Rome total war steamsteam activate game on website PALADINS® game whats going on everyone comment here and were about to do an ltm known as treeson this is like treason but like theres trees and stuff like that so this game mode ive been told how it works and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun its pretty simple its 5v5 grover your left click will do a knockback and your q will stop momentum and this is the throne map and apparently has no teeth so i think it has a lot less um walls and stuff so you can knock people off im just looking straight up in the sun theres no loadouts theres no talents oh my goobers you can use this to jump wait hold on a minute is this real life if you use the vine and you use the q the q will stop your momentum if you do get hit wait oh its working one down oh god im gonna kill myself dude its gonna be bad oh hold on got him hes gone hes gone hes gone also can we oh we should have hit q i thought my mind would come up fast enough that was my bad i definitely want to try the q button as i get knocked back to see what it feels like okay cue okay it just halts you dude it just holds you and it looks like the cooldown is oh hes just gonna get killed dude Laughter i almost saw that dude were dominating were the best grover gamers in the world what is happening i mean its not a lot of me though homies feel like theyre lets try this look at these plays going down bro stolen no one else hit it not allowed to oh we havent used we hadnt used it okay oh god were scared now were scared wait oh were good were good were good-ish im spending too much time hitting myself but you can also use the e i think you use the uh use your ultimate to stop the momentum ill try it no i dont know if actually that works i think if the momentum is happening lets go ahead and try it real quick now you still fly you still fly thats a thing Music yep you still fly oh come on dude why do i why do i risk it why do i risk it when i have one second left of my on my left click unreal you actually won i i legit i dont know i think that game just went really well for us i felt like it went really fast but this is fun this is a fun game mode looks like its normal cooldown on your cue theres no loadouts theres no talents its just its just madness its straight madness were gonna have multiple games here this is only a three minute game i love the fact i love the fact that you can bounce yourself up in the air thats hilarious that is by far one of my favorite things about it under that popping off that mode made me crash thats rough that explains the one so before we find them find them were bosses were boss ass b you know what im saying lets go do another game this is keeper well keep it rolling keep it rolling here we go oh were gonna time this right here we go okay that didnt work oh fine were fine under that just popping off as always can we get a kill here no my bite we flew okay thats down we dont need that double kill we take those whoa that was close you gotta you gotta pull the trigger sometimes you know what i mean we missed it oh we hit it we nailed it all right were good were good lets wait for a second were stealing this kill no were not oh were just gonna die dude i dont know why i did that we screwed that up big time we dont have a vine up for a second that relief help no im a god oh were flying oh okay got that i think we stole that thats all we do we just steal things non-stop were living were living were living this was like a bit of a closer of a game but i think were just fraggers bro oops oh no we need to build were pretty boned here get us get us away okay i prayed that i was gonna be good there id have been real sad if i wasnt good though hes gonna buy back nope hes gonna get in time Applause no our first death imagine imagine oh no oh okay were fine were fine were fine were not fine spring has come theyre kind of coming back but not enough i really wanted to get a deathless game here but i dont think its going to happen because weve already died you know what i mean Music did we get top kills there i think we got lees deaths not a doctor here but i think we only have two deaths do you think anyone beat two deaths i think its all about luck too right i mean like we werent dead look at that two death baby a dance little little boogie a little finger dancing we gotta go for another one though we gotta keep them rolling what are we we two and o can we go three and oh thats the dream i think not a doctor were trying to were trying to figure out tech right so like imagine i get knocked off and im falling off right near the ledge and i can like hit the corner and bounce myself up enough time for a cooldown to come up that could be the big game play watch lets just get kill from doing this were fine were fine hes gonna come back nope oh no i just tried to throw at the ground dude i panicked i was like ill have my vine up again you just bind call me what are you doing okay probably not be on the hello no no were so bad i didnt think we were another theyre close to the edge man remember that oh no were fine were fine were fine and we werent really going to hit there but i wanted to play it safe oh god oh just oh i ate the mic there i was my butt was clenched yo my butt was definitely clenched wait is he in is he he is hes it oh no hes back on were fine okay were living were living oh i think that i think that might have like saved us there oh no oh god come on dude we almost had that we almost had that i like to think that we were giving a big amount of distractions right oh no okay um no that didnt happen i dont know what youre talking about bro why dont i dont know why i did that why are we you actually won wow why are we so good at this what are we so good at this why cant we win this often in normal game huh were gonna do one more one more listen itll be fine we suck at oh dude we were terrible at the wrong were grover lords not rom lords four deaths verb got under that got one death he said listen he said listen i gotta one-up comeys to death there this ones gonna be a zero death game im calling it all right here we go can we open up the item menu no here we go this is it this is it this is it a zero death game we have to play flawlessly also we were talking about right clicking you can them when theyre going off so they cant get mined but like its party time its like whats the point of that because like id rather just knock people off more right oh god i panicked oh were back boys were back zero death game we cant play too much like uh like a little baby though all right we gotta go for the plays i mentioned my nose im matching my nose i think theres a guy like right here oh god verb that i did herb dude right in here no way dude the big brain on me the big brain on me its happening were feeling ourselves this game why is this game so close though of all the games that im saying im gonna go for a zero death that didnt work did it that worked i think oh double oh no okay all right Music all right all right thank you hes off hes on never had to concentrate so much in my life i feel like i just hit two people with that is this thing real come on baby come on baby in a line just for a minute oh he flew off fine were fine we were almost not fine there not like this fly piggy oh we almost hit that nice nice oh my god i kind of want to stay here were safe were safe were safe or safe okay zero death game lets go listen we called it who saw that play where i teleported when i bounced up uh nothing is that is that cheating did i cheat all right listen ill show you the cheats ill show you the cheats in a second that was nuts dude i played that pretty well i feel like there were like five deaths that i would normally get if i didnt do the tech that ive discovered in this game check out this game mode guys by the time i post it its probably too late but it was a fun game oh keep an eye out for ltms man they could be a lot of fun hopefully they keep doing awesome ones like this grover man team did play well though that was a good game that game lasted another like 40 seconds when we went up against good people i hope you had a chance to play this but im out of here i hope you enjoyed it ill see you next time hey thanks for watching im not gonna be one of those people who asks you to like and subscribe so im not gonna ask how to add a game code on steam Cheap Crystals + MORE!: New Channel: Twitch - Schedule - Support: Discord - Twitter - Thumbnail Created By: Anthony Diaz. 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