeing is wadu slowly but surely claw back his Khan win rate as best he can remember when we saw these two teams play this is largely how the individual games win it went it went all five but the games were four rows four ones when one of the two teams is winning they do it pretty convincingly at sanguine who strike first in the single best of five grand finals will go back to the desk to break down game number one thank you Dave and gore that five supports well four supports in a healer or a tank does not do quite as well as the five supports did for district 69 Kresnik the the composition that time did not work in it was just as you were worried about cool got to stay in the back and just click heads without a whole lot of pressure on him yeah they couldnt get into him if they wanted to because of the bomb King in the way they they have to use their healing to burst through a choke point everyones getting cleaved for like 900 damage its caught 250 percent of that healing that youre relying on isnt there they just they have no fallback when you commit so hard onto a strategy like that and it was a pretty easy win for sanguine after the fact I mean that the front lining there from the con was solid baller Steve on that IO was fantastic on keeping up his his low health carries when he needed to when they needed to and from there it was kind of easy mode it felt like I mean poison was killing it on the bomb King sanguine just firing on all cylinders but as Dave mentioned this is kind of how their last showdown when these teams tend to snowball on one another for water for one reason or another and project can maybe stop that snowball if they get rid of the comfort pics from sanguine and that was a problem that projects have had for a long time that they ban what they think is what sanguin rely on and they they ignore the con the IO on these other picks if theyre willing to to strike at those players and force them into characters that maybe dont allow the draft to do quite as much I could see them doing better but I mean look at look at when they get characters like this yes why who died more than most of his team but he still bought a lot of time the CC was so useful itll get caught three pretty quickly and Steve 23 assists hes a part of every single kill in that game more or less thats incredible I mean 12 and 3 therefore cool 13 kills for poison both hitting the 89 thousand damage mark thats gonna get the job done more often than not even ball is Steve contributing a decent amount of damage with a 25k himself so now if your team project you tried the the weird option you tried to do what d69 kind of showed you could work now maybe you return to those more traditional drafts yeah theyre like thats thats not our style we gave it an attempt but definitely not anymore I expect to see project hopefully go back to something that theyre more comfortable with while also hitting sanguine where theyre comfortable thats why you have to win this I think that they have a lot of flexibility on project I feel maybe Bunny will struggle if you have to put him on to a DPS but keep him on a tank maybe move move hero to a support and then shift whatever you have to do to counter sanguine and not give them what has been winning them every single game Wellstone keep you said is a great map for sanguine theyve looked really good on it now its time to see if can match that type of performance on serpent beach now it is worth noting that this is I but would this be projects map pick here Kresnik because they lost on serpent beach against t69 this this has got to be their map pick because sanguine segments for sure pics dont get if project picked stone keep into sanguine Id be surprised saying what have looked so dominant on that map so team project with the first pic we can safely assume I think this is their map and this means they can take away that IO they dont necessarily have to ban it out they can take it for themselves and and abuse that point time that they can get for free wala fights going off well talus has been a consistent banned by team project throughout the losers finals and now the grand finals something to be worth noting at least as Evy banned by sanguine another champion thats been banned quite a bit and now youre looking at grover whos kind of taken over as a ban for for a lot of teams Vivian has been another consistent ban here from Project feels like projects should be able to get a healer they prioritize whether it be Grover or IO here yeah no matter what theyll get theyll get one of the two that they like I know sanguine has been trying to take it away from cus does seem comfortable for them and with it open they could take it here I was off the table but they could also go for con they could go for the victor which remains like a couple choices that will hurt sanguine and wont hurt them Andrew could be one of them too weve seen poison do a ton on this pick and serpent Beach is one of his best maps that verticality ability to poke from the far side he can bring a lot to the table on certain beach so its first pick and rock cyst which means Victor is still open and I gotta say kresnik just coming in being an observer during this weekend I feel like Victor always delivers on what you want from this character I mean hes always doing so much damage its so consistent I dont feel like youre ever giving anything up by going Victor early on in the draft and to see sanguine get both Victor and Grover here I feel like theyre setting themselves up for a great draft 100% and Vig that Victors gonna be so hard to kill if that and Roxas goes in not only as Victor getting 40% of his