How to play Art Gallery in Payday 2 (As fast as possible)

Co op story games steambest games under 10 dollars steam PAYDAY 2 game so you want to steal artwork that doesnt belong to you and sell it back to the next clueless idiot for profit well heres everything there is to know about art gallery as fast as possible after this video youll never fail the mission again because you try to enter through the roof and die to fall damage art gallery is another simple mission both on stealth and on loud for loud the only assets i recommend to buy are the bags and the roof axes you can also get the key card if you want to open the security room very fast but joe cab its loud why do we care about the security room the cameras dont do anything in loud theres a computer you need to hack in the security room but we will get to that the entry point asset doesnt do anything in loud because its just faster to go through the front door and the spy camps are useless because you need sixth sense which is useless and loud the map is actually pretty simple when the mission starts run to the main entrance shoot the doors open get inside as fast as you can you should get either the hall a or e before the alarm rings as soon as the alarm goes off both security barriers will close and thats what you need to be inside Music if you get stuck outside just go on the roof with the staircase on the right side of the building and find a room with the white walls or the covered up statue to jump on without landing on either of these things the fall will kill you youll also notice that the paintings get locked behind bars and thats where the security room comes in the security room will always be in the center of the map but there are three possible entrances either in all e c or a find the door and use any means necessary to open it accept the drill that thing takes forever take out the guard and start hacking pain will open the security barriers 10 to 30 seconds after you start the hack so if your noob teammate gets stuck behind the barriers make sure to go start the hack now its time to wait while you wait keep in mind that as soon as you start the hack the back walls of the gallery can be breached by cops so keep an eye on those walls after the hack is done all the bars will rise allowing you to take the paintings you can only take the paintings with the sold sticker on them now that youve gathered all the paintings in the nice little pile i regret nothing its time to bring them to the van the van will always be on the left side of the gallery in the elevated parking lot from the start of the heist or we only open when the painting is grabbed here are the sniper spots for when you get out Music on a very hard difficulty or above winters will spawn in front of the gallery slightly on the right however you can completely ignore them because you can bring all the paintings to the van very safely behind the cars and winters is too far to be dangerous throw all the paintings up there and then run to the stairs from behind the cars throw the paintings in the van and youre done now if you have a friend which you dont theres a coolest threat you can do just get transported basic and throw the paintings in the rectangular hole into this onto the in the rectangular hole onto the roof and then let your friend take the paintings to the van if you go for this tread i recommend buying the roof access asset so you can get on the roof easily from the van location now what if i told you there was a way to completely skip the four minute hack timer thats right Music the bars are all soluble so start the hack just to open the barriers Applause and then start sawing bringing us all will save you an insane amount of time i recommend always bringing a saw and thats how you play art gallery in loud how to stealth as fast as possible art gallery and stealth is the exact same thing as loud except the barriers never close and you just have to avoid the guards you absolutely must get the keycard asset for stealth it will be available in the bathroom i suggest buying the whole a all b and hall c spike amps because the right side has the bathroom you can use to check if the guards are in hall e but the left side does not have anything like that remember the covered up statue i talked about earlier it will spawn randomly either in all d c or a however buying the entry point asset will guarantee it to spawn in the hull that you selected you can use the entry point asset to your advantage either as an entry point or as more cover in stealth you should always start by looking for the security room and the lasers be careful because walking into these lasers will kill you just kidding it will trigger the alarm though you should open the security room as fast as you can to disable the cameras and also to have an additional safe space in the map no guards will ever walk in the security room after youve done that avoid guards grab pennies throw them on the roof and then get out get me out of here and then repeat on the other side of the lasers but your cab how do i get in and out of the left side if the front desk guard is looking at me hes just standing there menacingly Music if you run to this corner right there you can actually just run right past them dont be afraid to shoot the front doors open because guards wont see them the roof is guard free so your paintings are safe up there if you kill four guards an additional guard will spawn walk around the exterior and roof the gallery theres a chance for an additional guard to spawn in the bathroom and open the door as you lockpick it Music Applause Music going under the hand dryers will make noise which can attract guards and thats it youre done have fun trying to get the achievements during the making of this video we reached not four not five not six but seven thousand subscribers the last video completely blew up so thank you for these people for making this video possible and thank you for watching this video and for the insane support Music you hay steamer 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