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Steam cookinstant pot steam valve PALADINS® gameplay head on over to g2a and enter commies Crystal Cave to get some sweet deals on crystals and more remember to click on the lowest price and use the promo code Kami vs to get the best deal g2a whats going on everyone comma here you remember that video that I released semi recently where I went DPS and it didnt go well well now were on the same map we have tank lets do it heres a build again that Im going with I didnt want to change it because I want to give an equal amount of a of a try Chip and Dale you know oh he just brought me a Chippendale hold on a minute Deft hands sure I dont know what Im doing rabbis probably good Rims like bro what are you doing Chippendale oh I dont know where we went blood everywhere can we need to make sure we peek this out a little bit well go for the scale uh hes gonna be up here I might be able to do this and avoid the little thrusty boy get the angle that I need to hit him that actually worked out all right uh it feels really good on this map it feels really good on this map Pause by jurors and everyone play cool you might be wondering I should probably mention this to the team as Rim got disconnected but uh it blows me away how often we have to pause in customs and it could be because we were playing with very similar people every single time but someone always crashes and theyre always like I never have this problem in casuals but like theres probably people out there that dont have any problems in customs but they crash a lot in casuals I assume a lot of console Gamers have to deal with it so like its a bit of an eye-opener being like am Iris please alright I know this may look a little bit different than what you were just saying but we had to restart apparently someones internet took a dump Rims internet took it down were getting shot from oh no we jumped into it I heard shots behind me so I was trying to run away you know what I mean I backed into a bomb and Im dumb thats what Im trying to say these Rumblings I almost just want to do a video to see like how fast you can go on Jeff orange bloom you know what I mean like it seems very important to know these things does he know oh no I almost got squashed I almost got squashed I cant make it up dude everyones laughing at me hope thatll reach him at 650 heal you take those its gonna throw down his no hes not um oh I couldnt get it off in time okay so I need to figure out how to get up without being all the way up there oh some good stuff uh I just need to not drop down at the beginning thats pretty simple or I have to backtrack a bunch duh and then the little bouncy thing I knew that I dont know if I finish what I was saying but I wanted to see how fast I could go on Jeffs orange bloom I doubt theres any Loadout cards that give you know Mount speed I dropped down already yeah hes at the good place I can of course go over here too if I can make it over jump up bounce so wait that didnt do anything Ive been lied to we love those it comes mccoa coming in for the cookies and then just slamming into me all right lets just take High Ground more pay attention it wont change hey can you jump across these no you can get on top of that box though thats super helpful he said sarcastically thats a dead Jersey I could have maybe healed during that but that would have been such little heels hes staying alive man I can get up above them right now and start shooting down well turn time is going in behind no he cant hook from this far can he he doesnt have a shield oh no you gotta be pooping me were not cotted right now verbs just staring at me menacingly Im scared Im scared and nervous look hes just staring at me whats he gonna do oh hes gonna do it now oh he altered hes insane well I doubt senga was expecting that on all the things that I would be expecting as senga it would not be a flying pit bouncing off heads are we friends I cant tell Im gonna go and kill the other people then well I dont know I cant tell if we have a truce with her sometimes it just feels weird shes doing a little happy hop well pre-fire this this will work of yours it seems to be just kind of annoying all right cool cool I would have been nice to save my weightless to get up on top of that very well oops silly creatures hes chasing this goes up somewhere were gonna see it went up nothing I just feel like were just playing bouncy hole map that sucks verb I Im leaving Im late oh he tried to hit a mid-air hook the disrespect I just needed a little bit of light bleach all right thats all I needed remaining oh wait that hit okay reloading youre not getting away this time verb not this time we were friends I went up this is all very confusing you know like I am very I am very comfortable no Im not this is a its a weird game all right so Ive decided on a thing that I did I went lethality and one would argue wasnt the greatest idea I know what youre gonna do verb youre on the squashing machine youre on the squashing machine bro I dont want to go near you it hurts Laughter okay okay can you make the jump up if I had lethality and I did weightless I just try this real quick what its all right cause youll say by the comedy Im gonna go on top of my box that I found that first time I played and I was like this is a really kind of useless angle but like wait look at the angle I have on point while also being behind them its like oh no he knows he knows thats about my spot bro oh we need to get enough damage on point Music here she already knows Im coming this way so she should be ready for me definitely gone Music not this time oh cop for heal I take that because a Cottage Hill would not even have healed the little amount that she needed yeah it all makes sense now can I make the jump up from here getting up on this High Ground I wont say made like all the difference but like I just got pulled into a trap that was made while getting pulled theyre communicating and theyre getting smarter heres the problem with lethality to me is when I get a pick my immediate thing to do right afterwards isnt go for more its like chill you gotta pick sometimes its a good idea to go but most of the time its not excuse you oh this is pretty low Im just gonna give up on him they keep pushing the payload I wont miss a thing but I wont do that is someone coming or am I just ninging I mean Im ninging for the most part theyre gonna respawn and be like so if I guess hes going there I need to probably come in here and help my oh no hed help my tank but I dont think I can because I ran Im a little sneaky little safe boy nope I dont want it all right this time we wont screw this up just kidding just not kidding I know I am the meanest oh nice I got this oh thats a dragon Zen just thought he would have to deal with me I need to aim up higher on those into uh accustomed to the easy mode pip hes hes very angry hes very hes very angry with me and do we blame him no we dont at all right round step one get up on top step two get over here because Jeff orange bloom cannot be stopped hes uh hes on hes unkillable unfortunately going for the free fire this yeah thank you get away from that Music um oh no this things in the way cheese oh it needs to drop I dont know exactly how Im supposed to use this I dont have quarters okay so theres a Zen like underneath us or something he went for a cool play oh oh he jumped over that looks so cool but it wasnt at the same time was that all senka like I didnt even see her attacking me bro Sati did some stuff red text finished it up could have maybe altered her but probably not worth it I dont know just weird uh your gamblings yep cant say that enough guess well see a big play the biggest of brains of people dont even see this play interesting its all for the memes itll land any moment oh all right listen I wont be real with you guys I dont think its Gonna Come myself peek it wait Im getting greedy Im the greediest man alive now wait stole the kill which actually you would argue worth it because I interrupted his old I just like this is me trying to play OverWatch dude Im just like where is everybody yeah okay so my wife was surprisingly upset that that Pitfall never dropped he didnt even know what it was she was on uh pins and needles the whole time trying to wait to see like what was going to drop and nothing happened I didnt have enough space couldnt back up you know you know Ill be but that could be a goal that was my wife has given me a champion suggestion that I will now write down its its ulting pip no actually this is what I usually put I put pip YouTube name whats your YouTube name hi Brandy and then uh ulting pip there we go chickenpoint cat capture the chicken point this is why I never get anything done around the house or ever in life yep got it but DPS pip man pretty good server stability game stability and lack of bugs not that good apparently this crash was due to the persons internet which was on our team oh we replace we got replaced with red text I think gabs never mind someones internet took a poop but still people do crash let me know in the comments if youve seen a lot of crashes or have experienced a lot of crashes maybe fixes maybe people will randomly come across this YouTube video this will be the YouTube video you link to people because it has that one off topic suggestion to fix your crashes and it doesnt bit of a short game but I had a lot of fun and a lot of hilarious moments Good Times okay Im out of here hope you enjoyed it Ill see you next time hey thanks for watching Im not gonna be one of those people who asks you to like And subscribe so not gonna ask steam gift game different region Cheap Crystals + MORE!: New Channel: Twitch - Schedule - Support: Discord - Twitter - Thumbnail Created By: Anthony Diaz. 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