damage returned his lifesteal hes getting this constant passive healing from the grover plus the burst plus the CC potential with the enter and buck this is a this is a draft that can dive the Vic but we know theyre gonna pick the right fights whether its cool or go grid playing it were gonna leave a fight before it gets bad and guess project know that because theyre picking a lot of Lakers to chase him down yeah this looks exactly like what d69 picked on this exact map against project in the losers finals this all flank sort of option Drogos was a part of that draft though for D 69 and it felt like a pretty important one to bring that extra blaster damage and some good long range poke so that something to watch out for but sanguine again theyre staying at home theyre not worrying too much Im not like project were often trying to pick things to counter what the opposition was doing on D 69 it was a Torvald against this particular composition it was the Taira against the five supports I kind of like sanguine strategy of were just gonna play our game and well just beat you anyways they shifted slightly though they have the double support and one of them is moving towards that jenos that extra healing that extra damage boost can help the victor trade even better more damage means more lifesteal and hes gonna drain your health bar faster so making that victory even stronger plus cons appeal for and potentially theres a lot of ways they can stop a flank dive between all the CC they have less theyre all gonna be walking an open sight line to a victor yeah its gonna be difficult I think is Bob King is the Blaster of choice here for projects not the Drogos the d69 had and there will be a support in this draft for team project in that Corvis do you like the the change of pace from theyve kind of adopted these 2d 69 drafts that beat them and put their own spin on them it did not work insane game number one do you think that this adjustment is better here in game number two I think corpus is a good choice for this as long as its Corvis playing with the bomb King so we can have a constant hell target mark up two of the flankers switch to the mark to bomb King if you need to pocket one person in particular and and you can keep your team up when they wouldnt otherwise its something that kind of needed because the amount of sustain on the other side is is unreal so far depending on what they end with if its a survivable flanker then they they absolutely needed that little burst of healing to go through well its gonna be Cassie someone pretty mobile in her own right but might have find it difficult survive through all this backline dive here from project I just feel like Im surprised the project is going with something this risky at least on paper in a game that feels like a mere must-win I mean you do not want to go down 2-0 against the team that has it lost to set yet yeah its risky for sure but its a map where verticality can win games all those characters can go up we saw how it worked for D 69 but they had a little bit more damage is that what made it work project is is hoping that thats not that wasnt the key to turn it against them well see if that is that the key here for project or if theyve gotten enough damage of their own right has sanguine drafted enough healing between the Genesis and the Grover to find their game to victory and put themselves just one game away from winning a summer finals team project continuing with the interesting compositions here gore miser will it pay off on serpent beach what remains to be seen I agree with what the desk is saying though they take something that we saw in our previous set adapted a little bit this time its adding in Corvis for a little extra healing its the adaptation that Im a little unsure of though when it comes down to it I think the reason drogas worked well was because this is a good map for drogas right the reason that you were able to see them find success was because they also had Eevee someone who functions functionally well on this map as it is I feel like things may be taken away enough here on the side of sanguine to make sure that team project can try to replicate what d69 did but I mean even then it was a 3/3 I just dont know if its gonna have enough punch to really break through remember you have a luminary boost on sanguine side as well so you have three DPS plus some extra damage on top of it might even up the scales just a little bit rock monkey stable to pepper down cool for the first kill of the game for team project but sanguine has answered back with two of their own its 27% for the red side on the point already a couple responds back from project theyre gonna put them within range just by backing out our Steve throwing some good long-range axes here rock monkey thinks hes found a free route into the back line here but enough peel and damage from baller Steve is gonna put down the Koga once more and sag when they havent really been moved just yet not at all and honestly its the wherewithall go-gurt being the one thats on this Janos right now very good hitscan weve seen the damage you could do or a little bit earlier but giving ballers Steve the Grover I think is actually more essential than what you would have thought just because of the fact that hes making a lot of these little clutch heels you know granted its pretty easy I would say to make sure people are in it but hes in the right position staying safe himself getting good damage out there and its been these little wannabe ones like you said rock monkey gets to the back line it looks like you could do something and baller Steve is there just to make