Gamepass steamcan you play steam games on macbook air PALADINS® gameplay hi guys frost fangs here back again with another paladins video going to be doing my full sort of review for caspian hes been out for a couple of days ive been playing and pretty much non-stop testing different stuff and im here to give him my thoughts because ive got a lot to say about him so i think ill start with the bad stuff and then ill move over to the things i really like about him and the builders ive been using actually doing really well with i would consider him pretty damn broken and not just gameplay-wise because he has crazy burst but also part of his kit just you know dont really work starting off with his weapons and his f theyre both pretty janky i dont really hate them but they could be a lot better especially the momentum on the f being so jerky id say his base kit has a lot of jank some of which can be ironed out and some other things that are just balance issues but overall the projectiles and the hitboxes are like the sword the other things are just a bit rough so thats i guess my biggest criticism for him of course its aside from the things i just should have broken and dont work but the weapon and the pistol specifically are just a bit weird the pistol doesnt fire if you have two ammo you have to have three and if you left click it just goes for a reload which feels really rough the sword having ammo in the first place i dont really like even i go as far as to say that hes probably the most built and talent dependent character weve had released in ages for the talent measured cadence i industry thought would be sort of just the average default but because of one single card which ill get to in a minute becomes probably my favorite talent frame and the best one ever at once its just a bit rough i dont really like this one very much and maybe itll become default if i do some other stuff with these two but right now as he is at the moment i dont really know why youd grab this over measured cadence or its got some heft unless you were specifically really wanting movement id love to hear from you guys on that one though its got some heft i thought it would be my favorite it turns out its not because of a getting born card on their owner if you dont compare them to each other theyre all pretty great talents just individually so thats a plus also just want to mention before we get into the builds at the left click for some reason doesnt put you into combat you can heal from beginning to combat whilst firing your left click the talent also doesnt trigger it but the other stuff does like if youre using your keyword right like you are staying in combat as you should that click i guess is just a bag and it doesnt trigger it so i want to go through a few things here really quick but im not going to spend too long on it ignore this setup here with the f and chronos because ill probably make a separate video on that this one i showed you before in the first video its pretty much the same works really really well but this second one here is one im really paying attention to today and playing with and its not fully finished just yet i might tweak it a little bit more but the main card that makes it different from the other one is casual competency being a higher level because it actually triggers off of the measured cadence projector because it is meant to be a weaker rogues tempo and initially i didnt even notice that was meant to be a mini version of the queue i thought it was just like a mini version of the electric that dealt some damage because it doesnt trigger this card it doesnt trigger this one or this one even though it should but it triggers the one that gives you stacks which is arguably the most important id love to see it trigger all three or four if they want to fix it that would be great but to be completely honest im not really sure which part of it is broken if they want it to not trigger any of the cards or trigger all of them because its one out of four right now and it does call it a mini version of rogues tempo but maybe they should mention here that it doesnt drink the cards or something to explain it because right now i dont know which is the way its going to work so depending on when youre watching this video it might not even work if theyve made it so this doesnt trigger or it might be significantly better because it will trigger all four of them and in that case i imagine theyll probably also tweak a bunch of other stuff in the update after you know the one that hes releasing which is when im recording this of course just to explain this though a little bit on why this card is just utterly broken and kind of crazy is that you get a free version of your queue every time you fire two of your left clicks because its six ammo your left consumes you know three each and rose tempo has a tension cooldown which also triggers it which is you know nice and of course what those stacks do ill give you attack speed to both of your weapons and then you can buff it out with these two cards which i have in the other setup which give you shielding and healing when those stacks were out so youre pretty much getting three free stacks whenever youve done that projectile or your queue and youre finding it out all the goddamn time and what this basically enables this way of playing him when you go for the town i imagine without measure cadence it wouldnt even be worth grabbing the card because of how and often youre firing out your cue if thats even the right way to what im trying to say but with it as long as youre not completely inaccurate youre going to have tons of stacks extra sustain extra shielding i have moved the levels around a little bit because i still want the movement speed and overall its just yeah really really strong im going to