Жив ли PAYDAY 2 Под Конец 2022 Года? - Что Случилось с Игрой?

Last of us steam releasechi handheld garment steamer PAYDAY 2 some dudes go through rabid dogs on a desenton with a mod for one fall and me again what this game is like I don’t believe in it either Bain happens at all Hello my dears I heard you don’t have enough videos in the idea actually I said this in the vidos If you remember how played in the very first Payday 2022, surprisingly though there were not so many online in my opinion less than 200 people, I immediately found the lobby and also wrote a lot of commentators that they are still skating the first part and thanks for reminding its existence, so to speak but now it’s not about that continuing the motorcycle ends in 2022, which means that it ’s time to release a sequel Namely, how the second Payday is played at the end of 2022 and the bottom line is that in terms of 2 Payday, I’m preparing for you a full-fledged video for probably 50 minutes because Pay attention You know why there are only five percent left because I don’t have a few additions so that I can finish off the rest and p told you about how at the moment 1000 115 to 10 hours Well, okay, its just, of course, Ive been playing the game for so many years for 9 years, I knocked out all the achievements in this game, I passed this one hundred percent and you know This is going to be a very hard vidos with that at first I wanted to call Alexander Dmitrievich for help, but I thought so, but Let me show those people who may have left Payday sometime, abandoned it or who come in, but it is extremely rare how this game is played at the moment of this day of this week of the month Yes, and the funny thing is that the game is alive, by the way, and it has about 20-30 thousand online daily But what exactly is happening in this toy, we will deal with you today as usual Spectrum Today we will comprehend the second Payday Do not forget about the likes of those people who once played this game but maybe they threw it or People who play it still today I will show you that this game is more alive than all the living ones and I will also show you and a real master class I hope so, given the fact that almost all contracts, with the exception of those that I don’t have, passed at the most maximum difficulty with a one-fall modifier subscribe to the channel If this is your first time here I hope you will do this because soon I will finally finish the rest and we will see this film about the second Payday, because my ten-year Adventure will end with one huge epic, of course, I hope it’s not very good. Well, enjoy watching everyone. the fact that I installed some modifications, some of them were necessary to pass the true ending, if yes, this game has a plot If you didn’t know, and there, in short, in order to get the true ending, you need to knock out certain golden achievements, I also have Wolf Hat Vanilla Hood howls, I also downloaded mod on smart bots because sometimes Random and just some garbage we do today with you lets check the second one, lets go for the presence of living creatures, what is happening to him precisely in terms of any Veterans, therefore We go to the extreme and Lets First, Ill probably remove all the filters from me well Lord, how many contracts are there immediately pay attention to the fact that the edge of the coins and Im recording this video during the day on Saturday, more than 40 thousand count 41000 online and honestly I’ll tell you for all this time that I came here somewhere Well, 30 thousand before always really kept stable As you can see there are a lot of lobby but the main problem of the second Payday is that the guys most often clean some easy robberies What does it mean easy is it Bane like a bank robbery they take a jeweler Shadow Raid they take if, for example, go down lower, there is Vlad Yes, of course there is to make predatory hornbeams But people mostly at Vlad prefer the Ukrainian business a nightclub even prefers they say the same crusher prefers that there they somehow do not climb into the wilds if we are talking about the latest additions, for example, to some kind of ji fenk if you don’t know who it is then it’s normal but jiu fenk is for example hemo maksha and again I don’t have a single robbery with her it wasn’t bought by the way this is new Lost Indesit I think That’s what considering that I proved to you that this game is alive I want to show you what happens to the guys in general in the second Payday And now Ill go to the latest descents difficulty level and help some guys to complete certain tasks Lets start with something simpler I __ know to choose of course on the first day Well lets go, Im completely dumb, right here Full dumb Lets Firestarter And why not Especially considering the robbery is clean Yes, but in my opinion they were in the most released version of Payday By the way, on the third day already, that is, they Passed 2 and it turns out this is a bank where the vault is protected did not want to insist on going but we have to change the profile now By the way, yes If you can change the profile in the second PD, I have a collage grubber course bag with corpses and portable this and that my jumper If you didn’t know then Yes, now there is such a thing, let’s see how the guys were put on Wait, wait, I joined In the lobby in which already wait, I formally took aim In the lobby where everything has already been done, look, they scattered bags with corpses shorter, it’s all scattered, okay guys Well, first the first outing I will have a completely finished task today, I would actually not refuse to create some kind of contract myself and look for randoms, but Damn, it’s easier to get vids for them than when I farm achievements to wait When they come in by themselves the only thing