sure that youre gonna need about three more clips to make this workout successfully and thats happening every time even right there making sure poison can stay alive through the engagement yeah man this is a great angle to be watching power Steve a big root on the G bunny keeping his team alive is there able to regain control of the fight and push the payload forward and thats the area thats difficult to break when the enemy team has that free high ground thats where you see these serpent beach games really Saul out well-timed whirlwind from baller Steve delays the backline dive once for rock monk you route it down taken down by poison its crust qtu trades out one kill of his own one-for-one trade respawn advantage though definitely 14 project just a little bit closer here you have a Laster whirlwind though gore miser could be a big difference maker I think its not going to end up hurting you as much as they would like on the other side still a lot of good healing and honestly Grover counters this composition its the one thing same gonna have that I think is going to make it so much easier for them because if he bounces a deep roots axe on to anyone well that stops buck from jumping away Andrew from dashing away bomb King from bouncing away koga from - boy like he just locks them up so well here that team project youre gonna end up feeling that one eight ways to Sunday whats mist con ultimate but at what cost to your power Steve somehow stays alive yet again king balm searching for a target custody unable to find it but now theres a bomb king in the backline here if youre sanguine but what do you care if the payload is inching its way forward anyway sang would have now won six straight points two of them here on serpent beach and theyre doing something on the desk I had kind of sudden was alluding earlier the team project theoretically against a calm position much like the one that theyre running when they you know you bring in a tank you bringing a healer you play something more standard in and to accomplish this you should win out of the merit purely that you have objective control like thats it you have objective control theres no qualifier to it you just automatically have more potency around payloads and point fights than the other team is going to for project to win this they have to win a fight and a half granted they do have comeback mechanic here so that is gonna make a pretty big difference for them but you have to be able to eradicate sanguine and so far youve been having trouble even getting just break hills let alone trying to get rid of the team its a good stun poison unable to follow up on the damage first scale over to shadow but immediately answered back by water you on the con route down on a rock monkey how many times have we seen that story the Koga searching for something in the back line but heavily mitigated by the lockdown that sanguine is able to provide rock monkey now goes down as G bunny and go-gurt left alone in the back a void grip will certainly see to the end of this buck eventually its poison who puts the final nail in that coffin and sanguine yet again gore miser have gained control of the mid fight and thats such a big stagger on the G bunny as well this is a another team comp that really only works if you have everyone available for it to have an all-out assault and youre staggered out now your bomb King staggered out you dont have a blaster now he rose even further beyond that this is just honestly at this point its Englands game to lose with how well their plans Im not sure were even I get to a point where project have a chance to fight back it is point two number three for sanguine five-and-a-half minutes in to serpent Beach the North American first seed has dropped some maps but no sets yet this weekend looks like this mare the the map perfection at least looking like it might continue here on certain beach pending a big comeback from keen project shadow and Cascadia are gonna combine for a couple of kills here thats gonna set sanguine spans back just a little bit longer but no worries for fall our Steve except maybe protecting the 17 streak of his you start - Ill get the Ultimates though theyre gonna be swinging back and forth year Gore - or varsity finally taken down notably the overpower thats connecting here Id have been a big tool that sang when were able to use to get this payload moving yeah I would have gotten you back much easier especially the poison getting a double kill right there after you have one clean kill coming out shot from the con as well would have made it well and yeah go-gurt I think showcasing another reason gymnast can work well in this is actually more in vein right I was talking earlier about how weve seen binary starchiness in the past and how its looked pretty solid but console guys were the ones who ran it first and console guys are the ones that actually made it look good and I think thats the case here plus 2400 damage on his own guess what that kills every single member of project if you can get them in there so go-gurt has that one-shot potential built into his kit right now this needs to charge it back up shadow has been pivotal where the kogas may be fallen shorty and rock this has been there to finish off some kills cus QT opening things up once more with a kill from the bomb King on the back side of this fight bar Steve moving forward to try to peel rock monkey away from his carries hasnt failed at doing so yet and gonna continue to work out here yura has pulled back one and thats on the wadi so the solo tank for saying were no longer in the fray please for the next ten or so second toys back