Payday 2 is not how I remember it

Goblin game steamsteam friends is black PAYDAY 2 game so we decided to rob a bank and that went about exactly how you would expect it to go what the killer eli oh my god theres blood on the wall i finally went back and played payday 2 again and my god this game is not the same way i left it like look at our characters in the lobby screen does this look right to you nevertheless we had an absolute blast playing this game so if you want to see more payday 2 were probably going to play it more but just leave a like on the video if you enjoy it okay that and also if you are new to the channel and you arent subscribed but find yourself coming back on the regular why not hit subscribe youre already coming back thank you so much for all the support on the videos recently i really do appreciate it and hopefully you enjoy the rest of this one Music oh no way take the mo  __  skull trooper from fortnite okay ive created a lobby and i look absolutely terrifying i think i joined you ew you look like bog would you  __  me look at that neck on tucker holy  __  i look like i look like i look like uh h3h3 okay time out apparently ethan does have a character in this game oh yeah oh editor cut to my screen at 87 editor quick jump cut for no reason jump cut to a random point in the video smitty im gonna fart in the ac and then come back to this after that dont its not interesting zoom in on tuckers face when hes saying that no overly uh dumbass meme that you got from tick tock  __  show uh showroom toilet floor funny moments what just give me a picture of a showroom toilet top 10 showroom toilets number one ikea toilet top 10 games i want to eat the ass of number one minecraft oh tom you thought we were being honest i didnt know we were doing a bit number nine marcus from gears of war no not the person the game you just eat the ass in the game oh you just eating the back of the box yeah hottest back of the box hottest game cases im like leatherface but its like smooth so id be mm-hmm i beat my face maybe youre just like poured concrete top 10 fall downstairs mom yeah number one tucker you were gonna do top ten fall downstairs moment number ten all right were starting easy were robbing a jewelry stealth is an option thats perfect thats what were gonna do everyone take a look at the assets and the plan and i dont know what any of this means uh oh guys we need six bags we need six bags i repeat six bags yo dont catch my car dude why do you look like john ralphia no im uh yeah me too all right lets go to the back you are just oh bro you got hella coke on your nose oh wait why is he here wait how do you feel its fine its too late i got it i got it uh yeah we had a blaster malfunction how do i pull out my weapon im gonna bag him okay beautiful what did you guys just sniff did you you already tucker did you shoot this dude yeah i tried to kill this guy a while ago why did you just uh all right looks like were just going in huh oh man im gonna stop shooting something youre just killing people holy  __  Music while were all  __  into it hes gonna have he didnt hear the guy in the chair stop shoot well that guy hurt were done were done again great work guys i cant know if i want to rob anymore what am i supposed to do steal the jewelry wait a minute i can lock pick this can i be here tucker can you stop man tucker oh im getting what that guys  __  dead holy  __  you guys didnt even break the sides dynamite for some reason how do you break that email you shoot it this  __  guy i swear holy  __  im out of bullets boys im going down there are so many people oh my god bro why what is this loss of life is not worth it for sixty thousand dollars city im gonna be honest i dont know why saying Music i uh i saw your shirt ooh thats a little expensive wait i think were on the wrong side i think were getting some thinking about maybe you a few words huh thats fine come here but Music it talks to women right there okay that doesnt work it doesnt work i got it i got it were good were good chill chill chill chill chill chill chill yeah its gonna take five minutes um oh my  __  god dude  __  escape vehicle son of a  __  okay tucker i just want to say you walking through the streets with a mask in a bag it looks like youre robbing something we have to prep everything have six bags ready to go throw it towards that direction you just ran out on the street we didnt even have it we didnt even we didnt even have an escape vehicle yet and you were just already out with this  __  radio oh my god anyways um what time do you get off are you hitting on women again no wheres that tucker damn it  __  e e why did you what why did you put your mask on theres cops out here that saw these people nonsense its fun all right well okay smash and grab get all the  __  we should actually run some of these bags now im gonna throw them across wait he left where are you going son of a  __  we gotta wait till the cops are gone i brought some looney tunes dynamite with me oh  __  its just like the movies vehicles Music oh  __  theres a car chase were in a car chase oh no half the  __  police force is on for sixty thousand dollars in jewelry by the way we still have to flip it its not like its by the way by the way three cop cars worth we are not saving the taxpayers money at all oh  __  boys we crashed statements vehicle arrives lets go rob this bank can we get heals right here i got an ammo bag and smack your ass not what i asked for its kind of like heels its like reverse its reverse heels if you shoot yourself no its not were fine ow i got days im coming tucker all right lets get back in the game theyre advancing look out oh god this is bad well done we did it we just killed like an entire population nice look at that where does that get somebody coming from because got we got 60 000 shut up im trying to explain we got 60 000 to do it shut up im trying to explain we got 60 000 maul crasher this one sounds fun wait a minute shut the  __  up this isnt the game wow what that ball gag do yo what what what what you got what i explained i actually think this is the best mask this is this is one of the best i swear the best mask i have ever worn what is that titan looking  __  bow thats the  __  that ate aarons mom right there bro spoilers first episode so shut up how big is this beanie guys oh my gosh look like i got bonked in the head in a cartoon  __  flop are you seriously bringing a double barrel to i might join you on the double barrel machine tucker put the mask put the beady back on were beanie boys plus youre scaring the  __  out of me with that mess please reminds me of happy tree friends uh reminds me of my nightmares when i fall asleep guys hold on let me handle this let me handle this let me let i got that i got no i got this i got this i got this oh you were going to do that sorry yall mind if i have yall mind if i have a scoop of ice cream theres a lot of  __  somebodys calling somebodys calling no