I can do on on this map, I can find one civilian whom they didn’t tie up, but __ knows where and who is there and what is there then, by the way, many people who say he eats, in fact, he is a dude why in general the second infomation I am 31 infomation so that you understand and I still have to grind and grind in order to knock out platinum Namely get 100 infs of a healthy color such a warm-up, that is, they literally flew in, talked a little understood that we have a pancake here guys, by the way, they are very afraid, look There, the blue one has a portable jumper for 470 seconds in cooldavan, he puts jumpers When he sees any exclamation mark in this game Nightmare is over By the way, Ill give a little advice to some people they pass on descentence Yes on the last difficulty Why they have the one-down modifier disabled Answering the question If my memory fails me, the one-down modifier does not give you additional XP and extra money, so Why complicate your task if you do not need the related achievements with the difficulty of van Da When you can just for fun go through the task so at maximum speed in short joined random people they did everything Handsome I understand they are with a random start the easiest 13 million of my life the easiest almost a million experience Therefore, such cases continue the road to 32 inf As they say se By the way, by the way, we’ll get it for one weapon. Well, we’ll assume that this is a warm-up now I have to choose a contract of some kind more difficult, yes. lobby now I promised to find some more difficult lobby with a more difficult contract and help the guys fulfill it accordingly there is an interesting topic Van only with you, unfortunately, he didn’t have people knocked down Yes, he had left, then I ’ll also leave him that now you can change classes, by the way, it’s generally a divine thing Stop, this is extremely bad By the way, by the way, yes, I’m here Rock noise actually I’m still running, but if anything, they burned a part of it there, it’s extremely bad, but it’s not the point. The main thing is not to call for help. he joined in Random moment when the assault started and rowed a little on the head, but nevertheless he lost only one HP Listen, they burned one given and the key card left the maximum Bad of course, so that you understand now we have to wait for this thing to finish drilling and then accordingly we will go on the second day where we will need a calculator, by the way, there are already four of us. You can try to help them go through this matter accordingly. he guys Random Payday after many, many years, by the way, the first dude again goes stealth so that you understand the first-aid kits only I have big ones Okay, don’t care, let’s say my beat is ready for anything, I already run 7 minfs on this build or 8 in short, let him go first brother key card ok i took random which is hardly for anything to do with it but it will be interesting by the way now you kind of run the game but I actually open the beguile run calculator to find the engine we need yes and I have a little here I got a little fire here Well, anyway, the guards are a bit about Great for a second it’s hacking exactly the room for the engine and, in principle, everything else is Stealth You understand It will break when we shut down the engine, or rather, when we call a helicopter, in my opinion, the most interesting thing is that oh guy guy guy is extremely bad because we’ll warm the man now probably answers It’s good by the way, we are no longer there, so the two remaining guards can calmly chill and that means I’ll go do it, I need number nine, so By the way, dude, yes, we have one flew out, so the problem is Okay I took the ninth one well, engine 9, I took it now Let’s go to the evacuation zone By the way, the siren disappeared due to the fact that the people ran out and the biguel calculator, you know, it was invented by a genius Ser ezno genius Although it seems to me that maybe someone remembers all these jokes from memory Yes, related to e, I condemn By the way, I don’t understand that he is, as it were, a British But I still condemn that he wrote this, by the way, we have stop the worst thing in my build is that I play at the expense of jokers. And when you play at the expense of the joker, the worst thing is to make them give up here Ping on the server is about 150 because I have a slight delay, by the way we have two randoms 71 73 level without info but nevertheless Im ready to sit down at this point I always sit here for her oh Damn they died they go to descentence die Im a fool Ive been healed yes they go I need santons and then just pour shortly after the first fall of the window again correction dude sucks what is here to me we need a second Joker because, again, well, there is such a possibility. But damn everything is extremely bad. theyre going to die I dont understand a damn thing now wait a second number nine Yes everything is correct and Yes he has 9 he deliberately threw the wrong engine so that you understand Yes, an extremely shitty situation because two of our bodies fell down I dont have jokers The bot doesnt have it, respectively And this one dude Stealth Build And he also threw the wrong engine, that is, you have to sit there one wave longer, well, we’ll try to do what we can, of course But he still kills my jokers, he’s over for an assault and 69 people are still on the map, of course it’s terrible guys we’ll try to pull it out as it turned out even as a runaway it happens and rabid dogs go to desenton with a mod on one fall And you know Guys, I wanted this vid to turn out to be the opposite as positive as possible in terms of the second one, in theory, at the end of 22, either I’m so rushing to vidos or I don’t even know how they say if you have nowhere to