and respawning cuts QD down onto the ground a little bit over extended or basaltic will be dropped down over onto the payload this is where you have to be careful though if youre sanguine waiting for your pieces to kind of reconnect and not overstay yeah theyre trying to stay around this and honestly I will give this the sanguine beautifully positioned so far around baller Steve it is something insane to see because most of the time Grover is only be feeling the brunt of it his range isnt infinite but now this whirlwind is gonna make it even easier for up it in the over power rock Bucky cuts cutie shadow theyre all down at through time and space to peel off the payload this ones going in sanguine of one eight straight points two straight maps core were 15 minutes into this set and saengmin are one game away from lifting a crown near the PPC summer finals I mean yesterday we saw and the day before weve seen what can happen if even when you do push sanguine to the limit they closed out most of their maps and four zeroes it was just hey you were able to get a four zero back but if you cant stall them you cant slow them down and youre not gonna stop them and youre definitely not gonna be able to take a map off on they this is a team that has been grinding incredibly hard you can tell theyre taking this seriously and much like the desk has been pointing out theyre playing nothing but comfort pics they are happy right now in this set I loved what we saw out of our Steve this game and I love the addition of the Genesis as well the binary star a little extra damage so wasnt the the massive damage boost that were used to seeing but little extra healing keeps the the quad DPS at bay this time around sanguine they go back-to-back one game away from taking the summer finals crown well go back to Ryan though to break down game number two man if you thought that you could afford to get up and grab a snack or something like that its the beginning of grand finals sanguine is gone five games against everybody they played against we know its gonna be a long one well you might have missed two games already were sanguine has now clean swept back-to-back games up against team project I mean Kresnik I know projects got with some some risky compositions here are some different looks but I just dont know that thats really the whole story it feels like sanguine is just out playing them right now Im so surprised that theyre trying to rely on this after how they did yesterday it was so close with them both kind of playing their their comforts project played what they wanted sang play what they wanted it was still to the wire I guess after playing d69 after losing their like maybe theres merit but I feel like Finals against a team that you have not the best blood with is is not the place to be pulling out these comps that you you have not had the time yeah I think its pretty clear that they havent had that time on it but its equally clear that sanguine looks as comfortable as ever I think Dave was completely correct to point out baller Steve on this Grover man what a performance from him yeah having having the Grover AoE healing if youre just getting chipped away by someone trying to engage its so hard to burst through the Grover healing hes there he has the CC as well which makes it very hard for for anyone to actually want to get aggressive lets say bunny jumps in tries to engage suddenly hes routed youre getting hit by a Cassie Blashaw combo or youre just getting jet assaulted off of that too so many ways to set up off of like a six second cooldown yeah it was really impressive here from saying across the board the the small adjustment they made to bring in the jenos to try and handle all this extra damage did they were gonna be seeing in this game feels like sanguine is in complete control and they havent done anything super far out of their comfort zone I mean thats got to be a huge advantage by the way thirteen and one for go-gurt on that Janos pick yeah thats pretty good fifteen and four for poison I mean it just feels like sanguine hasnt shown anything crazy you assume theyve got something still in the back pocket if they need it but it certainly doesnt look like they will at this rate I mean this was part of what could be in the back pocket the binary star jenos against the the high flank team having that relativity five in the in the kit having pin number five in the kit its 35% lifesteal at 200 health per second constantly being applied to go-gurt its why he got away with with that 13 and 1 anytime someone drove him he was getting so much self sustain just like dredge except he also can be healing his team and has it one of the best set of bolts they have yeah its pretty easy for him whatever hes playing that well so now we go to ice mines a map where it is worth noting team project dominated district 69 just a little bit ago that was the fourth game of that set they for owed on that map so maybe something there for 14 project to try and get some momentum back yeah thats a map that can go long if they think they can win more in the late game they can slow down sanguine to momentum at the very least but weve also seen sanguine just dominate on this map and its another one that I think is gonna come down to draft you can win or lose so easily on ice mines in the pics and fans and I think project do you have to target sanguine a little bit harder I get that theyre banning the vivianne and the talus but sanguine have shown proficiency on so many other champions that are around that they could pick a BK into this talus or or a Cassie or over these characters that I think performed