jump into the training shooting range thing here really quick just to show you how bursty this is if you go for measured cadence and then the setup youll see here when the projectile fires out with the left click that it gives us five stacks because we landed two shorts on the left click and three on the right were now getting shielding and healing and all we did was throw out essentially a queue and your left click its very easy to stay at full stacks which gives you crazy attack speed i also want to clarify that it isnt the exact same as your q because it doesnt stun and it does deal less damage but just to show you here how quickly we can burst the victor not this one gonna get up to our full stacks well get a reload in his victor left click q and then hes just cleared its so crazy quick how you can get rid of people the ammo you know being the way it is its kind of annoying but you can just see the burst with the fire rate because its stacking our right click which gives us a attack speed buff on our left click so its buffing itself that was a lot of words in one sentence but what im trying to say here is that the right click you know youre meant to use to buff your left click and then the other way around but this way you dont ever really have to use a racket if you dont want to and youre super close and theres the right scenario for it because you can buff the left click by just firing the left click and arguably its even better to not use the right click because of how fast your attack speed is and the fact that you can sign the projectile faster because youre consuming more ammo you get crazy stacks with this youre pretty much always going to be at five five you dont need to increase the duration because if it goes through two people im pretty sure yep it triggers twice and thats aside from the fact that you can do it with the q which is also a stand and you comb it all together and the ultimate you can just go through people like its nothing obviously weve still got the moon speed in the build you dont need to run it you can go for the extra sustain if you want but i find the movement speed at level four which is pretty much 50 for landing the left click just even more crazy because you can then also sort of ignore the f which is a movement ability that doesnt feel all that great the projectiles speed obviously is faster as youre at five stacks so its easier to sort of chain this stuff together but just to show you how quickly we go through the victor here and the yang its like nothing when you come up with the ultimate even hernandez were gonna run out of ammo at the end here with the attack speed buff is super quick the pistol fires really fast particularly the projectile a ton yeah this makes caspian feel a hell of a lot nicer to play means you can ignore some part of his kit which is a bit of a weird way to compliment a character now that i think about it all right well for game one on sword primal court quite appropriate weve got a grover and ash a betty and a seven and theres another caspian of course emoji they tell us a series and then a term term actually works quite well with caspian because even though youre feeding him hes also just giving you free stacks the whole game will go for magic cadence and then the build id highly recommend if you tried caspian you didnt like him maybe give him one more shot with this i think because he is so build dependent if youre just using a default one you dont really understand the sort of specifics of his kit youre going to have a really bad time well go for it i want him to start here just super sort of a normal stuff what im trying to say is even though you are a flanker you do play a little bit like a damage to be honest there goes tas as well i feel like i got stacked there pretty quick more hits on the series we can slash away attack get a reload in hello term as you can see here were gonna be full stacks pretty much the entire time and just outputting pretty crazy damage although the sword obviously still adding in a little bit of junk there theres a stun out of ammo and hes on like two health i think my overall opinion on caspian is pretty similar i liked him initially i still like him quite a lot but he is very janky and i think i noticed a little bit more of those flaws as i played him still have some weird soft spot for him though because they did try and do some pretty unique stuff with him there because the emoji projectile just absolutely bursting her down hello enemy caspian trying to use the left click here as much just to show it off a little bit better theres a stun and there is the burst okay under the shot what a little 180 there hello talus its gonna pistol whip him here the free projectile from the town is really what makes us on top of the speed bump and the stacks the build is just so important with this honestly again you really might want to let people know about this one theres a quadra sadly though no penta pretty sure that happened actually in the first round right you still can use the sword especially if youre close it can be really nice but the hitbox on it and the way its just a little bit more janky than it should be sometimes means you might not want to even if you are super close there goes serious hello term obviously weve got our speed buff as well so we can easily deal with him hes out lets say easily i didnt nearly die there well go back to spawn for bricks weve got a ton of credits and selfie will just popping off there hello emoji theres a stun we also killed the caspian there already you can definitely skip nimble you dont really need the speed if youre gonna be landing the left clicks i find it to just make it a little bit easier to play what im going for i will say a downside of this setup is that getting the initial stack from running