go, you always have Shadow and actually just change the build and we are ready with us. By the way, we are so normal no level And by the way, I like it, it’s always been extremely difficult for me to determine what kind of cheats to use dude, because even now I’ll join and it turns out that but look at these, everything is normal for pumping, everything is distributed about the same for me and again What the __ is happening in this game i dont believe it either the __ is happening at all i dont think i can find a proper lobby to record anything seriously ok i think this is the last game for today it is an elephant robbery bikers found on desentons wanted to find something What goes on Not stealth is that one Stealth is just one stealth stealth stealth stealth nothing but remained almost impossible to find in open lobbies, so lets go Lets try to get through the second guys whats going on here at this Seventh minute already protect the mechanic task Oh I understand I understand We have we have a shield that walks across the floor. This is normal CL And the clocker means the locker we will kill it. point To sit out the problem The problem of this robbery is to go through only the first Day two, it is extremely easy to demolish at the expense of loans 3000 2000 by the way, the comments of people who say that Fox is bad that Wolf is bad is like cheats And even more so, you know, more than one bad thing will not help you. If you just suck, for example, on Mad Dogs, believe me when he went through desensi with one fall, there are no bad things, they just won’t help you. -for literally any weapon So spire, by the way, you also know what you like when all people have an inspector you need to put one first-aid kit Sushi today technically that we passed the Firestarter Although we Okay had an ending I passed bigl I was kicked two or three times in a row I will insert all this into the video respectively Yes, come on, or three times in a row they just kicked me out of the lobby, everything is extremely extremely sad, but to be honest with you guys, the experience in the second half is actually far from that well, damn it, okay when you join my lobby Im fine, Im not leaking to anyone. there I sweated shorter survived, but sometimes we’ll leave for ourselves in terms of damage, of course, much higher in this game than that of my main rifle And by the way, I can’t take a single Joker at all, they just don’t fit, they don’t fit, not that it’s not given Wait, as I understand it, we’ll just be now sit yes The second day its very easy to even replay it not terribly miss the times when the second Payday was about Jock its when you fail the task then its all the ending actually by the way dude Im catastrophically missing for descentence its guys with these gun ammo dude who wears ammo you have an ammo build you go for difficulty you are a hero for me if you write something in the comments if you have just such a Bill okay Well here, by the way, it’s normal to survive one fall, no Yes, it’s just the maximum complexity, so everything’s okay, and so they don’t recruit like here guys, stories like this, we ’re skipping this one, now it will be a problem with this exit because yes, we open this garage and it’s going to fall out from there now In short, everything in a row, give up bro, I don’t remember the Joker and specifically Do they give me something by stats, but I just use them to tank them, for example, They knew you don’t have a turret, they tank well, it’s perfect, so we use them at least for this purpose second Yes Raise your hands if such a joke is still Well, okay, this is actually not a joke at all, and there is a Sniper, in my opinion, and in my opinion they blew him up with a grenade launcher, what a horror we still have, by the way, the turrets of the turrets, by the way, are negligible Not destroyed, but don’t give a __ about it Now the main thing is just not to lose HP, I ride an anarchist, and for anarchists, the most important thing is to keep the armor in a hundred. Opa, this is all two J for me Okera there Thank you good flash drives are thrown that generally catch us here by the way and I noticed that the guards oh the guards Well, we understood the soldiers in short, there are very few And here this thing 19th assault in general is already in full swing here then I will raise What problems in general guys Great Tony we are raising here, by the way, there is also Sniper Ilyukha, he thinks there is a pipe that actually shoots. It’s good, I just understand. I’ve been a biker maybe twice in my whole life, again once on DSD at maximum difficulty the second time when the add-on just came out 1000 years ago I tried it it didn’t really hook me at all at the time, and replaying it doesn’t really pull too guys, everything found everything fine. If I’m not mistaken, the last thing left is to find this skull to which it will put on the bike, and it’s like everything, but I wo n’t go yet look for it because it’s still blocked, we need to extinguish it in due time. If we don’t extinguish the snipers, then they simply won’t give t we need to leave shorter Why mechanics Well, except for the fact that the guys of course often fall I don’t know what they need there, probably cartridges for cartridges run around, this is an extreme case when you really die against your own will in the second, in theory, it’s stupid there are no cartridges But something with this, I still need to do it, by the way, it’s worth crap which is a less priority goal, an interesting thing, of course, I don’t remember if this skill really remained or not. I don’t remember anything after the balance, but the point is that opponents don’t choose me anyway if we have all four In my opinion, they will shoot the very last one, and due to the fact that I don’t have