excellently into them but instead again they just take it off the table they dont want to have to draft around it yeah they really dont want to deal with it especially when sanguine just showed you how good their jenos can be do you really want to give the peanut butter to that jelly of that ultimate right so now you got to put yourself a position where youre still down kind of a ban in a way as Evy taken away by sanguine it has been Vivian here every single time for project and that trend continues so now sanguine in a similar position to last game where you have to the band either IO or Grover or you could leave them both open and at least snag one for yourself yeah now I oh I are going down Grovers not as high priority on this map I would say its still good but its definitely not a first pick rover yeah we just won the draft I think a 10 could even go there instead the project you want to keep to their comfort they saw how good Steve did last game on it they want to have those AoE heals have that CC and and it might be something that can stem sanguine aggression a little bit one root on the flank especially if you catch someone during a mobility cooldown can hurt things a lot in bomb King though as a character that I would say is not going to be affected by that very much yeah bomb king exactly what you want to see here I think if youre rooting for sanguine its just such a high priority pick on ice pines in particular and that in conjunction with the con is sanguine what do you know sticking at home and going back to those comfort Vics if you dont lose that dont stop picking it no reason to this con is has been excellent for them on solo tank a lot of defensive cooldowns that the rest of Wahoos team is able to help him get the most out of he he shields he shouts he backs up and while theyre thanked saying oh this con doesnt have anything left lets go go go go thats when the rest of them are cleaning up on it but I think projects have a have a good follow up there Victor the the third controller carry champion that is what theyre labeling it as off the table in their hands and terminus is Freight on ice mines especially into boxing shut down a lane make it so much harder for that con indicates to push you as long as you keep your distance I mean project get two of the the highest priority picks it feels like on ice mines and Victor and terminus but saying were not going to let that con solo tank this time theyll lock in the Inara and now a ying pick up yang continues to have a meteoric rise in value as weve gotten later on in this tournament this is actually a great pick for yang as us as a solo support here Yin on ice mines can dismount the enemy through the gates as you roll out so hitscan support instead of Bexar over they can actually get everybody knocked down instead of maybe the one person the axe manages to hit I also I like project picking up appear evil mojo one of the best Ultimates in the game put it on pip hes also a blaster has that a we control and on mother for a third support the CC it can go over the kanji LIF they catch an R with her dr down they could potentially burn her from 100 to 0 with a comfort they have interesting to go three support here for project but it feels a little bit more cohesive i would say than some of the drafts that weve seen from them so far in the grand finals in a last pick Tyra what do you make of that one cresting got the built-in cauterize and the fire bomb or you can run the mercy kill instead to stop from getting douve I would say you expect burn monster throw it on the side they cant really dive you as quickly and you have that space control which is also valuable on ice its gonna be fun to watch sanguine looking to try and have the best performance weve probably ever seen in the grand finals they are just four rounds away and if they get them consecutively to not drop a round in the grand finals would be unbelievable do you think they wrap it up here Chris I think they can with the draft that they have Im just curious to see them actually playing double tank for once who is gonna be on an aura and whos gonna be on Khan dont have to wait long to find out sanguine looking to be our Victors at the summer finals they just have one more map to go will it be ice mines timon changing up what has literally worked from them from qualifying day one into the PPC through eight straight points in the grand final into what could be the final game in the grand final it isnt that triple dps for the first time that I can remember it all potentially I guess technically could be depending on the tablett choices here but what do you make of this this final pivot here Gore for sanguine honestly I dont mind it just because I realized its go-gurt thats gonna be on that con so we all know that hes playing fat Victor not con we know exactly how this play style is gonna go for him I think the tire is an interesting pickup Im excited to see how it does shake out because much like this you put the fire ball in the right spot you control the spreading with an Aras wall and you make it very difficult for project to showcase what I would argue is not only their best draft of this set maybe the best draft theyve had today say for the one they had on stone keep against d69 and I mean it fits well for ice minds but youre corralling it perfectly ignite I like this combination here gogurts tons down shadow and cool is there to finish off some of the damage immediately team project pushed back only one kill to be found so far for saying when the fire bomb has done wonder so far in controlling where team project can move and I imagine this one will as well