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Live steamsteam not letting me play games PALADINS® gameplay whats going on everyone karma here and its time to finally play as on you know the person i find to be busted and then like now im gonna play him and everyone says hes fine and im gonna play him and im gonna do terrible and then everyones gonna go see look azans not busting a bike well actually thats fair because honestly when i consider someone busted i consider them to be like really good even if youre not very good at them but were going persistent were going with gross positive if you want and well move ourselves back down oh hey its a homie its a homie well we got dominated i couldnt kill borah someone being like oh boar is the counter dude so its on though i dont think so i dont think so die that didnt go very well i feel like i was hitting all my shots thought i was going to win that did not we just started getting melted man so we got to learn our our limits because sometimes when im fighting is on i just if i was fighting 1v1 with his on my brains like i cant lose this i never lose this as is on thats a pass a little queen mommy whats my right click do again oh right thats that so anyways i started slamming i got a right click on borahs over here in the middle trying to stop the payload can we make a wall jump up to here oh we dont have to wall jump easy peasy man put a wall up man i figured that hook was coming go and just pre-fire a couple over there can i drop this wall oh it looks like he can thats fair all right all right so seems to be pretty good and then were good and then were good i got scared for a second you know what i mean like i got scared and i got nervous hello try to throw him off when you guys go for the hook oh he waited for it i dont know is he a smart boy he might be a smart boy lets go back for some heels okay we can drop her wall oh bae coming in hot ill do oh theres a shield there or something you know what i mean i dont know what it is but like its shield i think bam hit him with a 630 hit him with your butts i dont know i guess when three people shoot at you you do die pretty hard but uh pretty strong man you cant kill a ghost havent even used her alt yet dont even need it but we should probably grab brazilians and to two to make sure that we can counter the pip as much as we can with the old because the old will be coming and it will be angry hell be very angry question is this mccoy going over there for the hook he is we can maybe get behind the makoa ah now we dont want to try to get hooked theres the pip he came out of nowhere i dont even think resilience is due to save me there hes just waiting like a little sneaky boy i respect that all right were losing some people seems to burn thats a hook uh were gonna have a little bit of time to be able to get our oh we canceled it that works Music oh what a throw off there what an evil evil duty heads that hits up there thats nuts oh what a hook midair that was so cool dude cant even be mad at that all right as for if we want resilience three is she going she is going we do want resilience three theres a pip like right there yeah and speak of the devil Music health i like how it sounds like me when i get panicky i just i forget how to use words oh help health thats a wall look out for those walls watch out for that dream oh thread that needle we thread needles thats all we do bro he interrupted my movement ability thats what azan does for me well thats not very fair im supposed to be the one ruining your fun not you being better than me thats dumb hey you in the pants looking you sexy need to run i think we need to run blah blah blah blah blah blah blah thats some sort of song youre shooting at us not cool bro we missed i think i want to try to jump on the pip up here dont know where the pips at found him i got caught up with a bro yeah yeah yeah lets see if we can get uh resilience three i doubt it its two four or eight right yeah its very expensive very expensive but i would take some free damage on this helmet what the hell i mean like a drogo salvo i assume was the majority of that damage yeah damn dude that hurt want to get a little bit greedy for the charge it on my debit charge it on my credit charging on my vora stop it oh we missed that im coming buddy is it just is it just this is just this weird dragon flying thingy causing you issue but that was i thought that was omen for a second my omen i mean i dont even know who i mean jillians you should be real enough to get back you are not welcome here uh i dont know where the pip went why are you so tanky okay we got him why am i so danky why are you so tanky all right im an idiot i dont understand how math works is it 150 300 600 is the pts the one that increases resilience no i dont know man its all mystery its fine its fine its fine you think youre sneaky huh oh this sucks oh the sniffer rooneys oh the sniffer rooney stop it ill quit it Music oh stop it just stop it thats my friend sir im a friendly boy my wounds are healed question mark wasnt close enough read the needle etc etc uh rats probably gonna die here Music coming up behind Music kills holding it thatll do you good fam just to get him off their mounds dont mount too loud smack him straight in the face with a hammer bring down the thors hammer or the azons hammer whatever same thing all right ill definitely say this im really bad at it is on i dont really know how the hell azans are able to get into the backline and just do whatever the hell they want because i see them still do that but i mean a lot of times it kind of feels like theyre doing it with like a duo partner not like a duo duo partner but just someone else going with them imagine only saying gg because you won couldnt be me oh i think it i think it is you but lets see how much damage we got 61 000 we were able to keep up with the majority of the cast but i dont know if its really that on par with the normal azan player i cant give my opinion maybe hes not overpowered but other times i felt like i was this is kind of like a big man on campus no ones gonna mess with me we gotta go for a second game we gotta give it another try here we go all right were going for