your queue or just the first projectile that goes out for free can be kind of tough to get like the first stacks going and then they fire faster so theyre easy to land if that makes sense there we go we landed once and now were back at full projector should fire up faster when we have stacks but it doesnt always work as well so theres also a janky thing to notice but its so much easier to when they do fire out like the same speed as the pistol although the animation for it sometimes can also be bugged so its broken in more than one way trying to deal with this term here were having a bit of a hard time cause im missing my shots there goes the enemy freaking caspian im dead right im saying get away here try to change this efforts one thing i really dont like about this f is you cant train them theres like a second in between it but i feel like you really should be able to train them because that was a problem with a few other characters a long time ago and then they made it so you could change their abilities i think it was andro dash right android i used to be a little bit more jerky i did it with that or some other ability that i may be forgetting theres a stone which i missed getting that initial thing really is the problem here right now because im missing the initial stack and missing my actual just hits five stacks for each side here just slash away to grab def hands one just to make this a little bit nicer because the spam sometimes goes to the end of a little bit more than i would want more hits on him here just throwing it down that burst he does have quite a bit of damage reduction well get away here reload in there are some more stacks over missed the queue on the emoji we can slash away a bit the block out on that is still really really rough the time between the left click and the right click sometimes feels really bad because youre just standing there looking at people you know why suddenly here im getting really messy with my aim theres a queue for the stacks well get some hits on the emoji maybe that was two well get a reload in the other video its actually a bit of a downside you might want to grab their hands with this to be completely honest it can be kind of annoying when you dont have it theres slashes on whats his name caspian hes gone that was emoji for a second hello sirius theres a stun and a free kill its like a point seven seconds turn might be a little bit longer than it does feel a bit long i didnt actually time it it says 0.7 seconds and you go through people so quick in that time if theyre just sat there and youve got free hits honestly a big downside to this setup is that it can be a little bit harder to play with some other stuff in paladin so thats also worth mentioning even though it is really really strong its a little bit more janky to play in some of the other easier stuff and the projectiles there and its just kind of bugging theres a queue that landed he is gone hello serious youre out here as well theres a tallest mark we can go for the old just wait for him i dont know what time these didnt go through them but i guess well see if this pays off why is my stack swaying out the animation was going off they i dont think i was trying to fire them know what that was theres a stand back well dash over here grover keeping me alive theres so many things busted with caspian right now but hes gone emoji out well get some slashes on him some trades we dont need to really do it for the heel anymore like i did in the first video because we have it on the stacks from the projectiles managed to pull a hundred point lead which is quite nice two little taps there on the emoji task definitely giving us the most trouble right now well dash up theres a queue try to aim it actually managed to get it off there hello talus and why that task left his thing but were gonna reload go for the series i guess theres a cue youre super close which i guess is a thing that makes him definitely a flank over damage its way way easier to land that first step to get your stacks going because that projectile when it hasnt got any stacks on it and its just super slow can be really really rough hello caspian thats a task well just dash forward that really didnt pay off weve got this game in the back were 100 ahead i think its been more than a good enough showcase for what im trying to do here and yeah there we go there are the stats for the match im not going to do a game two because i think i can show it off really better than that 27 to 476k i felt like i had more than four deaths but apparently not 27 kills is crazy there were getting pretty damn big help from the team but even then uh damage thats kind of crazy and i feel like i didnt even play particularly well shout outs to a bunch of people in that one ash then theyre caspian and their talus its always nice playing with you guys i feel like even though the halfway mark that i started to fall apart a bit i still did a good job of showing it off and the potential that this really has so yeah what else can i say i hope we get a caspian skin in like a mech theme i just randomly remembered because i thought about it when i was putting the other video together when i said i didnt have any ideas mecha caspian would be pretty cool thank you so much for watching though leave a like if you enjoyed of course let me know why you want to see me next ill see you guys all very soon let me know your thoughts on this of course down in the comments there as well and as always stay frosty steamer restaurant near me Paladins Caspian New Champion Flank gameplay and damage build!Twitter ► Instagram ► Twitch ► #frostfangs #paladins #caspian how to run games in compatibility mode steam h2o x5 steamer steam ultimate epic battle simulator 2 can you steam clean laminate flooring steam burn on finger