gonna burn down Corral project off to the right and thats when sanguine moved themselves forward to looking for some damage 81% now on the finest shadow has rejoined the fray of this fight 93% looking for it much now is team project but Giovanni not in time the fire bomb is there to confirm a little bit of damage rock monkey with the barrage is gonna plug away some of his own but its point number one when its all said and done over to sanguine thats just a triple cure for Cooleys little low right now just gonna cause some trouble forum so hero does get the kill but I think I mean being able to start it off like that maybe a good clap back here from project to slow this down thats probably one of the strongest ways to control the payload push on his point in the game and that theyve that was just unfortunate yeah youre thinking youve got yourself a free kill but enough yang sustain is gonna keep that chicken and squishy of my fee live and now that could be a big difference maker go-gurt would have really pushed down on the gas had that over power connected but unfortunately not shadow does now go down to poison in the meantime the onslaught is here good roots down though on the same gonna kind of keep them at bay this is where the pace can really pick up though especially when poison this is gonna find a moment to get aggressive on this bomb King I got to say it yesterday Dave and I can feel it again but this was one of the og Pro Bob King picks is poison being able to bring it hes made it look good for years now and being able to put him on a comfortable map for bomb King with a comfortable player on him its just gonna make it so much more difficult hero uses the reanimate there I wouldnt be surprised to see it maybe come back and bite them with poisons positioner thats a dread serpent used by custody and that will give some space to team project to move out of their base nice cool Eve shots there from sanguine or from team project rather at shadow whos doing most of the damage here and thats gonna be the full-on stagger onto a wah do whos here on the Sonora and that was the backs against the wall moment there Gore couldnt have come a moment sooner for team project the dread serpent used a reanimate was used just a few moments ago as well you look at sanguine now with 30 seconds left and you wonder maybe what theyre comfortable spending ultimate wise to give themselves a chance now I dont know if you want to invest you heavily into this over powers of 65 70 percent theyre for the seismic crash but like if you want to use King bomb maybe it opens it back up but youve got 50 seconds and its ice mines yeah the perfect score is pretty nice and I think being able to get a four oh here and just completely 1200 clean sweep the finals would be sick but I dont know if its worth investing the risk its not going to happen here it is a barrage spent by project defensively to get the kill over on to cool and that was essentially all she wrote for that defensive sandwich for a moment there like sanguine is gonna be able to push through but a good defense from projects ought to it at the red side was stalled out ROC buggy you know needs to be pivotal I think here especially when you look at the draft that team project have built its a lot of sustain around him shadow obviously its to be able to provide some good extra damage you know Moxie was massive back in the ppl days slightly less numbers I suppose on that card nowadays but the one-two punch of shadow and rock McGee gonna be super important here to get project a chance in the mid-foot especially that evil mojo its not all the time youre gonna see a chicken get clutch healing at the last second to make sure they walk away so I think baller Steve even though he has that illusory rift its gonna have his work cut out for him here at shadow gets a very solid old but they have to be just as wary kind of in return poison and just as easily change things there you go right back in their favor lets see evil mojo youre looking for if your team project starts off with a kill on to the healthiest target there is crossfire from cool is gonna get some good damage but its rock monkey instead that runs down bar Steve over power on the shadow so it looks like go-gurt not ready to give this one up just yet keep themselves in contest range cool finishes off a killing two heroes well the rest of team project have left thinking this fight is over but its the two last members of sanguine that are now controlling the point and now if your project youre in the worst spot imaginable because yeah maybe youre getting some nice dismounts maybe you can get a good stun you might even kill poison here but what are you fighting back into oh yeah 75 and rising percent on the point a nice wall from water your team is isolated from you they bit off more than a stun hero was looking for a shadow fall there but why do had different ideas its a barrage thats not enough for rock monkey sanguine in control of this mid now right back in control of this game a chance to push a fully staggered out team project and that all goes wrong with an over extension on the defense thinking that you know its just a con innit IRA we can win that fight thats I think again it comes down to sanguine just playing I think better than people were gonna give them credit for in project kind of underestimate those two alone but its go-gurt and its cool you cannot leave those two alone without them making some insane play they do it consistently and well hey they do it again separate you from your team they lock it down losing not objective honestly I think hurts more than losing the first