round two also i completely forgot to mention that a lot of people have been requesting me to play azan i didnt get everyones name down but i one that stuck out to me i think it was one of the most recent ones uh chris chitrota i just butchered that i is it kitcherota lets just say chris chris wanted to see some as on so were playing some amazon anyway persistence as slow down in case you missed it last time you pipped you up no idea if its good and oh do we want resilience no were solo tank not the greatest thing in the world theyre not the best thing ive ever seen in my life oh theres bombs flying in thats not cool lets go ahead and push up oh wait hold on a minute we have it in drocks is coming in behind us red needles gotta try to go to point of view commie what what i do what i do i remember doing anything was it me wasnt me you got me banging on the soundtrack stop it floopsie maybe next time youll listen to reason now now imagine imagine we stay alive like this we could dream we could dream oh its the yin yelling kami oh well give him a wave then okay i thought it was being yelled at but my team i was like im sorry except not im not really sure what to do as a tank uh with this on i guess we need to start making a push i do think we need to go up there and miss miserably those are the rules my friend oh screwed up the wall face the light peekaboo its fine its fine dont worry about it hey hey hey boo-boo not sure where they went that hurt that hurt base gets the kill gets the kill okay thats what were going for is what were going for loopsie just really likes yelling kami to each their own man whats going on everyone ying here got one lets just get out of here oh no were fine were fine were fine were not fine were just the opposite of fine oh do we have a healer we do okay cool cool yeah they remind you of that song like the i dont even know what it was i always hear from happy gilmore Music we feed the androxus after midnight we go back to point go back to point yes we do yes we do i gotta say its a uh i wonder if hes gonna get like a chat limit what i mean like that you spam it too much oh they just got blasted sometimes we whip the easiest shots you know whered the bombs go there you hear that what if i interrupted her like whered my thing go sir i dropped my thingy and my thingy wasnt there you know what im saying the thingy that im talking about the walls where were my walls huh where were my walls punching i dont think so tim theres no death awaiting oh corvus almost able to get there because we just grab hay grab the haven grab the veteran grab our butts and pray thats what we do coming over here they sure are hey now boo boo walls they teleported out they said later bro they said later bro i was like thats cool dog were probably gonna die because we cant hit a shot cant hit a shot dude i just notice how bae writes his mouth the hell are these these bombs like disappearing dude it looks like such a ninja killing spree bing bong were on the point oh no death awaits us all did you guys know that were you aware of this hello hello everyone it is i i am dead wow look at me what a me i dont think its on silva thanks very good all right going in hot enemy killings bing bong bing bong game you know what i mean the bingy bongis yeah we seriously not gonna be able to get that kill damn man i just feel like the azan shred me and i cant even like didnt even kill a homie all by herself im just getting shot up by the gang too but how much do you do a thousand damage yeah not too much i got shredded by betty maybe i should become a lot more cocky against these on azans when im fighting him well drocks is just way up at the top Music time to take charge you hear that oh oopsie whoops a daisy downs a daisy last one standing wins is that so defeated well what are you gonna do all right what are damage did we get we got uh we get my gg well played three in the house economy and thirty two thousand we just kind of got stopped man uh not a hundred percent sure why but sorry about the dm bug commie lol i dont think it was a dm bug i think they were just spamming me kami but fair enough uh yeah man azan does this prove anything to me no not really i still feel like azans that are decent can run all over me im just not that great it is on although i dont know how much i could do to be better it is on i mean its positioning mainly i dont know let me know what you think down in the comments let me look at this real quick okay i just want to make sure i wasnt at the top i was like knowing me im probably still the top left anyway let me know in the comments if you still think it sounds good i know that the majority of people ive still seen that they find azan a little overpowered hes definitely been toned down i mean i guess i i would like to say that that was a learning experience at the point where its like a songs not really that scary if i seen his own i can go toe-to-toe with him unless im just not doing simple combos right right not getting the like the left click and then the right click of the left click it felt like if i was able to pull that off it was just gg but if i came around the corner and saw another person like i saw a betty right and im like lets go im like i can win this its just me and betty and i just hold left click on them i wont even look at my health and then i would die and im like huh hold on a minute thats weird but i wasnt doing like i wasnt popping my cue up i wasnt stunning them against the wall i wasnt really using the dash at all because i was mainly thinking i could just hold left click kill them and then dash out but the dash doesnt go as far anymore so i dont know again let me know down in the comments but from now also to chris and everyone else asking there you go this is here a song gameplay but for now i think its time for me to head out of here i hope you enjoyed it ill see you next time hey thanks for watching im not gonna be one of those people who asks you to like and subscribe so im not gonna ask games like forge of empires on steam Cheap Crystals + MORE!: New Channel: Twitch - Schedule - Support: Discord - Twitter - Thumbnail Created By: Anthony Diaz. 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