a song, I can at least run right through the crowd, run and pick up my friend first. By the way, in my opinion, they’ve already gone to the skull, which will need to be drilled, I’ll better protect the mechanic, I perfectly understand that he can die, therefore lives, you see, he took the cartridges back, all the armor is ready, and everything is somewhere, the bike is all we don’t need the skull, in short, well I would be in a good way straight in a good way I would wait When the assault is over And after that the loot What the __ is he to you Surrendered yes lets wait right dude wrote right wrote yes we are waiting for the end of the assault someone takes a bike and a minigundozer passes through the wall that we bring down Well in the course of bringing down the drive, so we sit down, let’s go guys to the joker in ours, unfortunately I won’t take it And I’ll take her That’s extremely bad Do you know what I’m thinking now, damn I have this inspector when three seconds more three two one is faster than us I think now they have all the armor for me I’ll be demolished, the second wind is activated, this Second wind skill is Second wind, what is the second wind Second wind all the time I’m transporting the screw like the wind Yes, I’ll run normally without a motorcycle Well, you can look at the status now by the way Damn, okay, I don’t have my own Just by the way, I never leave mine here anyway trying to put it down Pragmatically if the dude is actually being saved considering I dont have a swan song Ill pick him up one fall anyway 5 1 kilo Well, in principle, by the way, the average for the bodies, but he is there. First, they fell 14 to 11 times. Of course, the nightmare didn’t sit out. It’s understandable, but I just don’t know why they ran out if you can protect the mechanic first and then only the game gives the task to drill there with a drill and some the door ok not for me to judge as they say Im just this View from the side of the guys for from the side I dont mean anything Nice finally this is a potential first task that I will complete in the course of todays video Oh he protected me with a second fall Thank you brother Thank you very much this of course I caught X I only downloaded half of the infomation for the first day this one Come on for the second pass By the way, on the vandown with these guys I’m probably hardly at all by the way with one fall it’s very hard to run with randoms there, of course, so that you have your own guys and communications, respectively, if there is your chat in Payday, Ill remind you Well, lets all go together, I think well all go together, because the inspector Yes, it will come in handy. What problems can there be? on our way, by the way, the robbery didn’t go through for a long time, but I remember what we need to do here, we have 8 bags of nifigase medicines, and the supply of cartridges along the way was spawned, they were bought through these assets, in short, well, we understood, okay, okay, let’s say We cut We cut the second, it’s okay the very first I came running, so the very first one I will die here, or maybe not Open the gates oh Damn It is extremely bad to kill this leader well than we take with us only a biker helmet meters and the biker will be passed by the way for those people who stopped riding in the second, in theory, I want to something now to tell achievements for passing at one or another difficulty level is not issued If you joined right during the game Well, that is, yes It used to work I remember it on myself conditional scape and I was given achievements now like this Unfortunately Christmas tree-sticks now like this Unfortunately no longer pick me up guys someone run If that I don’t throw my Guys I don’t throw them just now I’m trying to take some advantageous position Oh good to be safe leave if something later raised the country Okay, without falling, it’s too boring to pass correctly, but we need Francis to help him now Swan song Francis Get up, in my opinion, he began to fall under the train poor Okay, come on, come here What kind of biker they give so much turns out to be but for X5 everything bad, I would not recommend going through This robbery in terms of a penny just gives a stat like a stat Im here by the way nowhere Absolutely not Although okay semi tea card probably on this whole episode we still finish that I got excellent 5 billion there is a billion and a half there I am another 100,000 Yes, this entry of course was very specific, extremely unusual guys, but something like this is what is happening now in the second Payday, that is, a huge stable though Guys mostly go to Stealth this is now by the way some kind of variety has appeared you see Save House someone wants to protect someone wants to go through this Health Island fast robbery but still I don’t like it really why some cheaters kick me then strange people to whom you write the desired engine, they still put the bolt and at that time Random, which Stealth did not violate at all Yes, in any way Well, in general, the second one, in theory, will always remain the second one, we ourselves perfectly understand Spectrum was with you Thank you for watching this video to the end visit somehow the second, in theory, at your leisure, remember your youth And also wait for my video with which I will knock out all the achievements which I have left, they seem to be few, but unfortunately I don’t have some robberies Yes, so I’ll have to endure then I’ll have to take them and, accordingly, play good games play good mods Watch the same video on the first one in theory if it was missed Good luck to everyone Don’t get sick and we’ll hear you Bye bye ascension game steam ▼▼▼ЧИТАЙ ИНФОРМАЦИЮ▼▼▼Жив ли PAYDAY 2 на момент конца 2022 года? 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