two maps because it was yours you had so much on that and even now theyre showcasing that same amount of control from project here on this payload defense we were able to get a few picks theyre cool I was looking for maybe a leaf Danna behind the back shot there but unfortunately was sniffed out just waiting around the corner not quite as pushed her swept back maybe as they were last time around sanguine at least fully reinforced and its weird to think about but already Gore with like a minute and a half left in this one it sort of feels like it kind of just comes down to one final push here for sangla especially if wadu its unable to stay alive thats a big loss ya know its the I like to call of the ice mines effect youre a minute and a half in the payloads I guess a third of the way maybe and well hey Im already thinking of the next mid-fight and because thats just what youre gonna experience yes we have seen teams push it in a minute weve seen teams take it in an entirety in overtime but the way project are playing right now theyre definitely not gonna let that happen I think sang ones best bet is to just try and pull some of the results out maybe force hero to be a little more uncomfortable than youd like course the reanimate get at the dread serpent if you can get rid of two or three of projects Ultimates and you give yourself that next mid fight and it was such a heavy advantage that you can start thinking a little bit easier and maybe more about how youre gonna brag about being 1st place as opposed to still getting the first place where we stand now five Ultimates all ready to go but shadow uses the evil mojo only able to find one before trading out his life big moments here some good routes down from G bunny and cus cutie finishes off the kill on Oahu but another checkerboard back is poison gets rid of the victor its a whirlwind spent now by G bunny and it is enough to save the life of hero just for the time being back into the corner is go-gurt in sort of what you are thinking Gork im stiff relishing here you spend the whirlwind you spend the evil mojo granted both you know somewhat quickly charging Ultimates but moving towards a mid fight those are both now missing still a chance to contest your and over time depending on what both teams want to spend with poison going down looking a lot less likely for saying yeah the longer it goes in overtime honestly the worse it is for saying when you had mentioned the fact that they used to Ulta pool look at that evil mojo now its at 85 91 93 % thats what was the morale boost that he has and I mean shadow being able to pick it up that quickly that means youre fighting into four alts granted you maintain all of yours you still have a monocle of control here if you are sanguine this is how you take the fight hero having his old its definitely gonna be a thorn in the side but you cant reanimate from getting tossed off the edge of the map a lot of pressure I think on the go-gurt if you connect under the right target get the right kill at the right time maybe the stars have to align for him but weve seen what he can do on Khan so Im not counting them out just yet it is just a lot of pressure to make this work especially with the amount of morale boost thats on the other side you know that G bunny shadow their alts are gonna come back incredibly quickly Viktor already charges barrage fast so even when you do get rid of them here as sanguine here still kind of threatened by the results before the point fight actually ends right make no mistakes its a calculated usage of a couple Ultimates therefore project just to make sure sanguine couldnt push forward this time the overpower does connect and pip despite having the evil mojo now back off who then wont have the chance to use it zero down reanimate used back into the corner king bomb could be used for immediate follow-up and hero dies twice in the span of a couple of seconds no foggle up there on the back of the reanimating sanguine I found a fight I think theyll be happy with if youre going to use the overpower to throw off pip or to kill pip I should say thats the way the terminus has to go down he has to alt and immediately regret being alive again and thats exactly what sanguine do they make him regret it as much as he can as the terminus still an evil mojo gets thrown out but I dont know if they have the follow-up to make anything work with it I sure dont cool though has some follow-up here for sanguine to double kill for the Taira wadu has done a good job of zoning out back into this side room here a whirlwind in average is gonna try to soften up some of the frontline that sang would have now on to the point its a stun down in water Packingtown will finish off the guild G bunny off to the side as well and sanguine move themselves one point away from winning the summer finals look over the last I guess eight games total weve seen team project play a really solid kind of TDM meta or I hate theyve been winning a lot of good fights and even here in this game theyre winning a lot of great fights but theyre losing at paladins which is going to be all objective based control it has been all in favor of sanguine even that last point where they had a lot of control was sanguine point to control so I think its the fact that they are just maybe a little too loose around the objective letting sanguine get too far ahead before moving in again theyve just been tripped up and they havent been able to play this comp to its max potential this is brutal theres a kind of complete split for project right now shadow hanging out somewhere behind the sanguine roster waiting for his moment to jump