damn they called from far away oh were supposed to destroy were not supposed to steal yeah i am coming the shotgun holy  __  imagine renting a helicopter to rob a mall nice work we have to rob a bank at one point i feel like we should take a normal one that normal just popped up yeah okay there is so many levels to this bank holy  __  were doing it go to pre-planning makes heist easier youre not speaking our language there yeah literally no clue what you said nice try madden oh my god tucker did you get what happened to your fur face are you okay holy  __  tuckered what youre ugly oh my god i just love a crackdown elias Laughter like this looks like this all right guys lets go rob a bank lets go down three lets go down im an employee right here oh no okay never mind its just like  __  be careful the guard oh youre killing nice two microphones oh no oh no oh no well youre just Music need to get to the servers you know where it is yeah downstairs lets go follow it on the map i was looking at the drawings you have so much cocaine on your face it is that a problem Music now weve committed and theres a lady here tell her to get down all right the lady is hidden come on tucker it says i need a key card oh this is awkward oh  __  do we need to get it from a guard probably look up huh oh howd you get up there what the  __  what oh  __  he like what the  __  kind of float down  __  was that i know where the key card is whats in here these keys right here guys guys theres keys in this room huh ill give you a guess right here i got him how did wait thats here we go its my time give me like two minutes less i use your ecm on the door i was trying to it wasnt letting me are you  __  kidding me what what  __  wait what i was a toast are you  __  serious right now how do we get the key card right here its over here we just have to drill it we just have to drill no we dont i can see the key card guys what do you see Music well get in there big man youre the one with that guys i can see the key card go flirt with her or something i will okay okay okay okay youve traded this entire video for this i will shoot you get in there how do i grab it no do you have to have your mask on no way ill kill him oh close why what the killer whoa my god theres blood on the wall i think i could sneak over there and grab it do you guys trust me im gonna no this whole time we could have done the drill im doing the drill whats sleeping i think that was a its a camera theres a camera im going back im hiding do you want to keep drilling wait auto drills yes and i upgraded it to the silent drill wow robbing things is so easy why dont people do this did you imagine walking down a hallway in seeing us three with the beanies just yes hiding here isnt that effective is it with this thing off it looks like youve got a 10 gallon problem oh is somebody coming up the stairs tucker tucker dude where are you going do not tucker youre actually an ape brain oh what the  __  we have to go over there okay all right how do i take my shoot the camera shoot the camera right uh yeah i dont know can we go around this way okay how do i take my mask off you cant dance hes no shock theres one you can hack right here too yeah yeah theres a like one or two more oh nice nice  __  oh we start to go down dont have to go downstairs okay we can do this we can do this guys theres  __  lasers theres lasers on this um thats it one time at band camp watch therell be a whole like group of people in there just wheeling a cart of money out and were just like well then luckily i broke what no no no no no what go is it client side its client side its client side its client side its client side hello oh hes  __   __  the top all right im good im good im in im in him oh no so they found the hostages holy  __  were going loud at this point we got this far what is you zipline to get to the crane i have to uh oh guys theyre in here they are  __  in here holy  __  im gonna go do the zipline stuff guys good luck were going loud at this point anyway so where do we come from uh the uh elevator oh theres an elevator that is upstairs that they can just come in i think im just abandoning the mission currently no no no no no no youre getting youre getting the drill rotate the crane Music probably yeah big piggy guys im going to be dropping a big piggy through the skylight in a minute here its just taking a while all right guys if you just want to look in the main lobby if youre interested yeah im looking at it now roger drop in sweden jesus christ dude assemble the beast wait what im gonna get the drill its gotta be a drilling did you guys not read the pre-planned oh thats not good spoon time i hope theres so many sandwiches in here oh my god its just its its a vault full of krabby patties holy  __  this thing is dark requires keychain heroes this absolute murder over here throwing away your life just for some money yeah okay okay we gotta go we gotta go now because the the police assault is over itll be easier to move stuff come on boys im coming is that it i think thats it hide holy get in here were rich as  __  lets go Music lets go normal difficulty lets go body count 196. i killed 100 196 people to make a million dollars but how many civilians did you guys kill one one zero lets go we stay clean im gonna plead guilty and  __  sell all you guys out because i didnt kill any civilians killed cops you killed guys please think youll get away with it Music is this a tesla dealership no its too loud damn thats a lamborghini and a lamborghini and a lamborghini and a lamborghini oh my god what do you mean dude no sorry my bad its a fault thats a falco key we need a storage room storage if i was storage where would i be no youre good oh mama oh hes coming hes coming hide behind the counter hide behind the counter i dont know if we really need it i mean it wont make it anymore all right interesting interesting play just chilling this looks like storage this looks like storage is it yeah you can wait which way staff only thats not storage move wait oh  __  oh my god lets look for storage offices oh man downstairs manager staff only it doesnt exist guys running im going to kill this guy Music oh my god jesus plant the c4 wait were playing c4 the vision is garbage okay now we need to go back to the storage room look they dont see us i got the keys wait ill get a key are we grabbing keys or is it just like do we just grab it on the middle oh oh theyre all the same color boys we all get our own cars lets go oh were drunk that was some fast and furious  __  right there im driving safely okay these cars are multi hurry up idiot that ones not fully in the well i mean i cant drive it anymore okay all right you guys really could have made it look cooler though lets go that was cool hipster dude that was cool Music Music you validate steam files We are the worst bank robbers to ever existLeave a like and Subscribe if you enjoyed! 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