in does not have the evil mojo but you need to be mindful of a pip lurking somewhere in behind but sanguine can choose to take the fight elsewhere on the front line its an overpower on the shadow hero is down as well were gonna roll this Guardian down ghost Chi bunny water is there and sanguine the world and I mean a after 10 games total coming into today I was expecting them to have such a difficult time but it seems like that set yesterday gave them all the insight they needed into what team project was gonna be I think well-earned well deserved for a team that plays and grinds as much as they do for sanguine here just they came into ice pines with a plan and they executed it man sanguine are your EPC summer finals champions and it is well deserved the writing has been on the wall for these guys since week five I think when they last lost a project but then if dominated the more North American scene and Oh tournament since then thats some boat here loser dim gravity but here in this anchor so that form of Orion to round up dick well congratulations too sanguine they are unequivocally the best paladins team on the planet as of today they are your victors for the summer finals and kresnik it couldnt have been much more convincing than that four oh four oh they go 4-2 on ice mines but every single point fight was an absolute blowout yeah but they knew exactly how to answer and anything that project was trying to do their evil mojo is gonna be important this fight Oh will does pop hip and well use him to farm our old charge I think they just had all the answers to projects just very very hard in someone even matchup to get anything other than a couple defensive points on ice it was impressive from them I mean they played a bunch of different things but seem to also be able to stay at home at the same time I feel like the conversation should really be centered around how sanguine stuck to their identity even in the face of all these weird things project through with them and I think thats smart if theyre comfortable playing that against anything because everyone I miss in sanguine has been triple deeps at the start of the season everyones trying to figure out a way to beat them they think all this new team there must be a fluke how theyre gonna do it at time and time again they just keep pulling out different things while still keeping similar to what they like people attraction yes to trying tank anything to to nullify the effectiveness of what theyre doing and nothings working its so smart of them to just stick with this because theyve already played it against everything in sanguine walk away as the number one team in paladins after this summer finals the number one seed coming out of north america i think a lot of people were talking about whether or not it was really sanguine as the best team in na or this team project squad dont think there are many questions now though yeah for sure i think you could say that it could be contested yesterday the game was so close between them but sanguine just had time to react project thought they had to pull out something different to really take that advantage and across all the maps it just did not work and sang when you can see i poison actually had a tougher game i think that has to going into bomb King but cool just so enabled the burn monster being able to throw it down and be protected I think helped them significantly and put him just below rock monkey on the damage charts 98k certainly nothing to shake a stick at how about the 138,000 healing coming from baller Steve as well I think Steve had a phenomenal set here on three different selections I believe it was the i/o game one that Grover game - and now the yang in game number three I think Steves had a fantastic tournament in general he also to me was one of the standouts on Corvis when he was he was pre placing his projection doing a lot of things that some of the other Corvis players werent really thinking about so having him on that on everything always been I think a phenomenal support and Im glad hes on a team that can really highlight him and let him prove that game after game after game I mean that was that was an incredible showing from sanguin they make it to the grand finals and they sweep team project semi finals they had to go 3-2 over d69 three two over project in the upper finals and then ultimately with that 3-0 so it is the two na teams who stood alone at the very end but sanguine clearly the squad to beat right now any surprises overall from the weekend though kresnik maybe meta or the results that we saw Im surprised there wasnt as much Corvis I think for me I thought he would be a much bigger prominent champion and I think as people get more time with them as we go into the relegations in the coming weeks well see him pig picked up a lot more by these players who are during this tournament you know the ones who werent in it theyre gonna be grinding theyre gonna be practicing him and theyre going to be either fighting to keep their spot in the PPC or I need to take it away from them well hopefully well have some great games to watch then as well I want to thank everyone who tuned in at any point during the weekend we hope you enjoyed a fantastic summer final from all of us on the casting team myself Gore miser Dolson Finch Kresnik faun and all the production team who makes it all possible thanks so much for watching the pro circuit summer finals and well see you next time on you could beat you Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause you you what is steam app Follow us for updates! 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